Thursday, April 3, 2014

Severe Storm Warnings

Having lived in tornado alley for several years I am used to severe storms that pop up without too much notice.
I had a couple of friends visiting from out of state, they were not a couple, just friends that flew out together to visit me.
The first night as we were asleep town siren went off shaking us out of the beds, my guests were not used to things like this and came running into the hall right from each bedroom.
“Get to the basement now” I yelled as the alarm on my storm radio went off adding to the mayhem.
We got down the stairs into the basement and I directed them to a small “safe room” to the right t the base of the stairs.
I turned on a florescent lantern just as the power went out, they looked scared and I was feeling a bit uneasy myself.
“Alex, what do we do?” Shawn asked.
“Just hunker down until it passes, there is not too much we can do but wait it out.”
Turning on a battery operated weather radio, it confirmed what we had already done, telling us to move to a secure area in your home and stay there for what sounded like it would be all night.
I was wearing nothing at all, Shawn was naked too and Dale had boxer briefs on, we stood in the light of the lantern staring at each other.
Dale looked shaken and I pulled him close putting my arm around him. “It will be fine, these storms have come through here for many years and this house has stood since 1983.”
“I have a few things down here to be ready for storms like the lantern and some food, water and a small mattress, I never thought to put extra clothing in here but I don’t think it is worth risking going back upstairs.”
“Oh great, they will find me naked in a tree 40 miles from here.” Shawn said as he laughed.
“Not funny… at all.” Dale said.”
“Look, let me pull out the mattress from the corner and we can sit on it.” I said.
“Oh my God, that is a small mattress.” Dale said as he pointed to it.
“Well, it is a double but for three men to be on it, it does look a bit small but usually it’s only me here.”
We sat on the mattress and talked about the storm and swapped storm stories, Dale seemed more at ease now.
I broke out the plastic storm tote that I had food and snacks packed in. “Let’s see, cans of tuna, water, crackers, chocolate bars, a deck of cards, spam and a few other things including a small propane burner to cook on if needed.
“We could play strip poker with the cards but it would be a fast game, two are already naked.” I said with a giggle.
“It’s not fair, get those briefs off Dale, we are naked and you aren’t.” Shawn said as he grabbed playfully for Dale’s underwear.
“No way.” Dale said through his laughter.
Shawn started roughhousing trying to get Dales briefs off of him, I reached over and pulled Dale toward me holding his arms as he laughed uncontrollably while Shawn slipped dales briefs to his knees and then off of him completely. This must have turned Dale on as he had more than a chub going, his mostly stiff cock bounced around during the struggle.
Shawn flipped Dale over face down with his lips inches from my pubes.
The play continued with Shawn pushing Dales face right into my crotch with both men laughing.
“Suck it!” Shawn called out.
Dale put his mouth on my cock, I spread my legs to give him good access to my balls too.
Dale started sucking my cock as it filled and stiffened as he sucked while Shawn rubbed Dale’s ass and legs.
“Damn Dale, that feels great, take your time down there.”
Shawn reached over and tweaked my nipples some before sucking them, I lifted some and adjusted my ass so that Dale could have plenty of room.
Dale arched his back poking his ass into the air, Shawn needed no further invitation to push his face into that ass crack.

Dale had little body hair and what he had was fine and almost invisible even on his legs so he always had that “just shaved look” his pubic hair was a very small tight blonde patch at the base of his small cut cock.
Shawn pulled Dale’s ass cheeks apart and spit into the tight crumple of skin that would soon give way to a stiff intruder.
I moaned as Dale sucked my cock, he would get me to the point where I was ready to blow and he would slow down and work on my balls a bit.
Shawn stuck his thick middle finger in to his mouth lubing it up with spit before pushing it into Dale’s ass, he intently watched his finger disappear inside Dale from only a few inches away.
The wind howled outside while Dale sucked my nut down his throat as I blasted cum into him while holding his head and pumping the fuck out of his throat.
“Alex, I want that ass now,” Dale said.
I turned around and leaned over onto my elbows giving him full view of my hairy ass crack, he dove in while Shawn plunged his cock into Dale’s ass.
Dale ate my ass like a pro, he went to it with fervor, once in a while jamming a finger or two and giving my abyss a good workout making me groan and begging him not to stop.

Shawn’s lean body was getting a good workout as he barebacked Dale’s butt, his muscles were tight in his chest and shoulders and appeared that he was getting close.
Shawn flipped Dale over and I moved into position too and squatted over his mouth dangling my nuts across the man’s lips as he licked and moved to pull them into his mouth. Shawn pulled out and shot his semen all over Dale’s chest and crotch covering his stiff rod with man goo.

Shawn took Dale’s cock into his hand and started pumping it pre lubed with his own ejaculate, Dale arched his back and moaned with my balls in his mouth as his cum jetted from his piss slit all over his crotch.
I moved in and sucked his fresh cum mixed with Shawn’s jizz off of Dale’s cock.
We fell back on the tiny bed intertwined and still breathing hard when the siren sounded again and I checked the weather radio receiving the all clear to leave the shelter.

I invited the men to my bedroom and got us each a drink, we talked, kissed and laughed before going for another round of hot threesome sex before we fell asleep all in one bed.
The rest of their visit ended with all of us in my bed swapping fluids and fucking asses.