Monday, December 31, 2012

Skinny Dipping

It was a hot summer day in California; I hung with a group of friends my age all through high school. Near my house was the Sacramento River, I would go there with my friends and swim, shoot the shit and just have fun. I rode my bike over to Mike’s house I was 16 years old and Mike had just turned 17. Let’s go ride to the river. I said. Okay, Mike replied. I have to mow the yard first. I’ll help you; let’s go I said punching mike on the arm. I used the edger while Mike mowed the yard; I looked over at Mike watching his muscles ripple as he manhandled the mower, sun reflecting off his bronzed shoulders. Mike was only wearing a pair of cut off jean shorts, very short ones at that. We got to the river about 30 minutes later, parking our bikes under the big oak tree. Mike pushed me into the river when I stood too close to the edge of the rock we were on. I laughed and splashed water onto his feet before Mike jumped in with a cannonball. We swam and laughed, before climbing onto the rock under the tree. Mike leaned against the tree with his knees up talking away about the new bike he wanted. I sat across from him, my eyes wandered to his shorts; they were so short his balls were hanging out a little with lots of dark hair on his legs. What are you looking at? Mike asked. Shit, he saw where I was looking. Your balls are hanging out; you may as well be naked. I said. Trying to skirt his question. Mike bent down to see how much was exposed; he reached between his legs and gave his balls a rub. I like being naked, why not. Mike stood and slid off the shorts to the ground and stepped out of them. His uncut pecker jutted out and bounced around only a few feet from my face. Mike had a full bush of dark brown hair and seemed not to be shy about showing it. Your turn. Mike said. Drop them. Well.. I… I stammered. Do it. Mike said. Pushing my shoulder. I dropped my shorts to the ground, me being light haired and light skinned I had no pubic hair yet and was embarrassed about it. Wow, you are bald as a baby. Mike said. I reached for my shorts to pull them back on and Mike pulled me back up. No, its ok, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make fun of you. He said looking into my eyes. But you are so hairy, and it makes me feel like such a boy. I said. Mike tossed his arm over my shoulder. It’s fine you’re not a boy anymore than I am. Mike said. I leaned in and put my head on his shoulder wanting to be closer and touch Mike’s pube’s. You are so much more developed than me, your arms are so much stronger and your chest too. Mike pulled back some, let’s skinny dip. He said walking to the edge of the rock. He stood there a second, and I realized that he put himself there to let me push him off into the water. I walked up and put my hands on his waist and pushed, as I did he turned and grabbed me pulling me into the water with him, holding me tightly. As we came up for air I was still in his arms, his legs kicking below us to keep us afloat. Mike grinned at me, his thick reddish lips open exposing his white teeth. I leaned in fast and kissed him before even thinking about it. Mike pushed me back form him and swam back some. What are you doing? He asked with a puzzled look. I thought you wanted.. Never mind, I feel so stupid. I said and swam for the rock. Mike climbed out of the water onto the rock as I grabbed my shorts and started to get dressed. Wait. Mike said. Don’t go. He reached and took my arm. I feel like an idiot. I’m a fag. Now everyone will know. I said. Mike pulled me close and held me tightly putting his arms over my shoulders. Its ok, I have feelings for guys too. This is between us. Mike said in a low voice. I put my hands around Mike feeling his back. You really feel like this too? I asked. Yeah, I do. Mike said. My hand dropped from Mike’s lower back to his ass cheeks, they felt so fantastic to touch. I put my fingers to the top of his ass crack feeling a bit of hair and followed it down finding more hair in his crack. It felt so good to be held by Mike. Mike leaned back and looked into my face, touching my cheek, then Mike kissed me, my knees went out and I almost went to the rocks, my hands running along the curves of his ass and legs on the way down. I sat on the rock looking at his bush, reaching up to touch it, it was the first time in my life I had ever touched pubic hair. Mike’s cock jumped at my touch, I ran my fingertips along his ball sac, Mike moaned some and arched his back, his cock stiffened. I reached up and pulled back his foreskin looking at his cock head. Mike pulled my face toward his now stiff 6 inch cock. I licked his shaft while playing with his nuts. Mike started seeping pre cum; I had never tasted it before, well from anyone but my own cock. I squeezed his shaft watching the pre ball up at the tip, I put my tongue to it taking it to my mouth, I liked the taste and it made me feel closer to Mike by eating his juice. Mike pushed his cock into my mouth slowly, feeding me his inches a little at a time. I choked on it but wanted it all; it took me several minutes to suck him to his hairline. Mike rode my face putting his hands on my head bringing me into his rhythm. Mike’s cock was thicker than mine but it felt like it belonged in my mouth, like I was his boyfriend. Mike did not take more than a couple of minutes before he convulsed and started shooting his cum into my mouth, I wanted it all. I sucked hard wanting every drop, my hands went wild feeling his ass cheeks while Mike’s knees weakened while he gave the last couple of spurts into my mouth. Mike sat onto the rock in front of me; he reached over and touched my aching boner. My cock was smaller around than Mikes and about the same length, Mike ran his fingers under my balls, as soon as that happened I felt the cum pump from my cock. I shot all over Mike’s hand and my balls. Mike looked into my face and smiled. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to shoot that fast but when you touched me…. Stop apologizing all the time, its fine. Mike pushed me gently back onto the rock, leaned down and took my spent semi hard cock into his mouth sucking the cum off my pole. Want to try my cock in your ass? He asked me. Well, yeah, I want you inside me. I want to be yours. I said. Mike lifted my legs and spat in his hand rubbing it to my ass and again to his cock. He pushed his cock to my crack, if it hurts, tell me. Mike said. I felt pressure and Mike pushed harder with even pressure. His head slipped inside me, the pain was immense but I didn’t let Mike know. You ok? He asked. Yeah, I said, don’t stop, its great. Wiped the tears away from my eyes hoping Mike didn’t see me do it. Mike pushed his meat farther inside me and started pumping my butt hole, my ass was on fire but I did not want him to stop. I had fantasized about Mike for months and even tried to get my gym class changed to his so I could see him in the shower but didn’t because I didn’t want him to see that my body was less mature than his. Mike fucked my ass a few more strokes and started Cumming again, this time filling my hole with his sweet cum. Mike collapsed on top of me, he was breathing was hard along side my ear; I felt his hot breath on my neck. I felt so at peace, I knew I wanted Mike always. Mike and I dressed and rode to his house, I called my mom and asked if I could stay overnight at Mike’s house. Mike and I climbed into his bed just after dinner. This time Mike put his lips on my cock and dove down on it, his hands all over my crotch. I like that you are smooth down here he said. After a few moments I started shooting into Mike’s mouth he sucked my load and licked my balls. Mike seemed very horny and wanted to fuck my ass again. I was still very sore from earlier today. But was eager to have his stiff prick in me again. I rolled over and pushed my ass into the air, Mike pulled my ass cheeks apart and touched my hole with his fingers watching it move under his touch. Mike took some lotion from his nightstand and pushed some into my ass watching his finger go inside me. Before long I felt Mike’s cock pushing at my hole, I pushed back wanting his inches to fill my ass again. Over the next few weeks my ass was able to take Mike’s cock without the pain anymore, it felt so good to have him inside me, and it was like we were one. After high school graduation Mike went to college at the same school I did, we finally got our dorm mates to switch and then it was the two of us together every night, the door locked, and Mike’s strong arms around me keeping me safe. We both graduated law school and now have a practice together in Los Angeles.