Sunday, March 29, 2015

Construction Stud

Being gay and working construction for a living is not the typical stereotype of a gay man in California, but then I am not the typical gay guy either.

I build houses for a living and hope someday to have my own construction business, but for now, I am a laborer.

I have a beefy build and a strong jaw along with a bush of dark hair that gets unruly and hard to manage at times causing me to clip it short.

Framing a house can be a dull tedious job and I let my mind wander sometimes, it has about gotten me hurt before by someone swinging a truss over my head and me almost walking into it as they lowered it onto the ground.

Starting a new build, our contractor hired on his usual crew of men, most of them being unremarkable with no real personality. They pretty much keep to themselves. A new hire was brought on to get the framing done faster before the men could hang drywall.

The boss yelled for me to come to the office trailer. “This can’t be good,” I mumbled. My steel toed boots clomped noisily on metal steps leading into the bosses’ trailer.

Stepping from the hot sun into the air conditioning I felt was a relief. I quickly lifted the hem of my t-shirt and wiped my sweaty brow with the cotton fabric.

“Chris, this is Ty, he is starting today and is gonna be framing with you.” Boss pointed to a guy standing nearby. “Keep him in line with our quality of work…he’s all yours, now get to work.”

“Let’s go Ty, its hot out there and only going to get hotter,” I said.

Ty got right to work. He seemed to know the job, so there was little conversation.

Ty was younger than me and had short cropped blonde hair and a hot slim working man’s body. I found myself staring at him as he peeled off his tee shirt and tossed it onto his tool box. The image of his muscled biceps as he raised his arms was momentarily suspended in my mind.

The building hadn’t been roofed yet and the sunshine turned his hair to gold. Just above the belt line on his back was a thin patch of tiny hair that was only visible in direct sunlight.

Ty stopped work, looked at me and cocked his head. He’d caught me watching him.

“Everything okay?” Ty asked.

“Yeah.” I struggled to regain my composure. “I was just checking your work. Remember, I’m responsible for what you do.”

“Sure, no problem.”

We continued to work until just before lunchtime, Ty was working close to me, those golden hairs on his back caught my attention again.

Again, I looked over. This time, I could see a trickle of sweat running down his back to the top of his Levi’s. It disappeared into the jeans, showing just a hint of an ass crack. I needed to see more, Ty turned to again catch me looking at his back.

“Is there a spider on my back?” He asked with a bit of a smile.

“Naw, I was just daydreaming a little.” I mopped my brow with my shirt again, this time I just pulled it off. I’d get a fresh shirt at home, this one was done for.

“Let’s get back to work…lunch is only twenty minutes away.”

“The boss said we take ninety minutes for lunch? Why is that?”

“Well it is a good break to get out of the sun, he said we will be more productive if we cool off. He also frowns on us staying on the jobsite at lunch, he would rather we left and came back fresh.”

“I live too far away to go home for lunch, I guess I’ll hang in my car in the parking lot across the street.”

“Nonsense Ty, you can come to my apartment. its a few blocks away and you can cool off while you eat your lunch.”

We finished up a section, time for a break. Ty grabbed his lunch before climbing into my pickup for the short ride to my apartment.

Once inside, the cool air felt wonderful against our shirtless bodies. Ty looked at my couch, then gave me a shrug and stayed standing in the middle of the room. I figured it was his way of telling me that it looked way too clean for him to sit on with his work clothes.

“I usually strip when I come home and relax in the buff, most times I take a shower before going back to work, and it makes the rest of the day bearable.”

“Oh, naked? Well, I…” Ty stammered.

I grabbed a clean sheet and tossed it over the couch for Ty to sit on.

“There, good as gold. I’m grabbing a quick shower, I’ll be back out in a few.” I said.

I walked into my room and peeled off my boots, jeans and briefs walking briefly into the hall naked into bathroom. Ty was eating his sandwich and I don’t think he even looked up.

I turned the water to a cooler setting; the water felt great against my skin as I lathered plenty of shampoo into my hair. I tilted my head back into the spray of water as it bubbled and trickled down my back, across my ass crack and down my legs to the drain.

I dried off and headed out to the living room with my towel wrapped around my waist.

“I made some lasagna last night for dinner. I’m gonna have leftovers; I’d be happy to heat some up for you, too.”

“No thanks, my sandwich filled me up pretty well, but I would love a shower if you don’t mind.”

“Help yourself, there are clean towels in the closet in the hall.”

I heated my lasagna and grabbed some water. I ate while watching the news while still only clad in a white towel.

I thought I heard Ty singing before he came out of the bathroom, he too only wrapped a towel around his waist.

“I really hate to put those sweaty clothes back on now that I am all clean.” Ty said.

I glanced at the bulge in the front of his towel, of course he noticed where my eyes were looking.

“Oh, is it okay that I have the towel on….you want me to get dressed?”

“No, its fine, like I said, usually I’m naked in here at lunchtime, make yourself comfortable.”

I almost dropped my fork when Ty shrugged his shoulders and let the towel fall loose before sitting down on the couch.

His cock was intoxicating, I was near speechless.

I ate my lunch and stood up to take my dishes into the kitchen and after the third step, my towel slipped from my waist and fell to the ground. I kept walking and could feel Ty’s eyes watching my ass as I walked away.

I rinsed my dishes and walked back in, picking my towel up off of the floor, but not bothering to put it back around my waist.

I saw that Ty was watching my cock and balls bouncing around as I crossed the room.

“This is the life, hard work, a cool shower and relaxing in the buff till time to go back to work.” Ty said, smiling.

I leaned my head back on the couch and closed my eyes going into full relax mode. Now and then I would crack my eyelids and give a peek to see that Ty was clearly checking my cock out while rubbing his balls.

I closed my eyes fully and put my hand to my crotch “Absent mindedly” giving my cock a tug and scratching under my balls.

I could feel the sexual tension in the air but was not about to come on to him only to have him out me as a fag to my coworkers.

The cool air felt so good that I fell asleep and awoke to the touch of Ty’s hand on my bare thigh.

“Time to go back to work, I don’t want to be late from lunch on my first day.”

I looked up to see Ty had already dressed and was standing in front of me with a smile.

“This was sure the best lunch break I have ever had, I feel so refreshed.” Ty said.

I got up rubbing my eyes a little while walking to my bedroom to get dressed.

“Wow, I was really sleeping hard.”

“No you weren’t hard, but you got pretty close just before I woke you up.” Ty said laughing.

Well, that must mean he was looking at my cock while I slept, he really gets me hot to plow his ass. I thought.

We drove back to work and finished out the day in the hot sun, I patted Ty on the shoulder and told him that he had done a great job.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ty said.

“Sure, and you are welcome to come back to my place at lunch with me if you like.”

“That would be great, I’ll plan on it.”

I got to the job site the next morning at 7:00 am to find Ty was already there, ready to go.

“It’s gonna be a scorcher today, it is already over 80 degrees, never cooled off during the night and may pass 100 easily.”

“I’ll be looking forward to lunchtime at your apartment and a cool shower again if that’s okay?” Ty asked.

“Sure, no problems at all.”

We worked through the morning only taking a short break to cool off under a nearby tree.

I was watching the time and could not wait for lunch to come, seeing Ty without a shirt again and knowing what he looked like naked, kinda gave me a chub and had to stand up and reposition my bulge for comfort sake.

“You single Ty?”

“Yeah, always have been, I’ve had a couple of romances recently but nothing going on right now.”

Hmmm….. I thought, he didn’t use the word girlfriend or anything but he also didn’t say anything about a guy either.

We drove to my apartment and just inside the door, Ty started peeling off his clothes.

“Would you like to get into the shower first?” I asked.

“Oh, well, no it’s your place, you go first.”

“Unless you want to come wash my back.” I said with a chuckle.

I got into the shower and was just soaping up when Ty pulled the shower curtain back a little as he stepped in.

Fuck me, I was kidding, but hell, this was great. I thought.

Ty grabbed the soap and lathered it in his hands.

“Turn around, you wanted you’re back washed didn’t you?”

I wasted no time turning around, I could feel his hands running across my shoulders and neck.

“Damn, that feels great.”

