Friday, April 27, 2018

Club Blue

My friend Jai has been a manager for a gay restaurant and dance club called Connections, for several years, he has told me so many stories of guys flashing him, dancing naked and even having sex on the dance floor. He said that they were expanding into a basement section of the building and mentioned that it will be a member’s only section and it would be opening soon, but really did not go into detail about the specifics on the use of the space.
Grand opening of the basement area known as Club Blue was by invitation only and when you applied for a membership, it had to be approved by a group that would easily not approve you if you did not fit into the “type” of guy they were looking for which kind of turned me off, it was too clickish.
The invitation was merely a golden poker chip that had the name Club Blue on it in blue ink, it was like the Willy Wonka golden ticket and would get one person into the club, it seemed to be all the gays were talking about. The chips were mailed to certain people (such as me) and the rest were given out to specific type of guys as they entered the club or as they danced on the dance floor. Some guys were put out a bit because a friend that was with them got one and they did not, but the grand opening was to be really exclusive.

Jai is a sexy lean blond 31 year old who was usually surrounded by a scattering of sweet looking young men, we have been friends for years and he usually gets me into some kind of trouble when we hang out together. I had asked him about Club Blue several times but he would only say that I needed to wait, attend and see for myself.

The night of the opening had finally arrived and the air was electrically charged in the regular part of the club it and the new section Club Blue would not open until 11:00 PM, and already the line had started near the door and they did not even know what they would find inside. At 11:00 Jai stood before the door and started collecting the golden chips allowing each man to enter Club Blue, as you descended the steps, you could hear the music pumping form the new sound system, and at the bottom the lights filled the room with color and motion.

Inside there was a long bar that was staffed by four bartenders with gogo boys that were perched in key positions around the club dancing to the music, waving and greeting the new guests.The key to the staff is they were all naked except for tennis shoes or black construction boots, the bartenders the cocktail servers and the gogo boys and they looked as if they were each picked from underwear advertisements or muscle magazines.
Most men filed onto the dance floor and some went to the bar, each could purchase a bracelet that is used for payment and tips and could be scanned by the staff at any position. I followed the flow of men into the huge area near the bar, a nude cocktail server stepped over selling me a prepaid bracelet and took my drink order, it was kind of hot having this sexy guy taking my drink order and I was sure to watch his naked butt cheeks wiggle as he turned and walked toward the bar.

The opening was being shown over closed circuit flat screens around the original upstairs bar and dance floor to allow the hype to get to the ones that did not get a golden token to get inside Club Blue. The opening was going great, Jai looked less stressed than before and was greeting the guests as he walked through the club, there was once gogo boy that was giving out random prizes like prepaid bracelets with a twenty dollar value, tee shirts, and blue jocks with the words Club Blue across the front of the waist band.

Customers were having great time, the cocktail servers and the gogo boys seemed to be getting groped allot, there was one bouncer that would warn anyone getting out of hand once, the second time, they were ejected for the night, Jai said the policy would be if you were asked to leave twice within a six month time frame, it would cancel your club annual membership.

A black bartender named Ty, a real stud, who’s muscles really shown when the low light reflected off of them, each movement seemed like a wet dream to those who watched and Jai seemed to really like him. I saw Jai patting his ass a few times and once Ty moved Jai’s hand to his balls while he looked right into Jai’s face.

Each Club Blue employee had their name written on their chest with a light blue sharpie in a fancy script and all were smiling allot, I think most of them were exhibitionists, some were pretty close to getting hard and all were hustling their asses off doing a great job at mixing drinks, serving the drinks or dancing for the customers.

The DJ was cranking out the tunes as he welcomed everyone to the dance floor, the fog machine belched out opaque plumes and the lights slashed through the room full of sexy men dancing close to each other.
I sipped my drink and walked to a table near the edge of the dance floor, where one of the gogo boys took me by the hand, I hardly had time to set my drink down, he led me to the center of a group of men dancing, pulling me close and ground his thick cock onto the front of my jeans as he leaned his torso back. I placed my hands on his hips and went for It, I thought this was as hot as it would get until he turned around and bent over while dancing, pushing his bare ass against my crotch, I again took his hips and mock fucked him while the crowd watched and cheered.
Jai came out and rescued me, even though I was having the time of my life with this cute nude dancer.

“How are you doing?” Jai asked.

“This is fucking awesome, what a concept, nude staff, and I have changed my mind about the exclusive club membership, this is great!” I shouted near his ear over the music.

“I have been working on it for months trying to convince the owners to let me do all this and I finally won them over.”

“Did the owners show up tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah, one is chasing after a gogo boy and one of the bartenders is the boyfriend of one of the owners, I had to agree to give him the job but he really is hot looking and a great bartender so it really worked out.”

“I saw you playing with that bartender’s ass over there too, he is pretty hot.”

“Well, I have to admit that I was having fun with him but I came over here because I wanted to be with you Aaron.” Jai said quietly in my ear.

“Me?” I asked.

“Yes, and I have something for you too.”

Jai reached into his pocket and handed me a golden poker chip but this one was different, it was incrusted with faux jewels.

“I am already in here, what is this for?”
“I am giving out six of these tonight, each is good for an annual membership to Club Blue, and I want to give them to special guys.”

“And I am a special guy to you, I mean other than a friend?”

“You are the most special guy, more than any guy in the room.”

I gave him a funny look and he pulled me into a hug.

“Lately I have been thinking about how much you mean to me, I know we have always been friends and never more, but I would like to explore being more to you than just a friend if you like the sound of that.”

“Oh, I never knew you had eyes for me, I have always been envious of the guys that you hung out with.”

“Well, I want to hang with you and by hang, I mean I would like to see if we can be a couple.” Jai said.

“Really? You don’t think this will fuck up our friendship?” I asked.

“Aaron, I don’t know what to say, but I am pretty excited about the whole idea, I would like to get to know you in a romantic way too.”

“Look Jai, you like to play with all the boys and sleep around allot, I am just not sure this would work.”

“Aaron, I have always liked you, you were with that fuck shit guy you called a boyfriend, I was so happy when you threw him out a few weeks ago and I did not want to be too late again. I needed to say something before some other lucky guy snapped you up.”

“You make it sound like I am a catch; I am just plain old me.”

“Aaron, you don’t see the same guy that I see, you are very kind, you never talk shit about other guys, hell, you won’t even say anything about the boyfriend you just dumped.”

“I didn’t really dump him, I just asked him to move out, and things were not going as well as they should have been.”

“See? That’s what I mean, he cheated on you and you still won’t call him out for the slut he is.”

I looked at my golden coin and smiled, thanking him for the bling. Jai leaned in and kissed my lips.

“I will catch up with you in a bit, don’t leave without seeing me again please?”

“Okay, go tend to the masses, this is really a fun club.”

“Thanks babe.” Jai said as he turned and put on his party face.

Babe? I thought, still I was not sure about this romantic change to our relationship.
I looked around checking out the guys, quite a few of them were friends, I also knew one of the gogo boy’s I caught his eye and he moved my way, it was a bit strange seeing Luke standing in front of me naked, we had gone to the lake and skinny dipped before but this was different, I was dressed and he was working.

“Hey Aaron, what do you think about the club?”

“Luke, hell man, look at you all naked, did you know this when you took the job?”

“Yeah, but we were all sworn to secrecy, we came in last week and did our first naked run through, we actually partied in here for hours, it’s pretty hot.”

“I had no idea this was in the works, do you like being naked with all these guys looking at you and trying to touch you?”

“Oh hell yeah! I love it, the tips are fucking great, they like to touch my ass as I pass or will try to grab my cock while I dance near them, it keeps me half hard all the time.” Luke said.

“Yeah, I can see that, and you sure have the body for it, all the staff does.”

“Thanks, he tried to pick guys with different body types and sizes, some are hairy and some shaved smooth like me.” He said while he ran his hand down his chest to his cock absently toying with it a little.

“Well, you look great, what is that bracelet?”

“Guy’s can have a cocktail waiter scan my bracelet to tip me off of a customer’s account bracelet, they all work and interact with the computers and the portable scanners the waiters have.”

“That’s incredible, so they can tip you only if you are close by?”

“Yeah, they can allow the waiter to tip me too but then the waiters have to come find me to let me go thank them for the tip, we will dance with or by them for a few minutes for the tip.”

‘You had better get back to work before Jai comes over and gets after you.”

“Jai is a kitten, he is so sweet.”

I had finished my drink and waved at my cocktail waiter, he headed over and ordered a fresh drink for me on his little tablet and scanned my bracelet for payment, I had him add a tip for himself and a tip for my friend and gogo dancer Luke.
They had a computer that was self service near the door where you could order a drink and pick it up at the bar, tip staff by name or you could add more money to your bracelet directly from your credit card.
Jai took my drink from the server and brought it over himself, I think he just wanted another chance to kiss me, at first it seemed odd kissing him but it became more and more pleasant as the night went by.

“I think the club is a hit, you will have your hands full trying to tell wanna-be members that there is a limit to the numbers of memberships.”

“Well, I think if there are any slow nights we might let out single visit passes to allow people that don’t want to pop for the twenty dollar monthly or two hundred dollar annual membership.” Jai explained as he leaned in and touched my shoulder.

I looked at Jai while he scanned the room; he looked so intent in making sure his guests were all having a good time without getting handsy with the naked staff, not too much anyway.
His skin was near perfect and the more I looked at him the more I wanted to grab him and kiss him deeply, I decided to act on my impulse and leaned over into his gaze putting my lips against his, I put my hand behind his neck pulling him closer when his tongue pushed deep into my mouth.
Jai’s hand reached my backside caressing my ass cheeks running his hand from the small of my back to the point where my jeans curved into my ass crack between my legs. I think there may be something between us after all I thought and could feel my cock was starting to thicken and move inside my pants.

The night was finally over when the last guest left Club Blue, the staff, still naked was cleaning up and wiping down tables like a nude male maid service, they were all busy telling each other about the incidents that had happened earlier that night, guys grabbing their balls, rubbing their asses and the one guy that gave a gogo boy a one hundred dollar tip from one flirty guest.
Jai came by and asked me to go home with him, at his house he made us a light snack of some fresh chicken sandwiches and a beer, he sat near me on the couch, his hand moved to my thigh as he spoke, he was still very high on the success of the club but his talk slowed as his hand rose toward my crotch.

He buttoned my jeans and slid his hand inside my briefs, my heart pounded while Jai touched the bare skin of my private parts, my cock sprung at his touch and hardened in a moment. I lifted my ass as Jai slipped my jeans to my ankles and pulled my shoes and jeans off putting them aside, I pulled my shirt over my head and was now sitting in front of Jai completely naked.
His eyes scanned my body and rested on my chest, his finger trailed down the scar that runs down the center of my chest, he leaned in and kissed it several times.

“What happened here?” Jai asked.

“I had heart surgery a couple of years ago, everything is alright now, no biggie but the scar bothers me a little.”

“Aaron, it is part of you and what happened to you, it is your history and we all have scars, some are not as visible as yours is, some are deep inside of us from things that happened while we grew up.”

