Sunday, May 17, 2015

Boot Camp

I joined the military as soon as I turned eighteen, I needed to get away from home.

My dad was overbearing and mom had passed away three years ago after a long and hard bout with cancer, I had no reason to stay there anymore.

I arrived at the training post and was instantly blown away with the drill sergeant that was yelling at us the second we stepped off of the bus.

It was after ten PM and everyone was tired as we stood in a line, since it was late in the evening, they showed us to a chow line that consisted of sandwiches, chips and bottles of water before escorting us to some very old wooden barracks.

“You will sleep here tonight, wake up is at five o’clock, after morning chow you will be losing those curly mops of hair and make you more presentable. There is bedding on the foot of each bunk and the latrines are at the far end of the building.” The sergeant said.

After he left the room there was a flurry of conversations around the room that ranged from laughter to nervous chatter.

I walked to a nearby bunk and sat my suitcase on the floor and made up my bed, the pillow looked like it had two feathers inside and I wondered how many hot eighteen and nineteen year olds had slept on this bed. Some of the guys were walking around in their underwear and couple were naked and headed for the showers.

I went into the “latrine” having to well, poop, I was shocked to see no doors or walls for that matter, just toilets lined in a row. There was several guys dropping their loads as they chatted like this was normal.

I could wait, I went to the long open urinal and popped my cock out and started peeing trying to ignore the three other guys alongside me doing the same.

The guy to my right looked over and down towards my pee stream.

“They are not much about privacy here are they?” He said.

“No, I needed to take a dump but I am not sitting there 24 inches from some dude stinking up the place, I’ll wait till everyone is in bed and come back.” I replied.

“My name is Ricky.” He said extending his hand.

I looked at his hand and he realized that I was not shaking it before he pulled it back.

“I’m Mark, this place is gonna take some getting used to.” I said as I glanced to the right and into the open bay shower full of naked wet young men.

I finished pissing and gave it a shake before tucking it back into my pants and walking over to wash my hands with Ricky right behind me.

He was from Georgia and seemed to talk nonstop, I headed to my bunk and was getting settled in while Ricky entertained me with funny stories about his brothers and friends.

This kid came up and started to get into the bunk next to mine, Ricky picked up his bag and took him by the arm over to his bunk and brought back his own bag, I gave him a quizzical look.

“He wanted to trade bunks, who am I to say no.”

I took off my pants and tee shirt and got into my bed while I watched Ricky chattering on about something that led him to join the military. He took off his pants and had no underwear on and saw me looking at his cock that was about eighteen inches from my face.

“Oh, I never have worn underwear since I was a kid, always like the free feeling letting the boy’s swing.” he said as he grabbed his nuts and gave them a shake.

He peeled his shirt over his head giving me a moment to look at his cock while his sight was blocked, his uncut cock swung around and it looked like he trimmed back his pubic bush some, I looked away casually while he slipped into the lower bunk across from me.

I slept for a short time and got up to go to the bathroom in hopes of a private dump, I sat on a toilet and was the only one in there luckily, well for a moment, I looked up to see Ricky walking in naked, his half hard dick swinging as he moved.

“Saw you come in and thought I would join you.” He said with a smile.

He knew that I was coming in during the night to have some privacy, I was gonna do my best to ignore him.

“I don’t have an issue with using the toilet with guys around as I had brothers that would always be in and out of the shower, peeing, or on the toilet with the others walking in and out.” Ricky said.

“Bet that made it tough to jack off alone in the bathroom then?” I asked being a little sarcastic.

“Oh, hell having five brothers, someone was always jacking off either in the bathroom or in our bedroom.”

“I’m a single child, no brothers to have experienced that with.”

I looked over after seeing some movement and saw that Ricky had lifted his cock up and was rubbing it to a full stiffie. I looked away, but really wanted to watch having never really watched another guy jack off, it really turned me on.

In a moment Ricky was really going at it, he looked at me and smiled.

