Monday, December 31, 2012

Skinny Dipping

It was a hot summer day in California; I hung with a group of friends my age all through high school. Near my house was the Sacramento River, I would go there with my friends and swim, shoot the shit and just have fun. I rode my bike over to Mike’s house I was 16 years old and Mike had just turned 17. Let’s go ride to the river. I said. Okay, Mike replied. I have to mow the yard first. I’ll help you; let’s go I said punching mike on the arm. I used the edger while Mike mowed the yard; I looked over at Mike watching his muscles ripple as he manhandled the mower, sun reflecting off his bronzed shoulders. Mike was only wearing a pair of cut off jean shorts, very short ones at that. We got to the river about 30 minutes later, parking our bikes under the big oak tree. Mike pushed me into the river when I stood too close to the edge of the rock we were on. I laughed and splashed water onto his feet before Mike jumped in with a cannonball. We swam and laughed, before climbing onto the rock under the tree. Mike leaned against the tree with his knees up talking away about the new bike he wanted. I sat across from him, my eyes wandered to his shorts; they were so short his balls were hanging out a little with lots of dark hair on his legs. What are you looking at? Mike asked. Shit, he saw where I was looking. Your balls are hanging out; you may as well be naked. I said. Trying to skirt his question. Mike bent down to see how much was exposed; he reached between his legs and gave his balls a rub. I like being naked, why not. Mike stood and slid off the shorts to the ground and stepped out of them. His uncut pecker jutted out and bounced around only a few feet from my face. Mike had a full bush of dark brown hair and seemed not to be shy about showing it. Your turn. Mike said. Drop them. Well.. I… I stammered. Do it. Mike said. Pushing my shoulder. I dropped my shorts to the ground, me being light haired and light skinned I had no pubic hair yet and was embarrassed about it. Wow, you are bald as a baby. Mike said. I reached for my shorts to pull them back on and Mike pulled me back up. No, its ok, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make fun of you. He said looking into my eyes. But you are so hairy, and it makes me feel like such a boy. I said. Mike tossed his arm over my shoulder. It’s fine you’re not a boy anymore than I am. Mike said. I leaned in and put my head on his shoulder wanting to be closer and touch Mike’s pube’s. You are so much more developed than me, your arms are so much stronger and your chest too. Mike pulled back some, let’s skinny dip. He said walking to the edge of the rock. He stood there a second, and I realized that he put himself there to let me push him off into the water. I walked up and put my hands on his waist and pushed, as I did he turned and grabbed me pulling me into the water with him, holding me tightly. As we came up for air I was still in his arms, his legs kicking below us to keep us afloat. Mike grinned at me, his thick reddish lips open exposing his white teeth. I leaned in fast and kissed him before even thinking about it. Mike pushed me back form him and swam back some. What are you doing? He asked with a puzzled look. I thought you wanted.. Never mind, I feel so stupid. I said and swam for the rock. Mike climbed out of the water onto the rock as I grabbed my shorts and started to get dressed. Wait. Mike said. Don’t go. He reached and took my arm. I feel like an idiot. I’m a fag. Now everyone will know. I said. Mike pulled me close and held me tightly putting his arms over my shoulders. Its ok, I have feelings for guys too. This is between us. Mike said in a low voice. I put my hands around Mike feeling his back. You really feel like this too? I asked. Yeah, I do. Mike said. My hand dropped from Mike’s lower back to his ass cheeks, they felt so fantastic to touch. I put my fingers to the top of his ass crack feeling a bit of hair and followed it down finding more hair in his crack. It felt so good to be held by Mike. Mike leaned back and looked into my face, touching my cheek, then Mike kissed me, my knees went out and I almost went to the rocks, my hands running along the curves of his ass and legs on the way down. I sat on the rock looking at his bush, reaching up to touch it, it was the first time in my life I had ever touched pubic hair. Mike’s cock jumped at my touch, I ran my fingertips along his ball sac, Mike moaned some and arched his back, his cock stiffened. I reached up and pulled back his foreskin looking at his cock head. Mike pulled my face toward his now stiff 6 inch cock. I licked his shaft while playing with his nuts. Mike started seeping pre cum; I had never tasted it before, well from anyone but my own cock. I squeezed his shaft watching the pre ball up at the tip, I put my tongue to it taking it to my mouth, I liked the taste and it made me feel closer to Mike by eating his juice. Mike pushed his cock into my mouth slowly, feeding me his inches a little at a time. I choked on it but wanted it all; it took me several minutes to suck him to his hairline. Mike rode my face putting his hands on my head bringing me into his rhythm. Mike’s cock was thicker than mine but it felt like it belonged in my mouth, like I was his boyfriend. Mike did not take more than a couple of minutes before he convulsed and started shooting his cum into my mouth, I wanted it all. I sucked hard wanting every drop, my hands went wild feeling his ass cheeks while Mike’s knees weakened while he gave the last couple of spurts into my mouth. Mike sat onto the rock in front of me; he reached over and touched my aching boner. My cock was smaller around than Mikes and about the same length, Mike ran his fingers under my balls, as soon as that happened I felt the cum pump from my cock. I shot all over Mike’s hand and my balls. Mike looked into my face and smiled. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to shoot that fast but when you touched me…. Stop apologizing all the time, its fine. Mike pushed me gently back onto the rock, leaned down and took my spent semi hard cock into his mouth sucking the cum off my pole. Want to try my cock in your ass? He asked me. Well, yeah, I want you inside me. I want to be yours. I said. Mike lifted my legs and spat in his hand rubbing it to my ass and again to his cock. He pushed his cock to my crack, if it hurts, tell me. Mike said. I felt pressure and Mike pushed harder with even pressure. His head slipped inside me, the pain was immense but I didn’t let Mike know. You ok? He asked. Yeah, I said, don’t stop, its great. Wiped the tears away from my eyes hoping Mike didn’t see me do it. Mike pushed his meat farther inside me and started pumping my butt hole, my ass was on fire but I did not want him to stop. I had fantasized about Mike for months and even tried to get my gym class changed to his so I could see him in the shower but didn’t because I didn’t want him to see that my body was less mature than his. Mike fucked my ass a few more strokes and started Cumming again, this time filling my hole with his sweet cum. Mike collapsed on top of me, he was breathing was hard along side my ear; I felt his hot breath on my neck. I felt so at peace, I knew I wanted Mike always. Mike and I dressed and rode to his house, I called my mom and asked if I could stay overnight at Mike’s house. Mike and I climbed into his bed just after dinner. This time Mike put his lips on my cock and dove down on it, his hands all over my crotch. I like that you are smooth down here he said. After a few moments I started shooting into Mike’s mouth he sucked my load and licked my balls. Mike seemed very horny and wanted to fuck my ass again. I was still very sore from earlier today. But was eager to have his stiff prick in me again. I rolled over and pushed my ass into the air, Mike pulled my ass cheeks apart and touched my hole with his fingers watching it move under his touch. Mike took some lotion from his nightstand and pushed some into my ass watching his finger go inside me. Before long I felt Mike’s cock pushing at my hole, I pushed back wanting his inches to fill my ass again. Over the next few weeks my ass was able to take Mike’s cock without the pain anymore, it felt so good to have him inside me, and it was like we were one. After high school graduation Mike went to college at the same school I did, we finally got our dorm mates to switch and then it was the two of us together every night, the door locked, and Mike’s strong arms around me keeping me safe. We both graduated law school and now have a practice together in Los Angeles.

