Monday, December 26, 2016

Straight Boyfriend

I have been watching this hot guy going to see his girlfriend who lives next door to me, he is older than me by about four years. His hair is dark and usually dresses in dark clothing I can’t stop looking through the blinds at his deep red lips, pale skin and dark eyebrows as he walks up the driveway.
I have waived at him a few times but not said more than hello to him a couple of times, once I was washing my car and he jokingly offered to help, my heart fluttered a bit as he walked past.
 I sometimes I get a boner and jack off as I watch from the side window into the side window of her house, it is always the same thing, they kiss then they sit and talk, sometimes she cooks for him, they hug and he goes home.
Today was different, they seemed to be arguing a little, he keeps grabbing at his crotch as he makes a point, he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out the biggest cock I have seen, he points at it and she pushed him away, he pulled her back toward him and she pointed toward the door.
I had my cock out and was hard as a rock looking at his big dong flopping around as he gestured to her, he must be saying how horny he was and she seemed to want no part of it.
He tucked his junk back in his jeans and walked out the door, he got into his Camaro and smoked his tires as he left.
I wasted no time and got to my car driving in the direction he left in, I drove past the mini mart and could see his red car at the next light, I followed him until he pulled into an apartment complex a couple of miles away.
Now what? I thought, I’ve followed him home, now what?
He was getting out of his car, I had to make my move and I got out and jogged up to within a few feet of him and slowed to match his pace.
“Hey Joey” I called out.
Joey turned to see me a few feet behind him and had a quizzical look on his face as if he was trying to figure out where he knew me from.
“Hey, uhmm.” He said unable to grasp my name.
“It’s David, I live next door to Donna.” I said quickly.
‘Oh, right, David, what’s up?”
“I saw you at the light and wanted to see if you wanted to hang out some.”
“What are you like 17 years old?” he asked.
“NO, I’m 20.”
“Oh, sorry, I guess I haven’t paid allot of attention, sure, come on in.”
We walked into his apartment, it had little furniture and it was dark with all of the blinds closed but at least the A/C was blasting cool air.
“Want a beer? Well I guess you are old enough, not quite legal but I’m sure you won’t say I gave it to you.”
“Sure, thanks.” I said as I took the cold beer letting my fingers glance across his.
I was checking Joey’s ass out as he sat on the couch, the only thing that there was to sit on.
“So what are you up to today?” I asked.
“Oh, nothing much, was over at Donna’s for a few.”
“Yeah? How did that go?” I asked.
“What do you mean? Oh, you must have seen me over there.”
“Well, yeah, our living room windows sort of are in alignment with each other and I can see right over.”
“Oh.” Then his eyes lit up and he looked right at me.
“Did you see me over there today, in the living room?”
I looked down at my feet and didn’t say anything.
“You did, you saw me with my prick hanging out? I was trying to get Donna to give me a blow job but she is frigid or some shit, won’t have sex at all, she never has.”
“Yeah, I kind of figured it out.”
“You were perving on me, why?”
“I, well, you are pretty hot and I think Donna should treat you better, you know, you have needs.”
“She will never understand a guy’s needs, are you gay?”
“Yeah, pretty much.”
“Pretty much? Have you, uhm, you know, jacked off watching me before?”
“Well, you are pretty hot, and I have needs of my own,”
“You followed me home? Why?”
“Well I saw you get rejected and I saw that big cock, figured you might like some attention on it.”
I saw Joey’s fingers move on the crotch of his jeans just a little, I decided to take action while I had the nerve, I got up and went to my knees in between his feet. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the fly wide open, my hand went to his cotton briefs and I could feel the heat from his crotch.
Joey moved his hand to mine and started to pull it away, I looked into his dark eyes and smiled.
“It’s okay.”
“I’m not gay, I mean, there is nothing wrong with being gay, I just am not into guys.” Joey said softly.
I pulled the elastic band of his briefs back getting a glimpse of the side of his cock log, in one more move I had his cock pulled out.
Joey leaned his head back into the back of the couch and lifted his hips sliding his pants past his knees, His pubic hair was dark brown, almost black, I brushed my lips against the tight curly hair and inhaled his scent.
I Pulled Joey’s shoes off followed by his pants and briefs, his bare legs went wide open, my hand ran up his legs to his low hanging ball sack, I took it in my hands feeling the weight of his balls moving inside.
I wanted to suck that big cock into my mouth but I needed to take it slow as not to miss the enjoyment, my nose went alongside of his cock as I buried my face deep into his crotch, his cock stiffened to its full majesty of over 9 inches. Joey pulled his black tee shirt over his head and tossed it onto the floor and was now fully naked, his light skin was hot and he seemed ready for action.
Moving my lips across his thick shaft and down to the swollen head of his cock, I licked it running my tongue under and back over the top, I could feel Joey lift his hips a little under my touch. For the first time I took his erection in my hand, it was so much larger than mine, I moved down on it with my lips while tugging at his balls.
In a movement I had half of his cock in my mouth and was working on swallowing the other half, it was all I could do to swallow it by trying to go directly down on it, I felt the outside of my neck and could feel that his cock was filling it and pushing on its constraints. My eyes watered but I did not pull off, I gagged and went farther until my lips were hitting his coarse dark pubic hair.
I bobbed on it getting more used to its size, my left hand went from his balls to his ass crack, as soon as he felt where my fingers were going, his hand went to pull mine away, I didn’t push it and went back to his balls.
“Holy fuck, that feels insane, I feel like I’m gonna blow my wad any second.”
I didn’t want that to happen I was worried that if he came, he would be done with me and escort me to the door. I squeezed the underside of his shaft at the base pushing a finger in tightly causing him to lose the feeling and give more time until he climaxed.
Joey moved around a bit and put one leg up on the couch and slid around some giving me more access between his legs, I moved his hip some trying to get him to flip over, he seemed reluctant, I lifted with more effort and rolled him over, he was now laying on his couch with his ass cheeks up, nice and plump too.
I moved down and pushed his ass cheeks apart, his hand went back immediately to push me away, I pushed past with my face and shoved my lips between his ass cheeks, I chewed and licked and chewed some more, he was going wild with the feelings of having me working on him. His ass arched up and I ate his ass with vigor while he moaned and moved around. After I got his ass so wet and wanting more, I slid a finger past his ass elastic into his hole, he didn’t have time to think or react before he found the delightful feeling of being fingered in the ass for the first time.
Joey pushed his ass against my finger, it was clear that he was enjoying it, so I slid in a second one, he gave a loud moan as I pushed both fingers as deep into his straight boy ass as I could.
I stood up and stripped off all of my clothes, my cock was not only stiff but had been seeping pre cum since about the time I came into his apartment. I slid one of his legs off of the couch so his knee was on the floor and climbed up behind him, I worked his ass for a while before I moved up and rubbed my hard cock along his ass crack, he must know where I was heading but he did not move to stop me. I rubbed the head harder and harder against his ass pucker before pushing it in, just the head at first until he pushed his ass back against my intruding prick.
I rubbed some spit on my cock and worked it into his hole, I slid it in slowly and pulled back before going for the full plunge, Joey moaned real loud as his virgin ass was fully impaled by my eager prick, I got a motion going and fucked this straight boy and had him panting for more when I shot a load of my hot cum into his ass.
I flipped him over and at this point had full control, he did not attempt to stop me as I moved my ass over his rock hard mammoth cock, I reached around with some spit on my hand rubbing it on the head of his cock before sliding down onto it. He gasped like a girl when I was able to sit fully on his cock and within moments I was riding him as I looked into his sexy face. My ass was stretched out more than ever before and felt as my ass was being torn apart.
I bounced up and down on his cock until he convulsed and shot his load, his eyes locked on my face while he shot his jizz into me, his cock became tender after shooting and he pulled me down onto his chest, my lips near his nipple, my tongue flicked it before I sucked it  while rubbing his other nipple, his chest was heaving from him breathing so hard.
His cock slid from my ass as I moved up higher, he kissed my neck before he thought about it and stopped abruptly. I moved some putting my weight on the couch arm and stood up, he stayed laying on the couch naked as I stood over him, my cock only a foot or so from his face, he reached up and touched it lightly.
“I’ve never touched another guys cock before.”
“I think today has been full of things that you’ve not done before.” I said with a smile.
“What about a shower?”
I followed him to the bathroom, he got out fresh towels and looked at me.
“You can shower first.” He said.
“Oh hell, I think we are past that, let’s both shower together I said as I opened the glass door to the shower and we stepped under the blast of fresh cool water. Joey squirted some shampoo into my hand, I soaped my hair before rubbing some suds onto his back and down into his ass crack, it was all becoming a little too real under the bright light of the bathroom, Joey turned thinking my fingers were about to go into his ass again.
My hands went to his chest, his slid down my wet body, he took my balls and cock into his hands encircling his fingers around them, he surprised me by going to his knees in the shower with his face inches from my cock, he pushed his tongue out and flicked at my dick before putting my cockhead into his mouth and sucking it a bit before standing and turning off the water.
We dried off and went back to the living room where our clothes were scattered over the floor, he looked uncomfortable and seemed unsure of what to do now.
“Well, I guess I should dress and go home, anytime you want to do this again, just let me know.” I said as I picked up my clothes.
“Fuck that, I want to grab a bite to eat and do this again tonight, if you want to, that is.” Joey said with a grin.
I walked over close to Joey and put my arm across his shoulder pulling him in for a hug, he kissed my neck again and I pulled back a little and kissed him softly on his lips.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Parking Lot Hookup

I was in the grocery store getting a few things when I noticed this guy near me sort of checking me out, I looked over to see a good sized hole in his Levi’s to the right side of his fly. I could see that he was commando and could also see a thick patch of his dark pubic hair and a bit of his white skin through the hole.
I looked up to see that he was watching me looking at his crotch, I looked away instantly but he had seen me looking just the same. He reached down and gave it a rub with his fingers flirting with me, I picked up the can of green beans from the shelf and dropped it into my shopping cart and headed off down the aisle.
I got a stirring in my crotch thinking about what had just happened, it was really nothing but a guy wanting a quick pick up and he probably does this all the time, who does this anyway? I thought to myself.

He was rather handsome in a rugged construction worker type way, I picked up the few things that I came for and pointed my cart toward the front of the store and just wanted to pay and get home, it had been a trying day at work and I needed to get changed and relax before making dinner.
Oh God, there he was again in the only checkout lane that was express and did not have a huge line, I moved up and he turned, my eyes went right to the hole in his jeans again, searching for a glimpse of his skin and pubic hair again.

“Oh, Hi again.” He said.

“Hi.” I replied as I forced myself to stop looking at his pubes.

“You only have a few things, would you like to get in front of me?”

“No, I am fine, thanks just the same.”

“Really?” he asked as he toyed near the hole with his finger.

“Yeah, it won’t be long.”

“How do you know how long it is?” He asked with a wicked smile.

“You know very well what I mean.”

“And YOU know very well what I mean.”

About that time the cashier started scanning his purchases, he looked up to the man and caught sight of the frayed hole in this guy’s jeans and got very flustered and his face turned red but he kept looking every chance he got.
The guy paid with his card and left the store without looking back, the cashier looked at me and asked how my day was going, I made small talk as he finished and gave me my change and I walked out into the parking lot with my two grocery bags.

“So, where are you headed?”

I turned to see that he was waiting outside the doors of the store and off to one side, he was walking along side of me like we were old friends.

“I am going home to make dinner.”

I put the two bags into the back seat and opened the driver’s door of my car and slid behind the wheel, he moved in between me and the door and just stood there, his crotch hole was at eye level now and only two feet away.

“Does this really work for you?” I asked.

“Does what work?”

“The hole in your jeans and no underwear, does it get you laid allot?” I asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Seems to.”


“Yeah, guys can’t take their eyes off of it, kind of like you, right now.”

My eyes darted up to his face, I reached for the door to attempt to pull it shut when he took my hand and put it to his crotch, and he pushed one of my fingers through the hole. I felt his course hair under my touch, he pushed my finger in a bit harder until I felt the side of his cock, and it made my heart race.
Some woman was walking past carrying a bag from the store headed to her car, she looked over with disgust.

“That is indecent.” She said.

“Oh I am sure you have bobbed on a good share of knobs in your day.” The jeans guy called out behind her.

I pulled my finger out of his jeans and started my car.

“What? You didn’t like it?” he asked.

“No, yeah, it was fine, but I have to go.”

He reached into the car and touched the side of my face and smiled.

“I bet you are a good cocksucker too.”

“I am not into sucking a stranger’s dick in the grocery store parking lot.”

“Really? Where are you into sucking a stranger’s dick?”


“Never? You have never had strange cock in your mouth before?”

“No, not in public.”

“So you have had some random guy’s cock in your mouth before.”

He looked around and unbuttoned his jeans completely, even that last button that no one unbuttons and flashed his dark bush by opening it.

“Touch it.” He said.

“No, I am not touching it.”

He pulled his fly open farther and farther until I could see most of his very thick shaft, I lost words at that point. He reached in and flopped his cock out and pushed his hips toward me while he leaned onto my car putting his arms on the roof while he looked around for anyone coming up.

“Suck it, I’ll watch for trouble.”

I looked at his fat prick and without thinking again, it was in my mouth and going into my throat as I gulped on his fat rod. It thickened and stiffened even more as I gasped for air, he smelled like a man, part his smell and a little bit of sweat. I reached in and set his balls free, they like his cock, heavy and large, they swung low and felt good in my hand.
He pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my throat, my eyes watered with each thrust, one or two people came out of the store but were not coming close enough to see anything or tell what was going on.

“Damn, suck it deep, take it all, I am about to blow my jizz, suck it all down.”

I sucked and sucked and within a moment he started filling me with his hot and salty jizz, I gulped and sucked, until there was no more to swallow, about that time I shot my own load in my briefs without taking it out or even touching it.

“I knew you were a good cocksucker,” he said as he packed his meat back into his jeans.

