Thursday, May 28, 2015


I was on a drive several states from home, headed to my brother’s wedding and had been driving for hours down a freeway before taking an old country highway, a bit of a shortcut, it could take near an hour off of my drive.

I was wearing only jean shorts, it was hot and I had AC in the car but liked the windows down on a trip like this. I was passing through a small town, well a spot in the road that had one traffic light, the town looked like it had dried up and died in the hot sun.

My car was cutting out and feeling like it was about to quit, I saw a café but it looked closed, a gas station, closed too, in fact everything looked closed and decayed. As the engine quit I was able to coast to the side of the road near a huge old oak tree.

Fuck, stranded in rusty town, one that humanity abandoned, I reached for my cell phone, of course, no signal. I slammed the car door shut and looked around, I reached in and blew the car horn.

“Hello…. Hello!” I called out.

The only response I heard was the squeaky sound coming from the hot wind blowing an old sign and a few birds.

I sat on the fender of my car and waited, after about fifteen minutes, I slid my feet to the ground and took a walk to the scattered buildings nearby, wiping the dust off of the windows peering into the café, the tables equipment were all there, it looked as if they just did not come back one day.

I walked to the gas station, again dust and not much else, I could see a payphone inside on the wall but the door was locked. I looked around and could not even find a rock or brick to break the window with to gain entry.

I looked around, it seemed like I was the only one for miles, and I slid my jean shorts to my ankles and stepped out of them. Standing there stark naked, I wrapped the shorts around my fist and smashed a small pane of glass near the door knob before reaching in and opening the door.

I walked over to the phone to dial 911 but it was like everything else here, dead. I poked around inside for a moment and walked out onto the dusty parking lot, looking up in time to see a pickup coming my way. I waved my jean shorts over my head and realized that I was still naked, quickly I covered my crotch as the truck stopped a few feet from me.

“My guess is that something is wrong with your car, but I have no clue on how that has you naked out here in the parking lot.” The young man said.

“Well, yeah, my car broke down and I saw the payphone inside the old gas station and thought I would at least give it a try.”

“Breaking and entering…. Naked? Yeah, that would have been what I would do too.”

“I had to break a window and put my shorts on my fist so I would not get cut.”

“I see.” He said with a smile.

“Can you give me a ride someplace to get my car fixed?” “You will have to turn around?” He said.

I did as he instructed, letting him see my bare ass is worth a ride I guess. He started laughing.

“No, I meant you’ll have to go back the way you came a few miles, hell about fifty miles before the real repair garage. He said.

“Well, I would appreciate any help you could give me, I am kind of stuck out here and it sure is hot.”

“Jump in and I will drive ya back to your car, I have a tow strap, we can tow it to my place and see what we can do there.”

I ran around to the passenger side and jumped into the cab and donned on me that I had not put my shorts back on yet about the time my ass hit the cold seat.

“My name is Pax, short for Paxton.” he said as he stuck his hand in my direction.

“Wesley.” I said shaking his hand.

He backed the pickup up to the front of my car, I got out and slipped on my jean shorts.

“You need to get out in the sun more, that ass is pure white.”

“Yeah, I usually don’t walk around naked in the middle of a dust bowl very often.”

“Well there are other ways to be naked outside.” He replied.

I watched Pax hook his tow strap to the truck and the other end to my car.

“You will have to steer your car and use brakes, it will be harder than usual without power brakes or steering, so I will take it slow.”

“Great.” I said as I got in my car and put it in neutral.

The tow line stretched a bit as we pulled a big loop heading back in the direction that I had just come from. We made a few turns onto smaller roads and then a long dirt driveway before getting to an old farm, Pax pulled his truck right up to the barn before stopping, and it was all I could do to get my car stopped so I would not hit him.

“Pop the strap off of your car will you Wesley?”

I moved under my car on my back while I reached up and unhooked the tow strap, I glanced up to see that Pax was looking right into the leg of my shorts and my junk.

“Well, I guess that is what I get for wearing shorts cutoffs without underwear.”

Pax smiled, and pulled me up by my hand.

“I could un hook the other end from your truck so you can get another look if you like.” I said in a slightly sarcastic voice.