Monday, December 24, 2012


. ...................................Taking the long bus ride from the city out to the prison, I looked out the window still not believing that I was sentenced to prison for 7 years. It was a mistake, I did not do anything wrong. I am a well built blonde guy in my early 20’s with a flat stomach and a big thick cock so I am really scared of facing hard time in prison. The bus pulled to the gates after being waved inside the fenced area by a guard. We were all cuffed and had leg shackles too so walking was a slow endeavor or the leg iron would cut my ankles up. Listen up and do as you are told no talking whatsoever unless you are asked a question by a guard. The tall guard said. Front to rear, stand up and un-ass this bus then forming a line outside, starting at that gate. He said as he pointed toward a tall chain link gate laced with barbed razor wire at the top. I was happy to get off the bus, it had started getting pretty ripe from some of the passengers that had either not washed or were not using deodorant. Form a line and put your right hand on the shoulder of the man in front of you. The guard ordered. And follow me inside the building. Once we were inside we were ordered to strip off all of our clothes while the guards handed us bags to place our clothes into the bags. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks. One guard said. The guard walked behind looking at everyone’s assholes for evidence that anything was smuggled into the prison. The next guard came behind him. As I tap your back with this stick, you will squat down fast and cough hard as you get to the bottom of the squat, this should force anything out that you may have shoved up there. I was so humiliated being naked with these common thugs, much less squatting and coughing we like this. When can we dress? I asked. Shut the fuck up! What is your name princess? The guard yelled. Paul, Paul Chaplynski, I said to the guard. Look Paul Chaplynski.. This is prison not a day camp, welcome home. Whore, I said before I could even think that it may not have been the best thing to say. The guard was so mad he almost had a loss for words. He walked around in front of me lifting my balls up with the stick he tapping guys with. YOU, princess will get a special cell, I have just the guy in mind for you, he has been looking for a new “cell mate” the guard said with a mean laugh. They finished the anal inspections and herded us into the showers. You have three minutes to de-lice with the shampoo and get rinsed off. A stocky guard said. I don’t have lice, nor know anyone that has had lice! I said as I walked to the shower. Princess, you had better shut that cock sucking hole of yours and do as you are told, unless you need help, I can arrange that too. The mean one said. Whore. I muttered under my breath. They handed us red pants and shirts to wear along with boxers. I don’t wear boxers; do you have any briefs or anything better than these? I asked waving the underwear over my head. Ok, princess, the guard took my clothes from me. Line up! He ordered. But I am naked, this is just unacceptable. I said. In line now, he barked. The veins stood out on his neck. We walked into the main cell area for building C, as soon as we got near the seasoned prisoners; they started yelling and hooting at us for being fresh meat. When I got though the doorway, they went wild seeing me walking through naked. Hey bitch, you got a nice big cock, but your ass is mine, you can be my bitch. Fucking whores, shut the fuck up you bitches. I yelled at them. They directed us into cells as they checked off our numbers, not names mine is 1287433, how impersonal. I was pushed into a cell each cell had 6 bunks. Another guy from the bus named Oslo was put in with me but the other no one else was in the cell. I put my stack of bedding down on a bunk and sat down. Hey guard, give me my clothes now please, it’s all very funny but the laugh is over now. I said. You will get your clothing when you learn to do as you are told and get rid of the attitude princess. The last of the inmates were returning from lunch and two guys walked into the cell. What the fuck are you doing sitting your naked ass on my bunk? Asked the enraged man. Get the fuck up. The other guy laughed. Look at the dick on him Gene, he said as he grabbed at my balls. Don’t touch me you fucking bastard. I said as I moved off to the side. He didn’t like you grabbing for his balls Vic. Gene said with a laugh. This guy…. what is your name? Vic said. Paul, I said trying to look unconcerned. As I was saying, Paul here wants to be treated better I think. Vic said, winking at the others. Paul, we will make sure and take good care of you. Gene said. I put my sheet and blanket on my bunk. What the hell is this mess of a pillow; it’s more like a used tee shirt in a pillow case. I need better than this, it’s barbaric. I said. The guard came by with an inmate to drop off my clothes. I snatched them from the man and got dressed. The guard looked at Gene, this princess needs you to teach him how things work here but first I think you need to get his attention. The guard winked at him and left the cell. We gonna have some fun tonight Vic! Gene said with a big dumb ass grin on his face. We went to dinner in the mess hall, it was loud and cold. When I got to the window sliding my plastic tray along getting food dropped un-ceremoniously onto the slotted tray. I sat at a table with a Hispanic man; this food doesn’t look very appetizing. I said. Shut the fuck up. He said. You don’t want it? He reached over and took my tray and pulled it toward his. I pulled my tray back, bitch, don’t touch my tray. I said. The man shot me a look, his eyes were on fire. You wanna die? He asked. I stood up and went back to the window and took a new tray. I need more food, that bastard took my tray. I told the line sever. One meal, one tray. He said. But I am hungry; let me have some bread at least. I asked. The inmate handed me three slices of white bread and looked me in the eye. Here, but you owe me. He said. Owe you what? I asked. The guy looked at me and smiled. I’ll tell you in the showers in the morning. Fucker! I said. Now you are getting it. He said laughing. Later back in the cell Vic looked at gene. I think it’s time. He said. Vic stood up and grabbed my feet while Gene grabbed my arms. Listen fuckers I yelled, leave me alone. The guard said you needed a lesson. Vic looked at Oslo, Hold his arms and if you let him go, your ass is next. He said. Vic pulled off my pants and grabbed my balls hard, this will be fun, you are gonna be my bitch, starting now, you can let things happen or fight but the same result will happen either way. Gene said. Vic flipped me over and lifted my ass some and all at once plunged his stiff cock into my ass, it hurt but I have always had the prison rape thing in my head but never really thought I would be the one getting assaulted. Vic fucked me hard while Gene jacked his cock stiff and plunged it into my mouth and pushed Oslo away as there was no fight in me, I liked getting fucked and having a long dick in my throat was a bonus. Oslo watched from his bunk and finally pulled his dick out lying back while jacking off to out cell mates fucking me. Vic shot his load in my ass and Gene moved into place at my ass and lost no time filling my void. Get over here Oslo, fuck his lips. Vic said. Oslo fucked my throat and Vic fingered his ass. Vic is a rough looking guy, you take care of me, and I will keep you out of trouble as much as I can but you need to watch your mouth before you get your ass beat or worse. He said. Oslo pulled out and shot his load onto the side of my face while Gene finished up at my ass. Vic took his finger to the cum on my face scooping some up and pushing it into my mouth and repeating it until most of Oslo’s cum was cleaned off my face. My hole was on fire from my cell mates, 6 years and 364 days left in this cell.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


My boyfriend Jess and I had been living together for a little over three years. Jess is a gorgeous man of 30 years old with dark tightly curled hair that always looks a bit disheveled also has dark brown eyes. Being a weekend, we had decided to do one of the chores that we had put off for over a year now, painting the family room. It has very tall ceilings that reach 14 feet on the inner wall. We rented some scaffolding and had it set up with plastic drop cloths covering the carpeting. I removed the last of the pictures off the walls, was pulling nails and filling the holes while Jess went to pick up the paint. Hearing the front door open, you are just in time, I finished the filling and sanding the holes. I called out. As I turned toward the hallway I saw four men running toward me with masks on. On the floor! One yelled. Who the fuck are you and what do you want? I asked in an outraged but scared voice. Don’t say a word unless you are spoken to bitch! A muscular man said. Or I’ll fuck you up! Two of the other men pulled me across the floor over to the scaffolding legs, took some duct tape from a bag that one man bought with him. They taped my writs to the scaffolding stretched out as far as they would go. I opened my mouth to protest when the man that had warned me grabbed my face pushing in on my cheeks, not a word! He said quietly. The masks they wore covered their whole heads with openings for their mouths and eyes looked to be made of rubber or latex. Take my wallet, just go. I said. The taller guy smacked the back of my head, SHUT THE FUCK UP! He said. A guy was a bit shorter and stockier moved in close and unfastened my jeans and yanked them down and off my legs, leaving me naked from the waist down. You call that a cock? He asked in a loud demeaning voice as he flicked my balls hard with the back of his hand. Not more than a bit of dog meat, I should cut it off and feed it to my pit bull. I lay there silently, trembling a bit, my arms tied out tight from my body laying on the floor. The big guy reached in and took my tee shirt at the collar and ripped it open leaning over and licking my right nipple, he then took it in his fingers twisting it hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. Like that bitch boy? He asked. No! I replied. He did it again only harder. Like it NOW? He asked. Yes, I like it. I said. Yes you like it, SIR! He demanded. Yes, I like it sir. I replied. He bent over and took it back in his mouth and chewed on it roughly. The stocky guy sucked my cock into his mouth while grabbing my nut sac and pulling on it firmly. A slim guy took some rope tying it to each knee before pulling the rope past my head and to the scaffolding forcing my knees to my chest exposing my asshole to all four guys. Now the fun begins! The slim guy said as he took off his pants and shirt. He kneeled and spat on my hole and started toying with my ass with his thumb while getting himself fully hard with the other hand. Smacking his crack ripper against my pucker, he spat again and shoved it in, in one motion. I cried out. The big man put his foot on my neck and pushed hard. You like his meat stick in your boy cunt? He asked. I didn’t reply until he pushed his foot down harder. Yes sir. I replied. The stocky guy took off his clothes and started jacking off close to my mouth; he slapped his cock in my face a few times. I am gonna put my dick down your throat bitch, you bite it and you are dead meat. He said as he put his hands on the scaffolding and straddled my face with his hairy legs. He pushed his thick dick into my mouth and started mouth fucking my throat hardly giving me time to suck any air past his meat; I gagged a few times, that made him smile. The guy fucking my hole was going hard and his balls slapping my ass as he went. The big guy just stood jacking his cock while he told the guy to fuck my throat deeper. The fourth guy stood off from the others playing with his cock and watching what the others were doing to me. The one plowing my asshole started fucking erratically and his breathing changed to short jerky breaths. Fuckkkk I’m cumming he said, mmm yeah… I’m filling your ass with my cum you worthless whore. He shot his load and pulled out, then the bigger man took his turn at my ass, he was smaller around than the first guy but much longer. He jammed it in and it felt like his cock was way farther than it actually was. The man assaulting my throat was getting close to cumming too, I could feel his motions change; I coughed and gasped for air as his thick cock rammed my mouth. The guy that had already cum in my ass, stood over my face. Thirsty bitch? He asked as he started pissing onto my mouth where the others cock was plunging in and out of me, I could taste the salty piss that was getting on the mans cock. Just then the loner came over to shoot his jizz onto my face as the guy fucking my mouth blew his load and climbed off. The three watched the big man still fucking my ass and called out degrading comments until he shot his load in my aching hole. One man shoved a large butt plug into my ass roughly. Something to fill your ass and remember me. he said. They dressed, taking the bag and walking to the door. The slim man said, we may pay you another visit, next time we will stay longer. I heard the door close and a car drive out of the gravel driveway. I laid there with cum on my face and a pool of piss under my neck letting everything that had happened sink in when I heard the door open and saw my boyfriend Jess walk in. What the fuck happened? Jess asked. Are you alright? Jess peeled the duct tape from my wrists and pulled me close. Oh my God, baby. Tell me what happened. He said. I related what had happened to him; Jess took me to our room and helped get me into the shower. I pulled the butt plug out of my ass; Jess took it and tossed it into the sink. Jess joined me in the shower, washing me all over and telling me how he should have never left to get paint. Later we ate, Jess fell asleep on the couch after watching the news and I decided to paint some before bedtime. I took the paint cans from the door where Jess dropped them after he came home and opened the shopping bag for a paint stirring stick. There in the bag, was a black latex hood. Jess must have been the guy that stayed back and shot his cum onto my face. Jess and I had talked months earlier and I let him know that I always wanted to be involved in a home invasion rape scene; it was one of my fantasies that was always in the back of my mind. I painted half of the room before Jess woke, I kissed his lips and simply said thank you handing him the latex hood.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Brother Jake

I’m out of class at the local community collage headed for my car when this dark haired guy about 90 feet ahead of me drops some papers from his notebook.
“Hey dude, you dropped some papers.” I called out.

The guy did not hear and kept walking to his car. I picked up the papers, and looked at them, it said his name was Keith.
“Keith.” I yelled out, Keith looked up, I waved at him, he waved back and started getting into his car. “Keith.” I yelled again, he stopped backing out of the parking place and waited for me to get to him.

“You dropped your papers, looks like study material for one of your classes.”

“Oh, man, I would have been sunk without those.” Keith said as he reached out the window to take the papers.
Keith held onto my hand, he gave it a shake. “Thanks man, I owe ya.” He said.
“William is my name but call me Will, please.” I said.

“I’d buy you a beer but I’m a bit tapped out right now.” Keith said.
“Come over to my place if you want, I’ve got some beer.”
“Sounds cool.” Keith said looking into my eyes. I’ll follow you.
“I’m walking today, my car crapped out, fucking Jeep.”

“Hop in then and we will be on our way, just tell me where you live.”
I hopped into his car and closed the door. Keith looked at me slapping his hand on my leg. “Buckle up Will.”
I reached for the belt, buckling it. Keith left his hand on my leg for a few seconds longer, I looked at him and smiled.

He backed out of the parking space and headed toward my house. “Just park on the street here, it’s the green house.” I said.
We got inside and walked to the kitchen for the beer.
“Great place! It is yours?”
“Well its mine and my brother’s place, he is at work right now.”

