Sunday, March 29, 2015

Construction Stud

Being gay and working construction for a living is not the typical stereotype of a gay man in California, but then I am not the typical gay guy either.

I build houses for a living and hope someday to have my own construction business, but for now, I am a laborer.

I have a beefy build and a strong jaw along with a bush of dark hair that gets unruly and hard to manage at times causing me to clip it short.

Framing a house can be a dull tedious job and I let my mind wander sometimes, it has about gotten me hurt before by someone swinging a truss over my head and me almost walking into it as they lowered it onto the ground.

Starting a new build, our contractor hired on his usual crew of men, most of them being unremarkable with no real personality. They pretty much keep to themselves. A new hire was brought on to get the framing done faster before the men could hang drywall.

The boss yelled for me to come to the office trailer. “This can’t be good,” I mumbled. My steel toed boots clomped noisily on metal steps leading into the bosses’ trailer.

Stepping from the hot sun into the air conditioning I felt was a relief. I quickly lifted the hem of my t-shirt and wiped my sweaty brow with the cotton fabric.

“Chris, this is Ty, he is starting today and is gonna be framing with you.” Boss pointed to a guy standing nearby. “Keep him in line with our quality of work…he’s all yours, now get to work.”

“Let’s go Ty, its hot out there and only going to get hotter,” I said.

Ty got right to work. He seemed to know the job, so there was little conversation.

Ty was younger than me and had short cropped blonde hair and a hot slim working man’s body. I found myself staring at him as he peeled off his tee shirt and tossed it onto his tool box. The image of his muscled biceps as he raised his arms was momentarily suspended in my mind.

The building hadn’t been roofed yet and the sunshine turned his hair to gold. Just above the belt line on his back was a thin patch of tiny hair that was only visible in direct sunlight.

Ty stopped work, looked at me and cocked his head. He’d caught me watching him.

“Everything okay?” Ty asked.

“Yeah.” I struggled to regain my composure. “I was just checking your work. Remember, I’m responsible for what you do.”

“Sure, no problem.”

We continued to work until just before lunchtime, Ty was working close to me, those golden hairs on his back caught my attention again.

Again, I looked over. This time, I could see a trickle of sweat running down his back to the top of his Levi’s. It disappeared into the jeans, showing just a hint of an ass crack. I needed to see more, Ty turned to again catch me looking at his back.

“Is there a spider on my back?” He asked with a bit of a smile.

“Naw, I was just daydreaming a little.” I mopped my brow with my shirt again, this time I just pulled it off. I’d get a fresh shirt at home, this one was done for.

“Let’s get back to work…lunch is only twenty minutes away.”

“The boss said we take ninety minutes for lunch? Why is that?”

“Well it is a good break to get out of the sun, he said we will be more productive if we cool off. He also frowns on us staying on the jobsite at lunch, he would rather we left and came back fresh.”

“I live too far away to go home for lunch, I guess I’ll hang in my car in the parking lot across the street.”

“Nonsense Ty, you can come to my apartment. its a few blocks away and you can cool off while you eat your lunch.”

We finished up a section, time for a break. Ty grabbed his lunch before climbing into my pickup for the short ride to my apartment.

Once inside, the cool air felt wonderful against our shirtless bodies. Ty looked at my couch, then gave me a shrug and stayed standing in the middle of the room. I figured it was his way of telling me that it looked way too clean for him to sit on with his work clothes.

“I usually strip when I come home and relax in the buff, most times I take a shower before going back to work, and it makes the rest of the day bearable.”

“Oh, naked? Well, I…” Ty stammered.

I grabbed a clean sheet and tossed it over the couch for Ty to sit on.

“There, good as gold. I’m grabbing a quick shower, I’ll be back out in a few.” I said.

I walked into my room and peeled off my boots, jeans and briefs walking briefly into the hall naked into bathroom. Ty was eating his sandwich and I don’t think he even looked up.