He leaned in and touched my lips. “Mighty good cocksucker to take my load without spilling any.”

I looked up as he turned and walked away without another word, I pulled my door shut and drove home in a bit of a daze. I got inside and put the groceries on the counter and took off my clothes, I had cum all over my crotch and everything was a sticky mess.

I turned the shower on and looked into the mirror, I rubbed some lotion onto my cock and jacked off as I replayed in my head what had just happened and I could still taste his cum, I let my own cum fly onto the bathroom counter and my head went back as I dreamed that he was between my legs sucking my cock as I came.

I took a shower and put on clean clothes, ate dinner and went to bed early, I was still thinking about the guy from the store, in my minds eye, I could see that fat prick bobbing before me and my cock hardened again as I jacked a big load of jizz onto my chest.

I went back to the grocery store several times that week but never saw him again, some days I would actually stake out the parking lot watching for him. Maybe one day he will come back and let me service his oversized cock in the parking lot again.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lakeside Lust

I have been planning a getaway for about four months, it was a campsite clearing near a beautiful small lake that I will have to hike to and I was going alone, no one would be around for miles but me.
A few years ago I had gone with some friends and had a blast but they were noisy and one of the guys was a real queen, always screaming in a high pitched voice and flitting around in his daisy duke cut off shorts where his “goods” were practically hanging out of the leg opening.
This time, I wanted to go and relax, do what I wanted, when I wanted. I am taking a small fishing rod to catch dinner in the lake to keep me from eating many of the freeze dried meals that I will pack.

Finally it was time to pull out of my driveway, I loaded up my SUV with only what I could pack in on my back, as the lake was over two miles in from the dirt road where I would leave my car. I drove out toward the lake stopping for dinner at a truck stop near where I would leave the highway and got a big juicy burger and fries knowing that after this meal I would only be eating what I could cook over a campfire or the small propane burner that I was taking with me.

Driving down the dirt road I found the trail that I knew would go to the lake and the place I would put my tent for the next few days. I parked, put on my loaded pack and grabbed another bag, the weight was well over sixty pounds between the bags, and I was tempted to pull out half of the stuff I brought.

It was a good two miles down an uneven path with branches brushing into my face and it was all I could do to keep my mind off of the potential snake that might be lying in wait to scare the shit out of me. I came to the clearing and could see the lake, it was only about six PM and I had to set up camp before it got dark or I would be doing it by lantern light.
Just as I moved toward the lake edge I saw a tent and a guy that was naked, standing at the water’s edge, damn, some jackass took my spot, I made a bit of noise so the guy would see me coming up.

“Hello, I don’t mean to intrude on you, it looks like we both had the same plan for this spot.” I said.

“Oh, hi, yeah I just got in a couple of hours ago myself, sorry, I usually stay naked the whole time I am here, my name is Carter.” He said as he covered his crotch with his hands.

“Not a problem, I planned on wearing little to no clothes myself, I will move on and leave you to your private getaway, my name is Jeremy.” I said.

“Nonsense, it is almost dark and I have hiked around the lake last time I was here, there is only one other good clearing and it is probably a mile or more away, put your tent where you want and do as you like, you won’t be a bother.”

“Thanks, I really don’t want to get caught in the dark, I will go off to that side over there.”

“Jeremy, set it up wherever, and you are welcome to share my campfire if you want after you are done.”

I went about my business putting my tent up, inflating my air mattress and rolling out my sleeping bag, every once in a while I would look up to catch a glimpse of Carter, he looked to be between 25 and 30 years old with dark hair and has a smoking hot ass, his cock was cut and not a huge one but looked like it would do the job.
I finished up doing most everything and looked around and gave a small sigh, it was now relaxation time, I sat in my tent and took off my shoes, and stuffed my socks into them to prevent snakes from camping out in them, the chances were slim but I didn’t want to think about it happening, I have an aversion to snakes.
“Get naked and join me if you like.” Carter called out.

“Thanks, nothing like being naked in nature.”

I felt a little self-conscious but I stripped my clothes off and walked over to the fire, there was a fallen log that Carter was sitting on with enough room for 5 or 6 people.

“Pull up some wood.” Carter said with a wry grin.

"I brought a towel over to sit on, I am not sure if my ass can take sitting on the bark of the log.”

“Jeremy you have one hell of a bubble butt so I am sure it will be fine.”

After hearing Carter talk and his observations of my ass I was sure he was gay, he was not directly coming on to me but he was nearing that mark. The evening was nice, crickets were nearby chirping and the sky was near fully dark.
Carter stood up and walked over to a stack of logs he had collected and threw a big log onto the fire, his shape was impressive looking with the flicker of the fire against his body. We chatted a while about different things over the next hour or so but about nothing much at all.

“I am headed to my tent and get some sleep, it’s early but I’m beat, there is no need for you to go to the other side of the lake tomorrow unless you really want to be alone, I’m fine with you being here.” Carter said as he stood up and stretched arching his back, my eye was drawn to the part that stuck out the most, his cock, it bounced around as he walked to his tent.

“G’night.” I said.

Carter turned on a camping light in his tent as he positioned himself on his sleeping bag, the lantern lit his shadow against the tent. I looked out at the dark lake and was thinking about going to lay down myself when I looked over to see a familiar movement going on, I could see the shadow of his hand on his erection pumping it gently up and down, I could not make out details but I could sure tell what was going on.
I stood up to go to my tent but my eye kept returning to the shadows dancing on the side of the tent, I could feel my cock starting to stiffen some.

“Just yell if you need help in there.” I called out.

The motion stopped the second I spoke and I heard Carter giggle a little.

“Sure, come on in.” he said.

I walked over and pushed back the tent flap to his large tent, the glow of the battery operated lantern lit his body well, he still held his hard cock in his right hand and had a big grin on his face.
I bent down and touched his chest while he lay still, I traced his nipples with my fingertip and up to his face touching his lips, and he kissed my finger as they brushed past. Carters hand felt between my legs and cupped my hanging balls, I touched his chest again and moved to his dark treasure trail following it to his thick bush of hair that surrounded his cock that stuck straight up in the air. I moved a bit and leaned over touching his cockhead with my tongue, teasing it and watching it pulse after being touched. I licked the underside of his cock down to his balls, his legs lifted a little instinctively allowing me a little more room to caress his privates.

I pulled one of his leg’s up finding  his rosebud running my fingertip over it causing  his body to  jerk, his leg hair matted with my spit as I licked the inside of his thighs up to his cock before taking it deep into my throat in one push causing Carter to gasp loudly. I bounced my throat up and down on his cock gasping for air when I could draw some in, Carters legs moved all around and at one point went over my shoulders and pulled me deeper onto his sexy rod.
My hand went up to is left nipple giving it a rough twist making it stiffen immediately, my eyes burned and watered from his thick meat reaming  my throat, I needed air but did not want to pull off until I absolutely had to.

I moved around and dangled my balls against his lips, my cock jutted out towards his chin as he licked my nuts and moved around trying to reach my shaft. I continued sucking his cock while I reached under him with both hands prying his ass cheeks apart and flicking at his asshole with my forefinger, Carter pulled my cock into his mouth and seemed at home gulping my shaft into his throat.
I lifted up and pulled my dick from his mouth and sat back onto his face with my fuck hole pushing on his mouth, in no time his tongue was pushing at my ass door while I rocked up and down on his face as he chewed my ass while he pulled my hips downward.  My cock bounced free in front of me and it was time I had some release, I moved down between his legs and pushed my stiff prick into his ass and drove it deep.

“Fuck me hard, Jeremy, Oh that feels so good.” Carter panted.

I didn’t need more of an invitation than that, I started drilling his ass with enthusiasm, I was hitting the side of the tent and thinking that it might pull it down around us but it held fast.
My cock exploded into his ass pumping my man juice deep inside him, as I shot I would ram my hips forward making my cock go as deep into him as I could. I pulled out and pushed his legs further forward until he was almost up on his shoulders, taking his vein bulging prick into my fist and pumped it tightly and as fast as I could bringing him to a summit within a couple of minutes.
Carter was panting and moaning loudly when he let the splash of cum hit him in the face, each rope of jizz after that flooded his face, it was running down his neck and into his open mouth, I have not seen a guy dump that much cum out at one time before. When he was spent, I let his legs down and dipped my finger into the cum on his face licking it from my finger.
Carter could only smile up at me, I leaned down and kissed his wet and salty face before I pushed a gob of cock juice deep into his mouth letting him suck the last of the goodness form my finger as I pulled it out.

Carter pulled me close making room for me to lay on top of his open sleeping bag next to him, we were quiet for a moment before Carter burst out laughing.

“What is so funny?”

“Nothing,” Carter said.

“Right, what are you laughing about?”

“Jeremy, I have to confess, I positioned the lantern in a way that you would see my shadow and I hoped it would get you horny enough to come in here with me.”

“You are one naughty camper, and I am glad you did, this was pretty hot, now turn out the light and let’s get to sleep.” I said as I poked Carter in the side.

The next morning I awoke with morning wood and Carter checking it out, he rolled over and kissed my dick a few times before he sucked it so intensely that I was gripping onto the edge of the sleeping bag holding on for the immense orgasm that I knew was on the way. Carter bobbed on my prick, my hips arched into the air as I filled his mouth with my life protein, he gulped at it hungrily.
Carter moved on top of me straddling my chest as he jacked off, my hands roamed his legs and back to his ass cheeks, I pulled him toward me a little so I could push a couple of fingers into his asshole which made him shoot his jizz onto my face and into my open mouth.
I leaned in and took his overly sensitive cock into my mouth sucking it making his body fold almost in half as he moaned out loud.

“Let’s go for a morning swim before breakfast.” Carter said as he ran from the tent.
Carter was splashing around in the water whooping and hollering before I get much past the tent flap, I ran for the lake, the water was quite cool but felt refreshing.

After swimming for a few minutes I walked over and picked up some wood to get a fire going to cook on.

“Wait, I brought a small propane burner, I can cook anything on it, sit and relax, let me do my thing and I’ll feed us both.”

I watched in amazement while Carter moved around in and out of the tent, he brought out eggs, a small carton of milk and some thick bread, before I knew what he was doing, he had French toast in the skillet.

“You brought milk, really?” I asked.

“Yeah, it is shelf stable real milk, safe without refrigeration until you open it, I splurge when it comes to breakfast.”

“You must have used a helicopter to bring all your supplies in.” I said laughing.

“Should have had an air drop but I really carried allot, it was a real workout, I stopped and rested twice and thought about spending the first night half way in.” Carter said.

We ate the delicious breakfast of French toast and bacon and broke out the fishing rods to try to catch some lunch. When you are naked, you need to really watch where the fish hooks go when the wind blows a little while you are prepping the hook with bait.  We caught a few fish which I volunteered to clean and fry, I made fun asking Carter if he had any tartar sauce to go with the fish and I almost expected him to say he did. I cooked two of the four potatoes that I had brought with me and we had an early lunch and retired to the shade of the nearby trees to nap for a while.

I woke up to Carter rubbing his fingers at the top of my ass crack, I moaned some to let him know I was into a good ass fucking, I arched my back toward him allowing him more space to move into place, I could feel his cock pushing at my butthole, he must have used some spit for lube and in his cock went inside me stretching my hole out and making me want him more than before.

Carter took the invitation but went down on my crack with his mouth, licking and chewing at my ass, I went to my knees and spread my knees apart. Carter lay on his back with his head between my knees  and licked at my dangling balls before I pushed my cock into his mouth, I began fucking his throat going deeper and deeper until he had swallowed my cock to the pubes.
Carter was jacking his cock while mine rammed his tonsils, Carter was getting close to cumming while I held back as long as I could and I let my load go into his mouth while I still fucked his throat. Carter was right behind me splashing his jizz all over his chest.

Carter fucking my ass was lost in the mix of the moment but it felt great anyway, I was really liking spending my vacation time with him even though I originally wanted peace and serenity by myself, who can find fault with a fuck buddy waiting on my arrival.

