Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I was on vacation in Monterey California visiting my sister for two weeks.
Her husband drove her to work so I could use her car to go to the Monterey Aquarium on the waterfront.
It was about 10 am when I got there and started looking at the fish, one section was actual salt water from the bay with native species of fish from this area.
Seals could be heard barking just off shore and it was foggy and would burn off by noon, the usual Monterey weather.
I was walking through the different sections when this short skinny guy started checking me out; I smiled and went about my business.
The guy moved close and he ass bumped me with his hand. “Oh, sorry.” He said as he looked into my eyes.
“No problems.”
The guy was a bit on the flamboyant feminine side with dark hair and a tan face with beautiful blue eyes.

“You like those fishies? I like those big ones over there.” He said pointing to a big Ling cod.
“Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”
“Oh look at this one.” He said in an excited voice putting his hand on my shoulder.
I moved on to the next tank, the guy moved with me chattering about the fish.
At the end of the displays, I walked out the last door back onto the wharf and turned to see the guy right by my side.
“Hey gurlfren, my name is Jessie. You wanna grab some lunch with me?”
I stopped and looked at him. “I am not your girlfriend. I’m good for now as far as food.”

“Aww don’t be that way baby, come eat with me, there’s a little fish n chips stand up here from the wharf, great fish too.”
“Okay, Okay, lets go, but no more “girlfriend” talk, my name is Keith.”
“Alright sista.” He said with a laugh.

I gave him a look but busted out laughing.
We ordered our fish n chips and Jessie insisted on paying since he invited me to lunch, we walked over and sat on a wooden picnic table.
“Where are you from?”
“Salinas, I drove over for the day. Its about 8 miles from here. You wanna come see my place?” Jessie asked.
“No, thanks, I plan on walking the beach for a couple of hours.”
“Okay, cool we can do that baby.” Jessie said grinning at me.

He was cute but I have never had much to do with anyone that was as feminine as he is.
I just looked at him and laughed. “You are a mess.”

“You just move here Keith?” He asked as we walked along the sand.

“No, I am here for two weeks visiting my sister, and then I am headed back to Atlanta.”
“You got a boy back there in Atlanta?” He asked while running his hand up my arm as we is walked.
“No, I don’t, why do you talk like a girl?”

“It is just me, I have been beaten up several times for the way I am but it is who I am, like you,, you are all butch and hot, that’s who you are.”

“I am not all butch.”
“Look at your arms all musclie n’ stuff, I bet your chest is all bulked up too.” He said as he ran his hands across my chest.

I reached up and took Jessie’s hands from my chest and he held onto them.
“You should come see my place baby, we could have some real fun.“ Jessie said in an excited voice.

“You are a bit over the top aren’t you?”
“No, baby I’m a bottom all the way, and you are the strong top, come let’s go, it wont take but about 15 minutes to get to my place from here.”

Jessie pulled at my hand, I gave in and went with him.
“Follow my car baby; it’s the little red Mini Cooper over there.” Jessie pointed across the lot.
“Okay.” I followed the little red car with the overly animated guy driving it until we pulled into an apartment complex.
Jessie pointed at a parking space for me to park in and walked over as I got out of the car.

“Come on gurlfrien.” Jessie said before catching himself. “Ohh,, sorry, there I go, it’s such a habit.”

Jessie said as we walked into his living room.
Jessie walked into the kitchen. “What can I get you to drink?”
“I’m ok.”
“No, don’t be silly, I have to get you something to drink and take care of my man.” Jessie said in his girlish voice.
“I am not your man.” I muttered in a low tone.
“What? Baby?”
“A Coke, I’d like a Coke please.”
“See, I knew you were thirsty with all that walking on the beach.” Jessie said handing me a glass of Coke.

Jessie sat right against me as I took a sip, he ran his hands across my thigh making me pull back a bit.

“Why so jumpy? Just relax and let your gurl take care of you.”
Jessie unzipped my jeans and pushed his hand inside. “Oh, baby, you have a nice package waiting for me, don’t you?”
Jessie took the glass and set it on the table before unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it off leaving my chest bare.
“Have you ever had a massage?” Jessie asked.
“Once my friend bought us both massages for my birthday, the masseuse was a good looking guy that gave deep tissue massages but I prefer soft relaxing massages myself, it makes me feel so good.”

“I give massages for a living.”
He walked to the closet and brought out a portable massage table and set it up.

“Take off all your clothes and jump up here.” He said as he spread a clean white sheet over the table.

I did as asked, kicking off my shoes, socks and pants while Jessie watched.
“Panties too.”
“I don’t wear panties I said. Taking my boxer briefs and letting them drop to the floor.”
“Whatever… Oh my, very nice!” Jessie said as he looked at my body.
“Ok face down and let me work on that gor~gee~ous body.”
I got up on the massage table and put my face into the face pillow.
Jessie put some stones in this warmer thing and started on my neck, rubbing his fingers lightly at the start and getting stronger as he went.
Sometimes he would be doing a traditional massage and then get sensual, touching with his finger tips tracing my shoulders and running all the way down to my ass crack.
“I have to admit Jessie, this feels wonderful.”
“Shhh.. Baby,. Relax and enjoy.”
Jessie took the warmed stones from the heater and placed some on my lower back. “Mmmm I moaned.”

He tucked three of the flat stones into my ass crack.
I have a special place for this one. Jessie said as he held a long round phallic stone down for me to see.
“Whatever you say, I said. This feels so fucking good.”
He put some oil on the heated stone and pushed it into my ass about four inches, the heat permeated my pucker, that and the others tucked into my ass crack had my whole ass warm and relaxed.
Jessie moved his hands to my legs and started massaging them, running them into my inner thighs and up to my balls where he would lightly touch my sac making my body twitch with desire.

