Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I was out at a club looking for a “date”, I was horny as hell and needed some attention. Guys are usually quick to pick me up as I am always told that I’m gorgeous, I do try to keep up my appearance and dress well but I do have obsessive compulsive disorder.
I have a few issues that most people are willing to work around but some get a bit freaked out and run, fast.
I was sipping on a mixed drink when this lil cutie came over and started small talk at my table.
“Well, have a seat” I said.
“Oh, thanks, my name is Josh.
“Nice to meet you Josh, my name is Rick.” I said.
Josh put out his hand to shake mine and I gave him a knuckle bump. “Want to dance?” he asked.
“Here? Out there?” I asked, anxiety was already building.
“Yeah, that’s usually where guys dance, on the dance floor.” He said with a grin.
“Alright, I’ll give it a try.” I said getting up and heading for the dance floor.
“Not a big dancer?”
The music pumping out of the enormous speakers, men dancing without shirts, grinding and rubbing to the sound of the beat.
Josh danced closer to me and I moved back some, he reached to my hip to pull me closer and my “problem” with being too close or being touched started putting me on edge.
Josh put his fingertip through my belt loop on the front of my jeans as he danced, I smiled but inside was starting to twitch.
I decided to turn in a circle as I danced forcing his finger out of my belt loop.
Josh leaned in to kiss me, shit, I thought. I am not into this hugging and kissing all that much, it tends to get my anxiety perking, I let him give me a peck on the lips.
The song ended and the next started, I headed for the table with Josh in tow.
“Wow, you really aren’t that much of a dancer, are you? “No, not so much, like a fresh drink?” I asked, changing the subject. Sometimes if I drink allot the problems with touching seem to relax some.
“Sure, but let me get them.” Josh said as he got up and walked to the bar.
We finished those drinks and the moment that I dreaded and lusted for at the same time happened.
“Hey Rick, you are pretty hot and seem like a fun guy, want to split and head to my place where we can relax and have some fun?”
“Err, well, how about we go to my place?” I asked.
I could not even think about getting naked on someone else’s sheets, I have no idea when they might have changed them last.
“Sure, let’s go, I’ll follow you.” Josh said.
We walked out to the parking lot, Josh tried to kiss me catching me off guard and I almost freaked but turned my head quickly and his lips met my cheek and I gave him a pat on the shoulder, crisis averted, Jesus, it’s almost impossible to have sex without touching and I was the king of quirks.
Inside the door at my apartment, I asked Josh to remove his shoes when I really wanted him to do was put plastic bags over his socks after taking the shoes off, his feet didn’t smell but it was bad enough to put up with my own feet, they are gross.
I asked him to join me in the bathroom and handed him a new wrapped toothbrush and a new travel sized toothpaste.
“Let’s brush, nothing like minty breath.”
We brushed, Josh started to kiss me but I had a different agenda, I took out the spray disinfectant from below the sink and a roll of paper towels and had to clean the sink, the paper towels and toothbrushes had to go inside a plastic zip lock bag before going into the bathroom trashcan.
Josh looked at me like I had grown a horn on my forehead.
“A little OCD.” I said with a smile.
“I see, no problem.”
Josh peeled off his clothes and dropped them onto the floor, I had to look away and he jumped onto the bed and lay on his back watching me undress putting my clothes in a neat stack on the chair after folding the clothes “just so”.
Josh giggled a bit.
“Oh, you think this is funny?” I asked with a smile.
Josh kissed my lips but I broke it off when the tongue tried to get passed my lips.
I folded the bedspread down and had Josh lift his ass so that I could fold that side down too. I laid next to him, wanting the warmth of his touch, my penis was already stiff in anticipation.
Josh reached over touching my left nipple, my head stiffened back on the pillow at his touch, not that it made me hot, well I sort of did but because he was touching me, and too close to me invading my space.
I bravely touched his arm, his hand went to my balls.
My cock dripped pre cum onto my pubes. I reached for a wet wipe and cleaned the pre cum quickly.
“Are you OK?”
“Yeah, I’m fine, no problems, I’m good.”
Josh moved down on the bed putting his lips to my cockhead. This was the part where the good feeling outweighed the OCD “don’t touch me” part.
“Wait, one minute.” I rolled out from under Josh.
I got out of bed and picked up Josh’s clothes, folding them and laying them on the dresser, moving back to the bed grabbing a wet wipe for my hands after touching his clothes.
“Really?” Josh asked, looking a little less horny than he was before.
‘I’m a little OCD and have a small problem with germs too.”
“Okay, well it’s kind of cute in a quirky way.” Josh said smiling a crooked grin.
He went back to my cock, sucking the head before going farther down onto my shaft, his hand roamed up my stomach to my chest, I fought the urge to grab a sanitizing wipe.
Josh lifted my legs and pushed his mouth to my ass, as great as this feels I could not imagine the germs that were moving to his lips and tongue.
I handed Josh a condom. “Fuck me please.”
Josh put the condom on and grabbed the lube squirting some onto his hand rubbing it to his condom covered dick.
“That was not lube, it was hand sanitizer. The lube is in the drawer of the nightstand.”
Josh started laughing before leaning over and getting the lube.
I lifted my legs and pulled my ass cheeks open guiding his thick cock to my hole, I felt the push past the sphincter and beyond. Josh plowed my ass giving me little time to think about what parts of his were touching me.
I put my leg over Josh’s shoulder and lifted my ass even more. “Ride my ass Josh, fuck me hard, it feels wonderful.”
His shaft filled my ass, grinding to each side on his thrusts making it more intense for me reaming my fuck hole.
Josh ran his hand up my ass cheek to my thigh and to my side making me concentrate on his cock inside me.
He gave my nipple a squeeze making it hard and me cry out with desire, I was at the top of the wave where most of my twitches were not kicking in.
Josh moaned deeply like an animal in the jungle as he blasted his cum in my ass.
His motion ceased and he started to pull out. “Wait, don’t pull put yet.” I said.
Josh smiled thinking that I wanted him inside me as long as I could but I reached inside the open nightstand drawer, taking out some disposable gloves, I put them on reaching between my legs.
“Okay, pull out.” I instructed.
Josh did as I said, I pulled the condom off of his thick flaccid cock and wiped his prick clean with a wet wipe before pulling the gloves off of my hands turning them inside out with the condom and wet cloth inside them before putting them into a plastic zip lock baggie.
Josh just froze, he had watched what I just did and seemed to be in shock.
“I’m sorry, things JUST have to be this way, let’s move on.” I said.
Josh leaned over and sucked my cock into his throat after giving me a quizzical look to ensure that this was going to be ok.
He was very talented on cock sucking, and was driving me wild, he got me close to cumming and pressed on the underside of my shaft to delay the climax.
Josh sucked my cock for over fifteen minutes using this edging process, I felt as if I could not hold still with my legs moving and my ass coming off of the bed in sweet anticipation of shooting my load.
Josh was a master, I cried out feeling him letting me cum, he gulped my sweet jizz with intensity.
“Holy fuck!, that was amazing, I don’t think I have ever cum that hard before, you are a cock sucking genius.”
Josh started to fall next to me on the bed when I put up my hand.
“Wait, let’s get you into the shower in the guest bathroom. I walked him in and set out a fresh towel. “Jump in and scrub yourself clean and I will join you in a minute.”
While he started showering I stripped the bed putting on new fresh sheets and pulling the bed spread to the bottom folding it “just so”.
I stepped into the shower with Josh, this is one of the few places that I felt semi at ease letting someone touch me but only after they have showered off.
I used a shower brush to scrub Josh’s back.
“Oh my God, that feels so good, can you do that all the way down my ass cheeks and legs too?”
“That was always part of the plan.” I said with a smile.
Josh loved the feeling of the brush, well until I used it on his balls and cock but he loved the feeling most everywhere else. Josh wanted to kiss me again. “you have to brush again, you’ve had cum in your mouth.” I said opening yet another brand new toothbrush for Josh.
After we dried off we went back to the bed and cuddled, well we laid next to each other pretty close.
Josh kissed me and smiled. “I know that you have “issues” and there are things that you just cannot do or at least without special preparation, but I have really enjoyed being here with you.”
“Thanks Josh, you are a good sport for putting up with my quirks and all and I would love to do this again.”
“Maybe we could catch dinner together tomorrow?” He asked.
“Well, I don’t think you are ready to eat at a restaurant with me, so yes, but I will cook for you here.”
We talked and laughed about quirks and silliness before Josh fell asleep when I took a new clean sheet and put it rolled up between us and turned away as not be breathing his exhaled breath.
I fell asleep with my ass tingling and a happy guy, Josh seemed like he might be a guy that can work past my problems and could be a long term boyfriend.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Severe Storm Warnings

