Thursday, September 4, 2014

Country Boy's

I live out in the country in the Midwest, there is little to do here but interact with other guys that are as bored as you are. We have to drive about nine miles just to get to the nearest burger place and well, there is still not too much else to do but get a burger and hang out for endless hours laughing and talking with my friends.
My name is Dan, I am 18 and should be headed to college soon but there is no real need to get a degree in anything that does not include farming as I have to stay on and help my family scrape out a living from our farm.

We grow hay for a living but also have small crops that we sell locally and grow for our own use. I have three brothers, Jack and Ronnie that are older and the last Ben, is 17 years old. Mom does the canning and Dad butchers the cows and pigs that we freeze for use later.
Ben and I were out on the back of the property along the northwest corner adding pesticides to the hay seedlings, it was fucking hot our here and neither of us wore anything but jeans and boots, well along with straw cowboy hats, the sun had turned our skin to a dark tan long ago with years of field work.

After about two hours Ben said that it was time for a break and a fast swim in the small river that passed between our property and the neighbors.
We rode our dirt bikes to the huge oak tree that pulled its water from the river. It was a normal thing to shuck off our clothes and swim naked with my brothers and some of the guys from school, we peeled off our clothes and Ben was first to jump into the cool water bare assed, it was such a reprieve from the hot dry work we had been doing.
I jumped into the water and came up laughing, I loved swimming naked even when I was alone and it always felt so free to have the cool water passing my cock and balls. I heard something across the river and looked over, seeing nothing I continued to swim, I heard a twig snap and looked quickly to see someone duck behind a tree trying to hide the fact that he was watching us.
After a few more minutes, Ben swam over and climbed out of the water grabbing his pants sliding them over his wet legs. “I’m headed to the house, I am so hungry I could eat a whole cow.” He said.

“Go ahead, I’ll be along shortly, I am really enjoying the cool water.”
Ben finished getting his boots on and got on his motorcycle and headed down the dirt road. Hearing the motor of the bike way off in the distance I decided to climb up onto the flat rock and lay in the sun that was filtered by the tree branches and give the guy across the river a show.
I laid back on the rock with my jeans folded up behind my head, my legs were spread and I started rubbing my balls and playing with my cock, from my position I could see part of his leg and side sticking out from the tree. My cock was becoming stiff and stood almost straight up as I jacked it slowly while I slid my left foot as close to my ass cheek as I could with my knee up in the air while my left hand moved to my ass crack.
My eyes were near shut but was watching the figure by the tree, his pants were now down to his knees and was stroking his cock and I could not really make out much, but could tell by the movement what he was doing. I stood up and dove back into the river but this time I emerged on the other side within a few fee of his tree.

As I popped out of the water I saw him reach for his pants to pull them up but there was just no time. I looked into his face, it was Jason, the neighbor’s son, and we had gone through school together most of our lives. Jason looked at me with a stunned look on his face. “Damn, I… was just.. “He stammered trying to form a sentence in his defense.
I went to my knees and took his wilting cock into my mouth and sucked him back to full mast, I knew he was getting off watching us naked and was jacking off while watching me on the rock, I was sure that he would be discreet with my family about me sucking him off so no words were necessary.
Jason stepped out of his jeans spreading his legs while my hands roamed his ass while swallowing his thick meat. I pulled on his nut sack feeling his big nuts moving under my touch, taking only moment of his cock in my throat, Jason’s knees went weak while his cock gushed salty cum into my mouth.
I stood up and turned him around before spitting some of his cum into my hand smearing it into his asshole, bending him over slightly against the tree I pushed my stiff rod into his tight ass, he moaned loudly.

“Go slow, I don’t take a large cock easy.”
I slowed the push and continued fucking Jason’s ass, this felt so good, I have only fucked a guy a few times before and would take advantage whenever I could to get some guy tail. I reached under his tee shirt and twisted his nipples some, running my hands across his chest. I grabbed his hips and ground my cock into his ass.
“I think I just found my favorite thing, getting my ass fucked.” Jason said in a whisper.
As I climaxed, I pushed my cock as deep into him as I could, filling him with my sweet jizz.
“That was fucking hot Jason, I need to go grab some lunch before my brother comes looking for me, we have to finish working on the hay seedlings, but I want to see you again tonight, I need some more of your sweet ass.”
“Sounds like a sexy plan, I’ll meet you here at eight, bring some beer if you can get any.” Jason said as he pulled his pants back on.
I rode home like the wind, ate a couple of sandwiches and some chips before heading to finish the work with my brother before coming back to the house about four pm meeting up with the rest of the family.
Dad was asking about the chores and different jobs that we were all working on and set out what was needed to be done the next day. We ate dinner and most of the family scattered, some on dates and some watching TV or off playing video games. I took my backpack and loaded a few beers from the fridge into it without anyone noticing and walked out into the darkness of the farm.
I arrived early and hung out on the big flat rock looking at the stars while I sipped on one of the beers, it was only a few minutes before I heard someone crunching through the brush and weeds on the other side of the river.
I saw a flashlight beam flash over my way.

