Monday, October 3, 2016

Baseball Boys

I was on a baseball team on the outskirts of a major city, and I enjoyed the freedom of the country but the acceptance of the city. Our team was made up of about two thirds gay men, some of them were pretty hot, the straight ones too.
We played teams from all around the state and that took money, we usually would rent a couple of passenger vans and share motel rooms, two to a bed, straight and gay in the same bed, it did not matter to most but there was always butt fuck jokes and soap in the shower talk.
Sometimes we would do work around the county to help pay for the trips, this week it was an old barn that needed cleaning out and five of us could knock it out in a few hours.
Myself and four teammates headed down the dusty country road early enough to get as much done as possible before the heat of the summer kicked in, the farm owner was away but had given instructions to pile and burn the old wood and junk and make a scrap pile of the stuff that would not burn.
We started clearing out the massive barn and before ten o’clock the sweat was running down our backs causing our tee shirts to cling to our chests and backs.
“Fuck it’s hot.” Jesse said as he peeled off his soaked tee shirt tossing it on an old pallet.
“We are gonna have to find a creek to skinny dip in later and wash off the sweat and dust.” Chris remarked.
I looked over to see Jesse unbuckling his belt, he slid his jeans to the ground and took them off completely, and he was standing there in his red boxer briefs and tennis shoes with sweat trickling down his back.
“I think your undies are soaked in sweat too, may as well take them off too.” I said as a joke.
That was all it took, he slid them down and over his shoes and was buck ass naked and looking pretty hot too. His dark tan, thick eyebrows and hairy legs made him appear less feminine than his mannerisms but all the same, he was a great guy.
Brian was walking past and saw Jesse naked, while he was dragging an old timber out of the barn, Brian was one of the straight guys on the team and very handsome, we always kidded him about hopping from one woman to another in the same day.
“Damn, Jesse, what the fuck you gotta be all naked out here?” Brian asked.
“You like watching my sweet ass Brian, don’t be acting like a hater, besides, it is a whole lot cooler like this.” Jesse remarked.
Over the next twenty minutes or so all of us had stripped to either our underwear or wearing only our shoes, I was not one to stand on ceremony and was wearing only my beat up brown hiking boots while my junk swung in the breeze.
Brian was a sight in his white briefs, his junk pulled at the fabric as he moved and I swear he was near getting a boner when he was working next to Jesse. Chris was naked and slid in behind Jesse grabbing his hips and pushing his thick cock to the man’s ass crack and mock fucking him, I noticed that Brian did not look away.
Clay was the only straight guy here besides Brian but he stripped off his underwear after a few minutes and now Brian was the only one left wearing anything other than shoes.
“You gonna join us Brian? I asked.
“No Dave, I’m fine, I don’t want you guys getting too excited by seeing a real man naked.” He said laughing.
“A real man would not be scared to strip and work naked.” Jesse called out as he walked out into the sunlight tossing some scrap wood onto the pile.
“Fuck you.” Brian said with a grin.
“Come fuck me baby, if you are man enough.” Jesse taunted slapping his own ass cheek.
Brian ignored it but I think I saw his package grow a bit bigger. Chris walked past Jesse again but this time it was more than a joke, he rubbed his cock against and reached around taking Jesse’s cock in his hand giving it a few tugs making it hard as a rock. I looked over and everyone had stopped working to watch.
“Break time.” I called out with a loud laugh.
Chris was ass crack fucking Jesse, rubbing his fully stiff cock along the man’s ass crack and under to his ball sack.
“Aww fuck, we gonna have a gay orgy right here in front of everyone?” Clay called out.
“Only if you join in Clay!” I said.
Jesse bent over a bit farther while Chris pushed his cock right up Jesse’s ass and started fucking him while everyone watched. Clay protested a little more but his cock was starting to swing out from his body.
I looked over and Brian had his briefs pulled down and was jacking his cock. He looked at me and gave me a look.
“What, I’m not gay, just getting my rocks off, everyone jacks off.”
“I didn’t say anything.”
Chris was fucking Jessy hard and I could tell that he was getting close to cumming, I moved in close and was running my hand over Chris’s ass mounds and along his crack as he fucked him.
Chris pulled his cock out and splashed cum all over Jesse’s ass crack, without even time for Jesse to move, Brian of all people pushed past Chris and grabbed Jesse’s hips and pushed his thick hard straight ballplayer cock right into him.
I could not believe that Brian was fucking Jesse, he had sweat running down his back and into his ass crack, I so wanted to reach over and feel his butt, it was so white against the tan that stopped at his waist. Clay walked closer and stood there jacking his own cock while watching his teammate’s raw fuck show.
Chris had raised his cock back to a full on boner again but had his eye on Clay’s meat, he moved in close and Clay pushed him away gently but Chris held his ground and took Clay's cock into his hand jacking it some before squatting in front of him  and taking it into his mouth, Clay’s knees nearly buckled.