Jai stood up and took his shirt off, then his pants giving me an up close view of his cock as it sprung away from the confining fabric. I reached up taking his balls into my hand, they were warm and moist.
Moving forward I pushed my nose into his pubes, his thick cock against my chin, I held him close with my hands around caressing his backside. I pulled back enough to take his cock into my mouth savoring this moment knowing there was only one first time exploring Jai’s cock and balls.

There was no hurry here, we took our time and moved slowly but my heart was still racing. Jai took my hand and led me to his bedroom, I moved onto my stomach allowing him to climb on top of me, he kissed my shoulders and down my back to the top of my butt, his tongue darted in and out of my ass crack, it was hard to hold still as the feeling was ticklish and so very erotic and wonderful.
He moved a little farther down and pushed his tongue between my legs and licked my balls and up to my ass pucker before he went wild eating and chewing my ass, I lifted my hips and went to my knees giving him all the room he needed.
My ass was wet with his saliva, he pushed a finger into my hole while he continued chewing while he finger fucked my ass, I was panting now needing more.

“Fuck me Jai, I want you inside me, fuck me hard.” I pleaded.

Jai wasted no time in dominating me, he moved in tight behind my backside and pushed his stiff man rod into my ass, I cried out in pleasure when he was fully inside me, he pushed hard against my ass while I pushed back against him.
“Your ass is so tight baby, it feels wonderful, like you are gripping my cock with your ass muscles, mmm baby your ass is so fuckably hot.” Jai whispered.
He fucked me hard and long, I was moaning and groaning wanting more and more of him inside of me. Right when Jai was about to cum, he pulled out and jacked his cock splashing cum all over my back and into my ass crack, just as the last was coming out he pushed his cock back into my ass and went a few more pumps before pulling out, he took his thick cock and slapped it against my wet worn asshole a few times like he owned it.
Jai moved off of me and slapped my ass with a hard smack, before he flipped me over and dove onto my straining cock. Jai sucked it hard, and I knew I would not last long like this, he tugged at my nuts pulling them so hard I thought he would rip them off and at the same time he started squeezing them, tightly, the pain about stopped my cum from coming but oddly it seemed to intensify my sexual feelings more than it would have without it.
I felt like Jai was in charge of my orgasm more than I was, he took me to the edge and held it there until I could take no more, my jizz blasted into his mouth and throat causing him to gulp it down as fast as he could.
Jai moved up next to me, his head on my pillow, I looked into his green eyes, the warmth of his face made me feel very comfortable and secure.
“Wanna go again?” Jai asked, my breathing still heavy from cumming in his mouth, I could only smile and kiss him he looked so adorable.
I could feel the heat coming off of his chest, I reached over and touched his shoulder and ran my hand down his side to his hip. I think he was right, there was more here than just the friendship we have had in the past, I was beginning more anxious to take the next steps into seeing where this relationship will go but I do not want to lose him as a friend no matter what.

“What do you want to do tomorrow?” I asked.

“Well after we shower and I make us a great breakfast and you do the dishes, we could go to the farmers market and explore some if you want.”

“Oh, I get to do the dishes huh?”

“Yeah, well I’ll help, a little.” Jai said with a sly grin.

“So if I am spending the night I will have to run home for a toothbrush and change of clothes for tomorrow.”

“I but toothbrushes by the six pack, and I can find something of mine that you can were, or better yet, we stay in all day and I can keep you naked.”

“Wow, you’ve got this all planned out don’t you?” I said as I poked him in the ribs causing him to jump.

I stared at his near flawless face, his green eyes sparkled as he talked and I loved seeing the little twist to his lips when he was getting ready to say something funny and he had problems keeping a straight face, one side of his mouth would curl up a bit as his lips tightened.
I pushed my finger past his lips and into his mouth and across his tongue, I pulled him closer and kissed him slow and long, I wanted him to know that this was a kiss that meant something.
Jai rolled over on top of me, I could feel his cock pressing on mine, as he moved while kissing me and running his hands over my shoulders and cupping my head as he looked into my eyes. He started gyrating his crotch on mine and I could feel thickness growing on his cock, the grin on his face was like that of a kid trying to get what he wanted by turning on his boyish charm, and guess what, it was working, my cock was as stiff as ever mashing against his.

He slid down, kissing my chest then my belly and on to my cock, kissing it and sucking at my balls Jai pushed my legs apart and then moved his hands under them pushing my legs up and dropping his lips to my ass crack, he bit at my hole while I lifted my ass into the air giving him more room to pleasure his tongue.
Jai took both hands to my crack spreading my cheek apart while pushing his thumbs against my fuck hole and then pushing them both in at once spreading them before shoving his tongue deep into my ass.
He gnawed and growled while he chewed my ass like it was his only desire in the world; he pushed my legs higher into the air and towards my face, my ass was sticking up, he smacked my asshole gently several times. Jai spat on his fingertips and pushed two of them into my ass lubing it up for his thick shaft to fuck me again.

I looked between my legs at Jai, his face looked serious like he was really concentrating on the task at hand, he took his thick cock into his hand and slapped it on my asshole a couple of times before he pointed the head right at my fuck hole and pushed it right in to his pubes in one push, he looked into my face and fucked me while telling me how hot I was and how tight my ass was.
Jai fucked me harder and harder and about the time he started cumming, I reached up and twisted his nipples roughly, making him moan loudly and a moment later he fell forward onto my chest kissing me as his cock slid out of my ass.

I snuggled in against Jai’s side after he rolled off of me, it was after four in the morning and he fell deep asleep in moments while I was reflecting on the night’s highlights, the club was really well thought out and a fun place to have a membership, Jai telling me that he wanted more than being a friend to me and the great sex with this hot man, I felt good, no I felt fucking great.
I watched him sleep, inspecting his face, the curve of his eyebrows, he was at such peace while sleeping this deep, I leaned over and kissed his nose and fell asleep by his side. I woke the next morning from the sun shining into the window, opening my eyes looking into Jai’s face only this time he was fully awake and smiling at me.

“What do you think about going out for a hearty breakfast?” Jai asked.

“I thought you were going to cook for us? Well, I have other ideas and maybe we can go out for breakfast afterward.”

I flipped the sheets back and looked at Jai’s chest, running my finger down it to his treasure trail and beyond taking his hefty cock into my hand giving it a few gentle strokes watching it thicken and grow under my touch. Jai rolled to his back while my fingers traced the outlines of his balls and then back to his cock, it was not laying on his belly but so rigid it stood off of his skin by a couple of inches straining and letting a thin string of pre cum fall from his cockhead to his skin.
I leaned over and touched his cock slit with my tongue tasting Jai’s nectar, pulling it upright I took his shaft into my mouth, slowly sucking it tenderly at first and then fully swallowing his cock to his pubic hair, letting it brush my lips. Jai pulled at my leg towards his body, I moved a knee on his other side of him in sixty-nine, my balls now dangling in his face and my cock bouncing off of his chin.
He sucked my cock while he fingered my ass, I was holding off cumming until I tasted the flood of his semen across my tongue, and then I released my own juice to Jai’s mouth, we both sucked until we each were spent.
I lay my weight on him, my face on his leg with my lips against his balls, it felt good to be with this man, very good.

“Let’s take a shower and I will take you out to a huge breakfast and we can plan the day from there.”

“Sounds great, angel, I can’t say the shower will be short though.” Jai said with a chuckle.

Jai fucked me hard against the shower wall while I moaned and called out for more, I did not want this to stop, we kissed under the spray of the water, as it ran down our bodies sparkling in the light before slid out of sight down the drain. I dried him off; we dressed and headed a few miles down the road to breakfast.
We continued seeing each other several times a week for a few months until Jai asked me to move in with him, since that day we have now been together for four years and have never been happier. Jai still works for the club which has grown in popularity most of it due to Jai’s hard work and dedication. I look forward to growing old with this sweet man, sharing our lives, years and memories with each other forever.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Thank you John!

A huge thank you goes out to my friend John, he has been so kind as to donate a very generous amount to my bog and is helping me grow as a writer by sending me some books and has said he would act as my Editor and is very well qualified to help as he is a author also but far exceeds my capabilities, his poetry is wonderful and something I could not attempt.
I will had his Facebook note to this post, thank you again John, you are very sweet and a big supporter to me.

On 22 March Alan lavishly thanked me for contributing to support his writing. Only a very short time ago did I come to his stories and was knocked over by them. Seeing the pitiful amount given to support him, I sent on 100$. I then resolved to do something more: I intend now to send him 100$ monthly, come hell or high water, until he gains a foothold in publishing. I ask those of his fans and supporters who can to do the same. So, those who can and are prepared to, in your monthly expenditure tots include Alan and tell him so and how much. That way, he can do his tots and see where he can scale back on the daily grind to give time to his writing: with some 125 stories to his credit since 2010, he's at a stage where he needs time and space to wrestle with the building blocks of his future fiction. For me, even at this stage in his command of dialogue, he's in the good company of Joyce's Dubliners, Beckett, Hemingway and Stein. Even if yours is only the "widow's mite", send it, you'll never miss it: I've given the proceeds of my latest books to various causes(the last being Shout Out) and have been re-paid in life a hundred fold. I hope he can list his patrons in future publications. Meaning you. And remember today he could be writing your story, tomorrow mine. He writes with sensitivity, humor, humanity, honesty and critique in his celebration of gay life. I think it will take generations to bed in gay rights. World wide the prospect is precarious. Support Seth

Monday, March 26, 2018

Weekend Away

My good friend Jim asked me to meet him at his family cabin for the weekend for some relaxation and fun.

I accepted as soon as the invitation was out of his mouth, I was so ready to get away and loose the stress of the work week.

I packed Thursday night and packed my car to be able to leave straight from work, my supervisor had us in a meeting right up to time to leave and all I could do was look out the window at the trees and grass.

“Nick, what do you think?” My female boss asked.

I was not paying attention and had lost the flow of the conversation. “I think we should make a simple list on the dry erase board of the pro’s and con’s and go from there.”

“Great Idea, Linda would you do the honors?” She asked. I was relieved to move past that, the things they added to the board brought me back into the flow again and I was never so happy to hear her voice saying that it was time to go for the weekend and we would pick up here on Monday morning.

I almost ran for my car, I had an ice chest and stopped at the market to buy steaks, ice, snacks and beer before driving to the lake.

I arrived before anyone was there and took a beer and a towel to the boat dock thinking I’d take a swim.

I stripped off my jeans and shoes down to my orange ball cap and a tee shirt and stood there looking around, no one in sight on the lake and no homes for miles, I slipped off my tee shirt and dropped my baseball cap to the wooden dock before diving into the water swimming away from the dock.

The water felt incredible, a bit cool but the weather was hot and felt so good swimming naked, cool water flowing all around my ass and balls.

I climbed out onto the dock and spread my towel out and lay myself out soaking up the sun, wow, this is so relaxing, my mind slowly went blank and I drifted off to sleep.

I was startled awake what must have only been a few minutes later by Jim and a couple of other guys I didn’t know. “Oh, hi, I went for a swim, excuse my nakedness.” I said covering my crotch slightly with my hands.