The few days we had flew by and before I knew it Carter had to pack up and hike out, I had one more day to spend alone. I got Carters phone number and promised to call him when I got home, it turned out we only live forty miles from each other. I spent the “alone time” thinking of Carter and how much sexy fun I had with him. I could not wait to get back home and plan a weekend together soon, I did call Carter and we were on the phone for two hours we met for dinner two weeks after being at the lake, and Carter invited me back to his place for the weekend where he made me feel so at home and I knew that I wanted to make more time in my life for Carter.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Baseball Boys

I was on a baseball team on the outskirts of a major city, and I enjoyed the freedom of the country but the acceptance of the city. Our team was made up of about two thirds gay men, some of them were pretty hot, the straight ones too.
We played teams from all around the state and that took money, we usually would rent a couple of passenger vans and share motel rooms, two to a bed, straight and gay in the same bed, it did not matter to most but there was always butt fuck jokes and soap in the shower talk.
Sometimes we would do work around the county to help pay for the trips, this week it was an old barn that needed cleaning out and five of us could knock it out in a few hours.
Myself and four teammates headed down the dusty country road early enough to get as much done as possible before the heat of the summer kicked in, the farm owner was away but had given instructions to pile and burn the old wood and junk and make a scrap pile of the stuff that would not burn.
We started clearing out the massive barn and before ten o’clock the sweat was running down our backs causing our tee shirts to cling to our chests and backs.
“Fuck it’s hot.” Jesse said as he peeled off his soaked tee shirt tossing it on an old pallet.
“We are gonna have to find a creek to skinny dip in later and wash off the sweat and dust.” Chris remarked.
I looked over to see Jesse unbuckling his belt, he slid his jeans to the ground and took them off completely, and he was standing there in his red boxer briefs and tennis shoes with sweat trickling down his back.
“I think your undies are soaked in sweat too, may as well take them off too.” I said as a joke.
That was all it took, he slid them down and over his shoes and was buck ass naked and looking pretty hot too. His dark tan, thick eyebrows and hairy legs made him appear less feminine than his mannerisms but all the same, he was a great guy.
Brian was walking past and saw Jesse naked, while he was dragging an old timber out of the barn, Brian was one of the straight guys on the team and very handsome, we always kidded him about hopping from one woman to another in the same day.
“Damn, Jesse, what the fuck you gotta be all naked out here?” Brian asked.
“You like watching my sweet ass Brian, don’t be acting like a hater, besides, it is a whole lot cooler like this.” Jesse remarked.
Over the next twenty minutes or so all of us had stripped to either our underwear or wearing only our shoes, I was not one to stand on ceremony and was wearing only my beat up brown hiking boots while my junk swung in the breeze.
Brian was a sight in his white briefs, his junk pulled at the fabric as he moved and I swear he was near getting a boner when he was working next to Jesse. Chris was naked and slid in behind Jesse grabbing his hips and pushing his thick cock to the man’s ass crack and mock fucking him, I noticed that Brian did not look away.
Clay was the only straight guy here besides Brian but he stripped off his underwear after a few minutes and now Brian was the only one left wearing anything other than shoes.
“You gonna join us Brian? I asked.
“No Dave, I’m fine, I don’t want you guys getting too excited by seeing a real man naked.” He said laughing.
“A real man would not be scared to strip and work naked.” Jesse called out as he walked out into the sunlight tossing some scrap wood onto the pile.
“Fuck you.” Brian said with a grin.
“Come fuck me baby, if you are man enough.” Jesse taunted slapping his own ass cheek.
Brian ignored it but I think I saw his package grow a bit bigger. Chris walked past Jesse again but this time it was more than a joke, he rubbed his cock against and reached around taking Jesse’s cock in his hand giving it a few tugs making it hard as a rock. I looked over and everyone had stopped working to watch.
“Break time.” I called out with a loud laugh.
Chris was ass crack fucking Jesse, rubbing his fully stiff cock along the man’s ass crack and under to his ball sack.
“Aww fuck, we gonna have a gay orgy right here in front of everyone?” Clay called out.
“Only if you join in Clay!” I said.
Jesse bent over a bit farther while Chris pushed his cock right up Jesse’s ass and started fucking him while everyone watched. Clay protested a little more but his cock was starting to swing out from his body.
I looked over and Brian had his briefs pulled down and was jacking his cock. He looked at me and gave me a look.
“What, I’m not gay, just getting my rocks off, everyone jacks off.”
“I didn’t say anything.”
Chris was fucking Jessy hard and I could tell that he was getting close to cumming, I moved in close and was running my hand over Chris’s ass mounds and along his crack as he fucked him.
Chris pulled his cock out and splashed cum all over Jesse’s ass crack, without even time for Jesse to move, Brian of all people pushed past Chris and grabbed Jesse’s hips and pushed his thick hard straight ballplayer cock right into him.
I could not believe that Brian was fucking Jesse, he had sweat running down his back and into his ass crack, I so wanted to reach over and feel his butt, it was so white against the tan that stopped at his waist. Clay walked closer and stood there jacking his own cock while watching his teammate’s raw fuck show.
Chris had raised his cock back to a full on boner again but had his eye on Clay’s meat, he moved in close and Clay pushed him away gently but Chris held his ground and took Clay's cock into his hand jacking it some before squatting in front of him  and taking it into his mouth, Clay’s knees nearly buckled.
“Fuck that feels good, I’ve never had a woman make my cock feel like that.” Clay moaned.
I reached over and rubbed my hand across Brian’s ass cheeks, he didn’t push me away, I moved closer and ran my hand down his ass crack and under to where I could feel his balls slapping around while he fucked Jesse. I started thinking about inserting a finger into his asshole and was toying with it when he looked back at me.
“Nothing goes in.”
I took that as an invitation to do anything I wanted as long as nothing when inside his ass. I stood behind him and brushed the head of my cock against his ass crack and a little between his cheeks when he pulled back from Jesse, it felt so good but only lasted a half a second before he thrust forward again into Jesse’s ass.
Brian started breathing louder than before and I knew he was about to blow, this was my only chance to squirt a load against his ass crack before he came to his senses and turned straight again. I jutted my hips forward while jacking my cock furiously and about the same time Brian dumped his load into Jesse, my cum squirted onto Brian’s bubble butt and into his ass crack.
“Hoooo,,,, Holy shit, fuck Jesse, your ass is fucking hot.” Brian said without thinking about it.
He pulled out and looked around like he needed to change what he had just said, but no one seemed to care. His cock was wet with cum and looked like it was from a horse, huge, thick and still throbbing.
Clay pulled out of Chris’s mouth and moved over to Jesse, it looked like it had turned into that orgy that Clay was talking about. It only took him a few seconds of fucking Jesse before he was moaning and groaning loud enough to be heard in the next county.
“I guess everyone is at least a little gay today.” I said with a grin as I picked up some rusted iron pipes and hauled them outside.
It was pretty hot seeing the other four working together after that, Clay still had cum seeping from his cock making strands to his thigh before it would break and fall to the dirt and Brian’s cock seemed to never get fully soft, it sort of bounced and pushed out from his balls some.
I saw more than a few ass slaps between them while we worked, Chris had vanished for a few minutes and walked up about the time we had lit the pile of old wood on fire.
“Guys, there is a nice creek over there just past that tree, let’s go cool off while the fire burns, we can see it from there and it will be fine.”
Clay and Jesse took off running towards the creek, their cocks and balls bouncing all over, we got into the cool water and splashed around feeling great after the sweat and heat of the day.
Brian swam over to the mud bank I was laying on, only my knees and feet were in the water as I relaxed.
“Hey Dave, I liked what we all did inside the barn and I would not mind doing it again, but with you this time.”
He placed his hand on my cock, running his fingers down my shaft toying with the head of my cock.
“I’m not gay, but what does it feel like to have a cock inside your ass?” Brian asked.
“Well you can come to my house tonight after we get back and find out.”
“Well, I didn’t mean…” Brian said as his voice trailed off.
I knew that he did mean it and by the way he was touching my cock openly, and I was sure he had been thinking of being with a guy before this.
“Suck my cock.” I said.
Brian did not say a word, he looked at my face then my cock and the next thing his lips were bobbing up and down on my shaft like he had done it a million times. His fingers roamed under my balls and then he pushed a finger into my ass finger fucking me while sucking my stiff prick.
Clay and Chris were playing in the water, splashing and giggling. Clay had better look out or Chris would be fucking him next I thought.
“That fire up there is burning as hot as my ass after, getting fucked by three of you.”
“You are just a whore Jesse.” I said jokingly.
“Fuck you Dave.”
I could feel the cum stirring and it was headed out of my cock in a moment or so.
“Brian, I’m getting ready to shoot, you better pull off if you don’t want a mouthful of jizz.”
Brian held his ground and sucked hard as my salty man juice shot out of my cock into his throat, I moaned as I bucked my hips while he sucked me to the end.
“Mmmmm take it baby, suck me dry.” I cried out.
The others stopped the horseplay to watch, no one thought of Brian as the cocksucker type but he sure looked at home with my cock in his throat.
After a while we walked back to the barn, the fire had burned down to a smolder while we all stood there watching it, no one seemed to want to put their clothes back on.
I walked over to Brian and quietly asked him if he wanted to come over to my apartment after we got back, he only smiled and I knew that I would be fucking his virgin ass tonight.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Computer Repair Guy

I have been having trouble with my laptop for a while, I didn’t want to buy a new one as it was only a year and a half old, In computers, that is considered way out of date but it suited me just fine, it was the glitch of it turning off on its own when I would try to go to a web page.

I checked Craig’s list on my phone for someone to help me at a lower price than the rip off shop at the mall, I called the number and the guy, David gave me his address to bring it over for him to look at.

After the few minute drive I was knocking at his door.

“Hi, I’m Luke, I called you about my laptop.”

“Yeah, come on in, have a seat and tell me what your laptop is doing.” David said.

“Well, it shuts down on me allot when I get a pop up and I try to close it and I would like to see if you can clean it up and make it faster.”

“Sounds like a virus, and I am sure I can help you out, can I have it for a couple of days?”

“Sure, it is not doing me much good and is frustrating me like crazy.” I said looking into David’s steel gray eyes.

David was pretty hot, not the computer nerd I had expected, he was tanned and muscular in a natural way, he was wearing shorts and a tank top and I would get a flash of dark arm pit hair occasionally but it was his full lips that captivated me, the corner of the right side would pull up a bit when he spoke separating to show off his near perfect white teeth.

“Write your name and phone number down and I will give you a call when I finish with it.” David said as he picked up a pen and some paper handing it to me.

I jotted my information down and started for the door, David placed his hand on my shoulder as he opened the door, and I pushed my hand out to shake his.

“Cool, thanks Luke, I will have it done in no time.”

I almost forgot about David and my computer until my cell phone rang three days later.

“Hello, Luke? It’s David, your laptop is finished and running as smooth as ever, you can come by now if you would like to.”

“Yeah, sounds good, I’ll be right over, how much do I owe you?”

“Fifty bucks is fine, I really didn’t have to do that much, see you in a few.”

“Great.” I said before hanging up the phone.

I was at his house in about ten minutes and David was out watering the yard, shirtless and looking sexy as ever.

“Hey, you must live close, it only took you a few minutes to get here.”

“Yeah, just over by the mall.” I said as I stared at his chest.”

David walked over squatting near the house to turn off the water, I watched the back of his shorts pull out from his lower back showing me the very top of his ass crack, it made my heart race, I wanted to slide my hand into his shorts and a finger into that bit of a crack.

“Let’s go inside and cool off, it is hot out here and I have been out here about as long as I could without stripping naked and turning the hose on myself.”

“That would be a great show for the neighbors I’m sure.” I said envisioning that in my head.

David laughed as he opened the door, it was dark and cool inside, we sat on the couch while David turned my laptop on.

“What did you find the problems were?”

David smiled at me a bit before speaking, I was at a loss as to why.

“Well, you did have a virus, probably from web sites you may have visited, I cleared the virus and added an anti-virus protection and moved your massive picture files onto a thumb drive to clear out some memory and help speed things up, my face went red as soon as he said picture files, it was porn, gay porn tons of pictures of men, young and old doing all sorts of things to each other and cum flying everywhere.

David pushed the thumb drive into the USB slot on the side and up popped a set of files and David proceeded to show me how to transfer pictures and videos over to the thumb drive. A video of a guy fucking a smaller guy lit up the screen, my face was hot.

“If you store your entertainment on these USB drives, it will save your space and keep it off of your laptop, I especially liked this video.” David said with a smile.

“I’m so fucking embarrassed.”

“Why? I have a healthy porn collection of my own, here I made you a copy on a second USB drive.”

David handed me a blue USB storage stick and closed my laptop.

“That my friend will be fifty bucks, mostly I charged you for the anti-virus I added, and the rest was my pleasure.”

I paid him, shook his hand and gathered up my laptop and the two thumb drives, thanked him and headed for the door.

“Let me know if you have any problems at all, I’m only a few minutes away.” David said flashing that dazzling smile.

“Will do.” I replied.

In the car all I could think about was how embarrassed I was about him seeing my gay porn and him giving me a thumb drive of his porn, probably nothing I’d want to see, I’m not into straight porn whatsoever.

Inside my house, I opened my laptop and started to push the red USB drive into the laptop and look at my porn collection, I was very horny and wanted some relief.

I hesitated and picked up the blue one, David’s porn, I pushed it in and the screen came up to a video, at first a close up of a hot and large cock dangling between a guy’s legs, his hand came into frame and rubbed it to a full erection, wow, gay porn, I took him for a straight guy.

I could hear soft moaning and slipped my shirt and shots off dropping them onto the floor, the guy moved back a little from the camera, then I heard his voice say “Suck it Luke”, I jumped and almost lost my boner, the guy backed away from the camera until I could see his face, it was David, he had made me a sexy video, wow! And he was definitely hot.

David moved near the screen before turning a bit showing me his sexy ass, he did not bend over or spread his ass cheeks but turned back giving me a great view of his cock jutting out from his body.

“Luke, if you like what you see, I will be naked and waiting for you for up to an hour after you left my house, after seeing your porn collection. I knew that you would like a short video seeing me naked, I didn’t want to put any pressure on you. I also didn’t know if you had a boyfriend or were seeing anyone, in that case, you are probably watching this with him and won’t be over, If you are coming, don’t bother knocking, just come in, I will be inside waiting for your stiff cock to fill my ass.”

I looked at the clock, I had been gone for 20 minutes, and ran for the car, I wanted to run red lights as they seemed to take forever to change to green. Finally I pulled into his driveway and hurried to the door, it was unlocked and I walked in to see David standing a few feet away naked, just like he said in the video.

I reached to put my arms around him but he took one hand right to his low hanging balls and thick cock, my hand felt the weight of it and cupped his balls while my left hand roamed his lower back.

David was a sight, very hot looking naked stud that seemed to be a bottom. David pulled the back of my neck toward him, his sexy lips went to mine that chewed softly before running his tongue into my mouth as we walked to his bed.

David pulled my tee over my head and ran his tongue down my chest to my left nipple, his hand went down the back of my waistband and into my ass crack. He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them to the floor and wrapped his hands around the back of my legs and moved to my brief covered ass.

We had not said a word but David moved his mouth to my crotch and started biting and chewing at my underwear and bulge before dropping them to my ankles.

My cock bounced as I stepped out of my jeans and briefs, I ran my hands over David’s chest and down to his crotch, my fingers circled his cock and balls, but not quite all the way, but I felt as I owned them, he leaned in and kissed me again.

“Fuck me.” He whispered in my ear.

We moved onto the bed, he had prepared by setting out some lube and condoms, I helped myself and gave him a firm push face down onto the bed, I reached under and lifted his hips into the air and could feel his cock and balls dangling in the air between his legs.

