Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fishin’ Trip

One of my buddies, Steven, wanted me to go fishing with him for the weekend. I am not all that excited about fishing or camping, but at least he had an RV so we would not be sleeping on the ground with all the dirt and bugs.

Steven sent me a text message letting me know that he was five minutes away, so I could drag my crap to the curb and toss it in when he drove up.

I did add several distractions to my bags, just in case the fish weren’t biting. I thought it might save us from staring blankly at each other for lack of entertainment. One of the things was my tablet; at least I could read e-books if nothing else.

Steven pulled up in a medium-sized newer model motor home and towing a boat. Hell the thing had air conditioning; how bad could the weekend be? At least we wouldn’t be swatting mosquitoes and sweating.

“Hey Joe, need any help with your stuff?” Steven asked as he gave a faux move to help.
He wasn’t getting up from his comfy seat and we both knew it. “Naw, I’m okay; only a couple of bags.”

I had hardly sat down before Steven threw the RV into drive and off we went.

The lake was only three hours away and with a hotel nearby, there was not really a huge need to drag an RV along. I would try to not make waves about it; it’s just not my cup of tea.

I cranked the radio up and we sang along with Pink’s “Get the Party Started”, each of us trying to out-sing the other, laughing the whole time.

Steven brought his dog Bruce, a kind of sort of Labrador, something had jumped the fence a few times in this dog’s lineage. It was short hair, medium sized and happy to go about anywhere. Except the vet, of course.
We pulled off the highway toward the lake, which was another three miles down a dusty, choking, rut-filled hell.
Bruce was doing his best to keep four legs under him, but finally opted to jump up onto the couch to better ride out the rough road.

Pulling alongside the lake, we had to back the boat trailer into the water and off-load the boat. Then we beached the boat’s bow and tied it up to a rock on shore.

Steven pulled the RV under the shade of a huge oak tree and we set up a 10x10 E-Z-Up canopy and put out the folding camp table. We each had to drink a few beers, as it was hard, hot work.

While we’d set up camp, Bruce had been free to roam and explore the shoreline. He barked and splashed at fish in the shallows of the lake.

I made sandwiches and grabbed the bucket of cheezie puffs, pouring some on both plates and tossing a handful to Bruce. We ate while talking about how picturesque and peaceful it was out here.

Finishing our lunch, I let Bruce lick the bright orange cheezie puff stains from my fingers.
We shoved the boat off the sand and waded out floating it before jumping in to take it on the lake for a look around.

Bruce was wet and happy as he leaned near the side of the boat, taking in as much of the fresh breeze. He loved watching the water roll past and tried to bite it a few times before getting his snout wet and that was enough adventure for a few moments.

Steven steered the boat around “our” end of the lake, only seeing a few other campsites peppered along the tree line.

In another area we saw a few houseboats clustered near the shoreline. As we moved closer, we noticed the houseboats were all tethered together into one big floating party.

Steven passed at a lower speed and we realized the people were mostly naked and jumping into the water; a woman waved us over, “Come join the party,” she yelled, still waving us in.
Steven looked at me and I shrugged. He pulled the boat alongside the waving woman’s houseboat as they put out fenders to keep the boats from banging together.

“Welcome aboard, I’m Lynn and this is my husband, Eric.” She said. The couple looked to be in their mid-thirties and being naked, we could see they were in pretty good shape.

“Thanks for the invitation.” I said.
“Oh, and the clothing-optional rule here is loosely translated as ‘peel off your clothes as you come aboard’.” Eric grinned as he pulled me up by my hand onto the deck of the houseboat.

Steven pushed his board shorts to his ankles and stepped out of them, then flicked them toward our boat. They missed and went over the far side of the boat into the water.
“Oh, well,” he laughed. “I’m Steven and this is Joe,” he said, waving vaguely towards me. With that, he turned and walked towards the center of the houseboat, meeting another couple. I was hesitant about being naked around strangers, but decided to follow Steven’s example.
However, I made sure that my shorts landed in our boat.
I cupped my balls some without thinking about it too much…just sort of a protective modest thing.
Eric smiled as he looked at me. “Shy, Joe?”

“Oh, no. Well, maybe a little.” I said moving my hands to my sides.
“Well there’s nothing to be shy about out here. Besides, you have plenty to be proud of.” Lynn said.
They introduced us in one swoop by hollering our names to the people in the water and the other boats.

“What would you like to drink?” Eric asked.
“What do you have?” Seven asked.
“We have anything you want as long as it is beer or wine,” Eric said laughing.
“We have blended margaritas over here.” The woman in the next boat called out. The whole boat gave a whoop of approval.
“That sounds great to me.”

Steven took a beer and started talking to Lynn, while I stepped onto the Shelly’s boat for the cool drink, Shelly seemed nice and figured out quickly that she was a lesbian and met her partner a few minutes later when she emerged from the cool lake water.

I looked over and saw Eric laughing at something that Steven had said. Eric casually placed his hand on Steven’s bare ass cheek. Shelly saw me gaping.

“Don’t pay any mind to that, Eric is very touchy-feely and if you ask him, he is as straight as a rail.
But while he likes to let his hands roam a lot, your boyfriend is safe. Lynn seems to not mind or maybe she’s just oblivious to it.” Shelly said in a soft voice.
“Oh, he is not my boyfriend, just friends is all.”

“Right, well this is my girl, Deb. We have been together for three years and for lesbians, that is pretty much a record. She said laughing.

I’d already sucked down my drink and Deb handed me another, I was starting to relax being naked and it was nice feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin.

Eric stepped over close to me. “You need some sunscreen or you’ll burn to a crisp. May I?”

“Sure, yeah. I am pretty light skinned.” I replied.
Eric rubbed some sunscreen onto my shoulders and back, I fully expected he would stop there when his hands started rubbing some onto my ass cheeks.

I looked at Lynn, but she just put her hand to her mouth and stifled a laugh. I giggled at her reaction.
Eric rubbed the lotion up and down my legs, his face right next to my ass when his fingers “accidentally” went up in my crack.
“Whoops,” Eric said as he continued.
“Turn around and I’ll do the front now, no sense in stopping while the job is half done.”

I turned around to have his face inches from my cock. He started rubbing in lotion on my feet, and then working his way up my legs.
“I’ve never had anyone put lotion on for me before, well except for my back,” I said.
“Oh, do you want me to stop?” Eric looked up and gave me a sly glance.

By now, the margaritas had gone to my head and I was feeling great. “No, you are doing a fine job, don’t stop now.” Lynn giggled again.

Eric worked to the top of my legs and I was anxious to see where he would go from there. It did not take long to find out; he squirted plenty of sunscreen into his hands and grabbed my cock and balls working them into a slick.