“I’ve gotta jack off at least once a day or I’ll walk around with a boner all day.”

“I see, well I don’t see, err, I mean, I understand.”

Ricky laughed and stood up jacking his cock with a fury, his breathing sped up and I knew he was close to cumming, he reeled off some toilet paper with his spare hand, moaning a little he splashed his load onto the toilet paper.

“Fuck that felt good, you should rock one out before you go back to bed too.”

He sat back on the toilet and dumped his load, I only wanted to cum as I thought of what he had just done with little worry about me watching him as he jacked off.

I finished up and stood to pull my underwear back up and noticed Ricky looking at my ass as I bent over.

“Nice ass.” He said with a smile.

I was not sure if he was coming on to me or just stating a fact, but when someone shoots a load in front of you only hours after you have met, he is either gay or gets off doing it in front of people, probably gay.

I walked back into the large bay of bunks and was almost asleep when I heard Ricky walking up causing the old wooden floors to creak as he approached. I squinted my eyes open and got a good look at his bare ass as he slipped back into bed.

I awoke to someone banging on a trash can yelling for us to all “Un-ass those bunks” and to hit the showers. I got up and took a towel and my shaving kit walking past rows of guys that were getting up and trying to focus. Ricky was right behind me as we past this guy that was wearing white briefs with an evident boner threatening to pop through the fabric.

“Nice morning wood dude!” Ricky called out as he walked bare assed toward the showers.

I slipped off my underwear and walked into the shower, it was one large room with about twenty shower heads and was mostly full of wet young bodies soaping up.

Ricky was in there cutting up and making entirely too much noise, he squeezed his soap bar in his fist letting it fly across the showers.

“Let’s see who bends over to pick it up.” Ricky said laughing.

Most of the guys laughed at his joke, some guy kicked the soap back, Ricky bent over for his soap when one guy grabbed his hips and pushed his wet floppy cock to Ricky’s ass crack and rode him for a few seconds while everyone hooped and hollered, Ricky stayed bent over and mocked an orgasm before standing up when the sergeant walked in.

“If you girls are about done fucking each other in here, you need to get dressed and form a line in the street in ten minutes.”

We lined up at formation and walked, because we had not yet been taught to march, to the chow hall for breakfast, once inside everyone had grabbed a food tray with food being put on it as we walked the food line.

“You have ten minutes to eat and be in formation outside, you DO NOT WANT TO BE LATE.” Someone barked.

We walked over to a building nearby that turned out to be the barber shop of sorts, guys went in shaggy and came out the other door all but bald, and I almost didn’t recognize Ricky as he walked over wiping his hand over his head.

Next we walked a few buildings down and everyone stripped down to their underwear, Ricky was behind me.

“Dude, I’ve got no underwear on, I don’t want to walk this clothing line naked.”

“Strut your stuff, own it.” I whispered.

Ricky pushed his pants to the ground and stood there naked.

The sergeant walked down the line, barking out orders and didn’t seem to have a big sense of humor.

“Take all of your personal belongings and put them into that box, that means everything, clothes and all, you will be shipping them home to mama when you get to the next station.”

“Well, I guess that gets you off the hook, we are all gonna be naked.” I said slipping my briefs off and tossing them into the box with my jeans, shirt and shoes.

Ricky smacked my bare ass as I bent over, we addressed the boxes with our home addresses and taped them shut before sliding them through a window where they were stacked for shipping home, I wondered what my dad was gonna do when he opened the box to find my worn underwear and socks.

“Move the line tighter, make your buddy smile.” I heard form the back side of the room.

Ricky pushed right up my ass, I could feel his cock bouncing against my ass cheeks.

“Ricky, he didn’t mean to fuck me right here, just to tighten up the line some.”

“Yeah, but I got you to smile.”

We walked along the line getting issued boots, socks, boxers or briefs, tees, uniform shirts and pants along with raingear a ruck pack tent half and a few other things that at that point I had no idea what they were.

