Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Alone for the Holidays

Alone for the holidays
Being an only child, both parents deceased, the only family I have is one aunt and a handful of cousins up in Maine who invited me to come for Christmas, I dreaded the drive but surely did not want to think about the overcrowded airports, small seats and crying children.
I am 31 years old and work seems to be my life, climbing the ladder at work, kissing ass, but only when needed, I have a nice apartment in the city and drive a late model Audi hard top convertible.
I was about two hours into the drive along the highway, the snow was a blanket of white on the shoulders of the road, I started thinking about how alone I really am when the song “I’ll be home for Christmas” came on the radio, tears streamed from my eyes to the point that I had to pull over.
I sat in my car on the side of the highway crying, feeling so alone, I haven’t cried in years, but today there was no shortage of emotions. All of a sudden I heard tapping on my window, looking up to find a Sheriff Deputy standing there. Fuck, this is all I need I thought as I tapped the button to open the window.
“Are you okay?” the Sheriff asked.
“Um, yeah, I’m fine.”
“Well, I’ve seen fine and best that I can recall, this is not what fine looks like, may I see your license and registration?”
“I didn’t do anything wrong.” I said handing him the documents.
“ You are probably fine, this is just a bit odd, so I’ll check things out a little, that’s all.”
“ I’m sorry, I was letting the holidays get the better of me, being alone for every stinking holiday is getting old.”
“No girlfriend Steve?” he asked after looking at my license.
“No, I’m gay, and no boyfriend, I was driving to my aunt’s house in Maine and well, I don’t have my heart in it, they just keep asking the same questions about why am I not married yet and telling me that I am not getting any younger.”
“I see, yeah I kind of know that story too, well not me, I’m married, it’s my younger brother, he is in the same boat, gay and single, not lots of gayness in our county I guess, he just works and bakes, he loves to bake pies.”
“Nothing wrong with pies.” I said as I wiped my eyes.
“You know, you should come meet him, it might do you both good, He is at my house right now, my wife is fixing Christmas Eve dinner for this evening, and, well, you are invited to come eat with us.” The Deputy said patting my shoulder.
“Naw, I can’t intrude, besides you don’t even know me.” I protested.
“I am headed home now, my shift was over but saw you on the side of the road and wanted to make sure that you were okay, and I can see that you are, well, not so okay.”
“My aunt is expecting me and I….”
The Deputy cut me off. “Don’t make me take you into custody.” He said with a huge grin.
“I guess I could call my aunt and let her know that something came up, this is too weird, you bringing me to your house and all, and how do you know I’m not an ax murder?”
“I’m a pretty good judge of character but I’ll run you through the database just the same.”
The Deputy walked back to his cruiser and returned after a few minutes handing me my license and registration.
“You haven’t even had a traffic ticket, I’d say that was good enough, besides it will do you and my brother good, I just called my wife and told her we had company coming, the crying part is between us.”
“This is awfully nice of you Deputy, maybe it is what I need, I sure did not want to go to my aunts again.”
“If you are coming to my house for dinner, you should probably just call me Lonnie, follow me, if I lose you at a light, I’ll pull over and wait for you.”
I watched as he pulled his patrol car out onto the highway, his blue lights went off as he passed me, I followed him down the highway for a few miles before he pulled off at an exit, after a few more miles he turned down a long dirt road and in the distance I could see a two story house with some old farm equipment scattered out by the barn.
I got out and followed Lonnie up to the porch, kicking the snow off of my shoes before stepping inside, the aroma of Turkey hit me like a brick.
“Wow that smells amazing.”
“This is Steve, Steve my wife Karen, my brother Jordan, we call him Jordy, and that’s our dog woffie that is sniffing your crotch, let me go change and grab a shower, I’ll be back in a few, make yourself comfortable.” Pushing Woofie back on his way to the staircase.
“Can I get you something to drink Steve?” Karen asked.
“Sure, whatever everyone is having, I ‘m easy.”
Karen walked into the kitchen, Jordan gave me the once over, head to toe.
“My brother didn’t say how he happened to bring you to dinner, you don’t look like you just got out of the County Jail, what’s the story?” Jordan asked.
