Saturday, June 30, 2018

Total Domination

I headed into the hardware store to pick up some supplies to make repairs on a guy’s house, he had called my number after finding me on the web and wanted a few small things done, we agreed on a price for the work to be done and said I could fit him in today. I picked up what I needed and headed to Glen’s house to get the work started.
I pulled in and Glen met me outside shaking my hand and welcoming me to his home.
“Hi Glen, I’m Tom, let’s see what you need done.” I said as I shook his hand.
We walked in and he showed me what he wanted done to ensure we were on the same page and I brought in my tools and started work. The first thing was changing out a toilet that had gotten chipped when Glen dropped a can of paint on the toilet rim when he was painting the bathroom.
I am 28 with a tight body and a little heavy with muscles on my upper body, wearing a tight tee shirt with the sleeves rolled up some, I turned to see Glen watching me as I worked.
“Oh sorry, am I bothering you? I am admiring your work.” Glen asked.
“No, you are not bothering me, you admiring my work or me?” I asked, never being accused of beating around the bush about things.
“No, no, I am not gay, I mean, I was just watching you work.”
“I didn’t ask if you were gay, a straight man can admire another man’s look, don’t you think?”
“Well, yeah I suppose so.”
Glen was in his mid fifties and well older than me but I liked fucking older guys, the only thing is that I am very dominate and will be calling all of the shots if and when anything happens between a guy and myself.
“Hand me that crescent wrench will ya Glen?”
Glen handed me the wrench, I looked right into his eyes and took the wrench, he looked a bit uncomfortable with my gaze and his breathing stopped for a moment as he held his breath without thinking about it. I took off the bolt on the close side of the toilet, closed the lid and leaned over it to get to the far side bolt. I had to stretch some to get into position and looked back to see Glen looking at the exposed skin from where my shirt had pulled up and the top of my jeans, what he must have been looking at was the back band of my jock where you could see skin on both sides of the strap.
“Like what you see?” I asked.
“No, I just haven’t seen a guy in a jock since college is all.”
“But you still like looking at my jock and the bare skin while I work?” I said in more of a statement than a question.
“No, I am not gay.”
“Right, you said that already but you seem intrigued just the same, you ever played around with a guy, maybe in college?”
“No, I haven’t, I have always liked girls, err, women and am not into guys, and maybe I should go in the other room while you work.”
“Okay, whatever you like, you are not bothering me, and it is just a conversation, that’s all.” I said as I took off the last bolt and stood up facing Glen.
I could see Glen looking at my chest, my tee shirt had little slack in it and outlined my fit chest and showed my nipples that pointed out against the blue fabric.
“Touch it.” I said in a firm voice.
“What?” Glen stuttered.
“Touch my chest, you are clearly looking at it and you want to touch it, so do it.”
I took Glen’s hand and pulled it to my chest rubbing it over one nipple.
“Go ahead and squeeze my nipple through my tee shirt Glen.”
Glen was breathing hard and his hand trembled as he gently squeezed my right nipple.
“No, Glen, like this.” I said as I grabbed his own nipple through his dress shirt and twisted it sharply causing him to gasp in pain and step back.
“What did that hurt?”
“Yeah, well a little.”
“But you liked it.”
Glen just stood there not saying anything but looked like he was about to bolt into the other room.
“You see Glen, I dominate guys, I am in charge fully, guys don’t say why or no to me, they do as I say and after a while they learn to make things happen before I say anything.”
“Gay guys.”
“No, Glen, it is not a club, some guys want to be dominated and some humiliated too, being gay has little to do with it, it is more about what makes them happy.”
“So they like being told what to do and how to act?” Glen asked.

“No, they “need” to be told and that makes them happy and makes me happy too, if they don’t obey, there can be hell to pay.”
“What do you mean?”
“Let’s just say with me, there is no safe word, when you submit to me, it is wholly and without question.”
“But what do they do?”
“Anything I want them to do, anything.”
Glen walked into the other room while I was working on setting the wax ring that goes in before the new toilet gets bolted in place but he came back and was watching again, I had to pass him to get something from my truck, he clearly had some interest in what I had been telling him so I grabbed his bulge through his jeans and gave him a good squeeze as I passed, he did not say a word and did not move.