We lined up and now that we were in uniform we were taught to march and how to turn in place, lots of yelling was going on at one end, I wanted to stay invisible as much as possible.

We dropped our gear at the barracks before going back to the mess hall for lunch, Ricky was always right at my side when he was not pushing against my ass.

Later that day they moved us to our permanent barracks that we would stay in through basic training, it was a little newer than the ones before but still one large room full of bunks and the toilets had actual walls but no doors on them.

Life was pretty miserable over the next few days, there was lots of rain, marching in the rain, waiting in formation in the rain and lots of getting yelled at in the rain, and part of the training was to make you lose any thoughts of being an individual and working as a team.

About three in the morning I was in taking a dump when Ricky walked in, naked as always and turned to walk into the stall I was in, running into me, his cock nearly touching my face as I was leaning with my elbows on my knees, so tired form all the day’s activities.“

“Dude, what the fuck?” I exclaimed.

“Oh, sorry I am more than half asleep.”

“It’s okay, grab another stall.”

“I’m so fucking horny.” He said as he rubbed his cock and balls.

“Well go jack off in the next stall.” I suggested.

“Suck me off.” Ricky whispered.


“I’ve seen you looking at my junk, it’s no biggie, just blow me, I won’t tell anyone.”

I started to protest but really wanted his meat down my throat so bad, getting caught would be bad though, I’d be labeled the fag of the barracks and probably be humiliated daily.

I reached up and touched his soft balls pulling his cock and balls lightly through my hand as it stiffened.

“Mmmm, Mark, that feels great, put it in your mouth.”

“I’ve never done this, well I’ve never done anything before, with anyone.” “Damn, you are a virgin?”

“Shhh, you will wake everyone up.”

I pulled him closer and leaned over touching my tongue to his cockhead, it felt spongy, and it felt right. I wanted more, I reached between his legs and pulled him even closer, I took a few inches of his cock into my mouth. Ricky tried to push the back of my head and fully onto his boner, I pulled back.

After bobbing on the tip of his prick for a few minutes he seemed hot to shoot, Ricky pulled back and started jacking his cock and pushed his fingers into my mouth, I opened it just as he pointed his tip to my lips and shot his salty jizz into my mouth and across my lips.

Just then a guy named Josh walked in and saw everything, he was not in my squad but I knew him and now he knew I was a cocksucker. Josh excused himself and went to a far stall.

Ricky leaned over to the stall Josh was in and put his fingers to his lips telling him shhh, I cleaned up and got back to my bunk.

The next day I was so embarrassed when Josh sat with me at the table at breakfast, my face went red.

“Don’t worry dude, I won’t tell anyone.” Josh said.

“Thanks.” I said without looking up.

“It’s okay, I actually was in the bathroom to jack off and after you guys left, I shot one hell of a load, I think I hit the ceiling.” Josh whispered with a laugh.

“It just sort of happened.” I said softly.

“Well it was hot, I have been kind of gay curious and have only had sex with a girlfriend in high school, never anything with guys but the thought has always turned me on.”

‘Oh, that’s cool.” I was seeing Josh under different light now, he was pretty handsome and has a nice build.

Ricky sat down with his tray of food and started eating.

“Fucking Sergeant caught me with my shirt untucked and made me do 100 pushups, fucking bastard.”

From that day on, Josh stayed as close to me as Ricky, other guys in my squad called us the three musketeers.

One night about a week after he caught me blowing Ricky, Josh followed me into the latrine and walked right up to the stall I had gone into.

“Hey, Mark, uhmm, I’m kind of, well...” Josh stammered.

I reached up and pulled Josh’s underwear down and licked at his cock some only this time I wanted to try to take a whole cock into my mouth, I sucked it in and choked several times before opting to take it slower and just let him fuck my mouth. His cock was amazing inside my mouth, he was cut and had a large head on his cock.

“Make sure to let me know if anyone starts coming in.” I said after pulling off for a moment.

