Friday, November 18, 2016

Parking Lot Hookup

I was in the grocery store getting a few things when I noticed this guy near me sort of checking me out, I looked over to see a good sized hole in his Levi’s to the right side of his fly. I could see that he was commando and could also see a thick patch of his dark pubic hair and a bit of his white skin through the hole.
I looked up to see that he was watching me looking at his crotch, I looked away instantly but he had seen me looking just the same. He reached down and gave it a rub with his fingers flirting with me, I picked up the can of green beans from the shelf and dropped it into my shopping cart and headed off down the aisle.
I got a stirring in my crotch thinking about what had just happened, it was really nothing but a guy wanting a quick pick up and he probably does this all the time, who does this anyway? I thought to myself.

He was rather handsome in a rugged construction worker type way, I picked up the few things that I came for and pointed my cart toward the front of the store and just wanted to pay and get home, it had been a trying day at work and I needed to get changed and relax before making dinner.
Oh God, there he was again in the only checkout lane that was express and did not have a huge line, I moved up and he turned, my eyes went right to the hole in his jeans again, searching for a glimpse of his skin and pubic hair again.

“Oh, Hi again.” He said.

“Hi.” I replied as I forced myself to stop looking at his pubes.

“You only have a few things, would you like to get in front of me?”

“No, I am fine, thanks just the same.”

“Really?” he asked as he toyed near the hole with his finger.

“Yeah, it won’t be long.”

“How do you know how long it is?” He asked with a wicked smile.

“You know very well what I mean.”

“And YOU know very well what I mean.”

About that time the cashier started scanning his purchases, he looked up to the man and caught sight of the frayed hole in this guy’s jeans and got very flustered and his face turned red but he kept looking every chance he got.
The guy paid with his card and left the store without looking back, the cashier looked at me and asked how my day was going, I made small talk as he finished and gave me my change and I walked out into the parking lot with my two grocery bags.

“So, where are you headed?”

I turned to see that he was waiting outside the doors of the store and off to one side, he was walking along side of me like we were old friends.

“I am going home to make dinner.”

I put the two bags into the back seat and opened the driver’s door of my car and slid behind the wheel, he moved in between me and the door and just stood there, his crotch hole was at eye level now and only two feet away.

“Does this really work for you?” I asked.

“Does what work?”

“The hole in your jeans and no underwear, does it get you laid allot?” I asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Seems to.”


“Yeah, guys can’t take their eyes off of it, kind of like you, right now.”

My eyes darted up to his face, I reached for the door to attempt to pull it shut when he took my hand and put it to his crotch, and he pushed one of my fingers through the hole. I felt his course hair under my touch, he pushed my finger in a bit harder until I felt the side of his cock, and it made my heart race.
Some woman was walking past carrying a bag from the store headed to her car, she looked over with disgust.

“That is indecent.” She said.

“Oh I am sure you have bobbed on a good share of knobs in your day.” The jeans guy called out behind her.

I pulled my finger out of his jeans and started my car.

“What? You didn’t like it?” he asked.

“No, yeah, it was fine, but I have to go.”

He reached into the car and touched the side of my face and smiled.

“I bet you are a good cocksucker too.”

“I am not into sucking a stranger’s dick in the grocery store parking lot.”

“Really? Where are you into sucking a stranger’s dick?”


“Never? You have never had strange cock in your mouth before?”

“No, not in public.”

“So you have had some random guy’s cock in your mouth before.”

He looked around and unbuttoned his jeans completely, even that last button that no one unbuttons and flashed his dark bush by opening it.

“Touch it.” He said.

“No, I am not touching it.”

He pulled his fly open farther and farther until I could see most of his very thick shaft, I lost words at that point. He reached in and flopped his cock out and pushed his hips toward me while he leaned onto my car putting his arms on the roof while he looked around for anyone coming up.

“Suck it, I’ll watch for trouble.”

I looked at his fat prick and without thinking again, it was in my mouth and going into my throat as I gulped on his fat rod. It thickened and stiffened even more as I gasped for air, he smelled like a man, part his smell and a little bit of sweat. I reached in and set his balls free, they like his cock, heavy and large, they swung low and felt good in my hand.
He pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my throat, my eyes watered with each thrust, one or two people came out of the store but were not coming close enough to see anything or tell what was going on.

“Damn, suck it deep, take it all, I am about to blow my jizz, suck it all down.”

I sucked and sucked and within a moment he started filling me with his hot and salty jizz, I gulped and sucked, until there was no more to swallow, about that time I shot my own load in my briefs without taking it out or even touching it.

“I knew you were a good cocksucker,” he said as he packed his meat back into his jeans.

He leaned in and touched my lips. “Mighty good cocksucker to take my load without spilling any.”

I looked up as he turned and walked away without another word, I pulled my door shut and drove home in a bit of a daze. I got inside and put the groceries on the counter and took off my clothes, I had cum all over my crotch and everything was a sticky mess.

I turned the shower on and looked into the mirror, I rubbed some lotion onto my cock and jacked off as I replayed in my head what had just happened and I could still taste his cum, I let my own cum fly onto the bathroom counter and my head went back as I dreamed that he was between my legs sucking my cock as I came.

I took a shower and put on clean clothes, ate dinner and went to bed early, I was still thinking about the guy from the store, in my minds eye, I could see that fat prick bobbing before me and my cock hardened again as I jacked a big load of jizz onto my chest.

I went back to the grocery store several times that week but never saw him again, some days I would actually stake out the parking lot watching for him. Maybe one day he will come back and let me service his oversized cock in the parking lot again.