I turned the water to a cooler setting; the water felt great against my skin as I lathered plenty of shampoo into my hair. I tilted my head back into the spray of water as it bubbled and trickled down my back, across my ass crack and down my legs to the drain.

I dried off and headed out to the living room with my towel wrapped around my waist.

“I made some lasagna last night for dinner. I’m gonna have leftovers; I’d be happy to heat some up for you, too.”

“No thanks, my sandwich filled me up pretty well, but I would love a shower if you don’t mind.”

“Help yourself, there are clean towels in the closet in the hall.”

I heated my lasagna and grabbed some water. I ate while watching the news while still only clad in a white towel.

I thought I heard Ty singing before he came out of the bathroom, he too only wrapped a towel around his waist.

“I really hate to put those sweaty clothes back on now that I am all clean.” Ty said.

I glanced at the bulge in the front of his towel, of course he noticed where my eyes were looking.

“Oh, is it okay that I have the towel on….you want me to get dressed?”

“No, its fine, like I said, usually I’m naked in here at lunchtime, make yourself comfortable.”

I almost dropped my fork when Ty shrugged his shoulders and let the towel fall loose before sitting down on the couch.

His cock was intoxicating, I was near speechless.

I ate my lunch and stood up to take my dishes into the kitchen and after the third step, my towel slipped from my waist and fell to the ground. I kept walking and could feel Ty’s eyes watching my ass as I walked away.

I rinsed my dishes and walked back in, picking my towel up off of the floor, but not bothering to put it back around my waist.

I saw that Ty was watching my cock and balls bouncing around as I crossed the room.

“This is the life, hard work, a cool shower and relaxing in the buff till time to go back to work.” Ty said, smiling.

I leaned my head back on the couch and closed my eyes going into full relax mode. Now and then I would crack my eyelids and give a peek to see that Ty was clearly checking my cock out while rubbing his balls.

I closed my eyes fully and put my hand to my crotch “Absent mindedly” giving my cock a tug and scratching under my balls.

I could feel the sexual tension in the air but was not about to come on to him only to have him out me as a fag to my coworkers.

The cool air felt so good that I fell asleep and awoke to the touch of Ty’s hand on my bare thigh.

“Time to go back to work, I don’t want to be late from lunch on my first day.”

I looked up to see Ty had already dressed and was standing in front of me with a smile.

“This was sure the best lunch break I have ever had, I feel so refreshed.” Ty said.

I got up rubbing my eyes a little while walking to my bedroom to get dressed.

“Wow, I was really sleeping hard.”

“No you weren’t hard, but you got pretty close just before I woke you up.” Ty said laughing.

Well, that must mean he was looking at my cock while I slept, he really gets me hot to plow his ass. I thought.

We drove back to work and finished out the day in the hot sun, I patted Ty on the shoulder and told him that he had done a great job.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ty said.

“Sure, and you are welcome to come back to my place at lunch with me if you like.”

“That would be great, I’ll plan on it.”

I got to the job site the next morning at 7:00 am to find Ty was already there, ready to go.

“It’s gonna be a scorcher today, it is already over 80 degrees, never cooled off during the night and may pass 100 easily.”

“I’ll be looking forward to lunchtime at your apartment and a cool shower again if that’s okay?” Ty asked.

“Sure, no problems at all.”

We worked through the morning only taking a short break to cool off under a nearby tree.

I was watching the time and could not wait for lunch to come, seeing Ty without a shirt again and knowing what he looked like naked, kinda gave me a chub and had to stand up and reposition my bulge for comfort sake.

“You single Ty?”

“Yeah, always have been, I’ve had a couple of romances recently but nothing going on right now.”

Hmmm….. I thought, he didn’t use the word girlfriend or anything but he also didn’t say anything about a guy either.

We drove to my apartment and just inside the door, Ty started peeling off his clothes.

“Would you like to get into the shower first?” I asked.