“Cool.” he said as he took a big drink of the cold beer.
We drank that beer and another each while talking abut school and classes.

Keith grabbed his crotch through his worn jeans, “I’m so fucking horny, I can’t stand it.” Giving his bulge a massage looking right into my eyes.

“Yeah, I know the feeling.’ I said running my hand to my belt.
Keith moved in closer, reaching for my belt, unbuckling it. He took my hand pushing it against his crotch hard, rubbing it around on the denim.

Taking my belt off my pants laying it on the kitchen counter, Keith pulled my pants to the floor, I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants and underwear.

Keith grabbed my balls and cock in one hand pulling on them tightly.
I pulled off my tee shirt dropping it to the ground.
“You are a pretty hot guy under those baggy clothes.” Keith said. “I think your ass looks like it needs my fuck pole deep in it.”

I unzipped Keith’s pants and pushed them down off his hips. Reaching behind I felt his very round ass cheeks.
Looking at his fat uncut cock, I was not sure if I could take that up my ass or not, it seemed about the size of the beer bottle.
Keith pushed me to the floor in front of him.
“Suck it!” he said in more of an order than a request.

I pulled the blunt tip into my mouth, pushing my tongue under his foreskin feeling the slick head of his prick.
Keith shoved his hips forward causing me to choke on his meat.
“Come on Will, you can take it, I want you to swallow my cock taking every inch.”

I was starting to feel like maybe inviting Keith into the house was not a good idea.
“Suck it, he demanded, open your throat and take it all.” he said as he pulled the back of my head onto his swollen member.
I tried to swallow it into my throat, gagging again, Keith smacked the side of my head with his hand.
“You can get it down, come on.”
I pulled off his cock to tell him no when he yelled, suck it!
Pushing my head back on his cock.
“You got some oil? Lube? Anything?” Keith asked.

I stood and got some olive oil form the cabinet.
“Good.” Keith said taking it and rubbing it on his cock.
Keith leaned me over the kitchen counter and pushed some oil onto my hole.
Keith pushed his thick cock to my rosebud and tried to shove it in hard.
“It is to big, it hurts.” I cried out.
The pain was searing as he ripped at my ass pushing it farther inside me. “Nooo, stop, it hurts.”

“Stop whining! You can take it, just bear down and work with me, the pain will ease.”
“Stop!” I said, “I mean it.”
Keith took my belt from the counter pushing me back over the counter when he brought the belt hard across my back and ass.
“You will take it and stop your fucking crying.”

He shoved me back to the counter and pushed his cock back into my ass.
“Please stop.” I cried.
Just when Keith was getting ready to hit my back with the belt again, I heard a voice.

“OH FUCK NO! get the fuck off my brother.” It was my brother Jake’s voice.
Keith let me go and I fell to the kitchen floor.
Jake was built big, and he worked out allot.

“So you want to see how this feels punk? You fuck my brother after he tells you to stop?”

“You ok Will?” Jake asked.
“Yeah, he hit me with the belt and would not stop when I told him to.”
Jake went ballistic, he took the belt and laid into Keith’ ass leaving welts.
Jake pulled him to his feet and bent him over the counter, shoving the neck of the olive oil bottle into Keith’s ass.
“Stop, let me go.” Keith screamed,
Jake jammed it in and out a few times before pushing Keith to the floor.

“You get up and get the fuck out of here and if you ever even see my brother again, you had better turn and run in the opposite direction. Get out NOW before I really put the hurt on you.”
Keith grabbed his clothes and ran out the door without even dressing, he got into his car and burned rubber out of the driveway.

Jake walked over helping me to my feet.
“You ok Will? Do you need to go to the hospital?” He asked.
“No, Jake, I will be ok; I’m mostly just shook up.”

Jake helped me to my bed and lay next to me pulling me tight.
I was embarrassed that he had seen this asshole fucking me like that and now laying naked on the bed in my brother’s arms.

“You mean the world to me Will, I wanted to kill him for treating you that way, it was all I could do to keep from hitting him so hard it would break his face.
I love you and never want anything to happen to you.” Jake said quietly.

Jake and I were all each other had as far as family goes; he has looked out for me since I was 17 years old when our parents died.
“I love you too Jake.” I said.
I snuggled against his chest as Jake he held me tightly.
I fell asleep in my brother’s arms waking up about 4 hours later, Jake was still lying with me, he had flipped a blanket over me while I slept.

“Come on Will, lets get you into a hot shower and I will make you a sandwich and some soup, we kind of missed dinner and I bet you are hungry.”

After I showered and put on some sweat pants I went into the kitchen.
Jake had cleaned up the olive oil mess and my clothes.
“Come sit at the table and eat, you will feel better soon.”
I walked over to Jake, putting my arms around him, “Jake, I love you so much, you keep me safe and make me feel so special.”
Jake hugged me back, kissing my forehead.
“I love you too and I will always be there for you.
Don’t give what happened here today another thought, you didn’t do anything wrong.”
I sat and ate the food Jake made for me and went to bed early.

Jake took care of me and still had me come live with him after he married his girlfriend.
A year later I met a guy that I dated, fell in love and eventually got an apartment together. Jake calls me everyday to talk and make sure things are good in my life.
This one man, my brother Jake has shown his love and care for me that can never be matched.
I tell him at the end of every phone conversation how much he means to me.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


My name is Ryan; I am 27 years old decent looking but nothing to get me in a magazine. I left my apartment at 9 pm to meet some friends at a bar in town that we sometimes hung at. One of my friends, Ben is a bit on the unruly side and has gotten us into a few fights in the past year. Ben likes to drink and then run his mouth over the littlest thing. I got there a bit early and sat at the bar, the place was pretty empty. I ordered a drink, sipping on it, this short guy sits next to me, he had short cropped blond hair with nice thick arms and big hands but must not have been over five feet six inches. I was still not that impressed until he opened his mouth and this Irish accent rolled out of his mouth. Hello, my name is Jim; can I join you for a drink? Sure, I said. I sipped my drink as Jim started telling me about his just moving to Seattle from New York. I was lost in his thick sexy accent, hardly hearing the words but watching his fucking hot lips move as he spoke and drank his whisky on the rocks. I told him about waiting for two of my friends to arrive. He asked me to dance with him to the recorded and loud dance music. On the floor he leaned in and spoke into my ear, Ryan, you dance great. He said as he put his arm around my waist pulling me in as he spoke. I put my hand on the back of his neck, and pulled him towards me and danced closer than before. I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was Ben and Scott, I waved at them and pointed at a table nearby where I had moved our drinks. We left the dance floor and talked at the table with the others before going back to dance floor. Jim asked if I wanted to leave and go to his place and fuck around. Sure, I said. Let’s go. We said our goodbye’s to my friends and drove to Jim’s apartment. Going to Jim’s bedroom, we stripped, kissed and groped other falling onto the bed. Jim grabbed my balls a bit roughly, what are you into? He asked. Well, just the normal stuff. I said with a laugh. Ok, we can start with that. Jim said. Jim took charge and worked on my nipples licking and chewing on them intensely. I laid back and moaned, this felt incredible, Jim was in no hurry, he kissed and nibbled down my side to my hip making me jump and squirm. I thought he would go right to my cock but he continued biting and kissing all the way to my toes. Jim sucked on my toes and feet before going up the inside of my thighs. Fuck, you are driving me nuts Jim, I said. I tried to sit up and reach to pleasure Jim but he pushed my hand away. If you do that again, Ill have to tie you down. Jim said before he went back to my thighs. I was not sure if he was kidding or not but I laid back and let the man do his job. Jim lifted my legs and started chewing my ass; his chin stubble scratched my ass, in a good way. He pulled my balls down firmly and sucked my stiff cock into his mouth sucking on it; I reached to his head feeling his hair as he went down on my prick. Jim stopped and left the bed to come back with some cloth strips, he took my hand and bound it to the bedpost. Wait, I said. What are you doing? I asked you to lay back, now just relax and enjoy. Jim said as he tied the other hand to the other post. Jim twisted my nipples sharply, running his hands all over my chest. I squirmed a bit when he pulled on my balls, then he pulled my leg over the other and rolled me onto my side. Jim smacked my ass hard really making me jump, my ass stung. A great looking ass you’ve got. He said as he smacked it again. Jim pushed my leg up towards my chest, still on my side. He entered my ass from behind after using some lube. I had never been tied up before, and am not into bondage, but this is hot. Jim fucked my asshole but his eyes never left my face. This man’s accent made me wet but his bedside manner made me hornier than ever. He took charge; it seemed that his whole intent was to pleasure me first. He fucked my ass deep and slow. Feel good? He asked. Yes, I said, it’s very good in fact. I could feel the pre cum dripping from my cock and running down my leg onto the sheet. Jim increased the speed, pushing his fuck pole deeper into my guts. My ass was burning but wanting more, I pushed my hips back onto his groin and ground it into him as he fucked me. Ryan, your ass is so fucking hot, ohhhhh.. I’m about to cum. Jim moaned. Jim shot his load into my ass and collapsed on the bed behind me. Can you untie me now please? I asked. Not just yet Ryan, Jim said with a cute smile. Jim moved down and took my balls in his hands pulling them tightly; talking some cord from the nightstand he wrapped my nuts with the cord like a cockring, and then laced it around my stiff cock nearly to the head and back to my balls. He then pulled it between my legs and up to the cloth that bound my hands. Jim cinched the cord tightly putting pulling my balls down tightly between my legs with the cord deep in my ass crack. Jim pulled my cock upright against the straining cord as he started masturbating my dick. I could feel the cord biting into my skin, it was one of those pain/pleasure things that I didn’t have much experience with. Flat on my back, Jim lowered his ass onto my hard bound cock, the tight cord on my cock chewed at his hole as he rode it. Jim was into more things than I had ever thought about much but he was very sexual and caring. That feels amazing Jim. I said. My cock feels so different tied tightly like this, like it wants to burst at your touch. It didn’t take long to get me close to cumming, when I told Jim that I was riding the edge, he slowed his momentum and begun rubbing my chest and shoulders again. Jim leaned down and kissed me, biting my bottom lip as he ground his ass around, still impaled on my cock. Jim increased his speed again taking me to the edge of climax, he stopped, twisted my nipples hard, giving me a grin and started humping my cock hard with his ass. I blew my wad with such an intense orgasm, my body twitching all over. Jim lifted off my still throbbing meat untying my hands before taking my cock into his hands pulling the cord loose from my swollen prick. Jim climbed into the bed and snuggled close kissing me on the neck. Next time we will see what other kinks you like. Jim whispered into my ear. I pulled him close and we drifted to sleep.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The New Guy