“No worries, Ricky is at the doorway, he won’t let anyone come in.”

“Oh my God, Ricky knows you are in here with your cock in my mouth?”

“Yeah, he is our guard, I will do the same for you two whenever you want.”

I went back to blowing Josh, my boner pushed against my briefs and wanted attention too, and I reached down and set it free, pulling my underwear down in the front.

Josh was getting a little wild and needing to cum so I really gave him all the action I could to help him along, he blasted a load into my mouth that must have been twice the jizz that I took from Ricky.

After he had shot his load, I stood up and fully expected him to go back to bed, but he got to his knees and took my briefs to my ankles and sucked my cock past his sexy red lips.

My cock was this dudes first and that made me extra hard but it was my first blowjob too, I wanted to hold back longer but it only took moments until my jizz busted loose from my cock and into his mouth, his first taste of a guy’s cum.

He stood up, looked me in the eye and kissed me, the steam from his lips made my knees weak, my heart pounded, I had no words and that was probably a good thing to keep me from saying something stupid like “I love you” or just babbling.

We hurried out of the latrine un-noticed, Ricky gave me a huge smile and a pat on the ass as I got into my bunk.

I could not sleep that night, I could only think of Josh, his lips on mine, the taste of his sweet man syrup in my mouth, I wanted more.

The next day it rained again, we were soaked and came in to change and shower around five that evening after marching and training all day. I needed a shower and walked into the shower bay in search of an empty shower head, all were full and there I stood in the middle of wet naked guys when Josh pulled me into his shower stream.

“I’ll share, jump on in here.” He said trying to sound casual about it.

At least once Josh bumped his cock into my ass, but I am sure he did it on purpose. Guys came and went as I finished up and followed Josh out into the barracks to get dried off.

Ricky walked past us, naked as usual on his way to the shower giving me a wink and a smile.

We all dressed and headed to the chow hall wearing our poncho’s trying to stay as dry as possible. It was burgers and dogs day for dinner, I was ravenous and loaded my tray with two burgers, a hot dog, fries and a salad. Ricky sat across from me and Josh to my side.

Ricky tried to stay clear of breads and had the patties and hot dog bun less, he picked up his dog smiling he rubbed it across his lips as he looked to see if anyone was looking, I bumped Josh with my elbow to look at Ricky.

Ricky pushed the hot dog down his throat swallowing it without gagging, some guy from the next table saw it and pointed it out to his friends, and they all started laughing.

“Bet you can’t do it.” Ricky said.

Two of the guys pulled their dogs out of the buns and tried to swallow them, one guy gagged right away but the other not only took it all the way into his throat, he pulled it in and out simulating him taking a cock deeply into his throat.

I was impressed with his abilities and wondered how he got to be so good at it but was not about to ask, But Ricky did later after we had all walked out of the chow hall.

“Hey Troy, just how did you get that good at swallowing hot dogs?”

“Oh, you know, just fooling around.”

“With hot dogs only? You looked like you’ve done that before but maybe on a guy?”

Troy smiled and patted Ricky on the shoulder before walking into the barracks.

A few days later Ricky asked Josh and me to meet him way back in the woods about seven pm, we walked down the trail and there he was but not alone, Troy was with him.

The two sat on a large flat tree stump chatting and laughing.

“What’s up Ricky?” I asked a bit puzzled why he would call us out here with Troy was standing next to him, Troy carried a large build, quite beefy and very handsome.

“Well guys, I figured that this was the safest place to talk as the barracks is always full.”

I looked at Josh and then back at Ricky wondering what was going on.

“Well, remember the hot dog swallowing game in the chow hall the other day? Well, it turns out that hot dogs are not the only thing Troy swallows.”

Troy blushed a bit and looked at the ground.

“And?” I asked.

Ricky unbuckled his pants and pushed them to his knees as his thick prick bobbed out, Troy got to his knees and sucked it into his mouth.