“Oh, well, no it’s your place, you go first.”

“Unless you want to come wash my back.” I said with a chuckle.

I got into the shower and was just soaping up when Ty pulled the shower curtain back a little as he stepped in.

Fuck me, I was kidding, but hell, this was great. I thought.

Ty grabbed the soap and lathered it in his hands.

“Turn around, you wanted you’re back washed didn’t you?”

I wasted no time turning around, I could feel his hands running across my shoulders and neck.

“Damn, that feels great.”

Ty worked his way down my back to my ass crack without a word. Now was the point to see where he would go next.

I felt his strong hands go to my ass mounds, soaping them while he rubbed up and down on them before slipping a finger into my ass crack gently following the curves of my ass.

In another second I felt on finger probing around my asshole, flicking and rubbing. I leaned forward with my hands on the shower walls and spread my legs a little.

Ty went to his knees behind me, his mouth biting at my ass mounds and chewing at my rosebud causing me to cry out with lust and desire for him to take my ass as he liked.

His thumbs spread my cheeks apart as he pushed his face into my ass pulling back only to slide a finger into my hole, plunging it in and out with a frantic speed.

“Fuck me Ty.” I whispered as the cool water splashed down on us.

I could feel Ty’s substantial cock pushing against my ass crack searching for the fuck canal that we both wanted filled. He slid the head of his cock in as he reached around my hip with his fingertips and slowly pushed until his man tool was fully inside me.

I felt the burn of my hole being stretched as he started his magic, fucking my ass like I wanted, no, like I needed. I could feel the heat from his body where we touched, the cool water blasted over us feeling amazing.

“Ty, that feels so good, plow me baby, fuck me hard.”

He did exactly that, fucking me like he had wanted to for years but only knowing me for a short time. My own cock was stiff and begging for release too, but that would have to wait.

Ty was getting close to cumming with his breathing increasing as well as his momentum reaming my ass.

“Chris, I’m cumming, ohhh.. Fuck Chris..”

He filled my vessel with his man syrup as his body jerked with the last waves of his climax.

I turned off the water and pulled him from the shower, we toweled off some as I led him to my room. I pushed him back onto my bed onto his back, lifting his legs I squirted some lube onto his already wet ass and plunged my stiff dick into his ass.

I fucked him for a few moments before flipping him to his side, raising one leg to his chest before pushing it back into his ass. Ty moaned loudly and pushed his ass toward my prick while he panted.

I fucked his ass long and hard while looking at his gorgeous face, he made me so very horny working alongside of him and now I was taking his ass.

My cock was buried deep inside him and did not ever want to take it out, it felt so good inside him, I continued fucking his ass before crying out with a lustful sound as I blasted his ass with my hot jizz.

I fell off of him onto the bed looking into his eyes, he smiled and pointed at his renewed rock hard cock that definitely needed more attention.

I pulled him onto my upper chest where I could suck his cock as he leaned forward dipping it into my mouth as he jacked off occasionally driving it all the way down my throat.

I had a fantastic view of this sexy well-tanned man as he jacked off into my face, his cum flew into my hair, my face and across my lips.

He smiled at me before leaning over licking his jizz from my face and pushing his tongue into my mouth sharing his salty sauce with me.

We ran for a quick shower to clean up before heading to the living room.

“Hell, we have fucked our lunchtime away, let’s dress and stop on the way back to work and grab a burger.” I offered.

“Sounds great, I almost forgot about food, I was so into the sex in the shower but it got even better when we moved to your bed.”

We dressed and stopped and the Burger Ranch picking up some jumbo sized ranch burgers and fries, I had really worked up an appetite and we devoured them as I drove back to the work site.

We worked the rest of the day taking glances at each other and smiling allot when the other would catch the glance.

Ty walked over and slid his hammer handle under my ass from behind running it back and fourth a few times and that made me want him even more, he was a fun and playful guy that was so hot in bed, it was all I could think about.

