Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cumming to you.

My dick so hard and hot, oh babe
climbing onto the bed as you lay below me,
I straddle your chest......
I stand on the bed above your face, standing there jacking my hard cock as you watch my balls swinging from below,
you reach for my ass touching it with your fingertips but cant quite reach while I continue jacking off.... my head goes back as I get close to climax.
Ohh.. babe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, gonna shoot, you rub my legs firmly holding them tightly.
I increase my speed jacking off still..

ohh Baby!, wow!!

I step back one step straddling your hips now and shoot my load into the air it lands on your chest, then your face, wave after wave come over me as I shoot onto you my love, my hot cum spatters down onto your body, with the last few shots landing on your cock. and pubic hair.

You lay there covered in my sticky love, I lay down on top of you squeezing my cum between us, and kiss your cum covered face I take some into my mouth and give it to you in the next kiss.

I slide down, mm I love kissing your thighs, and working up to your balls running my tongue all over them lifting each ball with my tongue, playing with it pulling on your ballsac. Reaching for your cock to pull into my mouth.

Taking it deeper and deeper into my throat.

Your balls hitting my chin as you fuck my face, your dick so hard and hot.

I slide my finger into your tight ass, working it around, loosening it up enough to slide in a second finger.... you squirm and cry out,, "Oh , Baby!

I fuck your ass with my two fingers shoved in so tight as far as they will go, in and back as I suck your hot load if cum from your body.

You shudder and collapse into a pile on the bed, my fingers still in your ass working so hard to bring life back into your fat cock so we can go another round.