“Well, as you can see we are four cocksuckers, sort of a secret club, we have to keep this quiet but we can also have some fun together.” Ricky said while Troy bobbed on his knob.

Josh pulled his cock out and started rubbing it some as he watched, I followed his lead.

Before long we had both moved up to Ricky and had Troy taking turns sucking each of us, one after the other, his hands roamed around to the other two while he sucked one.

Troy was a beefy guy, solid shoulders and a big chest, I would have never taken him for the cock whore of the platoon but it works for me.

Troy was sucking Josh just after pulling off of my cock, I blasted a thick string of white cum across his tan face and moments later Ricky did the same from the other side while Troy took Josh’s load onto his tongue.

“Fuck that was hot!” I exclaimed.

Troy stood as he pulled his pants down letting his stiff ten inch cock spring out, I got to my knees and sucked as much of it as I could take, the other two did the same, now three of us were sucking on this hot studs cock and balls.

Troy stood up and took Ricky by the hips turning him around bending him over before spitting into his hand smearing it across Ricky’s ass bud.

Holy fuck, I thought, he was getting ready to ass fuck Ricky, my heart pounded, and I have never seen anything like this before except on the internet.

He pushed that hog of a cock into Ricky’s ass while we watched, Ricky moaned so loud I thought they could hear him back at the barracks.

My cock was stiff again, I jacked it while watching this big guy fuck Ricky in the ass. Josh was playing with his balls but stepped up and started touching Troy’s bare ass as it moved, rubbing it all the way down between his legs to his balls that were bouncing all around.

I moved in close to Troy’s ass and released another load, this one right into his ass crack. Josh fell to his knees and licked at my jizz running down Troy’s ass crack.

That must have pushed Troy over the edge, he started moaning and thrusting harder than ever as he soaked Ricky’s ass in cum.

I pulled off my tee shirt and wiped myself down before pulling my pants up, each guy used my shirt to clean off before tossing it into the bush nearby.

“That is more fun than I thought I would have in basic training, I used to fuck around with guys at home and figured I was in for a dry spell here.” “I have never taken a cock up my ass and don’t think I could take anyone your size Troy, but that was hot as hell to watch.” I said as I buttoned up my fatigue shirt.

We met up like that several times and the bush was pretty full of tee shirts before we left basic training.

The following week we had a week in the field, meaning two guys snapping their tent half to another guys tent half and sleeping a foot apart, I got in with Josh and Ricky and Troy were sharing a tent.

We worked hard setting up camp, doing a six mile march with full packs on in the heat of the summer was a killer. We got back to camp and stripped down taking showers in an outdoor shower that we made using water from a water truck, it was very makeshift and we stood on pallets to stay out of the mud caused by the water.

The sergeant said that we could swim in the river that was a stone’s throw away, some guys swam in their briefs but most walked over there naked and swam naked too, it was refreshing, and probably could have done without the shower if we had known we could go to the river.

Josh swam over past me and grabbed my cock as he went by laughing.

“Let’s go back to the tent.” He whispered.”

“It is too hot to just lay in the tent.” I said.

“I was not planning on just lying there.” Josh said as he walked out of the water, his ass cheeks white against the tan of his legs and back.

We got back to the tent after checking around us to ensure no one else was around and got into the tent and buttoned the flap.

Josh was on top of me in a moment, kissing my lips and running his hand down my side while his thickening cock pushed into mine.

“Flip over.” He said as he pulled some lotion from his pack.

I flipped over onto my sleeping bag, Josh lifted my hips up some before he smeared the lotion into my ass crack and plunging a finger in taking me by surprise. He worked his finger around in my ass for a while, it was part uncomfortable and part pleasurable, I was very nervous about him fucking me.

After a few minutes of getting my ass to relax I was really enjoying it and my cock was stiff as it bobbed around, Josh pulled out and leaned in pushing his cock to my hole, he played around some and leaned in kissing my back before pushing the head into my hole. I thought I was gonna pass out, I bit my pillow and held in the cries that I wanted to let out, it felt as I was being ripped open by a lightning bolt.

