Thursday, February 22, 2018


I have been having trouble with my boyfriend allot lately, he seems to be so critical of me and about everything I do, maybe it is time to move on I thought as I drove my car to the club with my boyfriend Robert in the passenger seat.
Robert bitched about not only my driving but everyone else that was near me on the road, he bellyached about the weather, the price of gas, people that he worked with, it was a verbal assault while I mostly ignored him but chimed in now and then nodding or saying “I know, it’s terrible.”
As I pulled the car into a parking spot he started in about the car next to us , it was parked at an angle and said it was a piece of shit rust bucket.
“Stop!” I said loudly.
“What the fuck did I do?” Robert asked holding his hand to his chest in defense.
“You have screamed and yelled all the way here, it has been a non-stop bitch fest, I can’t take much more of this.”
“I never,, you just don’t appreciate my opinion about things.”
“It is not an opinion, it is a hostile verbal attack on everything, as usual.”
“Usual?” He asked.
“Yeah, it is getting old, this has been going on for the last two years but has been getting increasingly worse week by week.”
“Fuck you too.” Robert said.
“It’s Friday night and I am going into the club, don’t come in unless you plan on being nice and having fun, if you can’t do that, grab a cab and go back home.” I said as I closed the car door and headed across the street to the club.
I walked over to the bar and waited for the bartender to come over, he was pouring drinks and had no shirt on, he had a bar towel tucked into the back of his belt and a black leather arm band on each of his arms.
“Hey, I’d like a beer, no wait, I’ve had a rough evening and need to take the edge off faster than beer, Long Island Iced Tea please.”
“Sure thing.” He said as he turned his back and started mixing my drink.
“Who is the DJ tonight?” I asked him over the thump of the music.
“Malachi, he just started this week, fucker can play the tunes and packs the floor with dancers.” The bartender said as he placed my drink in front of me.
I paid, left him a good tip and walked toward the dance floor, the room was dark except for the flashing lights bouncing off of the dancers, the fog machine belched out a blast of haze across the dance floor temporarily hiding the dancers from view. I watched the men dance and looked toward the door; either Robert must have taken a taxi home or was still in the car trying to figure out what he had done wrong.
I was sitting close to the DJ booth which was off to the side of the dance floor and was raised a bit allowing him a view of the crowd. DJ Malachi was a sexy looking guy in his mid twenties, lean and not wearing a shirt but was intent of doing his job, he would occasionally jump onto the mic and talk to the dancers, greeting them of telling them how sexy they looked as he pointed right at them.
I went to the bar and got my second drink of the night, as I returned I sat my drink on the drink rail against the wall and leaned over to the DJ to let him know how great the music sounded.
“Hi, the, uhmm, the music..” I shot him thumbs up, he looked at me and smiled before going right back to spinning the tunes.
Oh fuck, I must have looked like a fool, I stuttered out nothing that made me look like anything but an inbred idiot. I sipped my drink and took a note from next to his tip jar, I wrote the name of a song I wanted to hear and my name on the slip and passed it to him and put a five dollar tip into his jar. He looked over and smiled again and thanked me with a nod.
Malachi jumped onto the mic and announced the special request from Otter and played the song that I requested, he looked at me and mouthed the word Otter?
I nodded my head yes, Otter.
He smiled at me and went back to the music, I felt a tiny connection with this very hot man, his chest was incredible, I wanted so badly to twist his nipples making them stiffen, I was actually getting a boner thinking about Malachi, I’ve not had much sex with Robert lately so a slight breeze gave me wood.
Malachi realized that I was staring at him and pointed to the dance floor, I sat my drink on the rail and moved onto the dance floor and danced alone but near a few other guys but I was lusting after Malachi. One guy turned from the group of four or five guys and danced with me, he moved well and placed his hands onto my hips as he got closer.
Robert was not in my mind, I had no guilt he was all but out the door of my life, I was going to have fun tonight no matter how badly the evening started.
“My name is Brad.” The guys said.
“Yeah, Otter.”
He grinned and I knew that he was trying to think of a pun to go with my name, and sure enough he leaned over to my ear.
“You Otter come home with me.”
I smiled having only heard that about a million times, I am blonde and have a great shape, guys stare at me all the time saying that I am the hottest guy in the club, store, gym or wherever I happen to be. I know I am good looking but I don’t let that go to my head, there are more important things in life other than being pretty, it does get me a few extra perks now and then though.
My eyes kept going back to DJ Malachi, he was so fucking sexy and very confident in his job, he looked up and right into my face, I looked away real fast but it was evident that I was staring at him over the shoulder of the guy I was dancing with.