Having lived in tornado alley for several years I am used to severe storms that pop up without too much notice.
I had a couple of friends visiting from out of state, they were not a couple, just friends that flew out together to visit me.
The first night as we were asleep town siren went off shaking us out of the beds, my guests were not used to things like this and came running into the hall right from each bedroom.
“Get to the basement now” I yelled as the alarm on my storm radio went off adding to the mayhem.
We got down the stairs into the basement and I directed them to a small “safe room” to the right t the base of the stairs.
I turned on a florescent lantern just as the power went out, they looked scared and I was feeling a bit uneasy myself.
“Alex, what do we do?” Shawn asked.
“Just hunker down until it passes, there is not too much we can do but wait it out.”
Turning on a battery operated weather radio, it confirmed what we had already done, telling us to move to a secure area in your home and stay there for what sounded like it would be all night.
I was wearing nothing at all, Shawn was naked too and Dale had boxer briefs on, we stood in the light of the lantern staring at each other.
Dale looked shaken and I pulled him close putting my arm around him. “It will be fine, these storms have come through here for many years and this house has stood since 1983.”
“I have a few things down here to be ready for storms like the lantern and some food, water and a small mattress, I never thought to put extra clothing in here but I don’t think it is worth risking going back upstairs.”
“Oh great, they will find me naked in a tree 40 miles from here.” Shawn said as he laughed.
“Not funny… at all.” Dale said.”
“Look, let me pull out the mattress from the corner and we can sit on it.” I said.
“Oh my God, that is a small mattress.” Dale said as he pointed to it.
“Well, it is a double but for three men to be on it, it does look a bit small but usually it’s only me here.”
We sat on the mattress and talked about the storm and swapped storm stories, Dale seemed more at ease now.
I broke out the plastic storm tote that I had food and snacks packed in. “Let’s see, cans of tuna, water, crackers, chocolate bars, a deck of cards, spam and a few other things including a small propane burner to cook on if needed.
“We could play strip poker with the cards but it would be a fast game, two are already naked.” I said with a giggle.
“It’s not fair, get those briefs off Dale, we are naked and you aren’t.” Shawn said as he grabbed playfully for Dale’s underwear.
“No way.” Dale said through his laughter.
Shawn started roughhousing trying to get Dales briefs off of him, I reached over and pulled Dale toward me holding his arms as he laughed uncontrollably while Shawn slipped dales briefs to his knees and then off of him completely. This must have turned Dale on as he had more than a chub going, his mostly stiff cock bounced around during the struggle.
Shawn flipped Dale over face down with his lips inches from my pubes.
The play continued with Shawn pushing Dales face right into my crotch with both men laughing.
“Suck it!” Shawn called out.
Dale put his mouth on my cock, I spread my legs to give him good access to my balls too.
Dale started sucking my cock as it filled and stiffened as he sucked while Shawn rubbed Dale’s ass and legs.
“Damn Dale, that feels great, take your time down there.”
Shawn reached over and tweaked my nipples some before sucking them, I lifted some and adjusted my ass so that Dale could have plenty of room.
Dale arched his back poking his ass into the air, Shawn needed no further invitation to push his face into that ass crack.

Dale had little body hair and what he had was fine and almost invisible even on his legs so he always had that “just shaved look” his pubic hair was a very small tight blonde patch at the base of his small cut cock.
Shawn pulled Dale’s ass cheeks apart and spit into the tight crumple of skin that would soon give way to a stiff intruder.
I moaned as Dale sucked my cock, he would get me to the point where I was ready to blow and he would slow down and work on my balls a bit.
Shawn stuck his thick middle finger in to his mouth lubing it up with spit before pushing it into Dale’s ass, he intently watched his finger disappear inside Dale from only a few inches away.
The wind howled outside while Dale sucked my nut down his throat as I blasted cum into him while holding his head and pumping the fuck out of his throat.
“Alex, I want that ass now,” Dale said.
I turned around and leaned over onto my elbows giving him full view of my hairy ass crack, he dove in while Shawn plunged his cock into Dale’s ass.
Dale ate my ass like a pro, he went to it with fervor, once in a while jamming a finger or two and giving my abyss a good workout making me groan and begging him not to stop.

Shawn’s lean body was getting a good workout as he barebacked Dale’s butt, his muscles were tight in his chest and shoulders and appeared that he was getting close.
Shawn flipped Dale over and I moved into position too and squatted over his mouth dangling my nuts across the man’s lips as he licked and moved to pull them into his mouth. Shawn pulled out and shot his semen all over Dale’s chest and crotch covering his stiff rod with man goo.

Shawn took Dale’s cock into his hand and started pumping it pre lubed with his own ejaculate, Dale arched his back and moaned with my balls in his mouth as his cum jetted from his piss slit all over his crotch.
I moved in and sucked his fresh cum mixed with Shawn’s jizz off of Dale’s cock.
We fell back on the tiny bed intertwined and still breathing hard when the siren sounded again and I checked the weather radio receiving the all clear to leave the shelter.

I invited the men to my bedroom and got us each a drink, we talked, kissed and laughed before going for another round of hot threesome sex before we fell asleep all in one bed.
The rest of their visit ended with all of us in my bed swapping fluids and fucking asses.

