Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spaced Out

I am an astronaut headed for the international space station after years of training for exactly this.
Riding to the station on a Russian rocket with two Russian’s to replace the threesome that have been in space for six months.
Hours from docking communications with the Russians was strained with me knowing a small amount of Russian and they even less English.
We docked later that day and met with the existing crew going over duties and planned experiments and jobs before they left a few days later leaving only the three of us on the station.
Though we share the station, much of what I do is independent from what they do but we team up for the larger jobs and space walks. The ISS orbits the Earth every ninety minutes so we get to see a sunrise and a sunset every 45 minutes.
One of the Russian’s, Rolf, left his sleeping compartment door open and fell asleep and not being in his wall mounted sleeping bag he floated out into the main room while he slept.
Rolf was a good looking guy with a smoking hot body and here he was wearing only boxer shorts floating around the cabin, the best part was his fly was not only open but his uncut ruskie meat was sticking out.
He was wearing a sleep mask to keep the light out and me being horny I took my cock out and started jacking off. My thick cock in my hand rubbing the spongy head wanting so badly to touch Rolf’s hooded pecker.
I took a towel to shoot my cum into as without gravity it would float around and could stick to anything. I could feel the sharp edge of my orgasm starting and just as the first squirts of cum started shooting out of my cock the second Russian Alexi, came into the bay “Vat the hell?” he yelled.
Rolf pulled off his sleeping mask in time to see me startled, miss the towel and now my cum shot into the air and was floating around the room. I quickly covered my crotch with the towel to his my hard cock and keep anymore of my jizz from floating around.
They both were yelling in Russian and I got the drift that they were discussing what to do next.
Rolf looked at the jizz that floated in thick droplets near his head, he looked at Alexi and then me before leaning over and sucking the droplets into his mouth with a smile.
I took the towel and caught the rest of the floating semen before it got onto the walls or computer parts.
Rolf’s cock had thickened and was semi hard, Alexi called to him in Russian again, I had no idea what but was about to find out.
Alexi pushed my face toward Rolf’s cock, I had little resistance as I was floating while Alexi had his feet against something giving him leverage. Rolf grabbed at my head and held on tightly as he pushed his space rod into my mouth.
I was not about to pull back, this hot guy really turned me on, my tongue searching under his foreskin feeling his cockhead, I peeled back the loose skin, sucking on his shaft savoring every second.
Alexi mostly just watched but he was rubbing his crotch some, I figured that he was straight but Rolf seemed to be more into it, especially since he was getting blown.
I slid Rolf’s boxers to his knees where he worked the off of his legs while I took off my clothes, now two of us naked I dove back onto Rolf’s toad of a cock, it was quite fat and only about five inches long.
Rolf said something to Alexi in their native tongue, Alexi yelled back at him. “I’m not a faggot!”
“Just fuck him like a girl, it’s all the same, just use his ass.” Rolf said.
Alexi moved in behind me dropping his pants to his knees, he spat in his hand wiping it on his cock that was thinner but longer than Rolf’s.
Alexi grabbed my hips after shoving his prick in my ass, he did not waste any time with formalities before fucking me hard as he muttered in Russian, and somehow I figured he was calling me his bitch.
Rolf blasted his space jizz into my throat as he fucked my mouth hard. Alexi did not take too long before he climaxed in my ass, pulling out walking away as if he had just taken a piss, I guess it was his way of showing that he was not gay.
Rolf put his boxers back on and smiled at me giving me a rough punch on the shoulder as he moved past me. I went to my crew cubicle and washed myself off.
The next day nether of the men said a word about what had happened and we continued to work as usual.
Two days later Alexi came to me secretly, his English was broken but with the words and hand motions, I was able to figure out that he wanted to fuck me again, he was one horny Russian.
I motioned for him to follow me to a cargo area and I shut off the cameras that covered that area and turned to Alexi to open his pants, he looked like I was gonna kiss him and jumped back pushing my hands away.
I motioned for him to take it easy as I opened his pants, I got onto my knees to take his cock in my hands and he jumped again, I pulled him back burring my face into his crotch sucking his dick which he seemed to enjoy.
Alexi stood me up and turned me around, he seemed intent on my ass as he pulled my pants down and slapped my ass hard leaving a pink hand print on my right ass cheek. He fucked me hard but a little gentler than before, when he shot his seed into my ass once again he took up his pants and walked away like I was something to be used.
I cleaned up and went back to work but within two hours Rolf showed up and flopped his cock out of his fly and started rubbing it while looking into my face.
I slipped my pants down and was surprised when Rolf got onto his knees and sucked my cock, I tilted my head back and let Rolf do his magic on my manhood.
He reached up tweaking my nipples some while he sucked me with enthusiasm until I gave him my salty spunk which he sucked all he could get.
I figured that Rolf wanted another blow job but he spun me around and pushed his stubby fat meat into my ass, the girth was more than I normally could take but then I was not being asked and was determined to take it.
My lips felt bruised from the day before when Rolf fucked my face and I was sure that my ass would feel this bad or worse tomorrow.
Rolf pushed hard as he bucked at my ass to get his nut off and after just a few minutes he groaned and moaned as he blasted his cum into me.
He pulled his pants up and buckled them again, he pulled me close and kissed my lips briefly when we heard a buzzer go off, it was a communication from Russia where they wanted Rolf to talk in a closed private communication line. They told him that they watched everything on camera and were not happy with what they saw. I could hear Rolf cursing at them over the phone even slipping into the English phrase “fuck you”.
He slammed the phone down walking back to me. “Fuckin guys back in Russia saw us on camera, I told them to erase that part of the tape and to keep quiet.” Rolf said.
“Good, I don’t need to be in the press caught on tape fucking and sucking on the space station.” I told him.
“Ve Vill be more careful from now on.” I only smiled as I was enjoying both men secretly from each other with Alexi becoming more at ease being with me and once just before going back to Earth I even got him to suck me off, just as I shot my jizz, he pulled off spitting and acting all creeped out but I think he enjoyed the sucking part.
I hooked up near everyday with at least one of the guys or both but never together as a threesome.
I enjoyed my six months on the space station with these two hot Russians.

