Saturday, March 8, 2014

Island Fire

I flew in with my parents to a small island that we had gone to several years as our summer getaway.
Being twenty years old I wanted to take my vacations on my own but once again my dad pleaded for me to come so we could get some snorkeling and sailing together.
On the second night there I told my parents that I wanted to hit a few clubs and that I would be in late. I headed to the small strip of clubs and was searching for something that I knew that I would not find, a gay bar.
I was not out of the closet and have had very few male encounters, my heart raced at the thought of even looking for hot gay sex.
It was just after eleven pm as I walked into the first place, it was a bust with a few locals and a couple sitting at a table eating.
I walked into the next club and I am using that very loosely, a few guys at tables and three couples dancing to recorded music.
I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. “What is wrong my young friend? You look like your best friend ran off with your girlfriend.” The bartender asked as he sat the glass of cold beer in front of me.
“I was looking for a different type of entertainment tonight.” I said.
“I see, you are looking for a disco to dance with the pretty local girls?”
“Well, you are half right.” I said before sipping on my beer.
The bartender leaned over the bar close to my ear. “You are looking for a boy to dance with?”
I nodded.
“We don’t have homosexual bars here, most people here will beat your ass for even talking about it and parents throw boys out to the streets if they say they are homosexual and usually only after they beat them near death.”
“I guess I will forget that plan then, I don’t need my ass beat for being gay.”
He went back to putting away the glasses that he had washed, then made a phone call, I could not hear what the conversation was about, I hoped he was not calling the vigilantes to beat me.
“I should probably get back to my hotel.” I told the bartender as he walked nearby.
“Wait, I have someone special coming to meet you, he is also homosexual but it is not known to many, he is my nephew and has confided in me, I only want his happiness.”
I drank a second beer when this guy came in and sat on the bar stool next to me. The bartender walked over and shook his hand. “This is my nephew Taio.” He said.
“My name is Ethan.” I said as I shook his hand.
Taio smiled taking a sip of the beer his uncle poured for him.
“Come with me you two.” The bartender said motioning to the back of the bar.
We took our beers and walked behind a door, my heart raced as I was not fully sure where I was being taken.
“You boys relax back here in my living room and get acquainted.” He said as he went back to the bar.
Taio and I talked and laughed comparing our families, he told me of the risk he takes every time he wants to meet with a guy on the island. One time the guy he was going to meet up with was beaten on his way to meet Taio and told them where they were to meet and several of the local guys raped Taio saying they were trying to teach him a lesson. Taio thinks they are also gay and tried to justify the sex and abuse.
Taio’s uncle quietly brought in a pitcher of beer and quickly left the room.
“He is nice.” I said motioning to the door his uncle just walked through.
“Yes, he truly wants me happy.”
Taio is an islander with beautiful black skin, his features and his inflections as he spoke made me horny.
I leaned over to kiss him, he nervously looked around even though we were in his uncle’s apartment.
“I have never been with a black guy before.” I said.
Taio smiled. “I have never been with a tourist, I mean a white boy.”
Taio locked the door retuning to my side, he kissed me with his full lips as I felt the heat of his chest against mine.
I unbuttoned his shirt, his nipples were large while mine are small, his skin so dark compared to mine.
Taio looked into my eyes, his hands around my neck and kissed me again only this time with plenty of tongue.
“Ethan, stand up and let me take your pants off of you.” I did as he suggested.
He pushed my pants to the ground, feeling my cock through my boxer shorts as it stiffened jutting out the fly. Taio took it into his mouth and sucked it gingerly, my hips pushed forward. “Fuck this feels great.” I said.
Taio took a sheet from the closet and laid it over the couch. I took his pants off of him and for the first time I sucked a black man’s cock, I thought it would be different, but if I had my eyes closed I would not have told any difference except he was a little larger than mine.
His naked body pushed against mine, his hands all over my body and mine on his. His had cock mashed on mine making me hornier than I was before.
We had no lube except for spit as I pushed my dick into this hot islanders ass. He made a low groaning sound as he pushed his ass against me as I fucked him, I pushed his legs higher toward his chest as I sped my pace, fucking his ass while I looked into his sexy face.
It took only a few minutes until I shot my cum into his ass as I had not cum yet today and was so fucking horny.
Taio sat back on the couch and spread his legs open and again I dove in, sucking his fat shaft and played with his tight balls, my finger slipped into his ass and I could feel my cum inside his hole, I fingered his ass while sucking him until he shot his cum down my throat, it was very sweet, later he told me that it was from the pineapple that he loved to eat, I was not sure if he was telling the truth or pulling my leg.
We cleaned up and dressed, Taio took me back to the streets and walked me to his family’s house and to his room. “We cannot act gay here, my family would beat and disown me.” He whispered.
Taio handed me a folded cloth with an island floral pattern on it.
I looked at him with a quizzical look. “It’s a sarong, put it on.
I unfolded it and dropped my pants putting the sarong around my waist while Taio showed me how to tie it.
He put one on too after getting fully nude, I reached under mine and took off my boxers tossing them onto my pants.
“Wow, this is great, all hanging loose and breezy.” I said.
Take off your shirt and put your clothes in this bag.” He said handing me a cloth bag with a long strap on it.
We walked outside to the beach in our sarong’s. I danced around some joking that I have never worn a dress before. “It is the best thing to wear in this heat and humidity, keeps your balls cooler than wearing pants all the time.”
Taio walked me to the condo my parents rented and secretly kissed me goodnight by the bushes outside the door.
We arranged a meeting place for the next night on the beach, Taio had borrowed his uncle’s car and we drove it far from the town where we took off our sarongs and ran naked on the beach after having sex on a blanket he had brought with him.
I wore my sarong the rest of the trip and only put on a shirt when we ate at restaurants, even after going home my sarong was something I would wear around the house and always reminded me of my island love.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Country Sheriff