Heading in to work I stopped off for a cup of coffee at the donut place, dreading going in, dreading facing a full work week, it was always the same, same people, same office bull shit. Sucking on the coffee bouncing through traffic, hardly paying attention to my surroundings my car drifted into the next lane, the guy driving the jeep blew his horn at me I gave him the usual one fingered salute and looked him in the eye. Cute fucker at least, I stomped the gas pedal and wove between cars before turning into the parking garage. At my cubicle I turned on my computer and looked at the red light blinking on my phone, fucking phone. I was in a pissy mood today for sure. The office manager Marge stopped at my cube and started talking about some new guy, as I turned around, there stood the Jeep guy grinning as he stuck out his hand. This is Shawn, Shawn this is Skip. Marge said. You two get acquainted, Shawn has the cube next to you and will be working on your team, I will check back later Shawn and see if you need anything. Thanks Marge. Shawn said. I looked at Shawn; he looked about 29 years old but had retained the boyish good looks with shaggy dark hair that curled in all the right places. Sorry about the flipping you the bird in traffic, I said. It was my fault, I was not paying attention. That was you? Shawn asked. Man I thought you had hit me, must have been only six inches between our bumpers. Yeah, like I said, I was a prick, I said. Did you get your computer log on information? Yeah, right here. Shawn held up a folded piece of paper. Well the directions for putting your phone voicemail message should be on it too. After you get settled in I will show you the copy machine, and more important the break room where the coffee machine is located. I said as I started listening to the 18 voice messages that were left on my phone since last Friday. As I was writing the messages down, I could not help feel that I was being watched by Shawn, looking up at him, Shawn would smile and look away, this happened several times. Ok, Shawn lets go, I will give you the nickel tour. I said. Walking into the copy room which was very small, I pulled Shawn in by the arm and said, close the door. Shawn closed the door and I was about to show him where the reams of copy paper were, as I leaned past his face only a few inches away, I looked at him and said Shawn… he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I pulled back, looked at him with a puzzled look, what the fuck Shawn? Shawn turned beet red, I thought you … uhmmm oh hell. I thought you wanted a kiss, you leaned in I thought.. Oh fuck, I’m so sorry. Shawn stammered. I was trying to show you the copy paper behind the door. I said. He reached for the door handle and I stuck my foot against it stopping the door from opening. I reached up and pulled him close and kissed him hard on the lips, my right hand went to his crotch, feeling his fuck pole through his slacks. Shawn kissed me back, his hands all over my body, I pushed him to his knees and he unzipped my pants and pulled out my fat hog of a cock sucking it into his mouth. His mouth was amazing; my hips bucked against his lips, as I mouth fucked him. I pinched his nipples through his dress shirt. Oh, fuck me, I cried out as I blew my juice into his mouth, he sucked it down eagerly while his hands felt my ass cheeks clenching through each wave of my orgasm. Wow, I said, that’s the right way to start a workday; all of a sudden I don’t feel so grumpy. I said with a laugh. Shawn stood up wiping the dribble of cum from his lips, that was hot Skip. He said. I turned, opening the door and went back to my desk without another word. Shawn came back a few minutes later, I looked at him, and his shirt had twist wrinkles from the abuse I gave his nipples. I gave him the motion on my own shirt to press out the wrinkles with his hand. Shawn was a hot fucker, and gave good head too, now it was me looking at him while he busied himself setting up a new password on his computer. Dark hair, light skin with a bit of pink in his cheeks and those full dark lips. I heard a noise; it was Marge the troll, Shawn is Skip helping you feel at home here? She asked. Yes, he is a very giving guy. Shawn said as he looked at me and winked. I took Shawn to the break room; here are the coffee machine and snack machines. Not a word to anyone about what happened in the copy room this morning Shawn. I said with a serious look on my face. Shawn grinned, as long as I get more of that fat prick, my lips are sealed. Be here fifteen minutes early tomorrow, which will be before anyone else gets here. I said before walking back to my desk. All I could think about all day was Shawn’s lips on my dick and how I wanted more. The following day I came in early and there was Shawn smiling at me. I need a hand in the copy room if you have time? Shawn asked. Closing the door Shawn reached for my belt pulling my pants open, my hand stopped him. I loosened his pants sliding them to the floor along with his boxers; I turned Shawn around and bent him over a stack of file boxes. I pushed my cock into his asshole after spitting on my hand and wiping it to his hole, I had not thought of bringing any lube. I fucked him hard, it felt good using Shawn as my fuck boy. You like this? I asked. Oh hell yeah, he replied. My ass is on fire, fuck me harder. Fuck me.. Yeah.. I shot my jizz deep in his ass reaching around and feeling his long slender cock as stiff as could be. I knelt and sucked his prick into my throat; I heard muffled voices in the office, fuck we had better hurry. I said as I went back to sucking this kids dick, it didn’t take long before I tasted his cream flooding my mouth in spurts, I sucked it after it had stopped shooting, Shawn almost buckled at the knee. Get dressed. I said as I pulled my pants up and tucked everything in. I walked out and to my desk, a like before Shawn followed me a few minutes later looking like nothing had happened. Marge walked by, you guys getting to know each other yet? She asked. Yeah, Marge, we really are. I said with a smile. Well, looks like he has had an effect on you being less grumpy this morning. She said as she walked away. Tomorrow, thirty minutes early Shawn, I said.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Neighbor

My neighbor
I have lived in my house for seven years now; it is ten acres of lightly wooded land out in the country.
I enjoy being naked most of the time when inside my house and also work outside on my property naked quite often when the weather is nice.
I was puttering around outside and was a bit warm with little breeze so I peeled off my shirt and pants tossing them onto a stump.
Pulling vines away from the magnolia tree that grows near the gravel driveway.
I stopped for some water I brought out in a jar, hearing a noise I paused with the bottle at my lips listening, maybe an armadillo or a squirrel I thought.
I drank three quarters of the water and poured the remaining water down my neck and chest, it felt good letting the cool water trickle off my chest and down to my balls before falling to the ground.
I am 36 years old, six foot two inches with a lean strong body, a dusting of dark hair on my chest and being outside like this I have no tan lines.

Hearing the noise in the brush again I paused and walked over to the stump and picked up my pistol and walked towards where the sound came from, it was no squirrel but there are plenty of wild animals and snakes out here and always kept a gun handy.

I didn’t see anything, so I stood still for a few seconds before firing off a shot into the ground a few feet in front of me just to make some noise and scare off whatever animal it was.
As the shot rang out I heard a voice cry out, “Wait! Don’t shoot, I am your neighbor.“ “I am coming out.” A male voice said.

I kept the pistol lowered toward the ground as I saw a figure stepping out from behind a tree the man was a blonde wearing only pants and boots.
“What are you doing on my land?” I asked. “And furthermore why are you spying on me from behind the tree?”
“My name is Keith, I am so sorry about watching you like that.” He said.
“Sorry you did it or sorry you got caught?” I asked.
“I enjoy my privacy as you can see and don’t like people peeping at me of trespassing onto my land.”
“I am very sorry to intrude, I am your new neighbor, I just bought the 33 acres next to you. I was out walking the property to see where the boundaries are and to find the pond I was told about when I bought the property.” Keith said.

“So why where you hiding behind the tree then?’

“I had not realized that I was off my land and onto yours stumbling right out into the open and there you were naked, I jumped back behind the tree and had to wait for a good moment to quietly get back to my land.”

“My name is Jack, sorry about scaring the hell out of you. I am pretty much a nudist over here and love feeling the sun against my skin.” I said catching Keith’s eyes wandering down to my dick and balls.

“Like what you see?” I asked with a smile.

“Well, uhmm well yeah I do, you look great out here with your body sweaty glistening in the sun.”

“The pond is back that way; it is part on my property and part on yours, come on Ill show you.” I said and stared walking to the west.

“I built a dock out here to sun on and swim from, you are welcome to use it anytime you like.”

“Wait” I said as I pulled Keith close, bringing my pistol up and firing off two shots killing a rattle snake that was on the trail.
“Damn! I would have walked right into him.” Keith said.
“You are best to carry a pistol with you when you are out here; I always do when I get very far from the house.”
“Right up here is the pond, lake really, it’s pretty large.” I said as I stepped over the snake.

Keith looked a bit reluctant to step over it.
“It won’t hurt you Keith.”

We walked up the ramp onto the dock, setting my pistol down; I kicked off my shoes and dove into the cool water.
“Whooooo… come on in Keith.” I yelled.

Keith unlaced his boots and unbuttoned his pants sliding them to the wooden dock, stepping out of them. Keith was pretty pale but had a good build and about my age. Keith jumped into the water, surfacing near me.
“WOW.. This water feels so good.”

“Nice to let your balls hang free huh?” I asked.

“Oh, hell yeah! Feels great.”

“You just have to watch out for water moccasins out here.” I warned.

“IN THE WATER?” He yelled.

“Yes in the water, I said. Mostly they will go away form you and you won’t see but a few each summer out here.”

“Shit, I hate snakes!” He said.

“Well you better learn how to shoot then. Helps keep the numbers down some.”

I climbed out of the water onto the dock and reached a hand out to pull Keith out of the water.

“I may need to stay in here.” Keith said with a funny grin.
“Have to pee?” I asked laughing.

“No, worse, I’ve got a boner.” Keith said in an embarrassed tone.

“Not to worry, holding my hand out to pull him form the water.”
I pulled Keith up by the hand and sure enough he had a good 7 inch stiffie poking right out at me.
“Looks like you need some help with that.”
I dropped to my knees and pulled his stiff rod into my throat, my hands went to Keith’s ass cheeks, exploring the muscled mounds.

Keith moaned. “Damn that feels good…. But I am not that way… I don‘t like men.”

I stopped sucking long enough to tell him that were true, he would not have been watching me form behind the tree and would not have a boner right now just from swimming naked.

I went back to sucking his cock, I pushed a finger near his asshole, he jumped, I did it again and this time he did not jump as much.
I pushed my finger into his ass, he moaned and pushed back on my finger, I rubbed his sphincter with my fingers and pushed one back in.

