Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fishin’ Trip

One of my buddies, Steven, wanted me to go fishing with him for the weekend. I am not all that excited about fishing or camping, but at least he had an RV so we would not be sleeping on the ground with all the dirt and bugs.

Steven sent me a text message letting me know that he was five minutes away, so I could drag my crap to the curb and toss it in when he drove up.

I did add several distractions to my bags, just in case the fish weren’t biting. I thought it might save us from staring blankly at each other for lack of entertainment. One of the things was my tablet; at least I could read e-books if nothing else.

Steven pulled up in a medium-sized newer model motor home and towing a boat. Hell the thing had air conditioning; how bad could the weekend be? At least we wouldn’t be swatting mosquitoes and sweating.

“Hey Joe, need any help with your stuff?” Steven asked as he gave a faux move to help.
He wasn’t getting up from his comfy seat and we both knew it. “Naw, I’m okay; only a couple of bags.”

I had hardly sat down before Steven threw the RV into drive and off we went.

The lake was only three hours away and with a hotel nearby, there was not really a huge need to drag an RV along. I would try to not make waves about it; it’s just not my cup of tea.

I cranked the radio up and we sang along with Pink’s “Get the Party Started”, each of us trying to out-sing the other, laughing the whole time.

Steven brought his dog Bruce, a kind of sort of Labrador, something had jumped the fence a few times in this dog’s lineage. It was short hair, medium sized and happy to go about anywhere. Except the vet, of course.
We pulled off the highway toward the lake, which was another three miles down a dusty, choking, rut-filled hell.
Bruce was doing his best to keep four legs under him, but finally opted to jump up onto the couch to better ride out the rough road.

Pulling alongside the lake, we had to back the boat trailer into the water and off-load the boat. Then we beached the boat’s bow and tied it up to a rock on shore.

Steven pulled the RV under the shade of a huge oak tree and we set up a 10x10 E-Z-Up canopy and put out the folding camp table. We each had to drink a few beers, as it was hard, hot work.

While we’d set up camp, Bruce had been free to roam and explore the shoreline. He barked and splashed at fish in the shallows of the lake.

I made sandwiches and grabbed the bucket of cheezie puffs, pouring some on both plates and tossing a handful to Bruce. We ate while talking about how picturesque and peaceful it was out here.

Finishing our lunch, I let Bruce lick the bright orange cheezie puff stains from my fingers.
We shoved the boat off the sand and waded out floating it before jumping in to take it on the lake for a look around.

Bruce was wet and happy as he leaned near the side of the boat, taking in as much of the fresh breeze. He loved watching the water roll past and tried to bite it a few times before getting his snout wet and that was enough adventure for a few moments.

Steven steered the boat around “our” end of the lake, only seeing a few other campsites peppered along the tree line.

In another area we saw a few houseboats clustered near the shoreline. As we moved closer, we noticed the houseboats were all tethered together into one big floating party.

Steven passed at a lower speed and we realized the people were mostly naked and jumping into the water; a woman waved us over, “Come join the party,” she yelled, still waving us in.
Steven looked at me and I shrugged. He pulled the boat alongside the waving woman’s houseboat as they put out fenders to keep the boats from banging together.

“Welcome aboard, I’m Lynn and this is my husband, Eric.” She said. The couple looked to be in their mid-thirties and being naked, we could see they were in pretty good shape.

“Thanks for the invitation.” I said.
“Oh, and the clothing-optional rule here is loosely translated as ‘peel off your clothes as you come aboard’.” Eric grinned as he pulled me up by my hand onto the deck of the houseboat.

Steven pushed his board shorts to his ankles and stepped out of them, then flicked them toward our boat. They missed and went over the far side of the boat into the water.
“Oh, well,” he laughed. “I’m Steven and this is Joe,” he said, waving vaguely towards me. With that, he turned and walked towards the center of the houseboat, meeting another couple. I was hesitant about being naked around strangers, but decided to follow Steven’s example.
However, I made sure that my shorts landed in our boat.
I cupped my balls some without thinking about it too much…just sort of a protective modest thing.
Eric smiled as he looked at me. “Shy, Joe?”

“Oh, no. Well, maybe a little.” I said moving my hands to my sides.
“Well there’s nothing to be shy about out here. Besides, you have plenty to be proud of.” Lynn said.
They introduced us in one swoop by hollering our names to the people in the water and the other boats.

“What would you like to drink?” Eric asked.
“What do you have?” Seven asked.
“We have anything you want as long as it is beer or wine,” Eric said laughing.
“We have blended margaritas over here.” The woman in the next boat called out. The whole boat gave a whoop of approval.
“That sounds great to me.”

Steven took a beer and started talking to Lynn, while I stepped onto the Shelly’s boat for the cool drink, Shelly seemed nice and figured out quickly that she was a lesbian and met her partner a few minutes later when she emerged from the cool lake water.

I looked over and saw Eric laughing at something that Steven had said. Eric casually placed his hand on Steven’s bare ass cheek. Shelly saw me gaping.

