Monday, February 10, 2014

All Alone

Every day I do about the same thing, get up shower, eat a small breakfast and head to work. I go home after work to a quiet house.

I got home and took off my dress clothes and slipped on a gray muscle shirt and was naked other than that. I flopped down into my tiger striped bean bag chair bare legs sticking out over the floor and start running my fingertips through my dark pubic hair, my cock starts to thicken with desires of its own.

I turned on the stereo to a local pop station and leaned my head back grabbing my tool rubbing the head of it giving it a squeeze. Fuck, I need a man but I am too shy and have few friends because of it and most of them are either partnered or straight.

My left hand dropped instinctively below my balls at the top of my ass crack, it has always been a very sensitive spot and can actually make myself cum just by intense massage of it. My legs spread open wide, my middle finger rubbed from my ball sack to my asshole, I was just laying there enjoying the feelings while my eyes drooped, I was just so fucking tired from work and was having trouble staying awake.

I heard a noise and turned my head, seeing the door was open and a nice looking guy was walking in. I yelled at him to get out and asked why he was walking in without knocking?
“I saw you from the window and you looked like you needed some help with that.” He said, pointing at my now only semi erect cock.

“Get out.” I said walking towards him still wearing only the gray muscle shirt, my cock wagging back and forth as I moved.
“Not until I give you what I came here for.” He said dropping to his knees in front of me.

This good looking guy lifted my balls softly as he licked at my cock before taking it into his mouth, my cock thickening at his touch.

I stopped protesting, holy fuck this felt good, I was not turning his service away. I put my hands on his head, not guiding him but just to feel his presence, I go months or sometimes longer without having sex with anything other than my imagination.

This hot mystery man guided me back to the oversized beanbag chair, I lay back and spread my legs as I was before he came in. He took off his shirt and jeans, then his blue boxer briefs tossing them off to the side and dropped down between my legs. His mouth was all over my crotch, his hands running up the sides of my torso over to my nipples rolling them between his fingertips causing me to groan with enjoyment.

“Lift your legs up to your chest.” He said in a soft voice. I did as asked, he pushed his finger into my ass working it as he stretched my hole.
He moved to his jeans pulling a condom out and slipped it over his manhood before pushing it into my ass, he spat on his shaft as it was partially inside me for a bit of lube before pushing it to its depth.

My ass burned with his movements but it felt so good to have a man with me, fucking me, sharing his warmth inside me. I could smell his scent form his aftershave or body spray, it was intoxicating.
I moved my hands to his full and thick hair and then my fingers to his lips, they parted and my finger went inside touching his teeth and tongue before he sucked my finger as he fucked my ass so hard.

He slowed his action, leaning back some he took my semi hard cock into his hand and jacked my cock, squeezing it as he went. Between his hard cock in my ass and not having been with a guy in quite some time, it took me only moments before I shot one of the biggest loads of my lifetime all over my chest, neck and face.

He leaned over, kissing me and licking some of the salty jizz from my face swallowing it with a smile, grinding his pole in a circular motion making me pant and beg for more. “Fuck me, cum in my ass” I whispered.

We shared few words but I savored in every second of being with him, his lips took my breath away but his cock lit my fire and made me feel like I never wanted him to pull it out of me.
His motions moved faster as did his breathing just before his body shook with his climax of fiery man juices he was releasing. After the last euphoric wave left him, he pulled out and snuggled in the beanbag with me, I still had on my gray shirt as we cuddled and fell into a sex induced slumber.

I woke up later, the room had darkened as evening progressed, I looked around, I was alone, after clearing my head I realized that I must have dreamed the entire sexual encounter.

I got up and walked to the kitchen and felt dried cum on my chest, I must have had a wet dream. I thought. Getting some water I decided to dress and go out for a bite instead of cooking, I showered and scrubbed the dried jizz from my body, my ass kind of felt as if I had a good workout but I know it was only a dream, but what a dream!

Drying off I walked back for another glass of water before dressing to go eat, passing the couch I saw something on the floor, picking it up, it was a pair of blue boxer shorts, I took them to my face and inhaled, FUCK,, it was not a dream.

My mind raced as I stood there nude with his boxers at my nose, my heart pounded, I slipped his underwear on and my cock filled the space that his cock had been in just a short time before.
My hand went to my bulge in his shorts, I rubbed the cotton front feeling my shaft start to stiffen, I was thinking of him, I did not know his name even or where he lived or anything.

He must live close to have seen me through my window, I stood looking out the window searching the windows of the building next to mine, fuck,, nothing.
I tossed on a tee shirt and some jeans and headed out into the neighborhood to find something that appealed to me for dinner, stopping in a small café the sign said “please be seated” so I did, I took a small booth at the back of the dining room.

A waitress walked past, “We will be right with you.” She said handing me a menu.

I was studying the menu. “Hello, what would you like to drink”? The waiter asked.

I looked up to see HIM, the guy from my apartment, he had a huge smile on his face, my eyes went to his name tag, Timothy was written with a red felt tip pen with a flair.
“Timothy huh? I asked. May I have a beer and your phone number please?”

