Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cell Guy

I headed to the cell phone store after my phone drowned, it sucks, one minute I am talking and the next it falls into four inch deep water puddle and fried out instantly.
A good looking clerk met me near the door of the shop greeting me with a smile of perfectly white teeth.

“Hello, how can I help you?”

“My phone died after a puddle incident.”

“I see, let me take a look.” The clerk said taking the phone from my hand, he seemed to pause as he touched my fingers.
We walked over to the counter where he pulled the back off of my phone and fooled around a bit before he changed the battery.

“Yep, it looks like it’s toast, I had someone bring in the phone recently, she thought it was dead but it turned out that the battery had swelled up and quit.”

“So mine is not swollen?”

The clerk looked down below my waist and grinned.
“No, I don’t see any swelling yet.”

I blushed, and pointed to the counter. “I meant the phone.”

“Can I have your phone number?”

“Really? I hardly know you.” I replied.

The clerk grinned. “So I can look up your account.”

“I feel so stupid, 587-4432.”

“Okay Anthony, what kind of phone are you looking to get today.”

“How did you know my name?”
He pointed at the computer and smiled.

“I’m really coming off looking pretty stupid today.” I said.

“Anthony, you are fine, very fine I might add.”

“What is your name?” I asked.

“The clerk broke out laughing and pointed at his nametag that has Steven written on it.”

“Oh my God, I should just leave and do this some other time.”

Steven laughed as he walked around the counter, touching my shoulder and led me over to the latest smart phones that were displayed on the shelves at the far wall.

“Look, this is the best phone we have, it just came out a few weeks ago, it has a huge screen a 16 megapixel camera and another on the front for you to take selfies and send them to me.”

“Why would I send you a selfie?”

“Because you like me, I am cute and I have you so flustered you can’t think straight.” Steven said.

“How is it that you think I like you?”

“Because you haven’t even looked at the phone that I am trying to sell you and you keep blushing, besides I saw you checking my bulge.”

My eyes darted to his crotch before I could stop myself.

“See, I knew you were looking.”

I blushed again and turned my attention to the cell phone, after clicking a few buttons and looking at the menus of apps I was pretty happy with this one.

“I’ll take this one, I have not finished my contract so I know I’ll have to pay for the phone outright, how much is it going to be?”

“Well, let’s go back to the counter and take a look.” Steven punched a few buttons in the computer, walked into the back room and emerged with the new phone.

“It appears that you have finished your contract and will be getting the new smart phone free.”

“Take another look, I still have almost a year on my contract.”

I looked up into Steven’s eyes when he gave me the look that told me he had fixed things in the computer to look as if my contract was finished.

“You are so bad, thank you, I appreciate it, I sure didn’t want to pay over three hundred for a new phone today.”

“Let me set it up for you Anthony.” Steven said as he pushed buttons with lightning speed.

Before I knew it, he was done and handed me my new phone.
“All of your phone contacts, photos and everything has been transferred to the new phone from your memory card, I just need a signature here and we are finished, for now that is.”

I took the stylist and signed for the new contract while Steven bagged up the box, my old phone and the copy of the contract.
I smiled, shook Steven’s hand, thanked him and took the bag.

“See you soon Anthony.” Steven called out as I pushed the door open.

I drove home and plugged in my phone to charge the battery fully when I hear a small chime, looking at the screen I saw that I had received a text message.

I pushed the button and saw a picture of Steven with a caption “Missing you already” this caused me to smile I decided to make a selfie to send back, I smiled and tapped the screen and hit send.

His reply was swift. “What, no nude selfie? *pouts*”.

“Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.” I typed and hit send.

Several minutes passed and I was beginning to think that Steven was a bit put off with my response when I hear the message chime.
I opened the message window to see a picture of a very handsome cock with plenty of dark pubic hair.

“Wow, that’s hot, but not of you, you are working.” I typed.

“I ducked into the men’s room and took it just for you.”

Oh my God, Steven was a terrible flirt, we texted a few more times until he was still at work and I agreed to meet up with him at a local coffee shop at 7:00.

I took a short nap and had a shower before walking the three blocks to meet Steven.
He was already seated in a booth in the rear. I walked over as Steven got up and greeted me with a hug and let his hand roam down to my back to my waist before we sat down into the booth.

“I’m glad you asked me out, I would have just made a sandwich and watched TV all night.” I said with a smile.
Steven reached over and took my hand, he was a very animated person when he talked, his eyes would go from wide open to just slits as he told me about a customer in the phone store yesterday and how she threw a fit when she didn’t get her way.