Jessie worked on my back a while, my muscles melted under his touch.
“Okay.” Jessie said taking the stones from my crack but leaving the one in my ass.
“Let’s get you turned over.” he said holding the one in place in my ass.
“Now flat on my back.” Jessie took more warmed rocks and placed them on my pubic area laying my cock on them, it felt like the heat of a summer day on my dick.
Jessie rubbed my chest with some oil working it into my skin.
“You are amazing!” I said in a whisper.
“Shhh.. Baby.”

He continued the massage all down the front of my body to my feet. He removed the stones from my belly and set them on a table.
Then I felt warm oil being dribbled onto my cock, I was semi hard by now.
He took my balls into his hands applying oil to them too rubbing them between his fingers.
Spreading my legs, he moved the stone that was in my ass gently.
Rubbing my cock into a full stiff erection with his other hand.

Using his fingertips circling around the head of my shaft causing a sensation that made me lift my hips.

Squeezing my oil covered cock tightly jacking my shaft while playing with the stone in my ass.
Jessie reached up rolling my nipples between his fingertips before running his hand back to my cock.

I groaned with pleasure lifting my hips slightly.
This femboy was driving me nuts with sexual desire. I wanted to cum so badly but did not want this to end.
Jessie kissed my lips, I kissed him back. He let his tongue dance across my nipples taking tiny nibbles of them as he went.
The warm stone in my ass felt so good as Jessie jacked my cock to an explosion that compared to nothing I had felt in my life, convulsing my body with the euphoric feelings as juice shot from my cock.

My cum flew past my face and onto the floor, the next shot came right into my face and several more on my chin and upper chest.
Jessie leaned over licking my spunk from my face and kept going until he had licked every bit from my body.
Jessie told me to lie still and returned a minute later with hot soapy towels and started washing my whole body before taking some without soap to rinse me clean.
“My entire body is so relaxed, that was so incredible” I said touching his arm while he finished.

Jessie took me to his bedroom and pulled back the sheet, I got into his bed, he took off his clothes and got in snuggling next to me putting his head on my shoulder I wrapped my arm around him and fell asleep.
I woke up about two hours later, Jessie still in the same position, he looked into my eyes.
“Hi baby, and did you have a nice nap?
“Mm.. Yeah, I’m sorry falling to sleep on you like that.”
“It’s natural, you were so relaxed and shot so much cum, why not nap.”
Jessie lifted the sheets back from my body running his expert fingers down my chest to my treasure trail, following it to my cock taking it into his mouth.

He sucked me until I was fully stiff; Jessie took a condom and rolled it onto my cock before climbing on top of me sliding my prick into his ass.

“Take my ass baby, I am your gurl, fuck me hard.”
I rolled him onto his back. Lifting his legs pushing them to his chest, pushing my cock back into his ass, I plunged it deep into him.
“Yesssss, baby,, fuck my hole; you are my man, fill me up with your cum.” Jessie whispered.

I fucked him hard, tweaking his nipples firmly.
Jessie’s cock was as stiff as mine bouncing up and down on his shaved hairless body.
My climax built until I shot my cum, my body jerking with each pulse.
I fell down onto Jessie’s body, his legs straddling my hips; I kissed Jessie on the chest.

Pulling out of his ass I moved into position taking Jessie’s stiff cock into my mouth sucking it deep while fingering his ass plunging two fingers in at a time.
He filled my mouth with his salty spunk as his hips bucked while he blasted the last of his jizz into my throat.
I saw Jessie everyday while on vacation; we played, laughed, had sex and I got five more fucking hot massages.

I never thought I would want to have anything to do with a femboy but Jessie showed me that he is just another person in this quirky world.
I Skype with Jessie sometimes and want him to come to Atlanta to visit me soon.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Car Wash

Today is Sunday and my car was dirty from the crap falling out of the trees all week, so I decided that I would head over to the car wash.
Pulling in I was in line for a wash stall and as it was a sunny day and seemed that half the town was there.

The guy in front of me had just pulled up to the wash bay as I walked passed by him to get quarters from the change machine.
I got my change and stood in the sun waiting for my turn, the sun was hot and I pulled my tee shirt over my head taking it off tossing it into my car.

The guy in the wash bay seemed distracted by my now bare chest, he smiled as I caught his eye looking at me.

“I’ll help you wash yours if you help me wash mine.” I said with a smile.

“You’re on.” He said as I took the foaming brush from the rack. He sprayed the car then switched it to brush and I scrubbed his new looking Camero,
“I love this body style.” I said as I worked.

“Yeah, the hottest I’ve seen in a while.”

I turned to see him looking at my shoulders and back, I laughed and went back to work.
He switched back to spray and rinsed off the part I had washed.

I was standing close and he pointed the water onto me giving me a spray of cool water.
“Ohhh.. that’s how it’s gonna be?” I asked.

He grinned and switched back to the soapy brush. I washed a full side with the soap bubbling out of the brush head, I took a handful of soap and splatted it onto his chest even though he was wearing a polo shirt.

He took my hand to stop the soap assault but held it looking into my eyes as he laughed.

“Ok, Ok you got me back , truce!”
We finished his car, he pulled it out of the bay and I pulled my car in.
He took the brush this time after extending his hand to me.
“Jace is my name, short for Jason that is.”
I shook his hand. “I’m Stephen.” I replied as I let my eyes wander to his snug running shorts. “Nice shorts.” I said not looking up.

“Thanks Stephen.” he said as he scrubbed the side of my Honda.