“I woke up and you were gone, I was starting to think you were a dream I had while I slept until I found your boxer briefs.”
“I had to slip out to get ready for work, yeah I kind of forgot my underwear.”

“Well, you can come by after work and pick them up if you like.”

“Yeah, I’d love that, now what can I feed you?” he said with a silly grin.

“I will trust you to find something for my dinner, you have already impressed me with your breaking and entering skills.” I said laughing.

“Yeah, I entered your ass.” Timothy said leaning in close to my ear.

“By the way, my name is Aden.”

“I know, I have seen you coming and going the last few weeks since I moved to this part of the city and one day I even saw which mailbox you checked when you came home and I saw your name on it, I’ve sorta been stalking you, in a nice way, well I hope you can forgive me.” I laughed and told him that I was glad he did.

Timothy brought me a large serving of the special of the day, pot roast with potatoes and carrots that was served with some fresh crusty bread.
I ate my dinner, exchanged phone numbers with Timothy, he said he would come over just after nine PM after they closed for the night.

I got home and ran around doing things like a crazy man, picking things up and I changed the sheets on the bed hoping that Timothy would want to play and not just rush home.
Just as he said, Timothy rand the bell just after nine. “Come in.” I said giving him a hug.

“I thought I would ring the bell this time instead of just coming in.” he said laughing.
Timothy handed me a take-out container. “I brought chocolate cake, you missed out on dessert.”
‘Thanks so much.” I said taking the container and setting it in the kitchen.

Timothy sat on the couch at one end, I sat at the other.

“So I really stepped out there today by walking in on you, but I could tell you are gay and pretty shy so I had to take matters in my own hands. I watched you from my window but could only see your lower half as you sat in the beanbag chair jacking off, I would watch the window hoping that I would see you each day and pretty much you are a creature of habit so I’ve actually seen you beat off several times, and it is pretty hot.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I wanted you to know that I had to sort of spy on you in order to get to know you. And where is my underwear?”

My face went red, I had forgotten that I put them on after I woke up alone, he looked at me and a huge smile lit up across his face.

“You are wearing them aren’t you? Oh my God, you put them on and have been wearing them since, haven’t you?”

“Well, yeah, I didn’t know that I would ever know who you were or if I would see you again.”

“I bet you sniffed them before you put them on too didn’t you?”

I just blushed. “So where did you come from before you moved here?”

“I was not all that far from here but lost my lease so I moved here and saw the help wanted sign at the café.” Timothy replied as he moved across the couch and set his hand on my thigh.

Just putting his hand on me made me start getting hard, my thickening meat pushed against the seams of my jeans.

“Looks like your prick needs more attention.” He said as he rubbed his fingers over my growing bulge, my heart raced and my breath grew jagged from his touch.
Timothy unbuttoned my jeans and I lifted my ass as he slid them to the floor.

“My briefs never looked as sexy as they do with you wearing them.”

Timothy put his mouth on my bulge fighting to escape the constraints of the blue cotton, he chewed at my shaft while running his hand up inside my shirt touching my nipple, rubbing it and twisting it until it became hard.

I stood up and pulled my shirt off, Timothy took the front of the briefs I wore by the fly and ripped them open revealing my stiff meat, and continued to tear them off of me until they were only shreds of cotton that had fallen to my feet. I stood in front of this man, naked as he looked at my body from toe to head.

Timothy touched me lightly with only his fingertips making my body shudder, he tapped my foot with his and I spread my legs apart. He touched my balls, lifting them, feeling the weight in his hand, rolling my nuts around in the sack.

“Turn around”

I did as instructed. I felt his fingers run the length of my ass crack and around my ass cheeks. Timothy was taking a dominate roll and I could not have it any other way, I was just too shy.

“Bend over.”

I grabbed my ankles after bending over. Timothy leaned in, pulling my ass cheeks apart with his thumbs.

I felt his wet tongue running along my crack making me jump and inside my head, I was begging for more, hell I was screaming for more. “Fuck me.” I whispered in what I thought was only in my head, but the sound came from my lips.

“Go get me some lube angel, I’ve got a condom, I’ll take care of you.”

I walked to the bathroom and returned with a small bottle of lube that I sometimes used to jack off with, handing it to Timothy.

Timothy stood and walked me into my bedroom and lay me on the bed. He kissed and caressed my chest, my neck and my lips for about ten minutes and was the first time that anyone had shown this kind of tenderness to me, sex before this was fast and well, just that, sex.

I longed to have a man like this in my life, he looked at me and saw a tear in my eye break loose and roll down my cheek. “Fuck me please.” I said looking in his eyes with a newfound strength that overcame my shyness.

I took the condom from Timothy and rolled it down his curved shaft and used an ample amount of lube while Timothy moved between my legs. He lifted them gently, all the time looking into my eyes, he pushed inside me gently and I felt the erotic joy of this man’s powerful cock inside me as he took me for a second time.