I danced a while longer with Brad, he was nice enough but I had my sights on Malachi, I sipped on my drink and after a minute or so Malachi walked out of the Dj booth and headed to the restroom while a long song played. Without thinking I sat my drink on the rail and followed him to the men’s room, as I walked in, I saw Malachi stepping up to the six foot long open urinal and unbutton his jeans and flop his fat monster cock out of his pants.
My cock is not small but nowhere as big as his is, I moved in close and took out my cock and started pissing. Malachi looked over and was directly checking out my cock.
“Nice.” Malachi said as he aimed his pee stream into mine.
“Your cock is huge.” I stammered.
“Touch it.” He said in a tone that was more of an order than a request.
I took his cock in my hand, he let go and I held his cock while he finished pissing, my stream stopped as I had better things to concentrate on. He shot the last few spurts of piss into the urinal and stood there.
“Well shake it and tuck it away before my song finishes without me.” Malachi said as he looked into my face.
I ran my fingertips along his shaft while I shook it, my heart pounded; all I could think about was his thick warm cock and how badly I wanted it in my mouth. I tucked his oversized cock into his jeans and buttoned his top button, he reached under my tee shirt pulling it over my head and tucked it into his back pocket before finishing with a kiss to the now erect nub, he turned and walked out the door and back to his booth.
I put my own cock away and walked back to my drink realizing that my fingers had a few drops of his piss on them, instinctively my fingers went to my lips, I licked his piss from them. I am not into water sports but he was so hot I could not wipe his fluids onto my jeans; I wanted to be close to him again.
Malachi looked at me and winked, I felt flustered and shy, but my heart, no my ass needed Malachi. The combination of his incredible looks and working in gay clubs had me wondering just how many guys he had been with. I was a like a moth to his flame. The night went on; I drank two more drinks and was feeling pretty loose. Malachi looked at me and twisted one of his nipples; he was clearly coming on to me or at least teasing me.
At closing time I walked over to the DJ booth and waited for him to look up.
“I need my shirt; you kept it in the bathroom.” I said in a shy tone.
Malachi looked at me and smiled, he took my shirt from the chair behind him, I thought he was handing it to me but he slipped the shirt over his own head and was now wearing it. I was not sure what to do, I turned to leave and I heard my name.
“Otter.” Malachi called out as he tossed me his tee shirt.
I slipped his tee shirt on and headed to the door, there was no way I would be going home with him tonight.
“Goodnight Otter.” DJ Malachi said over the mic.
I waved and smiled at him just before rounding the corner to the front door.
I got outside, crossed the street to realize that Robert had taken my car and left, Fuck, now what. I thought. I walked back inside the club and took out my phone to call a cab when Malachi put his hand on my shoulder from the back.
“Need a ride home?” he asked.
“I’ll get a cab or Uber or something.”
“Nonsense, I have a couple of more things to do and I will give you a lift, sit tight.”
I watched as he walked away and within a few minutes he came back and put his hand on my lower back.
“Ready Otter?”
We walked out to his blue SUV in the parking lot, I got in and he pulled out onto the street.
“Where to, My place or yours?” He said laughing.
I was not sure if he was kidding or not, I gave him directions to my apartment.
“This is really nice of you.” I said.
“Well, you helped me out earlier.”
I blushed, and sat without saying anything.
“You are a little shy aren’t you?” He asked.
I could only smile in the darkness, his hand slipped over to my thigh.
“Relax, don’t be so serious, do you have a boyfriend?”
“Yeah, well, it is pretty much over, he has been a dick for a long time and I just don’t need that anymore.” I said.
Malachi pulled up at my building, and I got out, thanked him for the ride.
“I am working tomorrow night if you want to come back.”
“I may just do that, I had a good time tonight, thanks again for the ride.” I said as I closed the door and walked up to my door. I walked in and there Robert was sitting there mad as hell and then he saw the shirt I was wearing.
“What the fuck it that? That’s not your shirt, are you sleeping around on me?” Robert yelled.
“No, there was a mix up with tee shirts, half the guys on the dance floor had their shirts off and someone took mine, this is what I was left with, I did not sleep with anyone.”
Robert continued to yell at me for leaving him at the parking lot.
“I gave you the option to come in and be civil but you are not capable of that as I see.”
“Fuck you.” Robert yelled.
“I’m done with you, tomorrow take your things and move to your sister’s house, this was my place when you moved in and you can take anything you bought since moving in with you.”
I went to the guest room as I knew he would come and try to make up, I was done making up with him. The next day, I went to breakfast after a shower and came back to Robert moving his things out, I gave him a hand to help keep the peace with him and anything that he wanted, I just told him to take it.