His smooth skin was intoxicating, I ran my hands all over his back and thighs, and he had that fresh out of the shower smell and feel.

I moved in behind him and in one firm motion, after adding lube, I pushed my condom covered cock into his ass. I could hear him inhale deeply but I got the idea from his actions and lack of idle chat, he wanted to be taken firmly.

I pushed forward as far as my cock could be buried inside him and leaned back some, looking down at my cock shoved into his ass, I wiggled inside him side to side before fucking him again.

I reached under and felt his manhood, it was more full than before but not completely hard, looking at David’s back while I held his hips and gave him all I had, fucking him hard and deep.

“Fuck me baby, give it to me.” David said.

I didn’t hesitate, I fucked him hard and fast, hammering my cock into his sweet ass

When I was about to cum, I pulled out and peeled off the condom and squirted my jizz over his ass crack and butthole while pushing my cockhead in the sticky goo while I finished cumming.

David flipped over moving his legs to his chest baring his asshole to the ceiling, I slid my finger into his ass and reamed it in and out while I jacked him with the other hand until his man juice splashed all over his chest and face.

He looked so sexy laying there covered in cum, I reached down and rubbed it into his nipples before sucking the spunk from them.

“That was hot.” I said softly.

“No, that was way fucking hot.” David said.

I laid on top of his chest and looked into his eyes.

“I’m hungry, want to go get dinner and a few beers?”

“Yeah, I do.” He said.

“One thing Luke, I am not into dating, I am not looking for a boyfriend, just sex now and then and I like my ass plowed, I don’t mind hanging out sometimes but I am not exclusive, so don’t get attached, let’s go get something to eat.”

We ate a big dinner and talked a bit, seemed that David was into random sex and I could indulge in that for a while but ultimately want a man that I can come home to every night.

David was a fulltime bottom and liked to be plowed a couple of times a week either by me or someone else after we would text to meet, I never got tired of walking into his house finding him naked, sometimes he was on the couch watching TV with his legs spread, in the shower or on his bed, I never knew where I would find him but he was always naked.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Unexpected Three Way

I had just turned 21 a few days ago and was headed out to a gay bar, I have gotten into bars before but only by sliding in quietly and having other people order a drink for me, my friends could not make it until later tonight.

I got a drink and started looking for a table near the dance floor but there was not one were available, I stood sipping my drink for a few minutes when a guy waved me over to his table.

“Have a seat, no need in standing when I have space here, my name is Jeff.” He said.

“Thanks, Jeff, my name is Greg, I always get here too late to find a table.”

Jeff looked to be about 40 years old but was very hot looking, he must work out or have great genes.

“Have you been here before? I’ve not seen you here before.” Jeff asked.

“Yeah a few times, a couple of friends are meeting me here later, I hope, they do anyway.”

“My partner Paul will be here shortly, he had to work a little late.”

“Oh, cool.”

We drank a couple of drinks by the time Paul showed up, he looked to be about 23, not much older than me.

“So how long have you and Jeff been together?” I asked.

“A little over a year.” Paul said patting Jeff on the leg.

I sat there listening to them catch up on the day’s events of work, at first I could not see why these two were together, Paul was slight in build and a ginger while Jeff was built much bigger and then the age difference, Paul was near half the age of Jeff, but it seemed to work for them.

“I don’t think my friends are coming after all, I may go ahead and call it a night.”

“No, stay and hang with us, have another drink,” Paul said.

“Okay, why not, I have nowhere I need to be.”

We ordered another round of drinks and the three of us danced together for several songs before returning to the table.

“Greg, why don’t you come to our place with us and we can relax and have more drinks and a few things to snack on?” Paul asked.

“Sure, sounds fun, let’s go.”

I followed them in my car, they only lived a few miles away, inside their house, we got comfortable while jeff poured drinks and brought out cheese and crackers. Paul sat near me and talked more about his day at work and how the nellie gay at work prances around the office gabbing with everyone spreading gossip all day long while Paul was trying to work and get out on time, but that didn’t happen.

We talked a bit more when Paul reached over and placed his hand on my thigh as he talked, my eyes darted right to Jeff waiting to see his reaction, I was nervous about this, but it felt good.

“I’ll get more drinks, get comfortable boys” Jeff said.

He clearly could see what was happening so I kept the conversation going like it had been when Paul laughed at something I said and his hand went farther up my thigh, his fingers extended to the inside of my leg.

I looked at his hand and back to Paul’s face, he smiled and leaned in to kiss me, I started to pull back, figured what the hell, the worst thing would be that Jeff’s feathers would get ruffled and I would leave, but it seemed like they must have an open relationship.

I kissed Paul, his hand went inside my shirt and was rubbing around my chest and to my nipples gently pinching them between his fingers. My eyes must have been shut for a few seconds and when I opened them, there stood Jeff, just watching us.

I was starting to feel uncomfortable but Jeff moved on the other side of me kissing my neck and lips, they both seemed to be enjoying it, why shouldn’t I.

It was amazing having four hands roaming over my body and into my clothing and within moments my clothes were being taken off of me. Jeff moved to my feet, rubbing and sucking on my toes and feet, I didn’t know that I would enjoy that as much as I did. Paul moved to my cock and had sucked me to a wet throbbing boner that jutted straight upward.

They took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom, well it turned out not to be their bedroom but more like a sex room, they had all kinds of bondage stuff in there, even a sex swing and a bondage cross.

Paul moved to the cross while Jeff put the restraints on his wrists and ankles leaving him strapped to the cross and looking sexy and helpless. Jeff handed me a whip of sorts and stepped back.

“Whip him on the back.” Jeff said.

I looked at Jeff and then to Paul, Paul turned his head and gave me a nod and smiled for a second.

“I’m not so comfortable with this, I’ve never whipped anyone or done anything like this.” I said with a stutter.

“Give it a try.” Paul said.

I used the whip across Paul’s back lightly, Jeff took the whip and gave him a hard slap across the same spot as I had but his left a pink mark and caused Paul to cry out a little.

I gave it a go, still reluctant.

“Harder, he likes it and has been a bad boy.”

I gave him a few smacks again and handed the whip back to Jeff.

Jeff used the whip on Paul’s ass leaving red marks immediately.

“Go up to him and use him as you like, be as rough or soft as you want.”

I walked over to the cross and touched the curves of Paul’s ass, I could feel the welts on his ass cheeks, I ran my hands across his otherwise smooth and hairless body.

I pushed my body to his, my stiff cock between his legs and my arms around his body holding him tightly.

“Looks like you want a strapping too.” Jeff said.

I didn’t answer and did not move, I don’t know why, this had never interested me whatsoever, hurting the one you loved or at least the one you wanted to have sex with, but just the same, I stood there and went quiet.

The first lash was across my ass cheeks and was not that hard, I think Jeff was testing the waters to see if he would scare me off or not. Then the second time I could hear the straps hitting my bare skin and the instant sting was more intense than before.

“I have two bad boys to whip it seems.”

The third time was even harder, I cried out and my hard cock jutted higher against Paul’s ass crack, my hips pulled back and moved forward rubbing it between his legs, lightly pumping on him.

I could feel the heat from Paul’s sexy body as I moved my hands down to his narrow waist.

“Fuck him.” Jeff said, it was more of an order than a request.

I looked around and Jeff handed me a condom and a bottle of some clear lube, I slid the condom on and lubed my cock, I moved to my knees and pushed my face into the ginger’s ass, my tongue searched his tight crevice before I chewed at his hole. Paul moaned and pushed back against my face while Jeff put the whip against Paul’s back just above my head.

I stood and pushed my cock into his ass, and started humping him going deeper inside his pale ass, Jeff brought the whip back onto my ass, I felt the sting and it seemed to make my cock harder and stronger, I wanted to make love to Paul but the animal in me was strong and before long I wanted to use this ass for my own release.

Jeff walked around the cross and slapped the whip at Paul’s cock and balls, he moved in ran his hand between Paul’s legs past his balls until he felt the point where my cock was entering his lover, his fingers felt my shaft plunging in and pulling out he pushed a finger into Paul’s hole and stretched it farther than my cock did alone, I could feel the pressure which made it more intense as he moved his fingertip out to a point where my cockhead pushed against it inside Paul.

It took only moments of this before I started cumming, I reached around Paul grabbing his chest and twisting his nipples as I climaxed in his ass.

I pulled out and Jeff stepped into place and started fucking him, I walked to the other side and kissed Paul while my hands roamed his chest before going to his balls that were swinging between his legs while getting fucked in the ass.

My right hand gripped his very stiff and straining shaft jacking him off, I went to my knees in front of Paul and went down on his cock to his fiery red bush of pubic hair.

Letting Jeff’s rough fucking agitate Paul’s cock in my throat until he shot his jizz into me while I gasped for air.

Jeff climaxed in the ginger boy’s ass a moment later, all three of us were breathing hard, sweaty and worn feeling. Jeff released Paul from the sex cross and led us to an oversized shower.

Paul was the soap applier, we all got wet while Paul used a liquid soap rubbing it over our bodies, I put some soap in my hands and washed Paul’s back and ass running a finger deep into his ass crack following it to his balls. Jeff bent down and sucked on my cock getting it to chub up right away, I felt him push his thumb into my ass and my cock went hard instantly. Paul stood to the side while I tugged at his balls and played with his cock and within a couple of minutes I was blowing my nut into Jeff’s mouth.

We dried off and I got dressed and was headed out the door, this was one unique 3 way sex night, I will be looking for these two very soon to repeat tonight’s fun.

Monday, June 27, 2016


I met Brandon in early spring at a friend’s birthday party. I could not take my eyes off of him, he was very animated while telling a story, his arms waving around while he spoke and laughed.

Everyone listened when Brandon spoke, he was the center of attention, the opposite of me, I am a very quiet 27 year old that would never get in front of a crowd like he does, I lusted after him, but then half of the guys in the room either wanted to be him or be with him.

He is over six feet tall with wide shoulders and sparkling blue eyes that really caught my gaze, and his thick dark lips looked so kissable. He looked around as he spoke and finally finished the story and when another guy started talking, Brandon headed for the kitchen for a drink, I followed gulping my drink so I actually had a reason to get another one.

Brandon looked my way as I walked in behind him.

“Hi, I’m Brandon.” He said as he stuck his hand out toward me.

“My name is Taylor.” I said as I shook his hand.

“What are you drinking Taylor?”

“Vodka and some of that red punch.”

Brandon mixed me a drink and was a little heavy handed with the vodka, handed me the drink while placing one hand on my shoulder.

“Try that.” He said as he rubbed my shoulder.

“Mmm, tastes good, a little strong though.”

“Nonsense, you’ll love it.”

I could not stop looking into his eyes, his hand slipped down off of my shoulder and started rubbing my back, and all I could do is smile. Brandon made his drink and offered me a taste.

“That’s good, what is it?”

“It’s a vodka greyhound, just vodka and grapefruit juice.”

“I think I will try one after I finish this drink.” I replied.

“Here let’s trade drinks, I will drink yours.”

I smiled as I sipped his drink, he started talking about sports and biking, he was almost a straight man, I was lost in much of what he was talking about but I didn’t care, my eyes were either focused on his lips or his eyes, Once I actually got up the nerve to put my hand on his hip as I moved to his side to get at a bowl of chips.

“So what do you like to do?” Brandon asked.

“Well, I like to, um, well read and cook.”

“Well, that’s great, nothing wrong with that, I can’t cook to save my life, mostly sandwiches and I really never get a home cooked meal, I just eat out mostly.”

“I’d be happy to have you over for a nice meal, I could make pretty much whatever you like.”

“Really? I’d love to, anything would be great I’m sure.”

“You’ve got it, give me your phone number and I’ll text you my address and all.”

I took out my phone to add his number to it when he reached over and tapped his name and number into my phone in no time and sent himself a text to open things up between us.

“There ya go Taylor, let me know when and where and I will be there.” Brandon said as he leaned in and kissed my lips softly before he turned and left the party.

I stood there in a dense fog from his gentle kiss, I wanted more of those lips but was still trying to figure out what made me stand out to him I am pretty much average in most ways, he seemed interested but then it may just be a casual thing, maybe he wants a good meal and a blowjob and he is off to the next one, he is certainly good enough looking to have who he wants.

I sent Brandon a text asking if the next night at seven was too soon, he sent a reply within moments letting me know that it was fine and sent me a close up of his lips in a kissing pose, I replied with a “GRIN” and told him that I would set that picture as his contact picture so he sent me a nice close up of his face but in the mirror behind him I could see his bare ass in the reflection, damn it was fine.

The next day I sent Brandon the address and let him know I was looking forward to seeing him. I went shopping and picked up the fixings for dinner along with grapefruit juice and vodka, I even went to the trouble to buy some expensive rocks glasses for the drinks.

Dinnertime could not come fast enough but finally the bell rang, I opened the door to see Brandon, his masculine face that made me want to jizz my pants just to see him, but here he was in my living room, he pulled me close with a hug.

“Hi Brandon, great to see you, would you like a drink?”

“Sure Taylor, I’d love one, thanks for asking me over for dinner, it is very sweet of you.”

I walked into the kitchen and pulled the vodka from the freezer and mixed two drinks handing one to Brandon, he leaned in and kissed my lips, I responded softly before Brandon gently bit my bottom lip and the kiss became more intense.

He patted my ass as I walked to the kitchen to finish the last part of the dinner, I was making beef roast with potatoes, carrots, green salad and fresh yeast rolls that I bought at the bakery, no time today for fresh rolls from dough.

Brandon sat at the kitchen breakfast bar and talked to me while I cooked, he had already had a workout and played volleyball today and gave me the highlights of the game, at some points I could not remember what kind of game he was talking about but loved hearing his voice.

I set the salads on the table and called Brandon over to the table, the roast stayed in the oven keeping hot while I carried the drinks and rolls to the table.

“I’m so happy to have you over for dinner.”

“Oh, hell Taylor, I am elated to be here, the smells coming from your oven are incredible.”