I am a slight guy, hardly 135 pounds, and short dark hair with pale white skin.
My name is Darius, I found myself needing to hitchhike to the next town that was 45 miles away, this was not something I would usually do but had no ride to get home from a party after my friends left early and had gone to a concert, leaving me to fend for myself to get home.

It was almost 10 pm as I walked down a long and very dark road, no cars had passed in more than 20 minutes as it was a remote country road.
My feet were hurting as I saw headlights coming from behind me, I put my thumb out and turned to see a car slowing and then the red and blue lights came on atop the car, shit, this can’t be good. I thought.
The sheriff got out of his car and walked over to me. “Where are you headed and what is your name?” He asked.
“Home, and my name is Darius Camp.” I replied. “I live in Dodgeville.”
“I am going to pat you down; you have any guns, knives or drugs on you?” He asked as he shined his flashlight in my face.
“No, nothing.” I replied.
The Sheriff was a medium build and just average looking man in his upper 30’s but didn't look all that friendly.
He too me by the shoulder pushing me over the hood of his patrol car, I stood back upright and he pushed my face down onto the hood.
“Hey, not so rough!” I yelled out.
“You will do as I say and not like what happens if you don’t.” He barked. His foot went between my legs pushing my feet apart wide.
Sticking his flashlight in on the car seat, he ran his hands slowly over my shoulders and under my arm pits feeling every inch.