Monday, March 24, 2014

High School Days

I was on summer break and had just turned 17 two months ago, my hair sun bleached and skin tan from the hot California sun.

I called my friend to see if he wanted to hang out. “Hey Todd, it’s Colby, do you want to meet me downtown to grab a pizza or something?”

“Sure Todd, Give me 30 minutes and I’ll meet you at Stella’s Pizza.”

“Hey, I’ll come by and pick you up if you want?” I said.

“Sounds good, Ill jump into the shower, come on in and you can wait in my room, it won’t take long.”

I jumped into my beater of an old red jeep and was at Todd’s within 5 minutes, I let myself in and headed up the stairs to Todd’s room.

I have always had a huge crush on Todd but never had the nerve to come out to him, or anyone for that matter. Todd is a bit of a jock and seems to excel in most sports but is not so stuck up that he only hangs with the jocks.

I sat on his bed, I have been in his room many times over the 12 years since his family moved here from Colorado.

I looked and saw Todd’s clothes on the floor that he had stepped out of minutes before, I could not take my eyes off his briefs on the floor on top of his jeans. I leaned over and picked them up and held them to my nose, fuck, I have always wanted to be this close to his crotch and this was second best.

Just then Todd stuck his head out of the on suite bathroom to say he was out of the shower and would be a few minutes while he dressed.

I looked up at that moment and saw that he was looking at me with his underwear at my nose.

“What the fuck Colby, You sucking my shorts?”

“No, I was, I just..” I stammered.

There was nothing I could say that would change what he just saw me doing.

“I’m sorry, I’ll go.” I said.

“No, don’t go, we are going for pizza, right?” He asked as he walked out into his room holding his towel.

I looked at his naked wet body, I wanted to throw myself onto my knees and put my mouth all over him.

Todd gave my shoulder a jab. “I’ll be ready in a sec.” He said as he walked back into the bathroom, my eyes were glued to his butt as he walked away.

I sat on his bed, my face burning over him seeing me sniffing his briefs and I wanted to break and run but knew I would have to face him sooner or later so I stayed put.

Todd walked out of the bathroom wearing a hoodie partially zipped exposing his bare chest and some well-worn jeans with holes on his thighs and knees showing his tanned skin and dark hair on his legs.

He sat on the bed a foot or so away and put his socks and shoes on before punching my arm. “You ready?”

I stood up and followed him downstairs and to my Jeep. I drove the couple of miles to Stella’s, driving over, Todd had chattered about sports and stuff not once mentioning what I did in his room, I still felt a cloud of doom over me.

We ordered a large sausage pizza and some Cokes and the waitress brought us some of their famous garlic rolls.

I sat across from Todd and sipped my Coke and munched on the garlic rolls, his lips always held my attention, they were full and dark and made me want to suck them into my mouth.

Todd told me a couple of jokes that he had heard making me laugh. A few minutes later our pizza was served and we started eating while still talking.

I took a big bite of my pizza when I felt what could only be Todd’s foot against my crotch under the booth table.

I about jumped out of my seat when he did that and I know I had a shocked look on my face.

Todd smiled and kept his foot there rubbing my junk through my jeans, I had a hard time eating while he rubbed his foot against my cock which was now fully stiff.

I lifted the tablecloth to see Todd’s socked foot between my legs, I reached down and ran my fingers all over his foot and up his pants leg a few inches.

Todd’s foot pushed harder against my straining cock, my body moved and jerked some. “You are gonna make me shoot in my pants of you don’t stop.” Todd only smiled and did it harder, I tried to push his foot back gently without drawing too much attention from the few people in the restaurant.

The waitress came by to check on us and get refills of our drinks, Todd did not stop, I could not hold back any longer and am sure that Todd could feel my legs jerking as I shot my load as she brought our drinks back.

The waitress looked at me. “You okay hon?”

“He is fine, just bit off more than he can chew right now.” Todd said as she walked away.

“I just jizzed in my pants.” I said quietly.

Todd smiled as he ate the last bite of his pizza while he worked his foot back into his shoe.

I finished the slice I was trying to eat before my crotch was molested by Todd.

“Let’s get out of here and go back to my place.” He said as he took the bill to the counter to pay, I stood up and walked outside thinking that everyone in the place could tell that I had cum soaked underwear.

In the Jeep on the way back, Todd reached over and unbuttoned my jeans stuffing his hand down the front of my pants. “Feels nice and sticky down there.” He said as he pulled his hand back sucking a finger into his mouth. “Tastes good too.”

I didn’t know you were gay Todd, we have known each other so long, I just never saw it.”

“Hey, I could say the same about you too, I haven’t done allot but I have had some sexy fun with a few of the jocks from baseball and one from track.”

“I want to hear more about that, I’ve not been with anyone but my right hand.” I said.

Back at Todd’s house we went to his room, Todd sat on the bed pulling me close. “Take off your shirt.” He said as he unbuttoned my pants and pushed them and my sticky boxers to my feet, I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants.

Todd played with the bits of cum left stuck to my pubes and sucked my balls.

“We need to take care of this stickiness and in fact I can trim back that bush of pubes you’ve got too, I like things smooth and clean looking.

In his bathroom he took a warm washcloth to my sticky mess, it felt so good, not only the warm part but knowing that it was Todd cleaning me up.

He grabbed a can of shaving cream and squirted some into his hand. “You are good with this, right?” He asked.

Hell at that time I think I would have allowed him to tie me up and do anything he wanted without question.

“Yeah, whatever you think.” I replied.

He rubbed on the shaving cream to my crotch and started shaving off my pubes, I thought he was going to trim them a little but he cleaned house on hair.

I just watched as his face was inches away from my stiff cock as he shaved off the tiny hair from my shaft and cleared the forest until I looked like a plucked chicken.

“You want everything done?”

“Sure.” I said not knowing what was left to shave.

“Being in swimming and other sports most of us have shaved the better part of our bodies and sometimes went farther than needed but it make ourselves very smooth."

Still not knowing what he meant, I nodded.

“Spread your legs and bend over the sink.”

He spread my ass cheeks and rubbed a bit of cream in and took away all signs of ass hair, I had no idea why this was needed.

Cleaning my ass crack off with a wet washcloth, I felt his face go to my asshole, Oh my God,, it felt insanely wonderful, I didn’t know that people did this, I have always fingered my ass while jacking off, but this felt so good.

Todd pulled my asshole open with his thumbs and chewed at my pink hole.

He stood up and undressed and turned on the shower, we stepped under the warm water jets. Todd soaped his hands up and washed my entire body, my cock never went limp since we arrived back at his house and was straining for attention.

Todd went to his knees pulling my newly shaved balls into his mouth, my head went back and all I could do is moan.

He took my load into his throat after only a few moments of sucking me, I thought I would pass out from the pleasure of cumming into Todd’s mouth.

“I want your virgin ass Colby, turn around.”

I had a good idea of what was about to happen but nothing could have prepared me for this.

Todd reamed my ass with his long fingers, I thought his fingers were big and hurt some, well until he pushed his thick cock into my ass.