“It’s just simple cooking.”

“Simple cooking? with cloth napkins?” He asked?

“It’s just an added touch, it helps compliment the meal to have nice things.”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic, I love it.”

I smiled at him while we finished the salads, I slipped away and brought out the main course giving Brandon a large portion, he had a big grin on his face as I set his plate down in front of him.

“This is a wonderful meal, better than most upscale restaurants I have eaten in, you should be a chef cooking in a five star restaurant or better yet, your own place.”

“Nah, I’m happy cooking at home, I don’t want to make a job out of it.”

“Sure is good”

“Thank you, there is plenty more.”

“No thanks, I am stuffed.”

“Well I can plate you some up to take home and eat later.”

“Oh my God, I love you.” Brandon said laughing.

We moved to the living room after dinner, Brandon was very excited about sports and asked me if I would like to join him playing baseball on Friday after work, I replied that I would love to and asked where the ball field was.

Brandon was seated next to me, he had a big smile and reached his arm behind me and put it on my shoulders.

“The food was exceptional Taylor.”

I thought this was his exit line and was headed home or out to find a hot guy but he pulled me close and kissed me, my face went hot when his tongue went into my mouth and met mine. Holy fuck, Brandon was making out with me, his hand roamed my chest before going under the bottom of my tee shirt feeling my bare chest.

“Mmm, you feel nice.” Brandon said as he gently twisted one of my nipples with his fingertips.

Brandon leaned in and took the cloth of my tee shirt between his teeth and pulled his fingers ripping it open, his mouth was on my nipple biting and chewing, it took my breath away. One hand reached inside the hole making it larger as it roamed across my chest.

“Oh, fuck Brandon, this is amazing.”

He pulled my tee shirt over my head tossing it onto the floor and guided me back towards one end of the couch, he pulled one of my legs up before sliding his chest between my legs, while his sensual lips kissed my navel a few times before working his way up to my nipples, rubbing one while kissing and sucking the other.

My hands moved across his shoulders and the back of his head, Brandon slid his hands under my lower back, one going inside the waistband of my jeans, letting his fingers explore the top of my ass crack.

Brandon unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off of my legs leaving me in my red boxer briefs, he dove onto my crotch and chewed at my cock through the cotton, my dick was fully hard and before I knew it Brandon ripped them open at the fly, my cock flipped out and he was on it sucking my thick shaft to the pubes, he made me squirm and pull at his hair.

“Bran, that’s fucking amazing.” I panted.

He jacked my cock really fast until I thought I would blow my load and at the last minute flipped me over pulling my torn briefs off of my legs, those sexy lips pushed in between my ass cheeks sucking and chewing at my ass.

Brandon stood up and took off his clothes dropping them to the floor.

“We could move into the bedroom, may be a little more comfortable on the bed.” I suggested.

Brandon helped me up, and I ran naked into the bedroom with him on my heels, I think I let out a bit of a girlish giggle as I landed face down on the bed. Bandon dove on top of me, I could feel his cock bouncing around between my thighs.

“Fuck me, there’s lube and condoms in the drawer.” I said pointing to the dresser.

Brandon went to the dresser and pulled out the top drawer, he lifted a dildo out and held it by two fingers.

“Aww, I’m so embarrassed.” I said hiding my face.

“Don’t be embarrassed, this is gonna be fun.” He said as he tossed that and a couple of other toys onto the bed. Brandon lubed my ass and pushed in a finger before putting the dildo on high vibrate and pushed it deep, I found myself pushing back humping the dildo.

Brandon put more lube into his hand and reached under to my straining cock making it slick as he rubbed my balls and jacked my hard rod.

“Damn.” I cried out.

I moved to my knees and pushed back against the anal assault even more, Brandon pulled out the vibrating dildo and pushed in his hard big cock, driving it into my ass in short hard thrusts while holding my hips on each side.

This sensual and sexy man fucking my ass was more than I could stand, my cock did not go soft as he fucked me and the heat in my ass built until I shot my load onto the sheets as he rode my backside.

He plowed me until his breathing went fast and choppy, he moaned loudly as his sperm spewed into me, I wished that he would never leave my side, but I knew better he was too popular and I was not.

“Turn over Taylor, I am far from finished.” Brandon said with a softness to his voice.

I lay on my back as Brandon moved to my side, he squeezed my raging hard rod before he plunged down on it sucking the last fraction of every inch beyond his lips. I threw my head back onto the pillows, my cock was still a little tender from cumming only a few minutes before. I felt one of his fingers go into my ass and massage my hole while I shot the second load of the evening.

We lay in silence only our heavy breathing could be heard, Brandon pulled me close, I laid my head onto his shoulder as we dozed off into bliss, I woke up a little later and brought a warm cloth to clean up Brandon, I was washing him as he woke up.

“Mmmm, hi, that feels great.” He said with a smile.

“Yes it does.” I said looking at his beautiful balls hanging loosely between his spread legs.

“I had better get going, it’s late and I have to go to work tomorrow.”

I sat on the edge of the bed, still naked as I watched him dress, he was magnificent, his muscles rippled as he moved, he looked back at me shooting me a smile with those sexy lips I loved seeing. I walked him to the door, he pulled me close and kissed me full on the lips, his hand reached around to my ass, he ran his finger into my ass crack and told me that he would see me soon, I smiled and thought it was just something that he said to be nice and would be off to the next guy soon enough.

I slept long and hard until the alarm woke me, I got up, showered and tossed an English muffin in the toaster and a K-cup into the machine for some black coffee before going out to work, I was at the light waiting for the traffic light to go green, hell it seemed the longest time when my phone jingled the message tone, I glanced at the phone to see a message from Brandon. The driver behind me blasted his horn letting me know that the light had turned green and I was holding things up.

I pulled into the parking lot at work and grabbed my phone to see what Brandon had sent.

Brandon: Good morning, I hope you slept well, I had a great time last night and wanted to thank you again for the dinner, it was like heaven. Would you like to join me playing baseball tomorrow after work?

I responded with: I would love to, how many will be there? I am glad you liked dinner, and really had a great time with you too.

Brandon: There is usually about 9 guys sometimes more show up for our team, it is at Blake field. It would make me smile to see you ;^).

Me: I would love to see that smile again, I’ll be there.

All I could do at work is think about seeing Brandon, I stopped at the store after work and picked up a few things for the next day, ate a light meal and went to bed early, my phone jingled and I saw a new message from Brandon.

Brandon: What are you up to?

Me: Just slipped into bed, was going to read a bit before I go to sleep.

Brandon: Sounds exciting, (grins).

Me: Nothing exciting here, how about you?

Brandon sent me a picture of his cock.

Brandon: He misses you!

Me: Damn, nice pic, very nice, glad he misses me. )

Brandon: Send me one of yours?

Me: Naughty.

Brandon: Come on baby, give me something to jack off to.

I rubbed it into a bulging hard on and took three pictures till I found one that I thought hot enough to entertain him and his send.

Brandon: Fuck baby, that has me hot, I’m beating off looking at it.

Me: I can imagine you laying there, sheets thrown back, you jacking off while twisting a nipple.

He sent me a picture of his chest covered in jizz, I wanted to lick the screen, and his right nipple was flooded with a sticky gob of cum.

Me: that’s fucking hot, I want to lick you clean.

Brandon: mmm.. felt nice cumming while looking at your picture.

Me: Nice talking to you before I fall asleep.

Brandon: Oh no, I want to see your jizz picture, nice and sticky too.

I could feel my face go red, I had never sent a guy any private pictures before and well, I was about to send the second one tonight. I jacked off looking at the pictures Brandon had sent before blowing a huge load that soaked my chest and even shot onto my pillow, I took and sent him the picture.

Brandon: Damn, that’s hot, I’ll save it too by the way. Night babe.

Me: g’night

I could not sleep for the first half of the night, he called me baby and babe, was it for real or just talk? I was confused but happy.

The next day I went to work and told my boss I needed to leave at lunchtime, I went home and started frying chicken and making potato salad to take to the baseball game, packing it into a couple of boxes with napkins, plates and such before loading it into my car. I parked at the lot near the field and carried the boxes, Brandon waved and ran over to help with a box.

“What is all this? Brandon asked.

“Chicken and salad, thought your team might like a snack.”

“Snack, how much chicken did you make?”

“I don’t know, maybe 50 pieces or so.”

“Oh my God, they are going to love you and the chicken.” Brandon said as he bit into a chicken leg.

“I invited you to come play baseball with us not cook for the whole team, not that I don’t love it, you are so sweet and generous.”

“Oh, I don’t play baseball, I will just watch and cheer you on.”

Brandon looked so sexy in his ball cap and baseball uniform, All tight and stretchy showing off his curvy ass. I sat on the bleachers and watched the game, the guys kept coming back to grab a bite of chicken or potato salad, they would give me a wave and say how delicious it was, one guy asked me to marry him, he said his wife can’t cook at all.

After the game, Brandon asked me if I wanted to come to his place and have a drink, I agreed and followed him to his apartment. He grabbed a couple of beers and handed me one.

“I need to grab a shower real quick so I don’t smell.”

“I can’t imagine you stinking but go take your shower, I’ll be happy waiting on you.”

Brandon walked to his bedroom and in full view of the living room peeled off his baseball pants revealing his jock strapped ass, it was incredible, I had never thought of being with a guy that was into sports.

“Nice ass.” I said.

He turned and walked into the living room.

“Need a better look?”


I reached out to his jock pouch feeling the pull of the elastic holding his cock and balls pulled up tight, my hands went to his ass, between the straps and his skin, I pulled one strap back and let it go snapping his ass.

“Oh, that’s the way you want it?” Brandon said as he gently pushed me back onto the couch.

Brandon straddled my chest and pushed his jock covered bulge toward my face, I pretended to struggle but was intent in having my face deep in his jock, I pulled his ass cheeks toward me and bit and chewed at his elastic covered bulge. He rubbed it back and forth across my face from one side to the other.

I could smell the scent of his sweat and it turned me on more than ever, my fingers went to his straddled ass and into his crack pressing one finger into his butthole making him wiggle on it. He reached and flopped his cock out of the jock and rubbed it around my face, my tongue reached for it wanting to pull it into my mouth.

My world was this man’s cock at this point, it was all I wanted and all I could think about, nothing else mattered except getting it into my throat.

Brandon leaned in deeper pushing it into my mouth, and then into my throat, fucking me as deep as it would go. His balls slapping my chin I gulped air into my lungs when I could, his large cock felt great as it choked down my mouth and into my throat. He was giving me a work out, my eyes watered but I wanted more, I wanted his manhood to own my throat, hell my whole body.

He was getting close to climax as his body increased in speed before he pulled out at the last moment jacking his swollen wet cock onto my face as I gulped for air, his jizz shot out in ropes of salty man spunk landing into my mouth and across my face, my tongue reached out for any sticky protein that it could find pulling it into my mouth.

My own cock was straining for attention, I reached down and started stroking my cock while Brandon’s fingers encircled my balls pulling them out tightly he pushed my hand aside and licked my cockhead and down my shaft to my balls. Brandon fingered my ass while he sucked my cock until I shot my load into this sexy man’s mouth and he swallowed every drop. I jumped up and cleaned my face in the bathroom, I walked back to the bed and looked at Brandon, he looked like a beautiful model yet he acted like a normal guy, not all stuck up, he seemed to really like me.

I showered with Brandon, our hands were all over each other’s bodies before I dried him, then myself and we fell back onto the bed, I curled up close to Brandon looking into his eyes, he smiled and touched my face softly.

“You sure make me happy Taylor, let’s take a nap and please let me take you out to dinner, I would cook but that would be less than delicious, I am not a good cook.”

“I’d love to, where would you like to eat?” I asked.

“I have had a hankering for Mexican food, tacos, refried beans, Spanish rice, all that.”

“Mmm, that sounds good, I love enchiladas, count me in. Hankering?” I asked with a laugh.

We slept for a while and woke up laying on the bed, still naked, my hands roamed across Brandon’s side following the curves of his shape, his skin so smooth and soft yet his muscles had a natural ripple.

He traced his fingertips around one of my nipples before pinching it softly causing it to stiffen.

“Are you ready to get dressed and go out to dinner?” I asked.

“I am always ready to go with you Taylor, but dinner does sound very good, I am getting hungry.”

At the Mexican restaurant, I looked over at Brandon, he tapped my foot with his and smiled.

Our waiter brought us chips and salsa, I ordered a margarita while Brandon ordered a tall mug of beer.

“I really enjoy being with you Bran.”

“As do I, I hope this leads to a stronger relationship.”

I almost fell out of my seat, this man, a gorgeous guy that is always the center of attention wants to have a stronger relationship with me, ordinary non-descript man, I have a good self-worth but he must see something that he has not seen in others.

“I would love nothing more than to have a great relationship with you, I am a little worried about getting hurt, as long as it is a closed relationship, boyfriends without playing around?”

“That is the only way I would have it!” he said smiling.

“I am not clingy and would trust you, I love that you have lots of sport hobbies and would never interfere in them.”

Brandon laughed at my sport hobby reference and reached across the table and took my hand. While I rubbed his foot with mine. Our food was served, I took several bites as I watched Brandon eat his dinner, I don’t remember tasting anything in particular and I was on a cloud thinking about this man wanting to be with me.

We finished eating and walked to the car, Brandon leaned in and kissed me as he put his arms around the back of my neck. I was a little self-conscious of being in a parking lot of a restaurant while kissing Brandon but evidently I needed to get over it, Brandon was secure enough and I should be also. We headed back to my house, stripped and headed for the bed, I threw back the blankets and we dove in between the cool sheets.

Brandon was smiling while looking into my eyes.

“What?” I asked.

“You are beautiful.”

“Yeah, right, I am average at best, you are the beautiful one.”

“No, I might be good looking but you are a truly beautiful person, inside and out and you are quite attractive, don’t sell yourself short.”

“Fuck me Bran.”

