Friday, March 14, 2014

Brother Trouble

I decided to hit the local watering hole, I had a rough week at work and it was Friday night and I was looking forward to blowing off some steam with a few beers.
I got there just after ten P.M. and headed to the bar, the bartender knew me well enough to pour me a draft upon seeing me near the bar.
The place was packed and I paid for my beer and headed toward the tables near the dance floor.

In the dark area lit only by strobe lights and a couple of beer signs I stopped near a table with only one guy sitting alone.
“Mind if I set my beer on your table?” I asked.
The guy motioned for me to take a seat too. He was pretty attractive and had me looking at him more than the men dancing on the floor nearby.
“I’m Tom” he said pushing his hand across the table.

“Nice to meet you Tom, and thanks for letting me sit with you, my name is Aaron.
“Are you waiting on anyone?” Tom asked.
“Yeah, the man of my dreams.” I said with a laugh.
“That’s funny, me too.”

“Well, would you like to dance until the prince of your dreams walks in?”
“Sure, I’d love to.” I said getting up from the table.

We danced several dances when Tom leaned to the DJ and slipped him a tip; two songs later came on a slow dance.
When the music slowed I started toward the table when Tom took my hand pulling me back to the dance floor.
“Wait, I arranged for this song so I could dance closer to you so you are not getting away before this dance.” Tom said.
I smiled at him as he slipped his hand around my waist pulling me close.

Tom leaned to my ear telling me that he loved looking at my tight ass packed jeans before slipping his hand down running it across my bubble butt.
I reached around his ass pulling him in tight and gave his crotch a grind with mine.
The song ended and we walked back to the table, Tom never let his hand off my ass until I got to my chair.
We talked, laughed and danced a bit more between several more beers.

“Want to come to my house and see what kind of trouble we can get into?” Tom asked.
I looked into his sweet almost innocent looking face with his big boyish smile, how could I resist.
“I’d love to.” I said. We walked out to the parking lot; Tom leaned in and gave me a kiss for the road, deep and long.
I followed Tom’s car out into the wet streets thinking of his intoxicating kiss.

I always text a close friend letting him know where I am just in case something happens, he would know where to send help, as we stopped and I saw the address
I sent my text and got out of my car walking to Tom.
We got inside and took off our jackets, Tom grabbed a couple of beers and handed both bottles to me filling both hands while he took my face in his hands and kissed me
gently at first and becoming more passionate as it went.

Tom stopped kissing and took one of the beer bottles from my hand with a smile.
“Oh, you are naughty, aren’t you?”
“You have no idea.” he said.

He pulled his shirt over his head giving me a view of a stunning chest as I unbuttoned my shirt.
Tom leaned over and took one of my nipples between his lips, chewing and sucking on it, his hands roamed across my back and down to my waistline and inside the back of my jeans.
This man was hungry for my ass and I had no problems feeding him whatever he wanted.
I unbuttoned my jeans and Tom slid them to the floor.

He dropped to his knees in front of me with his mouth all over me from my chest to my crotch.
Tom was pretty aggressive pulling my junk into his mouth, my hands moved across his broad shoulders.
I pulled him to his feet. “Do you think we can go to your room and be a little more comfortable?” I asked.
“Sure, follow me.”
I kicked off my shoes and jeans leaving them on the floor in the living room.
Tom wasted no time in grabbing some lube and a condom; he lubed my ass well pushing his fingers deep into my ass stretching out my fuck hole.
I lay back on the bed and lifted my legs while Tom moved in pushing the fat head of his log into my ass crack.

His girth was bigger than most and it felt as if he was splitting me open, Tom fucked me with a fast motion causing my balls to bounce around as he moved.
I looked into Tom’s handsome face and wished I could reach his lips with mine for another kiss that left my heart pumping, wanting more.
His shoulders broad and strong, I noticed a scratch about six inches long on his arm.

Tom fucked me with slower deep thrusts as he shot his love spunk, filling the condom.
Tom pulled out and moved down sucking my cock again only this time he did not stop until he drained my body of cum.
What happened to your arm I asked Tom as he lay beside me catching his breath.
“Oh, fucking cat scratched the piss out of me I’ll be right back.” Tom said as he walked out of the room.

Moments later he came back in with a couple more beers handing me one as he sat next to me on the bed.
Tom seemed as horny as he was when we had just got to the house; his hands were all over my chest and down to my spent cock.
He grabbed another condom and slid it onto his stiff pole.

“Flip over” he said.
Wow his recovery time was fast but who was I to object.

I flipped over and stayed on my knees while Tom slid his dick into my ass and started fucking again, his hands held my hips in place as not to throw his momentum off.
My ass was getting a real workout tonight; this guy was a very horny soul. He filled the rubber cock bag and fell over to the side and started sucking my nipple.
I looked down at this sexy guy and noticed that there was no scratch on his arm anymore.
‘What the fuck is going on?” I demanded.
“What?” the man asked.

“You are not Tom.” I said as I got up from the bed walking to the living room for my clothes.
“Wait, I can explain.” he said while I was putting on my boxers.
Just then Tom walked out of another room. “We are identical twins, this is my brother Tim, we sort of share tricks sometimes.”
“Fuckers, the both of you.” I said, still pissed.

“Don’t go, I will come back to the bed with you, we can still have some fun, I’m sorry. “ Tom said.
“Okay, but only if Tim comes too, it’s always been a fetish fantasy of mine to be with twins.” I said.
“I’m game, but we don’t fuck with each other.” Tim said.

The three of us walked back to Tom’s bed, me in the middle and the brothers on each side.
Looking at these boy’s you could not tell them apart except for the scratch on Tom’s arm, it was so fucking hot to have mirrored brothers licking and sucking at my body.
Tim sucked my cock while I kissed Tom, this was so hot and I had one more thing I needed to see before leaving this bed.
I moved around and pulled Tom into a doggie position and started rimming his ass, Tim took no time before diving into my ass with his mouth.
I worked Tom into a frenzy; he really got off on getting rimmed with his loud moans filling the room.

I moved a bit and pulled Tim up to where I was and motioned him to eat his brothers ass, he shook his head no, I gave him a forceful look, “Do it” I said.
Tim took my place and chewed at Tom’s ass without Tom realizing it as his head was buried in pillows.
I rimmed Tim and tugged at his balls that were swinging below.

Taking a condom I rolled it onto Tim’s rock hard cock, I grabbed the lube and smeared it onto Tim’s covered shaft and a healthy amount into Tom’s ass after pulling Tim back.
“Fuck him” I whispered. Tim looked at me and I gave him a small push. Tim pushed his cock into his brother’s ass and started riding him as he had me just thirty minutes before.
I moved up and pushed my cock to Tom’s face for him to suck me.

He pushed me away thinking I was Tim, the look on his face when he realized hat his brother was porking his ass, he started to jump up and I pushed his head down again and onto my cock.
“You guys aren’t the only ones that can fuck with people, playing games and all, besides, I get the feeling that you two have done this before.” I said.
Tom sucked my cock as Tim fucked him hard; it was a wet dream for me seeing these hot twins in bed with me.

When they finished fucking I had my turn on Tim’s ass. I was so worked up by now; my pecker was so sensitive I almost shot my load putting the condom on.
Tom watched us fuck while jerking off but shot across my ass and back when he came; he seemed to be less eager to play around than his brother was.
I found that I really liked Tim’s personality more than Tom’s and hooked up with him several times after that night, well, I think it was Tim anyway.