Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Brother Threesome

My Brother and I grew up together in a very close way, we just seemed inseparable, and we are barely a year apart and do about everything together.

Since we went through puberty years before, one or both of us was jacking off at one time or another and sharing a bedroom, well, there was little privacy. We lived in the middle of nowhere and had little to do other than work on our family farm.

My nineteen year old brother Riley, would rub one out as he lie in his bed most every night, I would pretend to be asleep and watch him through squinted eyes. He would jack his cock while pulling at his balls or rubbing his ass crack with his legs spread and when he would shoot his jizz all over his chest I would find it hard to keep quiet.

One night he was going at it when he looked over and saw me watching him.

“Get over here Brad, I know you watch me get off all the time and I’ve seen you jacking off while you are watching me.”

I got out of my bed and walked the few steps over to Riley’s bed, he continued jacking off as I sat on his bed watching.

“Touch it.” Riley said softly.

I reached over and touched his balls before putting my hand around his thick cock, it felt so warm and nice in my hand.

“Jack me off.” Riley whispered as he put his arms behind his head and leaned back into his pillow.

I rubbed the head of his cock some before I got to work jacking his shaft, he had a little pre cum running down into my cock filled fist.

My own cock was very stiff too but was still in my white briefs, I used my other hand to feel of Riley’s loose ball sack, his balls were bigger than mine by quite a bit.

It was only a couple of minutes before my brother blew his jizz all over his stomach and with the last parts running down my fingers.

I slid my underwear down and took hold of my stiff prick pre lubed with Riley’s jizz and within about ten strokes I shot my own cum all over his leg and crotch.

After that night it was a regular thing for us to shoot our loads together, usually it was me jacking him off until one night Riley was especially horny when he quietly asked me to come “visit” him in his bed.

I locked the door and pulled back the sheet and blanket before taking my briefs off and sitting next to Riley, I started to take his cock in my hand as I usually did but this time Riley took my hand and pulled it away.

“Put your mouth on it.”

I had never done anything like that before, even with my friend Tim who had gone to school with me since grade school, Tim and I would jack off while looking at sex magazines he took from his dad’s room, but never anything oral.

I leaned in and put my tongue to the head of his cock, it didn’t bother me that he was my brother at all, I had seen him shoot his load in the dimly lit bedroom hundreds of times.

His cock pushed against my lips, I opened my mouth and let his cock inside, I tasted his pre-cum for the first time that night.

I bobbed up and down on his cock while he moaned, while his legs moved around, I could tell he was loving this. His body jerked some as his cum blasted into my mouth, I pulled off and spat it out onto his still shooting cock.

Riley rarely wanted more than have me get him off, but tonight he pulled me close to his face and he took my cock into his mouth, sucking it until his lips touched my dark pubic hair while he toyed with my tight balls and ran his fingers along my ass crack.

I shot my spunk into Riley’s mouth, he did not pull off, but continued sucking all he could get out of me until it was almost painful and I pulled out. I got into my own bed and was asleep in no time, we never really talked about playing around with each other, it just happened when it did.

One day my friend Tim had come over, he always lusted after my sister but she wanted nothing to do with him. Tim and I were in my room looking at porn on my laptop, I could see that he had a stiffie in his jeans and I wanted it in my mouth so badly.

I reached down and gave my crotch an over exaggerated adjustment and I could see Tim glancing over out of the corner of his eye.

Tim unbuttoned his fly and pulling his cock out jacking it while looking at the woman and man fucking on my screen. I pulled my shorts down and whipped my own cock out, but I was not looking at the screen.

Tim looked at my face and saw that I was looking at his cock when he closed the laptop and reached over taking my cock into his hand. I almost shot my stuff right then and there, I had wanted this for so long but Tim always acted more interested in my sister than me.

“Suck me Tim.” I said nervously.

He bent over taking my cock into his mouth, suddenly my bedroom door opened, I had forgot to lock it.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” Riley asked.