“You really gonna call me Bran all the time?”

“Well, I can call you Brandy if you want.”

“Bran will be fine.” He said with a grin.

Brandon took the lube and a condom from the drawer, I sucked his cock until he was fully stiff and rolled the condom onto his cock. He lubed his shaft and my ass before sliding his manhood into my asshole, it took my breath away it felt like we were one, this amazing guy saw a different me than I could see of myself. Brandon pushed my knees back toward my chest and continued drilling my ass, I looked into his face, it was focused on the task at hand and I could tell that he was close to cumming.

“Oh, oh baby, here it comes.” Brandon whispered.

I pulled my legs back as far as I could giving him all of the room that I could, his breathing went rough and his chest turned reddish while his body tensed as he started shooting his load.

“Hoah, man that was incredible, your ass is so tight, it felt like it was clamping down on my cock.” Brandon said as he collapsed forward on to my chest.

I ran my hands over his back massaging his shoulders, he moved down and pulled my stiff prick into his mouth and sucked me and teased me, taking me to the shooting point before stopping and restarting again, this went on for near fifteen minutes before he finally made me blast my jizz into his mouth as he sucked and swallowed my man syrup until there was no more.

I pulled Brandon into my arms and kissed him on the lips and side of his face, we fell asleep in moments but this time Brandon did not go home, he was looking into my eyes as I woke up the next morning.

“I helped myself to some iced tea from your fridge.” Brandon said.

“Our fridge. And you can help yourself to anything you want anytime you want.”

We continued dating exclusively spending the night at each other’s place a few times a week until we found a condo that overlooked the city, rented it and moved in together, Brandon still likes to rip my underwear off of me and I have asked him not to tear up my favorites but it always takes my breath away when he goes all animal on me.

I cook for his teams now and then and send things with Bran to his games for his teammates to snack on, they never tire of my cooking. I have become more social since we moved into the condo, there are several gay couples in the building.

I love Brandon so much I would do anything for him and him for me. Last night when we went to bed, Brandon asked me if I would marry him, I cried and of course said yes, he slipped a cockering onto my prick and said that would have to do as an engagement ring until we could go out to shop for rings, after sex I fell asleep against my man Brandon.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

High School Jock


High School Jock

I was on the football team, being slim and a smaller frame of a guy that would normally be on the team, I was the towel boy; I had to take after school sports as a growth thing according to my dad. I have never really played football, the coach put me on as towel boy as the team was already chosen, and dad said that was better than nothing.

I think that he doesn’t like me being gay so much and thought if I went out for sports that it would snap me out of it and not be gay. Being towel boy I was in charge of the water cooler, giving out small towels that the guys would use on the field to wipe sweat from their faces and then after the game, they would shower and I would pretty much clean up the towels and clean up the locker room before going home.

The game had ended and the noise was really loud, the guys were stripping off their football gear and heading to the showers, I always got an eyeful of my teammates junk but acted casual like I was only handing out towels to them as they stepped out of the showers.

“Thanks Chris.” Jeff, said as he passed me taking a towel from me.

Jeff was the quarterback and I always loved seeing him wet from the shower, water dripping off of his chest and his uncut cock bobbed around as he walked, I have jerked off many times after I got home thinking of Jeff’s cock.

Most of the guys would just throw the towels on the floor and expect me to pick them up but a few were considerate enough to put them in the laundry bin and it was up to me to put them in the washing machine and dryer before going home after a game.

All of the guys had showered, dressed and left the locker room while I collected the wet towels, chucking them into the cart before going around to the other side of the lockers, Jeff had forgotten to pick up his uniform and gear, I picked up his shoes and tossed them into his locker and bent to pick up his pants and jock off of the bench.

I tossed the pants and his jersey into the locker but stood there holding onto his jockstrap, it was all twisted up and the pouch was a little damp from his sweat, it made my heart race and something stir inside me as I held his jock, I drew it to my nose to smell his ball sweat, I wanted to push my face into his naked crotch but his jock was enough to make me horny, I inhaled deeply, my eyes closed thinking of Jeff.

I opened my eyes to see Jeff walking up to me with a confused look on his face.

“Dude, what the fuck are you doing, is that my jock?” Jeff asked in a loud voice.

“I, I thought everyone had left.” I stuttered balling up the moist jock in my hand.

“Chris, you are sniffing my sweaty jock, I just went out to talk to the guys for a few minutes before they left”

I could only look down at the floor as Jeff snatched his jock from my hand and tossed it into his gym bag; he packed the rest of his football uniform into the bag and zipped it up while I stood there unable to say anything, my face red and burning.

“Look Chris, you are a nice guy but this is fucking weird, sniffing my jock? What the hell man?”

Jeff bumped past me as he left the locker room, I just stood there, tears ran down my cheeks, how could I ever face him again, will he tell the rest of the team? My thoughts raced, oh crap, my dad will find out too. I sat on the bench while the washing machine finished and stuffed the towels into the dryer before heading toward the door.

I didn’t know where I was going, the thought of killing myself kept creeping into my mind, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and it was full of doom, I could never come back to school here, everyone would only think of me as the fag that was sniffing Jeff’s jock, and a fucking pervert.

I walked down the street toward home and was so close to running away but instead I just went right upstairs to my room closing the door and laying on my bed in the dark.

“Chris honey, do you want dinner, I saved you a plate in the refrigerator, I’ll heat it up for you if you want.”

“No thanks mom, I’m not hungry tonight.”

“You sure, you should eat something.”

“I’ll heat it up if I get hungry, thanks mom.”

I fell asleep much later and woke the next morning with my clothes still on, I showered and dressed for school, I still had no game plan, where I would go all day if anyone started fucking with me at school and what if my parents found out I had a jock to my face. I went downstairs and ate breakfast but it seemed to have no taste.

I was about half way of the mile and a half to school, walking along the street when a car pulled up and stopped next to me, it was Jeff in his Chevy, fuck, I thought, what was he gonna call me, was he going to tell everyone?

“Get in.” Jeff said through the open window.

I looked at him for a second before grabbing the door handle pulling it open and climbing in without saying a word, my heart raced as I looked over at Jeff.

“Buckle up.”

I did as instructed; Jeff drove a few minutes without saying a word for a few moments.

“You passed the school Jeff.”

“We are not going to the school.”

Oh my God, he was taking me somewhere to beat the crap out of me or worse to the team where they would all ridicule me, hell I’d rather he beat me up than tell anyone.

“Where are we going?”

“To Lake George.”

“That’s forty miles away; we will be late for school.”

Jeff ran his hand over his face; he seemed stressed out and was not saying anything, after driving about ten miles I could not stand it anymore.

“Jeff, I am sorry for, well, you know.”

“Sniffing my jock?”

“Um, yeah, but why are you taking me to the lake? I’m sorry, I will quit the team and you don’t ever have to talk to me again.”

Jeff reached over and took my hand, placing it on the crotch of his jeans, I could feel the heat coming from inside but I was so confused, was he testing me or what.

Jeff pushed my hand around massaging his crotch, he removed his hand, and I rubbed it some, Jeff looked over at me and said two words.

“Suck it.”
I was so scared, I had never touched another guys cock much less sucked one, I unbuckled his wide leather belt and then his jeans, I had his fly open and could see the white cotton briefs inside. I laid my hand on his briefs feeling his thick bulge. I stopped and looked at his face, his dark hair and thick lips made my heart pound; my hand was a fraction of an inch from Jeff’s cock.

He lifted his ass as he drove and pushed his pants and underwear from under him to his knees, all I could do is stare, his hood covered cock was nearly hard and he wanted me to suck him.

Jeff reached over and pulled my head gently toward his lap, I inhaled the heat of his junk before I put my lips on the side of his shaft, I touched his balls with my right hand, and they were loose and heavy.

My tongue darted out and flicked at Jeff’s shaft, I took his cock in my hand and ran my tongue inside his foreskin, touching his cockhead. Jeff pushed my head down onto his cock, I gagged but did not let that stop me, I dove on and sucked him and within a few moments I could feel things changing.

“I’m cumming.” Jeff moaned.

I started to lift off but Jeff had his hand on the back of my head gently but firmly holding my head in place. His jizz splashed out into my mouth as I gulped it down, I have tasted my own cum before, even leaning upside down against the wall jetting my whole load down into my open mouth, but this was not mine, it was Jeff’s, the quarterback, the hottest guy on the team and I was not about to lose a drop of his cum.

I sucked until he was finished shooting and kept my mouth right where it was, I didn’t know if I would ever get this chance again and I didn’t want it to end.

Jeff reached down and pulled his pants up ending my first blowjob of my life and it was with Jeff, not much was said during the rest of the drive, we drove to the backside of the lake where it was very secluded before he stopped the car and turned off the ignition.

“Are you going to tell anyone about the jock situation Jeff?”

“No, I’m not, why would I?”

Relief filled my soul, but what were we doing out here, no one was out here probably for miles.

“What are we doing?” I asked nervously.

“Get out, relax, I’m not gonna hurt you.”

We got out and walked to the front of his car, Jeff leaned on the fender, he just looked at me for a few minutes, he seemed nervous.

“I won’t tell anyone, well, if you don’t. I have a girlfriend but it is just for show, she does not want sex until she is married, crazy, but it works for me. I’m not saying I am gay or anything but, well I’d like to have sex with you.”

“Wow, really? You are gay?”

“No, I didn’t say that.”

“But you want to have sex with me.”

“Well, I want to get blowjobs and whatever.”

“What is whatever?”

“Take your clothes off and put them in the car.” He said, not taking his eyes off of me.

“You gonna leave me out here naked?”

“No, I haven’t ever seen you naked, you have been checking me out for a long time, probably the rest of the team too, but you are always cleaning up and giving out towels.”

I took my shirt off followed by my shoes and pants, I stood there in my boxer briefs in front of the quarterback as he looked me over.

“Kick off your underwear.”

I pushed them down to the grass and stepped out of them, Jeff walked over and touched my chest, his finger trailed down to my cock and balls lifting them in his hand, my knees almost buckled.

“Wow that is a big cock, long and thick, I wish I had that cock.” Jeff said.

Jeff stood just looking into my eyes before backing up and taking his clothes off, both of us stood there naked, his hand went to my back and down to my ass crack, it tickled some and made me jump a little making him laugh, it was the first thing that happened that made me feel like it was going to be okay.

Jeff ran and jumped into the lake, his firm ass cheeks bouncing as he ran, he let out a yell as he splashed into the water.

“Come on, get in.”

I ran into the water and splashed in near Jeff, he pushed me under the water some while I grabbed at his torso to keep from going under, his skin felt so wonderful, I surfaced and moved my thumb to his right nipple rubbing it in a circular motion. His smile kind of beamed, but he turned and walked out of the water, his ass came into view and what a view, I had seen it before but never outside and in broad daylight.

I followed him up to the side of the car, he pulled me close, and I thought he was going to kiss me but he pulled at my shoulder and turned me toward the car fender and leaned me over the hood. His hands roamed my backside feeling my ass cheeks and spreading them slightly.

Jeff leaned in behind me, I could feel his cock bouncing against my ass crack, and he pushed his hand between my legs and gently cupped my butt, he slid one finger into my crack and toyed with my ass bud a little.

I felt his hard cock push into my crack and with only the wetness of the lake between us as he pushed his prick into me, at first I felt as it was a knife being plunged into my ass, I almost passed out as I cried out from the pain.

“You okay?” Jeff asked without stopping.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

I could feel his cock going deep into my ass and did not stop until his pubes ground against my butt just before he pulled almost out and back in again, my chest lay across the fender of the car while he fucked me, the immense pain settled into a bonfire in my ass.

It felt as he had a baseball bat in there, I know it was not as big as that or as big as mine but it was the first time anything but my finger has been inside there.

Jeff’s breathing turned more frantic as he got closer and closer and a moment later he started groaning as his sperm jetted into my ass, he leaned forward pinning me to the car, pushing me down on the car with his arm around my neck pulling it back toward him with his heavy breathing was in my ear, his hands went to my sides and up under my arms to my chest, he kissed my shoulder and pulled his cock from my ass.

“Fuck man, that felt great, your ass is so tight.”

We cleaned up in the lake, splashing around some before we walked back to the car, Jeff started dressing, I stood there watching him, his muscles rippled as he moved, but his thick lips begged for me to kiss them and I wanted to so badly.

“What are you waiting for, you gonna get dressed or ride back to town naked?” Jeff asked.

“I haven’t cum yet, I was kinda hoping that you were interested in more than using my ass and walking away.”

“Oh, shit, yeah, sorry.”

Jeff moved in close and took my soft cock in his hand, rubbing and lifting my balls, it stiffened and came to its 9 inch glory.

“I can’t believe how big your cock is and on a small framed guy, well, that makes it look even bigger.”

“Would you kiss me?”

“No, Chris I’m not gay.”

“You just fucked my ass but you won’t kiss me?”

“Well, I have never kissed a guy before but I guess you won’t be telling anyone so I’ll give it a try.”

I moved forward and put my lips against his, he held back at first trying to give me a light kiss on the lips and be done with it but I pulled his head in and kissed him firmly. That was all it took, his lips parted and his tongue went between mine and into my mouth.

Jeff moved his hand back to my oversized prick while he finished his first man to man kiss, the skin on my cock flexed under his touch as he jacked my cock, he seemed like he was actually getting into it but when I shot my load he jumped back so he didn’t get any on his legs but got some on his fingers which he pushed past my lips into my mouth.

On the way back to town we stopped for a burger and again I was reminded not to mention any of this to anyone or to bring attention us being anything but just teammates. It seemed that I was supposed to go about my business while he flirted with girls and I got a dick up my ass when it was convenient for him, I had other ideas.

While Jeff was in the shower after tonight's game, I put a bag of chocolate kisses on the shelf in his gym locker, I was giving out towels but looked over and saw his reaction, and he looked pissed off.

