Friday, October 24, 2014

Bear Treat

I love twink-a-lisious boys, skinny little slim waisted blonde guys, I am a bear, I love hanging with big boys but when it comes time for sex, nothing beats a twink.
I was out with my friends at a neighborhood bear bar, the kind of place that is full of sexy large men shooting darts, playing pool and drinking beer. We had been there about two hours when the door opens, and in walks this dark haired skinny twink.
Standing there he looked out of place and maybe he had stumbled into the wrong door, He was just what I needed, I headed his way before he had time to slide back out into the night.
“Hi, my name is Chris let me buy you a beer.” I said slapping his shoulder.
The guy sort of gave me a smile as I pulled him over to the bar.
“Joe, give my friend a beer, on my tab.”
“You’ve got it.” The shirtless bartender said with a smile.
“What is your name my friend?” I asked.
“Danny, thanks for the beer.”
“Did you stumble in here by mistake or did you know it was a bear’s den?”
“I looked it up online, yeah, I knew it was a bear bar.” Danny said.
I was not about to let this guy go home alone, he was making my juices flow, and my lips quiver with anticipation, I so wanted to kiss his sweet looking lips.
“I just moved here a few days ago and don’t know anyone here, well not gay men that is, I do have family in the area.”
“I would be happy to be your first friend here, and one that would like to get to know you much better.”
Danny smiles and reached over putting his hand on my thigh as we sat at the bar, we talked for over an hour and drank several more beers,
“Would you like to grab a late dinner or a sandwich?”
“Well, I probably should, I have had too much to drink on an empty stomach and really should not drive.”
“No worries, follow me.”
We walked out the door after I said goodnight to my friends, I put my arm over Danny’s shoulder and walked across the street to my apartment building and pushed the elevator button.
“Oh, I thought we were going to a restaurant, do you live here?” Danny asked.
“Yeah, close to the bar and no need to drive after I’ve had a few.”
The bell rang as the elevator stopped on the 9th floor, we stepped off and walked down the hall and I invited Danny inside.
“Make yourself at home, I’ll fix us something to eat, anything you don’t like?”
“I’m good with whatever you fix.”
“Cool, kick off your shoes and relax.”
I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches piling up a large amount of chips on each plate setting them at the table returning for a couple of beers.
“That looks great but I’ll never eat all those chips, I am a pretty light eater.”
“I don’t have that problem, I eat like a horse, but I guess you can tell that.”
“Nothing wrong with a big guy.” Danny said as he reached over touched my stomach.
I was aching to see this skinny twink without his shirt, hell without clothes for that matter. I reached over and slid my hand under the back of his shirt feeling his slim body.
Danny pulled his shirt over his head tossing it onto another chair, he took my breath away and made my heart race.
“Damn baby, what a sexy body, I can’t wait to see more of it.”
“No need to wait, I’m not shy.”
Danny stood up, stepping back, my eyes were glued to him as he unbuckled his belt, then the top button and zipper before sliding his pants to the floor, he stood there in his briefs, my cock started coming alive and wanting out of my pants.
“Damn Danny, you are so sexy.” I said reaching over touching his bulge through his underwear.
Danny walked close to me pulling my head toward his, kissing me hard on the lips, my hands were all over his back and down to his ass, his waist must be about a 28, just like I love, nice and slim. My mouth went to the fly of his briefs I inhaled deeply with my nostrils pushed against the cotton, fuck this guy has my juices flowing.
I pulled Danny’s briefs to his ankles as he stepped out of them, His big cock sprang out slapping his stomach as it fought for release. I turned him around looking at his ass, his ass cheeks were small handfuls of man ass. I spread his cheeks apart with my thumbs and dove in, my tongue searched and probed at his ass wrinkle.
“Mmmm…. I love big guys, bears know how to treat a twink like me.”
“Baby, I’m all over this ass, and can’t wait to get to that monster of a cock you’ve got.”
I reamed his asshole with my tongue and finger at the same time while Danny moaned as he wiggled his ass pushing it against my mouth. I spun Danny around, his big thick cock stood up in the air, it looked huge, partially because of his small framed body but it really was more than a mouthful. I was drooling to have it down my throat as I started swallowing inch after inch.
“Danny, there is one thing I need to make sure you understand, I am a bottom, I do not top ever, and I want that huge cock deep in my ass or down my throat.”
“Sounds right to me, I may be a twink and a small guy but I am a top and I want to plow your bear ass, I love large guys, now let’s get your throat around my cock again and make me smile.”
I went back to the task at hand, sucking on Danny’s rock hard cock, swallowing it was a dream and as he fucked my lips, it brought tears to my eyes trying to keep it that far down my throat. I stood up and pulled Danny to my bed, I took a few supplies out of my dresser drawer laying them on the bed, I got on my knees to allow Danny full access to my ass. Danny lubed my hole and squirted ample lube into his hand, rubbing it onto his swollen fuckstick from tip to the base of his cock.
Danny mounted my ass pushing his oversized shaft into my ass, it took my breath away, it had been a long time since I had a cock this size in my ass, but it felt fantastic.
“Fuck me harder baby, give it to me good.” I cried out.
Danny smacked my wide ass cheek as he pushed his cock to the deepest point it would go grinding his pubes into my ass.
“Take my horse cock man, you like being fucked by twink with a massive cock don’t you?”
“Yeah, slam it into me, use my ass for your pleasure.”
Danny fucked me until he was close and then really went wild, he was like a jackhammer making my hole feel like it was on fire, it burned so bad but felt great at the same time. I loved having this guy’s fat cock in my fat ass, this is what I have always wanted but never met just the right guy. Danny fired his jizz deep in my ass as he cried out, moaning and panting, it felt like he must have pumped a quart of cum into my ass.
Danny pulled out as I rolled over, he took my shaft in his hand pumping it as my balls slapped between my legs. He sucked me taking my 5 inch shaft into his mouth to the base as he slurped on my pole, he sensed that I was getting close to shooting as he put his lips back on my cockhead swallowing every drop of my juice, as I stopped cumming, Danny went down on my cock to my balls sucking so hard it made my body jump and twitch.
Danny moved up in the bed next to me putting his arm across my chest snuggling against me, I turned onto my side and pulled his slight body close to me.
“That was amazing, I have looked for a guy like you, a man with the body of a boy and one that is a top on top of that for a long time.” I said with a smile.
“I fell the same way Chris, most of the bears that I have been with all want to be the top, and that does not work for me, I have had cock in my ass a few times and it’s all fine, but does little to satisfy me sexually, I need to be in your ass.”
Danny and I snuggled that night and got right to a second round of sex first thing in the morning, his cock looked even bigger than it had the night before and felt bigger too. I have a feeling he and I will become closer and closer each time he fucks my ass.