Tim pulled the blanket over his crotch hiding his cock, I was glad it was not my parents. “Get out Riley.” I yelled.

“Forget it, I want in on this too.” Riley said as he locked the bedroom door.

He slipped his clothes off and stood there rubbing his dark pubic hair as he walked over to the bed where we sat.

Tim still had a worried look on his face when Riley pulled him over to suck his cock, I leaned in and sucked on Tim’s dick.

It took only a few moments before Tim settled in and went to work on my brother’s cock while I worked on his.

Tim had little body hair, just a little blonde bush above his cock and a tiny scruff of a goatee, I sucked his balls while he moaned and continued sucking Riley’s thick meat.

I rolled Tim over and dove into his ass, licking and sucking at his crack hole, I tested the water by inserting a finger into his ass, he kind of pulled back a little at first but I kept my finger action going.

Riley saw what I was doing and moved me off to the side, he used his own finger in Tim’s ass, adding some spit to it as he went.

Riley opened Tim’s legs and moved between them, he pushed his large cockhead against Tim’s tight crease and pushed, Tim cried out, Riley pushed again, and in he went.

“No, take it out, you are too big, it hurts, let Brad fuck me, he is smaller.” Tim said.

“It will hurt less soon.” Riley said as he continued.

I pushed him off of Tim, onto the floor, his lean body flexed as he stood got back up.

“You fuck him then.” Riley said as he moved up to Tim’s mouth and flopped his balls right onto his lips.

I slowly pushed my cock into Tim’s ass and slid my slender prick into him and begun fucking my friend for the first time. Riley was facing me and reached over twisting my nipples roughly making them stiffen and stand out.

I lifted Tim’s legs higher and fucked him as deeply as I could while he sucked at Riley’s balls.

Riley moved off to the side and put his cock at Tim’s lips slapping it against them several times while Tim tried to get this thick shaft inside his mouth.

Tim pulled Riley’s cock past his lips and wanted more, he moved a little where he could take the shaft fully into his throat, Riley fucked Tim’s mouth as far as he could push it in.

I was getting very close to cumming and was getting off watching my brother’s cock vanishing into Tim’s mouth, a few more thrusts and I started shooting my seed into my friend’s ass.

Riley blasted his load across Tim’s lips as I pulled out of his ass, Tim seemed to really want to swallow as much cum as he could, working his tongue around his lips licking the sticky jizz into his mouth.

Riley moved over and took Tim’s cock in his hand and jacked him off, just as his cum flew out in long ropes I licked at his cockhead taking in a sampling of his salty jizz.

Tim stayed over that night and after dinner we three made a beeline to the bedroom and stripped down fast.

Tim wanted to fuck me this time, and Riley watched as I sat on top of his thick cock and rode it, I was panting and telling Tim how good it felt to have his cock filling my ass.

Riley came in behind me, leaning me onto Tim’s chest, I felt immense pressure at my ass when I realized that he was pushing his cock into my ass and alongside of Tim’s cock.

My ass felt like it was being torn open with two cocks inside me while my brother fucked me hard, I wanted Riley off of me as it hurt quite a bit but Tim started shooting and bucking his ass up the little amount he could.

Tim pulled out and there was a big relief, I stayed chest to chest on top of Tim until Riley blasted his jizz into my spent fuck hole, as soon as Riley pulled out, I fell over to one side onto the bed.

Tim and Riley both descended onto me, rubbing my chest, nipples and my cock, at one time both guys were sucking and licking at my cock, it felt so good I almost forgot about the pain I still had from having my ass stretched out that far.

When my cum[PJ1] shot from my cock, both Tim and Riley licked and slurped it from my chest, the three of us fell asleep in my bed holding each other.

The next morning I woke to Tim sucking me while he rubbed Riley’s cock, we did the same thing again as we had done the night before as they both seemed to like fucking my ass at the same time. I quickly became accustomed to having my ass stretched out and have since shared my ass with two guys at one time any time I could.