Monday, April 28, 2014

College Lifeguard

I just got hired on as a part time lifeguard at the college pool, it was better than waiting tables to help pay my way through college.
Going through my training I had to work in all pool areas and learn those positions prior to my lifeguard training, part of that involved lot duty, cleaning up trash around the grounds inside and out, cleaning up in the men’s locker room and towel duty which only involved rolling the huge canvas sided cart full of wet towels to the laundry room and re stocking with fresh towels.

I didn’t mind the locker room duties too much, basically spraying germicide on the shower walls and floors before hosing everything down at the end of the evening.
Sometimes there was a straggler or two in the shower stalls so I would work around them when I could, letting them finish up their shower.
One night I was getting ready to spray the germicide inside the showers and a cute dark haired guy was in showering off after his swim.
“Oh, sorry, I’ll finish up quick.” He said.
“Not a problem at all, take your time, I was starting a little early anyway.” I said as I started to walk away.
“I think I’ve seen you in my chemistry class.” He called out.
I walked back to the showers, leaning on the wall. “Oh yeah, your name is Jarrod isn’t it?” I asked.

“Yeah, I sat beside you last week and was checking out your test answers a little, I was stumped for a couple of the questions.”
“My name is Rob.” I said.
Jarrod was washing his hair, the soapy water running down his tan chest and into his dark pubic hair before running off of his thick cock.
“Good to officially meet you Rob.” He said as he took a handful of lather from his hair running it down his wet torso and his loose low hanging balls.
I watched, thinking that he was washing his crotch a little too long just to get clean from the chlorine that was in the pool. I looked around casually but my eye was drawn back to his hot, wet sexy body.
Jarrod leaned back into the spray of hot water rinsing the shampoo from his hair, I could feel my cock stirring in my shorts as the bubbles ran off his cock onto the floor.
“So, you like this?” Jarrod asked.
“Yeah, you are fucking hot.” I replied.

