Sunday, December 28, 2014

Emergency Room Stud

I was working out at the gym when I slipped off of the treadmill as it was still moving, it threw me to the ground and I must have cried out as I hit the cement floor.

Several guys ran over to check on me and help me up, the pain was bad enough that I asked to be left on the floor for a few minutes, and one guy said he was an Emergency Room nurse and that with that kind of pain I should go in for x-rays to rule out that anything was broken.

He told me his name was Jake, running his hands along my leg he ask me if I felt discomfort under his touch, at one point the pain was immense at my knee. Jake ran his hand up my leg on all sides feeling for any bulges caused by a broken bone.

I was looking into Jake’s face, his dark eyes looked up my leg and I think into the leg opening of my shorts at the fullness of my jockstrap, I shifted a bit moving my crotch closer to his hand when it nearly reached the top of my leg.

Jake helped me to my feet.

“I’d be happy to help you to the hospital or call an ambulance for you if you’d rather?” Jake said.

“Well maybe I should get an x-ray, just for the sake of ruling out anything broken, my name is Jason, by the way.”

“Good to meet you, I’ve seen you here several working out, put your arm over my shoulder and I’ll get you to the bench at the door and pull my car up closer.”

Jake pulled his car as close to the bench as possible before helping me into his sports car.

“Sorry, it’s a bit of a small car, I’ll put the seat back as far as it will go for you.”

Jake reached to the lower front of my seat feeling for the seat lever, his hand brushed against my leg, he looked up into my face, to see a broad smile,


“My pleasure.”

Jake grinned and drove out of the parking lot and to the emergency room at the hospital he worked for.

“Sit tight, let me get a wheel chair for you.”

He helped me inside and checked in, telling them what had happened.

“Thanks for all of the help Jake, I can have someone come pick me up, I know you have better things to do than hang out here, especially when you are here all week.”

“Nonsense, I will be here until you leave and give you a ride home or wherever. Do you live with anyone?”

“No, I have been dating a few people lately but nothing seriously.”

“People? I meant, is there someone I can call?”

“Well, guys, I date guys and no, I’m alone.”

“Awww,, poor guy, well I’ll get you through this and you will be home in no time.”

Jake asked one of the nurses to grab him a scrub top, he was wearing an old tee shirt that was not so presentable for his work place even though he was not officially on the clock.

She handed him the top and left the room, Jake peeled off his workout tee shirt and picked up the scrub top, his back rippled as his arms went over his head, he turned slightly as he pulled the top down I caught a glimpse of his compact six pack before the scrub shirt covered it completely.

Jake saw me looking and gave me a smile, his dark eyebrows were so sexy against his slight tan. His shoulders had nice muscle tone, I could tell he shave’s his arms and that would probably mean the rest of his body is shaved too.

I found it a little odd when guys shaved their arms but he surely was a sexy guy, my eyes watched his every move.

“So what now?” I asked.

“Well we need to get you to x-ray and go from there.”

Jake carefully took off my shoe and sock on my hurt leg about the time the person came to wheel me to x-ray.

Jake followed along he seemed to be a popular guy here, everyone was happy to see him as he told the story over and over to each on why he was here on his day off.

We went back in my ER exam room to wait on the Doctor to look at the x-rays.

I moved one leg with my knee up to move my position on the bed a little and I saw Jake’s eyes look toward my crotch. I think he wanted to see inside the leg of my shorts and my jock bulge again, I smiled as he looked back to my face. “Naughty guy”.

Jake laughed and blushed a bit. “Can’t blame me for looking, you are one sexy guy.”

The Doctor came in and took my chart, he saw Jake and greeted him with a pat on the shoulder.

“It looks like you have just a mean sprain, nothing broken, I suggest you go home and stay off your leg completely, and let someone else take care of you for a few days. I’ll get you a prescription for pain.” The Doctor said as he walked out of the room.

“Well that cinches it.” Jake said.

“Cinches what?” I asked.

“Look Jason, you said you live alone and you sure can’t go home by yourself, you are coming home with me for a few days.”

“No, I can’t ask you to take care of me, you’ve already done too much.”

“Nonsense, besides, I would really like to get to know you better and what better way than a sleep over?”

We stopped by the pharmacy for my pain medication, Jake had me wait in the car, he returned with a bag and off to his apartment we drove.

“I should stop by my place and pick up a few things, clothes and toothbrush, that kind of thing.”

“I took the liberty while in the drug store and picked you up a toothbrush and you are welcome to wear my clothes, pajamas if you like, we are roughly the same size.”

“Well, it sounds like you have everything taken care of then, let’s go.”

“Unless you have a cat or dog to feed.”

“No, no pets.” I said with a smile.