“Ohh fuck I’m gonna shoot.” He whispered as he started to pull out of my mouth, I held him tight and took his cum, it blasted to the back of my mouth and throat.
Keith’s knees buckled and I lowered him to the wooden deck where he collapsed.

“Fuck that was hot!” Keith said.
“Never had anything up your ass before?”

“No, never, well I have pushed a beer bottle neck part way in once.” Keith said.

“Gotta watch putting glass in your ass, less than a good idea. Now this will work just fine.” I said grabbing my stiff dick and shaking it at him. “Want to give it a try?”

“I don’t know, it is pretty big,, I think I would like to try, if you take it slow.”

“Ok but not here, this deck will give us more splinters than you could imagine, I have fucked out here one time which was enough.”
“Let’s go back to my place.” I said.

I led the way up the trail until we reached the bedroom of my house. I set my pistol down and took Keith by the shoulders pulling him tight, kissing him hard on the lips, at first he hesitated, and then he kissed me back pushing his tongue into my mouth his cock bounced back to full mast pushing against my balls.
I reached down between Keith’s legs feeling his balls and hard shaft.
I gently pushed him back onto the bed.

“I have never kissed a man before, it was fantastic.”

“Today will be full of first’s for you I have a feeling.”

I lifted Keith’s legs and put my mouth between them licking his balls, and running my tongue into his ass crack.

“You ready for my cock?? I asked? Looking into Keith’s eyes.

“I think so, let’s give it a try.”

I reached for some lube and slipped my wet finger into his ass, loosening him up; I pushed in a second finger and worked it around.
Keith cried out and pulled back a little as I continued massaging his manhole.
I lifted Keith’s legs higher to his chest, and placed the head of my pocket rocket against his pucker.
“You will feel some pressure and probably some pain, but it will ease, just don’t stiffen up, try to relax.”

I pushed it in slowly, just past the knob, moving it in and out gently to get Keith used to the feeling and stretch him out a bit more.

“How you doing Keith?”

“Feels like I have to..,”
“Yeah, I interrupted; well you don’t have to, that is my cock that make you feel like that.”

“It hurts a little but not too bad.”

“Ok, I’m going to push it all the way in, but not fast.” I said in a soft voice as I began pushing my stiff willy in all the way in one slow but even push.
I got all the way in and pushed in farther, Keith moaned loudly. “Oh, fuck.”
“How you doing Keith?”

“I’m ok; it feels like you are 20 inches long.”

“Naw, I’m only eight inches and am happy that I am slim too; a fat cock would tear you apart.”

I began fucking his ass with a regular motion. Pushing his legs tight against his chest, I looked at his cock; it was stiff and leaking pre cum.
“Not many guys stay hard while getting fucked.” I said. “That’s hot.”

I fucked in a harder motion now, reaming his hole with my prick.
“Ohh damn Keith, your ass is so tight and has me so horny. I’m going to shoot my cum inside your ass.”

“I’m cumming,, ohhhhhhhhh.. Fuckkkkkkk..” I said as I blew my wad.

Keith was moving under me and making noises, I looked down in time to see his cum blast form his dick all over his chest.
I fell forward onto Keith’s sticky chest kissing his lips.
“Fuck that was great.” Keith whispered.

“Come on, Follow me.”
I took Keith to my outdoor shower, turning on the water.
“Wow, you really have things nice over here.”

I washed Keith’s chest and back, Keith went to my cock and pulled it into his mouth.
“Another first for you Keith? Dick in your mouth?”

“Yeah” He said with a grin. “And I like it!”

“I will start dinner for us, if you will stay, that is?”

“I would love to stay for dinner.” Keith said with a huge grin.

That was in 1983, 29 years ago. Keith wore a path between our houses over the next few years.
In 1992 Keith moved in with me, we never wore clothes unless driving off the property.
Keith died 3 years ago at the age of 65, I still reach to his side of the bed most mornings aching to feel him next to me.
I miss him so much, he meant the world to me and gave me many years of happiness.
Each day is hard to go on without him but I know my time to see him in heaven will not be long.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Picture

................................................................. I had gotten to the restaurant early, I was meeting my friend Will there. The hostess seated me at table near the center of the tables. I was fooling around with my smart phone and all the settings trying to see if there was wifi locally I could use and speed things up while I read email. I toggled the Bluetooth setting and was starting to go back to the email when this window popped up, “accept or deny photo?”. What? I thought. Who was using Bluetooth to send me a picture, they had to be close. I looked around as I clicked “accept” the picture opened and it was a picture of a big stiff penis. I pulled the phone close to my chest so no one else could see me looking at a picture of a cock. I looked around again, the place was pretty busy and several guys were on cell phones texting or whatever they were doing. I knew someone was watching me unless this was sent to me by error; there was a guy in his 40’s on his phone but paid little attention to me. A busboy was checking his phone on the sly between bussing tables but he too showed little interest in me. I looked to my right shoulder and saw a good looking guy in his mid to late 20’s with dark hair, well that matched the dark pubic hair in the picture. I turned in my chair and looked right at him, the guy looked up from his phone and saw me watching him, he jumped and looked away real fast. He looked up again and I just stared at him, I tilted my phone up from my palm to him and he looked away again. The guy got up from his table and walked to the restroom, probably to avoid any further conflict with me. I followed; he walked into the stall and was closing the door. Not so fast, I said as I pushed the stall door open following him in before closing it behind me. What’s with the picture? I asked. Nothing, he stammered, I just sent it to any open Bluetooth phone I find, just for kicks, like, well, to watch people’s reactions. Well you got my attention and here is my reaction! I said as I grabbed his balls through his jeans squeezing them hard. What is your name? I asked. Mike, he replied. Well Mike you like to show off your meat huh? Let’s take a good look I said as I unbuckled his pants roughly. I fully expected him to protest at this point, but he didn’t. I unzipped his pants and slid them down to his knees, his cock bounced out, it was semi hard. So you like exposing yourself Mike? Lift your shirt I said in a forceful tone. Mike did as he was told showing his flat hairless stomach. Mike’s cock stiffened. Mike, I said. You look a bit horny, maybe you need to take a load into that hot mouth of yours? Mike reached for my pants unzipping them and pulling my stiff dick out before he went down on it, sucking it like he had never had a cock in his mouth before. I pulled him to his feet, fuck this; I don’t have sex in the bathroom. Mike, you live nearby? Yes, Mike said, only a few blocks from here. Alone? I asked. Yes I live alone. He replied. Let’s go to your place Mike, I will let you finish what you started when we get there. I said. I sent my friend a text saying something came up and I would not be able to have lunch with him and I would call him later. I went out the door and to my car quickly to avoid my friend seeing me if he was in the parking lot. Mike waved as he got onto his motorcycle for me to follow him. A few minutes later we pulled into Mike’s driveway, I followed him into his house. Take your clothes off perv! I ordered. You like to show your body off to strangers? Show me now! Mike quickly took off his shirt showing his pale skin with dark nipples and a handsome build. His shoulder muscles rippled as he slid off his pants and boxers. I sat in an overstuffed chair and looked at Mike; he just stood there like he was waiting for the next command. Show me what you’ve got Mike, jack your cock some. He did as he was told; I rubbed my dick through my pants feeling it fully stiff under my touch. Turn around, bend over and show me your boy hole, mm that’s nice, finger it! I said. Mike fingered his asshole and played with his balls with his other hand. Push your finger in deep Mike, and then two fingers. I said. Mike kneeled and shoved two fingers into his hole while I watched. I stood and took off my clothes, and walked to Mike. Stand up; he did so without a word. I reached over and touched his right nipple, he moved at my touch. I spat on my fingertips and took hold of his nipple; pushing my fingers together harder and harder, tell me to stop if you don’t like this Mike. I said. Mike remained quiet other than a few muffled moans. I twisted his nipple hard, still pinching my fingertips tightly. Mikes legs almost buckled, his head went back and his eyes closed. I smiled and took his hand to my cock pushing it to my balls. Suck it. I whispered. He swallowed my cock like a pro, choking a few times as I pushed his head deeper onto my stiff prick. You like to shock guys with your cock pictures Mike? I asked. Mike pulled off my bone long enough to say “yes, you are the first one to find me; usually I send the pictures and leave”. I think you need to learn a lesson for being such a perv boy. I do, Mike said before going back to sucking my cock. I pulled him back and slapped his face with my hard dick. I pulled his face into my balls, lick them and make me feel good Mike. I said. You got any lube? I asked. Yes, he turned and took it from a drawer nearby. I only use it for jacking off, I’ve never been fucked before I have only sucked one guy before, and he tossed his load and walked out. Today is your day then Mike. I said. Yes sir. He said. I took the lube squirting some into my hand rubbing it into his ass before pushing my shaft deep into his hole in one motion. Mike cried out as I plunged my cock into him deeply as I bent him over the back of the couch. You like that Mike? I asked. You like my big dick in your ass? Yes,, but it hurts. He said in a muffled voice. Slowing my motion to take it a little easier on his virgin ass. Better? I asked? Yes, but it still burns. He said. It will probably burn the rest of the night too. I said. I pushed deep to bury my dick in his ass all the way to my pubes, then wiggled it back and forth inside his fuck hole. I continued to fuck him reaching under grabbing his balls tightly. I’m cumming in your virgin ass. I said. as my body jerked and spurted my hot juice into his ass. I laid Mike on the carpet and squatted over him letting his hungry tongue lick and eat at my ass while he jacked his stiff prick. I pushed my asshole down onto his lips and rode his face hard. Mike shot his jizz all over his chest and a few spurts even hit my cock that was hanging below his chin. Did you enjoy that Mike? Yes, it was hot. I am still stiff and ready to go again. Mike said. Mmmm I think you’ll have to be my fuck boy that I can use whenever I want. I said. How does that suit you mike? Id love that, uhmm. What is your name? Mike asked. I may tell you next time Mike. Just put your name and number on a piece of paper and be ready for my call. I will bring some toys next time. Toys? Mike asked. Yeah, maybe a giant dildo or I may surprise you, sex with you won’t always be rough like today, it may be rougher, or it might be relaxing and take hours. I said as I walked to the door taking mike’s phone number.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Seattle Boys