I finished my work and Glen was nearby most of the time, he paid me and I gave him my card before leaving, I could feel some heat from this guy, I had a feeling that he was more than just curious.
A couple of days passed since I gave Glen’s crotch a squeeze and he called saying he needed had a couple more things that needed some work, my thoughts were that he needed more than that, if he were uncomfortable, he would not have called me back.

“Hey Tom, great to see you again.” Glen said greeting me at the door.
“So you have a few more things for me to do?”
“Yeah, I bought a new light fixture for my kitchen and have a tile to make a backsplash I want put up in the kitchen.
Glen showed me the tiles he picked out for the backsplash, they were not a good fit for the job, the tiles were too large of a subway tile for the space, and I started thinking that maybe he was looking for an excuse to bring me back to his house.
“Glen, do you really want these tiles in here? They are too big, if you don’t really care, I can go get the right ones and return these.”
“Whatever you want Tom.” He said without making eye contact.
I knew by the way he said that, he was not talking about the tiles.
“What I want is for you to get on your knees and take my fat cock into your mouth.”
Glen froze in his tracks with his eyes fixed on my crotch.
“Unzip my pants and take my cock out, do it now.”
Glen dropped to his knees and looked torn; he fumbled with my fly a bit while he looked at my face.
“But I am not gay; I don’t want to suck a cock.”
“You need it, it is not about my cock, it is about you doing as you are told, you need to be dominated and you will do as I tell you, now take my cock out.”
Glen pulled my fly open farther and touched at the front of my jock, feeling the firmness and the heat coming off of the pouch.
“Put your nose to it and smell my bulge.”
Glen was hesitant but moved slowly until his nose was pressed up against my jock covered cock.
“You like that Glen? Sniff it deep.”
Glen did not respond but he did do as I instructed, he put his nose in against the side of the fabric and inhaled deeply. I pushed the back of his head and gave him a bit of pressure to really get in there.
“Reach in and pull my meat out.”
Glen slid his fingers behind the pouch and touched my ball sac for a moment before going for it and pushing the elastic over to one side allowing my fat prick to flop out, it was starting to thicken and get harder, his face was about 12 inches away from it and it was time for Glen to taste cock for the first time in his life.
“Lick the head of my cock.”
“I don’t think I can, I mean..”
“Yeah, I know, you are not gay, here is the thing Glen, this is the way it is gonna go. You will do as I instruct you to, if not, I can leave anytime, I have sub’s that would love to service me, and they have a need to be told what to do too. Oh and by the way, with me, there is no safe word, if you don’t like what is happening you just get the fuck up and walk away and there will be no coming back.”
Glen moved in closer and touched his tongue to the head of my cock; he toyed around some with it trying to get past putting a cock in his mouth.
“Suck it.”
Glen opened his mouth and allowed most of the tip to go inside; he licked around on it some before I smacked the back of his head firmly, he then took a few inches and tightened his mouth around my shaft.
“Ok, that’s better, now what I want you to do is to get used to swallowing my cockhead and taking my cock into your throat, you know this is what you want so let’s get to it.”
Glen was breathing hard through his nose, and took a little more into his mouth and tried to swallow it but choked and gagged; I looked into his eyes that were watering heavily.
“You look up here, I am in charge and you watch to see what my needs are, I own you now and everything you do will be for me, got it?”
Glen nodded some and gagged again.
“Suck it deep, swallow it, open your throat and take it.”
Glen moved his head around some while not losing eye contact with me; his goal was to take more of my thick meat into his throat without choking on it.
“You have to want to take it to please me, which should be your first and only desire.”
I pushed the back of Glen’s head deeper onto my shaft and rode his face until he had the whole thing in his throat and I started slowly rocking my body against his head getting him used to it a little quicker than he was doing.
“Take it; you love my cock no don’t you?”
Glen nodded his head while looking into my eyes with his own watery eyes.
I was getting close to cumming and pulled out; Glen gasped for breath and wiped his mouth.
“Okay Glen, here comes your reward for doing a good job on sucking your first cock, I am going to feed you your first load of jizz, I am going to jack off into your face and mouth, you will not lose any of it, it is my seed that I give to you.
