Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I was on vacation in Monterey California visiting my sister for two weeks.
Her husband drove her to work so I could use her car to go to the Monterey Aquarium on the waterfront.
It was about 10 am when I got there and started looking at the fish, one section was actual salt water from the bay with native species of fish from this area.
Seals could be heard barking just off shore and it was foggy and would burn off by noon, the usual Monterey weather.
I was walking through the different sections when this short skinny guy started checking me out; I smiled and went about my business.
The guy moved close and he ass bumped me with his hand. “Oh, sorry.” He said as he looked into my eyes.
“No problems.”
The guy was a bit on the flamboyant feminine side with dark hair and a tan face with beautiful blue eyes.

“You like those fishies? I like those big ones over there.” He said pointing to a big Ling cod.
“Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”
“Oh look at this one.” He said in an excited voice putting his hand on my shoulder.
I moved on to the next tank, the guy moved with me chattering about the fish.
At the end of the displays, I walked out the last door back onto the wharf and turned to see the guy right by my side.
“Hey gurlfren, my name is Jessie. You wanna grab some lunch with me?”
I stopped and looked at him. “I am not your girlfriend. I’m good for now as far as food.”

“Aww don’t be that way baby, come eat with me, there’s a little fish n chips stand up here from the wharf, great fish too.”
“Okay, Okay, lets go, but no more “girlfriend” talk, my name is Keith.”
“Alright sista.” He said with a laugh.

I gave him a look but busted out laughing.
We ordered our fish n chips and Jessie insisted on paying since he invited me to lunch, we walked over and sat on a wooden picnic table.
“Where are you from?”
“Salinas, I drove over for the day. Its about 8 miles from here. You wanna come see my place?” Jessie asked.
“No, thanks, I plan on walking the beach for a couple of hours.”
“Okay, cool we can do that baby.” Jessie said grinning at me.

He was cute but I have never had much to do with anyone that was as feminine as he is.
I just looked at him and laughed. “You are a mess.”

“You just move here Keith?” He asked as we walked along the sand.

“No, I am here for two weeks visiting my sister, and then I am headed back to Atlanta.”
“You got a boy back there in Atlanta?” He asked while running his hand up my arm as we is walked.
“No, I don’t, why do you talk like a girl?”

“It is just me, I have been beaten up several times for the way I am but it is who I am, like you,, you are all butch and hot, that’s who you are.”

“I am not all butch.”
“Look at your arms all musclie n’ stuff, I bet your chest is all bulked up too.” He said as he ran his hands across my chest.

I reached up and took Jessie’s hands from my chest and he held onto them.
“You should come see my place baby, we could have some real fun.“ Jessie said in an excited voice.

“You are a bit over the top aren’t you?”
“No, baby I’m a bottom all the way, and you are the strong top, come let’s go, it wont take but about 15 minutes to get to my place from here.”

Jessie pulled at my hand, I gave in and went with him.
“Follow my car baby; it’s the little red Mini Cooper over there.” Jessie pointed across the lot.
“Okay.” I followed the little red car with the overly animated guy driving it until we pulled into an apartment complex.
Jessie pointed at a parking space for me to park in and walked over as I got out of the car.

“Come on gurlfrien.” Jessie said before catching himself. “Ohh,, sorry, there I go, it’s such a habit.”

Jessie said as we walked into his living room.
Jessie walked into the kitchen. “What can I get you to drink?”
“I’m ok.”
“No, don’t be silly, I have to get you something to drink and take care of my man.” Jessie said in his girlish voice.
“I am not your man.” I muttered in a low tone.
“What? Baby?”
“A Coke, I’d like a Coke please.”
“See, I knew you were thirsty with all that walking on the beach.” Jessie said handing me a glass of Coke.

Jessie sat right against me as I took a sip, he ran his hands across my thigh making me pull back a bit.

“Why so jumpy? Just relax and let your gurl take care of you.”
Jessie unzipped my jeans and pushed his hand inside. “Oh, baby, you have a nice package waiting for me, don’t you?”
Jessie took the glass and set it on the table before unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it off leaving my chest bare.
“Have you ever had a massage?” Jessie asked.
“Once my friend bought us both massages for my birthday, the masseuse was a good looking guy that gave deep tissue massages but I prefer soft relaxing massages myself, it makes me feel so good.”

“I give massages for a living.”
He walked to the closet and brought out a portable massage table and set it up.

“Take off all your clothes and jump up here.” He said as he spread a clean white sheet over the table.