He gave them plenty of attention, making sure they were well protected with sunscreen. Then, he began moving to my abdomen and chest. I felt his fingertip flick one of my nipples as his hand moved across my chest.

Deb leaned in and whispered something to Lynn causing Lynn to notice that my cock had jutted out, half hard from the rubbing. I looked down and saw that I was more aroused than I had imagined.

Eric finished up with my face, being careful around my eyes, his face was so close to mine I thought at one point that he was going to kiss me.
“Who’s next?” Eric called out suddenly.
Deb jumped up excitedly. “Do me, do me next.”
Everyone roared at her eager anticipation. I stepped back and sipped my newest frozen drink while Deb had her turn.

Eric was obviously very secure about himself or possibly had a bit of gay curiosity about him.

“You know that I will need another application in four hours don’t you Eric?” I bluntly reminded him.
Everyone laughed.
“You’re on.” Eric said with a big grin.

Steven had jumped into the lake and was swimming around. Bruce, who had been just lying in our boat, barked a few times and then jumped into the water, swimming over to Steven and paddling around. Then he headed to the shore for some dog style exploration time.

I dove into the water too surfacing, I let out a yell, and it felt wonderful to be swimming in the buff while the cool water flowed past my balls.

Lynn jumped into the water too, there must have been about 14 people out here with house boats tied together, and I had the feeling that they do this often. One of the couples made tacos for everyone and passed plates across the boats to each person while the drinks flowed.

It was getting late and I waved to Steven. ”Time to head back before dark.”
“Okay, Thanks everyone for inviting us to your party, we are heading out.” Steven yelled above the music.

They asked us to come back tomorrow and we said we would try.
Steven hoisted Bruce back into the boat and got back to our campsite just before darkness settled in. I hit the shower in the RV and flipped back onto the bed to relax while Steven was in the shower singing his heart out.

My hand toyed with my loose hanging balls absently as I laid back with my eyes closed, I hadn’t realized that Steven had come out of the small bathroom after his shower and was watching me as he dried off.

Steven leaned over and sucked my cock into his mouth, I jumped just a bit and looked up to see who was on my cock before laying back and enjoying the blowjob from Steven.

He sucked me deep into his throat while making a firm suction going from the tip to swallowing to my pubic hair. I did not take long before blasting my thick spunk into his mouth while he gulped at it saving some on his tongue, he moved up, kissing me probing his cum covered tongue around my mouth.

I pulled Steven’s naked body up on top of mine, letting his weight press against my body while my hands roamed over his shoulders and back to the small of his back.
I wanted to feel his sexy ass crack but could not quite reach it without throwing him off of me.

Steven moved up to my face, sitting on my chest while he pushed his cock between my lips, I moved down some giving him more room allowing him to fuck my throat.

I gulped at his thick shaft while it dove past my lips, my fingers pulled at his ass cheeks probing at his asshole.
Steven pulled out and turned around, sitting on my face letting me chew at his elastic wrinkle, while he moaned as he jacked a full load of sticky cum across my stomach and crotch.
I continued chewing his ass until he pulled off and fell to the bed next to me breathing hard with a huge smile on his face.

“I think this is the plan you had in mind when you asked me to come fishing with you.”
Steven looked at me and smiled. “I have been wanting to go on this type of trip with you for quite some time,”

Monday, August 18, 2014

Vodka Run

I was throwing a party at my house with about 15 guys invited over and needed to run to the liquor store to grab a few kinds of booze.

I had a few hours before anyone would arrive, I jumped out of the shower and tossed on some basketball shorts and a tee shirt that I had cut the sleeves off and left it pretty much open down each side.

Inside the store I was looking at rum and vodka when this sexy guy came in and started cruising me, he had dark hair, cropped short and an athletic build.

I glanced up and caught him looking into the cut away sides of my shirt and my nipple, I shot him a smile and picked up the vodka bottle.

I was about to walk away when I heard him say. “This brand of vodka is much better and about the same price, I mean, I saw you looking at them all and well, this one is better in my opinion.”

“I have no clue and was buying for the look of the bottle really.” I said as I put the bottle back on the shelf and took the suggested bottle.

“You must be a vodka drinker then?”

“Yeah, not that I drink allot, but I do like a good screwdriver now and then.”

He was smiling as he spoke but was looking right at my bulge, I was freeballing in my shorts and my cock was swaying around as I moved entertaining this cute guy.

“I’ve got to pick up a few other bottles, for my party, would you like to come over?”

“Yeah, sounds like fun, when does it start?” he asked.

“In a couple of hours but you are welcome to come over now and maybe give me some advice on drink mixers before we go if you wouldn’t mind.”

“My name is John.” I said, sticking my free hand out to shake his.

“Hey John, good to meet you, my name is Ryan, let’s get those mixers picked out then.”

We finished grabbing the rest of the liquor and mixers and headed to the parking lot.

“You want to follow me in your car?” I asked.

“Sure, I will be right behind you.”

We pulled up to my house and Ryan helped carry in the liquor.

“Great place you’ve got.” He said as we set the bags onto the kitchen counter.

We have about two hours before anyone will arrive, we can have a drink and a snack and relax by the pool if you like?”

“Sounds great, what can I do to help?”

“You can make us a drink if you like, I’ll have whatever you are having.”

Ryan made two large screwdrivers with lots of ice while I sliced some cheese and put some crackers onto a serving plate. We took the drinks and snacks out to the pool and sat at the tall stools at my tiki bar.

“You live here alone?”

“Yeah, my boyfriend Joey lived here with me until three years ago when he was killed in a car accident.”

“Oh, I’m sorry for your loss, it must have been devastating.”

“I still have my days where I feel abandoned and so alone but it gets better as time passes, I have dated some and am trying to move on with my life.”

Ryan leaned over and hugged me briefly before changing the subject to the pool.

“What a refreshing looking pool.”

“Well it actually is a pool party tonight, so most that want to swim will be bringing trunks, I have a few pair and you can choose one you might use tonight if you want.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

We sat and chatted like old friends until the rest of the guests started arriving, I introduced Ryan to everyone as they came in, not mentioning that I picked him up at the liquor store only two hours ago.

Most of the guys were in their mid-thirties and a good mix of straight acting butch types all the way to my friend Brad, his voice was over on the feminine side and we have said that when he gets excited about something, the dogs for a nine block radius could hear his high pitched voice and squealing laugh.

Ryan fit in well with this group and everyone was having a blast, I had put out trays of veggies, meats and cheeses to snack on before the pizzas would be delivered later on, it was a casual fun get together.