Jarrod laughed. “I was talking about working here, I had thought about it myself.”
My face went red and I turned to walk away when Jarrod called out. “Hey, wait, it’s okay, don’t go.”
I turned to see that he was walking over to me, his cock bouncing as he walked.

Jarrod put his hand on my arm. “I think you are pretty hot too.” he said as he touched the front of my shorts feeling my boner.
I placed my hand on his wet shoulder pulling him close, my hand edged down his sexy chest to his now mostly erect cock, felling his balls hanging low in their wet sack.

My left hand reached around him to his ass, my middle finger pushed along the crevice until it was deep between the two sexy mounds of ass meat probing for the entrance.
Jarrod went to his knees pulling my shorts to my ankles as my rock hard prick was pulled free, it slapped up against my abdomen.
Jarrod sucked it into his mouth wasting no time. I pulled off my tee shirt and tossed it onto a nearby bench. Jarrod sure knew how to suck cock, he jammed his finger into my ass. “Oh fuck, Jarrod, that feels so good, ram that finger deeper.”
It only took a few minutes before I released my cock liquor blasting it deep into his mouth.

Jarrod licked his lips with a smile as he stood up. “I want to fuck that ass of yours Rob.” He said as he pulled me into the shower stream.
I bent over with my hands on the shower wall as the water streamed down my back and into my crack. Jarrod pushed his fuck stick into my ass, it felt much bigger than it looked.
He grabbed my hips, bending his knees a bit as he fucked me hard.
I cried out in pleasure, my moans echoed off of the shower walls. “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard.” I gasped.
Jarrod leaned onto my body as he came to climax, the shock-wave of his orgasm blasting into my ass.

Jarrod kissed my shoulders as he pulled his spent cock out of my ass, he put a bit of shampoo onto his hands creating a lather before he ran one hand into my ass crack washing me clean.
I grabbed a towel and dried off while Jarrod washed his prick before joining me near the lockers.
“That was hot Rob, I have to say that I was not just looking at the answers on your test sheet, I was checking out your crotch out of the corner of my eye, I think you were the distraction that was making me forget the study information for the test.
”Maybe we should get out of here and go grab a drink.” I said.
“I have to meet my parents in forty five minutes, but I will catch up with you for sure.” Jarrod said as he tied his shoe laces and left the locker room after leaning over and giving me a slight kiss on the top of my head.

I finished up and locked the pool building walking to my dorm room happy to have met Jarrod in the shower and gotten my ass fucked by this good looking guy.
The next day at the end of my shift I walked into the shower room to clean up before closing and there was Jarrod, in the shower soaping up with a big smile on his face.

“I thought you would never get here.” Jarrod said.
“I didn’t see you in the pool and did not know you were here.”
His face lit up. “I didn’t swim today, I just came to the shower to wait for you.”
“I have three guys still swimming right now but if you can wait…”
Jarrod reached out and pulled me into the shower, shorts and all kissing me on the lips.

“You were all I could think about all last night, hell, I jacked off in bed splashing jizz all over my chest as I thought of you.”
One of the guys that was swimming walked into the locker room and stripped before walking into the shower.

He gave us a glance, Jarrod wet and naked with his arm over me in my wet tee shirt and shorts and only gave us a nod and started his shower.
Jarrod kissed me as he felt my chest through my wet tee shirt. “I need to get out and dry until after everyone has left the pool.” I said.
Looking over at the guy that had just come into the shower I saw that he was watching us as he could steal a peek, his cock jutted out from his balls and was three quarters erect.
Jarrod looked over to see what I was looking at, he smiled at the guy as he pushed his hand into my water soaked shorts.