We went to dinner together that night and walked along the downtown streets talking before stopping off at a nearby gay bar for a few beers.

“Would you like to dance with me Chris?”

“I’d love to, and possibly anything else you want to do.” I said with a sly grin.

“Oh, naughty, I like naughty.”

“I have already found that out.” I said as we stepped onto the dance floor.

After we left the bar it was near 2 am and I suggested that Ty just spend the night with me as we had to be up and at the job site in only a few hours.

“Sure, but I don’t have my work clothes.” As he was dressed in casual slacks and a nice shirt.

“No problem, you can wear some of my clothes tomorrow, we are roughly the same size.”

We hit the bed holding and kissing until we fell asleep. It was so nice waking up with Ty’s face near mine, I leaned in and kissed him until he woke with a smile.

As we worked, I kept looking at the back of Ty’s pants as they were mine and a little oversized making them gap some in the rear giving me a great view of his ass crack.

Once I walked passed and leaned over and slid a finger along his ass crack making him give me a loud moan.

Some of the other workers noticed his crack and made a few comments about it, one even dropped a nail into the slot making Ty jump up laughing as he shook it out of the leg of the jeans. I think they also noticed that we were becoming closer and made a few comments but most were all in fun and not anti-gay.

Again we worked until lunchtime and headed to my place, once inside Ty shot me a huge smile.

“Race you to the shower.” He said.

We ran to the bathroom giggling and tugging at the other in order to try to be first.

Ty unbuckled his belt and slid his pants to the ground while I pulled his tee shirt off over his head.

I pulled off my shirt as Ty took the pants off of me, I stepped out of them and kicked them aside, we kissed and pulled our hot sweaty bodies tightly together.

I could feel his private’s grinding against mine causing it to harden and stand erect.

I went to my knees in front of him, I took his balls into my hand as I sucked his cock into my throat as I inhaled his man scent.

My fingers went to his ass crack, I spread his cheeks as much as I could as I probes along his crease until my fingertips found his ass pucker, pressing my fingers into his hole, stretching him out for what was to come.

I bent him over and onto his knees right there on the bathroom floor before pushing my stone hard cock into his sweaty ass, I pressed him down on the floor as I fucked his ass.

“Take me baby, fuck me hard, use my ass.” Ty moaned.

I didn’t need an invitation today and plowed his ass hard, I was so fucking horny after watching this man work shirtless all morning.

Reaching under pinching his nipples and running my hand across his chest, I knew this guy would be mine, I could tell there was more to this beyond just hot, wild sex.

Ty pushed his ass as tight as he could against my thrusts as my climax built to the uncontrollable passions as I let my love juice gush into him.

I pulled Ty close, kissing him as he pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. I pulled him into the shower with and continued kissing him under the water stream.

We washed each other and dried off before heading to the couch, where I knelt between Ty’s legs taking his thick cock into my mouth, sucking him until almost climax where I would stop and lick under his balls to his ass.

Running my tongue between his ass cheeks and going back to his cock riding it fast and hard with my lips until he could hold back no longer before letting his sweet syrup splash into my mouth.

I laid my head between his legs with his cock only inches away resting and also savoring the moment.

“It’s time I got us some lunch.”

“I brought my own.” Ty said as he pointed toward his backpack where he kept his lunch in a small cooler.

I got up and headed for the kitchen, taking a couple of small glass containers from the refrigerator.

“I made some pasta with red sauce and cheese on it before I went to bed last night, I’d be offended if you don’t join me.” I said with a mock stern look.

“Okay, if you put it that way, I would love it.”

I heated the dishes up in the microwave and pulled a small salad together before taking iced tea in to Ty.

We sat at the table eating the pasta, Ty was laughing and telling me about a funny thing that had happened to him a few months ago, he was very animated and comical as he spoke, he just made me feel so at ease with him.

After lunch we went back to work, it was all I could do to keep my mind off of this man and I would catch him looking over at me while he worked, he always had a smile for me.