“Wanna grab a beer when we get done here Jace?” I asked.
“Sure, I’d really love a cold beer, the heat is great but am starting to get a bit too warm.” he said as he peeled off his polo shirt.
His chest was fantastic, not sculpted and only a slight hint of a six pack, but raw, natural man muscle.
Staring at his nipples, the size of quarter’s with small bullet tips jutting out from them, they seemed to be begging me to suck and chew them.
“Ok, all done on this side, rinse and we are ready for that beer, Where would you like to go?” Jace asked.
“Well there is a place nearby here, kind of hole in the wall, or we can go to my place, it’s only three blocks away.”

“Your place sounds great, I’ll follow you there.”
Pulling into the driveway I hopped out meeting Jace at the walk.
“Great house.”
“Come in, Ill grab the drinks.”

Jace had moved toward the back French doors looking at the pool. “Damn, that pool is fantastic, I’ve been thinking of putting in a pool at my house, but never gotten motivated enough to actually start calling for quotes on one.”

“You are welcome to take a swim if you like.” I said as I sat it in the chase lounge.

The words were hardly out of my mouth when Jace peeled off his shorts, standing there buck naked, his ass pale against the sunny day.
“You coming in too?”

“Sure.” I said as I watched him splash around like a school boy hooping it up.

“I am glad that I have a secluded back yard.” I said I dropping my shorts to the patio floor.
I stood there naked in the sun, my cock jutting out from my body as Jace splashed water at me.
“Gonna get in? or stand there letting me admire that piece of meat between your legs all day?”

I jumped into the pool near my new hot friend causing a wave to engulf him, then swam to the bottom of the pool with my eyes open checking his handsome cock on the way past.
Jace had gone under water by the time I had surfaced, I felt his hand on my leg traveling up towards my balls.

I stood still letting him have full access, he toyed with my cock before pulling it into his mouth.
Jace popped up for air and going right back down and onto my cock he went, sucking on it while he ran his hands all over my ass.

I reached under pulling his hand for him to come up, guiding him towards the shallow end.
He was breathing heavy from being under so long, I was standing on the steps Jace bent me over while he spread my ass cheeks rimming my hole while he made animalistic noises of pleasure.

It felt wonderful, I pushed back onto his face with my ass as he chewed at my hole.

Jace stood up and positioned his cock and gently pushed and he was inside my ass.
He took his time with even pressure until he was pushing his pubes right against my butt.

I moaned as he started pulling out, nearly all the way before pushing back deep inside me.
The rhythm increased as did his lust for my ass, he held my hips as he fucked my ass, the burn felt so good, his thickness filled my void.
“Fuck me Jace, give it to me baby.” I said in hardly a whisper.
Jace reached under feeling my balls swaying and dipping into the water as he fucked me.

The man pumped my ass harder and faster until I felt his body stiffen and give a few un organized thrusts as he shot his cum inside my ass, I pushed back and rode his euphoric wave.
Jace leaned over, cock still in my ass as he kissed my back and reached for my nipples twisting them roughly.

“Just so you know, Stephen.. This does not make me gay.”
I turned to see his face burst into laughter, “Just kidding.” he said.

I laughed as I stood up feeling his softening cock slipping out of my tight grip.
“Let’s relax up here a bit.” I said as I handed Jace his beer.
He laid back as I sat next to him on the lounge.
I toyed with his cock and tight balls running my fingertips lightly across them and anywhere else that would make his body jump with pleasure.

I stood and pushed my cock into his mouth, Jace played with my balls while he sucked my prick into his throat.
He sucked me while his hands searched my ass crack, felling every inch.

“I am almost there.” I exclaimed.
I pulled my cock from his mouth while jacking my throbbing meat into a frenzy before unloading my jets of hot cum onto Jace’s face.

Jace leaned his head back with his mouth open catching some of my sperm the rest went to his face and his juicy lips.
He turned me around as he sat up pushing his face into my ass crack, my jizz all over his face as he tongue fucked me again.
We took another dip in the pool before resting, the heat of the sun, the coldness of the beer and the steaminess of hot afternoon sex mends the soul like nothing else can.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dinner Out

My name is Joe Tinsel, I was sitting at my favorite restaurant waiting on friends to join me, I had a couple of frozen margaritas and some chips with queso while sitting outside enjoying the sun.
My waiter, Morgan a hot guy in his early thirties with dark brown hair and thick red lips that I wanted to bite, the more I had the hornier I got.
After several drinks I called my friend, no answer, that fucker. I thought.
I ordered a steak with a loaded baked potato and corn and Morgan smiled and said “Yes sir! I will get your order in right away.”
I was grinning and talking to him way more than I normally would have and laughed at fucking everything.
I was out on the patio deck alone enjoying the view of the Gulf of Mexico while texting my friend calling him a shit load of names for not showing up.

Morgan brought me another margarita while I munched on chips, I looked at him, “Where is my meat” I asked with a big grin looking right at his crotch.
“I’ve got your meat for you; I will be back in a bit.“ Morgan said tapping me on my shoulder as he walked past.
Morgan came back a few minutes later with a new plate of chips, Morgan looked around, “I have your meat.” he said touching the front of his apron at crotch level.
Mmm.. “Let’s see it then.” I said grinning.
Keeping his back to the restaurant Morgan pulled back his apron and exposing his thick prick that stuck out of his fly.
“Shit, That’s hot.” I reached out to touch it and Morgan pulled back before moving around and lifting his apron again. I leaned over and gave it the attestation that it deserved.

I sucked it into my mouth and made it hard within a few moments.
Morgan pulled back and looked around. “Look I don’t want to get fired and I am horny as hell. Ill bring out your meal and take you home after I get off shift if you like.”
“You are a good looking guy and I made sure you got seated in my section, when you walked in the door.” Morgan said.

I ate my dinner and sipped another drink, my head was a bit fuzzy and I felt so good, very fucking good in fact.

Morgan picked up my keys, said I had had too much to drink and that he would bring me back the next day for my car.
Morgan took me to his house and inside I dropped to the couch and pulled Morgan on top of me, he kissed me hard on the lips before he went to the kitchen and mixed us a pitcher of margaritas.

