Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ranch Hand

My Parents owned a small horse boarding ranch in Florida, we could board about 30 horses at any given time.
I was born here and have stayed on after college to help out with the horses and my parents too.
I am average looking, slim and try to keep fit for a 26 year old anyway.
My parents have always wanted to go to Europe and finally for their 40th anniversary they decided to take the trip but were worried about leaving me alone to manage the 45 acre property and all these horses.

They offered to hire someone to help out for the month they will be gone and put an ad on Craig’s list.
Only a few sent a response and two of them were in their later years and seemed like they really wanted a short vacation of their own.

One seemed to fit the bill well and my dad hired him sight unseen.
He wrote back that he was 23 years old, single and a hard worker also that he has worked with horses most of his life.
I took my parents to the airport before heading back to the solitude of the ranch.
That afternoon I heard someone drive up to the house and walked out to see a young guy with a cowboy hat getting out of his F150 pickup.

“Hi, I’m Luke, your new ranch hand” he said.
I sort of laughed a bit, he seemed to be a little more dramatic about the “ranch hand” part, and it is only a handful of horses to take care of.
“Hi Luke, I’m Darren, good to have you help out for a month”
Luke was stunning, he had very dark hair a lean tight body and eyes that made my knees weak, they were two dark slits when he smiled, his long lashes were incredible.
“Follow me and I will show you were you can put your things” I said walking him to an out building that was the original home for the property.
I used it now as my home after my parents built a new main house a few years ago.
“Great bunkhouse” Luke said in a happy-go-lucky voice.
“Well, it’s not really a bunkhouse, it’s my place and pretty comfortable for me, giving me some privacy from my parents anyway.”
I showed Luke to the second bedroom. “This was my room growing up; I took the master bedroom after my parents moved to the big house”.
“Looks nice“, he said looking around the room.
“There is only one bathroom out here in the hall and the kitchen is fully stocked, eat or drink anything you like and if there is something you want, just ask and I will do my best to accommodate you.”
“I like what I see just as it is” Luke said in a soft voice from behind me.
I was not sure what he meant by it but I had no time to find out, the horses needed brushing and exercising.
“Stow your gear and let’s head out to take care of the horses and join me in the barn, take a left out the door and walk out behind the house and you’ll see it.”
It was a hot day and I wanted to get the afternoon chores done and relax some.
I was brushing a horse when Luke walked into the barn.
I dropped the brush as he walked into the stall, he had taken off his shirt and holy fuck, he was hot.
“You ok?”
“Oh,, yeah,, I stammered, I just dropped the brush, here you can brush this one and I will move to the next stall.”
I handed him the brush and went around the worn wooden stall wall to the next horse.
“I love horses they are so majestic and beautiful”