Ty worked his way down my back to my ass crack without a word. Now was the point to see where he would go next.

I felt his strong hands go to my ass mounds, soaping them while he rubbed up and down on them before slipping a finger into my ass crack gently following the curves of my ass.

In another second I felt on finger probing around my asshole, flicking and rubbing. I leaned forward with my hands on the shower walls and spread my legs a little.

Ty went to his knees behind me, his mouth biting at my ass mounds and chewing at my rosebud causing me to cry out with lust and desire for him to take my ass as he liked.

His thumbs spread my cheeks apart as he pushed his face into my ass pulling back only to slide a finger into my hole, plunging it in and out with a frantic speed.

“Fuck me Ty.” I whispered as the cool water splashed down on us.

I could feel Ty’s substantial cock pushing against my ass crack searching for the fuck canal that we both wanted filled. He slid the head of his cock in as he reached around my hip with his fingertips and slowly pushed until his man tool was fully inside me.

I felt the burn of my hole being stretched as he started his magic, fucking my ass like I wanted, no, like I needed. I could feel the heat from his body where we touched, the cool water blasted over us feeling amazing.

“Ty, that feels so good, plow me baby, fuck me hard.”

He did exactly that, fucking me like he had wanted to for years but only knowing me for a short time. My own cock was stiff and begging for release too, but that would have to wait.

Ty was getting close to cumming with his breathing increasing as well as his momentum reaming my ass.

“Chris, I’m cumming, ohhh.. Fuck Chris..”

He filled my vessel with his man syrup as his body jerked with the last waves of his climax.

I turned off the water and pulled him from the shower, we toweled off some as I led him to my room. I pushed him back onto my bed onto his back, lifting his legs I squirted some lube onto his already wet ass and plunged my stiff dick into his ass.

I fucked him for a few moments before flipping him to his side, raising one leg to his chest before pushing it back into his ass. Ty moaned loudly and pushed his ass toward my prick while he panted.

I fucked his ass long and hard while looking at his gorgeous face, he made me so very horny working alongside of him and now I was taking his ass.

My cock was buried deep inside him and did not ever want to take it out, it felt so good inside him, I continued fucking his ass before crying out with a lustful sound as I blasted his ass with my hot jizz.

I fell off of him onto the bed looking into his eyes, he smiled and pointed at his renewed rock hard cock that definitely needed more attention.

I pulled him onto my upper chest where I could suck his cock as he leaned forward dipping it into my mouth as he jacked off occasionally driving it all the way down my throat.

I had a fantastic view of this sexy well-tanned man as he jacked off into my face, his cum flew into my hair, my face and across my lips.

He smiled at me before leaning over licking his jizz from my face and pushing his tongue into my mouth sharing his salty sauce with me.

We ran for a quick shower to clean up before heading to the living room.

“Hell, we have fucked our lunchtime away, let’s dress and stop on the way back to work and grab a burger.” I offered.

“Sounds great, I almost forgot about food, I was so into the sex in the shower but it got even better when we moved to your bed.”

We dressed and stopped and the Burger Ranch picking up some jumbo sized ranch burgers and fries, I had really worked up an appetite and we devoured them as I drove back to the work site.

We worked the rest of the day taking glances at each other and smiling allot when the other would catch the glance.

Ty walked over and slid his hammer handle under my ass from behind running it back and fourth a few times and that made me want him even more, he was a fun and playful guy that was so hot in bed, it was all I could think about.

We went to dinner together that night and walked along the downtown streets talking before stopping off at a nearby gay bar for a few beers.

“Would you like to dance with me Chris?”

“I’d love to, and possibly anything else you want to do.” I said with a sly grin.

“Oh, naughty, I like naughty.”

“I have already found that out.” I said as we stepped onto the dance floor.

After we left the bar it was near 2 am and I suggested that Ty just spend the night with me as we had to be up and at the job site in only a few hours.

“Sure, but I don’t have my work clothes.” As he was dressed in casual slacks and a nice shirt.

“No problem, you can wear some of my clothes tomorrow, we are roughly the same size.”

We hit the bed holding and kissing until we fell asleep. It was so nice waking up with Ty’s face near mine, I leaned in and kissed him until he woke with a smile.

As we worked, I kept looking at the back of Ty’s pants as they were mine and a little oversized making them gap some in the rear giving me a great view of his ass crack.

Once I walked passed and leaned over and slid a finger along his ass crack making him give me a loud moan.

Some of the other workers noticed his crack and made a few comments about it, one even dropped a nail into the slot making Ty jump up laughing as he shook it out of the leg of the jeans. I think they also noticed that we were becoming closer and made a few comments but most were all in fun and not anti-gay.

Again we worked until lunchtime and headed to my place, once inside Ty shot me a huge smile.

“Race you to the shower.” He said.

We ran to the bathroom giggling and tugging at the other in order to try to be first.

Ty unbuckled his belt and slid his pants to the ground while I pulled his tee shirt off over his head.

I pulled off my shirt as Ty took the pants off of me, I stepped out of them and kicked them aside, we kissed and pulled our hot sweaty bodies tightly together.

I could feel his private’s grinding against mine causing it to harden and stand erect.

I went to my knees in front of him, I took his balls into my hand as I sucked his cock into my throat as I inhaled his man scent.

My fingers went to his ass crack, I spread his cheeks as much as I could as I probes along his crease until my fingertips found his ass pucker, pressing my fingers into his hole, stretching him out for what was to come.

I bent him over and onto his knees right there on the bathroom floor before pushing my stone hard cock into his sweaty ass, I pressed him down on the floor as I fucked his ass.

“Take me baby, fuck me hard, use my ass.” Ty moaned.

I didn’t need an invitation today and plowed his ass hard, I was so fucking horny after watching this man work shirtless all morning.

Reaching under pinching his nipples and running my hand across his chest, I knew this guy would be mine, I could tell there was more to this beyond just hot, wild sex.

Ty pushed his ass as tight as he could against my thrusts as my climax built to the uncontrollable passions as I let my love juice gush into him.

I pulled Ty close, kissing him as he pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. I pulled him into the shower with and continued kissing him under the water stream.

We washed each other and dried off before heading to the couch, where I knelt between Ty’s legs taking his thick cock into my mouth, sucking him until almost climax where I would stop and lick under his balls to his ass.

Running my tongue between his ass cheeks and going back to his cock riding it fast and hard with my lips until he could hold back no longer before letting his sweet syrup splash into my mouth.

I laid my head between his legs with his cock only inches away resting and also savoring the moment.

“It’s time I got us some lunch.”

“I brought my own.” Ty said as he pointed toward his backpack where he kept his lunch in a small cooler.

I got up and headed for the kitchen, taking a couple of small glass containers from the refrigerator.

“I made some pasta with red sauce and cheese on it before I went to bed last night, I’d be offended if you don’t join me.” I said with a mock stern look.

“Okay, if you put it that way, I would love it.”

I heated the dishes up in the microwave and pulled a small salad together before taking iced tea in to Ty.

We sat at the table eating the pasta, Ty was laughing and telling me about a funny thing that had happened to him a few months ago, he was very animated and comical as he spoke, he just made me feel so at ease with him.

After lunch we went back to work, it was all I could do to keep my mind off of this man and I would catch him looking over at me while he worked, he always had a smile for me.

“Hey mister, it’s Friday, you wanna go to dinner with me tonight?”


“Yeah, you.” I said.

“Sure thing.”
“Good, Mexican?”

“No, I’m Canadian.”

“Funny, Mexican food?”

That evening I met Ty at Carmelita’s Cantina, we ordered combination plates as we sipped on margaritas and dipped tortilla chips into salsa. After dinner I walked Ty out to the parking lot. “You are welcome to come spend the night if you want, I would sure enjoy it.”

“You have never been to my place, I think tonight is the night.” Ty exclaimed.

I agreed and followed Ty to his house, after getting inside the door he pulled me close, kissing me and plunging his tongue deep into my mouth.

Ty took my hand as he walked me to his bedroom, I was amazed at what I saw.

The bed had a metal frame that went up near the ceiling where it boxed across to the other posts similar the kind you would put mosquito netting on.