As his cockhead passed my elastic pucker the pain bolted through me and I thought something was happening wrong. “Oww.. It hurts Todd.”

“I’ll slow down some, it will get better Colby, I have always wanted to fuck your ass and to be your first really turns me on.”

I was glad to give myself to Todd, I wanted to be his man no matter what.

Todd pushed his cock in fully but very slowly and the pain eased some, his rhythm started smooth and slow, I was bent over in the water spray while the guy I have only dreamed about was fucking my ass.

As Todd got closer to cumming, his speed increased and became more animalistic in his movements and my ass was on fire.

“Oh fuck, Colby, your ass is perfect, I am about to cum baby.” He said as his body shook with climax while he continued plowing my virgin hole.

We dried off and went to his bed where he held me tight. I was so relieved to see that I had not lost his friendship when he found me sniffing his shorts and that he wanted more from me than to fuck me and send me on my way.

We cuddled, talked and I licked and sucked his nipple, I fell asleep in his arms, we woke about an hour to his mother coming into the house downstairs.

I jumped up and looked a bit frantic. “It’s okay, she won’t come in without knocking and I came out to my parents about a year ago, they know I have boyfriends instead of girlfriends.

“Todd honey, I’m home, Come down for a snack if you want.” His mother said.

“Okay mom.”

I stood there naked, Todd walked to me pulling me close. “I am so happy this happened, I have wanted to be with you for so long.” Todd said as he kissed me fully on the lips, his tongue probed my teeth and mouth, my knees went weak.

“Let’s get dressed and go downstairs.”

I picked up my cum wet underwear and looked at Todd, I can’t put these back on.” Todd opened his underwear drawer. “Pick out some you like and wear them if you want.” He took my wet undies and tossed them into his hamper.

I looked at the underwear he had, some were very sexy and expensive brands, He took a pair of Andrew Christian out that were red and had a pouch in front to put your junk into that also enhances your bulge.

“Try these, I think you’ll like them.”

I pulled them on and tucked my balls and cock into the pouch, Todd helped adjust my bulge. “Looks hot.”

I slipped my tee shirt, jeans back and shoes back on while Todd dressed.

We started down the stairs and off to the kitchen where his mom had some chips and drinks out for us.

“Hi Colby, how are you?” Todd’s mom asked.

“I’m better than ever Mrs. Evans.”

“Glad to hear, it’s always good to see you.”
“You will be seeing allot more of him mom.” Todd said as he put his arm over my shoulder. At first I felt uneasy, I was not out to anyone before today and now Todd sort of claims me openly to his mom, but it felt good.

“That’s great Todd, I have a few things to do before dinner, and you are welcome to stay for dinner if you like Colby?”

“Thanks Mrs. Evans that would be nice.”

I continued seeing Todd daily usually having sex more than once a day when we could, sometimes fast blowjobs where we could, but it was wonderful to be with him.

Within a couple of months Todd pressured me a little to come out to my family, I did and it went okay, dad was a bit put out by it at first but seemed to come around.

Todd was over for dinner one night and as it came time to go home he leaned in and kissed me in front of my parents, my heart pounded and face went pink I am sure but they didn’t say anything so I acted as if nothing abnormal happened.

Our senior year of high school it became common knowledge that we were a couple though we didn’t show too much affection at school other that hang out together constantly.

Todd pointed out a few of the guys that he had played around with, some of which denied being gay to him, telling him that sex, was sex.

We remained exclusive to each other and after graduation Todd went off to college and I felt as if I had lost him, I was so depressed and one day Todd called telling me that he had not been with anyone and wanted me to move out to be with him.

I was so happy, we got an apartment together, I could not afford college and went right to work while Todd studied pre-med.

I worked and cooked for him while he studied, at home we never wore clothes. Todd would pull me onto him as he sat on the couch tossing his books aside and suck my cock saying he needed his protein to keep his studies up.

Todd graduated a few years later and we moved back to California for his internship and later as he found a good hospital to work for Todd wanted me to quit my job and relax for a few years as I had worked my ass off during his college years and internship.

I have never been happier in my life, Todd is devoted to me and can’t wait to get home to be with me, my heart still pounds when this man kisses me deeply.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekend Away

My good friend Jim asked me to meet him at his family cabin for the weekend for some relaxation and fun.

I accepted as soon as the invitation was out of his mouth, I was so ready to get away and loose the stress of the work week.

I packed Thursday night and packed my car to be able to leave straight from work, my supervisor had us in a meeting right up to time to leave and all I could do was look out the window at the trees and grass.

“Nick, what do you think?” My female boss asked.

I was not paying attention and had lost the flow of the conversation. “I think we should make a simple list on the dry erase board of the pro’s and con’s and go from there.”

“Great Idea, Linda would you do the honors?” She asked. I was relieved to move past that, the things they added to the board brought me back into the flow again and I was never so happy to hear her voice saying that it was time to go for the weekend and we would pick up here on Monday morning.

I almost ran for my car, I had an ice chest and stopped at the market to buy steaks, ice, snacks and beer before driving to the lake.

I arrived before anyone was there and took a beer and a towel to the boat dock thinking I’d take a swim.

I stripped off my jeans and shoes down to my orange ball cap and a tee shirt and stood there looking around, no one in sight on the lake and no homes for miles, I slipped off my tee shirt and dropped my baseball cap to the wooden dock before diving into the water swimming away from the dock.

The water felt incredible, a bit cool but the weather was hot and felt so good swimming naked, cool water flowing all around my ass and balls.

I climbed out onto the dock and spread my towel out and lay myself out soaking up the sun, wow, this is so relaxing, my mind slowly went blank and I drifted off to sleep.

I was startled awake what must have only been a few minutes later by Jim and a couple of other guys I didn’t know. “Oh, hi, I went for a swim, excuse my nakedness.” I said covering my crotch slightly with my hands.

They introduced themselves and reached to shake my hand and before realizing both were occupied, the blonde guy kept his hand out regardless, I shook it letting my other hand go to my side, I may as well not worry about it, these getaways usually end up being a nudist weekend anyway. I thought to myself.

His name was Eric, his friend, William smiled as I caught him getting a good look at my junk, I was not yet sure if they were a couple or what.

Eric slipped his shorts off, peeled his tee shirt over his head dropping it to the dock and jumped into the water screaming out as he surfaced. “Wahoo, this water is great!”

William looked like he was a mixed race between black and Asian, his skin was beautiful with seemingly no pores and a perfect color.

William stripped and jumped in too, I think my jaw hit the planks on the dock when I saw him naked. His Afro~Asian body made my knees weak, it was sheer perfection as the sun reflected off of his wet skin as he surfaced.

I dove into the water near Eric and William, Eric tried to push my head under the water so William joined in the fun of trying to drown me by pushing me under the water, I grabbed at legs, asses or anything else that was close by.

I came up as the other two went underwater, I could feel them around me touching my legs, my ass and one of them put his mouth on my cock, sucking it deep before they both surfaced, gasping for air while laughing.