I did as asked, kicking off my shoes, socks and pants while Jessie watched.
“Panties too.”
“I don’t wear panties I said. Taking my boxer briefs and letting them drop to the floor.”
“Whatever… Oh my, very nice!” Jessie said as he looked at my body.
“Ok face down and let me work on that gor~gee~ous body.”
I got up on the massage table and put my face into the face pillow.
Jessie put some stones in this warmer thing and started on my neck, rubbing his fingers lightly at the start and getting stronger as he went.
Sometimes he would be doing a traditional massage and then get sensual, touching with his finger tips tracing my shoulders and running all the way down to my ass crack.
“I have to admit Jessie, this feels wonderful.”
“Shhh.. Baby,. Relax and enjoy.”
Jessie took the warmed stones from the heater and placed some on my lower back. “Mmmm I moaned.”

He tucked three of the flat stones into my ass crack.
I have a special place for this one. Jessie said as he held a long round phallic stone down for me to see.
“Whatever you say, I said. This feels so fucking good.”
He put some oil on the heated stone and pushed it into my ass about four inches, the heat permeated my pucker, that and the others tucked into my ass crack had my whole ass warm and relaxed.
Jessie moved his hands to my legs and started massaging them, running them into my inner thighs and up to my balls where he would lightly touch my sac making my body twitch with desire.

Jessie worked on my back a while, my muscles melted under his touch.
“Okay.” Jessie said taking the stones from my crack but leaving the one in my ass.
“Let’s get you turned over.” he said holding the one in place in my ass.
“Now flat on my back.” Jessie took more warmed rocks and placed them on my pubic area laying my cock on them, it felt like the heat of a summer day on my dick.
Jessie rubbed my chest with some oil working it into my skin.
“You are amazing!” I said in a whisper.
“Shhh.. Baby.”

He continued the massage all down the front of my body to my feet. He removed the stones from my belly and set them on a table.
Then I felt warm oil being dribbled onto my cock, I was semi hard by now.
He took my balls into his hands applying oil to them too rubbing them between his fingers.
Spreading my legs, he moved the stone that was in my ass gently.
Rubbing my cock into a full stiff erection with his other hand.

Using his fingertips circling around the head of my shaft causing a sensation that made me lift my hips.

Squeezing my oil covered cock tightly jacking my shaft while playing with the stone in my ass.
Jessie reached up rolling my nipples between his fingertips before running his hand back to my cock.

I groaned with pleasure lifting my hips slightly.
This femboy was driving me nuts with sexual desire. I wanted to cum so badly but did not want this to end.
Jessie kissed my lips, I kissed him back. He let his tongue dance across my nipples taking tiny nibbles of them as he went.
The warm stone in my ass felt so good as Jessie jacked my cock to an explosion that compared to nothing I had felt in my life, convulsing my body with the euphoric feelings as juice shot from my cock.

My cum flew past my face and onto the floor, the next shot came right into my face and several more on my chin and upper chest.
Jessie leaned over licking my spunk from my face and kept going until he had licked every bit from my body.
Jessie told me to lie still and returned a minute later with hot soapy towels and started washing my whole body before taking some without soap to rinse me clean.
“My entire body is so relaxed, that was so incredible” I said touching his arm while he finished.

Jessie took me to his bedroom and pulled back the sheet, I got into his bed, he took off his clothes and got in snuggling next to me putting his head on my shoulder I wrapped my arm around him and fell asleep.
I woke up about two hours later, Jessie still in the same position, he looked into my eyes.
“Hi baby, and did you have a nice nap?
“Mm.. Yeah, I’m sorry falling to sleep on you like that.”
“It’s natural, you were so relaxed and shot so much cum, why not nap.”
Jessie lifted the sheets back from my body running his expert fingers down my chest to my treasure trail, following it to my cock taking it into his mouth.

He sucked me until I was fully stiff; Jessie took a condom and rolled it onto my cock before climbing on top of me sliding my prick into his ass.

“Take my ass baby, I am your gurl, fuck me hard.”
I rolled him onto his back. Lifting his legs pushing them to his chest, pushing my cock back into his ass, I plunged it deep into him.
“Yesssss, baby,, fuck my hole; you are my man, fill me up with your cum.” Jessie whispered.

I fucked him hard, tweaking his nipples firmly.
Jessie’s cock was as stiff as mine bouncing up and down on his shaved hairless body.
My climax built until I shot my cum, my body jerking with each pulse.
I fell down onto Jessie’s body, his legs straddling my hips; I kissed Jessie on the chest.

Pulling out of his ass I moved into position taking Jessie’s stiff cock into my mouth sucking it deep while fingering his ass plunging two fingers in at a time.
He filled my mouth with his salty spunk as his hips bucked while he blasted the last of his jizz into my throat.
I saw Jessie everyday while on vacation; we played, laughed, had sex and I got five more fucking hot massages.

I never thought I would want to have anything to do with a femboy but Jessie showed me that he is just another person in this quirky world.
I Skype with Jessie sometimes and want him to come to Atlanta to visit me soon.