Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bliss and bondage

I went camping a few weeks ago and it turned out much differently than I had thought it would.

It was more of a long four day weekend away from all the stress and mess of work.
My boss Jim, is a real ball buster demanding more and more every week while giving less time to make things happen.
Jim wanted me to work that weekend and tried to threaten my position if I didn’t, I told him to do whatever he needed to do, and that I was going away for the weekend regardless of the outcome.
I needed a mental health weekend full of fun and beer.
I drove the five hour trip to the campgrounds and checked in paying my fee for the weekend, this was sponsored by a large gay club in our area, they have been hyping it up for weeks and expected a few thousand men.
I pitched my 6 person tent, I liked lots of space and didn’t want to be confined to a tiny tent, not that I had all that much gear to put in it besides a folding table, chair and a sleeping bag on an inflatable mattress. I also brought a camp stove.
I loved to cook whenever I could and brought a cooler stuffed with good food and another for drinks.
A few of my friends said they would be out to either camp for the weekend or at least come visit, I promised them steaks and eggs for breakfast if they did.
The area around me was a frenzy of men setting up tents, men of all shapes, sizes and colors and of course a few queens with their high pitched voices that cut through the tents and RV’s and went right to my eardrums.

The sun filtered through the trees as I relaxed on my cot I had brought to the screened room of my tent so I could relax, see and be seen by all the guys making camp.
I snoozed a little and decided to make a little lunch, not wanting to get too much out I sliced some salami and cheese and ate that with some French bread and a beer.
“Looking good.” A sexy looking guy said as he passed.
I waved and smiled as I chewed not knowing if he was referring to me or my lunch. It was so nice being outside and not stuck in my office listening to that fucktard Jim babbling about something that would “increase productivity”.

I turned on music from my phone to a wireless speaker, tapping the title ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars, and a millisecond the song burst into play.

I laid back on the cot, stretching before falling into a peaceful slumber, not deep sleep, I could pretty much still hear the music and voices but a blissful restful nap.
“You call this camping?” a voice I recognized as my friend Mitch.

“I call this complete relaxation, come on in.”
Mitch is a good guy, with a knack for pulling the sexiest guy within a twelve mile radius to his lips and before you know it they have vanished off to points unknown having the hottest sex known to man.
Mitch always tells me about his latest conquests and the crazy places the man has sex with guys, basically he is a whore.

Mitch pulled up a folding chair and popped a beer and started chattering about some guy that he hooked up with last night, my mind went numb after about five minutes of how hot this dude that he fucked was.

Some young hottie walked by and gave us a smile, it was all it took for Mitch, and he was on his feet trailing after the potential fuck.
Left there alone, I decided to take a walk and explore what there was to offer besides the beauty of the fresh side of nature. I passed many groups of bears strutting their leather arm bands and hairy chests, one even had his cub on a leash wearing only a tattered jock strap.

I saw a couple, Jim and Lenny that I knew and stopped by to visit with them as they sat outside by a small campfire. They too needed a break from the work and stress of normal life, even leaving the cell phones at home.
I laughed at the desperate look that Jim gave when Lenny told me that Jim even took his tablet away from him.
“We have to be with each other for entertainment and everything!” Jim said in mock contempt.

I invited them over for dinner and walked back toward my tent, as I approached I saw a small crowd of guys standing in front of my screened in room. As I moved closer saw Mitch was stark naked fucking the guy he was chasing earlier right there with everyone watching.

“Je-Zus Mitch, REALLY? I can’t believe this.” I exclaimed.

Mitch didn’t stop, he just looked at me and smiled, his butt was in motion as he fucked this narrow hipped guy’s ass, it was pretty hot except he is my friend and I would rather not see and hear his sexual moves and grunts.

After a moment one if the spectators whipped his own cock out and started jacking off to the show while another guy walked in and dropped his jean shorts to the floor and hearing no objection to him being in the tent, he plugged his stiff prick into the younger guys mouth and fucked his mouth while Mitch plowed the man’s ass.

I went to the back portion of my tent and laid back on my sleeping bag trying to block out the public exhibition that was going on only a few feet away.
My eyes closed when I felt some movement to my side, I opened my eyes to see the gorgeous guy that had walked by that morning while I was eating my snack.