Everyone chattered about the latest gossip or laughed at a story someone was telling, it did not take long before someone got pushed into the pool fully clothed.

A few guys changed into swim trunks and jumped into the pool, the one guy named Jim that had gone into the pool fully dressed climbed out and peeled everything off but his underwear and jumped right back in.
I looked over and Ryan had peeled off his clothes except his white boxer briefs and jumped in, no need wondering if he felt at home with my friends at least.

The doorbell rang, it was the pizza delivery, I had him carry the five pizzas out by the pool while I got him his money for the food and his tip.

The pizza guy was about 25 years old and was getting ogled by the guys, one even pinched his ass, and these guys could be animals after a few drinks.
I apologized to him as I gave him the money about the time that he was grabbed around the waist and pulled into the pool.

Oh my God, I could feel a lawsuit coming on already, I moved to help him out of the pool when he surfaced laughing so hard, I decided to back away and let it go.

One guy was trying to kiss him, he said he was straight but seemed to be having more fun in the pool.

Jim was getting ready to jump back in the pool, his underwear was hanging off his ass so much he peeled them off and kicked them into the pool.
Jim jumped in and swam up to the pizza guy pulling him under the water, they surfaced laughing and moments later Jim had his tongue down the guy’s throat as he kissed him.

Ryan came out of the pool to have some pizza, his white boxer briefs were 90% sheer after getting wet, I could see the dark mound of pubic hair and his cock bulging at the fabric as he moved, his dark treasure trail took my breath away.

The pizza guy came out of the pool pulling his cell phone from his jeans pocket, I cringed as water had killed it for sure. “I’ll pay for a new phone for you to replace that, I am so sorry.” I said.

“Fuck the phone, this is one fun party, I wouldn’t mind staying but I probably should get back to work.”

“Stay if you like, I can call the pizza place and tell them you accidentally fell into the pool and would not be coming back as you are soaking wet.”

“If I could use your phone I will call to let them know I won’t be back tonight.” He said.

I went back to the pool and moments later the pizza guy came back to the patio and took his soaking wet clothes off, standing there naked he ran and jumped into the pool with a whooping yell.

I guess the lawsuit is out of the picture now at least I thought as Ryan walked up behind me placing his arms over my shoulders pulling me tight. “This is one hell of a pool party, I am having a blast.”

I patted his arm before turning around, still in his arms, I kissed his lips gently.

“I am glad you could come and hope you will stay after the rest leave.”

“Mmm.. sounds like fun to me.”

About an hour later Jim was underwater sucking on the pizza guy’s cock making him groan as he leaned against the pool wall. When he surfaced, the pizza guy went under to return the favor.

“Not bad for a straight guy, he sucks cock pretty well.” Jim yelled.

“No sex in the pool.” I replied.
Jim pulled the pizza guy out of the pool so they could get a drink and a bite to eat, both naked and laughing as they sat on a chaise lounge.

Ryan sat near me talking and laughing with the group, he really fit in well, I leaned over and grabbed a slice of pizza offering him a bite off the end before I took a bite, even though he had his own slice, he bit into mine and gave me a big smile as he chewed, his hazel eyes sparkled the whole time.

As the night ended, the pizza guy left with Jim, I think he was a little less gay than he was saying, I learned later that he was a big old bottom and would pant and beg Jim to fuck him harder.

Ryan stayed until everyone was gone, his undies dried and were no longer as transparent as they were before but he was surely a handsome guy with charm and raw sexiness that poured form him as he spoke.

I had decided that I was going to take things a little slow with him and see him a few times before jumping into the sack with him although it was foremost on my mind. I kissed him good night and he lingered for a long romantic sexy wet kiss before smiling and going to his car. We had exchanged phone numbers and set up a dinner out for three days later.

I picked Ryan up for Chinese dinner at one of my favorite places, the owner, Helen was very happy to see me and always hovered around talking and laughing but tonight she could sense that she needed to say hello and give us the space we needed for a first date. After dinner we walked around the shop windows nearby as we talked before parting with a discreet kiss at my car outside his apartment later that night.

After work later that week I found a brown bag on my doorstep with a bottle of vodka inside and a note, Let’s recreate that party again only just the two of us, I called Ryan and invited him over but told him I was not calling out for pizza this time so I made ravioli and garlic bread with a nice salad.

We ate dinner and stripped for a gentle dip in the pool where I pulled Ryan close kissing him while or cocks rubbed and bounced against each other.

Ryan sat on the pools edge while I swam over and spread his legs apart, I nipped at his inner thighs with my teeth as I worked my way to his nut sack. I licked and sucked on each nut while Ryan rubbed my shoulders and hair. Sucking his erect cock into my mouth, it was so wonderful and I had waited for this to happen for some time.

I got out of the pool and took this incredible man to my bed for the first time, I put him to his hands and knees while I pushed him gently forward inserting my finger into his ass, I took my time and explored him before moving on. His balls hung low, swinging against my movement while his stiff member jutted forward throbbing for attention.

Adding a condom and lube to my cock before gliding it in slowly making sweet and passionate love to Ryan, I did not rush at all as I fucked his ass, stopping several times to rub his sexy tanned body with my hands, reaching under to his hot cock. As I climaxed into his ass he pushed back hard against my cock, I gave him all I could those last few moments.

I rolled off onto my back and spread my legs for him to take me as I had him, I handed Ryan a rubber and the bottle of lube. He leaned down and put his mouth to my ass lubing my hole with his tongue before pushing his large cockhead into my ass, it felt like he belonged inside me and had always been there. Ryan was a master at fucking my ass, he moved so skillfully without jerking my body all over the bed. He leaned over taking one of my nipples between his lips biting it gently.

Ryan’s body moved and tensed as he jizzed in my hole, his body melted onto mine after the final seconds of his climax. He lay still as my hands explored his back and shoulders. I kissed his face and felt good with this man, knowing that he would become a large part of my life forever.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Car Hop

I drove to my friend Kip’s house to pick him up for a run to the next county for the opening of a new club.

Kip likes to show his chest off and his nipples are very sensitive he can be found most anytime absently touching them, usually with his hand up under his shirt.

“Hi Kelly, thanks for picking me up.”
“No problem, I know how you hate to drive, I want to grab a bite before heading to the club, I’ve not eaten anything but some toast this morning.

“Cool with me.” Kip said slipping his shirt off and tossing it into the back seat.
I glanced over and saw that he was already toying with one of his nipples, he has been known to get so worked up just playing with his nipples that he can cum without touching his cock at all.
Once in a while he will do it at a public place with us all watching, his hands goes up his tee, he starts working on his nipples getting them very hard and within a few minutes he tilts his head back and groans a little as he fills his underwear with a sticky hot load of cum as all of us start laughing and high fiving each other.
I think that would make me crazy to have the mess in my undies and not be able to change them but not Kip.
He is like our mascot, we try to get him to do stuff that the rest of us would not do and he will usually take on any challenge or bet, he has a nice build and a smile that lets him get away with about anything.