Josh eased his cock farther into me, going as easy as he could, moving slowly and carefully, the pain started to ease as I got accustomed to having him inside me.

Josh leaned back a bit and squirted more lotion on his shaft that and my ass without pulling out before starting to fuck me, gently and tenderly asking me quietly if I was okay, I could only moan softly.

I lifted my ass farther to meet his shaft and pushed against his cock with my anal ring, he started moving faster and harder than before, I was panting into my pillow but it was feeling much better than before.

I wanted Josh in me always, his face so handsome and his torso muscular in a natural way, I was picturing him from above us, seeing him fucking me, his ass cheeks clenching as he thrust forward into my virgin ass.

“I know what you two are doing in there.” A voice called out from outside the tent.

Oh fuck, I thought, someone has heard us, Josh froze mid fuck.

“It’s me Ricky, just fooling with ya, the coast is clear out here, fuck away.”

“Fuck you Ricky!” I called out.

“Not just now, I think you are busy.” He said laughing.

Josh went back to plowing my ass, my soft cock flopping all around below me.

“Fuck me Josh, I love your cock in my ass, fuck me hard.”

Josh did exactly that, he reamed my ass harder than before, he did not pull out when he climaxed, he pushed deep into me as his last few spurts of cum were released into my ass, he collapsed onto me, his cock still in my ass, it was about 90 degrees inside the tent but we seemed not to care, our sex was hotter.

Josh kissed my neck and shoulders, he whispered something, and I thought he said he loved me, but maybe I was imagining it.

“What baby?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing.” He said.

We rolled over and Josh sucked me off, I could hardly keep quiet, being sucked right after being fucked made me cum like never before and it was very hard to keep quiet.

After I shot my jizz into Josh’s mouth, he continued sucking my cock, it was so sensitive, he had me jumping all over the small tent but he brought me back to fully hard again and took about 20 minutes of jacking me off and stopping and starting again before I lost a load across my chest.

We cleaned up and ran giggling naked back to the river to cool off splashing and laughing when most of the platoon was out of the water sitting on the large rocks along the bank. There is nothing like looking around you and not only seeing naked men everywhere but sharing a special look with the guy that you secretly love.

Ricky asked me to stand guard while he and Troy fucked in their tent later that evening, I sat and listened to their soft moans imagining what was happening inside the tent, Josh joined me, I was getting a boner and pulled it out in the dark, Josh began stroking it.

Some guy walked up on us, seeing my cock in Josh’s hand.

“What are you two fucking fags?” He said in a loud voice.

I sat there dumbfounded and scared that we would out us to the rest of the platoon.

“Look, it’s nothing, be cool.” Josh said, trying to calm him down.

“Fuck you fag.” He said giving Josh a push backwards.

Troy came out of the tent, his cock still hard, Troy is about the size of a refrigerator, he grabbed the guy by his shirt collar lifting him off the ground and into his own face.

“Look fuckwad, you WILL NOT say a word about this to anyone, and IF YOU DO, I will beat you senseless and I might take you behind the barracks and fuck your ass myself, you probably need a good fucking anyway!” Troy said in a threatening voice.

“No problem, I won’t say anything.”

“Help Josh up and tell him you are sorry.” Troy demanded.

He extended his hand and pulled Josh to his feet saying he was sorry for the way he acted and all but ran back to wherever he came from.

Josh was laughing as Troy went back into the tent to finish with Ricky.

“What is so funny?” I asked.

“The hand I extended for him to help me up was the one I was jacking you off with.” I giggled, maybe he will go eat something without washing it and not know the difference.”

Troy and Ricky finished up and came out of the tent dressed and looking quite happy.

“Some guards you two are.” Ricky said as he poked me in the arm.

“If anyone gives you any trouble about this or anything while we are here, let me know, I’ll pound them for you.” Troy said.