Seattle Boys My name is Alan; I am 29 years old and work for a national sportswear company in Seattle. Every year we have what is called Pre-line, it is when we get the new clothing samples in from the companies that make the clothes after we design them. We take the samples and make “shops” in about 25 booths, young men’s, boys, young ladies and girls. Each booth gets set up as if in a store, folded neatly on shelves and hanging, we have designers make the sets “artsy” and themed with beautiful displays. After everything is set up we have major buyers from all over the country to see our new line and place orders on what they have seen that they think will sell well in their stores. During the actual week of the show, we have food catered in and the buyers get anything they want, it is really quite the event. I do everything from setting the booths, music, dealing with the runners and yes, I handle the models. The models for each line have dressing rooms that can be very chaotic, models running in and out changing clothes and going to model the clothing in a booth for a buyer. I have to help dress the models and move them to the correct booth, many are no nonsense and do the job without issue. The boys and girls need more hands on, I was, and luckily I only deal with the young men and boys. I had one guy named Curt, he was 21, dark hair and very handsome, this was his first modeling job and although was very hot, he needed full time help, dressing, walking, even standing. I set out Curt’s shorts and sport tee to wear, he had the top on “inside out” and the buyer was waiting. Curt take the top off fast I said as I grabbed the shoulder of the shirt helping pull it off him, turning it right side out I helped get it over his head, move, get out there fast! Moving behind him to see how he showed the clothing and waiting for the next outfit he would need to wear. I went to the fitting room and had it ready by the time he got back, get your clothes off fast, just drop them o the floor. I said turning to get the shoes that would go with the outfit. Turning to Curt with the shoes, my mouth fell open, Curt was standing there naked. CURT! I yelled, put your underwear back on, and get these pants on then the shirt and these shoes. I have to admit that he took my breath away seeing him standing there naked, the other guys paid little attention to him as he was the “new one”. I helped one of the other guys with his outfit and sent him on his way. Curt, head out to booth 6, I will stop by in a few. Working with the young boys took about the same amount of time due to the fact they ranged from 9 to 13 in age. After lunch it was time to model the underwear and swimsuit lines, this took more hands on with the young men 16 to 21 year olds, some were quite “developed” and had to soften the look and others needed to be enhanced. We used a soft foam insert inside the tight swimsuits and some of the underwear for the boys with smaller packages and needed a bit of help, it gave a smooth look with a silhouette image of a penis bulge without showing how small they were and did not fill out the pouch correctly. I was very hands on and would push and adjust the bulges as needed, the guys expected this and have had it done many times, it’s part of the job, along with using body and face make up to hide any blemishes or pimples. Curt had his underwear on waiting on instruction to go to a booth, his cock was off to one side, I went to push it and he pulled back with his hips. Hold still Curt, I said holding his ass while adjusting his thick cock, I have no time to fool with these guys and reached in moving his cock to a better looking position. Go, booth 4 Curt. Kenny, go to booth 7, move guys. At the end of the day I was tired and dismissed the men and boy models, Curt stay put, I need to talk to you. Curt, you have to pull it together, you were a mess today, I know you are new but you have to get better fast of I will cut you and have the agency send out a new guy tomorrow. Can you help me Alan? Curt asked. It is not my job to train you Curt, I said in a short tone. I’m sorry I don’t mean so sound cold but I have to reset and all the booths tonight for tomorrow’s show. Ok, ok, its dinner time, lets go out and eat something fast and Ill give you a few pointers. I said. We ate a fast dinner at the fish n chips place across the street and I told Curt how to dress and move faster making sure that he was perfect before going to the booth. We got back to the dressing room and I had Curt put on an outfit faster than he had before. I had him walk and stand showing the product, put on the underwear Curt. I said. Curt stripped to his skin taking the sexy red underwear slipping them on like he would his own. No, I said, you have to fix yourself, look, I said as I reached in and tucked his cock into a downward position, like this. I felt Curt’s cock jump from my touch, he took my hand and held it inside his underwear, Curt looked into my eyes, Alan, I appreciate you helping me. Curt, my work here is important to me and we have to get it right. I said pulling my hand from his cock. Be here at 6 am tomorrow and you will get a jump on the other guys, just relax and it will be fine, I have to get these booths reset before I can leave tonight, have a good night and I will see you tomorrow. I said. Wait, I can help you with the booths, you helped me so much when you didn’t have to. Curt said. We both worked on the booths for about 90 minutes. Curt, it looks good, let’s get out of here, and we have to be back all too soon. I said. I am stopping at the Tug on the way home for a beer and to unwind some, you are welcome to join me if you like? I said. Great Curt said. I will follow you there. The Tug was a gay bar that had a small dance floor and a good amount of regulars to make it a fun place to go. I made my way inside the bar and ordered two beers looking for Curt. Curt came in, he smiled and sat at the table with me. I gave him the beer and asked him to dance. He looked a bit funny and said ok. You know how to dance? I asked with a laugh. Yes, I can dance, he said, it’s just that I’m not, he stammered. Gay? I asked. He laughed, no its not that, I am gay alright but I just turned 21 last week and have never been to a gay bar before. I took his hand and led him to the dance floor; it was a weeknight so there was no DJ, only recorded music. We danced a while and sat at the table talking and laughing, man, its great to get out of there, its like this every year, I end up working 14 hours a day for about two weeks then I take a week off to collapse and re group. I said. You will have to come back here on Saturday nights they have a great DJ, DJ Prince, he keeps the place jumping. I waved at the bartender for two more beers. Curt said he had moved form Savannah Georgia a few months before and had not really been out since he had been here. We talked and had a few more beers each when Curt leaned over to kiss me, I kissed him back pushing my tongue into his mouth. When I came up for air, I looked at him, Curt, you know this can’t have anything to do with work, if you can’t get it together tomorrow I will have to call the agency and have you replaced. I said. Oh, yeah, I know. He said I like you and would like to go home with you if you want me to. Sounds like a plan. I said. We should really get going I said as I stood up leaving a tip on the table for the bartender. At my apartment Curt peeled off his clothes and climbed onto my bed as I undressed. Curt’s body was amazing, so perfect, his chest, abs, his face and teeth, everything perfect. Roll over. I said, I lifted his hips pulling his knees up giving me room to get to his hot ass, my mouth was all over it, I bit and chewed at his hole. Pushing my fingers into his ass working them as deep as I could, I rubbed my cock with some lube and pushed it into his ass. He was very tight and he squeezed my prick with his ass while I plunged it in and out. Fuck me, make me your bitch. Curt moaned. I slapped his ass cheek hard, take it bitch, and smacked his ass again. I was amazed at his looks and yet wanted to be a sub bottom for me. I was not bad looking but no model by any means. I reached under giving his hard shaft a squeeze feeling his balls dangling. I shot my cum on a downward thrust, pushing hard and continued riding his ass roughly until I was spent. I flipped him over and reached into the nightstand drawer and put some lube onto a big dildo with vibration, turning it on high and pushing it into his ass, it was almost twice the size of my cock so it was really stretching his hole out. Curt started jacking his cock while I fucked him hard with the rubber cock, Curt moaned, yes, fuck me, it feels so good. Curt’s cock was about six inches but was very thick and his veins stood out as he held it firmly. As he shot his load, I leaned in and took it into my mouth sucking as hard as I could making him groan loudly with each blast of cum into my mouth. The dildo still hanging out of his ass he lay exhausted and breathing hard and in moments he was asleep. I pushed the phallic toy deeper into his ass before pulling it out, I got a wet hot washcloth, cleaned his ass and cock before pulling the sheets up to his waist. No matter how badly he did the next day there is no way I could send him packing, I looked at this angel asleep in my bed, I never wanted to let him go. We had sex every night after work with him sleeping over, when the show was over Curt started meeting me for lunch and coming over a few times at night. I took him to see DJ Prince and we danced our asses off. I am hoping that soon he will want to move in with me but I don’t want to rush things and scare him off. For now, it’s all good.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Since I moved to California from North Carolina 2 years ago, I have been missing my friends so much. After talking to my friend Jake on the phone, I called him back the next day and suggested he come out to visit me for a week. Jake asked if he could bring his boyfriend David with him on the visit. I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to hook up with him again, we had been more of a fuck buddy relationship than boyfriends, but it will be good to see him anyway. Jake had a medium build with sandy blonde hair green eyes and a great personality. I arrived at the airport near baggage claim to pick them up, waiting on the bench watching people go by when my phone rang, it was Jake, they were off the plane and headed to the escalators to come to baggage claim. I walked to the bottom of the escalators to watch for them, making eye contact with this cute guy coming down alone, I shot him a flirty smile as he came near me. Hi, I am David are you Keith? My face went red,, Yes, hi David, good to meet you? Where is Jake? I asked. He stopped at the restroom but wanted me to come find you so you didn’t think we got lost. David was stunning, icy blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, tan and built like a swimmer, he looked like he was 19 or 20 but Jake said he was 26 years old. David started talking about the plane trip and was very animated and putting his hand on my shoulder as he spoke. I felt hands wrap around me from behind hugging me and I knew it was Jake. I turned to him and hugged him closely as Jake kissed me on my lips right at baggage claim. My guys! he said as he looked at me and then David. We collected the bags and headed to my apartment. Inside I apologized as I told them they would have to use the hide a bed in the couch as I only had a one bedroom, I cleared out the front coat closet for you to use. It’s fine, David said, so sweet of you putting us up here. Lets go out to lunch and come back for a dip in the pool. You have a pool? David asked, he looked excited, I love to swim. If you didn’t bring a swim suit with you, you can use one of mine or stop and buy one after we eat. Cool Jake said, that would be great. We ate lunch and stopped by one of the beach wear shops, Jake opted for board shorts and David tried on a almost sheer white square cut swim suit, walking out of the dressing room, what do you think? Wow that looks great! Jake said. I bit my lip after seeing the size of his package that was held back by an ounce of material. They paid and I drove us back to my apartment, we changed our clothes and grabbed some towels, then headed for the pool, it was nice as we had the pool to ourselves. David swam like a fish while Jake and I laid on the chase lounges in the sun catching up on the last few years. David climbed up the ladder and walked over getting a towel. I glanced at his new swim suit when I noticed that the water turned the fabric almost invisible, I could see through it completely with every line and curve of his cock showing, I could even tell that he was shaved and smooth. Jake saw me looking, good looking guy huh? I looked at Jake with a grin. Yes and that is some swim suit too. I said. David stretched out on the chaise next to me putting his arms behind his head, Damn, this is the life. he said. Jake said he met David about 6 months ago at the gym he went to and they moved in together about two months later. I didn’t think you were the kind to settle down Jake. I said. Well just look. he said as he pointed toward David, How could you pass this man up, he is so sweet and very hot, but we still have a semi open relationship. Really? I asked. You need to close it and hang on tight to David. David looked over, Jake is my hot baby, I love him. David said. I took a dip in the pool, splashing Jake until he jumped into the pool with me, as he swam underwater passed me he grabbed my crotch In a playful way laughing as he surfaced. David joined us, swimming to Jake, kissing him hard and deep, I looked around to see if anyone had come near the pool. Guys, my neighbors.. I said with a laughing, no sex in the pool. David looked at me with a big smile. We headed upstairs, getting inside, there are towels in the closet, feel free to grab a shower, I only have the one bathroom so you guys can go first. David headed in to the bathroom I could see his ass crack through the fabric, damn I love that swimsuit I called out to David as he walked away he pulled one side down showing his well tanned ass. I fixed a snack for us and set it out on the coffee table when David walked out naked to get his clothes from his suitcase. Sorry, I didn’t take my clothes in with me. David said. Jake walked in with a towel around his waist, David is not shy at all, he walks around naked all the time at our place, I think he is a nudist at heart. Jake, you know me, it wont bother me at all. I looked over as David stepped into his briefs, watching his muscled ass and legs ripple with his movements. After dinner we watched a movie, and talked before I went to bed about ten thirty to give them some privacy and they were three hours later in time zones. I picked up a book to read and could hear them talking, then laughing, the walls were thin in my apartment, I heard moans, soft at first and getting a bit louder, I was wondering who was fucking who when I heard David say… fuck my ass jake,, followed but a smack noise, remembering Jake loves to slap a mans ass while he fucks them. I was now fully hard, I flipped the blankets back, feeling my rigid dick, I started jacking off feeling my taint with my other hand while listening to my sexy house guests fucking in the living room. They sounded so hot, I wanted a peek. Going to my door opening it slowly, moving to the hall looking into the living room, the lights still on. I stood off to one side where I could just see them, Jake was between David’s legs fucking him hard, Jakes ass cheeks tight as he pumped David’s ass. I stood in the dimly lighted hall jacking my cock, it was so wrong but so hot to watch them fucking. I had to bite my lip when I started cumming, I shot my load into my hand and let out a small moan, David looked right at me and I ducked back into the hall, fuck…., I can’t believe I did that and David saw me jacking off and invading their privacy. I cleaned up and got back into bed, I could hear when they each came, hell I think my neighbors heard it, maybe the people on the next block. The next morning I got up and showered and headed for the kitchen to start breakfast. David was asleep still, laying on his stomach without any blankets or sheets covering him, his ass mounds took my attention, one of his legs was pulled up giving me a view of his balls hanging to the sheet. I could feel my cock stiffen, I went into the kitchen to find Jake sitting at the table, had made coffee. Glad you found the coffee I said as I poured a cup for myself. I’ll make some egg’s and bacon after I have a cup of coffee. David seems like a sweet guy. I said. Yeah, he really is, Jake said. And so hot, he wants sex two times a day minimum and I love that. Yeah, I know you do, I said. I remember when we would hook up, fucking three times staying up all night, those were some fun times. I started cooking breakfast when David walked in, still naked, yawning and rubbing his chest. ‘morning David said. Like some coffee? I asked. That would be wonderful David stated, I turned to hand him a mug for the coffee when I ran into him, Oh sorry, looking into his eyes. No problems, David replied. As he took the mug, filling it. Serving the bacon, eggs and toast I sat and ate with my guests. I was wondering if David had told Jake that he had seen me it the hallway jacking off while watching them. It didn’t seem to bother David or at least he didn’t let on. I took them out sightseeing and to the beach, David seemed to be the highlight of the guys on the beach getting plenty of looks to his large bulge in the small swim suit. Any nude beaches around? Jake asked. Not close by but there is one down about 25 miles away, Maybe we can visit it before you go back home. I said. After dinner that night we got back to the apartment, I got us each a beer. Mind if I get comfortable? David asked. Make yourself at home. I said. I walked back into the living room and David had pulled the hide a bed out and was laying on it naked, Jake next to him wearing his briefs, David leaning on Jakes chest. I handed them each a beer and sat on the chair while we talked some. Jake kissed David and reached over pinching his nipple, I noticed that David’s cock jumped and seemed to be growing some. You guys look like you need some privacy, I’ll go to bed and watch TV in there for a bit. No, David said as he held out his hand to me, inviting me to lay next to him. I looked at Jake, who was smiling and gave me a wink. I leaned in and laid next to David, he kissed the side of my head and ran his hand over my chest. Jake rolled David toward me and put his face to David’s ass. David un buttoned my shorts and reached his hand inside feeling my hard cock through my briefs. I lifted my ass as he slid my shorts down, I pulled my tee shirt off and was now naked, rolling toward David I kissed his mouth, he groped my ass, pulling at my cheeks rubbing a finger around my tight hole. I turned over and pushed my ass toward David, he spit on his hand and took it to my ass before plunging his oversized cock into my ass. Jake repositioned and moved in behind David, sliding his 6 inch cock into David’s ass. David was filling my ass with his meat, I’ve only been with one guy his size before and it was stretching me to my limits. Jake was fucking him while he was fucking me, it took a few strokes before they got the rhythm and worked for both men. David was the first to cum, he kept his cock in my ass while Jake fucked him, cumming within a few more minutes. I pulled away from David as I had not cum yet, facing David, looking at his smooth shaved body and thick cock, I climbed onto his chest and put my dick into his mouth, throat fucking him. I pulled out in time to shoot my cum all over David’s face while Jake watched from inches away running his hands all over my body. Jake leaned in and took some of my cum as it jetted from my cock and kissing David as the last of my cum splashes onto both men’s faces. This night was not going to end until I had fucked David’s ass and I also wanted Jake to fuck me too. I am so glad I asked Jake to come out for a visit and would try to set up me coming to visit them back home. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Skype Connection