One time we challenged him to strip naked at the beach and casually walk into the water to swim, the beach was crowded and he stood up, looked around a little before sliding his board shorts to the sand and stepping out of them, walking to the surf with his balls bouncing and his tight white ass cheeks gleaming in the afternoon sun as if he did it every day.
He swam and played in the surf before walking back out to our blankets and slipped his shorts back on, I did get this on video of course.
A few friends were going to meet us at the club later, we were mostly going because we know the club owner and we wanted to give a good show of support.
I pulled my root beer brown Jeep into the drive in, it was one of the few places around where they still had car service, though they stopped using roller skates long ago.
“Hey Kelly, check out that hot dude that is bringing out the food today, I need me some of that.”
“Kip, you don’t have a chance at getting him, besides he is working.”

We placed our order on the menu board, it was always a gamble hearing them repeat your order back to you with all of the static on the speaker.

The hot car hop brought our food to us, I paid after he repeated the food order back to us, his smile was so hot, thick dark lips and perfectly white teeth, his nametag said Matthew. “Thanks Matthew” I said as I slipped him a five dollar tip.

Just as he was starting to leave, Kip asked for extra mustard for his foot long hot dog, Matthew handed three packets in through the window. “If you need anything, just turn on your parking lights and I will be right over.” Matthew said with a smile.

“You were extra smooth with Matthew, I thought you were gonna get his number?” I said with a laugh in-between bites.
“Oh, I am far from done, turn on your parking lights.” Just then Kip opened one of the mustard packets and squirted it onto the leg of his shorts, just above the hem.

Matthew came over but Kip motioned him to come over to his side of the Jeep.
“I spilled mustard on my shorts and we are going to a club in a bit, do you have any seltzer that might get most of it out?” Kip pulled the leg of his shorts up revealing the tip of his cock but the whole time pretended to only be worried about the mustard.

“I’ll go get a small cup of seltzer and a towel and see what I can do to help you.” Matthew said as he headed back into the building.

I jabbed Kip in the ribs. “Oh My God, you flashed your dick at him.”
“No, just the tip, so far anyway.”
Matthew returned with a clean white bar towel and a paper cup of seltzer.
Kip opened his door to let him have room to get a little closer as he was gonna hand me the stuff to clean it with.
“I can’t have that seltzer running onto the seat and down my ass crack, hold on Matt.”
And then it happened, Kip slid his shorts off completely and wearing no underwear he was now buck ass naked in my Jeep, Matthew’s eyes were glued to Kip’s cock so much that he spilled some seltzer right onto Kip’s naked balls.
Kip lifted himself from the seat when the cold liquid hit his skin.
“Jezusss.” He cried out.
Matthew immediately moved the towel to Kip’s privates and started dabbing without thinking about it much before he did it.
Kip’s dick thickened right away, Matthew stopped blotting and grew embarrassed. He just stood there saying he was so sorry.

“Do you think you can get the mustard off my shorts so it is less noticeable?” Kip asked Matthew.
“Well, let me see, hand me your shorts.”
Matthew took the shorts and started to wipe the big glob of mustard off by lifting it with the towel and doing so the mustard dropped onto Kip’s cock.

Matthew looked at Kip like he was in trouble.
“Lick it up.” Kip told Matthew.
Matthew did just that, he leaned over and licked the mustard off of Kips stiffening cock.
“You like that Matty? Suck it some.”
“Well, yeah, I do but I’m gonna get in trouble if I get caught out here with you.”

“Jump on my pole Matty, you want it, and I’ll enjoy it, just put your lips around it and suck.”

I am watching this unfold, still not believing that Kip has Matthew giving him head at the drive in, luckily we were on about the last space and the place was mostly deserted.
Matthew bobbed on Kip’s cock while Kip rubbed and twisted his own nipples, my cock was stiff and squeezed into my own shorts wanting some attention too. I reached over and tweaked on one of Kips nipples knowing that this would help send him over the edge.
Kip grabbed the back of Matthews head and pushed him as far onto his meat pole as he could while Matthew sucked his load into his throat swallowing every drop.

“You should go to the club with us, what time are you off work Matty?” I asked.
“I’m off right fucking now, I’ll go tell them I’m sick and leaving, you guys are hot.”

Matthew walked inside and told them he was going home sick and came back and hopped into the back seat of the Jeep.
“Do you mind swinging into my apartment real fast so I can change?”
“No problem, just point the way.”

Minutes later we pulled into his apartment complex and over a series of speed bumps before Matthew pointed at a door.

“That’s mine, come in while I change.”
We all walked in out of the heat into the A/C chilled apartment, Matthew started peeling his shirt off as soon as we were inside the door.

“No rush.” I said as I reached to help him with his shirt, Kip was not going to be the only one to have a go at this hot stud.
My hands roamed down his torso and back, then up to the dark plume of arm pit hair, I bent over a little and sucked his nipple some before running my tongue deep into his sexy underarm.

I unbuckled his belt and pants before sliding them to the floor, he was wearing white briefs, same kind his mama probably bought him as he grew up.

I bit into his tidy whities feeling the meat reward that was stowed inside, his hands went to my shoulders as I explored his cotton covered ass cheeks with both hands.

He had ample ass mounds that jutted from the small of his back, my fingers pushed the cotton into his crack some before exploring inside of his leg openings and into his bare crack.

I pulled his briefs down a little running my tongue along the elastic and the top of his ass crack while Kip leaned in kissing Matty on the lips as he groped the man’s chest.

I pulled my stiff cock out of my jeans and pushed it down inside the back of his underwear and along his ass crack, I pushed him over onto the arm of the couch and slid his cotton briefs to the floor, his ass was fucking hot looking.
I bent over and spit into my hand and pushed it into that sweet ass before poking my cock head into his fuck hole.
Kip positioned himself under Matty’s face and pushed his cock in again and Matty was on him like a starving calf, sucking for his sweet milk while I fucked his ass.
This guy’s hole was so tight it squeezed down on my prick as I plunged it in and out of him while he moaned a muffled sound while Kips throat fucked him.

Kip started cumming about the same time as I did, I jammed my cock deep into this hot car hop as I filled his fuck cave with my male mayonnaise.

He flipped over as I pulled out, Kip held his arms back as I went to work on his cock, his pre cum was all over while I jacked his hard prick making his veins bulge out as I squeezed his shaft while I tugged on his balls with my other hand.