There were ties around the posts and an array of cuffs and things on the night table. I looked at Ty, he stood there with a big smile.

“Wow.” Was all I could say.

Ty reached for my waist, unbuttoning my pants before sliding them to the floor, next he slipped my tee shirt over my head. I could feel his hands from behind me reaching around to my hips as he slid my briefs off of my legs.

I looked at him with more than a little hesitation, again he only smiled.

“What’s this all about? Well I know what it is all for but, for you? Or me?”

“Whatever feels right, maybe you first.”

Ty slid a sleeping mask type blindfold over my eyes before moving me onto my back onto the bed. I could not see anything but could tell that he was binding my wrists with the soft rope. He moved to my ankles and bound them too, I could hear him undressing and my heart was beating with anticipation trying to figure out what he might do next.

“Is this a control thing?” I asked.

Ty didn’t say a word.

“You gonna beat my ass?”


I felt his fingertips running along the inside of my leg from my ankle to my thigh, moving slowly and circling as he went, faintly touching me, taking my breath and making me twitch and move under his touch wanting more.

I could feel him doing something to my cock and balls, and figured that he must be putting a cock ring on me.

He was touching me with something soft like feathers or a light cloth, maybe silk, dragging it up between my legs and across my balls, my cock jutted up even stiffer than before.

Ty touched my nipples with his wet fingertips, massaging them and twisting them gently between his fingers causing me to let out a slight unexpected moan.

I could feel his tongue moving across my chest from one nipple to the other giving each a small bite, this took my breath away.

Not being able to see or touch was making me more reactive to what was being done to me, Ty was in no hurry and seemed to want to pleasure every inch of my body as he nipped and licked all the way to my feet.

My legs were spread wide and I could feel him licking his way back up my body pausing at my balls, he would suck one into his mouth, then the other before blowing on them.

Ty licked up the side of my cock without pulling it into his mouth, I moved my hips toward him in hopes he would suck me fully into his mouth. Using what felt like the tip of his tongue, he would flick the head of my cock, making it pulse and throb with each touch.

He moved up to my chest and squatted over my mouth while my tongue darted for his ass crack frantically searching for his man hole. I felt him move down a bit as I felt his balls drag across my lips, Oh fuck! I thought, Ty was driving me into a sexual frenzy, I wanted to cum, I needed to cum, now!

Ty slapped my face with his thick and hard cock while I moved my mouth to the last place it touched me as I tried to find it so I could pull it into my mouth.

He slapped my lips with his cockhead, I opened my mouth fully, and he reached in putting a block of some type between my teeth in the rear so I could not close my mouth.

I then felt the thing I wanted most, his hard shaft plunging into my mouth and throat. I kept my mouth open wide and very still as he pushed his dick deep into my mouth before he started throat fucking me, I could gasp some air between thrusts while his balls slapped my chin.

He pulled back some when he shot his load all over my face and into my open mouth, his cum was salty and thick as it splashed across my tongue and teeth, it was running down my face and neck, he must have cum allot.

Ty removed the mouth block and climbed off of me for a couple of minutes, I could hear him moving around the room but had no idea what he was up to. I felt him pushing something into my ass, it felt very large and filled my void, he started fucking my ass with it, pushing it deep before I heard a hum and felt the vibration part kick on.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out.


Ty left the vibrator in my ass and went to work on my cock with another vibrator, I would get to the point of cumming and he would pull it off of my cock.

This continued for several minutes, I got too close and told him I was about to cum, he squeezed my balls hard enough for me to forget all about cumming, most of the pain was gone right after he stopped squeezing them.

The vibrator in my ass kept me rock hard and I really wanted to cum, Ty squirted lube onto my head and shaft gripping my cock firmly in his fist while pumping it frantically, I thought I was going to pass out, I think I had a few small orgasms while he did this off and on but was still in need of a massive cum dump onto my stomach.

Ty spread lube across my chest and rubbed his hands up and down me before going back to fist fucking my cock while my body would jerk and spasm without control.

I felt like I would go insane if I could not cum soon but this sent me into a sexual deepness I have never experienced before, not seeing him, being allowed to touch anything or being allowed to touch myself to gain relief, my was breath ragged and throat dry.

Ty tapped at my cock some as it stood straight up begging for release, he spat on my cockhead before circling it with his fingertip making it jump with each touch while it seeped pre-cum all over.

The vibrator was still on high speed and stuck in my ass driving me wild. Ty had me panting as he fisted my straining prick, it needed release, I pushed upward into his fist with my hips but he would have none of that, he took his hand off my cock.

“Please….” I whispered.

Ty took the second vibrator and pushed it against the head of my cock again, I was near exploding right when he stopped again.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Yes, please, make me cum, let me shoot.” I begged.

Ty poured lube onto my cockhead and gripped my cock firmly twisting his fist as he pumped slowly at first.

“Okay, here we go”

He squeezed my shaft hard and jacked me with a fast speed as my body jumped and moved around on the bed, I could not hold still while he jacked me off.

Finally Ty took me to climax, I started shooting and could feel my jizz flying into my face, hair and all over the bed, and he did not slow down and kept pumping even after I shot my load. I was so tender I was groaning and begging him to stop and in another moment I was shooting again, he took me to a second load.

The feeling was incredible and probably the most intense feeling I have ever had with a total lack of control.

Ty removed my blindfold and my wrist and ankle ties, I just collapsed and lay there breathing hard, I felt like I had gang sex with fifteen guys and was worn out.

Ty removed the vibrator from my ass, all I could do is look into his eyes as he smiled at me.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Fuck you, that was insane, it was incredible.” Was all I could get out of my mouth.

Ty slid into bed along side of me and we fell asleep in a few minutes as he held me.

We got up late the next morning and planned on spending the entire weekend together.

Ty fixed breakfast while I took a shower, I had cum stuck to my skin and hair but last night I didn’t care so much about cleaning up, Ty wore me out and my cock was plenty sore.

I walked into the kitchen naked as I dried my hair with the towel.

Mmmm… That’s what I like to see, my man all naked and clean.” Ty said while he continued to cook.

I leaned in and kissed him on the neck. “I love you baby.”

I had not really meant to say that but it just came out naturally.

“Love you too.” Ty said without hesitation.

We ate in almost silence but Ty liked to run his foot between my legs toying with my balls while grinning at me.

I knew at that moment that we would be living together soon, and less than a year later Ty asked me to marry him. I had never really thought of the actual wedding with a guy before but with Ty, it just made sense, I love him so much and I will always do my best to keep him happy.

At least a couple of times a month I will lay the ties out on the bed and Ty knows that I want to be tied up and have him drive me wild as he keeps me from cumming until he is ready.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My short story "Denver" is for sale on Amazon

I FINALLY got published on Amazon e-books, my first short story called "Denver" has been listed for sale (only .99 cents) just a few minutes ago. The link is below if you would like to see it. feel free to leave a review on the page if you like.
I would like to thank you all again for keeping me motivated to write more stories! hugs n love ~ Seth

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rural gay

I live in the middle of nowhere and I mean nowhere. I have to drive four miles to get a burger and farther to go to a real mall, maybe 40 miles.
I could move but I was left the family homestead and run a small farm on it. I don’t think I could give this place away if I did try to move.

Being gay out here, well, a romantic Friday night for me means using the upscale lotion to jack off with rather than the cheap stuff.
I get so tired of being single and seeing cute couples fucking on the internet putting on a show for lonely and horny guys like me.

I am 29 years old and have only been with a guy twice. The first was my cousin, who was three years older than me. He was visiting while on vacation, traveling with his parents and sister.
I was 18, he was 21 years old. He brought beer on the way to the river where we both got pretty drunk. Before we knew it, we were skinny dipping in the hot afternoon sun.

Eddie handed me another beer. I took a sip as Eddie put his hand on my soft dick and started touching it.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked without stopping him.

“Just messing around Chris, chill out.” Eddie said.

I took another sip and let Eddie play with my cock. I spread my legs a little, letting him have access to my balls too.
My cock got hard very fast. Hell, no one, other than me had ever touched it in a sexual way. I was always horny and secretly thought of guys, while playing with myself instead of girls.