“Yeah, there is beauty everywhere out here.” I said but was only thinking of Luke’s tight muscular chest.
We talked from one stall to the next while working with the horses for five hours before stopping for the afternoon.
“Let’s get cleaned up and start some dinner.” I said.
I hit the shower first and started a salad and sides while Luke showered.
I heard the bathroom door open. “Hey Luke,” I called out; “want a beer?”
“Sure, I’d love one.” Luke said.
I turned and saw Luke standing there naked, towel in hand still drying his dark hair.
“Fuck.” I blurted out before I could stop myself.
“Oh, sorry, I just thought it was so secluded out here that nudity would not be an issue, but if you are uncomfortable, I can put some jeans on.” he said.
“No, you’re great, I mean, it’s great, no it’s fine.” I stuttered as I stared at his dark bush of pubic hair with an ample cut cock bobbing around as he moved.
Luke laughed, “Sorry, I lived at a nudist camp for near a year and I love to be naked, it feels so free. You should try it sometime.”
I smiled, ‘You like meat?” I asked.
“Well I am bisexual, so I guess so.” Luke said without flinching.
My face went red, “I meant steak, beef, I was gonna throw a couple of steaks on the grill outside.” I said with a smile.
“I figured as much, I was just playing with you.” Luke said with a wink.
Luke was so fucking cute; he flustered me and made it hard to think.
I put the steaks on while Luke stood around watching me and talking up a storm about horses and different places he worked, I only heard part of what has saying, all I could do is think about his sexy body and his eyes just melted me to the bone each time he would smile.
“You should get naked too, it is so natural, there is nobody around but us right?” Luke asked.
“Yeah, just us for probably two to three miles.” I said.
“Well peel those jeans off and let things air out some.” He said.
What the heck, I thought; it is not often that my parents are gone from the property for very long.
I took off my tee shirt and jeans inside the house walking back out to the grill naked.
“Yeee-haww” that’s what I’m talking about, how does that feel?” Luke asked.
“Feels fantastic.” I said.
“You look great too, why hide a body like that?”
“Oh, thanks, I’m not all that, you keep yourself all fit and look like you work out allot.” I said.
“I work out some, but not all that often, better pull those steaks off.’
I looked back and the steaks were getting a bit overdone, Luke was a sexy distraction to say the least.
We ate and went inside to take care of washing the few dishes; Luke offered to dry while I washed.
Several times when he was talking about something that excited him, Luke would grab my arm or put his hand to my back sending a signal to my cock with his touch.
It started to stiffen and stand out more and more, I tried to push it against the kitchen cabinet to hide my chub but that seemed to put the pressure on it and made it thicken to about three quarter hard.
Luke looked down and noticed. “Looks like you need some attention.” he said before he dropped to his knees and pulled my cock into his mouth.
I almost dropped the plate that I was holding, I set it down on the counter, fucking dishes can wait, I thought.
Luke was a master cocksucker, he sucked it deep while his hands roamed my ass, I guess he didn’t care whether I was straight or gay, he went for what he wanted and it all seemed natural to him.
I had hold onto the counter as he had my knees weak and threatening to drop me to the floor.
He stopped sucking for a minute. “You get many get many blow jobs from your ranch hands?” he asked.
“I have not had much sex at all and for a 26 year old and that must be rare but being here in the country and my parents living so close. I had a girlfriend for two years but never did anything with her and have only played around a bit with a couple of guys I went to college with.” I said.
“Well, It is time you got your man on.” he said pulling me to his bedroom by the hand.
He grabbed his backpack and took a few things out; I watched as he put some lube onto his fingertips and mooshed it into his ass crack.
“Here, put this on.” he said handing me a condom.
I slid the condom on and stroked myself fully hard again. Luke got onto the bed on his knees with his head on his pillow with his back bowed.
I stood there looking at his ass in the air, with his butt hole fully exposed, I had never seen a guys hole before, I thought I was gonna shoot my load right there, he was so hot and now, offering his ass to me.
I climbed on the bed and moved into position.
“I’ve never done this before.” I said in a soft voice.
“It’s okay, just push your cock into my ass slowly but firmly, you will get the hang of it real fast.” Luke said.
I pushed my cock into his ass crack and after fumbling a bit was able to push the head into his ass.
“Fuck…this feels great” I said holding still.
“Well push it in and it will feel even better for both of us.” Luke whispered.
I pushed and gradually was fully inside his ass to my loose hanging balls.
It felt amazing, I had never thought that much about fucking a guys ass but my cock felt at home in Luke’s butt.
I moved smoothly in and out, Luke arched his back and moaned allot which turned me on.
“Reach under” he said.
I pushed my cock as deep as it would go and lay on Luke’s backside reaching around feeling his hard cock and the moist pre cum at the tip, I jacked him hard with a good grip in his sexy cowboy prick.
I went back to fucking his tight sexy ass and it did not take long before I felt the churning of cum headed for my cock.
The pulsing in my dick sent me moaning and I grabbed Luke’s hips giving him a few final plunges of my stiff rod and fell forward onto his back.
“Fuck me like that Luke.” I whispered.
I moved into the same position that Luke was in when I fucked him.
Luke used lots of lube and stuck his finger into my virgin hole, he moved it around in my butt, it felt odd and hurt a little.
“Are you ready?” Luke asked after several minutes of loosening my sphincter.
“Yeah, fuck me.” I said.
Luke pushed his rigid knob to the entrance to my inexperienced hole, he pushed slowly but once the knob got past I felt searing pain like I was ripped open.
“Stop, something is wrong.” I said.
“Just relax your ass; I will go slowly, nothing is wrong.” Luke assured me.
“Okay, keep going.” I said.
Every movement burned at my ass, but the pain eased some and it started feeling better.
Luke pushed farther in a slow smooth movement into my ass until he was all the way in. I could not believe that I had a guy’s dick in my ass. Luke pulled back until he was almost all the way out.
“It feels a little better now.” I said.
Luke squirted more lube into his shaft without pulling it fully out of my ass, this made it easier to take and in no time he was moving it freely at a good pace in and out of my fuck hole.
Luke leaned in and twisted my nipples then running his hands down my body to my dangling cock and balls giving them a nice grope.
Fucking me again he was gentle and when he came, he fell forward holding his arms around my chest as his cock slipped from my ass.
We snuggled and talked for a couple of hours before having sex again.
We did not put clothes on too many times during his thirty day visit and one day even went bare back riding nude, which was an amazing sight, Luke wearing only his cowboy hat riding alongside of me with his laugh echoing off the big rocks as we rode near the hills.
My parents came back from vacation and asked Luke if he would like to stay on full time as they wanted more time to travel.
Luke was pleased as I was for him to stay and live in my house, we lived like this for two years before coming out to my parents and telling them that Luke and I were a couple.
Mom just smiled and said “Yes, Darren, we know, we might be old but we are not blind.”
It was nice having that out in the open, Luke and I liked to run around naked anytime that my parents were away and I even talked them into buying an RV to see more of the country and that gives us more private time to fuck under the stars and ride horses nude.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Creekside Wank