They introduced themselves and reached to shake my hand and before realizing both were occupied, the blonde guy kept his hand out regardless, I shook it letting my other hand go to my side, I may as well not worry about it, these getaways usually end up being a nudist weekend anyway. I thought to myself.

His name was Eric, his friend, William smiled as I caught him getting a good look at my junk, I was not yet sure if they were a couple or what.

Eric slipped his shorts off, peeled his tee shirt over his head dropping it to the dock and jumped into the water screaming out as he surfaced. “Wahoo, this water is great!”

William looked like he was a mixed race between black and Asian, his skin was beautiful with seemingly no pores and a perfect color.

William stripped and jumped in too, I think my jaw hit the planks on the dock when I saw him naked. His Afro~Asian body made my knees weak, it was sheer perfection as the sun reflected off of his wet skin as he surfaced.

I dove into the water near Eric and William, Eric tried to push my head under the water so William joined in the fun of trying to drown me by pushing me under the water, I grabbed at legs, asses or anything else that was close by.

I came up as the other two went underwater, I could feel them around me touching my legs, my ass and one of them put his mouth on my cock, sucking it deep before they both surfaced, gasping for air while laughing.

I climbed out of the lake back to the dock when Jim asked if we were ready to take everything into the cabin.

Eric put on his boxers while William just picked up his clothes and walked up to the cars, his wet ass was a sight in the sunlight that filtered through the trees. I slipped on my boxer briefs and picked up my clothes following William’s sexy ass.

We took all of the supplies into the rustic cabin, it was one large room with a bathroom that was on a septic tank with rainwater in holding tanks to use for a shower.

Eric heard a car pulling in and opened the door, it was Bobby, a good friend that I have known for several years.

I went to help him bring his gear in and saw that someone was with him. FUCK, I thought, it was his friend and drama queen Ronnie, I’d sooner slam a hammer onto my foot than spend the weekend with fuckface Ronnie.

“HAY GURLFRENS.” Ronnie screamed in his hi pitched girl like voice, it went through me like a knife.

I had a bondage vision pop into my head with Ronnie, tying him up, duct tape across his mouth and putting him in the trunk of Bobby’s car for the entire weekend.

I hugged Bobby, leaning in, “What the fuck did you bring douche bag Ronnie for?” I whispered in his ear.

“He broke up with his boyfriend and was really down, so this was a good distraction for him, please be nice.”

“Every week he breaks up with someone, he annoys the fuck out of them to the point it is either leave or go to jail for killing him.” I said.

Bobby patted my boxer brief covered ass and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Love ya.” He said with a smile.

“I need liquor!” I announced to a cheer from the guys.

I walked to the “kitchen” area pulling out some bags to find the rum bottle I brought along with some Coke a Cola. “Who needs a rum and Coke?” I asked.

Ronnie came over next to me and ran his hand across my ass. “I’lll take one, lover.” My eyes raced around the counter for a sharp knife. “Ronnie, if you ever touch my ass again, or call me lover, or anything period, I will drag your ass to the lake and drown you.” I said in a low tone only Ronnie could hear.

“You crack me up, always do, you are so funny.” Ronnie said.

Ronnie took his drink and sipped it while I shot Bobby a “look” that said volumes.

William was still nude and Ronny was encroaching on what I was wanting to build into a weekend romance with William. I turned and added more rum to my drink. I motioned to William to come over. “What would you like to drink William?”

“I’d love a cold beer, I brought two cases so there should be plenty for the weekend. “ William said with a sweet smile.

I popped open a beer and handed it to William. “Here ya go.” “By the way was that you that put your mouth on my dick back at the lake?” I asked.

William smiled. “It looked inviting, so I went for it.” He said as he leaned in letting his thick cock tough my hand that I had at my side.

Instinctively my hand went around his shaft and balls cupping his manhood. “Well I need a turn at yours then, just to be fair.” I took my rum and coke and lifted the glass under his cockhead letting it and his balls dip into my glass before I kneeled down to lick him clean.

William leaned back on the counter and moaned, that was enough to draw the attention of the others who cheered a bit as they moved in to watch.

Ronnie stripped his clothes off and tried to move in on me and William, I saw him and was about to punch him in the nuts when Bobby pulled him back.

“Let’s go out and skinny dip guys.” Bobby called out.

Everyone stripped and headed outside leaving me with William who by now was fully hard as I devoured his shaft.

William leaned back onto the counter lifting his legs giving me my first look at his hot asshole, I dove in face first, my stubble rubbing against his soft skin driving him wild.

“Fuck me Ray.” He said.

I grabbed my backpack and took out some lube and a condom.

I stretched out William’s hole and plunged my cock in deep while William moaned and asked for more. I pulled his hips close as I plowed his ass.

William lifted my glass to my lips for me to take a sip of my rum with essence of Coke, leaning in and taking a sip himself while I fucked him hard, I liked his style.

I was about to cum when goat shit fuck face Ronnie walked back into the cabin. “Don’t mind me, just grabbing some sunscreen my little whores.”

“Shut the fuck up Ronnie, get your shit and go before I beat your ass.”

Ronnie moved faster than before and shut the door on his way out. I picked up momentum and was back to shooting my cum into this olive skinned God.

I groaned loudly as the last of my jizz pumped out of my pee hole into William.

I pushed William back farther onto the counter and sucked his stiff dripping dong into my throat and bobbed his pole as I played with his balls.

William was writhing all over the counter moaning and panting while his cum splashed deep into my mouth and throat as he bucked his hips.

I pulled William to his feet kissing him on the neck and working to his sexy lips, biting and sucking on them.

We joined the others at the dock, a couple of the guys were laying out on towels and the others were in the water splashing and laughing.

Eric looked at William’s cock seeing a thread of cum leaking out onto the wooden dock. “Looks like you two had a good time.” Eric said.

William looked at me and smiled, he dove into the water and surfaced a few feet away.

I felt a hand on my bare ass from behind, turning to see it was Ronnie. “Look asswipe, I’ve told you already that if you want to live, you need to stay clear of me and never touch me again, I don’t need your fucking drama.”

“It’s cool baby, I thought you were playing with me, it’s all good.”

“I don’t play anything with you, you are a fucking looser and I have heard all of your crap for over three years, and one day Bobby will get tired of it and you will have to find someone else to fuck up their life.”

Bobby got out of the water and took Ronnie aside and explained that he is walking a thin line and about to be taken home. “If you want to stay out here and have a nice weekend, then you need to keep a low profile and not piss people off.”

“Okay Bobby, I’ll behave the best I can.” Ronnie said giving Bobby a hug.

We swam and played in the water while Jim and Eric were making out near the waterline, it was hot to watch, two hot guys naked in the grass.

Jim was definitely a top and took charge getting Eric on his knees doggy style and started eating his ass and fingering him with his first two fingers, really reaming his ass.

Eric’s head was in the grass with his back arched and ass up high in the air. Jim pushed his hard slim cock into Eric’s stretched hole and started pumping him while Eric’s cock swung between his legs in the lake breeze

Bobby lay in the grass with a leg on each side of Eric’s face and plunged his cock down the man’s throat while Jim filled the other end.

Ronnie came over for a closer look and started rubbing Jim’s ass while jacking his own cock. “Get down there under him and suck his dangling dick.” Jim said. Ronnie did as instructed and was glad to be a part of the action.

Eric was sucking Bobby’s cock like crazy when the man blew his load hungrily sucking all of Bobby’s cum wanting more. Jim fucked Eric’s ass with a vengeance pulling it out and shooting his cum into Ronnie’s face below.

Ronnie continued sucking Eric until his cum erupted, filling Ronnie’s mouth with his salty jizz.

We paired off to share the three beds in the cabin that night, there was lots of whispering and giggling going on until finally the last had fallen asleep.

The next afternoon Ronnie was laying on the dock when one of the guys stood over him jacking off. “Come on guys, let’s cover Ronnie in our jizz.” Eric said.

Everyone stood around Ronnie jacking off, I decided to go a bit farther and give Ronnie what he deserved and let loose a stream of piss onto his chest and moved it up to his face, he took it like a real piss slut opening his mouth for any liquid he could catch. Eric was the first to let his ropes of cum splash down onto Ronnie’s face with the others following covering his face and chest with the mixed cum of the group.

We took a swim, ate lunch and laughed, Ronnie kept his distance most of the afternoon.

William and I cooked massive three quarter pound burgers outside on a charcoal grill, we were all famished by the time they were done. Bobby made a huge bowl of potato salad and brought some cookies and thing he had brought with him to the lake.

After we finished gorging everyone went to the cool green grasses that grew near the water’s edge, laying naked laughing and poking at each other.

Everyone was too full for much other than to rest in the shade, Bobby brought his guitar and played while he softly sang and his voice was deep and beautiful.

My breath was slow and deep, my eyes closed I could listen to Bobby sing forever, it made me relax, nothing could stir me up while he sang, hell I think if Ronnie lay next to me I would not even say a mean word to him.

I woke up after a brief nap to the guys laughing and splashing in the lake, I stepped off to the side and pissed into the bushes before walking to the dock. “Next year I am renting a big pontoon boat for us to use out here.” I said.

“Sounds great.” Ronnie said.

I chose to be a good boy and ignore him as he would not be on my list to invite and I would make sure that Bobby did not bring him.

I sat on the dock with my legs in the water when William swam up and pushed my knees apart, I carefully lifted and moved forward as to keep the splinters out of my ass. William toyed with my nuts causing my cock to chub and stick out from my crotch before he started gently chewing my cockhead.

William smiled, his white teeth sparkling in the sunlight. He dove onto my cock and took it to my pubic hair, he was definitely talented and made me moan and groan with pleasure.

He sucked until I was ready to cum and pulled off, I started jacking off until I shot my load, the first bit hit William square on the lips the next flew into his hair, by the time I finished shooting, his face was covered in ropes of creamy white love juice.

William leaned back sliding under the water washing the cum from his face. I could feel him at my feet running his hands up my legs.

We had a great time at the lake, I invited William to dinner and to my place afterwards for fun and games. We decided to hang out at least once a week and are now the best of fuck buddies.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

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I want to thank one of my special readers John E., for a very generous $100.00 donation to my blog, this really means allot to me and helps keep my blog free of charge.
I do this because I love writing but without readers leaving me reviews about my stories and reading them I would have stopped a long time ago. Many of my stories I deleted and lost some on a
computer when it crashed, now I store them on two computers, my blog and in a portable hard drive to protect them.
Thank you so very much John for your more than generous donation, it sure makes me feel like what I write matters.

Monday, March 12, 2018


Chase sat in a chair near the fireplace in his Denver mountaintop cabin, looking at the flames dancing before him, deep in thought about the love of his life, David.
He pushed the unruly locks of dark hair from his eyes, Chase could use a haircut and needed to get into the shower and join David in the lodge kitchen to start his shift that overlapped with David’s.