Gym class was always a trying time. I had to get my shower and get my clothes on fast before I would get boner from watching the wet bodies of my classmates playing grab ass in the showers.
Once, I was three quarter hard, and one guy pointed it out to the rest. They laughed and called me a fag, but the ribbing only lasted a few weeks, before they moved on to something else.

Eddie was jacking my stiff rod pretty good before he moved down between my legs. His face was only inches from my prick and I could not imagine that he was about to suck it into his mouth, but he did.

Eddie’s warm wet mouth on my dick about made me pass out. His fingers played with my balls some and then moved to my asshole.
He pushed a finger into his mouth and wet it. While looking me in the eyes, before he pushed it into my asshole. He did not go slowly or hesitate, it was one full thrust and it was in to the knuckle.
It was a shock to me, but the feeling was wonderful.

“Damn, that feels good.” I groaned.

“Yeah? You like it? I have more for you.”

Eddie slid a second finger in massaging it around, using my legs I lifted my hips, his fingers in my ass had me close to shooting my load.

“You good?” Eddie asked.

“Hell yeah, I’m close to cumming.”

Eddie pulled his fingers out to my disappointment. I gave him a look, but he moved into position and pushed his cock to my teen hole and pushed.

At first it hurt, and I thought he ripped my ass apart. But he moved around some and pushed it all the way inside me. The longer he had it in me, it felt better and better by the second. Eddie lifted my legs up to his shoulders and fucked me with a smooth rhythm, while I moaned for more.
I could feel the cum churning inside me and was about to shoot. So I arched my back and let my jizz fly. The first jet went across my chest and to my chin. After that, I shot into my hair, forehead, eyes and all over my face.

Eddie blasted his cum deep into me. My ass was on fire, but I didn’t want him to stop.
He pulled out and looked at my face. He was still breathing hard as he leaned over and licked my jizz off of my face and kissed me, with a wet cum covered tongue.

We swam and cleaned ourselves in the water before dressing and going back to my house.
Eddie left with his parents that night and I did not see him again for several years, as they lived two states away.
I e-mailed him a few times and got responses. I told him how hot it was being with him and him fucking my ass.
I wanted more, hell I wanted to move in with him and let him fuck me every day. I was shattered when he told me that it was a onetime thing and that he was not gay but liked to fuck guys when he could. I told him that that sorta made him gay or at least bi.
He sent me pictures of his junk a few times, that I would beat off to whenever I wanted to remember his thick dick in my ass.

The second time I was with a guy, I was 20 years old and was in a café eating. This guy that was maybe 40, was sitting in the booth across from me. He kept looking over at me and when I would look at him he did not break his gaze.
I looked back at him and he smiled at me. I looked down at the crotch of his shorts, as he moved his hand to it and gave it a squeeze. I quickly looked away.
Eating my lunch, I could not keep my eyes from looking back at the guy across from me. This time he had his cock out of his fly, not all the way, just enough to make me want to see more.
He was a decent looking guy, nothing special, but he was flirting with me. Well, he was flirting before he took his dick out. After that he was perving me.
He tucked his junk away and waved the waitress over for his bill. As he walked by my table he picked up my food bill too. He paid them both and walked outside.
I finished eating and walked out to my car. The perv walked over to me.

“Want to have some fun?” he asked.

“Like what?”

“Well, I would love to suck your cock to start with.”

“And after that?”

“I could only hope to fuck your ass. It looks tight and sexy. Follow me.”

I walked after the guy.We got to the rear of the café, and he pushed me gently against the brick wall. Running his hands all over my torso and down to my waist, where he unbuttoned my pants pulling them down to my knees.

“Wait, someone might see us out here.”

“That makes it more exciting.”

He dove onto my soft cock. Sucking it while it hardened in his mouth. His fingers parted my ass cheeks, poking a finger into my ass.
He turned me around and bent me over sucking my ass with his lips. The feeling was great, I had never been rimmed before and soon didn’t care if we drew a crowd.
He ate my ass like a starving man, with his five o’ clock shadow scratching at my ass cheeks, making everything tingle.
He took his pants down and pushed his short, but hard cock, into my ass and fucked me right there behind the café in broad daylight.

Some guy in an SUV was driving around the building and saw us as, he stopped to watch. I could see some motion and was sure he was jacking off.
The dude blew his syrup into my ass, pulled his pants up and walked away leaving me standing there with my pants at my knees and a burning asshole.

My cock was stiff as a board as I looked at the guy in the SUV. I walked close to his door, jacking off while I watched him doing the same inside his car.
Moments later I let my jizz fly not only onto the door of his SUV, but plenty went up onto the driver side window. He blasted his load all over his fist and the front of his jeans as my cum ran down his glass.

I pulled up my pants and went to my car. I didn’t know I would get off on outdoor sex and being watched by the guy in the SUV.

I got home and looked up public gay sex on the internet. Seeing many pictures of hot guys having public sex. One guy was getting fucked in a bar full of guys watching him, while a line formed to plow his ass.

I jacked off to the pictures, but edged for near an hour, not letting myself cum till I could not hold back any longer.
I have watched for that guy when I would eat in the café, but never saw him again. I’ve tried to catch a guy’s attention by looking at them and even tried to wink at a couple. I came close to being beat up over it and never found a random hook up.

Still not 21, I have looked up gay bars, but are way too far from my house to get there and home after bar closing time, unless I stayed overnight and that is if I could even get in.

People tell me that I am a nice guy, but I can’t understand why I can’t meet a guy to be with, hold, touch and kiss.
I get plenty of Facebook “boyfriends”. They say they love me, but most are out of the country or at least across the United States from me.
I fall onto my bed stretching my legs apart and push a vibrating rubber cock into my ass, wishing it was "you" fucking me.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Straight boy gets a facial

I was invited to a mostly gay guy’s party. It started out at a park, with a mostly all gay softball game. The rain came and no one wanted to go back to the regular grind.

One guy proposed that we all grab beer, wine, liquor and pizzas and go to a vacant warehouse he owned. His partner was a DJ and would take care of the music.

We all met at the warehouse an hour later. There must have been between 35 to 45 guys there, and a few women too. The music was blasting as we set up tables, ice, drinks and food, it was in an industrial zone so there was no worries of anyone complaining about the noise.

DJ Dan had set up his equipment, which included lights and fog as part of his equipment.

Being summer, it was about 85 degrees inside the building and in no time guys started peeling off shirts, then pants and even undies.

A few of the guys were straight and two had girlfriends. They were dancing right up against the naked or half naked guys.

The pizza was running very low and I called in an order for ten more pizzas giving the address to the warehouse. I told them they would hear the party before they saw it.

A few guys climbed up on a cement area that was about six feet off the floor and started acting as naked gogo boys. The scent of men was in the air, baseball uniforms, jocks, jeans and tee shirts scattered around the floor.

I noticed the door open and one of two pizza guy’s stepped in carrying half of the pizzas followed by the second, I think they heard it was a huge party and wanted to check it out themselves. One guy stood there with his mouth agape in disbelief seeing the naked men dancing all over. The second one pretty much tried to act nonchalant about the whole thing.

I had them set the pizzas on the table and paid them, including a nice tip. “You guys are welcome to stay if you won’t be missed at work.” I said in a loud voice over the music.

One guy shook his head no, the other, Greg, said “Hell yeah, I’ll stay.” The one headed for the door leaving his friend behind.

“Help yourself.” I told him.

Most were dancing but a few had coupled off kissing and some even sucking the others cocks off to the side of the large room.

While I danced, I noticed that some of the straight guys were now naked and one of the girlfriends too. There was no one that was not out to have as much fun as they could tonight.

Greg, the pizza guy, was dancing with one of the girls and had already lost his shirt to the floor.

There was lots of flat sheets of cardboard leftover from the last tenant of the warehouse. Two guys started laying it out on the floor into a big mat about ten by ten feet.

I knew where this was headed and that before long I saw guys migrating over to the mat, some started sucking off others and a few went right for fucking.

One straight couple was getting into it and the crowd gathered to watch and join in leaving only a few on the dance floor.