“Hey Dan, is that you?”
“Yeah, it’s me, come on over.” I could hardly make out the image of Jason stripping his clothes off before walking into the river and swimming over to the big rock that I was perched on.
Jason moved in close to me and reached over to the front of my jeans popping the fly open.
“Let me at your prick, I have thought of nothing else since I saw you earlier.”
I lifted my ass up while Jason slipped my jeans off by pulling them by the foot end until my bare ass came back down on the rock that was holding the heat of the day.

I pulled my tee shirt over my head and now we were naked on the big rock exploring each other’s bodies. I ran my hands over Jason’s chest which was strong and broad from all of the work that mirrors the chores we do on our farm.
Jason leaned in kissing my chest and nipples while he ran his hands all over my body and down to my crotch tugging on my balls cupping them in his hand. He moved up and pushed his tongue past his thick juicy lips into my mouth, franticly exploring as deep as his tongue would go. Though he was less then gentle and felt like he was even bruising my lips somewhat but with his hot passion I didn’t care.
I pulled my backpack close and took out some lotion and this time Jason was gonna fuck my ass, I squirted some into my hand and pushed it into my crack before rubbing a handful of lotion onto his stiff cock, it had an upward curve to it and was so hard there was little give to his meat.
Jason spread my ass cheeks out with his thumbs and slid his pecker into my ass in one movement.
“Oh, fuck.” I panted.”
“You like my cock in your ass baby?” Jason whispered while he plowed my ass like it was something he did every day.
“I love your fat cock in my ass, drill it deep, and fill me.”
Jason lifted my legs higher towards my chest and set his cock plunging deeper into me than before, my ass was on fire and I was already wondering how I would even be able to sit on my motorcycle seat tomorrow. Jason let out a moan and could tell that he had just started coming in my ass, I reached up pulling his neck tight toward me, lifting my ass just a bit more to accommodate his wild fuck spree as he spurted what must have been a large amount of ranch boy jizz into my guts.

I pulled his cock out of me and laid him on his back before grabbing hold of his spent cock giving it a good squeeze making him moan from the tenderness of his cock, I moved forward onto his chest, my balls were bouncing off of his chin while I popped him in the face with my boner, his tongue tried to lick it as it left pre cum on his face each time it touched down.
Jason moved me up farther so he could suck my hole while I jacked my stiffie to as close to cumming and still not cum, I backed up and jammed my dick into his mouth as he swallowed my cock, it only took a few more strokes before I blasted his tonsils with my creamy cum.
Jason sucked on my cock until it was almost painful to let him continue, I pulled off and collapsed onto his chest.
“Fuck, you’re cum tasted good, it must run in your family.” Jason said.

“What do you mean by that, who else in my family have you sucked?”
“Whoops, I didn’t mean to say that, it was one of your bothers, we have met over a dozen times.”
“Who?” I asked.
“I can’t say, I made a mistake even saying that it sort of just slipped out, just let it go.”
I dove into the water to cool off and wash away the sex juice that had leaked out of my ass and down my ass cheeks with Jason diving in next to me.
“Which of my brothers have you been having sex with?”
“Look, let it go, you don’t want to know which brother it is, he is gay but not ready to come out just now.”
“I don’t want to know about the sex you’ve had with him, and he does not want to be outted, but you can tell him that I am gay too and would like to support him and let him support me as well.”

“Okay, I can let him know and see what he says.” Jason said quietly as he treaded water.
“I do not know if I want to continue to have sex with you while you have sex with one of my brothers but I do want to meet with you again and maybe we can see where it goes. You have my cell number and can call me, it’s good to know there is another gay guy around that I can talk to.”
“Oh there are more than the three of us out here, most are quietly out at best, some are older but we have a decent amount of gay farmers out here, you will learn a few at a time who they are as you start going to the picnics.”
“What do you mean, picnics?” I asked.

“Well they are thrown out at certain ranches, they are lots of fun and you can participate in what you like or not, some things we do are skinny dipping, playing around all the way to threesome sex but mostly it is a fun get together where we talk and have fun, there are guys our age all the way up to one that is 72 years old.”
“I’d like to go, if you can get me invited, that is.”
“Your brother has been to a few of them, I’ll take you as a guest and then it is up to you if you get invited again or not, you’d have to really piss off a few people not to get invited back, they are a fun group.”