My friend Josh asked me to meet him at a local restaurant called the fire station; it was made from a closed fire station. I had not been there in a long time and I was a little early, the hostess seated me in a booth toward the back. My waiter came by with menus; I understand that you are waiting for someone else? My name is Jes; may I bring you a drink and an appetizer? Hi, Jes, My name is Daniel and I will be your customer. I said with a stupid grin. Jes stopped and looked at me without saying too much. Sorry. I said, I’m always a smart ass. Ill have an iced tea please, no lemon. I will have it right out for you Daniel. Jes said as he walked toward the kitchen. I glanced at my smartphone checking e-mails and saw a friend had sent me a picture, it finally loaded as Jes brought my drink, and he glanced at the picture as it flashed onto the screen. My friend sent me a picture of himself naked. I saw the picture and quickly put my hand over the screen but it was too late, Jess had seen it. I’m sorry, It was a friend that… I stammered. Its fine, in fact it was very fine. Jes said with a smile. I will check back on you in a few minutes and see if your friend is here, just wave at me in the meantime if you need anything. He said. I had noticed that Jes was pretty attractive with dark hair cut closely on the sides and back and a tiny bit longer on top, it made me want to touch it. Jes was about 5’8 or so and I really like guys that are shorter than I am. I went back to checking e-mail and lost track of time, I had been sitting here for 45 minutes. Jes came over with a small plate of tortilla chips and queso setting them in front of me. I came by a couple of times but you were busy and your friend is not here yet and I thought you might be getting hungry. Jes said. That is so sweet of you Jes, I got lost in reading my e-mail. Yeah he is late, I’ll text him and see what’s going on. I said. Thanks for the chips too. You are welcome; I’ll stop and refill your iced tea as soon as I get my food out for another table. Jes said walking away. I watched his ass as he left, I texted my friend without an answer. The queso and chips were great; I devoured them before Jes came back with the tea pitcher. Any word from your date? Jes asked. No, I texted him and got no answer. And he is just a friend; I’m not dating anyone right now. Ill go ahead and order, I would like the Santa fe chicken with rice and a small salad with ranch dressing. I said looking into his face as he wrote my order onto the ticket. Glancing down at his bulge he finished writing, it was very full looking, I wanted to reach over and feel the weight of his balls through the fabric. I looked up and he was just looking at my face smiling, not being shy I looked right at him and said, very nice. He chuckled, smiled and walked toward the kitchen to turn in my order. My friend finally texted me back, he had fallen asleep and missed dinner with me, said he was sorry and we would have to try again soon. Jes brought my salad and some fresh rolls to my table. My friend texted me, he had fallen asleep, the bastard! I said with a laugh. I am glad you decided to stay and eat here after he didn’t show up. Jes said. Me too. I said as I ate my salad. Jes went back to the kitchen and about 10 minutes later he returned with my dinner. Wow that chicken looks great I said, cutting into it and taking a bite. Jes stood for a second while I tasted the first bite. Anything else I can do for you Daniel, just ask and I will do my best for you. I bet you would too! I said with a grin. I finished my meal when Jes came by to clear my plates. Would you like dessert Daniel? He asked. No, Thanks Jes, I’m stuffed. I said. Jes returned in a couple of minutes with a small container. What’s that? I asked. Cheesecake to die for, and it’s on me. Jes said. I gave him my credit card and thanked him for the cheesecake. I was almost at the door when I turned back; walking back to the table Jes saw me and walked over to the table. Did you forget something? He asked. Yes, I forgot to get your phone number, that is if you would like to go out with me. I said. Jes pulled out his order pad and wrote his number on it handing me the slip of paper. I am off at 10:00 and will be home at 10:30 if you want to call and chat for a while. I only winked and turned to walk out. I was lying in bed holding the phone, 10:33, it’s too soon, and I would look desperate if I called now but he was pretty nice and I really wanted to talk to him. 10:34,, fucking clock.. I went to the kitchen and got something to drink and back to bed 10:36,, shit… Hell, I dialed the phone number, Jes answered. Hello? Hi Jes, it’s me Daniel. Hey, I’m glad you called, did you eat your cheesecake yet? He asked. Yes, it was great. I said. I liked the sauce on it, what was it? My special sauce he said with a giggle. Ok, ok, it’s a caramel cream sauce. Mmm I like the idea of your special sauce. I said as I lay back in the bed. Do you Skype? I asked. Yes, he said. We exchanged numbers and got on computers. As his cam lit my screen I saw that he was sitting at a computer desk, still in his work shirt without the tie. Are you in bed? Jes asked. I see a bare chest, and I like it. I moved my cam towards my left nipple. Lick it! I said, yes I am in bed, I know it is early but I just wanted to get into bed and relax. I should have done that too before signing on. Jes said. No way! I said, I want to watch you undress. Jes had a huge grin across his face, really? On the first time we have met? Really! I said. It’s the second time anyway, we met at the restaurant. Come on, it would be hot. Peel it Jes. Jes stood up and started un buttoning his shirt; my eyes were glued to the screen. He pulled back his shirt taking it off revealing nicely tanned chest. Turn around for me? I asked, Jes turned and pretended he was a model with his arms out in a majestic way. Oh baby! Ok drop the pants, whoo whoo whoo. I chanted. Jes turned his back to the cam and pulled his pants down to show the top of his ass crack, then pulling them back up again. Turned to the cam opening his fly reaching into his underwear feeling his bulge teasing me. Damn, this is hot. I said. He turned away from the cam again dropping his pants to the floor showing the back of his boxer briefs. Take them off too! I called out. Hey, I was only taking off my work clothes, Jes said laughing. You started the show, you can’t stop now. Peel them off! I begged. He pushed the boxers to his ankles in one movement and I got a quick glimpse deep into his ass crack as he bent over, he turned around with both hands over his crotch covering his privates. Sitting down at his computer. Oh My God I yelled in jest, you teaser, you got me half hard and stopped? You are hard? He asked. Half hard. I replied. Let’s see it? he asked. Again, not being shy at all I flipped the sheet back and pointed my laptop at my crotch. Damn! What a cock! You are hard. Jes said. Not fully. I said giving it a wiggle. Now stand up and show me yours Jes. I said turning my laptop back to my face. Jes stood and slowly took his hands away exposing probably the nicest, prettiest cock and balls I have ever seen. His dick was not huge, just a regular sized penis but it was perfect, the size, shape, his head looked so hot and his balls hung low and seemed full of man juice. Wow, very hot Jes. Give it a rub? I asked. He took it into his hand moving it as is sprang up under his touch. He pulled at his balls, making me squirm and want to see more. Jes turned to a side profile and his cock stood up towards his flat belly with a slight curve. He pulled it downward letting it go, his cock flipped back to his belly making a slapping noise. Like that? He asked. Hell yes, standing up I pointed the cam towards my cock showing him I was now fully hard and starting to drip pre cum. I took my finger and touched my cockhead wiping the sticky syrup onto my finger and up to my mouth, licking it on cam for Jes. Yes, eat that pre cum, damn that’s hot. Jes said as he jacked on his cock while watching me. I squeezed my cock hard making the veins bulge and my head enlarge. Damn, Daniel, you are getting me so hot. I wish that cock was in my ass. He said. Got a dildo Jes? I asked. I am gay, of course I have one. Jes said. Get it! I said. He pulled it out and a bottle of lube holding them up to the camera, are we really gonna get it on fully on cam? He asked. Oh, hell yeah. I’m so hot now, I don’t want to stop. I said Lube that dildo up and bend over, give me a close up as you push it in your ass. Jes raised one leg onto his bed, spreading his ass cheeks and pushing some lube into his hole, then slicking up his dildo with more lube. Really? He asked. Really! I replied. Jes checked his placement on the monitor and climbed onto his bed on all fours, his ass pointed to the camera. He squatted back a bit showing his tight puckered ass hole, reaching back he fingered it some as I cheered him on giving direction verbally. He took the dildo and pushed it into his ass, slow at first and finally all the way in. Fuck yourself with that cock baby, pretend its me back there. I said. Ohh Daniel, it’s like your big cock inside me. He said as he fucked the dildo in and out of his ass. I jacked my cock, making sure not to cum, but edging while watching him fuck his ass with the big rubber phallus. Jes pulled it out very fast and his hole gaped open making me wish I was there to slip my finger inside before it fully closed again, Fuck you are turning me on Jes. I said. Ok Daniel, show me what you can do. Jes said as he lay on his bed jacking his hard prick. Ok let me move the laptop to a place you’ll be able to see what I’m going to do. I said. Moving into camera frame, I rolled onto my shoulders with my legs over my head with a side view and leaning onto the wall. I was upside down jacking my cock and bent my hips forward farther taking my own cock into my mouth. FUCK ME! Jes said. Stroking his cock. Damn that’s so cool, I wish I could get mine into my mouth. I could only get about two inches past my lips but I could get real suction on my head. I sucked my cock while Jes told me how horny that got him. I sucked until I was about to cum. Ok I’m gonna cum now. I said sucking harder on my rod. Just as I started shooting, I pulled back and shot my load into and all over my mouth. Oh my God, that was so cool. Jes said. I’m sorry, I came while watching you, and it was more than I could hold back. We talked a while longer before closing the Skype call. The next night I went to eat at the Fire House Restaurant again, same booth and when Jes saw me sitting there, his face lit up knowing that we would have another sex adventure after he got off work.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Snow Day