I got him close to cumming and stopped for a second or two so I could tease him and make his climax build, I pushed his legs off to one side while I spanked his ass cheeks making them a nice rosy pink before going back to the hand job.

About the time he was going to cum Kip reached over and pulled Matty’s legs up while I pushed from his ass giving his cock a few last jerks causing Matty to squirt jizz all over his own face in long ropes of salty boy protein.

Kip leaned in licking his face clean before kissing him with his cum covered tongue probing his tonsils while I sucked on his spent cock making him squirm around on the couch.

Matthew pulled us into his cramped shower with him, we soaped each other and dressed before heading to the club, this time challenging Kip turned out to be beneficial to me as well as him.
We had a great time at the club and both of us danced with Matthew and I took him home with me that night, we had sex again, just the two of us but this time it was more romantic and loving than before.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Watermelon Farmer

I was driving my car on the way back from a work thing I had to go to and was about 90 miles from home, it was way the fuck out in the country and I was getting parched.
Driving about 80 miles an hour on this old highway with no one around but a few farm houses I saw a sign on the side of the road, it was old and faded but clearly made out “Cold Drinks and Fresh Fruit ahead”.
I slowed down to about 45 in case it was open and not just an old sign that had been left from years before.
I saw a small fruit stand on the side of the road and all but locked up the brakes as I pulled off the road onto the gravel and dirt lot.
I shut off my car and stepped out into the hot summer sun, stretching and pulling off my tie and loosening my shirt as I walked to the fruit shack.
There was a sign that said “Honk for service”. What the fuck, well I guess they can’t just sit out here all day waiting on the occasional car to stop, I clicked the door lock button on my key fob making my horn honk a few times.
There were a few coolers with cold drinks in them and rows of produce but mostly watermelons.
I saw this very tanned guy walking out from the house wearing only old worn jeans with a few rips in them, he had sun bleached blonde hair and a nice smile.
“Can I hep you?” he asked.
I took a moment checking this farmer out, he was maybe 35 years old and had quite a good build on him and not too bad looking either.

“Yeah, I saw your sign about cold drinks and my mouth is about as dry as this dirt parking lot.
“Hep yersef, the drinks are in the cooler”.
I reached into the cooler taking a cold Coke out and popping the top before sucking about a third of the can down.
I saw a few watermelons in the cooler too. “Those look good, nothing like a cold melon”.
“Yeah, I always keep a few in there for folks that want to eat them right away.”

I patted a watermelon that was on a display, ever cut a hole in a melon and…” I was cut off mid-sentence.
“Hell yeah, I’ve fucked my share of melons, gets lonely out here.” He said with a grin.

I stood there not really believing what he had just said, I waited for him to say he was joking, but he didn’t. “I was asking if you ever cut a hole in the melons and fill them with liquor…are you kidding me, you fuck melons?” I asked, still in disbelief.

“Sure”. He said rubbing on his crotch a bit.
I looked l at him like he had just told me the most bizarre thing, well,,, he had.

“Looky here.” He said as he took a small knife out of his jeans and cut a plug out of the melon.
“I am still not buying it.” I said.
“No, I won’t sell them after I’ve fucked it, I just feed it to the hogs out back.”
“I meant that I think you are pulling my leg about fucking a melon.”
In one movement he un-buttoned his jeans and they slid to the dirt floor at his ankles, his white ass gleamed at me as he took his cock into his hand giving it a few squeezes until it was hard.

I watched in amazement, still not believing it. He set the melon on the edge of the counter and pushed his cock into the hole and started moving his hips, he was actually fucking the melon.
“Holy fuck, you weren’t kidding, how does it feel?” I asked.
“Well that’s a stupid question, it feels like you are fucking a melon, hell grab one and try it.”
I stood there watching this tan farmer fucking produce, I was not sure what to do next, I thought about making a break for it and heading to my car, but I had to see how this finished up, besides, the farmer’s ass had my full attention.

I reached over touching his ass cheek as he clenched his butt muscle on an inward thrust.
“What the fuck are you doing?” he asked like I was the one that was doing something odd.
“Get yourself a melon and fuck it man, it won’t hurt you.”
I took a melon and set it on the counter next to his, he stopped fucking long enough to hand me his knife.
“Don’t cut the hole too big, yer pecker probably is not all that big and you need some tightness to it.”

I cut the hole, still unsure of why I was doing this, after pulling out the plug that I had cut, I reluctantly dropped my slacks and boxers to my knees and stood there looking at the hole.
“Get to it.” He said with a grin.
I rubbed my cock while looking at the farmers tight ass cheeks next to me and was hard in no time.
What the fuck I thought, I may as well get this over with, it would be hard to bail out now.
I pushed my “pecker” into the melon hole and was surprised how good it felt and watching the farmer flex his ass cheeks, I was really getting off watching him more than I was fucking the produce.
He was getting close to cumming as his breath changed as he fucked the hell out of that rind.

He moaned as he shot into the red juicy fruit, he pulled out and turned toward me slightly.
I pulled out and dropped to my knees in front of him sucking his juice covered shaft into my mouth, he did not push me away this time and I jacked off onto the dirt as I cleaned his cock of excess cum and watermelon puree.
I stood up and pulled my slacks up before tossing a dollar onto the counter for my drink and headed for the door.
“Hey, that’ll be three dollars for the watermelon.” He said.
I tilted my head looking back at him, still standing there with his worn jeans at his ankles and pulled out a twenty from my pocket and laid it on the stack of crates near the door.
Driving the last 40 miles to my house, I still could not believe what had just happened but I had one sticky crotch to remind me that it all actually did take place.
To this day I find it hard to pass watermelons in the grocery store without thinking of the farmer and his fruit stand.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I was on vacation in Monterey California visiting my sister for two weeks.
Her husband drove her to work so I could use her car to go to the Monterey Aquarium on the waterfront.
It was about 10 am when I got there and started looking at the fish, one section was actual salt water from the bay with native species of fish from this area.
Seals could be heard barking just off shore and it was foggy and would burn off by noon, the usual Monterey weather.
I was walking through the different sections when this short skinny guy started checking me out; I smiled and went about my business.
The guy moved close and he ass bumped me with his hand. “Oh, sorry.” He said as he looked into my eyes.
“No problems.”
The guy was a bit on the flamboyant feminine side with dark hair and a tan face with beautiful blue eyes.

“You like those fishies? I like those big ones over there.” He said pointing to a big Ling cod.
“Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”
“Oh look at this one.” He said in an excited voice putting his hand on my shoulder.
I moved on to the next tank, the guy moved with me chattering about the fish.
At the end of the displays, I walked out the last door back onto the wharf and turned to see the guy right by my side.
“Hey gurlfren, my name is Jessie. You wanna grab some lunch with me?”
I stopped and looked at him. “I am not your girlfriend. I’m good for now as far as food.”