At first I pointed toward the tent flap for him to leave but he shot me a smile I could not resist.

“Come on in.” I said.

He came over and sat next to me putting his hand on my hip.
“I saw you when you this morning and wanted to come say hi since then, you and your boyfriend must have an open relationship.”

“That is NOT my boyfriend, I am single, and he is just a friend that sort of took over my tent front turning it into the red light district of the campground.”

“My name is Conner.” He said as he pushed his hand out to me.

“I’m David.” I said shaking his hand.

“Want to get out of here and come to my RV where it is quiet?”

“Sounds great, I don’t like the circus that is happening a couple of feet away in my own tent.”

We walked past the sweaty sex of the three way that was going on, the crowd had gotten larger outside and one lean guy had three guys jacking off on his face while he sucked a fourth guy.

A couple of minutes later we arrived at Conner’s motor coach, this was a bus conversion that must have cost triple the price of my house.
Inside everything was dark leathers, marble countertops with hidden LED lighting everywhere, the A/C made this a private sanctuary.
“WOW, this is beautiful!”

“Thanks, I got it a couple of months ago and haven’t gotten to use it much yet.”

Conner showed me around, hell, it was near half the size of my house, and the bedroom was plush and amazing.

“This bed is huge for an RV, and looks so soft.”

“Lay back on it and see for yourself.” Conner said with a smile.

I looked at him, he gave me a nod and I sat on the edge and lay back keeping my feet off of his bed.
Conner reached down and pulled my shoes off dropping them onto the floor.

“There, put your legs up too.”

I melted into his bed, and felt like I never wanted to move from it again.

“This feels incredible and it is so quiet and peaceful in here.”

“Close your eyes and have a nap.”

“Yeah, right” I said.

“No, really, I could use a nap too, just relax and make yourself at home.”

Conner kicked off his shoes and laid next to me, he closed his eyes and in moments his breathing went deeper and I knew he was asleep. I found this a little odd being asked to see his RV and my host falling asleep with me in his bed but it was so relaxing I soon fell asleep too.

I woke up slowly, opening my eyes to see Conner still lying next to me, his eyes open looking into mine. I wondered how long he had been laying there looking at me but his hazel eyes were so sweet and inviting, I didn’t care.

“Hi sleepy, enjoy your nap?” He said.

“Hi to you, yes I really did.”

“Would you like to stay for dinner?”

“I would love to, but I have already invited a couple over to my tent for dinner, you are more than welcome to join us if you like.”

“That would be nice, do you think the crowd will have gone by then?”

“Well, I will kick Mitch’s ass if he has not cleared out by then.”

“Well your friends are welcome if you want to cook here.”

“I guess I could bring the coolers over here and cook, if fact, that sounds like a great idea.” I said.

We talked after propping ourselves up still on his bed, Conner seemed so warm and polite as he talked and he had an easy laugh that made me smile every time.

“Come on, I’ll get us some iced tea.” He said as he took my hand.

We sat on the couch and sipped the cool drinks and talking, a little later I excused myself to go tell Jim and Lenny about the change of venue and how to get here. They giggled like school girls when I told them about laying on Conner’s bed and napping with him.

I really liked Conner in the short time since I met him, I am a little curious on how he can afford that expensive RV but it would be rude to ask.
We set dinner up for 6 pm and I kind of on purpose left Mitch out of the dinner plans after his exhibitionist show, besides now it is four having dinner together not five.

I picked up the food cooler from my tent, Mitch was nowhere to be seen and probably off whoring around again.
Conner met me at the door of his RV greeting me with a kiss on the cheek and a hug that gave me a warm feeling and left me wanting more.

I cooked with the help of Conner who seemed to have his hands around my waist most of the time. We ate and had a nice time talking and joking around when Jim excused the duo stating they were tired but I knew they were clearing out to give us time alone.

Conner complimented my cooking with a long kiss on the lips, this set my juices flowing, and he was such a sweet guy and I wanted more than just dinner with him. I remarked what a nice RV he had again, he only smiled.

“Would you like to stay with me tonight?” He asked.

“Yeah, I really would.”

We had a couple more beers and slowly made our way back to the bedroom, Conner walked over to me kissing me deeply while his hands unbuttoned my shirt.