The apartment was quiet now and I liked not just being alone but being done with Robert, he used to be a really good guy but his attitude decayed over the last couple of years. I turned on some music while I cleaned up a few things that Robert had pulled out and picked up Malachi’s tee shirt. I got a boner thinking about this hot as fuck DJ and his hog of a cock, I took my dick out and rubbed it as I leaned back on the bed, I held his tee up to my face and sniffed his scent from the soft fabric. I was getting close to cumming and held his shirt near my cock, I whispered “Malachi” as the cum blasted out of my cock onto the front of his shirt and I used it to clean the cum off of my cock and hand before tossing it into the hamper.
I had every intention of going back to the club and seeing Malachi again tonight, he was eating into my mind and he seemed interested in me, I really wanted to grab hold of his cock again, this time I want it in my ass, if I can take it that is.
I started getting ready two hours before I planned on being there, I was just so nervous and anxious at the same time, I put on clothes and changed them several times, had a quick bite for dinner and headed to the club. My heart pounded as I pulled into the parking lot and walked across the street and inside to the bar, I ordered a beer and looked around, I was early and the place was almost empty. There was music playing from a recorded sound system.
“No DJ tonight?” I asked the bartender.
He looked up and was about to speak when I felt a hand on my lower back.
“I’m right here Otter, it’s great to see you again.” Malachi said.
I turned and saw him, he was wearing a black tee shirt with the sleeves cut off and jeans, he had a huge smile on his face and let his hand linger on my back.
“Great to see you too.” I smiled, my heart thumping with excitement.
“Come over to the DJ booth and talk to me while I set up.” He said.
“You want a beer?” I asked.
“No, I never drink while I am working but if you ask the bartender he will fix me up with a pitcher of Iced water, I’d appreciate it.”
“Sure thing, head over and I will bring the water and be over in a sec.”
I carried the drinks over to the booth, Malachi was working on getting things set the way he wanted and plugged in the digital music storage hard drives that he brought with him.
I stood there holding the pitcher of water, a glass and my beer, he looked up at me and smiled, leaning in he took the water and glass from me setting them on the counter away from the equipment.
“Thanks for the water, grab yourself a chair and you can hang in the booth with me if you want.” He said.
I walked over to a nearby table and carried a chair back setting it in the raised DJ booth; I sat and watched him intently working as he chattered away about music and his job. His handsome face was a pleasure to watch but his dark lips were captivating, my eyes wandered across his skin, what I could see of it.
He put his hand onto my thigh while he was talking causing my heart to pound furiously.
“I’ve got to hit the head and pee while I have a few minutes, come on.” Malachi said with a grin.
I got up and followed him, I was barely through the men’s room door when Malachi pulled me in close and kissed me and after a millisecond, his tongue was in my mouth, his right hand went to my crotch fumbling around while he opened my fly.
“I want your load before I start playing; it makes me horny tasting a guy’s jizz in my throat.”
He went to his knees before I had time to reply pulling my pants and underwear to my ankles, my cock bounced out to meet his mouth as he swallowed it before it was fully hard. I put my hand to the back of his head, pulling it to my crotch.
Malachi pulled my ass cheeks apart and shoved a finger into my ass finger fucking me while sucking my fully stiff cock deep into his throat. He went after my cock like a wild man, with the finger action burning my asshole and him sucking my cock so intently, it only took moments before I gave him what he asked for. Right then a guy walked into the men’s room and over to the urinal to pee but kept looking over watching me get my rocks off into the mouth of this hot and sexy DJ, I climaxed loudly, unconcerned about the noise, letting out a moan as my seed spilled into his mouth, he pulled off and let the final pulse coat his face. He stood up looking into my eyes and rubbed my cum into the skin of his face, the guy that was peeing was still watching without pretense.

I walked to the urinal and started a stream with Malachi stepped between me and the guy that was getting an eye full. Mal whipped his hog of a cock out of his pants and I almost went weak in my knees, he took my hand to his cock to once again let me hold and aim his pisser, it was a real handful.
The guy stood there with his cock still in his hand while I shook the last few drops of piss out of Malachi’s cock slit, I went to my knees and sucked his cock into my mouth knowing I would have problems getting it all into my throat. He let me suck for a couple of minutes before tucking his hard shaft back into his jeans.
“I have a plan for that later.”
I zipped up and glanced at the guy that had been watching and realized he was jacking off and was tilting his head back, we stood there and watched as the guy blew his load all over the men’s room floor, you could hear the splat noises as each of rope of his cum shot out and landed on the bare cement.
Back in the DJ booth it was time for Malachi to start his five hour set Malachi had a beginning tune that he said he always played and then started with one hot song after another.

Half way through the night he put on the song “I want your sex” he stood up and danced in front of me pulling his shirt over his head tossing it onto a rear shelf. He mouthed the words “I want your sex” while he massaged my jeans covered crotch, he unzipped his jeans and pushed my hand into his pants rubbing my hand all over his cock and balls.
