Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wet Dreams

At 29 years old I had never, up to this point had a wet dream, I have joked with my friends about it and most said they have had nocturnal emissions before, all but me. Most have said they don’t remember anything except waking up wet and sticky from cum.
I am single and jerk off at least a couple of times a day, but lately more nights than not, I have been having wet dreams. A few times I woke up as I was shooting my load, making me squirm and moan, One night I had fallen asleep with the light and TV on and about 2:30 AM I woke with a horny feeling, it was like something was pushing inside the slit of my penis, like massaging it, it felt fucking hot.
I was laying on my back and had already licked off the blanket and sheet, my breathing was a bit ragged as I was close to shooting, I opened my eyes and looked at my stiff penis and about jumped out of my bed. There were these tiny naked men things on my cock, they were like little fairies, one was fucking me with his little stiffie, and the others were around my shaft, some licking and others rubbing my hard cock.
I blinked my eyes a couple of times, and looked again, still saw the same thing.
What the fuck are you things? I said aloud.
They looked at me and were gone in a flash, they just vanished, all but one, he sort of rolled or fell off of the bed, I jumped up looking around, looking under the blankets and under the bed. I heard a noise behind the door, I saw one little fairy, he looked scared that I found him.
“Who or what are you?” I asked.
He just stood and looked a little scared, I reached down and scooped him up and laid back on the bed letting him stand on my chest.
“I won’t hurt you, where are the others?”
He just shrugged.
“Can you speak?”
I heard a little tiny voice but could not hear well enough to know what he said.
“What are you? Little wet dream fairies”
He shook his head yes, and walked down my chest to the head of my soft cock and pushed his whole arm into my piss slit rubbing it around in there bringing it to life, as it hardened the little guy rode it to its full stiffness, he moved up and rubbed his prick to a full raging hard on and plunged it into my slit and started fucking my cock.
I lay back and watched this little imp do his magic on my cock, the feeling was great, it was like being jacked off from the inside, my head went back to the pillows as I moaned.
I looked again as my jizz started jetting from my cock, the fairy was blasted into the air a few inches before landing on my ball sac next to my shaft, he grabbed on and started licking the cum from my stiff meat.
The little guy walked up my chest and over to my ear after he had his fill of my hot sticky jizz.
“This is what we eat, it is the only thing we eat or drink.” He said.
“So you are little cum guzzlers?”
“We visit men in the night and drink our meals when they shoot it out.” He replied.
“Where did the others go and why did you stay?”
“I bent my wing a little and could not get away as fast as I needed to, we rarely get seen, and most men sleep through our visits.” He explained.
“Are you hurt?”
“No, I can leave anytime, but you had already seen us and well, I was hungry so I stayed once you brought me up on your chest, besides, we are very horny.”
“Do you fuck each other too?”
“All we do is eat fuck and sleep, it is all we need, we mate with female fairies but that is just to keep us from dying off.”
“Can you bring the others back?” I asked.
“We travel together but I would have to go back to our home in the trees to get them, maybe tomorrow night.”
“Aww, I wanted to see them all again, they left so fast.”
“I’ll go see if they want to come back, I will tell them you are nice but if they don’t want to I will see about tomorrow night.” The imp said as he walked from my ear to my chest.
I looked to see that he had a little stiffie, he started jacking it again, it was just like a tiny man, and he looked so sexy jacking off near my left nipple. Within moments he started shooting his jizz in little spurts. He gave me a wave and was gone, he sort of flew and vanished.
Propped up on my pillow, I looked to see the cum he left behind, I lifted the moisture from my nipple with my finger tasting it, it was so sweet, like fresh honey and I wanted more.
I could not sleep and soon the sun was up, I showered and went to work but I could not concentrate on anything and came home “sick” after lunch. I went to my bed and looked for my little imp, I laid my head on my pillow and was asleep in no time due to the lack of sleep the night before.
I woke up with no signs of the tiny men, I didn’t want to miss them but needed to eat dinner and walked to a cafĂ© a few doors down from my apartment. I was eating my food but my mind was not on the dinner, just then I looked by my water glass and saw my friend standing on the table, he gave me a wave and was gone.
“Waiter, I need to pay my bill.” I said frantically.
The waiter was fooling around at the next table, I tossed a twenty on the table and pointed to it as I dashed out the door and headed home, I was stripping my clothes off as I made it to my bedroom climbing into bed naked and laid there waiting, I looked around some but saw nothing out of the ordinary. I must had fallen asleep while waiting but heard something familiar in my ear.
“Wake up, we are here, feed us.” The tiny voice said.
I looked to see five of the fairies on my chest, one was fucking another, and his little tiny legs spread with his friend fucking his ass with the speed of a hummingbird.
One jumped over to my cock and pushed his arm into my cum slit and had me fully hard in seconds, he pushed his stiff prick in and started fucking my cock, two were on my loose ball sac, one sucking the others cock, it felt so good and took me just a minute or two to shoot my jizz all over my cock to my chin soaking some of the small men, they ran to the large amounts of jizz and started eating.
“I tasted your cum last night, it was very sweet, before you leave could you all jack off and cum in one place so I can feed from your jizz too?”
I could not tell one from the other but they seemed to get the drift of what I wanted, they formed a small ring and all of the rubbed their cocks until each had exploded shooting their honey jizz into a small puddle of nectar for me.
They stepped back as I scooped it up with my fingertip and sucked it into my mouth, I savored the flavor on my tongue as long as I could, it was incredible. Two of them were fucking again right on my chest, it was like watching a live sex show only a tiny version.
“I hope you come back often, and please wake me up if I am asleep, I would hate to miss out, your cum is very sweet, I wish I could have a glass full to drink.” I said softly.
They gave a wave and were gone, I wanted them to stay and play longer, but they had their bellies full of cum and would go home and sleep all day and hopefully come back tomorrow night.