“Hey guys, want some chocolate?” Jeff said as he tossed the bag to a couple of guys that were dressing nearby. He shot me a look before he finished dressing and walked out of the locker room.

Well, that didn’t go well I thought as I loaded the towels into the washing machine, I cleaned up the floor of the silver foil candy wrappers that were meant for Jeff, I wanted to cry, I felt so alone and rejected by the guy I wanted to kiss, hell I wanted to have his babies and was willing to let him fuck me anytime he wanted.

I moved the laundry over to the dryer, set the timer and walked out flicking the light switch off as I closed the door and walked out into the darkness down the path and cut through the woods like I always do, after a few steps past the start of the tree line when someone grabbed me.

“What the fuck?” I cried out.

“What the hell was with the chocolate kisses, you trying to out me?”

“It was candy, no one saw me put it in your locker, and I hid it in a towel and made sure no one was looking.”

“Well, don’t.”

“Don’t what?”

“Do stuff like that again.”

“I wanted to see you, you haven’t said a word to me in days since the lake.”

“Look, you are not my boyfriend, I am not gay.”

“You are gay, you fucked my ass, and kissed me.”

Jeff got angry and pushed me backwards against a tree.

“Shut the fuck up, someone will hear you.”

“Kiss me”

“No, someone will see us.”

“Then let’s go somewhere.”

“Okay, but only so we can talk, I parked my car over there past the trees.” Jeff said pointing across the stand of trees.

Jeff started the car and we pulled out of town down the road toward the lake, he stopped the car down a small dirt road and turned off the ignition.

“Look Chris, I like you but you can’t do things like the candy in my locker, I can’t have people think that there is anything between us, it’s just sex.”

“It’s not just sex, I really like you and want more from you.”

“It’s not gonna happen.”

“Kiss me.” I said as I reached for his arm.

Jeff hesitated but leaned in and kissed me, our hands were all over each other, his hand was inside my shirt and mine on his crotch, our breathing was heavy and all of a sudden there was a knock at the window, it was a Police Officer.

“Oh hell.” I whispered.

“Don’t say a word.” Jeff said as he pushed the button to open the window.

“What are you guys doing out here?” The Officer asked as he shined a light onto Jeff’s face.

“Well, we….” Jeff said as he was cut off by the Officer.

“Oh, Jeff, it’s you, I don’t want to catch you guys out here smoking pot or drinking, I saw you pull off the road and walked in to see who it was and what was going on.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry Officer, we will head out, we don’t mean to be a problem.”

“Jeff, you are our star quarterback, you are never a problem.” The Officer said as he patted the roof of the car and walked back toward his cruiser.

Jeff started his car and backed out onto the dark road and drove the opposite direction from town.

“Damn, that was close.” I said.

“Too fucking close, I can’t have my reputation ruined.” Jeff said quietly.

“But if you are gay, you can’t hide it forever.”

“I keep telling you that I am not gay.”

“Yeah, you do, but even you don’t believe it.”

We drove all the way to the lake before Jeff spoke again, we got out of the car and stood in the near darkness, I reached over and touched Jeff’s shoulder but he did not pull away. I slid my hand down his back to his waistline and pulled him toward me, his arms went over my shoulders and kissed me only this time, I didn’t have to ask him to.

“Fuck me Jeff.”

I dropped my pants to the ground and kicked off my shoes and started unbuttoning my shirt, Jeff stood there for a moment before he too stripped. The moonlight lit his chest, it made my knees weak, I bent over some and started sucking his nipples and caressing his chest. My right hand went behind Jeff and down his ass to his crack, I pushed a finger into his crack causing him to jump and pull away.

“No, nothing is going in there.”

“Oh hush, I said as I pushed one finger into his ass, Jeff groaned some and started liking the sensation and leaning against my finger.

“Imagine my cock inside you.” I whispered.

“That fucking monster will not be going inside me!”

“Yeah, we will see about that.”

Jeff’s cock was very stiff while my finger was inside him massaging his sphincter and I knew that tonight would not be the night I would fuck him but I knew that I would be inside him soon.

I moved in front of him and sucked his prick into my mouth and eventually my throat, I wanted his cum but also wanted him to fuck me, and I wanted to be his.

“Fuck me baby.” I said as I stood up.

Jeff walked to his car and grabbed some lube and squirted some onto his fingertips, he rubbed plenty on his shaft before adding more for my ass, he pushed two fingers in reaming my hole out good before he bent me against his car fender and pushed his stiff pole into my ass. There was less pain this time, it was more of a warm burning that got me hot, and I loved feeling his dick in my ass and his hands on my hips. I pushed back against Jeff’s thrusts and it did not take long before he sped up and shot his jizz into my ass.

He pulled out and I turned in toward him, he kissed me as he pulled me close, running his tongue deep into my mouth. My hands roamed his chest as he knelt in front of me with my cock inches from his mouth he moved in and licked at my cock with his tongue a few times before running it around my cockhead. I was amazed that he was this close to putting his mouth on my cock when last time we were here he seemed to not want to do more than jack me off.

I didn’t rush him by pushing it to his mouth but let him explore and ease onto it, his hands went to my balls, pulling the skin and rolling my balls around in his fingers. Jeff pushed his face into my crotch, my shaft alongside of his face with his nose at my pubes, he inhaled deeply and chewed gently at my skin moving up my shaft with kisses. When he moved to the head of my cock putting his mouth on it and slowly moved down on my shaft an inch or so at a time stopping with about three inches inside his mouth.

Jeff bobbed on the end of my cock hesitating to take in too much, his hands ran up and down my legs before grasping my ass cheeks, the motion on my prick was making me get very close to cumming, I patted Jeff on the shoulder.

“I am getting close to cumming Jeff, you may want to pull off.” I said softly.

Jeff sucked another second or two before pulling off just as I started sending jizz into the air, some of the cum landed on Jeff’s face and ran onto his lips, I thought he would freak out a bit but his tongue slipped out of his mouth and licked the cum from his lips, he looked up at me from my cock and smiled before licking jizz from the tip of my cock.

We ran to the dark lake splashing around before returning to the car, Jeff held me tight, our naked bodies pushing against the other, cocks grinding together while I kissed Jeff on the mouth.

We dressed and headed back to town, but on the way, Jeff put his hand on my thigh rubbing it up and down, he seemed to come to grips of showing affection to me, in the glow of the dash lights I looked into his eyes and smiled.

Jeff dropped me off in my driveway and told me that he would pick me up in the morning and drive me to school.

“I was about to send out a search party looking for you Chris, it’s getting late and you have not had dinner, I’ll re heat it, sit down at the table.” My mom said.

My dad walked in leaning on a dining chair. “Where have you been so late, it’s after ten o’clock?”

“I was hanging out with Jeff.” I answered.

“Oh, the quarterback? That’s great, he is a good guy, and you should stick close to him.”

“I will dad.” I said with a smile.

I ate my dinner and went to my room, peeled off my clothes and took a shower before slipping in between the sheets of my bed. I could not stop grinning, being with Jeff was so wonderful and he seems to care more for me than I thought, maybe it just took him some time before he could admit to himself that he has feelings with a guy.

The next morning I got up early so I would have time to eat breakfast but first I looked through my closet trying to find just the right shirt that Jeff might like seeing me wear and dabbed on a little of some spicy aftershave that I bought a few weeks ago even though I hardly shave.

I watched the street from the front window, I could not wait to see Jeff, and it was so nice that he was picking me up for school. After a few minutes, Jeff pulled up in the driveway and I hurried out, I was going to act casual but I was just too excited and flew down the four steps and out to the driveway.

Jeff smiled as I got into his car, I buckled up as Jeff backed down the driveway and into the street.

“Good morning.” I said.

“Morning, you smell nice, hey Chris, can we keep it a little on the quiet side at school?”

“Well, of course.”

“I just don’t want any problems, you know.” Jeff said as he patted my leg.

“Sure, no problems and no more candy left in your locker either, we can have a quiet low profile relationship.”

We got to school and Jeff’s friends were nearby when we pulled in, some gave odd looks as I got out of his car as we have not been in the same social groups, he was the jock and I was the invisible guy that no one really knew all that well but most suspected that I was gay, I wanted to let Jeff off the hook easy so I just waved and said I would see him later.

At lunch I was going to sit at a table alone but Jeff waved me over. “Come sit with us Chris.”

I joined the jock table, it was odd at first with the rest of the guys still trying to figure out the new dining arrangements but I soon settled in and was even adding my comments to the conversation. At the end of lunch Jeff patted me on the shoulder and gave it a little rub. “See you after school?” He asked.

“Sure thing.” I answered trying to sound casual but deep inside I was elated.

I went to my afternoon classes but hardly remember being there, my mind was all about Jeff and hoping that we could make it to the lake again this evening.

Jeff waved at me across the crowd of teens all happy to be getting out of school for the weekend. I met him and walked to his car, my heart was fluttering just being in the car with him, hell that he wants to be with me, that made me so happy.

“Let’s go for a burger, what do you think?”

“I think that sounds great, if you let me buy.” I said.

Jeff smiled and patted me on the leg.

We pulled into the parking lot and went inside to a booth, Jeff sat across from me and bumped his feet into mine, and I looked at him, grinned and tapped his shoes with mine.

The waitress took our order and brought our soft drinks, I was thinking that this is the first sort of date we had been on. We made small talk about the football team and school stuff but the sex we had last night was probably on his mind, I knew it was on mine. Our burgers and fries were brought out, Jeff reached over and took a fry from my plate without looking up at me, he had plenty of fries so I knew that this was a bonding thing and I liked the fact that he was comfortable doing it.

“Hey, it’s Friday night, want to come over to my house and hang out? Or maybe you want to spend the night?”

“Yeah, I’d love to, I’ll call my mom and let her know I’ll be spending the night.

We headed to Jeff’s house, his parents were not home and we went right up to his room closing the door behind us. I lay back on the bed and Jeff kicked his shoes off and straddled my hips sitting on my crotch, Jeff unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it open. He traced my nipples with his fingertips and I could feel my cock growing under the pressure of Jeff’s ass, he leaned over and kissed my chest before lying on top of me. I closed my eyes and felt his sexy lips brush across mine, I wanted him so badly I nearly cried, and my whole body was moving under his touch.

Jeff ground his jeans covered crotch against mine, making me squirm as I ran my hands over his back, I slipped my fingers into his waistband and slid my hand deeper into his briefs feeling the twin mounds of his fleshy ass.

Jeff slid off of me and stood up, peeling off his clothes, I did the same, now naked, Jeff hungered for my skin but he also was very interested in my oversized cock.

He stroked my shaft with both hands and put his tongue against my cock head, he was definitely more excited about putting it in his mouth more than he had before. He ran his tongue along the underside of my shaft from my balls to the tip of my prick, the next thing he did surprised me even more, he dove down on my cock trying to swallow the first few inches causing him to gag.

Jeff swallowed it again taking more down his throat, he choked again and pulled off with tears in his eyes from the gagging he went down on my thick cock again, this time took even more before he had to pull off.

“Damn Jeff, you are really taking a lot of my cock, but I think if you do it again right away it will make me cum in your mouth.” I said softly.

Jeff tried again right then only this time he did not want to pull off, his mouth moving on my cock was so intense I was overdue splashing a load out.

“Pull off Jeff, I am about to cum.”

Jeff stayed put bobbing his mouth and throat only about four inches or so on my rod.

“I’m cumming.” I said as I tapped his head to warn him.

He did not pull off and I could not hold back any longer.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming Jeff.” I panted.

I could feel the jizz jet from my cock into Jeff’s throat and mouth, tears were running down his cheeks, he stayed put until I had stopped shooting jizz into him and then he fell over onto the bed.

“That was fucking hot.” Jeff said after coughing a couple of times.

“Hell yeah, I didn’t think you would be swallowing my cock that far.”

“I want more, next time I will go deeper, I love your cock, hell, and I love you.”

I was stunned, I could not believe that Jeff, the hot quarterback that everyone wanted to be near, wanted me, loved me or so he said.

Jeff spread his legs some, I saw his hairy asshole and got between his legs, I licked and sucked at his balls before venturing lower towards his asshole, my tongue flicked at his pink rosebud and he jumped some.

“Dude, what the fuck, are you licking my ass?”
I didn’t answer but pushed my face into his ass, I chewed and licked at his butt, I didn’t know guys did this, it just seemed like I was driven to do it. Jeff moaned and wriggled all over the bed, I had to chase him to keep my face at his ass, finally I slid a finger inside his hole and massaged it without protest from Jeff, in fact he was liking it so much I could feel him pushing back against my finger.

“Hell, you can do whatever you want to me, it all feels so fucking good.” Jeff whispered.

I worked his ass a few more minutes before sliding a second finger in, he was so relaxed and enjoying it so much his cock was rock hard. I reached over with my free hand and jacked his stiff prick while he panted, I didn’t dare use a third finger or try to get my thick cock into his ass, it was too large and too soon, but I would soon.

He lay on his back as I fingered his hole and jacked him to climax, he shot his man syrup past his chest and into his face and hair with ropes of cum landing on his chest and belly too while he cried out loudly.

I leaned in and kissed his sticky cock before licking his cum from the head, then moved to his mouth kissing his lips, his jizz was on them as I pushed my cum covered tongue into the quarterbacks mouth.

“Chris, you are so fucking hot, and you make me feel so good, scared but in a good way, I think it’s the excitement of gay sex, but it is so much more, I have been hiding the feelings I have from everyone.”

“What kind of feelings?” I asked.

“Well for guys, I have always had the hots for guys but hide behind having a girlfriend and all but I have always checked the other guys out in the shower and later would come home and jack off thinking about them.”

“Me too but mostly was always thinking about you Jeff, my parents pretty much know I am gay but they choose to ignore it, that’s why my dad made me go out for sports, I guess it backfired on him.” I said laughing.

“Yeah, my mom found a gay website up on my computer once when she came into my room while I was in the shower, I had forgot to close it after jacking off, I only know because she had come in for my laundry and there was no way of missing it, she had to have seen it but never said a word.”