“Fuck me.” Malachi said as he danced on front of me.
“What?” I stammered.
“F U C K M E.” he spelled out.
He picked up his backpack and pulled a condom and some lube out tossing them both to me, what the fuck, I thought, he really means it, here and now.
The DJ booth was elevated enough that no one could really see inside and if the DJ was belly to the counter they could only see his chest and head. Malachi slid his pants to the floor and stepped out of them and his tennis shoes at one time, he was not standing here completely naked, his big cock bouncing around as he moved.
“Let me put on a long play song while you get things ready.”
I dropped my jeans and started stroking my cock to get it fully hard; Malachi took the condom and rolled it onto my cock that was jutting straight up in the air.
“We really gonna fuck right here?” I asked.
“Yeah Otter, fuck me hard, I want your hot cock in my ass.”
I took the lube and squirted some into my hand and leaned him over rubbing my hand into his ass crack and pushed some into his asshole.
I ground my cock along his crack a few times before pushing it into this hot fucker, he moaned loud enough to hear it on the dance floor. I was pushing my cock into his tight ass so hard the booth was shaking a little; he leaned over the work counter while I fucked him hard, this was the first guy I had been within months, Robert and I had not had sex in quite some time. I grabbed Malachi’s hips and pushed in deeper and faster, I was panting and moaning as I was getting closer and closer to cumming. I could see the dancers out on the dance floor but none seemed to notice that I had this hot DJ bent over and was fucking him a few feet from them.
The current song was ending and Malachi flicked as a few keys on his laptop and the next one started without me slowing my thrusts at all.
“Fuck me hard Otter, give it to me rough.” Malachi panted.
I reached up grabbing a handful of his dark hair, pulling him back roughly while I fucked him hard.
“I’m cumming, take it bitch,, you want my load in your ass baby?” I said while cum jetted from my cock.
I rode it out till I had spent all of my juice and pulled out of his ass, Malachi turned and took hold of my still stiff cock pulling the now filled condom off of it, his cock was full and angry looking, like it could take on an army of gay men sucking and fucking in a massive orgy.
“My turn.” He said as he shook his thick erection at me.
“Fuck, are you kidding me?”
“What, you think it is too big?”
“I am not sure if I can take it, but I’m willing to give it a try but I would rather go to your bedroom or mine later to try it.” I replied.
“You got it, I’ve had your load in both ends tonight already, I can’t wait to return the favor.”
He danced as he changed the songs and his stiff cock slowly went down but his cock was still massive swinging as he moved. I dressed again as I was less comfortable being naked in the club than Malachi seemed.
The crowd of dancers loved his music and found it hard to leave the dance floor to cool off and grab a drink, I left the booth for a fresh beer while Malachi chugged the iced water.
I rejoined him in the DJ booth when I returned, I sat on the chair and watched this guy do his job, his naked ass flexed and tightened as he moved to the tunes, his body was incredible, and his shoulders broad and tapered down to a narrow waist that made his cock look even larger.
“I’ve gotta pee, would you tap this button just as this song ends? I will be right back.”
“But who will hold your cock if I am not in there?”
“Funny guy, it is large, but I can handle it myself.” Malachi said while he slipped his jeans and shoes back on.
“I’ll bet you can.” I said making a motion with my right hand as if I were jacking off.
“No, it’s like this.” Malachi did the same thing only used both hands in front of his crotch.
He left to pee while I was trusted to push a button for him in his absence, just about the time I saw him coming from the hallway I pushed the button and started the new song without interruption.
“I’m so proud of you, just like a junior DJ.” Malachi said jokingly.
He leaned over and kissed my lips softly but I pulled hi s head in tight and shoved my tongue into his mouth, my heart was racing as it had been since I walked in the door tonight, Malachi dove his tongue alongside mine and the kiss turned to a very passionate one.
The music rolled out all night long, many guys tipped Malachi and asked for requests, they seemed to flock in to hear the best mixes of music that anyone in town played, I liked the music but was more interested in the DJ himself. After the club shut down for the night we went to grab a snack at a 24 hour restaurant, I was doing my best to overcome my shyness and be more outgoing speaking to him without stammering so much.
“Want to head to my house and hang out some?”
“Yeah, I really do.” I replied with a slight nervousness in my voice.
“Well, let’s go then, follow me out of the parking lot, I won’t lose you but let me put my phone number into your phone just in case.”
He added his information into my phone including snapping his picture for the profile and within minutes, we were pulling up at his apartment, inside there was very little furniture as he had just moved into town and had not purchased much yet.
“The only thing I have to sit on is the bed, I really need to get off my ass and shop for furniture.” Malachi said as I followed him down the hall to his bedroom. Inside he kicked off his shoes and peeled off his tee shirt tossing it onto the floor, his hands went under my tee shirt and his fingers caressing my chest, I wasted no time in pulling my shirt off and tossing it onto the floor with his.