Jarrod got to his knees pulling my shorts to my ankles, sucking my cock into his mouth as I stood under the water jets.
The guy watched us now without looking away, he started stroking his cock and rubbing his balls, I nutted in Jarrod’s mouth as my knees weakened a bit, I moaned while the college guy watched.

I got to my knees and turned Jarrod around, spreading his ass cheeks plunging my tongue into his crease, biting and chewing as his hole.
Turning him around I greedily sucked at his shaft while the stud in the next shower stream shot his jizz all over the shower floor as the water washed it towards the drain.

Jarrod grabbed the back of my head and rode my mouth hard during the last moments before his fuck juices filled my mouth and throat.

I think having sex in the shower with a hot looking guy watching turned me on some but being with Jarrod later that night laying in his arms, kissing him while twisting his nipples, fucking his ass and getting fucked made my head spin, whether it was love or just being horny, I didn’t care.

I noticed over the next few weeks that the guy that had watched us in the shower kept coming back and hanging around the showers hoping to get another show or maybe join in the lustful frenzy.
One evening he walked over to me, leaned in close. “Dude, you and your boyfriend have me a fucking mess, I’ve never seen guys have sex before and really had not thought I could be turned on by men but you two are all I can think about.

I jack off three or four times a day imagining watching you guys in the shower again.”
I shoved my hand under his shirt twisting his nipples roughly while I looked into his eyes, I could see he was giving himself to me fully.
I had him wait until I was finished and locked the pool building, He didn’t know but I called Jarrod and told him to meet us at my place.

The guy said his name was Andrew but I didn’t care, he was gonna be our fuck boy to use and abuse as we needed.
Andrew looked very nervous standing in my dorm room with Jarrod and I looking right at him. “Strip.” I said.
He took off his clothes standing there, his good looks and mannerisms made me think this boy was from a wealthy well-bred family.
Jarrod and I took our clothes off and stood in front of our“fuck boy”.
“Suck us boy, get some dick on your lips.” Jarrod said pushing his head to my crotch as he moved close to allow Andrew to suck both cocks at once.

I wanted to be the one that fucks his ass for the first time so I moved around lifting his ass squirting some lube and working it into his virgin hole with my fingers.
Andrew cried out some at the assault on his ass but kept his lips around Jarrod’s cock.

I pushed my cock into fuck boy’s ass, his mouth came off of the cock he was sucking, I smacked his ass cheek hard, get sucking that cock. Andrew did as he was told, I knew his ass had to be on fire but I wanted him to know he was being fucked.
He swallowed the nectar that Jarrod spewed into his mouth without hesitation, he was no longer a jizz virgin and tried to suck all he could until Jarrod pulled him off.
I continued to fuck this ex straight boy until I unloaded my seed into his ass void.

Andrew had taken it all pretty well for never having had man sex before.
I laid him back on my bed and told him to keep his feet and hands out to the sides without moving them. I milked his cock to the point that he begged to cum but I would stop long enough for the frantic desires to subside while Jarrod touched his body all over, twisted his nipples and squatted his ass over Andrews mouth letting him chew at his hole.

When I finally allowed him to cum, it was a massive spray of jizz that went everywhere. I scooped some of his cum pushing it past his lips, he sucked my fingers clean and looked as if to ask what next?
I asked if he wanted to be our sex boy, explaining what that meant and that he would have no choice about what happened but was along for the ride.

“Yes, I want to do this again, it was fantastic, my ass hurts so badly but I loved getting fucked.”
We traded phone numbers and met at least three times a week for plenty of sexual adventure, never getting any complaints from Andrew, he was eager to learn and would go for anything that we could think of.

Years later he was married with kids and ran for State Senate, he would always take my calls and now and then he would meet me at a cabin, far away from prying eyes where I would fuck him senseless.