We sipped our drinks and peeled off our clothes, and Morgan pulled me close, I reached to his crotch and pulled on his balls while kissing his mouth.
Morgan got to his knees in front of me and took my stiffening cock into his mouth sucking it to its full potential.

I moaned while pushing Morgan’s head down onto my prick, my head was spinning from the margaritas and wanted this guy to fuck me hard and wanted it bad.

Morgan led me to his bedroom where he took some things from the bedside drawer, he lubed my ass up as I knelt on his bed with my head down on his pillows, my ass up in the air arching my back, my hole needed filling in a bad rough way.

Morgan fingered lube deep into my hole with two fingers, working it in and causing my hole to stretch and burn.

He worked in a third finger and pushed his mouth to my ass biting at my stretched hole, his stubble burning at my ass crack while he gnawed for more.
“Fuck me Morgan.” I whispered.

Morgan moved into place and poked his fat prick in my hole and pushed hard.
“Yeahhhh.. I said. Do it baby…. Fuck me hard.”
Just as he go this rhythm going, I hear another voice in the room.
“Oh, Sorry,” The guy said.
I looked over to see a stocky red head had walked into the room and was moving back to the door.

“Fuck, Is that your boyfriend?” I asked.
“No, that’s Eddie my roommate and fuck buddy.”

“Oh.” I said unsure on what to do next.
“He is a hot fucker, You mind if he joins us?” Morgan asked.
“Well, I’m not sure…. I guess so.” I stammered.

“Be right back.” Morgan pulled his stiff cock out of my ass unceremoniously and walks to the hall calling Eddie and talking to him in a low voice.
Eddie walked in with Morgan and took off his clothes.
Morgan climbed back onto the bed and stuck his cock back into my ass while I rode him from the top.

Eddie came in behind me and ran his hands all over my back and around to my nipples twisting them and kissing my neck.
Morgan pulled me down to where my chest was against his as he fucked me, Eddie moved in close and I felt him pushing his cock against my ass, he was trying to get his cock into my ass too.

I pushed against Morgan’s cock riding him and then felt Eddie’s cock push inside my ass, this was a first, I have two cocks in my ass, the pain was searing at first.

Eddie now stretched my ass out more than it had ever been before. Morgan started the fucking motion while Eddie stayed inside me without moving.

Morgan’s cock rubbed Eddie’s stiff rod for a couple of minutes before Eddie started fucking my ass from behind while Morgan worked it from below me.

It felt so good and hurt like hell at the same time, I think I was getting off more about two men using my ass together than anything.
The feeling of two cocks in my ass was great, one pushed while the other pulled back, my cock was stiff and straining I dripped pre cum onto Morgan’s ab’s.

About the time that Morgan was getting ready to cum he sped up his strokes making Eddie move faster too.
I was on the edge of shooting when Morgan shot his cum into me, I shot my wad between us while Morgan was breathing hard and shooting the last waves of his cum.

Eddie took it into high gear fucking my ass so hard with Morgan’s cock still inside me too. Eddie started yelling about cumming, I think they heard him down the block, “Fuckkkkkkk Im shooting…..” Eddie exclaimed as his body twitched as he rammed his hard dick deep into me.

“Holy fuck.” I said as the guys piled off of me and flopped over onto the bed, we laid there tying to catch our breath.

We rested for a while and repeated it all over, this time Eddie and I fucked Morgan at the same time.

I have never felt my cock in an ass at the same time as another guy, it was a tight but fantastic feeling.
After spending the night Eddie and I hooked up alone while Morgan was in the shower, later that morning they took me back to my car and I gave them my phone number, they promised to call me the next day to fuck around again.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I would like to take a moment on today and thank you all for visiting my blog page and reading my stories.
I have just passed 200,000 readers (visitors) I could never have thought that this would be so popular, it makes me proud of something
that I have created.
I have always thought of myself as talentless, I can't sing, dance (very well) paint, draw or play the piano but I found that I can write enough to entertain and in some cases, guys have told me that a story brought them to tears.
I would eventually like to sell my stories online as e-books or who knows.... I will keep writing and hope you keep reading my little bits of eroticism.
My Mom writes children's books, never published, and my sister is writing a book also, I maybe it runs in the family and wish I could draw as well as my younger brother but I am very happy writing, YOU have made me very happy, thank you for letting me share what I love.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Going Out a Virgin, (My true story)

This is my true story

When I was 21 years old I had not had been with a man yet, other than playing with my cousin Tony since we were kids but never really “did” anything.

I had just gotten my military honorable discharge from the Army, my last post was at Fort Ord California near Monterey along the California coast and moved back home to central California.

My cousin and his lover Rick had been after me to go to Fresno to the gay bars with them after I came out of the closet to them.

I had never been to a gay bar before, never been with or even kissed a man before that night.
I was pretty nervous about going, as I stopped and picked them up at 7pm for the 45 minute drive to Fresno.

I drove my Brand new Nissan and was always worried when my cousin was in my car as the last time I picked him up drunk he threw up in my back seat and on my new jacket.

We talked all the way to the bar with the radio belting out the tunes of the day, we felt young gay and free.

We got inside and ordered a few beers, my cousin Tony and Rick danced while I watched. The bartender Mark, knew Tony who I think informed him that I was a virgin; needless to say I had free beer and 100% of Mark’s attention for the night.

Mark would mix a drink and pour a beer and he was right at my side like glue.
Mark was about 29 years old and a man not a twink, he had beautiful blue eyes and lips that called my name; he was slim with dark hair, the kind of guy everyone wants to talk to and flirt with.