I’ve got to get home, it’s getting late and, well you know what time we all get up around here to start work on the farms.” I said.
Jason pulled me close kissing me before swimming off to his side of the river and disappearing into the darkness. I got home and lay in my bed wondering which of my brothers Jason had been with, I also gave allot of thought about the local picnics and could not wait till my first one.

One day Jason sent me a text that simply said PICNIC SATURDAY AT NOON, my heart raced and my mind went into overdrive wondering who I would see there and what would happen.
The week dragged out and finally Friday night came, Jason sent me a new text saying that he would pick me up at ten as I was his guest and reminded me that if I get invited back it would be by the ranch owners, they were the leaders of these outings and they actually had meetings to organize events and decide who can come.
Jason picked me up at ten, just like he said he would.
“Hi Dan, hop in, you are gonna have more fun than you could possibly know.”
“Sounds great, thanks for inviting me, is my brother gonna be there?”
“I have no idea, I told him that you were gay too and he didn’t say too much to me about it, he might be, I never know who will be there until I get there.”
“That is the only part that has me on edge.”
“He has been there many times over the past couple of years, so there is nothing that he will judge you on.”
We drove for about an hour and pulled down a dirt road and drove for about another half mile before coming to a large house with dozens of cars parked out front. I got a glimpse of a couple of burly naked guys off to one side of the house.
“Is everyone naked?”

“Well yeah, but not all right off the bat, some stay dressed until they swim or join in an event like naked baseball or something, it’s all just good fun, relax and follow my lead.”
We walked around the side of the house to the pool, it was a huge fiesta, all decorated in a Mexican theme, music playing loudly and tables of Mexican food and treats.
Jason introduced me to the men who owned the house and the others that help run the events, they all seemed very nice and friendly. Over half the guys were naked and only saw a few that I knew, they must have come from the neighboring counties to be here.
“Oh my God, look its Garrett from the restaurant in town.” I said as I pointed.
Jason pulled my hand down. “Discretion goes a long way here and again when you leave, we don’t talk about what happens here with anyone but those that are here.”
“Sorry, this is great, I never knew so many guys were gay in our area.” I said.
“Did you think gayness was only for those who live in cities?”
“I guess, never thought about it that much.”
“Let’s take our clothes back to the car and come back and swim.”
I gave him a nervous look and followed Jason to the car, we casually stripped off our clothes and tucked them into the car. I tugged my cock some out of nervousness without thinking much about it.

“It will be fine, stop pulling on your cock.” Jason said.
We walked back to the rear of the house and over to the bar that was set up, I took a Coke and Jason a beer, we sipped on them while guys walked up and said hi and shook hands with Jason, he seemed popular. I was introduced to so many guys I knew I would not remember their names and tried not to stare at their junk. Some of the guys were young but a lot of them were between 40 and 60 years old and came in every shape.
One guy that Jason introduced me to named Alex moved close after shaking my hand and moved his hand to the back of my ass, feeling me up enough to start making me aroused.

Alex was a rancher that hosts picnics at his house according to Jason, his hand roamed up my back and back down to my ass cheeks.
“You’ve got a great ass Dan, let’s go for a swim.” Alex said as he took my Coke and set it on a table, taking me by the hand.
“You are on your own, have fun and enjoy, don’t let anyone do anything that you are not comfortable with, they all know the only boundaries out here are when a guy says no.” Jason whispered in my ear.
Alex dove into the pool and I jumped in right after him. He was nice enough looking and near twice my age, not that that bothered me, I was just a little overwhelmed at the whole place.

I swam around the pool with Alex swimming up to me before going underwater and sucking my cock into his mouth. Damn, that feels great I thought, his hands went up my thighs to my sides pulling me under water with him, I toyed with his balls some before coming up for air.
“You are quite a nice looking man.” Alex said with a smile.
“Thanks, this is some party, never seen anything like it before.”
It sounded odd, I’m still not used to being called a man, I think I‘ve only been referred to as a man once before, I still feel like a kid. I thought.
“We like to throw out picnics, they help create a place where gay men can be open and have fun, before you leave today see me about signing in as a member so you can get e-mailed about our events.”

“Wow, that’s very nice of you, I’d be happy to be asked out again.” I replied with probably too much enthusiasm.
Alex laughed and gave me a hug, and fondled my ass again. “You seem like the right kind of guy for our picnics, I have others to greet and I’d better get out of the pool, enjoy yourself, and make yourself at home.” He said as he climbed out of the pool.
I swam a little longer and was getting ready to get out of the pool when a hand appeared in the glare of the bright sunlight, I grabbed the hand and was pulled out of the water. I came up face to face with my brother Ronnie standing there naked and smiling, our cocks nearly touching, so I stepped back.

