Sunday, October 14, 2018

Less Than Straight

I spent a good part of my senior the year in college partying with friends into the wee hours of the night. We'd drink shots of vodka, and later sneak to clubs for beer and dancing, aided by my friend's cousin who worked in one of the best places where we would try to pick up college girls. ​

On one of the nights I went to the club with two guys, one was James, a close friend; the other was a guy from school that I barely knew. I'd thought that he was cute and a bit quiet. His name was Richard and he didn't act the same way as other guys, he seemed focused and in a way, quite serious and beyond his years.

He intrigued me so much that I found myself thinking of him in a way that bothered me. I'd think about what it would be like to kiss him, smell him, rub up against his skin, put my hand in his pants, or have his in mine. I'd look at porn on my laptop and think of him causing me to get very hard and in a way it made me feel both excited and a bit of shame. ​

We were there in the bar drinking a bit and chatting about nothing. I often noticed his eyes on me and it made an electric rush go through my body. He looked at me in a way that made my cheeks red and my pants get tight, I hoped that neither of the guys noticed.​

After a few hours we left the bar and he drove James and me home James lived the closest so we dropped him off, and continued on toward my house.

We didn't talk much in the car on the way to my house but I felt hot and breathless as I rode silently with him, my mind going wild as I sat within a foot or so of him, so close I could smell his cologne. I felt as if I were going to pass out, this was so silly, I am straight and have never felt like this over a guy, sure I can recognize when a guy is good looking but have only chased girls.

When we neared my house, I pointed for him to stop but he continued right past it. Immediately I knew that something was going to happen I didn't say anything. My palms were sweating, and my throat was dry as I sat there shocked and slightly fearful. My heart started pounding I felt like I could hear my pulse and I was instantly completely aroused. ​

I looked over at Richard, his face was aglow by the dash lights, his lips drew my attention, they were dark and full and begged to be kissed, I have kissed many girls with lips like this but he was not a girl, he was very sexy and all male.
He turned on the next road and drove slowly down to the dead end; it was an isolated road with lots of tree on either side he drove a quarter mile or so back to the end and parked the car. Then Richard looked at me, I don't even remember if I said anything or not, every moment felt like a slow motion crushing rising wave as my heart threatened to pound right out of my chest.
He leaned in and softly kissed my neck while reaching out to simply placing his hand gently on my inner thigh and I gasped, lifted my hips, everything exploded in my brain and I came right there in my pants. There was no way to control or stop it, I shot so much jizz and leaned back in the seat gasping through my orgasm. I sat there breathing heavily, panting and paralyzed and very embarrassed by what had just happened.
I couldn't' move, I didn't have any words yet it was one of the most erotic moments I have ever had.

We sat there quiet in the car, I couldn't look at him, and I didn't touch him. I just leaned into him though and breathed him in and we sat like that for an hour. He spoke a few words. I could see a bulge, but was scared to reach out and touch it.

“It’s okay Will.” Richard said as he touched my face gently tilting his head before leaning in to kiss my lips for the first time.

He tilted his seat back as far as it would go and took my hand in his resting it on his mounded crotch, I unfastened the buttons of his jeans and I could feel the heat coming out of his pants against my shaking hand. I looked up into Richards’s sexy face and back to his crotch; he lifted his hips and slid his jeans down to the floor of the car allowing my fingers to probe his boxer briefs feeling the outline of his rigid cock.
Richard put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled my face toward his crotch. My nose against his underwear I inhaled his scent and my cock was hard again, I pulled his underwear back and in the dim light form the dash, I saw his cock for the first time, it looked as perfect as his good looks. He slid his boxer briefs down past his knees and guided my head back to his crotch.
I had never been with a guy before and was about to put my lips against his rock hard prick, I took the base of his shaft in between my fingers pulling it out form his body, my hands still shaking.

“Take your time, go easy Will, its fine.”

I touched my lips to his cock head and did not pause at all, my lips parted and in a flash his cock was in my mouth. I knew what to do as I have had girlfriends give me blow jobs many times, only now the tables had turned and it was my mouth on this stiff cock.
I hesitated on taking too much of it in at first and took a little more and more until I had swallowed his cock fully to his curly blonde pubic hair. Richard relaxed in his seat, his cock in my throat and let me explore his manhood. I choked several times but did not give up; I was enjoying it and reached down unbuttoning my own pants that were full of jizz.