“Well, I was on the side of the road, your bother found me with stolen jewels and said he had to take me to jail or keep the jewels and bring me home to dinner, here I am.”
“You are gay, aren’t you?” Jordan asked in a bit of a snarky tone.
“Well, yes I am, most people don’t pick up on it but I guess your gaydar is in good form.”
“No, it’s not that, I heard Karen on the phone with my brother, he is a great guy but tries to fix me up when he thinks he can, once he brought some guy home for me to meet just because he had pink hair, turned out the guy was not even gay, had gotten drunk, his friends dyed his hair and dropped him off in the park, Lonnie held him till he sobered up and then brought him to meet me, he wants me to be happy so I can’t get mad at him.”
“Well, Lonnie seems like a nice guy and is looking out for you, it was probably my fault he brought me home, I was on the side of the road feeling pretty sorry for myself being alone and not really wanting to go to my aunt’s house for dinner but had no real reason not to and Lonnie stopped to see if I was okay and here I am.”
Karen returned with drinks. “Margaritas, nothing says Christmas eve like tequila I say.”
I snorted out a laugh, before taking a frozen drink.
“Go sit down and I’ll bring some cheese and crackers for a snack, dinner won’t be ready for another couple of hours, Jordi, take Steve into the living room and get him comfortable.”
I sat on the couch with Jordi sitting in a side chair nearby, he relaxed some and was less suspicious of me and why I was there. I sipped my margarita, the tart lime flavor and icy coldness was wonderful.
“Karen got one of those Margaritaville margarita makers a few months ago and has not been the same since, everything is an excuse to break it out and make a pitcher of frozen goodness as she calls it, I do have to admit they are really good.”
Lonnie came down after his shower and joined us.
“Looks like Karen has that machine out again, hey baby, do you have a drink for me too?” Lonnie called out.
Lonnie looked like any other person in the state after he changed clothes, most are farmers and live a hard life working long hours in hopes that nothing bad happens to the crops.
“I really appreciate you inviting me into your home, it is very nice of you.”
“Not a problem at all, I hope you enjoy it here, it’s nothing fancy but its home.”
Jordi rattled on some about the lack of gay men in the county and how he had left for a while but had moved back a few years ago.
Karen sat next to her husband after handing him a margarita too.
“Has Jordi told you that he is an award winning pie baker?” Karen asked.
“Oh, stop, I haven’t won any awards for my pies.” Jordi said as he blushed.
“Well, just the same, they are the best anyone in the county could make, he wants to open a pie and coffee shop in town.” She said while she nodded her head the whole time.
“So what kind of pies do you make Jordi?” I asked.
“He makes everything, lemon meringue, apple caramel crumb, berry, sweet potato, chocolate crème.” Karen said as Jordi cut her off.
“I think he was asking generally, not naming every pie I can make.” Jordi said.
“No, I was really wanting to hear all the kinds you make.” I replied with a huge grin.
Jordi reached over and fist bumped my knee.
Karen went back to telling me every kind of pie known to man that Jordi has made, I smiled at Jordi as he was a little embarrassed by her raving over them.
“Jordi made four pies for after dinner, you’ll get to try them and decide for yourself but I bet you will see that they are the best around.” Karen smiled as she patted her husband’s leg.
“Four pies? I am impressed, I haven’t had homemade pie but a couple of times in my life and those really sound good, if you could make a living doing something you love, it sure beats busting your hump every day working for someone else, like me.” I said.
“Lonnie, come help me in the kitchen for a minute, Jordi, get out of my chair and go sit by Steve” Karen said as she took her husband by the hand headed for the kitchen.
“Well, that was discreet.” Jordi said as he moved onto the couch sitting near me.
“You really made four pies?”
“Well, yeah, two pumpkin and a cherry and an apple, one of the pumpkin pies is one I made for a friend of Karen’s, she and Lonnie will be taking it over to him in a while.
We sipped the last of the margaritas about the time that Karen brought in a fresh pitcher of drinks filling our glasses before vanishing back into the kitchen and re appearing with the pumpkin pie.