The pizza guy was checking out the girl that was getting fucked by her boyfriend, his cock was big and he took pride in making sure it was seen while he drilled her pussy in front of the mostly gay group of onlookers.

One guy reached over and put his hand on the pizza guy’s lower back and started rubbing it.

“Oh, I’m not gay.” He said looking at the naked ball player next to him.

“Never said you were.” He replied and continued rubbing Greg’s back slipping his fingertips into the waistband of his jeans.

“Well, I don’t have sex with guys.”

“Never said you did. I know this is turning you on watching him fuck her. Go with what feels good, no one here is judging you. My name is Les.”

Greg didn’t move, letting Les continue caressing his back. Les reached over and gently twisted one of Greg’s nipples, causing Greg to gasp slightly.

I think Les was bringing out the curiosity in Greg that he had never thought of exploring.

My friend William walked up and kissed me on the lips before kissing his way down my chest and nibbling on my nipples, my hands ran over his back and through his hair, William unbuttoned my jeans and slipped them to the floor leaving me like most, naked.

The mat area increased in size as more took sheets of cardboard and laid them out on the floor. I stepped forward onto the mats William moved, with me never taking my hard pole out of his mouth.

I am not interested in sex with women but it was pretty hot seeing a few of the straight guys openly hard and rubbing themselves while they watched the growing orgy. I had no idea if they were looking at the girls or the guys or all of the above.

One guy, Ray, I had seen before and had considered him to be straight. He was jacking off his massive tool, as he watched. He probably had the largest cock in the room. My guess it was near eleven inches and was pretty thick around.

Danny, a dark haired guy, moved in close. He was hypnotized by the man’s cock and could not take his eyes off of it.

He moved in a little closer and dropped to his knees in front of the monster cock. He waited like a cockwhore, as he looked up at the man’s face and said nothing. But his face said he was there to be used any way that Ray wanted to use him.

I think Danny was only hoping he would spray him with cum, since he was straight and didn’t expect anything more.

In a blink of an eye, he pulled the guy onto his cock by his hair, pushing his meat into the guy’s mouth.

Ray pushed his thick shaft into the waiting throat and jammed it in deep, causing the dark haired cockwhore to choke, which gained him a firm slap across the face.

His eyes watered, but he took it farther into his throat and wanted more.

Seeing the guy a few feet away feeding his horse cock to the dark haired man, the pizza guy, Greg, was hungry to taste his first cock. He dropped his pants to the floor and kicked them aside.

Les was amazed when the slim guy went to his knees and licked at his cock.

It was clear that Greg had never touched another man’s cock before. A second guy moved in close and dangled his junk in Greg’s face too. Before long, there were three guys at Greg’s mouth. He sucked on Les’s cock some, but only the tip, while he played explored hisballs.

I pushed my hips forward getting as much cock into my friend’s mouth as he sucked me off, it felt so good.

I usually was not into communal open sex, but shit like this just doesn’t happen many times. It was my first time to see this many bare asses getting fucked at one time.

Greg squatted on his knees as the three guys were all jacking off into his face. The first blew his jizz across Greg’s lips and nose before stepping back letting another guy step in. The second guy shot his cum into Greg’s hair and on his forehead.

More guys stepped forward to dump their loads onto the pizza guy’s face and body.

Not until the fourth guy, did Greg have his mouth open, but he now had it wide open letting the horny men fill his mouth with hot spunk.

One guy got onto the floor and sucked on Greg’s knob, taking only a few moments before Greg’s body convulsed as his own jizz filled the guy’s mouth.

I lost track of how many guys jizzed on Greg’s face and all over his body but he was covered in cum slime and a couple of men bent over and licked some off of his face or chest.

Men were fucking men, who were fucking women. There were such a small number of women, that some of the straight guys were fucking another guy’s ass. Ray blasted his load deep into Danny’s throat. It was unclear how long it was to be able to gasp a bit of air into his lungs, before Ray shoved that huge cock in again.

Danny fell over onto the cardboard, his eyes watering as he coughed from the pounding his throat took. Danny’s cock stood almost straight up as he lay on the floor.

Ray squatted over the shaft and rode his cock while his spent slab of meat bounced around. Danny could hold back no longer and creamed in Ray’s ass. I guess Ray was less straight than I originally thought.

The orgy lasted another two hours and the party died off shortly after that. Some of the men paired off and left together. I went home alone, showered and went to bed letting the events of the night replay in my head.

My cock stiffened as I slowly jacked off as I wondered how much of Ray’s cock I could have taken in my ass

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flying the friendlier skies

I worked a red eye flight to Las Vegas from Atlanta Georgia, I am a flight attendant for a large passenger carrier.

This flight was strangely empty as it was close to the holiday but not too close that it was holiday traffic and the plane was only about one quarter full.

I made the departure announcement over the microphone and buckled into my jump seat in the rear of the plane until we were airborne.

I dimmed the main cabin lights in order to let the majority of the passengers sleep before walking down the aisle with mini peanuts and drinks for the few that wanted them.

I got to the back of the plane when I heard my name being called by a man alone in the back row.

“Collin, can I get a rum and Coke please?”

“Sure sir, would you like some nuts?” I asked holding up two small bags of peanuts.

“Boy would I, My name is Rick.”

I handed Rick the bags of peanuts, he dropped one on his lap, I noticed that he had an ample bulge behind his zipper and it seemed to snake off to one side.

I brought back the man’s drink as he unlocked his tray table.

“Anything else I can help you with, just ask, about everyone else is asleep already, make yourself comfortable and take as much space as you need, there is no one else for several rows.”

“Will do.” Rick said with a big grin.

I stood in the rear service area reading a magazine I bought prior to the flight and would glance over at Rick now and then, I saw him rubbing his cock bulge with his fingertips which made it swell.

Rick glanced back at me and caught me watching him, I quickly looked back at my magazine.

Rick repositioned himself a little and was fumbling around some, he looked up and saw me again watching him, he smiled and lifted his hand that was near his left jeans pocket, his cock was sticking out of his jeans pocket by a couple of inches.

He must have had a hole in his pocket and tucked it through and out for me to see.

I held my ground and pretended to go back to reading. My eyes would go back to his big cockhead, he licked two fingers and touched the tip while looking into my eyes.

I have had guys expose themselves to me in the past but this guy was blatantly after me, not just to flash for effect.

Rick’s cock was fat and hard, and with the few inches that I could see, it made my cock stir and thicken too.

Someone in the center of the plane pushed the call button, I took care of the blanket request and decided that I had better give Rick one too in case someone walked back to use the rear restrooms.

I walked to Rick’s seat and saw that he now had his pants open and pulled to his knees, his cock was jutting upward while he squeezed his crotch below his balls making everything more pronounced and making the veins stand out.

I set the blanket on the vacant aisle seat and moved back to the service area. Rick turned and looked back at me while he slowly piston jacked his cock, he was enjoying the fact that I was not only watching him but even more that I was turned on by what he was doing.

Rick motioned me over, I moved into the vacant seat as Rick took my hand to his cock keeping his hand over mine he jacked his stiff prick again, the heat from his rod was amazing in my hand.

“Suck it.” Rick whispered.

I looked around and saw no movement from the front of the plane. “Tell me if anyone heads this way.” I said before moving in closer to the man’s crotch.

I leaned over and touched the head of his cock with my tongue, his hand guided my head farther down on his prick, it was too long and too fat for me to take it very far into my mouth but Rick had other ideas.

“Swallow that cock,” he whispered pushing my head down with more force. I gagged a little and took it deeper as I opened my throat, he made a fucking action with his hips and pushed my head a little firmer, I took more into my throat.

My eyes watered a little and don’t remember ever having anything this far in my throat, I was worried that someone might walk back and see what we were doing. Rick is a bit of an exhibitionist and may let a passenger or another flight attendant come up on us just to get his rocks off, the thought of this made my heart pound even more.

Playing with his balls while I sucked his cock, I moved a finger into his tight ass crack and pushed and probed but could not get more than a fingertip into his hole.

He started making allot of noise, breathing hard and moaning, knowing he was getting ready to blow his wad into my mouth but he was making enough noise that I think the pilots could hear us.

I came off of his cock. “Shhh…. They will hear us.”