Chase, a young man who had his eye on a career of being a chef at a major restaurant. He had graduated the Culinary Institute of America in New York and had worked in a three star restaurant to get the exposure and experience but was so ready to move on to a head chef position.
Over four years ago while in Denver on vacation that was actually a job search.
Chase met David, a short handsome blond about 25 years old who was also a chef working at a mountain lodge hotel and restaurant.
David made Chase want to work there even more than just getting out of New York.
David was showing Chase the kitchen as instructed by the Hotel Manager as well as the grounds nearby.

“It is not all that large of a kitchen like you are probably used and I am sure we will be bumping into each other a lot until we get a rhythm down David said with a smile, that is, IF you take the job that is.”

Chase could not help pick up on the subtle hints that David was making as he looked into green eyes giving him a big smile in return.
Chase met with the hotel manager again and accepted the job then went back to the kitchen to let David know his decision.

“Let me cook you a nice dinner Chase, have a seat and relax. I bet your tired after that flight across the US.” David said.

“Sure, that would be great, I’ve mostly had trail mix, a sandwich and the tiny bag of pretzels on the plane.”

David pulled out two filet mignon steaks tossing them on the open flame grill as he chatted with Chase about the clean air and snow of Denver.
While they ate, David would look right into Chase’s eyes as he talked, he was very easy to be with.

“Are you gay Chase?” David asked.

‘Yes,” with a chuckle, “am I that obvious?” Chase asked with a grin.

“No, I was mostly hoping,” David said with a huge smile showing his white teeth. “It’s only 6 pm Chase, what are your plans for the rest of the day?”

“I really have no plans, all I have seen of Denver is the airport and the drive up by taxi. I have three days left before I go back to New York to give my two week’s notice.”
“Well then, you are all mine.” David laughed and tossed his arm over Chases shoulder as they cleared the table.

“Cool, that works for me but I need to check into my room and get settled first.” Chase replied.

“Ok Chase, I’ll go grab a shower, when you get your stuff put away come up the trail behind the kitchen, I live in the cabin up the hill you can’t miss it.” David said.

Chase was pretty tired but the steak and baked potato really gave him a new lease on life, he put his clothes away, brushed his teeth and headed up the dirt trail to the cabin.
Hearing a knock, David opened the door and invited Chase in with a smile.

“Welcome, David said I’m almost ready to go, can I get you a beer?”

“Sure, that sounds great.” Chase said while checking David’s bare torso, smooth and hot with natural muscle tone.
David handed Chase a bottle of beer while he finished dressing.

“Ok, let’s go, this is a small neighborhood gay club here in Denver, I think you will like it.” David said. Laying his hand on Chase’s shoulder, and then giving it a firm pat.

Inside the club, they had a few beers and danced together for over three hours when Chase asked David if he would take him back to the hotel now, it was midnight in Denver but three am New York time and he was very travel weary.
On the drive back, David reached over to Chase and pulled him close, Chase leaned his head over on David’s shoulder running his hand on his chest. David leaned his head down a bit kissing Chase on the forehead.

“Pretty tired guy, huh?”

Chase got out of the Jeep when they got back to the hotel, David walked around to the passenger side to Chase.

“Come to my cabin in the morning and I’ll make you a nice breakfast, I don’t work tomorrow so we can spend some time hiking if you want to, unless you want to come up and stay with me tonight?”

“I would love to stay with you tonight but I’m beat, I will take you up on breakfast in the morning though.” Chase said.

“Ok, no problem, I had a great time with you and look forward to seeing you in the morning then.” David said as he leaned over and kissed Chase on the lightly on the lips before heading toward his cabin.

“Wait, Dave, I will come with you, if you don’t mind?” Chase asked.

David turned with a huge smile holding a welcoming hand out to Chase.
They undressed and climbed into bed holding each other, kissing and touching.

“Chase…. Why don’t you go to sleep, I can see how tired you are, we can fool around in the morning before breakfast.” David said quietly.

Chase agreed and took only a couple of minutes before he was sound asleep, David rubbed Chase’s abdomen feeling his pubic hair then resting his hand on his cock as he too fell asleep.
Morning came with the early sun streaming in the window. David looked into chase’s eyes as he kissed his lips.

“Good morning sexy”.

“Hi” Chase said in between soft kisses.

David rolled Chase onto his stomach and sat on his upper legs, his cock hanging down between the firm ass cheeks. David started massaging his back and shoulders, leaning down now and then to kiss Chase’s neck.
Chase moaned with pleasure and moved his body with David’s seemingly expert hands, sliding down further David kneaded his firm butt cheeks, moving lower to give them a kiss, then a bite.
Running his tongue lightly over Chase’s ass crack hardly touching the light dusting of hair causing Chase to squirm and move, lifting his ass slightly into the air giving David more room to work.
David spread Chase’s cheeks apart running his tongue deep into the crack and pushing against the tight sphincter before him making chase moan even more than before.
Sliding his middle finger as deep inside Chase as he could, adding motion, finger fucking his hot tight ass as he watched his own finger disappear over and over.
Chase tried to roll over once but David softly placed his hand to hold him in place.
David reached under Chase, feeling his low hanging balls, and rock hard cock dangling just out of tongue’s reach. David slid on a condom and a dab of lube as Chase lifted his ass into the air a bit wanting more of the action he had just had.
David plunged his stiff rod into Chase’s ass deeper and deeper with one fluid movement while Chase pushed back against David.

“Oh, David! Mmm…. That feels incredible…. Don’t stop…..” Chase whispered.

David rolled Chase over half onto his side, lifting his leg toward Chase’s chest and pushing his hard cock back inside Chase.
Chase moaned with the pleasure and heat of the moment, it had been a while since he had been with a guy and this was long overdue.
Chase pushed back against David’s thrusting.

“Oh babe, mmmmm…. your ass feels so tight.” David whispered.

“Feels fantastic to me too.” Chase said. “Give it to me harder, ahhhhhh.. Push it deep.”

David increased his motion as he was getting closer to cumming, Chase pulled his knee up tighter giving David more room to move.

“Cum for me baby… fill me up..mmmm.. feels so great…”

David started moving faster as he shot his load.

“Ohhhhhh….. mmm .. Baby, OH MY GOD!” David cried out as he continued thrusting his stiff prick into the hot hole.

After he pulled out, David slid down to Chase’s cock pulling it into his mouth while reaching up rubbing his chest and gently pinching the man’s nipples.
Chase thrust his cock deep into David’s throat fucking him furiously until David had to pull back for a second to gulp in some air.

“Ahhhh Dave,, mmm.. oh baby! Suck me, I’m gonna cum..”

David pulled the cock from his mouth and jacked Chase off with his hand as he shot his load onto his chest even hitting himself on the face a bit.

“Wow David, Chase said, I haven’t shot a load like that in a long time, that was very hot.”

David climbed up to kiss Chase, laying his head on his chest listening to his heart still beating furiously.
David toyed with his nipples with his tongue causing Chase to moan softly. David left for a second and returned with a hot wet hand towel to clean Chase up.
The two drifted off to sleep for another hour or so with David waking up first, he took a long look at Chase, admiring his handsome face as Chase stirred from his slumber laying naked on top of the sheets.
David ran his hand over Chase’s cheek.

“Let’s take a shower and I’ll make us some breakfast.”

“Sounds great.” Chase replied as he followed David to the bathroom.
They kissed under the hot water, running their hands all over each other’s bodies. Chase noticed David’s cock stiffening to fully erect in no time, he got onto his knees and pulled it into his mouth while his fingers explored David’s ass.
David pulled him up and kissed his full and sexy lips.

“We better get to that breakfast before we go to round two!” David laughed.

They both worked on making the meal, David slicing potatoes and frying them while Chase cooked the sausage links and eggs.
They plated up the food while the toast was in the toaster, David buttered it and joined Chase at the table, both men ate like they had not eaten a meal in days.

“What is your plan when you get back to New York Chase? Just the basic two-week notice?”

“Yeah, I don’t have allot to bring back with me, I can get new furniture when I get here, I will just rent a small moving truck. I don’t have a car, living in the city I have used a bus for years.”

“How did you find this cabin? It‘s great” Chase asked.

“Well it belongs to the resort, it was the managers place until they built a new log home on the far side of the property. It was vacant and I asked if I could rent it, they agreed but made it a “perk” for working so hard for them for the past few years.” David said in between bites of his toast.

“Why don’t you stay with me until you find a place? I don’t mind, and there is a second bedroom if you want to stay in it or you are welcome in my bed anytime.” David said with a wink and a big handsome smile.

“Really? you think so?” Chase asked.

“Sure it will give us time to get to know each other better.”

Chase laughed, “I think we just did pretty well at getting to know each other a few minutes ago, that was hot as hell.”

David was secretly hoping that Chase would like staying with him so much that he would not want to even look for a place, he was really taken with Chase, something clicked between them.
They finished the meal, did the dishes and David took Chase for a hike into the hillside forest for some morning exercise and fresh air. They talked and joked, when they laughed you could hear it carry deep into the woods.
Chase stopped on the trail and looked into David’s eyes, he smiled as Chase kissed him deeply.

“I’ve got to pee.“ Chase said as he turned away from David and unzipped.

David chuckled. "You pee shy? I have seen you naked remember?"

Chase started a steady stream as he turned to give David a good look.
David looking at Chase’s fat cock as he walked up behind Chase and took the man’s cock into his hands aiming the pee in arching patterns.

“Feels nice to touch you like this.” David whispered into his ear.

He shook out the last few drops and carefully tucked the meat back into Chase’s pants and zipped him up.

“Such service.” Chase said with a smile.

“My turn" he said as he reached for David’s pants.

“But I don’t have to pee.” David remarked as he realized that was not what Chase was thinking of.

Chase knelt in front of his hot friend as he slid David’s pants to his ankles.

“Wow, very hot.” Chase remarked, then he pulled on David’s ball’s and leaned in to suck his soft cock into his mouth.

Running his hands all over David’s ass and up under his shirt as far as he could reach from this position.

“Oh Chase, baby, I may not let you go back to New York at all, this feels so great, a morning blow job in the woods, can it get any better?” David asked.

David’s hips bucked as he shot a load into Chase’s mouth, Chase gulping it all down.

“Wow that was fantastic!” David said as Chase pulled David’s pants up to the point that David took over fastening them.

The two hiked for another fifteen minutes before looping back toward the cabin.

“I just love this crisp clean air.” Chase said as he looked around at the trees, “It’s so beautiful!”

“Yes, very beautiful.” David said but was looking only at Chase.

“Awww." Chase laughed, and blushed a bit as they continued the walk back to the cabin.

Once back they settled in going into the kitchen where David sliced up some beef stick and cheeses and got out some assorted crackers with two cold beers.

“Chase what do you think about me joining you to New York, and helping you drive back? I would really love to see New York and can’t think of you driving all those miles alone.”
Chase looked at David and smiled.

“Yeah! that would be fantastic, that is if you don’t mind? But you had better ask for time off pretty quick and let’s get you a ticket booked today too, I will pay for that, it’s the least I can do.”

The men chatted about the upcoming trip to move Chase to Denver and about the things they may see driving across the country and the route they might take
“Let’s take a drive into Denver and Ill show you the sights and I can pick up a few things for our trip to New York. I do have to admit that I am pretty excited about going, I’ve never been to a large city like before.” David remarked.