I danced with Tony and Rick together for a couple dances and came back to my spot at the bar, as soon as I say Mark had poured me a cold beer and took away the warmer partial beer, blowing me a kiss.

I chatted with Mark about the military and life in general, he wanted to talk about sex and I did not have much to go on so mostly listened to him and interjected now and then.

Mark came around the bar and asked me to dance, I said “Sure, but your working, will it be ok?”

“Sure he said, I get breaks come on, let’s dance.”

We danced a fast dance and he chatted with the DJ and a slow song came on, this gave him the opportunity to put his arms around me and let them roam some.
Before I knew it, he had his lips on mine, kissing me my knees felt weak, my first “man kiss” then he did it, slipping his tongue into my mouth, it felt so good and wonderful I pushed my tongue into his hungry mouth.
Marks hands went to my ass cupping and rubbing my ass cheeks through my Levis. I think I was trembling and had little idea what was in store for me later that night.

Tony and Rick came back to the bar as I finished dancing with Mark.
‘What do you think of Mark?’ Tony asked.
“He is hot!” I replied taking a sip of beer trying to play it cool.
Mark was clearing the bar and getting things ready to close; he stopped by kissed me then leaned in close to my ear. “Come home with me tonight?” He asked.
“I can’t Mark, I drove and have Tony and Rick here, it would take me 90 minutes or more to get them home and then back here.”

“Let them take your car and come pick you up tomorrow afternoon.” Mark suggested.

My mind raced, Mark wanted me, he was so hot, Tony and Rick were mostly drunk and my car was new.
Weighing out the options, my cock won over the other choices. “Tony, you and Rick take my car home and come get me tomorrow, I am going to Mark’s house with him.” I said.
Tony loved the idea that after tonight I would no longer be a virgin and snatched the keys out of my hands. “See ya! Have fun.” He said.

I had worried about Tony driving after drinking and hoped that my car would make it through the night.

I got into Marks Jeep Wrangler at 2:30 am and off to his house we went, I started hoping that he was not an axe murderer or…. Worse was, Tony did not even know his address until I call him the next day for a ride home.

Arriving at Mark’s house he got us a beer and we talked, kissed and he took my hand and led me to his bedroom.
We undressed and I was in for a shock when I saw the size of his cock, it was the largest one I have seen before, even in the open bay showers in the Army. His cock had to be in excess of 11 inches soft and was very thick.
I stood and stared at it feeling very “inadequate” with my soft cock much less than half that size.

We lay on the bed, Mark rubbed my chest and admired my 28 inch waist.
“What is your fantasy?” Mark asked me.
“This is.” I said.
“What?” He asked.
“Being with a man is all I could dream of, not anything in particular.” I said.

Mark kissed my lips pushing his tongue deep into my mouth as our lips mashed hard together, my hands went to his back and the top of his ass cheeks.

I could not believe that I was not only in bed about to have sex with a man, he was a cross between the guy on the cover of Men’s Health and a porn star.

I was so scared looking at his now hard cock; it did not get much longer but did get thicker and angrier looking.
The following words fell out of my mouth without me even thinking. “That IS NOT going inside me whatsoever.”
He laughed. “Its fine, just relax, we will go slowly tonight.” Mark said.

He bent over and took my cock into his mouth and sucked my now 7ish inches all the way into his throat.
I rubbed his hard nipples and actually touched his raging monster cock.
How anyone could take this into his throat or ass, I was wondering.

Still scared and almost shaking Mark sensed that he needed to slow down some and moved to my small nipples licking and sucking them.

I pulled him close feeling his firm and well built body pushing against my naked skin.
“How wonderful this feels, I have never felt anything this good.” I whispered.

I moved down to his cock and touched it with my tongue.
“I have never put a cock into my mouth before.”
I traced his huge and swollen head with my tongue and slowly let part of it go into my mouth.
“Take it slow.” He said.
I did as I was told, moving down onto his cock.
I took only about three inches into my mouth and at that time I had no idea how to swallow a cock and thought this was it, only putting the head in.

I tasted pre cum, it was a night of firsts, first kiss, first cock in my mouth, first pre cum, my mind was racing and my heart was pounding.

I was so excited yet slightly drunk, I sucked the head of Mark’s cock until he warned me that he was about to cum, and I pulled off quickly and jacked his cock with both hands watching his cum shoot all over his flat tan stomach and chest while he moaned.

Mark jacked my cock a few strokes before swallowing my entire length in one gulp, it felt incredible, I did not want him to stop, ever.
Being in bed with this handsome man had me so horny, it took no time before I shot my jizz into a guys throat.
He sucked it down and pulled my cock deep into his throat causing me to squirm some from the sensitivity of just cumming.

Mark pulled me close and I slept naked in his arms, I felt so warm and safe, more than anytime in my life to that point.
Mark woke me up the next morning kissing me and talking softly, all I could do was smile.
“Good morning.” I said.

He reached to my cock finding that I had a special “I’m in bed with a man” morning wood.

He pulled back the sheets and took my cock into his mouth in the 69 position, his cock was soft but very large as always.
I took it into my hands and jacked his cock some getting it very stiff, feeling his balls and looking at his sexy ass cheeks.

I was seeing things that I had not seen the night before due to the beer and nervousness. Looking at his body really turned me on.
I rubbed his ass cheeks and played with his swinging balls.
Mark may beside me and jacked my cock letting my cum fly free, It shot past my stomach, my face and hit the wall at the top of his bed. He laughed.

“I’ve always been a real strong shooter.“ I said with a smile as Mark licked cum from my upper chest.

Next, Mark sat on my chest and jacked his huge cock off while I watched, it splashed out hitting my face and hair, soaking my face in man juice.

Mark showed me to the shower to clean up while he cooked us breakfast.

We talked while we ate the sausages, eggs and toast. Mark asked me what my life plans were, and allot of questions about me.

