Monday, July 28, 2014

Watermelon Farmer

I was driving my car on the way back from a work thing I had to go to and was about 90 miles from home, it was way the fuck out in the country and I was getting parched.
Driving about 80 miles an hour on this old highway with no one around but a few farm houses I saw a sign on the side of the road, it was old and faded but clearly made out “Cold Drinks and Fresh Fruit ahead”.
I slowed down to about 45 in case it was open and not just an old sign that had been left from years before.
I saw a small fruit stand on the side of the road and all but locked up the brakes as I pulled off the road onto the gravel and dirt lot.
I shut off my car and stepped out into the hot summer sun, stretching and pulling off my tie and loosening my shirt as I walked to the fruit shack.
There was a sign that said “Honk for service”. What the fuck, well I guess they can’t just sit out here all day waiting on the occasional car to stop, I clicked the door lock button on my key fob making my horn honk a few times.
There were a few coolers with cold drinks in them and rows of produce but mostly watermelons.
I saw this very tanned guy walking out from the house wearing only old worn jeans with a few rips in them, he had sun bleached blonde hair and a nice smile.
“Can I hep you?” he asked.
I took a moment checking this farmer out, he was maybe 35 years old and had quite a good build on him and not too bad looking either.

“Yeah, I saw your sign about cold drinks and my mouth is about as dry as this dirt parking lot.
“Hep yersef, the drinks are in the cooler”.
I reached into the cooler taking a cold Coke out and popping the top before sucking about a third of the can down.
I saw a few watermelons in the cooler too. “Those look good, nothing like a cold melon”.
“Yeah, I always keep a few in there for folks that want to eat them right away.”

I patted a watermelon that was on a display, ever cut a hole in a melon and…” I was cut off mid-sentence.
“Hell yeah, I’ve fucked my share of melons, gets lonely out here.” He said with a grin.

I stood there not really believing what he had just said, I waited for him to say he was joking, but he didn’t. “I was asking if you ever cut a hole in the melons and fill them with liquor…are you kidding me, you fuck melons?” I asked, still in disbelief.

“Sure”. He said rubbing on his crotch a bit.
I looked l at him like he had just told me the most bizarre thing, well,,, he had.

“Looky here.” He said as he took a small knife out of his jeans and cut a plug out of the melon.
“I am still not buying it.” I said.
“No, I won’t sell them after I’ve fucked it, I just feed it to the hogs out back.”
“I meant that I think you are pulling my leg about fucking a melon.”
In one movement he un-buttoned his jeans and they slid to the dirt floor at his ankles, his white ass gleamed at me as he took his cock into his hand giving it a few squeezes until it was hard.

I watched in amazement, still not believing it. He set the melon on the edge of the counter and pushed his cock into the hole and started moving his hips, he was actually fucking the melon.
“Holy fuck, you weren’t kidding, how does it feel?” I asked.
“Well that’s a stupid question, it feels like you are fucking a melon, hell grab one and try it.”
I stood there watching this tan farmer fucking produce, I was not sure what to do next, I thought about making a break for it and heading to my car, but I had to see how this finished up, besides, the farmer’s ass had my full attention.

I reached over touching his ass cheek as he clenched his butt muscle on an inward thrust.
“What the fuck are you doing?” he asked like I was the one that was doing something odd.
“Get yourself a melon and fuck it man, it won’t hurt you.”
I took a melon and set it on the counter next to his, he stopped fucking long enough to hand me his knife.
“Don’t cut the hole too big, yer pecker probably is not all that big and you need some tightness to it.”

I cut the hole, still unsure of why I was doing this, after pulling out the plug that I had cut, I reluctantly dropped my slacks and boxers to my knees and stood there looking at the hole.
“Get to it.” He said with a grin.
I rubbed my cock while looking at the farmers tight ass cheeks next to me and was hard in no time.
What the fuck I thought, I may as well get this over with, it would be hard to bail out now.
I pushed my “pecker” into the melon hole and was surprised how good it felt and watching the farmer flex his ass cheeks, I was really getting off watching him more than I was fucking the produce.
He was getting close to cumming as his breath changed as he fucked the hell out of that rind.

He moaned as he shot into the red juicy fruit, he pulled out and turned toward me slightly.
I pulled out and dropped to my knees in front of him sucking his juice covered shaft into my mouth, he did not push me away this time and I jacked off onto the dirt as I cleaned his cock of excess cum and watermelon puree.
I stood up and pulled my slacks up before tossing a dollar onto the counter for my drink and headed for the door.
“Hey, that’ll be three dollars for the watermelon.” He said.
I tilted my head looking back at him, still standing there with his worn jeans at his ankles and pulled out a twenty from my pocket and laid it on the stack of crates near the door.
Driving the last 40 miles to my house, I still could not believe what had just happened but I had one sticky crotch to remind me that it all actually did take place.
To this day I find it hard to pass watermelons in the grocery store without thinking of the farmer and his fruit stand.