“Hell, you can peel them off if you want, I am usually naked out here, I am a nudist at heart and only wear clothes when I leave the farm, that is what I meant about being other ways to get your ass cheeks tanned.”

I was not sure how serious he was but thought he was pulling my leg.

“Come on inside Wes, we can get something to drink and cool off for a few before we figure out what is wrong with your car and get you back on the road.”

I followed Pax inside to an air conditioned kitchen, he pulled open the refrigerator door.

“What would you like? Beer, water, cola?”

“Water would be great, I really appreciate you helping me out like this.”

“This is nothing, I work on things all the time and you are a good distraction from the things I would normally be doing, looking at porn and whacking off, I mean working on the tractor.” Pax said with a huge grin. “Were you serious about being naked out here all the time? I would fry and burn in no time in that sun.”

“Yeah, I’ve got no problems being naked and have zero tan lines to prove it.”


That was all it took Pax to peel off his shirt and jeans, and in less than thirty seconds he stood before me naked. He must have been in his early thirties and was pretty handsome, without his clothes he was an amazing, he looked as if he worked out every day but I am sure that he has never done a sit up or anything other than hard work to get his physique.

“Your turn, peel it and let’s get back out to your car to see what we can do.”

I was not ashamed of my body whatsoever, I have worked hard at the gym to get this look but casually walking around naked, I just had never done it before. I dropped my shorts to the floor and walked back outside right behind Pax, admiring his ass the whole way.

Seeing Pax outside naked was hot, his tan was dark and he looked very confident as he walked to his truck bumper, bending at the waist as he squatted down to unhook the tow strap from his bumper hitch.

I about passed out, the lines of his body as he moved was incredible, I wanted to touch the back of his waist and trace his ass crack underneath him feeling his low hanging balls, I did squat down to get a better view of them swaying as he pulled the strap loose.

“Let’s push your car into the barn out of the hot sun, I would hate to see that fine ass all burned and red.” Pax said as he pushed the rear of the car fender.

Fine ass, I thought, well now I know for sure which way he swings at least. I turned the wheel as I helped push it into the huge old wooden barn.

“Pop the hood and let’s see what the problem is.”

Pax poked around some before asking me to try to start it so he could hear what it sounded like.

“I think you have a carburetor problem maybe the injectors are clogged, hand me a cross tip screwdriver from that toolbox.” He said with a general wave to a tool bench a few feet away.

He moved one work boot covered foot to my front bumper as he leaned in to take off the carburetor, my eyes went crazy trying to look at his ass, his legs and his cock and balls that hung between his legs but were getting pressed against my car but most of all was his asshole, it was just barely visible.

“How is it going?” I asked.

“Great, how is it going back there?”

“Um, good, very good.” I replied.

“There is a lube gun over on the work bench.”

“You want to lube my carburetor?

He said nothing, I got the lube gun and brought it back to him, I just stood there waiting on him to take it. Pax lifted his ass a little into the air, OH FUCK, he wanted me to do his ass with the lube gun.

I moved in closer and pumped the lube gun a few times before it spurted out a line of whitish clear lube onto his ass pucker, I touched the lube with my finger rubbing it around his asshole before pushing a finger into his ass. He kept working on my car while I worked on his tanned ass.

“There are some tools over on the work bench if you need anything.” Pax said without looking up.

I glanced over and saw a long handled screwdriver, it was so big it must be used on heavy machinery, I Pushed the handle into his asshole while he moaned and pushed back. I reached underneath and pulled his balls and cock down between his legs and dove in with my mouth, sucking and nibbling on them, he had a salty taste from the sweat on his balls.

I worked the screwdriver handle deep into his ass driving him wild, but still he did not stop working, his cock was hard and dripping pre cum down my car bumper. He pulled the carburetor loose and dropped his leg to the ground after I pulled the tool from his ass.

Pax walked me over to this sling that was hung from the barn rafters and lifted me into it, it was half cargo net and half hammock, Pax tied my hands and legs spread open to the ropes before he pulled a rope attached to a pulley taking me higher, he tied it off to a post.

Pax pushed his face into my ass, chewing on it before moving to my cock, he bobbed down on my cock deep into his throat for a bit before he took a smaller rope and tied it around my balls and cock and adding something to the other end with weight, enough to pull my stiff prick straight into his face.