“I’ve wanted to hook up with you Will, you are a hot looking guy and I like your personality but was unsure whether or not you are gay.”

“I’m not gay, I’ve never been with a guy before.” I said after pulling off of his shaft for a moment.

Richard’s hands roamed my back and shoulders while I bobbed on his cock, I could feel the ridge of his cockhead as my lips passed over it letting his cock almost out of my mouth.

“I’m gonna cum Will, do you wanna take it?” Richard asked in a whisper.

I did not pull off of his cock, I was in it this far sucking the first cock of my life, I was imagining what this bad boy would feel like in my ass as he fucked me, I had watched a few gay sex videos online and looked like it hurt, but they must have enjoyed it.
About then Richard tapped the back of my head signaling it was time to pull off or commit and take his load, I stayed on it and then the first liquid snake of his jizz entered my mouth and then another and another I took it all, gulping his cock juice until there was no more.

When he was done I lay back in my seat, my pants unbuttoned and open, Richard reached over feeling my very wet bulge, he pulled my briefs down a little and took my hard cock into his mouth and about his third time going down on it I blasted my cum into his mouth.

“You sure are a fast cummer, but nothing to worry about; I know that you’ve never been with a guy before.”

I was still embarrassed about jizzing my pants when he touched my thigh but he seemed to be fine with it.

“I was like that too my first few times with a guy, you get all excited and worked up and just are not able to stop it.”

Richard kissed me again, this time his tongue went deep into my mouth as he gasped for breath while pulling my head toward his.
I reached under his tee shirt feeling his chest and his nipples, they were fairly stiff and I let my fingertips flick over the tips of them.
We pulled our pants back up and he drove me home, on the short ride he asked me if he could pick me up in the morning as it was Saturday, he said he knew a great spot in the mountains where there was a secluded lake that was prime for skinny dipping and a bit of fucking around.

I quickly said that I would love to go and would be ready at nine in the morning; Richard said he would bring towels and lunch; I would not have to bring anything.
Lying in bed naked, I jacked off again thinking about Richard and how sexy he was. I felt guilty from being with a guy but it also made me happy and feel so very alive, I could not wait to see him in the morning and hardly slept.
I ate some cereal and toast while I nervously waited for Richard to pick me up, I had been up and ready for two hours.
Finally it was just after nine and Richard pulled into my driveway and I could not wait to get into the car with him, I got outside and Richard was behind the wheel smiling but as I got closer I realized there was a guy in the back seat.

“Hey Will, this is Timmy, hop in the back seat with him, we have another stop to make.” Richard said.

I was very confused, I wanted to go with Richard and be with him, smell him, suck his cock and here was Timmy in back with me, he was a small framed blond, younger looking with light skin and pretty handsome but he was not Richard.

“Hey Will, I’m Timmy, great to meet you.” He said as he reached over and touched my forearm.

“Hey Timmy.” I responded.

“What’s up Richard? I thought we were going to the lake.”

I was trying not bring up the gay sex part as I did not know if he were out to Timmy or not.”

“Expanded plans, we are still going but a few guys are going too, you know, the more the merrier.” Will said looking into the mirror while he spoke.

Fuck this I thought, I really wanted to get back with Richard, now it is a guys trip to the lake that will be full of chest beating and beer chugging, I wanted the skinny dipping trip that I had expected.
We stopped in front of another house and a guy came out and Richard asked him to get into the back seat too, I had to move to the bitch spot in the middle, THIS sucked, the newest guy to get in was Brian, he was a big framed jock type wearing a tank top and shorts and I did have to admit he smelled wonderful, I tried to keep my feet up on the transmission hump and out of the way.
Brian reached over and took my knee pulling it towards his.

“Will, put your foot in the floor against mine, you can’t stay like that all the way to the lake.”

My thigh and knee was right against Brian’s hairy leg when Timmy did the same thing making room for my foot on his side and my left leg was against his and at least it was more comfortable.
I kept my hands on my legs and my elbows tucked into my body when Brian put his arm around my shoulders.

“May as well get comfortable he said patting my shoulder.”