I told him I was still a little nervous, being so new to gay sex and being with a man and I was going to let things happen and see where they went from there.

I called Tony and asked them to come get me and helped Mark clean up the dishes, we were still both naked and I was semi hard most of the time watching his ass and his big cock bouncing all around as he walked.
This guy was so sexy and seemed sweet; I kept wondering that as hot as he was, how many guys have shared his bed?

Tony and Rick pulled up in front of Marks house, we dressed quickly.
Mark leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips.
“Seth, would you like to move in with me?” He asked.
I was stunned by the question.
I looked at him, this is all so new to me, and I don’t think I can make that kind of decision this fast.

I took Marks phone number, kissed him again and jumped into the back seat of my car letting my cousin drive us home.

I thought about Mark’s big dick, his hot body and his ass all the way home.
Tony and Rick asked me a million and a half questions and giggled some when I told him about him squirting his juice all over my face and hair.

Being inexperienced and very shy at that time in my life I never called Mark back.
I kept thinking that he was only wanting me as he had had my virginity and would like to have me until the next guy or virgin came along.

It was probably not fair to judge him like that but maybe was a true thought.

That was my only “one night stand” in my life and have been with four other guys since then and all turned into relationships.
I moved to Seattle and slowly “came out.”
The first guy I dated there was Jeff, a hot guy with dark hair, olive skin and those red lips you never want to stop kissing.
He was soft spoken and a very sweet guy, he would open doors for me and never raised his voice or spoke poorly about anyone. He seemed to good to be true and I dated him for a few months until he asked me to move in with him, I was still very shy and scared to move in with him, I saw little value in myself back then and could not see what he liked about me so I stopped seeing him. I often wonder what would have happened if I had moved in with him.

The second lasted 2 years until I came home and caught a man in our bed with my boyfriend, I threw them both out of the house as they made up excuses why they were in my bed naked together.

The third guy “Parker” was a blonde with a quick smile and had a knack of getting into trouble.
Beyond car crashes, drunkenness and a DUI, one day we rode on my motorcycle down the freeway, I felt him moving around behind me and he pushed my butt up a little, as he tucked his hard boner between my ass and the motorcycle seat, the vibration, as I sat on his cock caused him to squirt his cum all over the seat and the ass of my jeans.
That relationship lasted almost four years, I won‘t go into the very bad things that happened to close that relationship.

I met Dennis through a friend while out dancing and felt at ease with him more than anyone else. We dated for a few months and he asked me to move in with him, I said YES!
I have been with Dennis since and he is the love of my life, he cares for me and me for him, I will be with him until one of us dies.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Poker Night

I used to get with my buddies for poker night on Thursday nights at six P.M. without fail.

One Thursday we were to meet at Kenny’s house, something happened, a couple of the guys called and said they were running pretty late so my friend Kenny turned some porn on and we sat on the couch smoking fat cigars making sexual comments about the guy’s junk and the chick’s titties.

I was openly gay, Kenny is Bi, which I do not fully understand, but I’m cool with it.
The third guy, Gerry that was with us is straight.
We watched the straight porn for a bit then Kenny put on some hot guy on guy action.
Gerry complained enough to make sure his straight masculinity was still intact.

One dark haired guy was fucking some blond kid in his twenties and I could see s definite bulge in Gerry’s shorts.
I reached over and grabbed Kenny’s crotch and gave it a rub to see if there was any interest in a blow job while waiting for the other guys.
Kenny a decent looking guy with brown short cropped hair, liked what I was doing and pushed up against my hand.

Gerry looked over but when I looked him in the eye he went back to watching the porn on TV.
I unzipped Kenny’s shorts and reached inside pulling his thick cock out rubbing it.

I moved in front of Kenny and slid his shorts off of him and tossed them to the floor, running my hands up the inside of his thighs pushing them open while leaning in and taking his dick into my mouth sucking it in deeply and could feel Gerry watching from the side.

“Fuck Lika, that feels so good.” Kenny moaned.
I glanced over and saw that Gerry now had his cock out jacking it while watching me give Kenny a blow job.

I reached over and put my hand on Gerry’s stiff shaft as he jacked, at first he stopped and started to push my hand away but changed his mind.
I gave Gerry’s jeans a tug asking him to take them off without pulling the cock from my mouth.

Gerry slid his pants down to his ankles, I took his low hanging balls into my hand feeling them as he jacked off.

I stood up and took off my clothes when Kenny gave me a slight push to move over to Gerry.
I leaned over and put my mouth on the head of his cock while he jacked it a few more times before he removed his hand and leaned back to enjoy his first blowjob from a guy.

I sucked deep on his rod, using my teeth slightly toying with his knob.
Moving down, I licked his balls pulling on them and sucking them into my mouth.

He kicked his jeans off his ankles and spread his legs open, I lifted his heels onto the edge of the couch and pulled his ass forward before running my tongue from his balls to his ass crack and on to his tight ass pucker.

“Damn Lika! That feels so fucking good, no girl has ever done that to me before.” Gerry said as he pushed his ass onto my lips.

I spit on my finger and pushed it gently into his asshole, he pulled back some and I put my other hand onto his thigh so he would relax and pushed it back in while I dove onto his cock.
Fingering his ass seemed to get him really hot and was rock hard and close to cumming.

I squeezed at the base of his cock on the underside to slow him down some and went back to sucking.
“Come fuck me Gerry.” Kenny said as he bent over the arm of the couch pushing his ass into the air like a animal in heat.

Gerry got up and walked behind Kenny, he was unsure so I took his cock into my hand and guided it to Kenny’s asshole leaning in and spitting for some lube.

“Just push it in Gerry, you will love the feeling.’ I said.
While Gerry fucked Kenny I ran my hands all over both of them.