“Jordi dear, we are going to take your pie over to Mike, keep our guest happy, we will be back in about an hour and then we will have dinner, everything is on low heat so there is no need to check on it.”
“Great, see you in a bit.” Jordi said as he slipped his arm behind my shoulder.
I turned and looked into Jordi’s face, he had kind looking blue eyes with a sweet smile, and he stood and took me by the hand.
“Would you like to see my apartment?”
“Sure, but I thought you lived here?” I asked.
“Well, I do, but well I made the basement into an apartment, come see for yourself.”
We walked downstairs into a living room that was well lit and nicely decorated.
“I have a full kitchen and bath along with my bedroom right through here.”
Jordi opened a door and led me into his bedroom, it was spacious and airy for a basement.
“I did all of the sheetrock and decorating, everything but the plumbing and electrical, it took me near a year but it was worth it, I have been living here to save money to move to the city and open a pie shop.”
“Wow, you really are serious about pies, you are going to get your pie shop open in no time when you are this focused.”
Jordi sat on the edge of the bed patting the bedspread next to him, I sat next to him and he put his arm around me and kissed me.
“Mmm, I need another!” I said softly.
I leaned in for a second kiss, this one went on for a couple of minutes as we fell back onto the bed. My hand slipped under Jordi’s shirt feeling the ripples of his abs and up to his nipples rubbing each to a stiff bullet tip.
I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it back, my tongue was all over his chest, his hands reaching for me but I pushed him back gently so I could chew on his nipples and lick my way down his treasure trail. I unzipped his slacks and pushed my hand into his briefs feeing a very stiff prick wanting my full attention.
Jordi kicked his shoes off while I pulled his slacks and underwear off, leaving his cock bouncing off of his abs, I lifted his legs and pushed them back towards his chest leaving his bare ass pointing up with his winking butthole. I spat on his pucker and shoved in two fingers, reaming him out good, I could not help to wonder if his brother the Deputy could know how much I was going to use Jordi’s ass, but then Jordi seemed to love it.
“Fuck my ass Steve, drill me good.”
I didn’t need any more of an invitation than that, I stepped out of my own pants releasing my stiff prick, Jordi pointed to a dresser drawer and said only two words “condom, lube”, I had them in my hands in a flash and was rolling on the condom in a flick of a dick. I squirted some lube onto my fingertips and pushed it onto Jordi’s raspberry before I leaned into his hole with my hard cock pressing it in one fluid motion until I was pubes deep into his ass.
Jordi’s grip on my cock as he squeezed his sphincter down on it, felt wonderful. My hips pulled my cock out of his ass before plunging it back in to the hilt, pushing his legs up farther I was able to look into his face while I jack rabbit fucked him, I went in short bursts as fast as I could go before slowing to a deep thrust again, Jordi was almost howling while I burned his hole up.
I had Jordi rolled back almost onto his shoulders and felt like I wanted to climb right into his ass, my knees were off of the bed, my, hands and feet held me up. His hole was so stretched out by now that I watched my cock come completely out before pushing it back in deep.
I slowed and grabbed Jordi’s hard prick and jacked him with my cock still inside him, Jordi started moaning so loudly I think people in the next county heard him. I continued jacking him off while he was still bent over his own face, his dick erupted spraying his face with his own cum and it was allot of cum, it was all over running down his cheeks and in his hair.
I decided to give him a real cum bath and pulled out of his ass tossing the condom aside I jacked my cock until my cum spurted all the way to his pulling back for the last two shots of cum to shoot onto his still upturned ass hole coating it in milky white jizz.
I fell to one side and kissed Jordi’s cum coated lips.
“Where can I find a washcloth to clean you up?” I asked.
Jordi pointed to the bathroom. “In the cabinet to the right of the sink.”
I headed to the bathroom returning with a warm washcloth and wiped Jordi’s face free of cum before cleaning the cum that was running down his ass crack.
I put my head on the pillow next to his, looking into his eyes, smelling his aftershave scent. I closed my eyes as he moved onto my shoulder laying his head down I pulled him close and I felt very comfortable with Jordi.
“That was fucking fantastic.” He said.