We stopped and picked up another guy named Jeff who took the front seat, the seat where I wanted to be, next to Richard, not that anything will happen now with these three other guys.
While on the road, Brian let his hand rest on his thigh and leaning against my leg very near my hand, Richard hit a few bumps and Brian’s hand bounced to my inner thigh, he made no move to pull it back. Now my heart was pounding, the other guys must be gay too and now I was stressing on what might happen at the lake.
Brian slowly started lightly massaging my thigh, my cock was thickening immediately and Timmy looked over and saw Brian’s hand and placed his hand on my left thigh and started mimicking what Brian was doing.
“Be careful, you’ll make me shoot.” I said softly.

“He is not joking guys.” Richard called out.

Jeff looked back and made a remark about him climbing into the back seat too if there was more space for him to fit, Richard leaned over and kissed him which made me nervous as he was driving and I then realized that Richard was not going to be with just me today.
Brian slid his hand up to my crotch and started rubbing my bulge.

“Hard already Will?” Brian asked.

“I warned you, you better watch out, he is a really fast shooter.” Richard said over his shoulder toward Brian.

My face burned red, I was so embarrassed and wished I had not come at all. Brian looked over and saw my red cheeks.

“It’s okay, Will, I like a fast cummer, then we can do it a few more times.” He whispered and kissed my ear.

Brian slowed rubbing my crotch so I don’t make a mess, we were nearly there anyway, he did pull me closer and moved his hand from my shoulder to curving it around my face, pulling it to him and kissing my lips. This was hot and seemed a little more than I had anticipated but I was starting to warm up to the idea of these hot guys going to the lake with us.
Jeff was working on Richards’s crotch and must have pulled Richards cock out and before long he leaned over and disappeared from my sight but the heavy breathing and moaning told me exactly what was happening up there.

“Eyes on the road Richard!” Brian called out laughing.

After a couple more minutes, Richard moaned and called out that he was cumming, being trapped in the back seat, I felt a bit vulnerable and hoped he didn’t run off the road.
It was not long before we got to the lake, it was as secluded at Richard had said, the sun was full in the sky and huge pine trees were all around the lake. We parked and all piled out of the car with some of the guys whooping it up and peeling off their shirts flinging them into the air.
Brian not only peeled his tank top off but he bent over and pulled his basketball shorts to the ground, his thick thighs and bubble ass were a sight to see out in the bright sunlight. Brian turned around and I saw his long thick cock bouncing as he moved, he had a dark thick short bush of pubic hair at the base of his cock.
Timmy also wasted little time in getting naked, his body was slight and pretty much hairless, and he either had no pubes or had shaved them off. His waist was about 28 inches and nearly no ass on that boy at all.
Jeff and Richard were undressing and tossing their clothes onto the hood of the car, Brian came over to me and stopped.

“Time for you to get naked too Will, how else will we skinny dip?” he asked.

It seemed all eyes were on me as pulled my shirt over my head, I have a pretty good build, dark hair and a chest hair that is starting to come in more and more, I kicked off my shoes and shorts and hesitated wearing only my boxer briefs, I bent over pushing them to the ground and stepped out of them.
Brian moved closer to me and reached out taking my semi-soft cock and balls into his hand feeling the weight of them, he seemed to like what he held, gave them a gentle squeeze before funning for the lake and splashing into the water where the others headed too.
I ran after them and jumped into the water, it was cold but I grew used to it fast. Everyone started playing grab ass, giggling and splashing around.
Richard swam near me and pulled me close, he kissed me and felt down my backside.

“I hope you don’t mind this being a little more than the two of us, it was already planned but I didn’t want to scare you off and tell you about everyone else coming.” Richard said softly.

“No, it is okay, at first I was a little uncomfortable but I am warming up to the idea.”

His wet body was against mine, it felt wonderful, he slid one of his fingers down my ass crack and under against my virgin asshole. He plunged a wet finger into my ass causing me to jump a bit, and then it went in deeper as he bent to the side a bit.
He fingered my ass for a few more moments before he stood back up completely and kissed my lips, I reached over touching his chest and twisting his nipples. While I was inexperienced in gay sex, I knew what I liked and what felt good to me.
We swam a bit with the other guys coming by rubbing my ass or groping my balls some but this was not restricted to me, they were all over each other too.
Richard walked out of the lake and up to his car popping the trunk.

“Hey Will, come give me a hand please.”