“It is very big and can be overwhelming but the size and number of gay clubs there will amaze you, and the shopping, you can spend a month’s salary in a few hours.” Chase laughed.

David got the ok to take time off for the trip and Chase booked the ticket but it took some doing to get David booked on his same flight as it was near sold out.
The day of the flight the boys got everything ready and caught a taxi to the airport.
After getting situated on the plane Chase looked at David’s face, he was grinning ear to ear like a kid going to Disney World.
Chase patted his forearm and smiled at him, settling back in the seat for about 6 or so hours in the air after he grabbed a copy of In Flight magazine.
Chase had never been taken with anyone as quickly as he had David. He really liked everything about him and his easy sexy attitude was so adorable.
Chase was flipping pages of the magazine as he thought about David without really looking at the pages.
David was sitting at the window looking out watching the guys clearing the area before letting the plane taxi out to the runway.

“Chase what if I like it in New York and don’t want to come back?” He asked with a huge smile.

“Well, I think I would have to keep my apartment and you move in with me, though I really do want to get away form the city for a while and Denver is so beautiful with all the trees and nature.”

The plane started the taxi out onto the runway then lifted off with David smiling he looked at Chase.

“We are really going aren’t we?”

“Yeah, it’s hard to believe your going back with me, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be with right now than you."

David had a lap blanket that he had opened and put over his lap to his chest, he reached back and pushed the armrest they shared into the up position then taking Chases hand under the blanket to his crotch.
Chase could feel that David had un-done his fly and his cock was out of his pants, now in Chases hand.

“MMMmmm.. naughty boy.” Chase said as he glanced around to see if anyone else could tell what was going on.

David just looked out the window as if nothing was going on.
David’s cock was now fully erect and getting Chase a bit worked up, he leaned over and whispered into David’s ear."I wish I could get on my knees and take you into my mouth right here."

The male flight attendant walked past noticing what they were doing and gave them a “look” both laughed and straightened up. David closed his fly after working to get the monster back inside the tight constraints of his jeans.

Hours later the captain’s voice explained they were to prepare for landing, most had slept to this point and the chatter came up as everyone started stowing the items they had out during the flight.

“New York! Yay!” David exclaimed as they climbed into the cab wide-eyed.

He tried to take everything in the closer they got to the city, the more anxious he got.
In about an hour they were nearing Chase’s neighborhood.

“I’ll be glad to be home, well in the apartment anyway, It will take me a while to get used to calling Denver home.”

They got out of the cab paid and tipped the driver and headed inside.

“I'll order some Chinese food and have it delivered from a place around the corner so we can get right into the shower and relax some.” Chase said.
“Later I will take you out for a New York night on the town.”

Chase turned around to find David already peeling off his layers of clothes headed for the bathroom.

“I'll make the call then join you in there, just hop in I’ll get fresh towels in a sec.” Chase said as he watched David’s bare ass disappearing through the doorway into the bathroom.

Chase joined David in the small shower they almost had to press together just to fit inside and get the door closed as it was a small apartment with a small bathroom and a very tiny stall shower.
They both laughed and hugged each others wet, slick bodies while they kissed under the warm jets of water splashing down onto them.

“Not really a “sex” shower you have here, we will have to wash and go to the bed." David exclaimed.

Chase put shampoo in his hands before working it into David’s hair washing it from behind while pushing his stiffening cock between David’s ass cheeks and legs.
They rinsed and were out drying each other off when David pulled Chase close to him and kissing him deeply on the lips while his left hand moved to Chase’s ass cheek.
Chase dropped to his knees and moved his lips to David’s pubic hair biting and kissing as he pulled the man tight to his face, moving down to a stiff shaft that was pointing skyward.
Chase pulled it into his mouth and swallowed it fully as David moaned and moved his hips while placing his hands on the back of Chases head guiding him along.
David pulled Chase to his feet and pulled him toward the bedroom, gently pushing Chase backwards onto the bed he lifted the man’s legs and put his face into Chase’s balls sucking on them feeling each in his mouth before going back to the other.
David pushed his thumbs to spread the ass cheeks out exposing Chase’s hot love hole.
David paused just looking at it, then dove in rimming his lovers ass while his hands explored the man’s legs as he held them in the air.
Chase could feel the stubble of David’s chin scratching and burning his ass.

“Mmmmm… baby, that feels sooooo damn good, you are driving me wild.” Chase moaned.

Just then a loud knock at the door, “Hong Kong Express” a voice said. David looked at Chase and they burst into laughter as they both had raging hard cocks.
Chase grabbed his wet towel wrapping it around himself as he opened the door to see a youngish Asian man holding two bags of take out.
The delivery guy looked at Chase noting the tenting effect in the towel.

“Sorry to disturb.. But I have your shrimp lo mien and sweet and sour chicken, that’s twenty five fifty.”

Looking only at Chases bulge while he spoke.
Chase took thirty five dollars out of his wallet as he took the bags from the guy, trying to hold everything and hand the money to him the towel came loose hit the floor.
The delivery guy was trying to take the bags back so Chase could grab the towel as Chase moved, the guy grabbed the bottom of the bags running his hand right into Chases still semi erect cock and balls.

“Ohhhh, I am so sorry.” The deliver guy said but could not help but stare at the naked cock bouncing at him.

At this point Chase stopped trying to cover up.

“Wait a sec.” as he turned carrying the bags to the table he could feel the guys eyes watching his ass as he moved.

Chase returned to hand him the cash as the guy bent to pick up the wet towel but mostly to get an eye to cock view as he straightened up handing Chase the towel and taking the cash.

“Keep the change.” Chase said as the guy took the money.

“Oh, thank you, very nice!” He exclaimed as he pulled the door closed behind him leaving.

Chase wondered if he said ”very nice” from seeing his cock or for the tip.
Hearing the door close David walked in to the room naked as Chase told him what had just happened, they both laughed as they ate.

“So you gave him a tip and a show.” David said while grinning at Chase.

They spread the food out on the little dining at table and ate while still laughing about the delivery guy and the look on his face.
David bumped Chase’s arm causing him to spill some sweet and sour sauce on his belly button, David smiled and leaned down to lick it off Chase, then he went lower sucking Chases cock into his mouth.

“I’ll give you some more sauce to suck down if you keep that up for long.” Chase said with a laugh.

David stopped and looked at the now fully erect cock glistening.

“Mmm I like it, I just wanted to see it hard while we finished eating then I will finish you off for dessert.” David exclaimed.

“Very nice!” Chase said in a bad accent mocking the delivery guy.

They finished eating pushing the containers aside kissing and groping their way to the bed.
Chase flipped David over and started loosening his tight ass up with his fingers as David pushed back and moaned.
Chase reached into the bedside drawer pulling out some soft nylon rope, looking into David’s eyes nothing was said as he slipped the knots into place tying David’s wrists to the bed posts.

“Mmmmm….” David moaned as Chase lifted and pushed a pillow under his stomach raising his ass into the air.

Chase again opens the drawer and took out a large dildo and some lube. Smearing some onto David’s hole as he began playing with the man’s balls that hung low, licking and sucking them into his mouth.
Chase took the dildo and played around David’s hot and wanting hole watching it up close as he pushed harder and harder with even pressure as the head disappeared David bucked his ass up and groaned.

“Push it deeper baby” “give it to me” mmmm.”

Chase still watching the phallic tool plunging in deep into David’s overstretched hole before pulling it out and pushing David to his knees before plunging his very hard cock into the now vacant hole.
He reached under pulling on David’s stiff cock as he began to pump the man’s ass.
Leaning forward kissing his back and biting at the back of David’s neck as his speed increased he stopped to move David onto his back and re tie the ropes as David smiled closing his eyes.
Chase leaned in low and flicked his tongue across David’s nipples running his fingertips across the treasure trail going to David’s straining cock.
Wanting more David lifted his hips up toward Chases fingers, Chase leaned in to David’s lips hardly touching them with his, before tracing them with his tongue lightly.
This was making David go crazy as he could not move his hands to his own throbbing cock or touch Chase.

Chase ran his hands all over David’s body, from his mouth where he pushed his fingers inside his lips to his toes that he took inside his mouth and sucked and licked making David squirm with lust crying out.
Chase stood over David straddling his body looking down as he pulled on his stiff cock, dropping to his knees plunging his cock into David’s mouth and deeper into his throat.
David sucked hard and choked a few times as Chase erupted spewing his hot load while David sucked it down.
Chase moved to David’s ever so stiff erection running his finger along the shaft watching it jump at the slightest touch.
Lifting his balls into his mouth as he jacked the shaft up and down as he squeezed it, not taking long David shot a huge load of cum into Chases mouth as he fell forward onto David breathing hard kissing his chest.

“I didn’t know you were into kink.” David said with a smile as Chase un-tied him.

“Nothing wrong with a bit of unconventional sex now and then is there?” Chase replied with a sly smile.

After a short nap and a showered they dressed to go out on the town stopping in a neighborhood bistro Chase ordered a sirloin steak while David ordered shrimp scampi.
They chatted while they ate both fully enjoying each others company. David ordered a chocolate moose cake and insisted that Chase take a few bites as it was so delicious.
David paid the bill and the two Walked onto the New York streets as the cool wind blew past them as they walked down the street.
Chase took David to a nearby club that pretty crowded, they wedged up to the bar Chase got them a couple of beers and headed toward the dance floor.
Chase saw a couple of friends that had waved them over to join them as they had room at their table.
David pulled Chase onto the dance floor and danced for several songs before returning to his friends.
They laughed and chatted with Chase’s friends for an hour then danced a few more songs until they both were ready to head back to the apartment.
David pulled Chase close by the shoulder to kiss him as soon as they got inside the doorway.

“Thanks so much, I’ve had such a good time tonight, the clubs here are incredible!”

“Yeah, I will miss them some and will really miss my friends here in New York but I think you will keep me busy in Denver.”

They went to bed after talking for another hour or so drifted off to sleep only to wake to a loud truck outside slamming into a car at the corner.
They looked out the window that no one appeared to be hurt going back to bed, David snuggled against Chase’s back putting his arm around him kissing him on the neck.

“Chase? I am really happy to have met you and so happy that you are coming to live in Denver best of all we will be working together almost every day.”

The next morning they woke, showered together and went to the nearby café’ for breakfast.

“Do you think we will be all ready to leave in a few days Chase?”

“Yeah I think so, I have a few friends that will take most of my furniture and the rest will go to Salvation Army, I am only taking a few boxes, my flat screen TV and my clothes.”

They finished breakfast heading back to the apartment to meet some of Chase’s friends that would be picking up most of the furniture.

“This evening I would like to have a night out again if you're not too tired?” Chase asked.
“No, I am all but tired, I have never been to a city as large as this and want to see as much as I can before we leave, what did you have in mind?”

“I would rather leave it as a surprise for now.” Chase said with a smile.

They finished with the furniture and went to lunch with Chase’s friends to say goodbye and that he hoped they could come out to Denver to visit sometime.
They went to the truck rental office to confirm in person that rental van would be ready for the next day without fail.