Growing up in California with five brothers in a three bedroom two bath house, I would look for places to have my private moments where I could jack off in peace.
I shared a bedroom with my older brother and the three younger boys shared a room.

It seemed that I could never fully enjoy myself unless I left the house to do it, if I was in the bathroom someone was always pounding on the door wanting in or better yet asking what I was doing in there in a loud voice.

Now that I was in college it seemed about the same as when I was home, I had a dorm mate and the bathrooms were common along with the showers so there was never any privacy.
One place that I liked to go was down by the creek, I would sit under the tree overlooking the water rubbing myself through my jean shorts.

Before long I would have them pulled down and my stiff rod in my hand, my head laying back on the grass of the bank enjoying the feelings as I prolong cumming as long as I could.
Usually I would skinny dip after I would cum onto my stomach to clean the jizz off in the cool water.

Once I was laying back, my shorts laying on the grass, my legs spread open while I fingering my ass with my left hand and jacking off with my right and three guys from my college walked up on me.
One guy called me a fag for fingering my ass, they stood around as I lay there legs spread trying to hide my stiff cock with my hand.

Lets throw him in the creek. One of them said.
They grabbed me up and wrestled me around pulling me to the waters edge.

In the tussle I felt one them of them grope my cock giving it a good tug but I could not tell who it was.

We should fuck him in the ass one said as they threw me into the water, two of them jumped in after acting like they were gonna drown me dunking me under a couple of times.
I felt fingers along my ass crack running deep to my hole, this was not an accidental touching but this time I saw who did it, it was Raymond.

I looked him in the eye and he did not look away.
They finally let me go and I climbed up the bank, as I grabbed my shorts to put them on one of them took his off saying that it was hot and time to skinny dip in the creek.
He tossed his shorts down and headed to the water, white ass bouncing as he went.

Raymond peeled his off too, he stood in front of me naked “I’m sorry for treating you this way, we all jack off and stuff” he said.
Raymond jumped into the water, splashing water at me. Come on get in, we wont hassle you anymore. Raymond said.