Jeff got up and took his underwear off of the floor and wiped his face and chest clean of the cum before he snuggled up to me again, he started toying with my cock, it was limp but still very large and thick.

“I can’t get over how big you are, I love touching it and looking at it, I wish it was mine.” Jeff said softly.

“It is yours, anytime you want it, all you have to do is smile.”

Jeff smiled a great big smile and dove onto it sucking on it again, this time taking a little more. This was a vision, the hottest guy in school sucking on my fat cock. Jeff got me hard again and sucked and jacked me watching my cock up close, taking in every detail and finally I arched my back and lifted my ass off of the bed some as a flood of jizz blasted from my cock, Jeff did not pull away but let my juice hit him in the face from a few inches away, he opened his mouth and let it splash onto his tongue and lips.

He looked up at me, his face covered in my cum and smiled before licking some from his lips, I reached over and pushed some cum away from his right eye and put my finger into his mouth letting him lick it clean.

We took a shower and went back to his bed, just lying there naked as we fell asleep, him in my arms, we awoke to his parents getting home from work, and we dressed and went downstairs for a drink.

Jeff asked his mom if we could barbecue burgers and told her that we would do the cooking outside if she would make potato salad, she agreed and asked Jeff to drive to the store for ground beef, buns and chips while she started the potato salad. It was great going to the store with Jeff, like we were a couple and living together or something. Inside the store was one of the guys from the team who walked around the corner by the meat department catching Jeff giving my ass a swat playfully.

I looked right into his eyes and knew there would be trouble but Jeff played it off like nothing had happened.

“Hey Brad, what’s going on?” Jeff asked.

“Nothing, what’s going on with you smacking queer boys’ ass?”

Jeff grabbed Brad by the neck of his tee shirt and pushed him back a few feet.

“Say that again and I’ll fuck you up, you don’t talk to or about people like that, understand?” Jeff said.

“Yeah, don’t be so intense, I was just kidding, damn.”

Jeff let go of his shirt and pointed a finger in his face before turning back to me and the meat guy that was just finishing up with the last customer.

“Two pounds of 80/20 ground beef please.”

I stood in awe, Jeff shut down Brad fast, he didn’t make excuses or get too out of control, he shut him down and was calm and back with me again.

We got what we came for and headed to the check stand looking at the impulse items Jeff grabbed a bag of beef jerky and tossed it onto the moving belt. Out in the car Jeff opened the jerky taking out a piece, took a bite and brought the remaining part up to my lips, I took the bite of dried meat and smiled, it was nice, him caring and giving me a bite like that instead of tossing the bag onto my lap, silly but it was a little romantic.

Back at the house, we patted the meat out into patties, seasoning them and took the large plate out to the patio, Jeff placed one arm around my waist while I held the plate as he set them onto the sizzling grill. Jeff’s mom walked out and asked if we wanted some lemonade, and Jeff made no motion to remove his hand from the small of my back. I felt slightly uncomfortable but played it off cool, she smiled and walked back to the kitchen returning a few minutes later with the lemonade.

“I just came out.” Jeff said with a huge grin. “And I am not hiding anything ever again.

All I could do was stand there and smile, Jeff was mine, I don’t know how this all happened but I felt like I had won the lottery.

After dinner we went to Jeff’s room and flipped on the TV, there was some comedy on but all I could do was think about Jeff and him sucking my cock earlier, I reached over with my socked foot and bumped his foot, Jeff looked at me and smiled, he moved closer and put his arm around my shoulders as we sat on his bed leaning on the headboard.

The door was open and Jeff’s mom walked to the door and asked if we wanted some cake, we both said yes and walked downstairs.

“You boys gay?” Jeff’s mom asked.

“Yeah mom, I have been for some time but Chris helped me to see that I needed to be who I am and not hide things.”

Jeff’s mom looked right at me, I thought she was gonna yell and then ask me to leave the house and her son alone.

“That is good advice Chris, I have always said don’t be a phony, be yourself.” She said.

We ate our cake in near silence but Jeff shot me a great smile. I could not wait until we were back on the bed snuggling. Jeff’s mom cleared the plates and was walking in the kitchen.

“Jeffie, make sure you loan Chris some pajamas, we don’t want him getting cold.”

I think that was a hidden message that she didn’t want us fooling around together all night.

Back upstairs, Jeff tossed me some pajama bottoms.

“Strip Chris, everything off, I want you in my pajamas, loose and free.”

“Sure Jeffie.” I said laughing.

I stood up and took all my clothes off, standing in front of Jeff, he lifted my balls into his hand as my cock dangled off to one side. He held the bottoms up as I stepped into them, he pulled them up and caressed my bare ass as his palms moved over them. My cock hung over the waistband, Jeff bent over and kissed my shaft, his hands moved inside the pajama bottoms as he moved them to the front pulling my cock inside, his arms were inside to his elbows touching me all over running his hands up and down my legs.

I leaned over and kissed him. “I can’t believe your mom is that good with us being gay.”

“Oh, she will ask me a bunch of questions later, like “are you sure about this?” and I will look at her and smile.”

“My parents both know but refuse to talk about it, like it is a cold, and it will go away.”

“Well, I’m not a cold and I am not going away.” Jeff said with a big smile as he fell back onto the bed.

I jumped on top of him and tried to tickle him but he pulled me tightly on top of him and held me tightly.

“I can’t believe I could not see how nice you were before this, we have gone to the same school for years and I knew you but didn’t really know you.” Jeff said.

“I knew you but didn’t know the full you, the gay you, but I have always known you were a nice guy and I have never been happier.”

Jeff ran his hands over my pajama covered butt, his hands roamed and touched me all over until one slipped inside the waistband touching my bare skin, his fingertips moved around from my waist to deep between my legs into my ass crack pushing one finger into my tight hole, toying with it as he kissed my shoulder.

To me, it was still like a dream, me, with someone like Jeff, but not someone like him, actually Jeff kissing me and fingering my ass, wanting me.

Jeff gently pushed me onto my back and crawled in next to me on his knees, he kissed my mouth then cheeks and neck working his way to my chest, and he licked and sucked at my nipples before he chewed them lightly taking my breath. His hand found the front of the pajamas and took my cock through the thin fabric rubbing it around as it grew thicker and longer.

I lifted my ass as Jeff slid my pajama bottoms off of me to the floor, my big cock looking unruly against my small frame but that was the focus of Jeff’s attention. He stripped his clothes off and lay on top of me rubbing his body on mine before sliding down to my waist.

“I want that cock fully inside me.” Jeff said.

“In your throat or ass?” I asked with a big grin.

“I want to swallow it, I don’t think I can get that monster in my ass.”

Jeff went down on my cock working more and more down his throat getting me very stiff, I could feel my climax getting closer and closer, Jeff pulled off to give me time to settle and slow my jizz down some.

He sucked for a few more minutes before moving up and squatting over my stiff prick, he lowered his ass to the point that the head of my cock was touching his ass pucker rubbing it against his ass, once he tried to put some weight on it before realizing that it would take some relaxing his ass muscles before he would gain success.

Jeff rubbed my cock against his ass crack until I shot my load splashing his ass with cum. He moved up to my face and I ducked my head between his legs and licked my cum from his ass and chewing at his hole while he jacked his cock until his jizz jetted out onto my chest and belly. Jeff got a wet towel to clean us up, we snuggled until we fell asleep.

Sunday morning I woke up cuddling naked with Jeff’s arm over me, I looked at his face, his eyes closed, he looked adorable, like a little boy, innocent while asleep and a bit of a devil while awake. I kissed his forehead and lay back until he woke up a few minutes later, he looked at me and a big smile broke across his sleepy face.

I slipped on the pajama bottoms while Jeff put on his and we headed downstairs to the kitchen, I had to put my hand in front of the thin fabric to shield my swinging cock, Jeff’s mom was making breakfast and it smelled great.

“Good morning boys, I hope you are hungry, I’ve made homemade biscuits and am frying up eggs and bacon, get some juice for the both of you Jeff and have a seat at the table.”

“Thanks mom, it smells great.” Jeff said.

“Yeah it smells wonderful, is there anything I can do to help?” I asked.

“No Chris, thank you but I have it under control and it will be ready in a minute or two.”

Jeff poured juice into glasses and set the pitcher on the table, he sat next to me and smiled at me.

“Mom, Chris and I are going to see a movie this afternoon but I will be back for dinner.”

“We are?” I asked in a whisper.

Jeff just smiled again and tapped my foot with his bare toes.

“That’s fine Jeffie, make sure that you get a good lunch before the movie, I’ll leave you forty dollars on the table by the front door.”

“Thanks mom but forty dollars is too much twenty will be good, besides I have some cash and please stop calling me Jeffie.”

“Nonsense, you and your boyfriend need a decent lunch, not just some greasy hamburger.”

My face went a little red when she said boyfriend but it also made me very happy. We ate and went back to Jeff’s room and played video games for a while, Jeff reached into the fly on my pajamas and grabbed my dick a few times when he had a break in the game action.

“I still can’t get used to how big that thing is, and it’s all mine.” Jeff said.

“Yes it is, and you can have it whenever you want.”

We got into the shower and dressed and headed to my house so I could change into fresh clothes. I thought my dad creamed his pants when Jeff walked into the living room with me, like he was a hero, well I guess he was the football hero, the one that everyone liked and knew.

“Hey Jeff, how are you?” My dad asked.

“I am doing great Mr. Morris.” Jeff answered.

“You keeping my boy out of trouble?”

“Yes sir, I’m sticking very close to him.”

“Good, you are good influence on him, and maybe he will get this being gay notion out of his head.”

“Mr. Morris, being gay is not something you can choose to be or not, it is who you are, like it or not.”

“Well, I am not so sure, but if he was more like you…..”

“Actually I am striving to be more like Chris, open about who you are and standing up to be yourself.”

After I came out of my room I got a funny look from my dad and we left for lunch and the movies.

Jeff told me about the conversation he had with my dad while we drove to the restaurant, we ate a light meal still burgers but at a nicer place than the golden arches anyway. We were in line at the movies and saw a guy from the team, he gave us an odd look, and walked over.

“Hey Jeff, what’s up?”

“I’m seeing a movie with Chris.” Jeff said as we continued to go inside.

“I hate that, he acted like you weren’t even there.” Jeff said scrunching his eyes a bit.

“That is my normal day.” I replied.

“Well, that’s going to change tomorrow.”

“What do you mean Jeff?”

“Never mind, let’s just enjoy the movie.”

During the movie Jeff reached over a few times holding my hand as we shared popcorn. Jeff took me home after the movie was over and said he would pick me up for school in the morning.

The next morning I set my alarm early and showered to get ready for Jeff, it was nice getting ready for someone rather than just dressing, I was so happy I wanted to scream it out, mom had made breakfast and had milk waiting on the table.

“Is Jeff picking you up again today Chris?”

“Yeah mom and the pancakes are good.”

“You are seeing a lot of him lately, your dad is happy about that.”

“Wait till he finds out Jeff is my boyfriend, I wonder if that will change.”

“Chris, why would you say such a thing?”

“It’s true.”

“Jeff isn’t gay,,,, is he?”

“Yeah mom, he is and he is also my boyfriend, and I am happier than I have ever been in my life, he is so nice to me, and his parents get it.”
“Get what honey?”

“Get that having a gay son is okay.”

“Well of course it is, did you make your bed?”

“Yes mom, change of subject noted, as usual.”

“I was just wondering if you made your bed, is something wrong with that?”

“Mom, I have been making my bed every day since I was 10 years old.”

I headed out to see if Jeff had pulled up yet but he was not here yet. I went back to my room to grab my books and Jeff was just pulling up into the driveway.

“Sorry I’m a little late, I stopped and got us some iced coffee, I hope you like it.” Jeff said as he handed me a tall iced coffee.

“Yeah, sure, well I’ve never had one before.” I took a sip and then another.

“Damn, this is great, how have I missed having one of these before?”

Jeff smiled as he backed out into the street and headed toward school, we pulled into the student parking lot and the usual kids were hanging out in the parking lot waiting for the bell to ring signaling we had five minutes to get to class.

We got out of the car, I walked around toward Jeff, and some kid that usually hangs out with the football players was standing nearby.

“Hey Jeff, why are you giving Chris the fag a ride to school?” he asked putting an emphasis on the word fag.

There was no holding Jeff back, he walked over to the guy and grabbed him by the shirt front lifting him off of the ground before shaking him and throwing him to the ground.

“Listen the fuck up.” Jeff yelled. “Anyone wants to call anyone a fag again in front of me will get the fuck beat out of them, anyone want to know why I gave Chris a ride to school?”

The crowd was silent and no one moved, they all just stared at Jeff and waited.

“Chris is my boyfriend, you got that? Anyone got a problem with that? Anyone want to call me or Chris a fag? I thought not.”

I could not believe that he just outed himself in front of this many classmates and teammates, Jeff walked over and put his arm over my shoulder and we walked into the school like it we had done it a million times.

There was plenty of behind the scenes talking I am sure, but no one mentioned it at all, they started saying hi to me in the hall, it was like I was accepted that day, like Jeff legitimized being gay. Football practice went off without a hitch and no one gave me any grief in the locker room, I gave out towels as I had always done. Tonight Jeff stayed with me until I got the towels into the dryer and drove me home.

Within weeks it seemed a few other people came out of the closet at school, I guess they thought if Jeff could come out, they could too. A lesbian couple that was kind of out was now quite open about being a couple, everyone knew anyway but now it seemed more relaxed. I am sure that my mom told my dad that Jeff was my boyfriend but he refused to think anything more than Jeff being the football star.

Jeff took me to the lake again over the weekend even though we did not have to hide anymore, Jeff striped right off the bat, we swam naked before coming out of the water and fucking in the grass, it had only been a few weeks now but seemed a lifetime since he caught me with his jock up to my nose.