I climbed out of the lake back to the dock when Jim asked if we were ready to take everything into the cabin.

Eric put on his boxers while William just picked up his clothes and walked up to the cars, his wet ass was a sight in the sunlight that filtered through the trees. I slipped on my boxer briefs and picked up my clothes following William’s sexy ass.

We took all of the supplies into the rustic cabin, it was one large room with a bathroom that was on a septic tank with rainwater in holding tanks to use for a shower.

Eric heard a car pulling in and opened the door, it was Bobby, a good friend that I have known for several years.

I went to help him bring his gear in and saw that someone was with him. FUCK, I thought, it was his friend and drama queen Ronnie, I’d sooner slam a hammer onto my foot than spend the weekend with fuckface Ronnie.

“HAY GURLFRENS.” Ronnie screamed in his hi pitched girl like voice, it went through me like a knife.

I had a bondage vision pop into my head with Ronnie, tying him up, duct tape across his mouth and putting him in the trunk of Bobby’s car for the entire weekend.

I hugged Bobby, leaning in, “What the fuck did you bring douche bag Ronnie for?” I whispered in his ear.

“He broke up with his boyfriend and was really down, so this was a good distraction for him, please be nice.”

“Every week he breaks up with someone, he annoys the fuck out of them to the point it is either leave or go to jail for killing him.” I said.

Bobby patted my boxer brief covered ass and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Love ya.” He said with a smile.

“I need liquor!” I announced to a cheer from the guys.

I walked to the “kitchen” area pulling out some bags to find the rum bottle I brought along with some Coke a Cola. “Who needs a rum and Coke?” I asked.

Ronnie came over next to me and ran his hand across my ass. “I’lll take one, lover.” My eyes raced around the counter for a sharp knife. “Ronnie, if you ever tough my ass again, or call me lover, or anything period, I will drag your ass to the lake and drown you.” I said in a low tone only Ronnie could hear.

“You crack me up, always do, you are so funny.” Ronnie said.

Ronnie took his drink and sipped it while I shot Bobby a “look” that said volumes.

William was still nude and Ronny was encroaching on what I was wanting to build into a weekend romance with William. I turned and added more rum to my drink. I motioned to William to come over. “What would you like to drink William?”

“I’d love a cold beer, I brought two cases so there should be plenty for the weekend. “ William said with a sweet smile.

I popped open a beer and handed it to William. “Here ya go.” “By the way was that you that put your mouth on my dick back at the lake?” I asked.

William smiled. “It looked inviting, so I went for it.” He said as he leaned in letting his thick cock tough my hand that I had at my side.

Instinctively my hand went around his shaft and balls cupping his manhood. “Well I need a turn at yours then, just to be fair.” I took my rum and coke and lifted the glass under his cockhead letting it and his balls dip into my glass before I kneeled down to lick him clean.

William leaned back on the counter and moaned, that was enough to draw the attention of the others who cheered a bit as they moved in to watch.

Ronnie stripped his clothes off and tried to move in on me and William, I saw him and was about to punch him in the nuts when Bobby pulled him back.

“Let’s go out and skinny dip guys.” Bobby called out.

Everyone stripped and headed outside leaving me with William who by now was fully hard as I devoured his shaft.

William leaned back onto the counter lifting his legs giving me my first look at his hot asshole, I dove in face first, my stubble rubbing against his soft skin driving him wild.

“Fuck me Ray.” He said.

I grabbed my backpack and took out some lube and a condom.

I stretched out William’s hole and plunged my cock in deep while William moaned and asked for more. I pulled his hips close as I plowed his ass.

William lifted my glass to my lips for me to take a sip of my rum with essence of Coke, leaning in and taking a sip himself while I fucked him hard, I liked his style.

I was about to cum when goat shit fuck face Ronnie walked back into the cabin. “Don’t mind me, just grabbing some sunscreen my little whores.”

“Shut the fuck up Ronnie, get your shit and go before I beat your ass.”

Ronnie moved faster than before and shut the door on his way out. I picked up momentum and was back to shooting my cum into this olive skinned God.

I groaned loudly as the last of my jizz pumped out of my pee hole into William.

I pushed William back farther onto the counter and sucked his stiff dripping dong into my throat and bobbed his pole as I played with his balls.

William was writhing all over the counter moaning and panting while his cum splashed deep into my mouth and throat as he bucked his hips.

I pulled William to his feet kissing him on the neck and working to his sexy lips, biting and sucking on them.

We joined the others at the dock, a couple of the guys were laying out on towels and the others were in the water splashing and laughing.

Eric looked at William’s cock seeing a thread of cum leaking out onto the wooden dock. “Looks like you two had a good time.” Eric said.

William looked at me and smiled, he dove into the water and surfaced a few feet away.

I felt a hand on my bare ass from behind, turning to see it was Ronnie. “Look asswipe, I’ve told you already that if you want to live, you need to stay clear of me and never touch me again, I don’t need your fucking drama.”

“It’s cool baby, I thought you were playing with me, it’s all good.”

“I don’t play anything with you, you are a fucking looser and I have heard all of your crap for over three years, and one day Bobby will get tired of it and you will have to find someone else to fuck up their life.”

Bobby got out of the water and took Ronnie aside and explained that he is walking a thin line and about to be taken home. “If you want to stay out here and have a nice weekend, then you need to keep a low profile and not piss people off.”

“Okay Bobby, I’ll behave the best I can.” Ronnie said giving Bobby a hug.

We swam and played in the water while Jim and Eric were making out near the waterline, it was hot to watch, two hot guys naked in the grass.

Jim was definitely a top and took charge getting Eric on his knees doggy style and started eating his ass and fingering him with his first two fingers, really reaming his ass.

Eric’s head was in the grass with his back arched and ass up high in the air. Jim pushed his hard slim cock into Eric’s stretched hole and started pumping him while Eric’s cock swung between his legs in the lake breeze

Bobby lay in the grass with a leg on each side of Eric’s face and plunged his cock down the man’s throat while Jim filled the other end.

Ronnie came over for a closer look and started rubbing Jim’s ass while jacking his own cock. “Get down there under him and suck his dangling dick.” Jim said. Ronnie did as instructed and was glad to be a part of the action.

Eric was sucking Bobby’s cock like crazy when the man blew his load hungrily sucking all of Bobby’s cum wanting more. Jim fucked Eric’s ass with a vengeance pulling it out and shooting his cum into Ronnie’s face below.

Ronnie continued sucking Eric until his cum erupted, filling Ronnie’s mouth with his salty jizz.

We paired off to share the three beds in the cabin that night, there was lots of whispering and giggling going on until finally the last had fallen asleep.

The next afternoon Ronnie was laying on the dock when one of the guys stood over him jacking off. “Come on guys, let’s cover Ronnie in our jizz.” Eric said.

Everyone stood around Ronnie jacking off, I decided to go a bit farther and give Ronnie what he deserved and let loose a stream of piss onto his chest and moved it up to his face, he took it like a real piss slut opening his mouth for any liquid he could catch. Eric was the first to let his ropes of cum splash down onto Ronnie’s face with the others following covering his face and chest with the mixed cum of the group.