He pushed me down onto his cock again and only a few moments later turned loose with his cum eruption, I sucked at his salty spunk. His ass lifted off of the seat and his back arched while me moaned at each shot of jizz he pumped into my mouth.

I quickly got to my feet in time to see Jason, the forward crewmember headed to the back of the pane, Rick covered up with the small blanket.

“Hey Collin, I came back to see how you were doing way back here, most of the passengers are sleeping and the rest are either reading or using computers.”

“I’m fine Jason, just chatting with Rick here.”

Jason took his finger to his lips and motioned that I had a little something on my mouth, I quickly ran my fingers to wipe away what was clearly fresh cum, my face went hot.

“Well, I’ll head back up front, it’s plenty quiet so if you want to close your curtain back here and relax your eyes for a while, I’ll keep watch out for you.”

I patted Jason on the shoulder and thanked him, I know he knew what had just happened back here and rather than rat me out he actually was being pretty cool.

I went back to the service area and pulled the curtain closed and sat in the jump seat for a couple of minutes when Jason parted the curtain.

“May I come in?” Jason asked quietly.

“Sure, why not.”

I stood up and busied myself putting a few things away when I felt his hand slide around my waist to the front of my pants.

I turned as Jason leaned in kissing me on the neck. I have worked a few flights with Jason before and knew that he was gay and pretty attractive but never really thought of hooking up with him.

Jason kissed my neck before moving to my lips, kissing me hard, his tongue pushed inside and it roamed my mouth as far as it could go. His right hand groped my crotch feeling my quickly stiffening shaft, he knew that I had just sucked a passenger’s cock and was still horny as I did not get to get off.

Jason slipped off my service apron tossing it onto the counter, he unbuttoned my pants and slid them along with my underwear to my knees, Jason rubbed my bare ass with both hands before getting to his knees pushing his lips between my ass cheeks.

With nothing for lube Jason spat onto his fingertips and rubbed it onto his prick, I turned to see his slightly oversized cock that would soon impale me, it looked hot and made me want to drop to my knees and suck him off then and there but I was not about to stop him from fucking me.

He bent me over the service cart and pushed his hard meat into my ass drilling it to the fullest he could. There was some noise caused by my breathing and the cart bumping repeatedly into the service counter causing Rick to peek behind the curtain.

Rick wanted in on this and took Jason’s ass into his hands fondling him while the man fucked me hard, Jason made no objection and the whole thing had gone too far to ask him to return to his seat.

Rick moved underneath me and took my bobbing cock into his mouth while he reached under feeling near my hole, his fingertips feeling Jason’s cock sliding in and out of my ass.

Jason reached under my shirt rolling one my nipples between his fingers making it hard and stand out. My body was being reamed, sucked and twisted and it felt damn good, I have never had two men tending my sexual needs at one time before.

Rick was tugging at my balls as I let my cum explode into his mouth, he gulped it down making my knees weak from the tenderness of my cock after shooting my load.

Jason was still pounding my ass when he started cumming, he was not quiet either, his moans were loud enough to almost wake the sleeping customers.

Rick stood up wiping his mouth before he leaned over kissing Jason as he pulled out of my ass.

I took hot towels that usually go to first class and cleaned up myself and Jason’s cock.

“That was so fucking hot, we need to walk out one at a time so no one figures out what was happening back here if they don’t already know.”

Rick ducked back outside the curtain and went back to his seat. Jason kissed me and pulled me tight rubbing my back as he held me.

“I’ve wanted to get to know you better since the first flight we worked together, this is not really what I envisioned but it was pretty hot.”

“Can I meet up with you in Las Vegas after the flight? I would really like to get to know you better too.” I replied.

“Sounds great, I had better get back to the front of the plane before one of the flight officers come looking for me.

Upon landing, as Rick passed me to leave and handed me a card with his phone number on it. I took it but have no intention of calling him, Jason is the one I want to be with and his cock really had my ass tingling.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Emergency Room Stud

I was working out at the gym when I slipped off of the treadmill as it was still moving, it threw me to the ground and I must have cried out as I hit the cement floor.

Several guys ran over to check on me and help me up, the pain was bad enough that I asked to be left on the floor for a few minutes, and one guy said he was an Emergency Room nurse and that with that kind of pain I should go in for x-rays to rule out that anything was broken.

He told me his name was Jake, running his hands along my leg he ask me if I felt discomfort under his touch, at one point the pain was immense at my knee. Jake ran his hand up my leg on all sides feeling for any bulges caused by a broken bone.

I was looking into Jake’s face, his dark eyes looked up my leg and I think into the leg opening of my shorts at the fullness of my jockstrap, I shifted a bit moving my crotch closer to his hand when it nearly reached the top of my leg.

Jake helped me to my feet.

“I’d be happy to help you to the hospital or call an ambulance for you if you’d rather?” Jake said.

“Well maybe I should get an x-ray, just for the sake of ruling out anything broken, my name is Jason, by the way.”

“Good to meet you, I’ve seen you here several working out, put your arm over my shoulder and I’ll get you to the bench at the door and pull my car up closer.”

Jake pulled his car as close to the bench as possible before helping me into his sports car.

“Sorry, it’s a bit of a small car, I’ll put the seat back as far as it will go for you.”

Jake reached to the lower front of my seat feeling for the seat lever, his hand brushed against my leg, he looked up into my face, to see a broad smile,


“My pleasure.”

Jake grinned and drove out of the parking lot and to the emergency room at the hospital he worked for.

“Sit tight, let me get a wheel chair for you.”

He helped me inside and checked in, telling them what had happened.

“Thanks for all of the help Jake, I can have someone come pick me up, I know you have better things to do than hang out here, especially when you are here all week.”

“Nonsense, I will be here until you leave and give you a ride home or wherever. Do you live with anyone?”

“No, I have been dating a few people lately but nothing seriously.”

“People? I meant, is there someone I can call?”

“Well, guys, I date guys and no, I’m alone.”

“Awww,, poor guy, well I’ll get you through this and you will be home in no time.”

Jake asked one of the nurses to grab him a scrub top, he was wearing an old tee shirt that was not so presentable for his work place even though he was not officially on the clock.

She handed him the top and left the room, Jake peeled off his workout tee shirt and picked up the scrub top, his back rippled as his arms went over his head, he turned slightly as he pulled the top down I caught a glimpse of his compact six pack before the scrub shirt covered it completely.

Jake saw me looking and gave me a smile, his dark eyebrows were so sexy against his slight tan. His shoulders had nice muscle tone, I could tell he shave’s his arms and that would probably mean the rest of his body is shaved too.

I found it a little odd when guys shaved their arms but he surely was a sexy guy, my eyes watched his every move.

“So what now?” I asked.

“Well we need to get you to x-ray and go from there.”

Jake carefully took off my shoe and sock on my hurt leg about the time the person came to wheel me to x-ray.

Jake followed along he seemed to be a popular guy here, everyone was happy to see him as he told the story over and over to each on why he was here on his day off.

We went back in my ER exam room to wait on the Doctor to look at the x-rays.

I moved one leg with my knee up to move my position on the bed a little and I saw Jake’s eyes look toward my crotch. I think he wanted to see inside the leg of my shorts and my jock bulge again, I smiled as he looked back to my face. “Naughty guy”.

Jake laughed and blushed a bit. “Can’t blame me for looking, you are one sexy guy.”

The Doctor came in and took my chart, he saw Jake and greeted him with a pat on the shoulder.

“It looks like you have just a mean sprain, nothing broken, I suggest you go home and stay off your leg completely, and let someone else take care of you for a few days. I’ll get you a prescription for pain.” The Doctor said as he walked out of the room.

“Well that cinches it.” Jake said.

“Cinches what?” I asked.

“Look Jason, you said you live alone and you sure can’t go home by yourself, you are coming home with me for a few days.”

“No, I can’t ask you to take care of me, you’ve already done too much.”

“Nonsense, besides, I would really like to get to know you better and what better way than a sleep over?”

We stopped by the pharmacy for my pain medication, Jake had me wait in the car, he returned with a bag and off to his apartment we drove.

“I should stop by my place and pick up a few things, clothes and toothbrush, that kind of thing.”