“Aww don’t be that way baby, come eat with me, there’s a little fish n chips stand up here from the wharf, great fish too.”
“Okay, Okay, lets go, but no more “girlfriend” talk, my name is Keith.”
“Alright sista.” He said with a laugh.

I gave him a look but busted out laughing.
We ordered our fish n chips and Jessie insisted on paying since he invited me to lunch, we walked over and sat on a wooden picnic table.
“Where are you from?”
“Salinas, I drove over for the day. Its about 8 miles from here. You wanna come see my place?” Jessie asked.
“No, thanks, I plan on walking the beach for a couple of hours.”
“Okay, cool we can do that baby.” Jessie said grinning at me.

He was cute but I have never had much to do with anyone that was as feminine as he is.
I just looked at him and laughed. “You are a mess.”

“You just move here Keith?” He asked as we walked along the sand.

“No, I am here for two weeks visiting my sister, and then I am headed back to Atlanta.”
“You got a boy back there in Atlanta?” He asked while running his hand up my arm as we is walked.
“No, I don’t, why do you talk like a girl?”

“It is just me, I have been beaten up several times for the way I am but it is who I am, like you,, you are all butch and hot, that’s who you are.”

“I am not all butch.”
“Look at your arms all musclie n’ stuff, I bet your chest is all bulked up too.” He said as he ran his hands across my chest.

I reached up and took Jessie’s hands from my chest and he held onto them.
“You should come see my place baby, we could have some real fun.“ Jessie said in an excited voice.

“You are a bit over the top aren’t you?”
“No, baby I’m a bottom all the way, and you are the strong top, come let’s go, it wont take but about 15 minutes to get to my place from here.”

Jessie pulled at my hand, I gave in and went with him.
“Follow my car baby; it’s the little red Mini Cooper over there.” Jessie pointed across the lot.
“Okay.” I followed the little red car with the overly animated guy driving it until we pulled into an apartment complex.
Jessie pointed at a parking space for me to park in and walked over as I got out of the car.

“Come on gurlfrien.” Jessie said before catching himself. “Ohh,, sorry, there I go, it’s such a habit.”

Jessie said as we walked into his living room.
Jessie walked into the kitchen. “What can I get you to drink?”
“I’m ok.”
“No, don’t be silly, I have to get you something to drink and take care of my man.” Jessie said in his girlish voice.
“I am not your man.” I muttered in a low tone.
“What? Baby?”
“A Coke, I’d like a Coke please.”
“See, I knew you were thirsty with all that walking on the beach.” Jessie said handing me a glass of Coke.

Jessie sat right against me as I took a sip, he ran his hands across my thigh making me pull back a bit.

“Why so jumpy? Just relax and let your gurl take care of you.”
Jessie unzipped my jeans and pushed his hand inside. “Oh, baby, you have a nice package waiting for me, don’t you?”
Jessie took the glass and set it on the table before unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it off leaving my chest bare.
“Have you ever had a massage?” Jessie asked.
“Once my friend bought us both massages for my birthday, the masseuse was a good looking guy that gave deep tissue massages but I prefer soft relaxing massages myself, it makes me feel so good.”

“I give massages for a living.”
He walked to the closet and brought out a portable massage table and set it up.

“Take off all your clothes and jump up here.” He said as he spread a clean white sheet over the table.

I did as asked, kicking off my shoes, socks and pants while Jessie watched.
“Panties too.”
“I don’t wear panties I said. Taking my boxer briefs and letting them drop to the floor.”
“Whatever… Oh my, very nice!” Jessie said as he looked at my body.
“Ok face down and let me work on that gor~gee~ous body.”
I got up on the massage table and put my face into the face pillow.
Jessie put some stones in this warmer thing and started on my neck, rubbing his fingers lightly at the start and getting stronger as he went.
Sometimes he would be doing a traditional massage and then get sensual, touching with his finger tips tracing my shoulders and running all the way down to my ass crack.
“I have to admit Jessie, this feels wonderful.”
“Shhh.. Baby,. Relax and enjoy.”
Jessie took the warmed stones from the heater and placed some on my lower back. “Mmmm I moaned.”

He tucked three of the flat stones into my ass crack.
I have a special place for this one. Jessie said as he held a long round phallic stone down for me to see.
“Whatever you say, I said. This feels so fucking good.”
He put some oil on the heated stone and pushed it into my ass about four inches, the heat permeated my pucker, that and the others tucked into my ass crack had my whole ass warm and relaxed.
Jessie moved his hands to my legs and started massaging them, running them into my inner thighs and up to my balls where he would lightly touch my sac making my body twitch with desire.

Jessie worked on my back a while, my muscles melted under his touch.
“Okay.” Jessie said taking the stones from my crack but leaving the one in my ass.
“Let’s get you turned over.” he said holding the one in place in my ass.
“Now flat on my back.” Jessie took more warmed rocks and placed them on my pubic area laying my cock on them, it felt like the heat of a summer day on my dick.
Jessie rubbed my chest with some oil working it into my skin.
“You are amazing!” I said in a whisper.
“Shhh.. Baby.”

He continued the massage all down the front of my body to my feet. He removed the stones from my belly and set them on a table.
Then I felt warm oil being dribbled onto my cock, I was semi hard by now.
He took my balls into his hands applying oil to them too rubbing them between his fingers.
Spreading my legs, he moved the stone that was in my ass gently.
Rubbing my cock into a full stiff erection with his other hand.

Using his fingertips circling around the head of my shaft causing a sensation that made me lift my hips.

Squeezing my oil covered cock tightly jacking my shaft while playing with the stone in my ass.
Jessie reached up rolling my nipples between his fingertips before running his hand back to my cock.

I groaned with pleasure lifting my hips slightly.
This femboy was driving me nuts with sexual desire. I wanted to cum so badly but did not want this to end.
Jessie kissed my lips, I kissed him back. He let his tongue dance across my nipples taking tiny nibbles of them as he went.
The warm stone in my ass felt so good as Jessie jacked my cock to an explosion that compared to nothing I had felt in my life, convulsing my body with the euphoric feelings as juice shot from my cock.

My cum flew past my face and onto the floor, the next shot came right into my face and several more on my chin and upper chest.
Jessie leaned over licking my spunk from my face and kept going until he had licked every bit from my body.
Jessie told me to lie still and returned a minute later with hot soapy towels and started washing my whole body before taking some without soap to rinse me clean.
“My entire body is so relaxed, that was so incredible” I said touching his arm while he finished.