“Jason told me that you were coming out here today, I about fell over when he told me that you were gay too, I wondered once or twice but figured that I was probably wrong.” Ronnie said.
Ronnie was a ginger and his mop of red hair moved in the light breeze, it was very strange for me to stand here naked with my brother, we had always skinny dipped before but that was just swimming and I didn’t know he was gay.
“Well little bro, welcome to the family.”
I gave him a look and he laughed. “The gay family, what you do out here and who you do it with is your business, just use protection, they always have several boxes of condoms out here, use them.” Jason said, he walked me over to a group of guys.
“Guys, this is my little brother Daniel, be gentle with him.” They all laughed but I could see a few that took extra time to check me out.

One of the guys named Jess, pulled me away from the group. “Let’s go get a drink, I need to get to know you better.”
We walked over and I picked up my Coke I had earlier, Jess picked up a bottle and poured some rum into my Coke can, I tasted it and it took my breath away. I have not had too much to drink except a few beers being only 18 and I didn’t think I could choke any more of the rum and Coke down.
“Drink up, you’ll get used to it.” Jess said as he placed his arm over my shoulder and kissed me, I guzzled the drink.
Jess was a little older than me and looked like he was a jock type when he was back in school. Jess had dark hair and a deep tan, I was looking at his uncut pecker when he took my hand and touched it to his manhood.
I had never touched an uncut cock before and the soft foreskin intrigued me, I pulled lightly at the tip of the skin that covered the head of his cock.
“It won’t pull off, you don’t have to be so gently, give it a good tug.”
I pulled on it a little harder and put my finger into the hood feeling his moistness inside, I ran my fingertip around his cockhead as his prick filled out some under my touch.

“Put your mouth on it.” Jess said softly.
I looked around and did as instructed, it felt odd, being here putting a cock in my mouth with so many guys around. One guy stopped to watch for a moment, “That’s fucking hot” he said as he walked away.
I sucked on his shaft as it filled to a full erection between my lips, I moved my tongue around his knob under his foreskin before pulling it back to have full use of his thick cock.
I squatted in front of Jess sucking him while my own cock had hardened and was leaking pre cum onto the grass in a thick syrupy stream. Jess took my head and gently rode my mouth before blasting his salty cum into my mouth, he pulled his cock out and rubbed it across my face leaving a sticky trail in its wake.
Jess took my hand and walked me to the trees nearby into the shade, he got to his knees behind me and spread my ass cheeks out before rimming my hole with his tongue.

I bent forward giving him full access to my near virgin hole as Jess poked a finger inside me while he watched intently with his face only inches away.
“Damn Jess, that feels great!” I said.
He fingered my ass and added a second finger causing it to burn some when he sped up as he fucked me with his digits. He turned and laid back on the grass between my legs.
“Jack off on me.” He said softly.

My cock was already at full mast and had almost cum when Jess was fingering me, it took only moments of me jacking off, for my jizz to fly into his face and hair, Jess opened his mouth and caught some as he licked his lips.
I leaned in kissing Jess on the lips, my head was swimming from the rum and coke and being with Jess. He pulled me on top of him, my weight on his body, my cock pressing on his, my lips pressed tightly on his, I was drunk but not from the drink, it was Jess, or maybe being at the picnic, my mind raced.

My brother walked past and gave me the thumbs up sigh with his hand. It was still odd seeing him walking around naked, his reddish orange pubes almost washed out in the sunlight.
I pulled Jess to his feet and took him to the pool grabbing a towel from the stack nearby and cleaned his face and hair off as best as I could. We swam for a while laughing and playing like kids in the pool while more guys arrive at the picnic, several were in pool, some swimming and some making out along the edges of the pool and deck.

We walked over to the spread of food that was laid out in a buffet style and mostly Mexican foods and lots of fresh cold fruit. Jess picked up some melon and pushed it into my mouth, the juices ran down my chest leaving me sticky. We stuffed ourselves with quesadillas and tacos while drinking another rum and Coke. I was really liking Jess and I think he was enjoying being with me too.
It turned out that Jess lived within twenty-five miles of our farm and we had already hooked up with a place to meet during the week between our farms and exchanged phone numbers. MY brother Ronnie and I became closer as we shared each other’s secret, it was always fun to talk to him in private about hot guys that I had seen or when Jess and I were making plans to meet.
Ronnie came out to my parents one day, they seemed a little shocked and asked very few questions, just saying that they hope it is what he really wants and will be happy.

I jumped on the bandwagon and told them I was gay too. “Very funny.” Mom said. It took a few more days to convince them that I truly was gay too and they seemed to take it better after the shock wore off of having Ronnie come out.
We continued to go to the picnics and I met more guys but kept Jess as my man, we always got naked and played volleyball and swam but never had sex with anyone else. Having to help out on the farms we both had to stay close to our own land but got an apartment together half way between them so we were still close to the farms.