“Oh, Anthony, I brought you something, I almost forgot”

Steven handed me a bag and smiled, I pulled a few things out, a phone case, some extra charging cords and a rubber ring.
“Oh, thanks, how sweet of you, the case and cords will come in handy but what is the rubber ring for?” I asked as I laid it on the table.
Steven looked at me with a totally straight face. “It’s a cockring.”

I could feel the heat on my face as I quickly took it off of the table and dropped it into the bag.

“I have never used a cockring before.”

“Give it to me.” Steven said holding his hand out.

I handed it to him as he stood up and took my hand leading me to the men’s room, inside he reached over and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them and my boxers to my knees.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Steven held up the cockring and gave me a wink before he pushed it down the shaft of my cock and carefully stretched it a little to fit each of my balls through the ring, he snugged it back with a final flourish of his hand.

I was not sure what to do but was concerned about anyone walking in on us, but what happened next blew my mind.
Steven leaned in and sucked my cock into his mouth, it had already plumped up from all the attention with the cockring and now was stiff and stood straight up as Steven let it pop out of his mouth.

He went over and pee’d while I tucked my stiffie back into my pants.

Back at the table we ordered some food and sipped a drink.

“I have never had sex in a bathroom before.”

“And you still have not had sex in a bathroom THAT was merely a tradition, when you buy someone a cockring, you must put it on them and break it in by sucking on their cock deeply a few times.”

“I think you just made all that up.” I said smiling at this sweet and sexy guy.

“You should see what I would have had to do if I had bought you a vibrating dildo.” Steven said laughing.

“Oh, my God, you are off the hook crazy.”

We finished our food when the ultimate hook up line fell out of his mouth.
“Can I come over? I would like to make sure that cockring is going to a good home.”

I just grinned and took his hand and led him to the door after paying the bill.

We walked inside my apartment. “Make yourself comfortable and I will get us something to drink.”

I walked back in with a couple of mixed drinks and Steven was sitting on the couch stark naked, I almost dropped the drinks on the floor.

“Well, you said….” Steven said with a naughty grin.

“I can see that you are going to be trouble.” I said handing him his drink.

I sat next to him sipping my drink while Steven unbuttoned my shirt followed by my pants, I stood up and stripped off my clothes, my cock sprang free from my pants, it did not stop bobbing before Steven had it in his mouth.

“Another tradition?” I asked.

“Yes, when I see a cock, I suck it into my mouth.”

I giggled but Stevens mouth on my cock made my knees weak, I sat on the couch and pulled him to his feet and pushed my tongue into his ass crack, it was all Steven needed to tell him to bend over fully.

I spread his cheeks with my hands while my mouth explored his ass, I chewed and licked at his man crevice while he moaned and coaxed me on.

His loose balls swung just below where I was lustfully working, I let my hands roam to his balls, taking them with one hand and pulling them tightly.

I pushed a finger into his well spit moistened ass, watching it vanish deeper and deeper into his hole. I wiggled it side to side stretching it out for what was coming next.

I stood up and leaned him over the couch sliding my swollen, ring adorned cock into his ass before grabbing his hips and riding him like a fucking machine.
The cockring seemed to make my cock a little longer and fatter as it held back blood flow and giving me a sexier sensation.

I wanted to drive my cock through his ass, Steven moaned and groaned until I fucked him hard enough that I could not hold back any longer filling his sweet ass with my sticky cum.

I fell over onto the couch laying on my back when Steven moved up to my face, he teased my lips with his rigid cock, his pre cum applied to my lips like lip gloss.
I licked at the head of his swollen prick before he moved his balls above my face, lifting up my head I sucked at his nuts bringing them into my mouth.

Steven sat his ass over my face as I licked his hole again before he pulled off and slid down to my chest, his teeth he chewed my nipples into hard bullets.

Wearing the cockring and his sexy workout, my cock never went limp, it was lifted off of my skin by about two inches, still spilling sticky syrup onto my pubes.

I pulled Steven up so I could finish what I started, sucking his cock back into my mouth. He moved up and fucked my throat giving me little time to suck in air between thrusts.
His body went into overdrive drilling my mouth like he was drilling for oil while I gulped his liquids down.

Steven fell on top of me, breathing hard. “Mmmm, fuck, that was hot Anthony.”

Oh hell yeah it was, I have plans for more before you leave I said as I got him to his feet and showed him to my bed.