Kenny had lots of pre cum, I took and scooped a bit up on my finger and took it to Gerry’s mouth, he was so hot and in the moment he licked it while sucking my finger into his mouth.
“This ass is so tight man, I‘m cumming,, fuck…” Gerry moaned.

He shot his load and pulled out, I moved in before Kenny had time to move and plunged into his hot, open cum hole.
Gerry moved in close watching and touching me as I fucked the man.

“Go around and suck him off.” I told Gerry.
I changed position to make more room for Gerry, but he seemed hesitant and started jacking Kenny’s cock.
“Suck it man, it’s all good here.” I said in a soft voice.
Gerry leaned in and touched his tongue to the cock head and licked around some.
Kenny reached down and guided Gerry’s head pushing him down onto his stiff cock.

I worked my cock like a jackhammer into the hot fuck hole stimulating Kenny even more and within moments he groaned and arched his hips blowing his load of semen into Gerry’s mouth.

I fully expected Gerry to pull off the second he felt Kenny’s cum shooting into his mouth, but he didn’t, Gerry gulped his cum down like a thirsty monkey.

I shot my spunk into Kenny’s ass grinding it with the last few spurts, my body now spent.
I leaned in and rubbed Gerry’s face as he rested it on Kenny’s belly close to the cock he had just sucked.

‘That was hot, we should skip poker more often and just have some fun.’ Kenny said.
“I’ve never sucked a dick before or fucked a dude, this was very hot, I don’t think I will cross over, but I sure want to explore this again.”

Just then a knock on the door, it was the other two guys that were late for the game.
I walked over and opened the door, both walked in looking at the three of us naked and started laughing.
“Damn, looks like we missed all the fun!” One said.
“There is still time…….” I said reaching for his jeans pulling them to the floor.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ranch Hand

My Parents owned a small horse boarding ranch in Florida, we could board about 30 horses at any given time.
I was born here and have stayed on after college to help out with the horses and my parents too.
I am average looking, slim and try to keep fit for a 26 year old anyway.
My parents have always wanted to go to Europe and finally for their 40th anniversary they decided to take the trip but were worried about leaving me alone to manage the 45 acre property and all these horses.

They offered to hire someone to help out for the month they will be gone and put an ad on Craig’s list.
Only a few sent a response and two of them were in their later years and seemed like they really wanted a short vacation of their own.

One seemed to fit the bill well and my dad hired him sight unseen.
He wrote back that he was 23 years old, single and a hard worker also that he has worked with horses most of his life.
I took my parents to the airport before heading back to the solitude of the ranch.
That afternoon I heard someone drive up to the house and walked out to see a young guy with a cowboy hat getting out of his F150 pickup.

“Hi, I’m Luke, your new ranch hand” he said.
I sort of laughed a bit, he seemed to be a little more dramatic about the “ranch hand” part, and it is only a handful of horses to take care of.
“Hi Luke, I’m Darren, good to have you help out for a month”
Luke was stunning, he had very dark hair a lean tight body and eyes that made my knees weak, they were two dark slits when he smiled, his long lashes were incredible.
“Follow me and I will show you were you can put your things” I said walking him to an out building that was the original home for the property.
I used it now as my home after my parents built a new main house a few years ago.
“Great bunkhouse” Luke said in a happy-go-lucky voice.
“Well, it’s not really a bunkhouse, it’s my place and pretty comfortable for me, giving me some privacy from my parents anyway.”
I showed Luke to the second bedroom. “This was my room growing up; I took the master bedroom after my parents moved to the big house”.
“Looks nice“, he said looking around the room.
“There is only one bathroom out here in the hall and the kitchen is fully stocked, eat or drink anything you like and if there is something you want, just ask and I will do my best to accommodate you.”
“I like what I see just as it is” Luke said in a soft voice from behind me.
I was not sure what he meant by it but I had no time to find out, the horses needed brushing and exercising.
“Stow your gear and let’s head out to take care of the horses and join me in the barn, take a left out the door and walk out behind the house and you’ll see it.”
It was a hot day and I wanted to get the afternoon chores done and relax some.
I was brushing a horse when Luke walked into the barn.
I dropped the brush as he walked into the stall, he had taken off his shirt and holy fuck, he was hot.
“You ok?”
“Oh,, yeah,, I stammered, I just dropped the brush, here you can brush this one and I will move to the next stall.”
I handed him the brush and went around the worn wooden stall wall to the next horse.
“I love horses they are so majestic and beautiful”