“Hey mister, it’s Friday, you wanna go to dinner with me tonight?”


“Yeah, you.” I said.

“Sure thing.”
“Good, Mexican?”

“No, I’m Canadian.”

“Funny, Mexican food?”

That evening I met Ty at Carmelita’s Cantina, we ordered combination plates as we sipped on margaritas and dipped tortilla chips into salsa. After dinner I walked Ty out to the parking lot. “You are welcome to come spend the night if you want, I would sure enjoy it.”

“You have never been to my place, I think tonight is the night.” Ty exclaimed.

I agreed and followed Ty to his house, after getting inside the door he pulled me close, kissing me and plunging his tongue deep into my mouth.

Ty took my hand as he walked me to his bedroom, I was amazed at what I saw.

The bed had a metal frame that went up near the ceiling where it boxed across to the other posts similar the kind you would put mosquito netting on.

There were ties around the posts and an array of cuffs and things on the night table. I looked at Ty, he stood there with a big smile.

“Wow.” Was all I could say.

Ty reached for my waist, unbuttoning my pants before sliding them to the floor, next he slipped my tee shirt over my head. I could feel his hands from behind me reaching around to my hips as he slid my briefs off of my legs.

I looked at him with more than a little hesitation, again he only smiled.

“What’s this all about? Well I know what it is all for but, for you? Or me?”

“Whatever feels right, maybe you first.”

Ty slid a sleeping mask type blindfold over my eyes before moving me onto my back onto the bed. I could not see anything but could tell that he was binding my wrists with the soft rope. He moved to my ankles and bound them too, I could hear him undressing and my heart was beating with anticipation trying to figure out what he might do next.

“Is this a control thing?” I asked.

Ty didn’t say a word.

“You gonna beat my ass?”


I felt his fingertips running along the inside of my leg from my ankle to my thigh, moving slowly and circling as he went, faintly touching me, taking my breath and making me twitch and move under his touch wanting more.

I could feel him doing something to my cock and balls, and figured that he must be putting a cock ring on me.

He was touching me with something soft like feathers or a light cloth, maybe silk, dragging it up between my legs and across my balls, my cock jutted up even stiffer than before.

Ty touched my nipples with his wet fingertips, massaging them and twisting them gently between his fingers causing me to let out a slight unexpected moan.

I could feel his tongue moving across my chest from one nipple to the other giving each a small bite, this took my breath away.

Not being able to see or touch was making me more reactive to what was being done to me, Ty was in no hurry and seemed to want to pleasure every inch of my body as he nipped and licked all the way to my feet.

My legs were spread wide and I could feel him licking his way back up my body pausing at my balls, he would suck one into his mouth, then the other before blowing on them.

Ty licked up the side of my cock without pulling it into his mouth, I moved my hips toward him in hopes he would suck me fully into his mouth. Using what felt like the tip of his tongue, he would flick the head of my cock, making it pulse and throb with each touch.

He moved up to my chest and squatted over my mouth while my tongue darted for his ass crack frantically searching for his man hole. I felt him move down a bit as I felt his balls drag across my lips, Oh fuck! I thought, Ty was driving me into a sexual frenzy, I wanted to cum, I needed to cum, now!

Ty slapped my face with his thick and hard cock while I moved my mouth to the last place it touched me as I tried to find it so I could pull it into my mouth.

He slapped my lips with his cockhead, I opened my mouth fully, and he reached in putting a block of some type between my teeth in the rear so I could not close my mouth.

I then felt the thing I wanted most, his hard shaft plunging into my mouth and throat. I kept my mouth open wide and very still as he pushed his dick deep into my mouth before he started throat fucking me, I could gasp some air between thrusts while his balls slapped my chin.

He pulled back some when he shot his load all over my face and into my open mouth, his cum was salty and thick as it splashed across my tongue and teeth, it was running down my face and neck, he must have cum allot.