The next few moments were a blur, and before I knew it we were both naked and he was applying lube to my ass in preparation for pushing his Volkswagen sized cock into my ass, I was starting to shake with anticipation and fear.
“This will take some stretching before I can try to fuck your ass, get on your knees on the bed with your shoulders down on the sheet.”
He spread my knees apart and slid a well lubed finger into my ass, it felt great as he massaged it around and then the second finger went in, it felt amazing, I moaned showing my appreciation his left hand tugged on my loose balls squeezing the sac with my balls visible on the other side of his fist. He worked it a while and the third finger went into my ass, he added more lube and pushed them in as far as he could inside me and pulled them all the way out before plunging them back in, this was taking my breath away but I was in for a rude awakening.
I was unsure but it felt like he pushed in his forth finger and was stretching my ass as far as I thought it could possibly go.
“Okay, here we go, are you ready?”
“Yeah, as ready as I will be, go easy.” I said softly hoping for the best.
Malachi moved in behind me taking the lube and adding more to my ass and his hog, I felt the pressure of his cockhead against my asshole, he pushed until it was in about two inches, I felt like I was at the maximum that I could take.
“Go slow and bounce it in and out of me a bit.”
He did as I asked and each time he would push, he would go just a tiny bit farther into my ass, he was now about three or four inches in me and the girth was splitting me open, I was panting and moaning loudly.
“Fuck, you feel like your fist is in there.” I said.
“Nah, but it gets thicker on the next push, you okay?”
“Yeah.” I said reluctantly.
He pushed a bit harder and it took my breath away, I felt sick to my stomach and held my hand back for him to pause for a minute, once the feeling passed I motioned for him to go again.
Malachi gave an even pressure until he was all inside me, he pushed a bit harder grinding his crotch against my ass, the action started slowly and gradually picked up speed until he was fucking me at a good speed, and my ass was on fire and felt like I had three cocks inside me. The DJ slapped one of my ass cheeks hard, I am sure it left a red hand print on my pale ass but the pain was fully from this man’s huge cock ramming my hole.
He started losing his rhythm and started making more noise; I could tell he was getting close to jizzing in my hole. He reached forward and put his forearm around my neck and pulled me back showing me that he was not only large but in charge, I choked some as he started shooting his load into my ass, his body convulsed and jerked as he yelled “Fuck baby, take my fat cock.”
As soon as he had finished cumming, he pulled out and it took my gaping ass a while to relax again after that assault. I lay there feeling dazed but very happy to have taken his huge cock fully, I had had my doubts for a while and I think he did too.
I flipped over onto my back and Malachi took my limp cock into his mouth and in a moment it was fully hard, He sucked my cock and pulled my legs apart again but this time he just pulled at my ball sac and left my stretched out ass alone. Malachi reached up and took hold of my left nipple with his fingertips and tweaked on it while I filled his mouth with my cum, he gulped it as fast as he could as not to lose any of my juice.
I spent the night with him and many more after that, I could not take his cock every time we had sex but I sure gave it a go at least once a week. Malachi is my sweet DJ and I call his cock “double dick” because it is twice the size of most large cocks, he just smiles when I say that, mostly because he knows I can take it “all in”.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Costume Party

I went to a party that a friend invited me to without telling me too much about it, he had just said, you can’t miss it, you have to go.
I got ready and my friend Dean picked me up right at 9:00 AM.
“Hey Cole, you ready to go?” Dean asked.
“Yeah, I think so, it is hard to be ready when I don’t know much of where we are going, but yeah, I’m ready.”
I got into his car and off we went, it would be a two hour drive to get where we were headed according to Dean. We drove for a while before pulling off at an exit for lunch, Dean and I have been friends for three years, he is a sweet and sexy guy that I have absolutely no romantic interest in at all, I can see how hot cute he is and all but he is not my type for a boyfriend.
We finished eating and were back on the road in no time, I was looking out the window as we passed cars I would look up to see if I could catch the eye of a sexy guy.
“Do you actually know how handsome you are Cole?” Dean asked never taking his eyes off of the road.
“No, not whatever, you act like you are invisible most of the time and hardly ever go on a date.”
“I go on dates, I just don’t like to be a whore about it.” I replied.
“Oh My God, are you calling me a whore?” Dean asked as he poked his fingers into my ribs.
“I’m just saying that I am a little more selective than others might be.”
“Well you will see plenty today at the party.”
“What kind of party is this?”

“One like you’ve not seen before I’m sure.”
“Oh fuck, take me home.” I pleaded.
“Too late, we are pulling in now, please pretend to have some fun.”