I got back into the cool water and splashed Raymond back.
The last guy stood there watching us laugh and swim.
“Come in” Raymond said.
He was a bit shy about it but finally dropped his jeans to the ground and turned to get into the water, his cock was much larger than ours but we didn’t say anything so he would not feel self conscious about it.

We played and swam for an hour more before splitting up, Raymond said that he would walk with me making up an excuse to need to go in my direction as the other two left in the other direction.
Raymond pulled me down into the tall grass in the field not far from the creek.

Pushing me onto my back Ray climbed onto me and leaned over me, he put his lips to mine and kissed me lightly.
The warmth spread through me, I had been kissed by guy’s before and by a girlfriend I had for a short time in high school and it was nothing like this.
He kissed me again, this time a little harder, my heart raced.

Raymond’s hand went to my jean shorts pulling them open and running his hand down my belly and to my balls, his hand roamed all over in my shorts before I lifted my ass to pull them off.
Raymond appeared to be mix of black and white, his skin was beautiful caramel color with a great smile and gorgeous eyes.

Ray pulled me onto my stomach and lifted my hips up doggy position before he pushed his face into my ass, his scruffy unshaven beard scrubbed at my ass driving me wild.

His mouth was hungry at my ass,, he stopped for a minutes to plunge a finger deep into me, he watched his finger disappear into my ass and re appear as he picked up speed.
Raymond had a better build than me, he was naturally sexy with rolling muscles from his arms and onto his chest.

He got to his feet and opened his pants revealing his ample cock that was fully stiff, Ray spat onto his hand rubbing it onto his cock before pushing the tip into my ass.
I pushed back against his anal assault my hole begging for more, I really loved getting fucked by this man.

Ray pounded my butt hard while I jacked my cock from below, I shot my load into the grass and within a minutes he was moaning loudly as he pumped his juice into my ass.

Ray was a bit of a jock and liked to be spontaneous so at unexpected times he would see me and pull me into a nook or around a building just to kiss me.

Once he took me behind one of the buildings and sucked me off right there where anyone could have come around the corner and seen us, I think he liked that part of it.

One day Ray saw me across the courtyard walked up to me without saying a word taking off his large chunky watch off his wrist and put it onto mine, smiled and walked off.
I guess it was sort of his way of making me his like giving me a ring, I wore it proudly.

Ray did romantic things to like sending me flowers signed hugs n kisses Ray, and the more I knew him the more that he cared less who saw us together as a couple.

I met Ray in a common area for lunch one day, I had stopped by and picked up sandwiches and drinks for us, and met under the big oak tree that was so common to have lunch under along with 20 to 30 other college students.

Ray walked up and leaned over kissing me on the lips, Fuck I thought looking around, but I needed to relax too I just didn’t want any “fag” trouble from anyone.

“Baby, my room mate moved out, he left college and went back home, how would you like to move in with me?” Raymond asked.
I was so happy. “Yes! This will be so cool.”
I leaned over and kissed him again.

We ate our sandwiches, laughing and giddy with the excitement of being together behind closed doors together.
Lets go take a look. Ray said helping me up.
We walked to Rays dorm room closing the door. Ray fell back on his bed.

“Take off your clothes baby, show me what you got for me” He said.
We had never been able to have sex in his room or mine due to the room mates.
I slowly took off my clothes and it quickly ended in me dancing for my guy as I stripped.

I teased him with my cock near his lips, he put his tongue out to touch my cock head but I pulled back and tempted him with my ass.
He would not be teased long and grabbed my hips and pulled my ass onto his face, he loved my ass and moved in behind me fucking me as I asked for more.

I fucked Raymond that day too and have a few times, it feels great but I am mostly a bottom and a real cock whore, I love sucking my man off.
We did not get to class the rest of that day and I moved over after getting clearance from the dorm office a few days later.

We pushed both beds together and Ray made no attempt to move them apart when friends would come into our room.
We turned into a couple to our friends and no one seemed to mind at all and if they did… fuck em..