“I took the liberty while in the drug store and picked you up a toothbrush and you are welcome to wear my clothes, pajamas if you like, we are roughly the same size.”

“Well, it sounds like you have everything taken care of then, let’s go.”

“Unless you have a cat or dog to feed.”

“No, no pets.” I said with a smile.

At his apartment Jake helped me out of his car.

“Just put your arm over my shoulder and put your weight on me, keep that foot off the ground and we will get you inside and settled on the couch.”

Jake moved his coffee table out of the way, and treated me like an injured king, he got a soft bed pillow and put it under my injured leg for gentle support.

I took pain pills and watched Jake in the open kitchen as he cooked us dinner, still wearing his scrub top from the hospital.

“You look like my private nurse in that scrub shirt, it’s sexy but very clinical.”

“Oh too clinical for you?” Jake asked as he peeled the top over his head and tossed it onto a chair leaving him bare chested.

“Nice view now, much better.”

The pain pills were making me a little more giddy and flirty than I normally was.

Jake walked over and brought me a Coke.

“Any rum to go in here?” I asked with a grin.

“Not for you, you can’t mix liquor with those pills or you might be dancing naked across my dining table.”

“I might be doing that before the night is over anyway.”

Jake laughed and finished cooking and plating dinner for us.

Jake served steak, mac n cheese and green beans.

“Wow, looks great and I am so hungry.”

I dug in and ate my food in no time, cleaning my plate.

“Wow, you were a hungry guy, can I get you a little more?”

“I could not eat another bite, thanks it was delicious.”

Jake leaned over with a forkful of macaroni and cheese headed for my lips, I opened my mouth as he fed me the bite.

“I just wanted to see if you really could not eat another bite.” He said laughing.

Jake cleaned the kitchen and later made some popcorn, we watched a movie while I sat with my leg still up on the couch with Jake next to me.

My sexy nurse would occasionally reach over and feed me some popcorn, and we did more laughing and playing than actually watching the movie.

I leaned my head onto Jakes lap, he stroked my hair as he talked, I moved onto my side a little and realized that my face was mere inches away from his cock, my mind wandered and almost lost track of what he was saying.

I took my fingertips and ran them inside the leg of Jakes shorts, I could feel his manly bulge and continued exploring.

“Mmmm.. now who is naughty?” He asked.

Jake reached down my back and into the waistband in back of my shorts but could not reach much other than the top of my ass crack.

Jake stood up and slipped his shorts to the floor standing there only clad in a jock strap, his cock strained the fabric begging for release.

I pulled his crotch close feeling his heat on my face, while I chewed at his pouch encased cock, and as much as I wanted to slide his dick down my throat, I really wanted to make this last and not rush things too much,

My fingers roamed his butt crack and played with the ass straps of his jock, pulling it out and letting it go, snapping his ass sharply.

Pulling his jock down to letting his hot looking eight inch cock bounce free, his low hanging balls that swung as I turned him gently with my hand to his hip.

I pulled his ass toward my lips, searching his ass crack and deeper until I found his hole with my tongue sucking and licking until I started probing it with my finger.

I reached around and felt his stiff cock that was jutting out from his body but almost straight up, encircling his cockhead with my fingertips I could feel pre cum leaking from his piss slit.

Jake turned and faced me, I looked up his body from crotch level, and his abs and chest were amazingly sexy.

He pushed his fuckstick into my mouth, I swallowed and gulped at his meat taking it as deep as I could, and given the position I was sitting on the couch.

I sucked Jakes cock until it finally exploded into my mouth, I sucked his cum until there was just no more, his cock softened at my lips before he moved to gently slide my shorts down being careful of my leg.

I pulled one leg out while Jake slid them off of my bad leg tossing them onto the floor nearby, he pulled my tee shirt over my head, now I was naked stretched out before him on his couch.

Jake leaned in and sucked my nipple while twisting the other one gently between his fingertips, his hands roamed over my body while his mouth kissed and nipped at my skin as he moved downward toward my straining stiff cock.

The tip of his tongue flicked at the rim of my cockhead making me want his throat over my cock even more than before.

“Suck it Jake, it feels so good.”

Jake pulled my cock at the base making it stand up like a candle on a birthday cake while he licked at the underside from the base to the tip, this made me squirm even more.

“I really want to fuck that ass of yours, but it will have to wait until your leg feels better.”

Jake dove down onto my cock bobbing his head as he sucked my knob while he toyed with my balls.

I lifted my hips some but it caused pain to my leg, it was so hard to be still while this emergency room stud sucked my bone.

I didn’t last much longer before I blasted his lips with cum, he sucked at it taking as much as he could.

I am a real big cummer shooting out near double what most guys do, when I jack off and let it splash down to my chest I usually drench myself in cum.

Jake took great care of me while I was on the mend, he even liked to give me sponge baths but they usually ended up with him blowing me.

I can’t wait until my leg has no more pain so I can have Jake pounding my ass with that big cock of his.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Secret Santa

Walking to work the few blocks I have to travel since I live and work in town, I took delight in seeing the Christmas decorations being put in the store windows and from the light poles.

Seeing the first bell ringing Santa of the year I walked over and dropped a few dollars into the pot, The Santa looked into my eyes. “Thank you sir, Merry Christmas” he said as he patted my arm.

I walked on humming the song White Christmas quietly, hell it was only November 15th but the Santa got me into a good mood, a Christmas kind of mood.
I walked into the coffee shop that I usually pass by and ordered a White Mint Mocha hot coffee to sip on.

I got through my day without injury but work sure took away the Christmas spirit that I had earlier this morning.

I walked home the same route as I came, I passed the coffee shop and could hear the bell ringer from a half block away, I dug into my pocket again hoping to regain the feeling that I had gotten this morning.

There was a new bell ringer, a woman Mrs. Claus I dropped the cash into the pot, she looked at me and nodded a thank you but didn’t say a word, walking on I realized that the feeling was not there.

I got home, stripped off my suit and put on some lounge clothes, thin jersey shorts, commando and a tee shirt before sitting down to relax after flicking the TV remote.

I was mindlessly watching TV until my stomach started growling and realized that it was after 6:00 and I needed dinner, grabbing my wallet and door key I stepped into my tennis shoes and headed out onto the city street in search of food.

Walking into a nearby deli that I have been in a multitude of times, I ordered a sub sandwich with a bowl of soup, my waiter brought my iced tea followed by my sandwich and soup a few minutes later.
“Thanks” I said quietly.
“Thank YOU sir.” He replied as he walked away.
I looked up and tried to place that voice, it seemed like I knew him, hmmm.

I ate my sandwich and paid my bill leaving the waiter a five dollar tip and walked to toward the door, I passed my waiter and saw him checking the swing of my meat in my thin shorts, I had pretty much forgotten how thin the material was with no underwear before I left home.

The next morning I could hear the bell ringing Santa as I got closer to the shop he stood in front of, I took a few bucks from my pocket and dropped it into the red bucket.

“Good to see you again so soon.” Santa said.

“Likewise Santa, Merry Christmas.”

“Thank you sir.”

I whistled a tune as I walked into my office, Santa’s voice was so familiar, I kept dwelling on the voice most of the day and about the time I was leaving work, I realized that the voice of Santa was also my waiter from last night.

Again I walked past the afternoon Santa and this time it was a black Santa, again this was not my Santa.
After I got home I had decided to go back to the deli and get another sandwich to see if my Santa was there.

I walked in and sat in the same section looking around, I didn’t see him, damn.
I looked in the menu ordered and sipped on my drink feeling a little bummed when the Santa waiter walked over setting my plate in front of me.

“My name is Kenny, I was on break when you came in, if you need anything just let me know.”
The waiter said as he turned to walk away.

“Kenny.” I called out, he turned and came back to the table.

“Yes sir?”

“This is going to sound silly, but are you Santa?” I asked in a quiet voice.

Kenny looked at me and smiled.
“Well no, I am not really Santa but I do help out the church by bell ringing down the street.”

“I thought so, your voice drove me nuts when I was here last night when I ate dinner.”

“My voice was offensive?”

“No, it was sexy, I mean… it was nice.” I stammered.