Ty removed the mouth block and climbed off of me for a couple of minutes, I could hear him moving around the room but had no idea what he was up to. I felt him pushing something into my ass, it felt very large and filled my void, he started fucking my ass with it, pushing it deep before I heard a hum and felt the vibration part kick on.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out.


Ty left the vibrator in my ass and went to work on my cock with another vibrator, I would get to the point of cumming and he would pull it off of my cock.

This continued for several minutes, I got too close and told him I was about to cum, he squeezed my balls hard enough for me to forget all about cumming, most of the pain was gone right after he stopped squeezing them.

The vibrator in my ass kept me rock hard and I really wanted to cum, Ty squirted lube onto my head and shaft gripping my cock firmly in his fist while pumping it frantically, I thought I was going to pass out, I think I had a few small orgasms while he did this off and on but was still in need of a massive cum dump onto my stomach.

Ty spread lube across my chest and rubbed his hands up and down me before going back to fist fucking my cock while my body would jerk and spasm without control.

I felt like I would go insane if I could not cum soon but this sent me into a sexual deepness I have never experienced before, not seeing him, being allowed to touch anything or being allowed to touch myself to gain relief, my was breath ragged and throat dry.

Ty tapped at my cock some as it stood straight up begging for release, he spat on my cockhead before circling it with his fingertip making it jump with each touch while it seeped pre-cum all over.

The vibrator was still on high speed and stuck in my ass driving me wild. Ty had me panting as he fisted my straining prick, it needed release, I pushed upward into his fist with my hips but he would have none of that, he took his hand off my cock.

“Please….” I whispered.

Ty took the second vibrator and pushed it against the head of my cock again, I was near exploding right when he stopped again.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Yes, please, make me cum, let me shoot.” I begged.

Ty poured lube onto my cockhead and gripped my cock firmly twisting his fist as he pumped slowly at first.

“Okay, here we go”

He squeezed my shaft hard and jacked me with a fast speed as my body jumped and moved around on the bed, I could not hold still while he jacked me off.

Finally Ty took me to climax, I started shooting and could feel my jizz flying into my face, hair and all over the bed, and he did not slow down and kept pumping even after I shot my load. I was so tender I was groaning and begging him to stop and in another moment I was shooting again, he took me to a second load.

The feeling was incredible and probably the most intense feeling I have ever had with a total lack of control.

Ty removed my blindfold and my wrist and ankle ties, I just collapsed and lay there breathing hard, I felt like I had gang sex with fifteen guys and was worn out.

Ty removed the vibrator from my ass, all I could do is look into his eyes as he smiled at me.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Fuck you, that was insane, it was incredible.” Was all I could get out of my mouth.

Ty slid into bed along side of me and we fell asleep in a few minutes as he held me.

We got up late the next morning and planned on spending the entire weekend together.

Ty fixed breakfast while I took a shower, I had cum stuck to my skin and hair but last night I didn’t care so much about cleaning up, Ty wore me out and my cock was plenty sore.

I walked into the kitchen naked as I dried my hair with the towel.

Mmmm… That’s what I like to see, my man all naked and clean.” Ty said while he continued to cook.

I leaned in and kissed him on the neck. “I love you baby.”

I had not really meant to say that but it just came out naturally.

“Love you too.” Ty said without hesitation.

We ate in almost silence but Ty liked to run his foot between my legs toying with my balls while grinning at me.

I knew at that moment that we would be living together soon, and less than a year later Ty asked me to marry him. I had never really thought of the actual wedding with a guy before but with Ty, it just made sense, I love him so much and I will always do my best to keep him happy.

At least a couple of times a month I will lay the ties out on the bed and Ty knows that I want to be tied up and have him drive me wild as he keeps me from cumming until he is ready.


  1. Oh my gosh that story was awesome. I loved it. I could almost feel what Ty was doing to Chris

  2. You should definitely write more stories like this one!!!