Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Train

The Train I took a vacation last year through Europe, I was alone but this way I could see what and go where I wanted. I was hitting trains around Germany and was waiting on the platform for the next train, the trains are very punctual and it pulled in and came to a stop right on time. I showed my ticket and found a place to sit, it was a small room meant for about 4 to share with wide couch like seats across and facing each other. I was looking out the window watching the activity outside waiting for the train to move. I heard a noise at the door and saw two guys come in closing the door behind them, they were speaking in German, I did not understand a word of it so I nodded a greeting to them and went back to looking out the window again. The train started moving and within a few minutes was up to full speed. I looked over checking these two guys out; both were dressed in some sort of soccer outfits with red stripes and a row of blue stars. The one on the left had a bulge and his shorts were pretty short, the one on the right said something to the other, I looked up and they both saw me checking him out. I looked away fast, they laughed and talked a bit more, the one on the right reached over and grabbed the other’s bulge and looked right into my eyes. Looking outside I could see the reflection in the window of the two guys. They appeared to be in their upper 20’s and must be headed for a soccer event somewhere. One pulled his shorts down while the other leaned in and pulled his cock into his mouth. I looked over, and the one that was getting his cock sucked, grinned at me. My own cock was fully stiff now watching these two only a few feet from me. My phone buzzed, I checked a text message from home, I pushed the camera button and started discreetly snapping pictures of the action. The one getting sucked bumped the other; both smiled for the picture and went back to sucking. By now both were getting pretty worked up, the second guy pulled his shorts down to get a blow job from his buddy, his underwear waistband said ENGLAND around it, I didn't know if that was the underwear brand or what but these two fuckers were pretty hot. I took out my cock and started rubbing it while watching the show. The guy on the left stood and bent himself over exposing his rosebud asshole to me before the other guy shoved his thick cock into it with only spit for lube. I watched his ass cheeks clench as he fucked his friend, I reached over and ran my hand down his ass crack feeling his smooth shaved skin, the heat from between his legs was inviting. Jacking my prick but wanting more, I reached between the two feeling his hard prick right at the point it was going into the others tight sphincter, I pushed a finger in his hole, the guy that was fucking him seemed to like it and was making some grunting noises along with some words in German, I did hear him say a few words like fuck but understood nothing more. Reaching around feeling under the guy that was bent over, I grabbed his swinging balls, giving them a tug. Pushing him back enough to get him and the bench seat I managed to get my mouth around his cock, my head taking a beating onto the seat but it was hot taking part with these two. They stopped fucking for a minute; the one that was getting fucked turned me and bent me over pushing his cock inside me while his friend went back to fucking him. The movements were a bit awkward at first but got into a rhythm of sorts the guy in the middle that was fucking me leaned over kissing my shoulder. The guy fucking his friend was first to cum causing the other to fuck me harder until he shot his load in my ass. I lay back on the seat, my stiff boner leaking pre juice across the head of my cock. One guy took it in his hand spitting on my cock and jacking me while squeezing my shaft firmly, I held back as long as I could before my jizz spewed out all over my crotch but the guy did not stop jerking my dick. The second guy held me down, I wriggled and my body jerked, being sensitive from just cumming, they were driving me wild stroking my cock. it was almost painful but erotic at the same time as I had no control over what they were doing. The guy that was holding me found something in his backpack and tied my hands to the bar of the seat, then moved into place with his friend. They twisted my nipples making them burn, I shot a second load while one licked at my cum as it flew from my penis. The Germans were not ready to let this end yet and worked up boners again one fucked my throat and the other watched, he pulled out in time to spray my face with cum, my eyes burned and I struggled at my constraints. The second guy lifted my leg and plunged his fat prick into my ass fucking me hard as the other tied my legs to the rails on the other end of the seat, one near the floor and the other high toward the seat back with my knee bent up. One guy must be into piercing and do it for a living, he pulled out a small plastic box before grabbing onto my right nipple, he twisted it very hard causing it to stiffen and swell before he pushed something onto it, then the pain hit as the fucker pushed something through my nipple. I yelled at him, calling him names, he did not understand what I said but I am sure he knew I was pissed. I looked at my nipple that now had a bar through it, well it looked pretty hot but it hurt like hell. He sorted through his box a bit longer and came up with another piece of body jewelry holding it in the air in front of my face. I squinted as to ask what it was for, he took my cock into his hand and held the metal up and motioned to my cock. I shook my head and said NO, loudly. He cleaned my cock with a wipe he took from a package. NO, Don’t. I said. Prince Albert,, you will like. He said with a deep accent. No, No, don’t do it. I said. As I struggled against the binds at my hands and feet. I felt him pushing something into my piss slit and I struggled, he looked up at my face while he held my cock in his hands, my heart racing I held still and did not move a muscle as I did not want him fucking up my cock by him pushing while I struggled. The next thing that happened was something that I will never forget, he pushed the sharp part in one fast movement and the searing pain was unbelievable, I almost bit my tongue off. He moved about down there a bit more wiping things and held my cock up from my body for me to see. I looked down to see my cock with a piercing through it, holly fuck, these guys are fucking nuts. We still had about thirty minutes until our next stop; my cockhead was on fire as he wrapped it in some gauze. His friend looked through his box of jewelry and had the guy pierce his nipple as I watched, still tied to the seat bars. I had always thought about piercing but was too much of a chicken to get my nipple pierced and never would have done my cock. I had it in my mind already to get the Price Albert removed and hope the hole sealed up as soon as I got back home right now it was just too tender and painful to touch. They kissed and dressed, before untying my feet and hands. I sat up semi dazed, I had been sucked, fucked, and pierced by these two hot guys, I wanted to punch the fuck outta the guy who pierced me but I liked the one in my nipple. I pulled my clothes on and buttoned my shirt while the Germans talked and laughed poking and slapping my shoulder like I had won the lottery. I did some online research on my cock piercing when I got to my hotel as what to do and what not to do. I cleaned it as the Internet said, no jacking off or sex for at least three weeks, I won’t be liking that at all. I did like the look of the Prince Albert and started thinking that I wanted to keep it in, especially since I had gone through the pain part. It took weeks to heal and finally it was time I could jack off for the first time since I had cum with the Germans. I touched myself and my penis sprang into a fully stiff bone in no time, I looked at the stainless steel cock jewelry and started stroking my prick. I felt the stirring of cum wanting to gush to my cock and slowed the stroke, I worked my cock for an hour, edging myself into a heated frenzy while I lay on my bed, my legs open, one finger in my asshole, it was time. I jacked off fast and hard for about 15 seconds and I blew my load, I came and came, more than I ever had, cum was everywhere, in my face, on my body and my bed sheets. I looked at my semi hard cock rubbing the jizz around the head of my cock and the metal that protruded from the hole in my dick. I love my new piercing, especially the PA that I never would have had the nerve to get without the molestation of the Germans on the train.