I pulled his polo shirt over his head leaving his sexy chest fully exposed, I bent over kissing then sucking his nipples while his hands roamed my face and back.
I unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to the floor. Conner went to his knees pushing his face into the crotch of my underwear, his mouth chewed at the fabric causing my firm cock to harden fully.

Conner’s hands roamed my cotton covered ass cheeks slipping one hand into the leg hole and explored my ass crack before pulling my briefs to the bedroom floor.

He guided me back onto his bed spreading my legs apart with my knees still in the air.
Conner pushed my legs up a little farther as he dove into my ass with his mouth, chewing and licking as he worked from my asshole to my balls.
In one gulp my cock was swallowed to my pubic hair, I moaned and groaned with pleasure and let the man have free access to anything he wanted to do.

Conner took something from the drawer of the dresser, he looked me in the eye as he gently tied my hands and feet to the bed.
In a way this scared the hell out of me and another way it made me so fucking horny to know that he could do anything he wanted to me at that point.
Conner laid some cloth over my eyes before he ran his fingers across my chest to one of my nipples, he gave it a gentle flick with his fingertip causing me to gasp.
I could feel his tongue running up my side from my hip to my arm pit and to the bulge of arm muscle that gently strained against the binds.

My body felt so vulnerable and so excited it would jump under each of his unexpected moves, I felt him put a clamp of something on each nipple, the pain was light and added to the excitement.
I moaned and wiggled slightly. I could hear him breathing and feel his movements on the bed as I felt something pushing against my ass, I thought it was his cock but it turned out to be a dildo that after being inserted in my ass he turned the vibration on, it felt amazing.

Conner rubbed my abdomen encircling my cock and balls with both hands as he sucked my cock into his mouth taking it deeply into his throat.
I lifted my hips pushing it as deep as it would go while the ass vibrator worked to mechanically pleasure me.

I felt something being pushed over my cock and had no idea what it was but felt like some sort of fleshlight toy, he jacked it up and down on my rigid shaft until I was about to cum.
Conner pulled it off and flicked the clips that were on my nipples causing a new sensation of nipple pain before he climbed on top of me and slid my cock into his ass riding me like a horny cowboy.
The vibrator in my ass slipped out a little but was still doing its job while my shaft impaled Conner’s ass. I blew my cum into him while my hips bucked wildly.

Conner moved up and sat on my upper chest and started slapping his cock around on my face. I could feel the pre cum leaking from his cock and sticking to my lips and cheeks.

My heart pounded with lust for his juices as he jacked off onto my face, thick ropes of cum flew to my lips as my tongue reached to collect all of the sweet nectar it could find.
Conner carefully removed the clips form my nipples, the ropes from my limbs, silenced the vibrator putting it on the bed table and last he lifted the cloth from my eyes as he leaned over kissing my lips as he snuggled in next to me in bed.

“That was incredible Conner.”

He reached over touching my chest gently, tracing my nipples with his fingertip.

“I enjoyed it too, maybe you can stay the rest of the weekend with me, if you like?”

“I would love to.”

I kissed Conner before we fell asleep only to be woken up at 3AM by some drunken queen outside stumbling back from a party.

Conner pulled me close and kissed my cheek as leaned together pushing our cocks together until both of us were horny and ready to go again.

This time I sucked Conner and he sucked me off afterwards before falling back asleep, we had sex several more times that long weekend.

I found that I really liked Conner, and he lived about 30 miles from me so we started seeing each other two to three times a week.
I kind of got into Conner’s style of light bondage and even turned the tables on him a few times where I was in full control and he was at the mercy of my sexual whims.

Conner seemed to never work and I found out later that he owned a large business that his father left him, he had hired management that ran the business and kept him informed enough that he could do as he wanted on a daily basis.
I still had to go to work all week long and deal with my pisser of a boss.

After about two years, Conner asked me to move in with him, I accepted and within a week of living with him, Conner told me that he had over five million dollars in the bank and as long as we were together I would not have to work again.

I felt funny at first but did not hesitate to call the prick and resign on the spot without even going back to work for anything.
Conner and I continue to travel in the RV and take cruises, how my life has changed since this man walked into my tent that day.