The man sucked my prick fast and hard before stopping and pushing a finger into my ass,, I almost shot my load but he walked over to the tool bench walking back with a couple of small clips, he attached one to each of my nipples.

“Fuck, those hurt, Take them off.”

He took the lube gun and squirted a large amount on my boner and started jacking me off, he gripped my cock tightly and the lube crackled while he beat off my throbbing cock. Working it slowly with heavy pressure he had me shooting in no time, my body jerked and moved side to side in the swing. He did not stop jacking me after I blew my load across my chest and into my face, I am very sensitive after cumming but he would not stop, my cock stayed hard, I moaned and cried out begging him to stop and within moments a second load of cum spurted out and again he did not stop, he just worked my cock into a frenzy where it would not soften.

He chewed my asshole for a while I was starting to really worry that I had let myself get tied up in a barn of a stranger in the middle of nowhere. Pax walked around and leaned over the rope licking some cum from my chest before taking a moment to flick the clips that were on my nipples.

“Relax, I’ll have your carburetor cleaned and re installed in no time, you can either be on your way this evening or spend the night if you like.”

“Would you cut me loose from the ropes please?” I asked.

“Whatever you like, but I would rather you stay there, I have more enjoyment planned for you, but just say so and I will let you out of the ropes, it’s just more fun for the sex play.”

He went to the bench and worked on the carburetor for a few minutes before he came back and jacked me to full hardness again, he worked me hard, I felt like I had spent all the jizz I had in me. Pax had me twisting and groaning while he jacked my cock, I felt like I was having small orgasms where nothing came out and were less intense than a full one. Pax slid his cock into my ass fucking me hard and deep as the rope hammock swung, he would stop every few moments and jack my cock again, it was between being sore and a climax, I was panting hard begging to cum again.

He fucked my hole and just as he started to cum, he pulled his cock out and blasted me with his hot jizz, I had never seen anyone cum the amount of juice, this guy splashed all over me, the last few spurts went onto my cock mixing with the lube, Pax gripped my cock once again and started jacking me with a mission, my body twisted and wanted release as I called out his name, begging to let me cum once again.

Finally I shot a small load across my belly, it felt more intense than before but less jizz came out, I leaned back into the ropes, breathing hard and fell asleep in moments from sexual exhaustion.

When I woke I found the ropes were removed and I had been lowered to the ground, Pax was just finishing putting my car back together and walked around test start it, the car started right away and the motor purred like it usually did. I sat up and watched Pax walking around putting his tools away on the bench.

“Well?” Pax asked.

“Well what?” I asked.

“Your car is ready, so it is up to you, would you like to leave now or stay the night with me and get a fresh start tomorrow morning?”

“I am in no rush to leave, screw the wedding, he has been married two times before.” I said with a laugh.

Pax put his hand out to help me up, I took it and pulled him close after I got up and ran my hand down his muscled back to his slim waist and to his ass crack.

He took my hand as we walked around the barn to a grassy area, he had an outdoor shower that ran cool water only, and it felt refreshing to get cleaned up from the lube and sweat.

We washed each other’s bodies taking our time with our hands roaming over muscles, pubic hair, ass mounds and soft clean dangling cocks. After the shower we sat in the kitchen with cold iced tea talking, I called my brother and told him I would not be able to make it as my car broke down.

Pax and I drove miles to a fantastic rib joint that was run by locals and I am sure never saw a health inspector but the food was good, the beer cold and I had Pax by my side.

We drove back to his farm after dinner and immediately stripped naked again, it seemed natural to always be naked with him, we were about the same age but Pax seemed to be wiser than his years and surely had different ways when it came to sex.

I spent the rest of my vacation time with him, before going home. We enjoyed a nearby river, skinny dipping, and explored sex more than before along with conventional sex, romantic kissing and snuggling naked on the couch while watching TV.

I went back a few months later for a couple of weeks, it was a repeat of the good times we had when I broke down on that dusty highway.


  1. Awesome as always man I love your stories. Can't wait for the next one.

  2. Awesome as always man I love your stories. Can't wait for the next one.

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