We took a swim, ate lunch and laughed, Ronnie kept his distance most of the afternoon.

William and I cooked massive three quarter pound burgers outside on a charcoal grill, we were all famished by the time they were done. Bobby made a huge bowl of potato salad and brought some cookies and thing he had brought with him to the lake.

After we finished gorging everyone went to the cool green grasses that grew near the water’s edge, laying naked laughing and poking at each other.

Everyone was too full for much other than to rest in the shade, Bobby brought his guitar and played while he softly sang and his voice was deep and beautiful.

My breath was slow and deep, my eyes closed I could listen to Bobby sing forever, it made me relax, nothing could stir me up while he sang, hell I think if Ronnie lay next to me I would not even say a mean word to him.

I woke up after a brief nap to the guys laughing and splashing in the lake, I stepped off to the side and pissed into the bushes before walking to the dock. “Next year I am renting a big pontoon boat for us to use out here.” I said.

“Sounds great.” Ronnie said.

I chose to be a good boy and ignore him as he would not be on my list to invite and I would make sure that Bobby did not bring him.

I sat on the dock with my legs in the water when William swam up and pushed my knees apart, I carefully lifted and moved forward as to keep the splinters out of my ass. William toyed with my nuts causing my cock to chub and stick out from my crotch before he started gently chewing my cockhead.

William smiled, his white teeth sparkling in the sunlight. He dove onto my cock and took it to my pubic hair, he was definitely talented and made me moan and groan with pleasure.

He sucked until I was ready to cum and pulled off, I started jacking off until I shot my load, the first bit hit William square on the lips the next flew into his hair, by the time I finished shooting, his face was covered in ropes of creamy white love juice.

William leaned back sliding under the water washing the cum from his face. I could feel him at my feet running his hands up my legs.

We had a great time at the lake, I invited William to dinner and to my place afterwards for fun and games. We decided to hang out at least once a week and are now the best of fuck buddies.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Brother Trouble

I decided to hit the local watering hole, I had a rough week at work and it was Friday night and I was looking forward to blowing off some steam with a few beers.
I got there just after ten P.M. and headed to the bar, the bartender knew me well enough to pour me a draft upon seeing me near the bar.
The place was packed and I paid for my beer and headed toward the tables near the dance floor.

In the dark area lit only by strobe lights and a couple of beer signs I stopped near a table with only one guy sitting alone.
“Mind if I set my beer on your table?” I asked.
The guy motioned for me to take a seat too. He was pretty attractive and had me looking at him more than the men dancing on the floor nearby.
“I’m Tom” he said pushing his hand across the table.

“Nice to meet you Tom, and thanks for letting me sit with you, my name is Aaron.
“Are you waiting on anyone?” Tom asked.
“Yeah, the man of my dreams.” I said with a laugh.
“That’s funny, me too.”

“Well, would you like to dance until the prince of your dreams walks in?”
“Sure, I’d love to.” I said getting up from the table.

We danced several dances when Tom leaned to the DJ and slipped him a tip; two songs later came on a slow dance.
When the music slowed I started toward the table when Tom took my hand pulling me back to the dance floor.
“Wait, I arranged for this song so I could dance closer to you so you are not getting away before this dance.” Tom said.
I smiled at him as he slipped his hand around my waist pulling me close.

Tom leaned to my ear telling me that he loved looking at my tight ass packed jeans before slipping his hand down running it across my bubble butt.
I reached around his ass pulling him in tight and gave his crotch a grind with mine.
The song ended and we walked back to the table, Tom never let his hand off my ass until I got to my chair.
We talked, laughed and danced a bit more between several more beers.

“Want to come to my house and see what kind of trouble we can get into?” Tom asked.
I looked into his sweet almost innocent looking face with his big boyish smile, how could I resist.
“I’d love to.” I said. We walked out to the parking lot; Tom leaned in and gave me a kiss for the road, deep and long.
I followed Tom’s car out into the wet streets thinking of his intoxicating kiss.

I always text a close friend letting him know where I am just in case something happens, he would know where to send help, as we stopped and I saw the address
I sent my text and got out of my car walking to Tom.
We got inside and took off our jackets, Tom grabbed a couple of beers and handed both bottles to me filling both hands while he took my face in his hands and kissed me
gently at first and becoming more passionate as it went.

Tom stopped kissing and took one of the beer bottles from my hand with a smile.
“Oh, you are naughty, aren’t you?”
“You have no idea.” he said.

He pulled his shirt over his head giving me a view of a stunning chest as I unbuttoned my shirt.
Tom leaned over and took one of my nipples between his lips, chewing and sucking on it, his hands roamed across my back and down to my waistline and inside the back of my jeans.
This man was hungry for my ass and I had no problems feeding him whatever he wanted.
I unbuttoned my jeans and Tom slid them to the floor.

He dropped to his knees in front of me with his mouth all over me from my chest to my crotch.
Tom was pretty aggressive pulling my junk into his mouth, my hands moved across his broad shoulders.
I pulled him to his feet. “Do you think we can go to your room and be a little more comfortable?” I asked.
“Sure, follow me.”
I kicked off my shoes and jeans leaving them on the floor in the living room.
Tom wasted no time in grabbing some lube and a condom; he lubed my ass well pushing his fingers deep into my ass stretching out my fuck hole.
I lay back on the bed and lifted my legs while Tom moved in pushing the fat head of his log into my ass crack.

His girth was bigger than most and it felt as if he was splitting me open, Tom fucked me with a fast motion causing my balls to bounce around as he moved.
I looked into Tom’s handsome face and wished I could reach his lips with mine for another kiss that left my heart pumping, wanting more.
His shoulders broad and strong, I noticed a scratch about six inches long on his arm.

Tom fucked me with slower deep thrusts as he shot his love spunk, filling the condom.
Tom pulled out and moved down sucking my cock again only this time he did not stop until he drained my body of cum.
What happened to your arm I asked Tom as he lay beside me catching his breath.
“Oh, fucking cat scratched the piss out of me I’ll be right back.” Tom said as he walked out of the room.

Moments later he came back in with a couple more beers handing me one as he sat next to me on the bed.
Tom seemed as horny as he was when we had just got to the house; his hands were all over my chest and down to my spent cock.
He grabbed another condom and slid it onto his stiff pole.

“Flip over” he said.
Wow his recovery time was fast but who was I to object.

I flipped over and stayed on my knees while Tom slid his dick into my ass and started fucking again, his hands held my hips in place as not to throw his momentum off.
My ass was getting a real workout tonight; this guy was a very horny soul. He filled the rubber cock bag and fell over to the side and started sucking my nipple.
I looked down at this sexy guy and noticed that there was no scratch on his arm anymore.
‘What the fuck is going on?” I demanded.
“What?” the man asked.