“I said I don’t have anything, you’ve no business searching me.” I said in protest.
He grabbed the back of my neck and squeezed it hard. “You say something kid?” He asked.
I made no reply and he went back to frisking me, his hands to my chest pausing around my nipples on each side.
“Kinds of a small sissy boy aren’t you?” He said.
Again I made no comment.
His hands moved to my stomach and to my waist line stopping at my belt.
“What is this?” He asked.
“It’s nothing.” I said.
Shit, he found my weed I had tucked into my waistband. I thought to myself.
“I asked you if you had any drugs, didn’t I?”
“Yes.” I replied.
He shoved me back onto the hood running his hands along my belt, it was tight. He unbuckled my belt and top button on my pants to pull the baggie of weed out.
“My pants will fall.” I said.
“Shut up and don’t move.” He said.
I could feel my pants slipping down to my knees where they stopped because my legs were spread apart.
The sheriff had put the pot into his car and walked back to me reaching around feeing my crotch through my underwear, he was a bit rough and ran one hand from my waist down my ass and under to my balls.
“Hey!” I said.
“Shut the fuck up!” He said. He rubbed my bulge again.
“You’ve searched there.” I said.
“I will search anything as long as I like to make sure you have no more drugs or maybe a weapon hidden away.”
The Sheriff groped my cock as it stiffened some.
“You like that Darius?” He asked. I made no sound.
He pulled my underwear down as I moved to grab them, he hit my arm.
“Don’t move, I won’t tell you again.” He yelled.
Grabbing my ass cheek roughly pushing me hard against the car hood, pulling my tee shirt to my shoulders he leaned in putting his arms around my torso feeling my nude midsection down to my cock, it stiffened at his touch.
“So you DO like this” He kissed my neck.
“Take your shirt off.” He said. I did as I was told.
He pushed me humped over the hood as he stood on my pants between my legs.
“Step out of your pants.” He said in a softer voice.
I pulled out my right foot from my pants loosing my tennis shoe at the same time.
He kicked my legs apart again and pushed his fingers into my crack. I heard a metallic noise which later I figured out it was his expandable baton locking into full open position.
I felt his baton at my crack moving slow with a small amount of pressure, then moving to my asshole as he pushed it harder changing the angle as it slipped past the tightness of my pucker.
I let out a groan.

“Feels good boy?” He asked as he reached around feeling my fully stiff and straining cock. I said nothing.
The Sheriff pushed the baton farther up my ass, it felt like it was a yard long but he probably only had about 7 inches inside me at that time.
“You want more?” He asked. I made no noise but lifted my hips a bit. He laughed. “Fucking little slut, I knew it.” He laughed.
He took my hard cock into his hand jacking it for a few minutes.
He then took off his gun belt setting it on the driver’s seat of his car.
Headlights came a lone driver looked over as he passed, the Sheriff waved at him, the view of my naked lower half was blocked by the patrol car so the driver could not see what was going on.
The Sheriff took out his fat cock and pushed it into my ass after spitting on his hand and smearing it around his cock.
His dick felt as fat as a soda can and really tore at my hole as he plunged it into me.
Fucking me hard, his larger body pushing me hard into the fender of the car.

I had never been used and dominated like this before, most of the little amount of sex I had had before was pretty common stuff and mostly just jacking off alone.
The Sheriff was pounding my ass and taking what he wanted from me, using my ass for his own pleasure.
He fucked my ass until his body started to jerk as his orgasm spewed into my ass as he cried out with muffled groans.
His body fell onto mine pressing me against the car. He stood and let his hands go to my cock giving it only a few tight jerks before I blew my load all over the side of his patrol car, my cum running down the paint.
He zipped himself up and put his gun belt back on while I stood against the car.
“What should I do with you now Darius?” He asked.
“Whatever you like.” I replied still scared that I was going to jail for the weed, I enjoyed what had just happened so much I was still very hard.
“Turn around.” He said. I did as I was told. He took my cock into his hand and squeezed it. He told me to get dressed before putting me into the back seat of his patrol car and driving me to my house miles down the road.
After letting me out of the car, he looked at me and said “I don’t want to see you out hitchhiking along my roadways again, or you will get the same treatment you got tonight“.
I looked at him and gave a smile; “I will be hitchhiking next Friday night about the same time and place as tonight.” I said as I turned and walked away.
You know he came looking for me along the roads that Friday night and several more nights that summer.