“Yes the office manager said, it is already here and waiting.”

They took a cab back to the apartment to relax some before dinner tonight, David was in the door and already peeling off his clothes and headed for the bed.

“Come on Chase, I have a plan over here and it involves you.”

Chase stripped off his shirt and pants jumping onto the bed alongside of David kissing him firmly on the lips.
Chase lay across David, feeling the warmth of the man underneath his body, still in his boxer briefs he could feel his cock starting to harden as it pressed between them.
David rolled out from under Chase sliding down and started biting at Chase’s inner thighs working up towards his brief covered ass biting and chewing through the fabric.
Chase moaned pushing his ass up toward the hot mouth fighting the deep blue fabric to gain access to the hot ass.
David had gotten himself so worked up that he was breathing hard as he gave the underwear a firm yank exposing Chase’s pale ass cheeks.
He dove in with his tongue making the hole very wet as he probed it with his middle finger before moving into place pushing his stiff cock into the begging hole.
David smacked him on the ass with his open hand and continued fucking him, holding onto Chase’s hips pulling them toward him as he assaulted Chase’s fuckhole.

As he got close to cumming he pulled his throbbing cock out and jacked it off between Chase’s ass cheeks while he started rubbing his cock along the ass crack spreading his own cum between the sexy ass mounds.
David shoved his face down to the cum covered crack, licking his own spunk making Chase go wild with anticipation of David’s tongue pushing its way in deeper and deeper while lapping up the sticky cum.
Chase pulled David up to his face kissing him sliding his tongue deep into David’s mouth tasting his salty cum, this seemed to fuel his fire making him hornier than he had just been.
Chase positioned David onto his stiff cock letting him ride him from above.
Davis ground his ass down hard onto Chase’s stiff pole then lifting himself back off until chase almost came from inside him.
Chase flipped David over and started fucking him hard and furiously, needing to shoot his load.
He was not holding back at all and went full-bore down onto David until he felt the euphoric waves of his orgasm take over as he bucked wildly.
The two men collapsed still coupled and breathing hard, Chase kissed David’s back.

“Chase, ‘I think,,, I love you’ as they drifted into slumber.” David whispered.
The days had passed quickly and it was time to drive the van to Denver. They went to a local café’ for breakfast before pulling out of the neighborhood into New York, fighting traffic and crossing bridges.

“I’ll be so happy to get to Denver and leave this behind me” Chase said reaching over to place his hand on David‘s thigh. “I liked it here but it’s time for a change, and I love the beautiful serenity of the mountains by the lodge.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling, David remarked, It seems like I have lived there forever but it never gets old.”

They drove for several hours before stopping for lunch and a driver change, after gassing up they were back on the road.
David started singing to a tune on the radio while he drove, Chase watching him as he sang, thinking how sweet David is and how much he enjoyed being with him.
Chase was also thinking about when David said he thought he was falling in love with him, at first the statement caught him off guard but then the more he thought about it, it just seemed right.


“Yeah baby?” David replied.

“I think I am falling in love with you too, we seem to fit together like we’ve known each other forever, the easy way you make me feel around you, I love that.”

“I feel the same, and you are welcome to move into my cabin with me and share my bed and my life, we can see how it goes from there.” David said as he took his eyes off the road long enough to look at Chase while he finished the sentence.

Chase smiled and winked and then gave David’s shoulder a pat.

“I’d like to do more than pat you, but you are driving” Chase laughed.

Stopping at a hotel for the night they put on board shorts to wear in the pool and relax in the Jacuzzi before going to dinner.
Luckily the trip was pretty uneventful, when you drive a truck across country there is really less to see than you would think without straying off the main route and really adding a lot of extra miles onto the trip.
They both did enjoy seeing Mt. Rushmore it was great to see things like that and the open plains that have not changed since American Indians roamed them.
After several days of driving long days they pulled into Denver about 11:45 at night, both men very tired, they just parked the truck, went inside the cabin, showered and fell into bed.
Naked they cuddled and held each other as they fell asleep very quickly.
The next morning they woke in each others arms, kissed and smiled teach other saying good morning to each other.

“Let’s go to the lodge dining room for a big breakfast baby.” I will have to grocery shop before we can make much to eat here.” David said.

They tossed on some jeans and tee shirts and headed down the dirt trail to eat.

“I need to check in at the office to find out when I have my first shift, I am really looking forward to cooking alongside you sweetie.” David smiled and said.

“Me too, it will be good to get back into the kitchen and especially with you baby.”

“Let’s finish up here, hit the office and then get the van unloaded so we can return it to the rental company.” Chase said between bites of the home fries.

They stopped by the office then started on the van, there really was not that much to unload and it was done in no time. They stacked the boxes in the second bedroom but David had already made it clear that Chase would be staying in his room with him from the start.

“I can’t get enough of the pine smell, the freshness outside, it’s wonderful.” Chase remarked.

“Lets go out for groceries in town and when we get back we can take a short nap before making dinner, maybe I can get you naked and give you a massage too.”

In town they puttered around a menswear shop so Chase could get outfitted with some hiking shoes and shorts then picked up the groceries with plans of cooking some beef stew with sourdough bread and a light salad.
David offered Chase the use his soft top Jeep anytime he needed or wanted to go into town, he always left the keys on the hook inside the door of the cabin.
It was such a beautiful day they hated to go inside to put the groceries away but David wanted to get the stew going in his slow cooker as soon as he could.
Chase started peeling potatoes and carrots for the stew while David prepped and cut the meat.
Chase looked over at the handsome man and smiled, Wow, I am really falling in love him. He thought to himself.
Chase walked over behind David and kissed him on the back of the neck as he ran his hands over his shoulders feeling the muscles move under his fingers as David cut the meat moving it into the crock pot.

“Mmmmm…. Chase,, I thought I was going to give you the massage? But this really feels good baby, it’s so nice to have you here, I have been alone for some time now.”

They finished in the kitchen and stripped as soon as they got to the bedroom.
David instructed Chase to lay on the bed face down. Chase climbed onto the bed sitting on Chase’s ass cheeks while he kneaded his muscles starting at his neck and shoulders working his was down to his lower back working hard on it as Chase moaned with pleasure.

“Mmmmm.. Baby that feels so good, I’ll give you two hours to stop.” Chase said in a muffled voice.

David moved himself to the edge of the bed so he could work on Chase’s ass cheeks and thighs, his fingers worked like magic but slowed as they traveled lightly into the crack of his ass, touching the light hairs as Chase spread his legs a bit.
David ran a finger deeper into the crack finding its mark slowly massaging his hole, Chase could not hold his body still, he bucked back against the finger wanting it inside so bad.

“Not yet stud, this is a real massage and I am not half-finished.” David said with a comical tone.

He worked down all the way running his fingers between each toe and under the arches before asking Chase to turn over.
As he did David noticed that he had done a great job of arousing Chase, his cock was standing out from his belly.
Davis started massaging his chest and arms before moving any lower, working around the stiff member, not touching it, but very close to it.
Moving along Chase’s balls and between his legs, he moved back up lightly touching his cock making it jump and move, then touching his balls the same way only with two fingers as they pulled up tight.
David wanted to toy with chase a bit more as much as he wanted to suck it deep into his mouth.
He ran his finger tips along the underside of the stiff shaft to the swollen head, just then Chase moaned loudly as he released his hot cum squirting out onto his stomach.
David kept the light touches going through each wave of jizz splashing out.

Chase was moving all over the bed at this time, he did not want David to stop, this was one of the most erotic and sensual things anyone had ever done to or for him.
David leaned down and ran his tongue over the sticky cum on the tip of Chase’s cock as Chase pushed up toward his lips wanting more.
David licked a mouthful off Chase’s stomach looking at Chase, his very white teeth covered in cum he moved up and kissed Chase offering him a taste of his own goodness.
David rolled Chase over and lubed his ass with his spit before plunging his very hard cock into the hot hole fucking the man hard and fast, he had been gentle enough and it was time to take what he wanted.
He pulled back to look at his stiff cock in the tight hole and inserted his finger along his own cock stretching Chase out to his limits.
Chase moaned liking the feeling of a cock and finger in his ass.

“Fuck me baby” he said as David pulled out his finger and started pumping away faster and harder than before.

Chase pushed back against David’s assault just as David released his cum filling his ass with spunk before falling forward onto Chase’s back, breathing hard but very satisfied.
After a short nap they got up, showered and went to the kitchen to work on the salad and heat the sourdough rolls.
They ate in front of the fireplace having never dressed after the shower, the firelight reflected off David’s chest causing Chase to stop eating while he absent-mindedly stared at David.
David looked at him and started laughing, Chase snapped out of it and looked at David and just grinned, he knew he had been caught watching at him with a lustful eye.
The boys finished the meal, washed up the dishes and decided to and though out for a moonlight stroll.
Chase really enjoyed being with David no matter what they were doing or where they were. David started joking around and playing grab ass with chase.
They continued to walk along the trails in the dark laughing and talking until David reached over and pulled chase close kissing him firmly on the lips.
Chase really enjoyed the kiss feeling David’s firm chest below the fabric of his shirt.

“ Baby, I really love you.” Chase said.

“I love you too sweetie.”

"No" Chase exclaimed “I really love you! I really mean it, I love you I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

David stopped playing around and you looked into chase’s eyes realizing how serious chase was.
David reached up touching his lips bringing Chase towards him kissing and him hard on the lips.
David held the man like he never wanted to let him go, they stood in the dark just hugging each other quietly.

“Let’s go back to the cabin. I would like to make us a nice snack and sit by the fire and we can discuss this further.” David said.

It was starting to get cool outside and it was nice to get inside the cabin where was warmer.
David went off to the kitchen and started slicing up some beef stick, cheese and apples while Chase tended the fireplace.

“And what would you like to drink baby.” Dave asked from the kitchen.

“I would love a beer, in the bottle is fine, thanks.”

Chase finished building the fire then went in the kitchen to help David with the tray of snacks and beers.
While moving in front of the fire feeling the heat warming their skin, they propped up some large pillows on the floor he leaned back and kissing each other on the lips.
David picked up a slice of crisp green apple, feeding it to Chase.
They ate some beef stick and Chase pulled David close, not kissing him but laying his head on the mans shoulder inhaling his scent and absorbing the moment.

“David, my feelings for you a really strong also, I feel as if I have known you forever, I feel so relaxed when I am around you, and miss you so much when I’m not.” Chase whispered in the his ear.

David pulled back from Chase’s shoulder looking into his eyes to see tears running down his cheeks.

“You Ok baby? David asked.

“Yeah, I am very okay, it’s just hitting me now how much I do love you, I am so happy.”

“Chase, I have enjoyed every minute of the time since we have met, the trip to New York was a blast that I won’t soon forget, but most of all I have fallen deeply in love with you too.” David said.

The men held each other in silence for a few minutes soaking in the heat from the fireplace and the warmth from the from each other.

“Chase, I don’t want you looking for a place of your own, I would love for you to stay here in my cabin, er.. our cabin and if you feel the same I want you to be my man, exclusively.”