The next day we went on a long march on the old dirt roads, my ass was so sore and I think I saw Ricky walking a bit funny too. We managed some more time together that evening while everyone was swimming, Josh fucked me again, this time it was allot more enjoyable than the day before.

“Josh, what did you say to me yesterday in the tent after we fucked? You said something in a whisper that I didn’t catch.”

Josh blushed a bit and looked around. “I’ll tell ya later.”

Just before we fell asleep that night, Josh reached over putting his hand on mine. “Last night I said I love you.”

The tent was dimly lit by a small battery operated lantern, I could see Josh’s face, and he was looking into my eyes waiting for my response. I leaned over and kissed him.

“I love you too.”

After we went back to our barracks I would steal away time to try to spend with Josh, we finally got a free day where we could leave the post and venture into town.

Josh booked a room for us and we pulled off our uniforms as soon as we walked into the room, his naked body against mine. Josh lifted me off of the ground hugging me and holding me closely.

We fell back onto the bed and kissed, we kissed like never before, being relaxed with no fear of being seen.

I ran my hands over Josh’s body as he lay back on the bed, I spread his legs apart touching his inner thighs running my fingertips up to his balls toying with them and watching each nut roll around inside the sack, it was my first time that I could ever be this intimate with a man or anyone for that matter and I was not about to rush it.

Josh rolled onto his chest letting me look at his bare ass, I could not get enough of it, and I wanted to bury my face in his ass cheeks and never come up for air. My fingers massaged his golden mounds as I leaned over kissing, then biting his ass cheek gently.

I lifted his hips a little and spread his ass cheeks looking closely at the door to his love tunnel, I pushed my finger into my mouth coating it with plenty of salvia before pushing it slowly into his ass, and I watched as it disappeared inside him and as I pulled it back out. I fingered him for a few minutes before I slid a second finger in and started finger fucking him.

My heart pounded as I moved into place to slide my very stiff cock into his ass, my pre cum lubed the head as I pushed it in a little, I took some lotion from the bathroom earlier and squirted some onto my shaft as it vanished into Josh.

My hands ran along his hips to his waist, I leaned forward as much as I could, kissing him on his shoulders. My hips fell into motion instinctively with a rhythm that my body knew, it was so natural to be with Josh and I never wanted to leave his side, or his tight little ass for that matter.

I fucked his ass and slowed to grind my pubes against his stretched pucker while he moaned coaxing me to fuck him harder, it did not take long for me to cum as I was so horny. I blasted his ass with my joy juice and pumped his ass until I was spent and had no more to give.

I rolled off of Josh, out of breath and feeling beyond wonderful, Josh pulled me close kissing me on the lips, then face, working his way to my nipples where he would lightly bite them driving me crazy.

Josh straddled my chest pushing his cock all the way into my throat, I could look up at his bare chest and into his face. His balls slapped at my chin as he drilled my throat with his prick and within a few moments he stood up on the bed, his feel on either side of my hips. Josh jacked his cock while I watched his balls swing in the breeze, he let his jizz fly through the air before it splashed down onto my face and chest, and I tried to catch some in my open mouth but only got a taste.

Josh leaned over kissing me before he slid into place right on top of my chest pressing his cum between us. We showered and jumped back onto the bed snuggling and laughing before we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I woke about an hour later and leaned over kissing Josh on his lips, his eyes opened and a huge smile came across his face as he looked into my eyes.

“I didn’t want to sleep away our private time, we don’t get enough of it and I don’t want to waste it.” I said.

“I agree baby, they will put the postings on the cork board tomorrow to see where we will all go for our duty post, and there is no guarantee that we will go to the same place even though we have been trained for the same job.” Josh said.

“I know, I’m so nervous, I hope we go to the same place.”