“Yeah, there is beauty everywhere out here.” I said but was only thinking of Luke’s tight muscular chest.
We talked from one stall to the next while working with the horses for five hours before stopping for the afternoon.
“Let’s get cleaned up and start some dinner.” I said.
I hit the shower first and started a salad and sides while Luke showered.
I heard the bathroom door open. “Hey Luke,” I called out; “want a beer?”
“Sure, I’d love one.” Luke said.
I turned and saw Luke standing there naked, towel in hand still drying his dark hair.
“Fuck.” I blurted out before I could stop myself.
“Oh, sorry, I just thought it was so secluded out here that nudity would not be an issue, but if you are uncomfortable, I can put some jeans on.” he said.
“No, you’re great, I mean, it’s great, no it’s fine.” I stuttered as I stared at his dark bush of pubic hair with an ample cut cock bobbing around as he moved.
Luke laughed, “Sorry, I lived at a nudist camp for near a year and I love to be naked, it feels so free. You should try it sometime.”
I smiled, ‘You like meat?” I asked.
“Well I am bisexual, so I guess so.” Luke said without flinching.
My face went red, “I meant steak, beef, I was gonna throw a couple of steaks on the grill outside.” I said with a smile.
“I figured as much, I was just playing with you.” Luke said with a wink.
Luke was so fucking cute; he flustered me and made it hard to think.
I put the steaks on while Luke stood around watching me and talking up a storm about horses and different places he worked, I only heard part of what has saying, all I could do is think about his sexy body and his eyes just melted me to the bone each time he would smile.
“You should get naked too, it is so natural, there is nobody around but us right?” Luke asked.
“Yeah, just us for probably two to three miles.” I said.
“Well peel those jeans off and let things air out some.” He said.
What the heck, I thought; it is not often that my parents are gone from the property for very long.
I took off my tee shirt and jeans inside the house walking back out to the grill naked.
“Yeee-haww” that’s what I’m talking about, how does that feel?” Luke asked.
“Feels fantastic.” I said.
“You look great too, why hide a body like that?”
“Oh, thanks, I’m not all that, you keep yourself all fit and look like you work out allot.” I said.
“I work out some, but not all that often, better pull those steaks off.’
I looked back and the steaks were getting a bit overdone, Luke was a sexy distraction to say the least.
We ate and went inside to take care of washing the few dishes; Luke offered to dry while I washed.
Several times when he was talking about something that excited him, Luke would grab my arm or put his hand to my back sending a signal to my cock with his touch.
It started to stiffen and stand out more and more, I tried to push it against the kitchen cabinet to hide my chub but that seemed to put the pressure on it and made it thicken to about three quarter hard.
Luke looked down and noticed. “Looks like you need some attention.” he said before he dropped to his knees and pulled my cock into his mouth.
I almost dropped the plate that I was holding, I set it down on the counter, fucking dishes can wait, I thought.
Luke was a master cocksucker, he sucked it deep while his hands roamed my ass, I guess he didn’t care whether I was straight or gay, he went for what he wanted and it all seemed natural to him.
I had hold onto the counter as he had my knees weak and threatening to drop me to the floor.
He stopped sucking for a minute. “You get many get many blow jobs from your ranch hands?” he asked.
“I have not had much sex at all and for a 26 year old and that must be rare but being here in the country and my parents living so close. I had a girlfriend for two years but never did anything with her and have only played around a bit with a couple of guys I went to college with.” I said.
“Well, It is time you got your man on.” he said pulling me to his bedroom by the hand.
He grabbed his backpack and took a few things out; I watched as he put some lube onto his fingertips and mooshed it into his ass crack.
“Here, put this on.” he said handing me a condom.
I slid the condom on and stroked myself fully hard again. Luke got onto the bed on his knees with his head on his pillow with his back bowed.
I stood there looking at his ass in the air, with his butt hole fully exposed, I had never seen a guys hole before, I thought I was gonna shoot my load right there, he was so hot and now, offering his ass to me.
I climbed on the bed and moved into position.
“I’ve never done this before.” I said in a soft voice.
“It’s okay, just push your cock into my ass slowly but firmly, you will get the hang of it real fast.” Luke said.
I pushed my cock into his ass crack and after fumbling a bit was able to push the head into his ass.
“Fuck…this feels great” I said holding still.
“Well push it in and it will feel even better for both of us.” Luke whispered.
I pushed and gradually was fully inside his ass to my loose hanging balls.
It felt amazing, I had never thought that much about fucking a guys ass but my cock felt at home in Luke’s butt.
I moved smoothly in and out, Luke arched his back and moaned allot which turned me on.
“Reach under” he said.
I pushed my cock as deep as it would go and lay on Luke’s backside reaching around feeling his hard cock and the moist pre cum at the tip, I jacked him hard with a good grip in his sexy cowboy prick.
I went back to fucking his tight sexy ass and it did not take long before I felt the churning of cum headed for my cock.
The pulsing in my dick sent me moaning and I grabbed Luke’s hips giving him a few final plunges of my stiff rod and fell forward onto his back.
“Fuck me like that Luke.” I whispered.
I moved into the same position that Luke was in when I fucked him.
Luke used lots of lube and stuck his finger into my virgin hole, he moved it around in my butt, it felt odd and hurt a little.
“Are you ready?” Luke asked after several minutes of loosening my sphincter.
“Yeah, fuck me.” I said.
Luke pushed his rigid knob to the entrance to my inexperienced hole, he pushed slowly but once the knob got past I felt searing pain like I was ripped open.
“Stop, something is wrong.” I said.
“Just relax your ass; I will go slowly, nothing is wrong.” Luke assured me.
“Okay, keep going.” I said.
Every movement burned at my ass, but the pain eased some and it started feeling better.
Luke pushed farther in a slow smooth movement into my ass until he was all the way in. I could not believe that I had a guy’s dick in my ass. Luke pulled back until he was almost all the way out.
“It feels a little better now.” I said.
Luke squirted more lube into his shaft without pulling it fully out of my ass, this made it easier to take and in no time he was moving it freely at a good pace in and out of my fuck hole.
Luke leaned in and twisted my nipples then running his hands down my body to my dangling cock and balls giving them a nice grope.
Fucking me again he was gentle and when he came, he fell forward holding his arms around my chest as his cock slipped from my ass.
We snuggled and talked for a couple of hours before having sex again.
We did not put clothes on too many times during his thirty day visit and one day even went bare back riding nude, which was an amazing sight, Luke wearing only his cowboy hat riding alongside of me with his laugh echoing off the big rocks as we rode near the hills.
My parents came back from vacation and asked Luke if he would like to stay on full time as they wanted more time to travel.
Luke was pleased as I was for him to stay and live in my house, we lived like this for two years before coming out to my parents and telling them that Luke and I were a couple.
Mom just smiled and said “Yes, Darren, we know, we might be old but we are not blind.”
It was nice having that out in the open, Luke and I liked to run around naked anytime that my parents were away and I even talked them into buying an RV to see more of the country and that gives us more private time to fuck under the stars and ride horses nude.