“I agree, it really was and I think I’ll need more, very soon.”
“We had better get up and dressed, my brother and Karen are probably back or will be very soon.”
We walked back upstairs when we heard footsteps above us, Karen was all a chatter about Mike and his Christmas tree being so lovely.
In a moment of the front door closing, Karen had a fresh batch of margaritas blended up, this time cranberry.
“Did you boys get better acquainted while we were out?” Karen asked.
Lonnie bumped her with his elbow giving her a look.
“What?” Karen asked with a puzzled look on her face.
Karen looked at Jordi seeing his hair was a little messed up and his shirt miss- buttoned all of a sudden she blushed as red as the cranberry margaritas, looked down and scurried toward the kitchen.
“I am going to grab some extra firewood before I take my boots off.” Lonnie said as he walked toward the door.
“I’ll help you.” I stated following behind him grabbing my jacket.
“Me too.” Jordi said.
“Jordi I have never seen you touch a stick of fire wood in my life.” Lonnie said with a funny smile.
Jordi rounded out a snowball and pitched it at the back of Lonnie’s head and that started a snowball fight between the three if us. It turned into a fun time, Lonnie pinned me down behind an old tractor, Jordi ran toward me rolling in the snow commando style, between the two of us we pelted Lonnie with about fifteen snowballs before he called out that he surrendered and needed to get the wood inside.
We walked over and each took an armload of firewood inside the house to keep the fire going all evening long.
“I was watching you boys from the kitchen window, looked like fun, never saw Jordi with wood before.”
All three men busted out laughing, Karen looked around baffled until she got it.
“Ohhhhh. You boys are all so funny.” She exclaimed.
Dinnertime finally arrived, we all helped bring in food to the table, and Lonnie gave the blessing.
“And we are especially thankful for our guest, Steve who has joined us for the holiday weekend.” Karen said before passing the mashed sweet potatoes.
“I guess you are staying over, besides you’ve been drinking, I sure could not let you drive anywhere tonight.” Lonnie said.
“Plenty of room here, we have a guest room or you could stay in Jordi’s apartment, he has a fold out sofa or whatever works out is fine.” Karen rattled.
Jordi reached over and ran his hand up my leg out of sight from the others.
“I would like to thank you each for inviting me into your home for this wonderful dinner, it helps more than you could know, I have missed being with family so much.” I said as I looked at each one.
“We always eat our large Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and go to the town square on Christmas around dusk to the celebration in town, besides the turkey and cranberry sandwiched on Christmas day are wonderful.” Lonnie said.
“That sounds like fun.”
“Well, we hope you will join us and stay for the celebration.” Jordi said as he squeezed my leg affectionately.
“Sure, why not, as long as I am not intruding, I’d love to.”
“Nonsense, you are no bother at all.” Karen said as she passed the homemade dinner rolls.
“The meal was fantastic, I could hardly stop myself form overeating except I was saving room for the pies that I have been hearing so much about.” I said as I took the last bite of cornbread stuffing.
We cleared the table and headed to the kitchen, Jordi and I rinsed the dishes and loaded the dishwasher before relaxing in the living room, Jordi sat next to me and moved his arm around my shoulder pulling me close.
Lonnie stoked the fire and added another log while Jordi plated the pies, giving each of us a thin slice of the cherry, apple and pumpkin with a large dollop of whipping cream.
“Wow, this looks great!” I said taking the plate.
Karen brought coffee in to sip with our pie, I looked around and saw the love these people have for each other and the love that Jordi has for making pies really stands out.
“Jordi, this pie is insane, each bite is an explosion of flavor, I can’t get enough.” I exclaimed.
“Thanks, Steve, I really enjoy making them.”
“And he will have that pie shop soon, I just know it.” Karen piped in.
“She is my biggest fan.”
“Well, I may be becoming your biggest fan if you ask me.” I said giving him a poke.
Jordi grinned and knew what I meant, it was not just about the pies, we finished eating and sat talking and sipping coffee while Lonnie added a new log to the fire making the warmth radiate out into the room.
“Well, I think it is time for bed, I have a long day tomorrow.” Karen said looking at Lonnie.