Snow day I got invited to a party for my friend Joe; it was a celebration of him graduating veterinary school. It was a long drive into the mountains alone, it took about 90 minutes to get to his family’s cabin and the snow was really starting to come down and stick on the roadway. I got there and the place looked deserted, getting no answer at the door I called Joe’s cell phone. I’m sorry Mike; I am right over the last crest and will be there in 10 minutes I got caught up at the market getting things for the party. Joe said. I helped Joe bring things in from his car and start a fire to get warmed up. It’s really coming down out there. I said. Do you think everyone will make it? I don’t know, this is what I get for planning the party at the cabin. Joe said. I met Joe in junior high school, he was a very popular guy and in all the sports. He always had the hottest girlfriends and very straight, his dark curly hair and gorgeous green eyes. Joe’s phone rang several times over the next 20 minutes, people calling and canceling because of the snow. Let me help you in the kitchen Joe. I said after he hung up from his family. Looks like it might just be the two of us. He said. The road is closed coming in from the south and the other side is not much better. Let’s put some of this food away, I got 100 pieces of fried chicken from the deli and enough salads to feed an army. Joe said. I’m so sorry Joe; your party is ruined because of the snow. I said. No, Mike, you and I will have a blast, besides, I don’t think either of us will be leaving anytime soon, look at it snow out there! Joe said. Let’s have some chicken, dig in there is plenty and there is liquor and mixers on the counter over here. Joe said. I mixed some rum and Cokes while Joe fixed his plate; we sat and talked as we ate several pieces of chicken and a mountain of potato salad. I tossed more wood on the fire while Joe handed me another drink. I took a sip, Damn Joe, you trying to kill me? Its half rum and half Coke. I said. Yeah, I start out weak, wait for the next one. He said laughing. Watching Joe talk and laugh made me smile, he as such an easy way he talks, making anyone feel comfortable. We had several more drinks and I was starting to slur and everything was funny. So Mike, any new boyfriends lately? Joe asked. Naw, not since Jacob. I said.,, Damn boy! you’ve got to be one horny bastard. Joe said, punching my shoulder. Yeah, I do get pretty horny, you always have a girl handy to keep your hard dick satisfied. I said laughing. Well none made it to my party, so I will have to wack off later, or maybe Ill fuck your tight ass. Joe slurred. You wish, it aint pussy so you would not be interested. I said. You never know, he mumbled. What? I asked. I’m not gay, don’t get me wrong, but ass is ass. Joe said. Reaching over touching my leg. You are drunk, you dumb ass. I said. Joe grabbed me and started playing grab ass and wrestling around some before sitting my chest pinning me to the floor. Joe has about 30 pounds on me and moved his knees to my shoulders and started putting his finger to my lips. Like some cock in there? He asked. Some dickie, you suck my dickie? Your drunk Joe, get off me. I said. Fuck that, I need my dick sucked, he unzipped and flopped out his limp but thick cock and started slapping it on my lips. Get OFF! I said. I plan on it, Joe laughed. Open up Mike, Its ready for you. Joe slapped his cock onto my lips. Suck it Mike. I started to protest but have always had a crush on Joe. I took his semi hard cock into my mouth and sucked him. Moving one arm loose I stroked his shaft to full mast. Let’s move to the bedroom Joe. I said. Joe stood up and helped me to my feet, come on buddy. Joe said. We stripped off our clothes and Joe fell back onto the bed, I got on my knees and started sucking him and purposely put my knees near his shoulder, suck me Joe. I said. No way, I don’t suck cock. He said. I moved one knee on the other side of his head dangling my balls in his face. Get your balls out of my face Joe said as he reached to push them away but when he touched my junk he held onto it, and then started jacking my stiff prick. I continued sucking Joe’s cock and I could feel Joe’s tongue touching the tip of my cock. Take it Joe,, shhh.. Just take it.. I said. Joe put the head fully in his mouth now and was playing with it with his lips. We weren’t so drunk that Joe didn’t know what he as doing and I was thinking that he was starting to enjoy it. I moved my hips pushing more shaft into his mouth but he was still only taking a couple of inches. Within a couple of minutes I shot my load into Joe’s mouth, he came up spitting, Fuck dude,, you came in my mouth,, that’s sick, wiping his mouth. I chuckled. Funny huh? He grabbed my hips and pushed his wet dick into my ass and started pumping it hard. I’ve got your boy pussy now. He said. It felt so good I pushed back onto his cock, fuck me Joe, fuck me. I said. I have dreamed about this day since we showered together in gym class, I would always sneak a peek at Joe’s cock and balls wishing he would fuck me. I loved seeing water running off his broad shoulders and down his back into his ass crack. Joe climaxed pushing cum deep into my ass before falling forward onto my back. He lay on top of me breathing hard; I reached behind me and touched his right ass cheek. That felt amazing Joe. I said. Yeah, was all he said as he rolled off me lying on his back. I rolled to my side feeling his chest, running my fingertip around his nipple; Joe took my hand off of his chest. I’m not gay, Mike. He said. Whatever, shut the fuck up and lay back, you started this. I said, leaning on one elbow putting my mouth on his nipple, nibbling and sucking on it. I want to fuck your tight ass. I whispered. There is no way you are putting your cock into my ass, aint no way. Joe said. I reached between his legs and tried to push my finger in his ass but Joe squirmed, nothing is going there, you can ride my bone if you want again but you’re not fucking me. I grabbed his cock and brought him fully hard before sitting on his cock, riding his shaft. I reached up twisting his nipples; Joe groaned and moaned while he rammed that hot cock in my ass. I rode that cock till it spewed its goodness filling my ass. I jacked my cock shooting my load onto Joe’s sexy tanned chest We fell asleep together waking in the morning, I looked at Joe smiling. Don’t get any ideas, that was a one time thing, last night. Joe said. I will make you some breakfast and we will talk about that some more later I said with a wink.