Chase looked into David’s eyes, smiling.

“Yes, Dave, I would love to be your man, exclusively, I was so taken with your attitude, warmth, and charm when I first met you and in the time we have known each other you have stolen my heart.”

Chase leaned over and kissed David on the cheek.

“I love you baby.”

Thursday, February 22, 2018


I have been having trouble with my boyfriend allot lately, he seems to be so critical of me and about everything I do, maybe it is time to move on I thought as I drove my car to the club with my boyfriend Robert in the passenger seat.
Robert bitched about not only my driving but everyone else that was near me on the road, he bellyached about the weather, the price of gas, people that he worked with, it was a verbal assault while I mostly ignored him but chimed in now and then nodding or saying “I know, it’s terrible.”
As I pulled the car into a parking spot he started in about the car next to us , it was parked at an angle and said it was a piece of shit rust bucket.
“Stop!” I said loudly.
“What the fuck did I do?” Robert asked holding his hand to his chest in defense.
“You have screamed and yelled all the way here, it has been a non-stop bitch fest, I can’t take much more of this.”
“I never,, you just don’t appreciate my opinion about things.”
“It is not an opinion, it is a hostile verbal attack on everything, as usual.”
“Usual?” He asked.
“Yeah, it is getting old, this has been going on for the last two years but has been getting increasingly worse week by week.”
“Fuck you too.” Robert said.
“It’s Friday night and I am going into the club, don’t come in unless you plan on being nice and having fun, if you can’t do that, grab a cab and go back home.” I said as I closed the car door and headed across the street to the club.
I walked over to the bar and waited for the bartender to come over, he was pouring drinks and had no shirt on, he had a bar towel tucked into the back of his belt and a black leather arm band on each of his arms.
“Hey, I’d like a beer, no wait, I’ve had a rough evening and need to take the edge off faster than beer, Long Island Iced Tea please.”
“Sure thing.” He said as he turned his back and started mixing my drink.
“Who is the DJ tonight?” I asked him over the thump of the music.
“Malachi, he just started this week, fucker can play the tunes and packs the floor with dancers.” The bartender said as he placed my drink in front of me.
I paid, left him a good tip and walked toward the dance floor, the room was dark except for the flashing lights bouncing off of the dancers, the fog machine belched out a blast of haze across the dance floor temporarily hiding the dancers from view. I watched the men dance and looked toward the door; either Robert must have taken a taxi home or was still in the car trying to figure out what he had done wrong.
I was sitting close to the DJ booth which was off to the side of the dance floor and was raised a bit allowing him a view of the crowd. DJ Malachi was a sexy looking guy in his mid twenties, lean and not wearing a shirt but was intent of doing his job, he would occasionally jump onto the mic and talk to the dancers, greeting them of telling them how sexy they looked as he pointed right at them.
I went to the bar and got my second drink of the night, as I returned I sat my drink on the drink rail against the wall and leaned over to the DJ to let him know how great the music sounded.
“Hi, the, uhmm, the music..” I shot him thumbs up, he looked at me and smiled before going right back to spinning the tunes.
Oh fuck, I must have looked like a fool, I stuttered out nothing that made me look like anything but an inbred idiot. I sipped my drink and took a note from next to his tip jar, I wrote the name of a song I wanted to hear and my name on the slip and passed it to him and put a five dollar tip into his jar. He looked over and smiled again and thanked me with a nod.
Malachi jumped onto the mic and announced the special request from Otter and played the song that I requested, he looked at me and mouthed the word Otter?
I nodded my head yes, Otter.
He smiled at me and went back to the music, I felt a tiny connection with this very hot man, his chest was incredible, I wanted so badly to twist his nipples making them stiffen, I was actually getting a boner thinking about Malachi, I’ve not had much sex with Robert lately so a slight breeze gave me wood.
Malachi realized that I was staring at him and pointed to the dance floor, I sat my drink on the rail and moved onto the dance floor and danced alone but near a few other guys but I was lusting after Malachi. One guy turned from the group of four or five guys and danced with me, he moved well and placed his hands onto my hips as he got closer.
Robert was not in my mind, I had no guilt he was all but out the door of my life, I was going to have fun tonight no matter how badly the evening started.
“My name is Brad.” The guys said.
“Yeah, Otter.”
He grinned and I knew that he was trying to think of a pun to go with my name, and sure enough he leaned over to my ear.
“You Otter come home with me.”
I smiled having only heard that about a million times, I am blonde and have a great shape, guys stare at me all the time saying that I am the hottest guy in the club, store, gym or wherever I happen to be. I know I am good looking but I don’t let that go to my head, there are more important things in life other than being pretty, it does get me a few extra perks now and then though.
My eyes kept going back to DJ Malachi, he was so fucking sexy and very confident in his job, he looked up and right into my face, I looked away real fast but it was evident that I was staring at him over the shoulder of the guy I was dancing with.
I danced a while longer with Brad, he was nice enough but I had my sights on Malachi, I sipped on my drink and after a minute or so Malachi walked out of the Dj booth and headed to the restroom while a long song played. Without thinking I sat my drink on the rail and followed him to the men’s room, as I walked in, I saw Malachi stepping up to the six foot long open urinal and unbutton his jeans and flop his fat monster cock out of his pants.
My cock is not small but nowhere as big as his is, I moved in close and took out my cock and started pissing. Malachi looked over and was directly checking out my cock.
“Nice.” Malachi said as he aimed his pee stream into mine.
“Your cock is huge.” I stammered.
“Touch it.” He said in a tone that was more of an order than a request.
I took his cock in my hand, he let go and I held his cock while he finished pissing, my stream stopped as I had better things to concentrate on. He shot the last few spurts of piss into the urinal and stood there.
“Well shake it and tuck it away before my song finishes without me.” Malachi said as he looked into my face.
I ran my fingertips along his shaft while I shook it, my heart pounded; all I could think about was his thick warm cock and how badly I wanted it in my mouth. I tucked his oversized cock into his jeans and buttoned his top button, he reached under my tee shirt pulling it over my head and tucked it into his back pocket before finishing with a kiss to the now erect nub, he turned and walked out the door and back to his booth.
I put my own cock away and walked back to my drink realizing that my fingers had a few drops of his piss on them, instinctively my fingers went to my lips, I licked his piss from them. I am not into water sports but he was so hot I could not wipe his fluids onto my jeans; I wanted to be close to him again.
Malachi looked at me and winked, I felt flustered and shy, but my heart, no my ass needed Malachi. The combination of his incredible looks and working in gay clubs had me wondering just how many guys he had been with. I was a like a moth to his flame. The night went on; I drank two more drinks and was feeling pretty loose. Malachi looked at me and twisted one of his nipples; he was clearly coming on to me or at least teasing me.
At closing time I walked over to the DJ booth and waited for him to look up.
“I need my shirt; you kept it in the bathroom.” I said in a shy tone.
Malachi looked at me and smiled, he took my shirt from the chair behind him, I thought he was handing it to me but he slipped the shirt over his own head and was now wearing it. I was not sure what to do, I turned to leave and I heard my name.
“Otter.” Malachi called out as he tossed me his tee shirt.
I slipped his tee shirt on and headed to the door, there was no way I would be going home with him tonight.
“Goodnight Otter.” DJ Malachi said over the mic.
I waved and smiled at him just before rounding the corner to the front door.
I got outside, crossed the street to realize that Robert had taken my car and left, Fuck, now what. I thought. I walked back inside the club and took out my phone to call a cab when Malachi put his hand on my shoulder from the back.
“Need a ride home?” he asked.
“I’ll get a cab or Uber or something.”
“Nonsense, I have a couple of more things to do and I will give you a lift, sit tight.”
I watched as he walked away and within a few minutes he came back and put his hand on my lower back.
“Ready Otter?”
We walked out to his blue SUV in the parking lot, I got in and he pulled out onto the street.
“Where to, My place or yours?” He said laughing.
I was not sure if he was kidding or not, I gave him directions to my apartment.
“This is really nice of you.” I said.
“Well, you helped me out earlier.”
I blushed, and sat without saying anything.
“You are a little shy aren’t you?” He asked.
I could only smile in the darkness, his hand slipped over to my thigh.
“Relax, don’t be so serious, do you have a boyfriend?”
“Yeah, well, it is pretty much over, he has been a dick for a long time and I just don’t need that anymore.” I said.
Malachi pulled up at my building, and I got out, thanked him for the ride.
“I am working tomorrow night if you want to come back.”
“I may just do that, I had a good time tonight, thanks again for the ride.” I said as I closed the door and walked up to my door. I walked in and there Robert was sitting there mad as hell and then he saw the shirt I was wearing.
“What the fuck it that? That’s not your shirt, are you sleeping around on me?” Robert yelled.
“No, there was a mix up with tee shirts, half the guys on the dance floor had their shirts off and someone took mine, this is what I was left with, I did not sleep with anyone.”
Robert continued to yell at me for leaving him at the parking lot.
“I gave you the option to come in and be civil but you are not capable of that as I see.”
“Fuck you.” Robert yelled.
“I’m done with you, tomorrow take your things and move to your sister’s house, this was my place when you moved in and you can take anything you bought since moving in with you.”
I went to the guest room as I knew he would come and try to make up, I was done making up with him. The next day, I went to breakfast after a shower and came back to Robert moving his things out, I gave him a hand to help keep the peace with him and anything that he wanted, I just told him to take it.
The apartment was quiet now and I liked not just being alone but being done with Robert, he used to be a really good guy but his attitude decayed over the last couple of years. I turned on some music while I cleaned up a few things that Robert had pulled out and picked up Malachi’s tee shirt. I got a boner thinking about this hot as fuck DJ and his hog of a cock, I took my dick out and rubbed it as I leaned back on the bed, I held his tee up to my face and sniffed his scent from the soft fabric. I was getting close to cumming and held his shirt near my cock, I whispered “Malachi” as the cum blasted out of my cock onto the front of his shirt and I used it to clean the cum off of my cock and hand before tossing it into the hamper.
I had every intention of going back to the club and seeing Malachi again tonight, he was eating into my mind and he seemed interested in me, I really wanted to grab hold of his cock again, this time I want it in my ass, if I can take it that is.
I started getting ready two hours before I planned on being there, I was just so nervous and anxious at the same time, I put on clothes and changed them several times, had a quick bite for dinner and headed to the club. My heart pounded as I pulled into the parking lot and walked across the street and inside to the bar, I ordered a beer and looked around, I was early and the place was almost empty. There was music playing from a recorded sound system.
“No DJ tonight?” I asked the bartender.
He looked up and was about to speak when I felt a hand on my lower back.
“I’m right here Otter, it’s great to see you again.” Malachi said.
I turned and saw him, he was wearing a black tee shirt with the sleeves cut off and jeans, he had a huge smile on his face and let his hand linger on my back.
“Great to see you too.” I smiled, my heart thumping with excitement.
“Come over to the DJ booth and talk to me while I set up.” He said.
“You want a beer?” I asked.
“No, I never drink while I am working but if you ask the bartender he will fix me up with a pitcher of Iced water, I’d appreciate it.”
“Sure thing, head over and I will bring the water and be over in a sec.”
I carried the drinks over to the booth, Malachi was working on getting things set the way he wanted and plugged in the digital music storage hard drives that he brought with him.
I stood there holding the pitcher of water, a glass and my beer, he looked up at me and smiled, leaning in he took the water and glass from me setting them on the counter away from the equipment.
“Thanks for the water, grab yourself a chair and you can hang in the booth with me if you want.” He said.
I walked over to a nearby table and carried a chair back setting it in the raised DJ booth; I sat and watched him intently working as he chattered away about music and his job. His handsome face was a pleasure to watch but his dark lips were captivating, my eyes wandered across his skin, what I could see of it.
He put his hand onto my thigh while he was talking causing my heart to pound furiously.
“I’ve got to hit the head and pee while I have a few minutes, come on.” Malachi said with a grin.
I got up and followed him, I was barely through the men’s room door when Malachi pulled me in close and kissed me and after a millisecond, his tongue was in my mouth, his right hand went to my crotch fumbling around while he opened my fly.
“I want your load before I start playing; it makes me horny tasting a guy’s jizz in my throat.”
He went to his knees before I had time to reply pulling my pants and underwear to my ankles, my cock bounced out to meet his mouth as he swallowed it before it was fully hard. I put my hand to the back of his head, pulling it to my crotch.
Malachi pulled my ass cheeks apart and shoved a finger into my ass finger fucking me while sucking my fully stiff cock deep into his throat. He went after my cock like a wild man, with the finger action burning my asshole and him sucking my cock so intently, it only took moments before I gave him what he asked for. Right then a guy walked into the men’s room and over to the urinal to pee but kept looking over watching me get my rocks off into the mouth of this hot and sexy DJ, I climaxed loudly, unconcerned about the noise, letting out a moan as my seed spilled into his mouth, he pulled off and let the final pulse coat his face. He stood up looking into my eyes and rubbed my cum into the skin of his face, the guy that was peeing was still watching without pretense.