Lonnie was a bit puzzled, it was only 8:30 and they never went to bed that early, Karen gave him “the look” and the light bulb went off and Lonnie saw that she was trying to clear the way for Jordi and me to have some private time together.
We watched the fire, Jordi snuggled in close and before long we were kissing, softly at first but it didn’t take long before Jordi had his hand up my shirt, rubbing my chest and twisting my nipples.
“We had better take this to my apartment before it gets out of hand and I have my way with you right here on the living room floor.”
We walked downstairs into Jordi’s bedroom, he took his time peeling off my clothes as he caressed my skin, kissed my lips and chest working his way to my straining cock. Jordi licked at the head and down my shaft to my low hanging balls, taking them into his hand feeling the weight before he dove onto my cock swallowing it fully.
His hands roamed my ass cheeks as he bobbed on my hard prick, I moved my legs farther apart as I sucked in a deep breath, Jordi ran his fingers from my balls to my butthole, pulling my cheeks apart before sliding a finger inside me warming me up for a good ass fucking.
I climbed onto the bed and went to my knees, my shoulders and face on the pillow, Jordi put on a condom and lubed my hole before he pushed his very stiff cock into my begging slit. Jordi rode me like we had been fucking for years, it was smooth and loving, as he got closer to cumming, Jordi grabbed my hips and fucked me more wildly as he shot his jizz into the rubber.
I rolled over onto the bed while Jordi cleaned us up, he went down on my cock again bringing me to the brink of ejaculation before I grabbed him pulling his ass over my face, I bit and nibbled his sweet ass and could feel his cock stiffening in my hand, he leaned forward onto my dripping cock, licking the pre cum from the knob. I fingered his hole while he sucked me to the climax I so desperately wanted, I could not hold still, my body jerked and moved under him as my semen jetted into his hungry mouth.
We slept soundly until morning when I woke to find my arm around Jordi’s shoulder and his head on my chest, I lightly rubbed his back, loving the feeling of this man against me.
Later we went upstairs after showering, Karen was like a kid on Christmas morning, she made cocoa and cinnamon rolls, we ate them near the fire as Jordi snuggled in my arms, it was quiet except for the soft Christmas music that was playing on the radio.
We snuck away for a little mid-morning sex and a nap before lunch and preparing to go to the town square later that evening. I watched as Jordi got dressed, I had brought a red sweater that I wore under my jacket and Jordi loaned me some nice gloves so my hands would stay warm.
The town square was lit with colorful lights and had a nativity set near the church, it seemed like the whole town turned out to sing carols and listen to the mayor’s speech about goodwill toward men, I gave Jordi a poke and whispered in his ear something about his goodwill to my ass last night.
We sipped hot coffee and snacked on cookies that the fire department has set out, I put my arm over Jordi’s shoulder before realizing we were in a small town and it might not go over so well and pulled it back. Jordi looked into my eyes and smiled.
“Looks like you are enjoying yourself.” He said.
“More than you could know, this is really nice, kind of Norman Rockwell, but it is honestly the nicest Christmas I have ever had.”
I spent the night again and left the next morning after thanking everyone for a wonderful time and inviting me into their home, I was about half way home when Jordi called saying that he missed me already, I told him to pack a bag as I turned the car around driving back to take him to my house until after New Years for a visit.
We were inseparable the whole time, I did not want to lose this warm and sweet guy, he was home about two days when I called asking him to come back only this time to stay, we opened a pie shop together less than a year later, I had quit my stressful but high paying job, luckily I had a nice nest egg put away for retirement that I could go in half on the pie shop’s costs.
The shop took a while to gain popularity but turned into a thriving business selling hundreds of pies a week, later we hired a baker and added breads and sweet rolls to the shop but the best part is being in love with Jordi, and I have a Deputy Sheriff to thank for that.


  1. That is a grate story . I only hope I find a man have as nice sweet and day . I love these stories they give me hope even an old ugly man like me may find love .

  2. That is a grate story . I only hope I find a man have as nice sweet and day . I love these stories they give me hope even an old ugly man like me may find love .

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