We got out of the car and headed towards the front door of a very large house and rang the bell once we were there. A young man opened the door and welcomed us inside. We were led into a large room with racks of clothing of all sorts, some costumes and some hot sexy gear made of leather.
“Please choose something to wear and give your clothing to me, I will be in the next room.” The young man said as he walked out of the room.
“What the hell kind of party is this?” I asked.
“A fun one, now choose something sexy to wear and let’s get changed.” Dean said.
I looked through things and laughed at a few, Dean tried to get me to wear only sheer white briefs, I declined but told him that he should wear them, it was not a surprise that he said okay. Then Dean found a leather thong and chest harness that looked pretty hot and held it up to my chest.
“That would look great on you Cole, try it on.”
Normally I would not wear anything like this but I was humoring Dean a bit, I slipped off my clothes and into the thong, it had laces in the front and only a thin bit of leather that went inside my ass crack. Dean helped me with the harness, it was like trying on an octopus, I finally got it all adjusted and looked in the mirror.
“Damn, this looks stupid on me, I’m taking it off.”
“No, it looks so fucking hot, incredibly hot and you are wearing it mister.”
I rolled my eyes and walked into the next room to give my clothes to the young man, he looked up at me and smiled.
“I see you have picked a pretty nice costume and it suits you well.”
“Are you changing into a costume too?” I asked him.
“Yes but I will wait to see what others choose to wear something complimentary to the one that I like the most.”
Dean walked in wearing the sheer white briefs and the guy looked him over and took his clothes, folded them before putting them on a bed.
“My name is Josh, follow me out to the party.” The young man said.
We followed him out the back of the house onto a large patio near a pool, there were about fifteen or more here already and over the next hour the party tripled in size. Drinks and food were everywhere and finally the host made a short announcement about the festivities and it seemed that it each costume had a second one that went along with the theme of the first and we were asked to pair up with the other half when we found them. I looked around to find another man wearing a harness and leather thong but saw none until Josh walked up to me.
“Well, it seems that I have the other half to your costume Cole.” Josh said.
I looked at him, his chest was bare and he wore a leather thong like mine but a third of the size, it was so skimpy that I could see his manhood from either side of his bulge where the fabric gaped from his skin.
“I think you planned this, didn’t you?” I asked.
Josh smiled and toyed with the leather on my harness and then down to my nipple giving it a slight twist.
“I may have, but like I said, I wanted to see who wore what, before I decided and you by far look the best in your costume, and very sexy too.”
I got a drink and stood off to one side of the dance area listening to the music and watching the costumed dancers move to the beat of the music, some hardly wore anything at all.
Josh walked up in front of me, he might as well be naked, the thong string went up his ass to reveal a tight and well-rounded mass of ass flesh, there was a definite tan line that really drew my eye to his ass, there was not a hair in sight, he clearly shaved everything that I could see anyway.
“I will be your boy for the rest of the night as long as it pleases you?” Josh said.
“My boy that will do everything that I ask? Or my boy for appearances and the costume contest?” I asked.
“What would you like, Cole?” Josh asked.
“I think I would like the first part, where you do what I ask without failure.”
“Then that is the way it will be, Sir.”
“Oh, Sir now? Will you be staying in your character all night?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“And you will do whatever I want all night no matter what I ask you to do?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Kneel right here in front of me.” I said not thinking that he would do it.
Josh dropped to his knees and looked up at me without a word, he seemed to be waiting for his next command but I was only playing with him at the moment and had not thought this out entirely.
“You gonna stay there?”
“Yes sir, I will until you tell me different.”
“All night? While everyone has fun around you?”
“Yes, I will do as you tell me to.”
“If I asked you to take your thong off, you would?”
“Yes, of course, anything.”
“But this is just a costume role playing bit, right?
“You don’t normally do this slave stuff on a daily basis?”
“Sir, I am a sub, I need a Dom to guide me and tell me what he expects of me, I am not a slave but I am here to please you in any way, you know much better than I do on how I should behave and what I should do to make you happy, if I do not act like I should, then I should be restricted or punished.”
“So you are a sub always, every day?”
“Yes Sir.”
“And you like it?”
“Yes Sir, this is my life, I go to work at a regular job and come home to take care of my Dom, serve him and please him no matter what he asks of me.”
My heart was racing, this was getting hot, Josh was a very attractive guy and for him to offer himself up to me for whatever I want to do to or with him, I was getting excited about Josh.
“Was this a coincidence that I happened to choose this outfit? Was Dean in on this?”
“Yes Sir, he was, it was him that asked me to get involved and it was him that led you to choose this costume but it was only done so I could be your sub and make you happy.”
“So now what?”
“It is up to you my Dom, anything you like.”
“Stand up.”
Josh did as he was told in silence.
“Get me another drink.”