Jessie took me to his bedroom and pulled back the sheet, I got into his bed, he took off his clothes and got in snuggling next to me putting his head on my shoulder I wrapped my arm around him and fell asleep.
I woke up about two hours later, Jessie still in the same position, he looked into my eyes.
“Hi baby, and did you have a nice nap?
“Mm.. Yeah, I’m sorry falling to sleep on you like that.”
“It’s natural, you were so relaxed and shot so much cum, why not nap.”
Jessie lifted the sheets back from my body running his expert fingers down my chest to my treasure trail, following it to my cock taking it into his mouth.

He sucked me until I was fully stiff; Jessie took a condom and rolled it onto my cock before climbing on top of me sliding my prick into his ass.

“Take my ass baby, I am your gurl, fuck me hard.”
I rolled him onto his back. Lifting his legs pushing them to his chest, pushing my cock back into his ass, I plunged it deep into him.
“Yesssss, baby,, fuck my hole; you are my man, fill me up with your cum.” Jessie whispered.

I fucked him hard, tweaking his nipples firmly.
Jessie’s cock was as stiff as mine bouncing up and down on his shaved hairless body.
My climax built until I shot my cum, my body jerking with each pulse.
I fell down onto Jessie’s body, his legs straddling my hips; I kissed Jessie on the chest.

Pulling out of his ass I moved into position taking Jessie’s stiff cock into my mouth sucking it deep while fingering his ass plunging two fingers in at a time.
He filled my mouth with his salty spunk as his hips bucked while he blasted the last of his jizz into my throat.
I saw Jessie everyday while on vacation; we played, laughed, had sex and I got five more fucking hot massages.

I never thought I would want to have anything to do with a femboy but Jessie showed me that he is just another person in this quirky world.
I Skype with Jessie sometimes and want him to come to Atlanta to visit me soon.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Car Wash

Today is Sunday and my car was dirty from the crap falling out of the trees all week, so I decided that I would head over to the car wash.
Pulling in I was in line for a wash stall and as it was a sunny day and seemed that half the town was there.

The guy in front of me had just pulled up to the wash bay as I walked passed by him to get quarters from the change machine.
I got my change and stood in the sun waiting for my turn, the sun was hot and I pulled my tee shirt over my head taking it off tossing it into my car.

The guy in the wash bay seemed distracted by my now bare chest, he smiled as I caught his eye looking at me.

“I’ll help you wash yours if you help me wash mine.” I said with a smile.

“You’re on.” He said as I took the foaming brush from the rack. He sprayed the car then switched it to brush and I scrubbed his new looking Camero,
“I love this body style.” I said as I worked.

“Yeah, the hottest I’ve seen in a while.”

I turned to see him looking at my shoulders and back, I laughed and went back to work.
He switched back to spray and rinsed off the part I had washed.

I was standing close and he pointed the water onto me giving me a spray of cool water.
“Ohhh.. that’s how it’s gonna be?” I asked.

He grinned and switched back to the soapy brush. I washed a full side with the soap bubbling out of the brush head, I took a handful of soap and splatted it onto his chest even though he was wearing a polo shirt.

He took my hand to stop the soap assault but held it looking into my eyes as he laughed.

“Ok, Ok you got me back , truce!”
We finished his car, he pulled it out of the bay and I pulled my car in.
He took the brush this time after extending his hand to me.
“Jace is my name, short for Jason that is.”
I shook his hand. “I’m Stephen.” I replied as I let my eyes wander to his snug running shorts. “Nice shorts.” I said not looking up.

“Thanks Stephen.” he said as he scrubbed the side of my Honda.

“Wanna grab a beer when we get done here Jace?” I asked.
“Sure, I’d really love a cold beer, the heat is great but am starting to get a bit too warm.” he said as he peeled off his polo shirt.
His chest was fantastic, not sculpted and only a slight hint of a six pack, but raw, natural man muscle.
Staring at his nipples, the size of quarter’s with small bullet tips jutting out from them, they seemed to be begging me to suck and chew them.
“Ok, all done on this side, rinse and we are ready for that beer, Where would you like to go?” Jace asked.
“Well there is a place nearby here, kind of hole in the wall, or we can go to my place, it’s only three blocks away.”

“Your place sounds great, I’ll follow you there.”
Pulling into the driveway I hopped out meeting Jace at the walk.
“Great house.”
“Come in, Ill grab the drinks.”

Jace had moved toward the back French doors looking at the pool. “Damn, that pool is fantastic, I’ve been thinking of putting in a pool at my house, but never gotten motivated enough to actually start calling for quotes on one.”

“You are welcome to take a swim if you like.” I said as I sat it in the chase lounge.

The words were hardly out of my mouth when Jace peeled off his shorts, standing there buck naked, his ass pale against the sunny day.
“You coming in too?”

“Sure.” I said as I watched him splash around like a school boy hooping it up.

“I am glad that I have a secluded back yard.” I said I dropping my shorts to the patio floor.
I stood there naked in the sun, my cock jutting out from my body as Jace splashed water at me.
“Gonna get in? or stand there letting me admire that piece of meat between your legs all day?”

I jumped into the pool near my new hot friend causing a wave to engulf him, then swam to the bottom of the pool with my eyes open checking his handsome cock on the way past.
Jace had gone under water by the time I had surfaced, I felt his hand on my leg traveling up towards my balls.

I stood still letting him have full access, he toyed with my cock before pulling it into his mouth.
Jace popped up for air and going right back down and onto my cock he went, sucking on it while he ran his hands all over my ass.

I reached under pulling his hand for him to come up, guiding him towards the shallow end.
He was breathing heavy from being under so long, I was standing on the steps Jace bent me over while he spread my ass cheeks rimming my hole while he made animalistic noises of pleasure.

It felt wonderful, I pushed back onto his face with my ass as he chewed at my hole.

Jace stood up and positioned his cock and gently pushed and he was inside my ass.
He took his time with even pressure until he was pushing his pubes right against my butt.

I moaned as he started pulling out, nearly all the way before pushing back deep inside me.
The rhythm increased as did his lust for my ass, he held my hips as he fucked my ass, the burn felt so good, his thickness filled my void.
“Fuck me Jace, give it to me baby.” I said in hardly a whisper.
Jace reached under feeling my balls swaying and dipping into the water as he fucked me.

The man pumped my ass harder and faster until I felt his body stiffen and give a few un organized thrusts as he shot his cum inside my ass, I pushed back and rode his euphoric wave.
Jace leaned over, cock still in my ass as he kissed my back and reached for my nipples twisting them roughly.

“Just so you know, Stephen.. This does not make me gay.”
I turned to see his face burst into laughter, “Just kidding.” he said.