“You are not Tom.” I said as I got up from the bed walking to the living room for my clothes.
“Wait, I can explain.” he said while I was putting on my boxers.
Just then Tom walked out of another room. “We are identical twins, this is my brother Tim, we sort of share tricks sometimes.”
“Fuckers, the both of you.” I said, still pissed.

“Don’t go, I will come back to the bed with you, we can still have some fun, I’m sorry. “ Tom said.
“Okay, but only if Tim comes too, it’s always been a fetish fantasy of mine to be with twins.” I said.
“I’m game, but we don’t fuck with each other.” Tim said.

The three of us walked back to Tom’s bed, me in the middle and the brothers on each side.
Looking at these boy’s you could not tell them apart except for the scratch on Tom’s arm, it was so fucking hot to have mirrored brothers licking and sucking at my body.
Tim sucked my cock while I kissed Tom, this was so hot and I had one more thing I needed to see before leaving this bed.
I moved around and pulled Tom into a doggie position and started rimming his ass, Tim took no time before diving into my ass with his mouth.
I worked Tom into a frenzy; he really got off on getting rimmed with his loud moans filling the room.

I moved a bit and pulled Tim up to where I was and motioned him to eat his brothers ass, he shook his head no, I gave him a forceful look, “Do it” I said.
Tim took my place and chewed at Tom’s ass without Tom realizing it as his head was buried in pillows.
I rimmed Tim and tugged at his balls that were swinging below.

Taking a condom I rolled it onto Tim’s rock hard cock, I grabbed the lube and smeared it onto Tim’s covered shaft and a healthy amount into Tom’s ass after pulling Tim back.
“Fuck him” I whispered. Tim looked at me and I gave him a small push. Tim pushed his cock into his brother’s ass and started riding him as he had me just thirty minutes before.
I moved up and pushed my cock to Tom’s face for him to suck me.

He pushed me away thinking I was Tim, the look on his face when he realized hat his brother was porking his ass, he started to jump up and I pushed his head down again and onto my cock.
“You guys aren’t the only ones that can fuck with people, playing games and all, besides, I get the feeling that you two have done this before.” I said.
Tom sucked my cock as Tim fucked him hard; it was a wet dream for me seeing these hot twins in bed with me.

When they finished fucking I had my turn on Tim’s ass. I was so worked up by now; my pecker was so sensitive I almost shot my load putting the condom on.
Tom watched us fuck while jerking off but shot across my ass and back when he came; he seemed to be less eager to play around than his brother was.
I found that I really liked Tim’s personality more than Tom’s and hooked up with him several times after that night, well, I think it was Tim anyway.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Island Fire

I flew in with my parents to a small island that we had gone to several years as our summer getaway.
Being twenty years old I wanted to take my vacations on my own but once again my dad pleaded for me to come so we could get some snorkeling and sailing together.
On the second night there I told my parents that I wanted to hit a few clubs and that I would be in late. I headed to the small strip of clubs and was searching for something that I knew that I would not find, a gay bar.
I was not out of the closet and have had very few male encounters, my heart raced at the thought of even looking for hot gay sex.
It was just after eleven pm as I walked into the first place, it was a bust with a few locals and a couple sitting at a table eating.
I walked into the next club and I am using that very loosely, a few guys at tables and three couples dancing to recorded music.
I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. “What is wrong my young friend? You look like your best friend ran off with your girlfriend.” The bartender asked as he sat the glass of cold beer in front of me.
“I was looking for a different type of entertainment tonight.” I said.
“I see, you are looking for a disco to dance with the pretty local girls?”
“Well, you are half right.” I said before sipping on my beer.
The bartender leaned over the bar close to my ear. “You are looking for a boy to dance with?”
I nodded.
“We don’t have homosexual bars here, most people here will beat your ass for even talking about it and parents throw boys out to the streets if they say they are homosexual and usually only after they beat them near death.”
“I guess I will forget that plan then, I don’t need my ass beat for being gay.”
He went back to putting away the glasses that he had washed, then made a phone call, I could not hear what the conversation was about, I hoped he was not calling the vigilantes to beat me.
“I should probably get back to my hotel.” I told the bartender as he walked nearby.
“Wait, I have someone special coming to meet you, he is also homosexual but it is not known to many, he is my nephew and has confided in me, I only want his happiness.”
I drank a second beer when this guy came in and sat on the bar stool next to me. The bartender walked over and shook his hand. “This is my nephew Taio.” He said.
“My name is Ethan.” I said as I shook his hand.
Taio smiled taking a sip of the beer his uncle poured for him.
“Come with me you two.” The bartender said motioning to the back of the bar.
We took our beers and walked behind a door, my heart raced as I was not fully sure where I was being taken.
“You boys relax back here in my living room and get acquainted.” He said as he went back to the bar.
Taio and I talked and laughed comparing our families, he told me of the risk he takes every time he wants to meet with a guy on the island. One time the guy he was going to meet up with was beaten on his way to meet Taio and told them where they were to meet and several of the local guys raped Taio saying they were trying to teach him a lesson. Taio thinks they are also gay and tried to justify the sex and abuse.
Taio’s uncle quietly brought in a pitcher of beer and quickly left the room.
“He is nice.” I said motioning to the door his uncle just walked through.
“Yes, he truly wants me happy.”
Taio is an islander with beautiful black skin, his features and his inflections as he spoke made me horny.
I leaned over to kiss him, he nervously looked around even though we were in his uncle’s apartment.
“I have never been with a black guy before.” I said.
Taio smiled. “I have never been with a tourist, I mean a white boy.”
Taio locked the door retuning to my side, he kissed me with his full lips as I felt the heat of his chest against mine.
I unbuttoned his shirt, his nipples were large while mine are small, his skin so dark compared to mine.
Taio looked into my eyes, his hands around my neck and kissed me again only this time with plenty of tongue.
“Ethan, stand up and let me take your pants off of you.” I did as he suggested.
He pushed my pants to the ground, feeling my cock through my boxer shorts as it stiffened jutting out the fly. Taio took it into his mouth and sucked it gingerly, my hips pushed forward. “Fuck this feels great.” I said.
Taio took a sheet from the closet and laid it over the couch. I took his pants off of him and for the first time I sucked a black man’s cock, I thought it would be different, but if I had my eyes closed I would not have told any difference except he was a little larger than mine.
His naked body pushed against mine, his hands all over my body and mine on his. His had cock mashed on mine making me hornier than I was before.
We had no lube except for spit as I pushed my dick into this hot islanders ass. He made a low groaning sound as he pushed his ass against me as I fucked him, I pushed his legs higher toward his chest as I sped my pace, fucking his ass while I looked into his sexy face.
It took only a few minutes until I shot my cum into his ass as I had not cum yet today and was so fucking horny.
Taio sat back on the couch and spread his legs open and again I dove in, sucking his fat shaft and played with his tight balls, my finger slipped into his ass and I could feel my cum inside his hole, I fingered his ass while sucking him until he shot his cum down my throat, it was very sweet, later he told me that it was from the pineapple that he loved to eat, I was not sure if he was telling the truth or pulling my leg.
We cleaned up and dressed, Taio took me back to the streets and walked me to his family’s house and to his room. “We cannot act gay here, my family would beat and disown me.” He whispered.
Taio handed me a folded cloth with an island floral pattern on it.
I looked at him with a quizzical look. “It’s a sarong, put it on.
I unfolded it and dropped my pants putting the sarong around my waist while Taio showed me how to tie it.
He put one on too after getting fully nude, I reached under mine and took off my boxers tossing them onto my pants.
“Wow, this is great, all hanging loose and breezy.” I said.
Take off your shirt and put your clothes in this bag.” He said handing me a cloth bag with a long strap on it.
We walked outside to the beach in our sarong’s. I danced around some joking that I have never worn a dress before. “It is the best thing to wear in this heat and humidity, keeps your balls cooler than wearing pants all the time.”
Taio walked me to the condo my parents rented and secretly kissed me goodnight by the bushes outside the door.
We arranged a meeting place for the next night on the beach, Taio had borrowed his uncle’s car and we drove it far from the town where we took off our sarongs and ran naked on the beach after having sex on a blanket he had brought with him.
I wore my sarong the rest of the trip and only put on a shirt when we ate at restaurants, even after going home my sarong was something I would wear around the house and always reminded me of my island love.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Country Sheriff