Josh turned before I could tell him what I was drinking and went to the area set up as a bar, he must have asked the bartender rather than ask me as he returned to me with a Jack n Coke with plenty of ice handing it to me and taking my empty glass back to the bar.
I looked at him and was getting turned on more and more by his talk and the fact that he was saying he would do anything I wanted to or with him. I reached down and ran my fingertip into the gap between the cup of his thong and his ball sac, it was very erotic and he just stood there letting me touch him.
“Sir, I can take you to the barn if you like.” Josh said.
“Okay, let’s go.”
I followed Josh out across the lawn to a big very old barn, he opened the door and held it for me and followed me inside. The barn was for most parts a regular barn, but I could see things that I knew normally did not belong here, there was a cross and a few other pieces of sex equipment.
“There are chains to tie me to the restraint posts and leather strips to bind my wrists or whatever you would like to use them for.”
I looked at the table with several types of lube, cuffs, other restraint and sex devices, I took the leather straps that were a few feet long wrapping them around one of his wrists and then to the his other as I pulled them behind his back, not only did I tie his wrists, I tied his arms up to the elbow as not to allow him to move his arms at all. I leaned in to his face and kissed him, Josh kissed me back but was otherwise silent.
I walked around him, looking at his body, fucking hot ass, he must work out every day as his arms and pecs are in great condition. He looked like a stud you would find in college in the gym, for all accounts, a well-bred beefy all American boy and for some reason, he was all mine, for the party at least.
I stood behind him looking at his ass, I touched the top of his ass crack with my fingertip and went down farther into his crack I followed the creases far as I could go until I reached his balls, I reached my arm between his legs and took hold of his cock, stroking it a few times until it was fully hard, I pulled it down firmly and let it go and it sprung upward until it slapped against his flat belly.
I walked around him looking directly into his eyes, I lifted his balls into one hand and gave a gentle squeeze increasing until he moaned some from the pain, it was not enough to actually hurt him or drop him to his knees but enough to have his full and undivided attention.
“Go to your knees again but this time service my balls, make me happy.”
I unfastened and dropped my thong to the floor kicking it aside.
“I could do a better job if you untied me Sir.”
“Not just yet.”
Josh moved into place and bobbed at my cock until he took it into his mouth, I pulled the back of his head and a few times by the hair pulling him onto my cock deeper, he sucked me until my cock was throbbing and about to shoot and I pulled out.
I untied Josh and got up on a table on my stomach, my bare ass curving upward from the small of my back. Josh moved forward taking some massage oil from the smaller table and applying it onto my back, his hand strokes were like those of a professional, my muscles melted under his touch.
Josh really put everything into massaging me, he rubbed firmly but not hard, I’ve had the hard massages that were painful but this was not that. His fingertips caressed my shoulders and down the center of my back to the point where my ass crack starts, he leaned in kissing and gently nibbling at my ass cheeks. Josh pulled my legs apart and moved around giving him better access, he leaned in running his tongue into my ass crack, I lifted my hips letting him know that I was enjoying where he was going.
He rubbed his fingers against my ass bud massaging it as he moved, it was erotic but relaxing and fucking incredible, he inserted a finger into my ass after adding some lube to it, I spread my legs farther apart and lifted my hips again he bent over and started chewing on my asshole, I could fee his stubble scratching my tender ass crack burning the fuck out of it, but it felt amazing.
I flipped over and Josh started on my chest, he twisted my nipples between his fingertips, rolling them until they got stiff, he kisses my chest and moved his mouth to my nipples biting them gently between his teeth. My cock strained upward and due to its stiffness it was off of my belly by two inches with a thick thread of pre cum oozing onto my skin.
His tongue moved across most of my chest before moving to my navel, he sucked and licked at my innie before he moved to the small puddle of pre-cum and the thread that connected my body to my cockhead, at first his tongue darted across my cock tip and when I thought he would lick the pre from my belly.
He took a finger and in one motion scooped it up, he looked up to my face and pushed that finger into my mouth letting me suck the sweetness from his finger as he fuck motioned his digit between my lips.
He took a small piece of thin cord from the table and tied it like a cock ring around my cock and balls, pulling it tightly to my left foot, this caused my cock to be pulled back toward my feet making it point to the barn roof. He poured some lube onto my straining cockhead and let it run down my shaft while I kept my hands to my side and made no move to touch it.
He gripped the head of my cock tightly and slid his hand down my shaft until it reached my body, it sent shivers to my toes and it was all I could do not to grip my own cock and jack it off to release my juices but I kept my hands still. Josh let go and did the same thing as he had just done, this time it seemed like I would either cum or pass out.
I held fast as Josh climbed onto the table and lowered his ass onto my rigid throbbing pole, he did it slowly this time as his ass pucker slid down my shaft, I cried out, it was a mix of pleasure and pain needing to cum but holding back.