“Sexy huh?” he said smiling and enjoying the fact that I had embarrassed myself.

“Well, yeah, I heard your voice as Santa and then here and took me until today at work to put it together, it made me want to get to know you.”

“Let me get you another glass of iced tea, I’ll be right back.”

I started eating my dinner when Kenny came back with my drink, he placed a paper coaster down and set my tea on it, I thanked him as he walked away.

I needed to find a way to get his attention, he is a sexy looking guy and didn’t run away when I said his voice was sexy at least.

I took a drink and was setting the glass down again when I noticed that he had written Kenny and his phone number on my coaster, I folded it tucking it into my pocket.

I finished my meal when Kenny came back and asked if I needed anything else. I put a very large tip on the table and tucked a note with the money with my name on it with my phone number and the words “call me”.

I was home relaxing about two hours later when the phone rang.


“Hi, Ethan, it’s Santa.” Kenny said with a laugh.

“Hey Kenny, I’m glad you called, I was hoping to hear from you tonight.”

“Well, how could I resist calling a cute guy like you that thinks my voice is sexy?”

We talked for three hours until I had to get to sleep, and I agreed to see him the next day after work.

I walked with a lift in my step hearing the bell ringing, rounding the corner I looked up seeing a woman ringing the bell. Shit, I thought, no Kenny today.
I took a buck or two from my pocket and dropped it into the bucket and smiled at the bell ringer, a figure stepped out from the doorway, it was Kenny.

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind me hanging out here to walk you to work, it’s kind of stalkerish.”

“No, it’s great, I was disappointed not to see you ringing the bell but this is better.” I said as I put my arm over his shoulder giving him a hug.

We stopped by the coffee shop and grabbed a bagels and coffee.

“Let’s sit.” I said.

“Won’t you be late for work?”

“Nope.” I said as I lifted my phone from my pocket, dialed my boss, and told him I was taking a personal day off and that I would see him tomorrow.

“There, I am off for the day and more than willing to spend it with you, If you like that is?”

“I’d love that, I do have to work tonight at 6:00 but I am all yours until then.”

“Mmm, I like the sound of that, lets walk back to my place so I can change out of my suit.”

Back at my apartment I made Kenny a cup of coffee and went to change into casual clothes talking to him from my bedroom as I changed.

“What would you like to do today?” I asked.

“Well I have three kids to shop for Christmas gifts, all boys.”

My mouth almost hit the floor when he said he had kids, I would never have thought it but many gay men get married and go through that before they can face the gayness fact and come out of the closet.

I walked out of the bedroom just starting to button my shirt as I was in sight of Kenny.

“Mmmmm,, I like what I see.” Kenny said pointing at my treasure trail.

I walked over and paused buttoning my shirt giving him time to reach up inside my shirt, pull me close and kiss my dark trail at the point that it vanished into my jeans.

I leaned down and kissed Kenny on top of his head, he put one hand between my legs and cupped my ass while he sat on the couch.

He pulled me next to him and kissed me deeply, his tongue probing my mouth his mouth tasted of fresh peppermint.

“Wow, you must really be Santa, you even taste like peppermint.”

“I just had a peppermint while you were changing, I was hoping to kiss you and did not want our first kiss to be with me having stale breath.”

We walked out and caught a taxi to the huge toy store across town, I could not believe the cool toys that they have.

“What ages are the boys?” I asked.

“Jeffery is 11, Nick is 9 and Will is 6 years old.”

“Really? You don’t look that old to have an 11 year old, you must have been a boy yourself.”

Kenny busted out laughing, placing his hand on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry to laugh, they are not my kids, I took names off of the giving tree at the grocery store.”

“It’s OK, I assumed when you said Christmas shopping for three kids, that they were yours.”

We picked out a few toys and played with several talking and laughing about what kind of games we had as kids.
After checkout we took the bags and walked down the street to the restaurant where Kenny works for a nice lunch before walking back to my place.

I pulled Kenny close to me on the couch, his hands roamed over my shoulders and sides, he made my mind swim when he kissed me.

I unbuttoned Kenny’s shirt and slid my hand inside feeling his chest, pausing on one of his nipples twisting it gently with my fingertips, he smiled and not only unbuttoned my shirt but slid it off.

Kenny leaned in licking my nipples, blowing on them as they stiffened into small bullet tips. I stood up unbuttoning my jeans dropping them to the floor, having again gone commando, I stood naked in front of him.
Kenny looked at me for a moment reaching out lightly touching my cock head tracing his finger along my shaft, it jumped under his touch stiffening into a rigid pole pointing almost straight upward begging for attention.

“Ethan, turn around and let me at that ass.”

I turned as Kenny’s hands bent me over and spread my ass cheeks, his thumbs pulled my crack open revealing my ass wrinkle that twitched as he touched it.

Kenny sucked a finger into his mouth covering it with plenty of spit before pushing it into my ass.
It went deep inside me as he twisted and moved it making me moan and push back against his finger wanting something larger pressed inside.

Kenny leaned in and bit my ass cheek gently but hard enough to tell me that he was going to be an active lover.
He fingered my hole in a fast motion for a few more seconds and slid a second finger in, stretching me out for things to come.

He pushed my cheeks apart and buried his face in my crevice, his tongue pushed and probed everywhere it could reach, slurping and sucking at my ass and then I felt his teeth chewing and nipping at my hole.

Kenny lifted as he pulled his pants off, sliding them to the floor and frantically kicked his shoes off before kicking his pants off of his feet, hardly taking his face from my ass.
Kenny alternated his fingers in my ass with his face pushed in tightly stimulating my pucker feeding his lascivious desires.

I felt his hands guiding me towards his lap and onto his taut cock, between his pre-cum and the stretching, my ass slid onto his fuck stick with ease swallowing him to his thick dark pubic hair.

I could feel his thick meat as I squatted over him, bobbing on his shaft, it felt great inside me, stretching my ass further than before.

I rolled to my side pulling Kenny with me, he now was ass fucking me from on top, I could feel his weight drilling his fuck baton into my ass.

I wanted this to go on forever, Kenny leaned back so he could watch his cock sliding deep into my ass.
He spat onto his shaft rubbing it across his cock for extra lube, his finger toyed with my cock impaled hole and then slipped it in alongside of his thick meat, he felt the tightness of my ass ring and the stiffness of his cock as he stretched my ass to its limits.

Kenny slowly fucked my ass, his finger still alongside his cock as it reamed my hole until he shot his cum he groaned calling out in a lustful cry.

I have never been fucked like this guy just did, and having his cock and a finger in me at one time felt so good and got my juices flowing.

I turned over, Kenny moved over one of my legs and sucked my cock between his lips sucking my pre-cum from the tip of my cock.

With my back arched Kenny jacked my cock gripping it tightly pulling it from top to my pubic hair, my ass moved all around under his touch, he was driving me crazy and I needed to cum badly.

“I’m gonna cum.” I cried out.

“Not yet.” Kenny whispered.

He squeezed the underside of my cock and took his hand to my nipples, twisting and rubbing them before going back to my super stiff cock.

Kenny repeated this process, each time he would get me to the brink of shooting my load and he would shut it down.

“Oh fuck, I need to cum so bad.”

Again, Kenny replied simply. “Not yet.”

His lips went to my nipples nipping and chewing on each creating even more of a lustful frenzy.

Kenny took my throbbing tool in his hand again.

“Okay, it’s time.”

He jacked my cock so fast and hard, I was panting and muttering all sorts of sexual profanity.
Only this time he did not stop, I arched my back fully as the first jets of cum flew into the air well past my shoulders.

I spent more cum than I ever have, rope after rope of jizz as it splashed down on my chest covering me with sticky goodness that Kenny licked from my body.

My mind and body were exhausted and I fell back onto the couch, breathing hard as Kenny kissed me, I tasted my own cum on his lips, I could only smile.

“You look as you really enjoyed that.” He said.

“Oh, hell yeah! it was crazy good.”

“Next time we will kick it up a notch or two, I’ll bring some toys over.”

“What kind of toys?” I asked.

Kenny smiled. “You’ll see.”

“Kiss me Santa.”