I am a slight guy, hardly 135 pounds, and short dark hair with pale white skin.
My name is Darius, I found myself needing to hitchhike to the next town that was 45 miles away, this was not something I would usually do but had no ride to get home from a party after my friends left early and had gone to a concert, leaving me to fend for myself to get home.

It was almost 10 pm as I walked down a long and very dark road, no cars had passed in more than 20 minutes as it was a remote country road.
My feet were hurting as I saw headlights coming from behind me, I put my thumb out and turned to see a car slowing and then the red and blue lights came on atop the car, shit, this can’t be good. I thought.
The sheriff got out of his car and walked over to me. “Where are you headed and what is your name?” He asked.
“Home, and my name is Darius Camp.” I replied. “I live in Dodgeville.”
“I am going to pat you down; you have any guns, knives or drugs on you?” He asked as he shined his flashlight in my face.
“No, nothing.” I replied.
The Sheriff was a medium build and just average looking man in his upper 30’s but didn't look all that friendly.
He too me by the shoulder pushing me over the hood of his patrol car, I stood back upright and he pushed my face down onto the hood.
“Hey, not so rough!” I yelled out.
“You will do as I say and not like what happens if you don’t.” He barked. His foot went between my legs pushing my feet apart wide.
Sticking his flashlight in on the car seat, he ran his hands slowly over my shoulders and under my arm pits feeling every inch.

“I said I don’t have anything, you’ve no business searching me.” I said in protest.
He grabbed the back of my neck and squeezed it hard. “You say something kid?” He asked.
I made no reply and he went back to frisking me, his hands to my chest pausing around my nipples on each side.
“Kinds of a small sissy boy aren’t you?” He said.
Again I made no comment.
His hands moved to my stomach and to my waist line stopping at my belt.
“What is this?” He asked.
“It’s nothing.” I said.
Shit, he found my weed I had tucked into my waistband. I thought to myself.
“I asked you if you had any drugs, didn’t I?”
“Yes.” I replied.
He shoved me back onto the hood running his hands along my belt, it was tight. He unbuckled my belt and top button on my pants to pull the baggie of weed out.
“My pants will fall.” I said.
“Shut up and don’t move.” He said.
I could feel my pants slipping down to my knees where they stopped because my legs were spread apart.
The sheriff had put the pot into his car and walked back to me reaching around feeing my crotch through my underwear, he was a bit rough and ran one hand from my waist down my ass and under to my balls.
“Hey!” I said.
“Shut the fuck up!” He said. He rubbed my bulge again.
“You’ve searched there.” I said.
“I will search anything as long as I like to make sure you have no more drugs or maybe a weapon hidden away.”
The Sheriff groped my cock as it stiffened some.
“You like that Darius?” He asked. I made no sound.
He pulled my underwear down as I moved to grab them, he hit my arm.
“Don’t move, I won’t tell you again.” He yelled.
Grabbing my ass cheek roughly pushing me hard against the car hood, pulling my tee shirt to my shoulders he leaned in putting his arms around my torso feeling my nude midsection down to my cock, it stiffened at his touch.
“So you DO like this” He kissed my neck.
“Take your shirt off.” He said. I did as I was told.
He pushed me humped over the hood as he stood on my pants between my legs.
“Step out of your pants.” He said in a softer voice.
I pulled out my right foot from my pants loosing my tennis shoe at the same time.
He kicked my legs apart again and pushed his fingers into my crack. I heard a metallic noise which later I figured out it was his expandable baton locking into full open position.
I felt his baton at my crack moving slow with a small amount of pressure, then moving to my asshole as he pushed it harder changing the angle as it slipped past the tightness of my pucker.
I let out a groan.

“Feels good boy?” He asked as he reached around feeling my fully stiff and straining cock. I said nothing.
The Sheriff pushed the baton farther up my ass, it felt like it was a yard long but he probably only had about 7 inches inside me at that time.
“You want more?” He asked. I made no noise but lifted my hips a bit. He laughed. “Fucking little slut, I knew it.” He laughed.
He took my hard cock into his hand jacking it for a few minutes.
He then took off his gun belt setting it on the driver’s seat of his car.
Headlights came a lone driver looked over as he passed, the Sheriff waved at him, the view of my naked lower half was blocked by the patrol car so the driver could not see what was going on.
The Sheriff took out his fat cock and pushed it into my ass after spitting on his hand and smearing it around his cock.
His dick felt as fat as a soda can and really tore at my hole as he plunged it into me.
Fucking me hard, his larger body pushing me hard into the fender of the car.

I had never been used and dominated like this before, most of the little amount of sex I had had before was pretty common stuff and mostly just jacking off alone.
The Sheriff was pounding my ass and taking what he wanted from me, using my ass for his own pleasure.
He fucked my ass until his body started to jerk as his orgasm spewed into my ass as he cried out with muffled groans.
His body fell onto mine pressing me against the car. He stood and let his hands go to my cock giving it only a few tight jerks before I blew my load all over the side of his patrol car, my cum running down the paint.
He zipped himself up and put his gun belt back on while I stood against the car.
“What should I do with you now Darius?” He asked.
“Whatever you like.” I replied still scared that I was going to jail for the weed, I enjoyed what had just happened so much I was still very hard.
“Turn around.” He said. I did as I was told. He took my cock into his hand and squeezed it. He told me to get dressed before putting me into the back seat of his patrol car and driving me to my house miles down the road.
After letting me out of the car, he looked at me and said “I don’t want to see you out hitchhiking along my roadways again, or you will get the same treatment you got tonight“.
I looked at him and gave a smile; “I will be hitchhiking next Friday night about the same time and place as tonight.” I said as I turned and walked away.
You know he came looking for me along the roads that Friday night and several more nights that summer.