Josh rolled me over and pushed his face into my ass crack, he pulled me to the side of the bed and fucked me hard, I loved feeling my man inside me even though my ass was burning. We had little time to talk about sex and likes, hell, I didn’t even know what to do and never even spoke with anyone gay before. Josh sucked me off with only minutes before we had to leave to walk back onto base for formation.

Before walking out into the sunlight, I hugged Josh tightly.

“I never want to let you go.” I whispered.

“I know baby, I know, we will have to see where we are sent and deal with it and figure something out.”

We walked the fifteen minute trek back to the barracks talking and laughing all the way, I wondered what the rest of the guys did on their five hours off post.

We saw Troy shortly after we got back, he saw our smiles and walked over.

“I know what you two did.” He said with a hard belly laugh.

“You and Ricky probably did the same thing, I’m sure.” I said.

Troy looked at me and broke into a big grin.

“I thought so.” I said.

We went out to formation and only three guys did not show up on time one came running up in as the Drill Sargent was calling out names, he was pulled off to the side and knew he was doomed to some form of punishment but the two that were still not back will be facing the full wrath.

After the yelling stopped we were dismissed to go to the chow hall and have dinner, I sat with Josh, Ricky and Troy, and we were down to two days left before leaving our friends for parts unknown across the world. We were very happy that that we were advancing but sad that most of us would not see each other again.

I hung out with Josh outside away from the rest of the guys talking about how we would stay in contact even if we were sent to posts half a world away. At night, it was all I could do to sleep, I wanted Josh in my life and could not imagine him stationed in Europe while I stayed stateside. The next day after breakfast and our four mile run, they gave us a little time off, Josh and I played some one on one basketball while we talked but it was mostly nervous banter.

Later that afternoon we lined up in formation as the travel orders were posted, I thought the Sargent would never stop telling us how good we were and how we have just started careers in the Army.

I thought I would throw up as we walked over to the bulletin board, I could feel Josh’s presence right against me, I found my name and ran my finger across the line to see that I was being stationed at Ft. Lewis Washington. Josh was on the next page, he looked at it and walked behind the crowd without saying a word. I moved to his side as he walked to a large tree nearby.

“Where are you being stationed? Tell me, I can’t stand it anymore.” I begged.

Looking at Josh as I waited on an answer, I saw a tear roll down his cheek, my heart sank.

“Fuck!” I said.

“I know, Fuck, I got orders to go to Ft. Lewis in Washington too, I can’t believe it.” Josh said in whisper.

I jumped onto his body, it was all he could do to keep from falling over onto the grass.

“Oh my God, I am so happy! That’s great.”

“After graduation tomorrow, we will be on our way to Ft. Lewis together.” Josh said with a huge grin on his face.

The nervous stress had vanished and was replaced with elation, I have a real chance with Josh in Washington. We hugged and headed back to see where our friends got stationed.

Ricky would be on his way to Germany and Troy to Korea. We had already exchanged e-mail addresses to be able to keep in contact and I have no doubt that Ricky will be hooking up with plenty of hot German guys within a couple of weeks after arriving.

The thought of Troy with his size walking around near Koreans should be humorous, his massive hulk of a body next to smaller size of the locals.

During the next few days we said our goodbye’s to everyone, it seemed that we knew them forever but it was only a short time. Josh and I packed and flew into Sea-Tac airport and rented a car for a few days to get situated and buy a used car.

At first we were not able to get into the same room in the barracks but after a little payoff to a guy that was bunking in the two man room with Josh, he agreed to change rooms with me. We have a door that locks and always sleep together pushing the beds together and moving them back apart before opening the door in the morning.

Weeks turned into months, during the day we appear as friends and once the door is locked we immediately strip naked and hold each other before making love together, our trim muscled bodies lying with each other, my hard cock in Josh’s ass while I pump his hole or his in mine.

We kind of grew on Company B the longer we were there, most pretty much knew we were a couple and a few even talked casually about it or invited us to outings as a couple. I love Josh and can’t imagine having not met him back at Basic, my life has morphed into a dream.