Richard handed me a few things to carry to a shaded grassy area, towels and blankets while he carried a large cooler full of food and drinks.
We spread out two large blankets and set the towels and cooler off to one side, Richard started pulling beer and soda out of the cooler offering a cold drink to me. He sat near me and chatted about how sexy he thought I looked and about the other three playing in the water.
Richard put his hand on my cock, it sprang to life immediately getting hard as a rock, he toyed with is some being careful not to make me cum as quickly as I did last night.

“So do you four come up here allot to skinny dip and fuck around?” I asked.

“Yeah a few times a month during the warm weather and the winter we find places to meet up like Brian’s parents own a cabin they hardly ever use and we will spend the weekend there when we can.”

“Is this like a sex group? Or friends or what?”

“Well, it is not a club; it is just friends and friends of friends. Sometimes it is a few like this and other times it has been up to 15 guys and that can be really hot.”

“How do you know who is coming or where you will go?” I asked.

“Depends, usually one or two of the guys will get horny and start talking about getting together and the place depends on how many will get invited, but the word gets out and guys show up.”

“Sounds like a fun list to get on.”

“You are on the list then and the more guys you meet and become friends with the better, you will start getting invitations to things that I may not or ones that I cannot attend.”

Richard moved in closer and between my legs spreading them apart and his head went between my legs and to my ass. He started eating and gnawing at my asshole, it was fucking amazing, no one had ever done this to me before. He took me to the edge, I started crying out and cumming and shooting jizz all over my belly and chest while Richard worked his magic on my ass.
Brian was walking in while all of this was happening and sat on the blanket near us.

“Fuck Will, you jizzed without touching yourself, that was so hot.” Brian beamed like it was a new discovery.

He leaned over my hairy chest and licked up some of my cum that was near my nipples and started chewing on them after cleaning them up.
Richard pushed a finger into my ass again, I was getting used to it and really loved having it in my ass and then I started worrying what might be next, I was not sure I could take a dick in my ass but I had nothing to go by for comparison.
Timmy joined us on the blankets and quickly put his shoulders onto the blanket and was on his knees with his ass in the air. Brian wasted no time and was up against him pushing his swollen cock into his ass.
Timmy has a slender boyish body and Brian the jock fucking him was turning me on as they were right next to me within touch.
Richard put the tip of his cock against my asshole and gently pushed on it as he lifted my legs toward my chest; It felt like he was pushing a log into my ass.

“Take it easy Richard.” I whispered.

He slowed down and moved his cock around some to help massage my hole and relax it, finally he was fully inside me, and it felt incredible knowing his cock was in me but felt so full and close to Richard, like he possessed me.
Timmy reached over and twisted one of my nipples, I could not have wanted anyone else in me but Richard, he started moving in my ass, pulling out really slowly until he was nearly out of me before going back deep.
Watching Brian fuck Timmy, I wanted more and faster, I was panting and felt good still some pain but much better.

“Go for it Richard, I’m ready, fuck me hard.”

I wanted him to use me like he wanted, to pleasure him and I wanted to feel what Timmy was feeling.
Richard started fucking me like Brian was fucking Timmy, my ass was on fire and hurt bet felt good too and the more he fucked me, the better it felt.
Brian took a moment to reach over and rubbed my cock while Richard continued fucking me, this sexual attention was incredible.
It must have looked like a high end porn movie as Richard shot his cum into my ass while he groaned and called out that he was cumming.
Richard rolled off of me onto the blanket next to me; Jeff came up form the lake and flopped his cock into Richards mouth and started throat fucking him.

Brian winked at Timmy and nodded toward me. Brian pulled out of Timmy and moved over lifting my legs up and sliding his cock into me, he was a bit larger than Richard but I was stretched out a bit at least.
Timmy moved over to my face, he straddled my head dangling his balls over my lips, I touched them with my tongue tip and finally had my mouth all over his balls, then he moved forward a little more and sat down more on my face, his asshole was right on my lips, I mimicked what Richard had done to me, licking and chewing on his hairless ass.
Richard took my cock in his hand and jacked it slowly it was fully hard again even though Brian was pounding my ass.
Timmy moved back and pushed his cock into my mouth, his cock was very slender and allot smaller than the other two guys and I was able to swallow it fully without too much trouble. Brian was making lots of noise and could tell he was about to dump his jizz inside me along with Richards juice, I felt mixed emotions of lust and shame and Brain went wild as he shot his cum, he made shorter jabs at my ass thrusting with each spurt of cum.

