Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Loft

I moved into the city to a loft apartment, it was one big room with the exception of the toilet, even my bath was out in the huge space.
I am 28 years old, and work out in my loft with a few pieces of gym equipment to keep in good shape.

I lost my partner in a car crash a year and a half ago and have been struggling to get moving with my life since then.
Being a mildly successful writer, I work from home and that allows me more time for socializing though I tend to stay in and not get out much.

I’ve finally got everything delivered and unpacked from the move and am really excited about living in a loft.
One whole wall is windows that look across to another renovated building with loft condominiums.

I woke up earlier than usual and decided to work out some before starting my day writing.

I was using the bench press lifting weights for a few minutes when I got up to moved onto the treadmill looking across to the other building only about 60 feet away and caught glimpse of a guy that must have been checking me out, well I was naked and have no blinds or drapes.

I walked to my dresser and took out some boxer shorts slipping them on before going back to my exercise afterwards I took a bath, soaking for a while before standing to rinse off with the hand held shower head.

I wrote awhile and headed out for an early lunch a few doors away at a neighborhood bistro.
I ordered a ham and cheese Panini sandwich with some potato salad and watched the foot traffic outside the window as I ate.

At some point I will have to go out to meet people but for now I was enjoying getting settled in quietly.

After lunch I walked a few blocks down to a hardware store hoping to find someone to install a hoop shower ring to hang a shower curtain over my claw footed tub so I could have a real shower without splashing water onto the old wooden floor.

I spoke with a crusty old man that said he knows a handyman that he can have contact me about fixing up my shower and doing a few other repairs that I had in mind.

I went back to writing and a couple of hours later the phone rang, it was Matty, the handyman, I arranged for him to come by the next day to see what parts he would need.

Later that evening I saw the guy across the way again, this time his lights were on and he was cooking dinner as was I, he looked to be about 40 years old and relatively handsome.

Getting ready for bed I glanced over to see my neighbor was naked, walking around his loft, I dimmed my lights and my cock thickened as I watched him.
Hey, I thought, fair game, he was watching me this morning.

I stood rubbing my uncut prick to a fully stiffened state, my left hand back on my ass crack while pulling my foreskin back on the down stroke, squeezing my shaft.

The guy across the way was getting into his bed, lying on top of the sheets, he began stroking his cock.
His legs spread while he rubbed his balls as he jacked off.

I was feeling close to cumming when he turned his head and looked right at me, he had a full view of me pounding my dick, my first instinct was to jump back away from the window but I held my ground and continued stroking.

He got up and walked to his window, his erection fully stiff and straining, he looked right at me and stood there jacking off.

I turned to a give him a side view as I shot my load into my hand, damn, it felt so good.
I looked over as he took his hand to his mouth motioning me to lick the cum from my hand.

I did as he requested, licking the cum off my hand while looking right into his face. He arched his back as he stood blowing his load onto his belly as my tongue lapped my spunk.
I smiled, waved and walked to my bed falling asleep within a few minutes.

I woke up to a knock at the door, Must be Matty. I thought.
Slipping on some shorts, I opened the door to find a good looking slim Italian guy with sexy lips and short dark hair.

“Hi, you must be Matty come on in, I’m Jack.”

“Great loft.“ He said.

“Here is the bath tub, I want one of those rings at the top for the shower curtain to hang on and an extension for the shower head.”

“Sure, no problems, I can do this easy.” He said as he squatted to look at the pipes under the claw foot tub.

I leaned over hoping to see some plumbers crack, damn, his boxers poking out of the top of his jeans but looked hot against his lean frame.

He stood and looked me in the eye. “It will be about $225.00 for the shower.” He said.

My eyes went to the scar at the corner of his lip, he probably hates the scar but it adds character and makes me want to kiss him all the more.
I showed Matty a couple of other things that I wanted done and he agreed to start in a couple of days.

I shook hands with him as he left.
“Good to meet you Jack.”

Damn, no hint of him being gay, oh well no one is perfect. I thought as I made some toast and coffee for breakfast.
My eyes went to the loft across the way, no luck my neighbor was not home.

I stayed busy the next couple of days with shopping for art to hang in my loft and time writing too.

Matty came by and started the repairs with little chit chat, he was a distraction from my work but it was nice to have a man in the place.

I didn’t see the hottie across the way again for a couple of days, he must have been out of town.

I looked over in the evening when I saw his lights come on he waved as he walked in.

I am sure he could see that I was sitting at my computer naked, my usual state while home, I have always been more comfortable nude than most people.

I continued working until dinner time when I looked over to see him cooking, naked, he has a great ass too.

After he finished eating he lay across his bed and started jacking off, I think he is as horny as I am.

I stood in the window as before pulling my cock as I watched him, watching me. He lifted his ass into the air and pushed a finger into his hole; I turned and bent over to show him my asshole as I pushed a finger inside.

Looking back in time to see him cum, I could see his body jerk while he tossed his cum all over his stomach, I could not see the cum but know he made a real hot mess all over himself.

Matty was over early to finish up the shower before starting on my kitchen cabinets.
“All done with the shower.” Matty said, “It’s ready for use.”
“Good, I am ready for a shower; I am so tired of taking a bath and then rinsing off getting water all over the floor.”
“Well, its all yours he said, go for it.’

Wow, I thought, sounds like he wants to see me shower now, I am not shy.

I dropped my shorts and turned on the water, as I stepped in I looked back and saw Matty watching me, and he did not even look away when I looked at him.

“I bet you will enjoy yourself in there.” Matty said.

“Yeah, I called out. I’d have more fun if I was not alone in here.”

Matty pulled back the curtain and looked at the water washing over my body without saying a word he pulled his tee shirt off and dropped his tool belt and jeans to the floor and stepped into the tub.

My hands went to Matty’s chest with a bar of soap; Matty dropped to his knees and pulled my cock into his mouth sucking me until my boner was at full staff.
Matty stood up and turned around, bending over holding onto the edge of the claw foot tub with his ass right against my body.
I pushed my stiff rod into his ass and grabbed his trim waist and started fucking him, he pushed his ass back against me while he moaned a bit.

I fucked him until I could not hold back any longer and filled his ass with my cum.
He turned toward me and I got to my knees and sucked him off while running my hands all over his wet body.
We stepped out of the shower, drying off when I saw the neighbor looking our way.

Matty didn’t say a word and just went back to work in my kitchen after he dressed.

I stayed naked, at this point I figured he would not complain and started writing on my book.

Later that afternoon Matty was still working when I asked him if he wanted to go to dinner with me.
He said sure, he would enjoy it, but only if he paid for dinner.

We had a great steak dinner and went out for a few drinks before coming back to my loft.
I stripped Matty’s clothes off in dim light knowing my neighbor was probably watching.

Taking Matty to my bed, I sucked his nipples and kissed his mouth, then neck and down to his balls licking them before lifting his legs and chewing at his ass.
I fucked Matty and then he fucked me, Matty spent the night with me and started back to work on the kitchen the next morning wearing only his tool belt, that really made me smile.
I never did hook up with the guy across the way as Matty moved in with me a few months after we met.

I did tell Matty that we were being watched while we had sex and he agreed with me that we didn’t need curtains.

This is me in Second Life, I dance at a club and sometimes I go in my birthday suit !