Glen squatted in front of me and had a very worried look on his face but held his mouth open and was ready, or at least he thought he was. I jacked my spit wet cock against his face, slapping the cockhead against his lips now and then.
“I don’t tell when I will cum, I do it, you just have to be ready and will learn to see my body move and know what I need or when I am ready to shoot.”
I pulled his mouth fully open with my thumb by pulling at his lip with my left hand while still jacking off with my right. My breathing had increased and my back stiffening as I gripped my thick cock tighter as my jizz blasted out hitting his tongue making him jump back some, the next rope of my salty liquid went across his face before I shoved my cock back into his throat and drilled his mouth while expending the last of my cum into him.
As I pulled out, Glen gasped for a deep breath again and wiped his mouth, the jizz was still across his face.
“Clean my seed off of your face with your fingers and swallow it all, remember you don’t waste my jizz ever.”
Glen did as he was told and stayed on his knees waiting for my next command, his body strained to be completely still, his eyes focused on mine.
“That’s it for today; I will be back over in a couple of days to teach you the next lesson on how you will please me.”
“Next lesson?” He asked.
“You will find out soon enough. “ I said as I turned and walked out of his house leaving the man on his knees.
I returned three days later I gave a call only to state that I was on my way over to make sure he was alone. I walked into his house and motioned him to the bedroom.
“Get naked and on the bed, on your back.” I said as I stripped off my own clothes, this was the first time Glen had actually seen me naked, his eyes scanned my lean and muscular body me being at least fifteen years younger than he was, maybe more.
“I am going to fuck you; you will give yourself to me.”
“I don’t think I want to.” He started to say when I cut him off.
“Again Glen, it is not about what you want, it is about my pleasure, dominating you and using you in any way I please.” I said as I took a small bottle of lube form my pants pocket.
Glen had a very worried look on his face as I motioned for him to pull his legs up near his chest, I squirted some lube onto my fingers and pushed it into his ass crack and into his asshole, he cried out as I pushed two fingers into his virgin hole, stretching him out to feel more comfortable was not what I was worried about, it was just lubing his man hole up so I could use it.
I pushed my cockhead into his ass while his eyes were on mine, I gave it one more hard push and I was in to the hilt, completely in his ass.
“Oh fuck that hurts.” He cried out.
“If you tense up, it will hurt more.”
I shot him a look, and started pumping in and out of his tight ass, his eyes closed tightly from the pain. I fucked him hard making sure he knew this was about me using him for my own needs and pleasure not his comfort. I pushed his knees higher towards his face while I used his fuck-hole.
I reached up and gave him a light slap oh his cheek, “Eyes up here.”
Immediately his eyes were on mine, I looked into his face while I took the ass of this straight man, I wondered if this was humiliation he wanted or only the need for domination. His flaccid cock flopped about while I fucked him hard, I reached between his legs taking his balls into my hand squeezing them firmly until he groaned loudly.
I stopped fucking him for a second. “You like that?”
‘Yes, it hurts but I like it as it pleasures you.”
“That’s the idea, you are here specifically for my full pleasure, other than that you’ve got no purpose. We are not in a loving cuddling relationship, you are a straight man that needs total domination and in this case by a very fit younger man that likes taking over a man’s life to use him fully.”
I moved higher than before and fucked him harder than I had; he was panting fast and at times holding his breath probably hoping I squirt soon. I adjusted his right leg pushing it back against his chest as far as it would go and my movements increased until I could hold back no longer, I dumped my load in the hole under me and pulled out rolling onto my back next to him.
“Grab a hand towel and get it wet with hot water and clean me off.”
Glen did as instructed, he washed my cock balls and then moved to cleaning my chest and underarms with care, he then used the towel on his ass crack.
“My ass is on fire, it feels like I’ve been torn apart.”
I again gave him the look he stopped talking and stood there waiting for any instructions I may have for him, I let him just stand there, I may have even drifted to sleep for a few moments but he stood there un-moving. I got up and dressed and I headed for the door.
“Will you be coming back?” Glen asked in a quiet voice.
“I will as long as you do as you are told and can take what I give you.”
“I can take it.” I heard him say as I walked out the door to my car.

I didn’t contact Glen for a little less than two weeks, I want him to really think about what was happening to him and to ensure he would hang in there, and I didn’t want to waste any time on him if he was not going to have second thoughts. I called him after I went to the gym and let him know I would be over and hung up the phone without giving him any real time to say more than he would bet there.