“Fuck that feels good, I’ve never had a woman make my cock feel like that.” Clay moaned.
I reached over and rubbed my hand across Brian’s ass cheeks, he didn’t push me away, I moved closer and ran my hand down his ass crack and under to where I could feel his balls slapping around while he fucked Jesse. I started thinking about inserting a finger into his asshole and was toying with it when he looked back at me.
“Nothing goes in.”
I took that as an invitation to do anything I wanted as long as nothing when inside his ass. I stood behind him and brushed the head of my cock against his ass crack and a little between his cheeks when he pulled back from Jesse, it felt so good but only lasted a half a second before he thrust forward again into Jesse’s ass.
Brian started breathing louder than before and I knew he was about to blow, this was my only chance to squirt a load against his ass crack before he came to his senses and turned straight again. I jutted my hips forward while jacking my cock furiously and about the same time Brian dumped his load into Jesse, my cum squirted onto Brian’s bubble butt and into his ass crack.
“Hoooo,,,, Holy shit, fuck Jesse, your ass is fucking hot.” Brian said without thinking about it.
He pulled out and looked around like he needed to change what he had just said, but no one seemed to care. His cock was wet with cum and looked like it was from a horse, huge, thick and still throbbing.
Clay pulled out of Chris’s mouth and moved over to Jesse, it looked like it had turned into that orgy that Clay was talking about. It only took him a few seconds of fucking Jesse before he was moaning and groaning loud enough to be heard in the next county.
“I guess everyone is at least a little gay today.” I said with a grin as I picked up some rusted iron pipes and hauled them outside.
It was pretty hot seeing the other four working together after that, Clay still had cum seeping from his cock making strands to his thigh before it would break and fall to the dirt and Brian’s cock seemed to never get fully soft, it sort of bounced and pushed out from his balls some.
I saw more than a few ass slaps between them while we worked, Chris had vanished for a few minutes and walked up about the time we had lit the pile of old wood on fire.
“Guys, there is a nice creek over there just past that tree, let’s go cool off while the fire burns, we can see it from there and it will be fine.”
Clay and Jesse took off running towards the creek, their cocks and balls bouncing all over, we got into the cool water and splashed around feeling great after the sweat and heat of the day.
Brian swam over to the mud bank I was laying on, only my knees and feet were in the water as I relaxed.
“Hey Dave, I liked what we all did inside the barn and I would not mind doing it again, but with you this time.”
He placed his hand on my cock, running his fingers down my shaft toying with the head of my cock.
“I’m not gay, but what does it feel like to have a cock inside your ass?” Brian asked.
“Well you can come to my house tonight after we get back and find out.”
“Well, I didn’t mean…” Brian said as his voice trailed off.
I knew that he did mean it and by the way he was touching my cock openly, and I was sure he had been thinking of being with a guy before this.
“Suck my cock.” I said.
Brian did not say a word, he looked at my face then my cock and the next thing his lips were bobbing up and down on my shaft like he had done it a million times. His fingers roamed under my balls and then he pushed a finger into my ass finger fucking me while sucking my stiff prick.
Clay and Chris were playing in the water, splashing and giggling. Clay had better look out or Chris would be fucking him next I thought.
“That fire up there is burning as hot as my ass after, getting fucked by three of you.”
“You are just a whore Jesse.” I said jokingly.
“Fuck you Dave.”
I could feel the cum stirring and it was headed out of my cock in a moment or so.
“Brian, I’m getting ready to shoot, you better pull off if you don’t want a mouthful of jizz.”
Brian held his ground and sucked hard as my salty man juice shot out of my cock into his throat, I moaned as I bucked my hips while he sucked me to the end.
“Mmmmm take it baby, suck me dry.” I cried out.
The others stopped the horseplay to watch, no one thought of Brian as the cocksucker type but he sure looked at home with my cock in his throat.
After a while we walked back to the barn, the fire had burned down to a smolder while we all stood there watching it, no one seemed to want to put their clothes back on.
I walked over to Brian and quietly asked him if he wanted to come over to my apartment after we got back, he only smiled and I knew that I would be fucking his virgin ass tonight.


  1. A little hard to believe a group of gay and straight guys would strip down to their shoes to work in a barn, but once the action gets started this story is pretty hot! I love it when straight men experiment! Only criticism is the number of grammatical errors that can be easily corrected.

  2. hot sun, sweat and young horny guys a recipe for some fun gay or str8. liked the idea of Brian unleashing his inner lust for man sex.

  3. Damn hot story! Shot my load and was hard again!

  4. Super HOT bet the follow up would be even hotter

  5. Wow! What a story! Keep writing, please!!!