Timmy pulled out and jacked his cock a couple of inches from my face and when he shot, this kid flooded my face, it kept coming and coming, he splashed a river of jizz onto me, what he lacked in size, he made up for in quantity of cum. Brian leaned in and licked Timmy’s cum from my face while he kissed me and I could taste the cum from his tongue.
I took a towel and cleaned up my face and ass a bit, everyone was laying back resting in the shade Richard pulled me close into his arms with my head on his shoulder. We snoozed for an hour or so waking to Timmy splashing around in the water, Richard got into the cooler and pulled out enough food for ten guys but I think he had it pretty well pegged with the amount of food, we were young healthy eaters and had really worked up an appetite. I took some salad and chicken and a drink when Timmy came back to sit next to me while he looked at my hairy chest.

“You’ve got jizz all in your hair.”

“I think it is your jizz too and my ass is still on fire.” I said laughing.

We ate and put the food back away and Timmy was frisky again, and pushed my shoulder back to the blanket and went to work sucking my nipples running his fingers over my chest. In a moment he had my cock in his mouth sucking me to a full hard shaft, his head bobbed on it and I was able to hold out a little longer but fed him my cum. I had to push him off as he did not stop sucking after I jizzed and it became very sensitive to his sucking.

Jeff got up and ran for the lake whooping it up, we all ran for the lake after him and splashed in the sun drenched lake.
I was taken with Richard from the start but Timmy was really growing on me, he was like a boy having fun without any concern on what anyone thought, he would squeal in delight when playing with one of the guys in the water. His slim shape made my cock stiff again and I swam over to him and stood up in the waist deep water, he took my stiffie in his hands exploring it and slipped his fingers into my ass crack. I leaned down a bit kissing him on his lips; his eyes sparkled as he looked up at me.

“I want to fuck you Timmy, can I?” I asked softly.

“Hell yeah, let’s go back to the blankets.”

I’ve never fucked a guy before and was very excited at the thought of it; Timmy lay on his belly and lifted his hips.

“I want to have you on your back so I can see your chest and face.” I said.

He flipped over in a single movement and I lifted his legs as Richard had done with me. Due to his slim shape and small thighs I was able to take his legs and push them all the way back touching his chest nearly folding him in half leaving his ass fully exposed as I pushed my cock into his boy hole. I pumped his ass with my shaft and fucked him good.

“Fuck me harder Will, plow my ass, oh fuck your thick cock feels so good inside me.”

I did my best to control my orgasm to prolong it, but it was all very new to me and took only a few dozen thrusts and I was cumming in him, his hard cock bouncing all over with my movements.
I kept my cock in him while I took his slim cock in my hand and jacked him off; his jizz went all over his body including his face. I could not get over how much fluid his throbbing cock sent flying, it was amazing.
I attended a couple of these impromptu guys meet up’s over the next month or so but I always ended up close to Timmy and seemed that he capitalized on my attention too. Timmy made it easy to be around; he was Timmy and never held back on anything.

There were guys at each one that was not at the others, and a few of them I knew from my classes. One had a massive cock, probably near twelve inches, he tried to fuck me but there was no way I could take that in my ass, it was great to play with though.
It was fun fucking around with them and all but I always came back to Timmy. He was fun, sexy and in some ways like the little brother I never had and in bed he was not shy at trying new things, new for me anyway.
One day he asked me to tie him up and I was the “intruder” into his apartment, it was pretty fun. I used a cloth hood over his face with an opening for his mouth and my cock to go into it.

I had tied him tightly giving him no room to move at all, I bound his knees to his elbows with his hands tied up to his shoulders and arms giving me plenty of access to his ass. I used a few toys he had on the nightstand on him, there was a dildo that was pretty large, and electro stimulation device that I used on him, he had a gag in his mouth and could not speak and I had the thing set on high so he was really getting allot of spark when I turned it on, I thought it was part of the game when he gave me muffled screams and his body jerked around. I told him to shut the fuck up and like it or I would turn it up higher (still in role play).

It was not until later that he had told me that it was double as high as he would use it so it made the whole scene feel more real than ever and was close to the torture that would happen if it were all a real invasion. But just the same, asked me to not go past setting five again.
We had many role playing dates as I got to know him over the next few months and our relationship grew even more until we finally moved in together. Timmy had a trunk of sex kink toys and combining them morphing the sex games was a bit of a turn on for us both.


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