I walked in without knocking as usual, just to remind him that he and all he owned were mine.
“Take your position.” Was all I had to say, he was at my feet in a flash with his eyes looking into mine for direction, he was totally naked, it was good that he started knowing what to do without each thing being outlined each time.
I pulled his head toward my crotch burying his nose against my firm bulge, he inhaled my sweaty gym crotch smell, it was like liquor intoxicating his mind, his eyes started closing and he remembered to look into my eyes and brought his attention to me again. I rubbed his face against my gym shorts.
“You like that smell Glen?”
“Yes Sir.” He said softly.
“I bet you jacked off everyday thinking of me and how I used your asshole last time I was here, am I right?”
“Yes Sir, I did jack off thinking of you several times each day.”
I turned around with my ass towards his face.
“Slide my shorts to my feet.”
Glen slid my gym shorts down as instructed.
“Clean my asshole with your mouth.”
There was hesitation but only for a moment before I felt his fingers spreading my ass cheeks, then his tongue reluctantly tapping around my ass crack.
“Get to it bitch, wash my sweaty hole with your tongue.”
Glen pushed his tongue farther into my ass crack and in a moment after he got used to the taste of ass funk he went to it with gusto rimming my ass, another first for Glen, biting and chewing at my hole.
“Push your tongue into my asshole.”
Glen pulled my cheeks as far apart as he could, pulling my pucker open with his thumbs a bit before spearing it with his tongue.
“Eat my ass slut, eat it good.” I said bending over and pushing it back against his mouth as much as I could.
“Nice little ass whore.” I said as I turned around with my fat cock touching his lips as it bobbed about.
“How bad do you want to please my cock?”
“Very bad Sir I want your cock in my mouth Sir.”
“I was thinking more about your ass again.”
He looked less excited than a moment before, but he did not say a word.
“What are you to me?” I asked.
“Nothing Sir, I am your fuck hole to use as you like, my feelings matter not at all, I am here only for your service, to please you in any way that I can.” He said softly.
“That’s right, some men in my position would treat you very badly forcing you to sleep in the garage on the hard cement in your own piss to show you that you have no value, some men like me would take charge of your financial earnings and maybe make you work a second job to make sure you are giving him enough of everything you have, I am not like that.”
“Thank you Sir, you are very kind.”
“It is not me being kind, I don’t have any desire to control your money or I would do it and take all that you have to please me more, your life would consist of working two jobs a day to earn money for me and I would use your body for my pleasure when I wanted, it would be closer to being a slave without any rights.”
“Lube your ass some and get in the bed and get your legs into the air.”
He did as he was told and was on the bed in position waiting for me to use him as a fuck hole and any other way I wanted.
I pushed my thick cock into his man cunt and rode his ass, it was all he could do not to cry out but I could tell that he was in pain but was learning to get used to it and not make a sound. While I fucked him, my hands went to his throat cutting off his air somewhat, his face reddened but his eyes did not blink, he looked right into my face, watching a gay man fuck and choke him, a straight man, humiliating and using him.
I shot my load and released his neck, he gasped for a lung full of air breathing hard. I noticed that this time his cock was semi hard unlike the first time I fucked him, it was limp and had bounced all over.
“You are getting to like getting used, fucked and choked already?”
“Yes Sir, I was looking forward to serving you again and over the last week I was wondering if you had forgotten me, and that I was not worth enough to bring you back here.”
“You need me, here using you for my pleasure.”
“Yes, I do Sir; I never thought I would be into this kind of life.”
“One day I may bring in friends and let them all use you, fucking you one by one, feeding their cocks down your throat while I watch, but not today.”
“That would be amazing for you Sir, I am merely a possession, a tool for you to use any way you see fit Sir.”
“You still Straight?” I asked.
“I am nothing; I cannot be straight or gay if I am only here for your pleasure, not mine.”
“Oh, don’t forget that this pleases you too or you would have called it off long ago and never would have let me fuck you and today you were eating my ass and loving it. You need to be used and owned.”
“Yes Sir, you are correct.”
“Of course I am.” I replied as I turned to walk out the door.


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