I laughed as I stood up feeling his softening cock slipping out of my tight grip.
“Let’s relax up here a bit.” I said as I handed Jace his beer.
He laid back as I sat next to him on the lounge.
I toyed with his cock and tight balls running my fingertips lightly across them and anywhere else that would make his body jump with pleasure.

I stood and pushed my cock into his mouth, Jace played with my balls while he sucked my prick into his throat.
He sucked me while his hands searched my ass crack, felling every inch.

“I am almost there.” I exclaimed.
I pulled my cock from his mouth while jacking my throbbing meat into a frenzy before unloading my jets of hot cum onto Jace’s face.

Jace leaned his head back with his mouth open catching some of my sperm the rest went to his face and his juicy lips.
He turned me around as he sat up pushing his face into my ass crack, my jizz all over his face as he tongue fucked me again.
We took another dip in the pool before resting, the heat of the sun, the coldness of the beer and the steaminess of hot afternoon sex mends the soul like nothing else can.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dinner Out

My name is Joe Tinsel, I was sitting at my favorite restaurant waiting on friends to join me, I had a couple of frozen margaritas and some chips with queso while sitting outside enjoying the sun.
My waiter, Morgan a hot guy in his early thirties with dark brown hair and thick red lips that I wanted to bite, the more I had the hornier I got.
After several drinks I called my friend, no answer, that fucker. I thought.
I ordered a steak with a loaded baked potato and corn and Morgan smiled and said “Yes sir! I will get your order in right away.”
I was grinning and talking to him way more than I normally would have and laughed at fucking everything.
I was out on the patio deck alone enjoying the view of the Gulf of Mexico while texting my friend calling him a shit load of names for not showing up.

Morgan brought me another margarita while I munched on chips, I looked at him, “Where is my meat” I asked with a big grin looking right at his crotch.
“I’ve got your meat for you; I will be back in a bit.“ Morgan said tapping me on my shoulder as he walked past.
Morgan came back a few minutes later with a new plate of chips, Morgan looked around, “I have your meat.” he said touching the front of his apron at crotch level.
Mmm.. “Let’s see it then.” I said grinning.
Keeping his back to the restaurant Morgan pulled back his apron and exposing his thick prick that stuck out of his fly.
“Shit, That’s hot.” I reached out to touch it and Morgan pulled back before moving around and lifting his apron again. I leaned over and gave it the attestation that it deserved.

I sucked it into my mouth and made it hard within a few moments.
Morgan pulled back and looked around. “Look I don’t want to get fired and I am horny as hell. Ill bring out your meal and take you home after I get off shift if you like.”
“You are a good looking guy and I made sure you got seated in my section, when you walked in the door.” Morgan said.

I ate my dinner and sipped another drink, my head was a bit fuzzy and I felt so good, very fucking good in fact.

Morgan picked up my keys, said I had had too much to drink and that he would bring me back the next day for my car.
Morgan took me to his house and inside I dropped to the couch and pulled Morgan on top of me, he kissed me hard on the lips before he went to the kitchen and mixed us a pitcher of margaritas.

We sipped our drinks and peeled off our clothes, and Morgan pulled me close, I reached to his crotch and pulled on his balls while kissing his mouth.
Morgan got to his knees in front of me and took my stiffening cock into his mouth sucking it to its full potential.

I moaned while pushing Morgan’s head down onto my prick, my head was spinning from the margaritas and wanted this guy to fuck me hard and wanted it bad.

Morgan led me to his bedroom where he took some things from the bedside drawer, he lubed my ass up as I knelt on his bed with my head down on his pillows, my ass up in the air arching my back, my hole needed filling in a bad rough way.

Morgan fingered lube deep into my hole with two fingers, working it in and causing my hole to stretch and burn.

He worked in a third finger and pushed his mouth to my ass biting at my stretched hole, his stubble burning at my ass crack while he gnawed for more.
“Fuck me Morgan.” I whispered.

Morgan moved into place and poked his fat prick in my hole and pushed hard.
“Yeahhhh.. I said. Do it baby…. Fuck me hard.”
Just as he go this rhythm going, I hear another voice in the room.
“Oh, Sorry,” The guy said.
I looked over to see a stocky red head had walked into the room and was moving back to the door.

“Fuck, Is that your boyfriend?” I asked.
“No, that’s Eddie my roommate and fuck buddy.”

“Oh.” I said unsure on what to do next.
“He is a hot fucker, You mind if he joins us?” Morgan asked.
“Well, I’m not sure…. I guess so.” I stammered.

“Be right back.” Morgan pulled his stiff cock out of my ass unceremoniously and walks to the hall calling Eddie and talking to him in a low voice.
Eddie walked in with Morgan and took off his clothes.
Morgan climbed back onto the bed and stuck his cock back into my ass while I rode him from the top.

Eddie came in behind me and ran his hands all over my back and around to my nipples twisting them and kissing my neck.
Morgan pulled me down to where my chest was against his as he fucked me, Eddie moved in close and I felt him pushing his cock against my ass, he was trying to get his cock into my ass too.

I pushed against Morgan’s cock riding him and then felt Eddie’s cock push inside my ass, this was a first, I have two cocks in my ass, the pain was searing at first.

Eddie now stretched my ass out more than it had ever been before. Morgan started the fucking motion while Eddie stayed inside me without moving.

Morgan’s cock rubbed Eddie’s stiff rod for a couple of minutes before Eddie started fucking my ass from behind while Morgan worked it from below me.

It felt so good and hurt like hell at the same time, I think I was getting off more about two men using my ass together than anything.
The feeling of two cocks in my ass was great, one pushed while the other pulled back, my cock was stiff and straining I dripped pre cum onto Morgan’s ab’s.

About the time that Morgan was getting ready to cum he sped up his strokes making Eddie move faster too.
I was on the edge of shooting when Morgan shot his cum into me, I shot my wad between us while Morgan was breathing hard and shooting the last waves of his cum.

Eddie took it into high gear fucking my ass so hard with Morgan’s cock still inside me too. Eddie started yelling about cumming, I think they heard him down the block, “Fuckkkkkkk Im shooting…..” Eddie exclaimed as his body twitched as he rammed his hard dick deep into me.

“Holy fuck.” I said as the guys piled off of me and flopped over onto the bed, we laid there tying to catch our breath.

We rested for a while and repeated it all over, this time Eddie and I fucked Morgan at the same time.

I have never felt my cock in an ass at the same time as another guy, it was a tight but fantastic feeling.
After spending the night Eddie and I hooked up alone while Morgan was in the shower, later that morning they took me back to my car and I gave them my phone number, they promised to call me the next day to fuck around again.