I walked to the urinal and started a stream with Malachi stepped between me and the guy that was getting an eye full. Mal whipped his hog of a cock out of his pants and I almost went weak in my knees, he took my hand to his cock to once again let me hold and aim his pisser, it was a real handful.
The guy stood there with his cock still in his hand while I shook the last few drops of piss out of Malachi’s cock slit, I went to my knees and sucked his cock into my mouth knowing I would have problems getting it all into my throat. He let me suck for a couple of minutes before tucking his hard shaft back into his jeans.
“I have a plan for that later.”
I zipped up and glanced at the guy that had been watching and realized he was jacking off and was tilting his head back, we stood there and watched as the guy blew his load all over the men’s room floor, you could hear the splat noises as each of rope of his cum shot out and landed on the bare cement.
Back in the DJ booth it was time for Malachi to start his five hour set Malachi had a beginning tune that he said he always played and then started with one hot song after another.

Half way through the night he put on the song “I want your sex” he stood up and danced in front of me pulling his shirt over his head tossing it onto a rear shelf. He mouthed the words “I want your sex” while he massaged my jeans covered crotch, he unzipped his jeans and pushed my hand into his pants rubbing my hand all over his cock and balls.
“Fuck me.” Malachi said as he danced on front of me.
“What?” I stammered.
“F U C K M E.” he spelled out.
He picked up his backpack and pulled a condom and some lube out tossing them both to me, what the fuck, I thought, he really means it, here and now.
The DJ booth was elevated enough that no one could really see inside and if the DJ was belly to the counter they could only see his chest and head. Malachi slid his pants to the floor and stepped out of them and his tennis shoes at one time, he was not standing here completely naked, his big cock bouncing around as he moved.
“Let me put on a long play song while you get things ready.”
I dropped my jeans and started stroking my cock to get it fully hard; Malachi took the condom and rolled it onto my cock that was jutting straight up in the air.
“We really gonna fuck right here?” I asked.
“Yeah Otter, fuck me hard, I want your hot cock in my ass.”
I took the lube and squirted some into my hand and leaned him over rubbing my hand into his ass crack and pushed some into his asshole.
I ground my cock along his crack a few times before pushing it into this hot fucker, he moaned loud enough to hear it on the dance floor. I was pushing my cock into his tight ass so hard the booth was shaking a little; he leaned over the work counter while I fucked him hard, this was the first guy I had been within months, Robert and I had not had sex in quite some time. I grabbed Malachi’s hips and pushed in deeper and faster, I was panting and moaning as I was getting closer and closer to cumming. I could see the dancers out on the dance floor but none seemed to notice that I had this hot DJ bent over and was fucking him a few feet from them.
The current song was ending and Malachi flicked as a few keys on his laptop and the next one started without me slowing my thrusts at all.
“Fuck me hard Otter, give it to me rough.” Malachi panted.
I reached up grabbing a handful of his dark hair, pulling him back roughly while I fucked him hard.
“I’m cumming, take it bitch,, you want my load in your ass baby?” I said while cum jetted from my cock.
I rode it out till I had spent all of my juice and pulled out of his ass, Malachi turned and took hold of my still stiff cock pulling the now filled condom off of it, his cock was full and angry looking, like it could take on an army of gay men sucking and fucking in a massive orgy.
“My turn.” He said as he shook his thick erection at me.
“Fuck, are you kidding me?”
“What, you think it is too big?”
“I am not sure if I can take it, but I’m willing to give it a try but I would rather go to your bedroom or mine later to try it.” I replied.
“You got it, I’ve had your load in both ends tonight already, I can’t wait to return the favor.”
He danced as he changed the songs and his stiff cock slowly went down but his cock was still massive swinging as he moved. I dressed again as I was less comfortable being naked in the club than Malachi seemed.
The crowd of dancers loved his music and found it hard to leave the dance floor to cool off and grab a drink, I left the booth for a fresh beer while Malachi chugged the iced water.
I rejoined him in the DJ booth when I returned, I sat on the chair and watched this guy do his job, his naked ass flexed and tightened as he moved to the tunes, his body was incredible, and his shoulders broad and tapered down to a narrow waist that made his cock look even larger.
“I’ve gotta pee, would you tap this button just as this song ends? I will be right back.”
“But who will hold your cock if I am not in there?”
“Funny guy, it is large, but I can handle it myself.” Malachi said while he slipped his jeans and shoes back on.
“I’ll bet you can.” I said making a motion with my right hand as if I were jacking off.
“No, it’s like this.” Malachi did the same thing only used both hands in front of his crotch.
He left to pee while I was trusted to push a button for him in his absence, just about the time I saw him coming from the hallway I pushed the button and started the new song without interruption.
“I’m so proud of you, just like a junior DJ.” Malachi said jokingly.
He leaned over and kissed my lips softly but I pulled hi s head in tight and shoved my tongue into his mouth, my heart was racing as it had been since I walked in the door tonight, Malachi dove his tongue alongside mine and the kiss turned to a very passionate one.
The music rolled out all night long, many guys tipped Malachi and asked for requests, they seemed to flock in to hear the best mixes of music that anyone in town played, I liked the music but was more interested in the DJ himself. After the club shut down for the night we went to grab a snack at a 24 hour restaurant, I was doing my best to overcome my shyness and be more outgoing speaking to him without stammering so much.
“Want to head to my house and hang out some?”
“Yeah, I really do.” I replied with a slight nervousness in my voice.
“Well, let’s go then, follow me out of the parking lot, I won’t lose you but let me put my phone number into your phone just in case.”
He added his information into my phone including snapping his picture for the profile and within minutes, we were pulling up at his apartment, inside there was very little furniture as he had just moved into town and had not purchased much yet.
“The only thing I have to sit on is the bed, I really need to get off my ass and shop for furniture.” Malachi said as I followed him down the hall to his bedroom. Inside he kicked off his shoes and peeled off his tee shirt tossing it onto the floor, his hands went under my tee shirt and his fingers caressing my chest, I wasted no time in pulling my shirt off and tossing it onto the floor with his.
The next few moments were a blur, and before I knew it we were both naked and he was applying lube to my ass in preparation for pushing his Volkswagen sized cock into my ass, I was starting to shake with anticipation and fear.
“This will take some stretching before I can try to fuck your ass, get on your knees on the bed with your shoulders down on the sheet.”
He spread my knees apart and slid a well lubed finger into my ass, it felt great as he massaged it around and then the second finger went in, it felt amazing, I moaned showing my appreciation his left hand tugged on my loose balls squeezing the sac with my balls visible on the other side of his fist. He worked it a while and the third finger went into my ass, he added more lube and pushed them in as far as he could inside me and pulled them all the way out before plunging them back in, this was taking my breath away but I was in for a rude awakening.
I was unsure but it felt like he pushed in his forth finger and was stretching my ass as far as I thought it could possibly go.
“Okay, here we go, are you ready?”
“Yeah, as ready as I will be, go easy.” I said softly hoping for the best.
Malachi moved in behind me taking the lube and adding more to my ass and his hog, I felt the pressure of his cockhead against my asshole, he pushed until it was in about two inches, I felt like I was at the maximum that I could take.
“Go slow and bounce it in and out of me a bit.”
He did as I asked and each time he would push, he would go just a tiny bit farther into my ass, he was now about three or four inches in me and the girth was splitting me open, I was panting and moaning loudly.
“Fuck, you feel like your fist is in there.” I said.
“Nah, but it gets thicker on the next push, you okay?”
“Yeah.” I said reluctantly.
He pushed a bit harder and it took my breath away, I felt sick to my stomach and held my hand back for him to pause for a minute, once the feeling passed I motioned for him to go again.
Malachi gave an even pressure until he was all inside me, he pushed a bit harder grinding his crotch against my ass, the action started slowly and gradually picked up speed until he was fucking me at a good speed, and my ass was on fire and felt like I had three cocks inside me. The DJ slapped one of my ass cheeks hard, I am sure it left a red hand print on my pale ass but the pain was fully from this man’s huge cock ramming my hole.
He started losing his rhythm and started making more noise; I could tell he was getting close to jizzing in my hole. He reached forward and put his forearm around my neck and pulled me back showing me that he was not only large but in charge, I choked some as he started shooting his load into my ass, his body convulsed and jerked as he yelled “Fuck baby, take my fat cock.”
As soon as he had finished cumming, he pulled out and it took my gaping ass a while to relax again after that assault. I lay there feeling dazed but very happy to have taken his huge cock fully, I had had my doubts for a while and I think he did too.
I flipped over onto my back and Malachi took my limp cock into his mouth and in a moment it was fully hard, He sucked my cock and pulled my legs apart again but this time he just pulled at my ball sac and left my stretched out ass alone. Malachi reached up and took hold of my left nipple with his fingertips and tweaked on it while I filled his mouth with my cum, he gulped it as fast as he could as not to lose any of my juice.
I spent the night with him and many more after that, I could not take his cock every time we had sex but I sure gave it a go at least once a week. Malachi is my sweet DJ and I call his cock “double dick” because it is twice the size of most large cocks, he just smiles when I say that, mostly because he knows I can take it “all in”.