“Don’t pay any mind to that, Eric is very touchy-feely and if you ask him, he is as straight as a rail.
But while he likes to let his hands roam a lot, your boyfriend is safe. Lynn seems to not mind or maybe she’s just oblivious to it.” Shelly said in a soft voice.
“Oh, he is not my boyfriend, just friends is all.”

“Right, well this is my girl, Deb. We have been together for three years and for lesbians, that is pretty much a record. She said laughing.

I’d already sucked down my drink and Deb handed me another, I was starting to relax being naked and it was nice feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin.

Eric stepped over close to me. “You need some sunscreen or you’ll burn to a crisp. May I?”

“Sure, yeah. I am pretty light skinned.” I replied.
Eric rubbed some sunscreen onto my shoulders and back, I fully expected he would stop there when his hands started rubbing some onto my ass cheeks.

I looked at Lynn, but she just put her hand to her mouth and stifled a laugh. I giggled at her reaction.
Eric rubbed the lotion up and down my legs, his face right next to my ass when his fingers “accidentally” went up in my crack.
“Whoops,” Eric said as he continued.
“Turn around and I’ll do the front now, no sense in stopping while the job is half done.”

I turned around to have his face inches from my cock. He started rubbing in lotion on my feet, and then working his way up my legs.
“I’ve never had anyone put lotion on for me before, well except for my back,” I said.
“Oh, do you want me to stop?” Eric looked up and gave me a sly glance.

By now, the margaritas had gone to my head and I was feeling great. “No, you are doing a fine job, don’t stop now.” Lynn giggled again.

Eric worked to the top of my legs and I was anxious to see where he would go from there. It did not take long to find out; he squirted plenty of sunscreen into his hands and grabbed my cock and balls working them into a slick.

He gave them plenty of attention, making sure they were well protected with sunscreen. Then, he began moving to my abdomen and chest. I felt his fingertip flick one of my nipples as his hand moved across my chest.

Deb leaned in and whispered something to Lynn causing Lynn to notice that my cock had jutted out, half hard from the rubbing. I looked down and saw that I was more aroused than I had imagined.

Eric finished up with my face, being careful around my eyes, his face was so close to mine I thought at one point that he was going to kiss me.
“Who’s next?” Eric called out suddenly.
Deb jumped up excitedly. “Do me, do me next.”
Everyone roared at her eager anticipation. I stepped back and sipped my newest frozen drink while Deb had her turn.

Eric was obviously very secure about himself or possibly had a bit of gay curiosity about him.

“You know that I will need another application in four hours don’t you Eric?” I bluntly reminded him.
Everyone laughed.
“You’re on.” Eric said with a big grin.

Steven had jumped into the lake and was swimming around. Bruce, who had been just lying in our boat, barked a few times and then jumped into the water, swimming over to Steven and paddling around. Then he headed to the shore for some dog style exploration time.

I dove into the water too surfacing, I let out a yell, and it felt wonderful to be swimming in the buff while the cool water flowed past my balls.

Lynn jumped into the water too, there must have been about 14 people out here with house boats tied together, and I had the feeling that they do this often. One of the couples made tacos for everyone and passed plates across the boats to each person while the drinks flowed.

It was getting late and I waved to Steven. ”Time to head back before dark.”
“Okay, Thanks everyone for inviting us to your party, we are heading out.” Steven yelled above the music.

They asked us to come back tomorrow and we said we would try.
Steven hoisted Bruce back into the boat and got back to our campsite just before darkness settled in. I hit the shower in the RV and flipped back onto the bed to relax while Steven was in the shower singing his heart out.

My hand toyed with my loose hanging balls absently as I laid back with my eyes closed, I hadn’t realized that Steven had come out of the small bathroom after his shower and was watching me as he dried off.

Steven leaned over and sucked my cock into his mouth, I jumped just a bit and looked up to see who was on my cock before laying back and enjoying the blowjob from Steven.

He sucked me deep into his throat while making a firm suction going from the tip to swallowing to my pubic hair. I did not take long before blasting my thick spunk into his mouth while he gulped at it saving some on his tongue, he moved up, kissing me probing his cum covered tongue around my mouth.

I pulled Steven’s naked body up on top of mine, letting his weight press against my body while my hands roamed over his shoulders and back to the small of his back.
I wanted to feel his sexy ass crack but could not quite reach it without throwing him off of me.

Steven moved up to my face, sitting on my chest while he pushed his cock between my lips, I moved down some giving him more room allowing him to fuck my throat.

I gulped at his thick shaft while it dove past my lips, my fingers pulled at his ass cheeks probing at his asshole.
Steven pulled out and turned around, sitting on my face letting me chew at his elastic wrinkle, while he moaned as he jacked a full load of sticky cum across my stomach and crotch.
I continued chewing his ass until he pulled off and fell to the bed next to me breathing hard with a huge smile on his face.

“I think this is the plan you had in mind when you asked me to come fishing with you.”
Steven looked at me and smiled. “I have been wanting to go on this type of trip with you for quite some time,”