At his apartment Jake helped me out of his car.

“Just put your arm over my shoulder and put your weight on me, keep that foot off the ground and we will get you inside and settled on the couch.”

Jake moved his coffee table out of the way, and treated me like an injured king, he got a soft bed pillow and put it under my injured leg for gentle support.

I took pain pills and watched Jake in the open kitchen as he cooked us dinner, still wearing his scrub top from the hospital.

“You look like my private nurse in that scrub shirt, it’s sexy but very clinical.”

“Oh too clinical for you?” Jake asked as he peeled the top over his head and tossed it onto a chair leaving him bare chested.

“Nice view now, much better.”

The pain pills were making me a little more giddy and flirty than I normally was.

Jake walked over and brought me a Coke.

“Any rum to go in here?” I asked with a grin.

“Not for you, you can’t mix liquor with those pills or you might be dancing naked across my dining table.”

“I might be doing that before the night is over anyway.”

Jake laughed and finished cooking and plating dinner for us.

Jake served steak, mac n cheese and green beans.

“Wow, looks great and I am so hungry.”

I dug in and ate my food in no time, cleaning my plate.

“Wow, you were a hungry guy, can I get you a little more?”

“I could not eat another bite, thanks it was delicious.”

Jake leaned over with a forkful of macaroni and cheese headed for my lips, I opened my mouth as he fed me the bite.

“I just wanted to see if you really could not eat another bite.” He said laughing.

Jake cleaned the kitchen and later made some popcorn, we watched a movie while I sat with my leg still up on the couch with Jake next to me.

My sexy nurse would occasionally reach over and feed me some popcorn, and we did more laughing and playing than actually watching the movie.

I leaned my head onto Jakes lap, he stroked my hair as he talked, I moved onto my side a little and realized that my face was mere inches away from his cock, my mind wandered and almost lost track of what he was saying.

I took my fingertips and ran them inside the leg of Jakes shorts, I could feel his manly bulge and continued exploring.

“Mmmm.. now who is naughty?” He asked.

Jake reached down my back and into the waistband in back of my shorts but could not reach much other than the top of my ass crack.

Jake stood up and slipped his shorts to the floor standing there only clad in a jock strap, his cock strained the fabric begging for release.

I pulled his crotch close feeling his heat on my face, while I chewed at his pouch encased cock, and as much as I wanted to slide his dick down my throat, I really wanted to make this last and not rush things too much,

My fingers roamed his butt crack and played with the ass straps of his jock, pulling it out and letting it go, snapping his ass sharply.

Pulling his jock down to letting his hot looking eight inch cock bounce free, his low hanging balls that swung as I turned him gently with my hand to his hip.

I pulled his ass toward my lips, searching his ass crack and deeper until I found his hole with my tongue sucking and licking until I started probing it with my finger.

I reached around and felt his stiff cock that was jutting out from his body but almost straight up, encircling his cockhead with my fingertips I could feel pre cum leaking from his piss slit.

Jake turned and faced me, I looked up his body from crotch level, and his abs and chest were amazingly sexy.

He pushed his fuckstick into my mouth, I swallowed and gulped at his meat taking it as deep as I could, and given the position I was sitting on the couch.

I sucked Jakes cock until it finally exploded into my mouth, I sucked his cum until there was just no more, his cock softened at my lips before he moved to gently slide my shorts down being careful of my leg.

I pulled one leg out while Jake slid them off of my bad leg tossing them onto the floor nearby, he pulled my tee shirt over my head, now I was naked stretched out before him on his couch.

Jake leaned in and sucked my nipple while twisting the other one gently between his fingertips, his hands roamed over my body while his mouth kissed and nipped at my skin as he moved downward toward my straining stiff cock.

The tip of his tongue flicked at the rim of my cockhead making me want his throat over my cock even more than before.

“Suck it Jake, it feels so good.”

Jake pulled my cock at the base making it stand up like a candle on a birthday cake while he licked at the underside from the base to the tip, this made me squirm even more.

“I really want to fuck that ass of yours, but it will have to wait until your leg feels better.”

Jake dove down onto my cock bobbing his head as he sucked my knob while he toyed with my balls.

I lifted my hips some but it caused pain to my leg, it was so hard to be still while this emergency room stud sucked my bone.

I didn’t last much longer before I blasted his lips with cum, he sucked at it taking as much as he could.

I am a real big cummer shooting out near double what most guys do, when I jack off and let it splash down to my chest I usually drench myself in cum.

Jake took great care of me while I was on the mend, he even liked to give me sponge baths but they usually ended up with him blowing me.

I can’t wait until my leg has no more pain so I can have Jake pounding my ass with that big cock of his.


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