Josh lifted himself nearly off of my cock and then went back to sliding down on it until it was fully inside him again, next he moved his ass in a circular motion without lifting off of my prick. As he moved with my cock as a pivot point, I started panting and knew I had no more control, I started shooting my man jam into his ass and yelling out at the same time in the most intense orgasm I had ever had.
I lay on the table still naked and breathing hard, my cock still tied and pointing upward after Josh pulled off of me and got off of the table and stood next to me, his stiff cock jutting out from his smooth body.
“What would you like now Sir?” Josh asked.
“I want to suck you off.”
I moved off of the table and went to my knees and took his rigid prick into my mouth and then swallowed it into my throat, I was able to go all the way down until I ran out of shaft, my eyes watered but I wanted it all, this stud was so fucking hot, my hands went to his ass cheeks spreading them to allow a finger to rub his assbud before plunging it into him.
“I won’t cum until you tell me to.” He said.
I pulled off his cock and looked into his face, oh, hell, I thought this must be a challenge.
I worked on his rod until I was out of breath, he moved and winced and made lots of panting noises as he held his orgasm back, this was mastering it more than I had thought possible. He cried out several more times as I bobbed on his knob, sucking as hard as I could until I felt that he really needed to cum.
“You can shoot your jizz into my mouth now, but let me work you up till you can’t stand it again.”
He stood still as I went back to swallowing his prick, I jammed a second finger into his ass and that was it, he blasted his jizz into my mouth, his knees buckled some but he held onto the table so he did not fall, his voice, as he shot was so erotic sounding, so animalistic and sexy. I pulled off and wiped my mouth before I stood up, I kissed him pushing my cum-covered tongue into his mouth giving him a good amount of the massive load of jizz that his cock pumped into my mouth.
He picked up my jock, only saying “Sir” as he handed it to me, I put it on while Josh just stood there.
“You gonna put your costume back on?” I asked.
“Yes Sir, if you like, whatever you want me to do.”
“So if I said stay naked and we went back to the party, you would?”
“Yes Sir.”
“And if I told you to suck every guys cock at the party, you would?”
“Yes Sir, I am not a slave but a sub, and would do what I can to make you happy always.”
“Did Dean put you up to this?” I asked.
“Well, yes and no, I had mentioned to Dean that I was looking for a caring Dom to lead me and allow me to take care of him, service his needs and be there for him always, he mentioned your name, I asked him to get you to this party to see if you liked me.”
“Oh he did, huh? And when you say always, do you mean beyond this party as in you go home with me?”
“Yes Sir, that is what I am looking for, you are a sexy and a wonderful Dom, I would be devoted to you and do as you like always.”
“But I don’t really know much about being a Dom.”
“It will come in time.” He said as he kneeled next to me.
“But what is it you want form me? You want to stay home while I work and in turn you will be my slave?”
“No Sir, I work a forty hour week in a regular business environment, I make a very good wage and would pay any or all of it to live with you as your sub. Money to me is not real important, I will come home from work and change out of my suit and wear what you want me to wear or I will be naked unless we go out or you ask me to dress if company is coming over, and I am not a slave, you would be my Dom or Sir, you would guide me to please you.”
“So you are going to come home with me tonight and be with me as my sub forever?”
“Yes Sir, or you can come to my house and it can become yours, as you like.”
I looked at this hot and sexy man kneeling at my feet, this seems to be too good to be true but sounds like a hot set up for me, still not understanding what he gets out of it.
“Josh put your jock on and let’s get back to the party, I am still thinking this over, stay close to me and I will see how it goes.”
He did as he was told and followed me back to the party, he interacted with me, I told him to relax in public some, I didn’t want him silent and stiff waiting on me to tell him what to do every moment.
Dean came over and smiled at me awaiting my reaction, I gave him the “look”.
“What?” Dean asked.
“You hooking me up with a sub?” I said while Josh stood there within earshot.
“Hot right?”
“Well yeah, but really?”
“You would have never agreed to come here if I had told you about this and I have a boyfriend so you were the first person that I thought of when Josh asked me about this.”
“I will give it a try but I am not sure that I am the “Dom” type.” I explained leaning in to Dean’s ear.
Josh moved closer when someone bumped into him, and my hand instinctively went behind him and then I lowered it to his well-rounded ass. It was a bit intoxicating thinking about this whole Dom and sub idea, it made my heart pound and my mind race.
“Look Josh, I am not sold on this completely but am sure willing to try it and learn how to treat you, maybe we can try it for a few weeks or a month and see how it goes.”
“You will see how I am and how I respect you and your needs, most before you even know what you need or want, I am pleased to give this a trial and show you how well it will work between us.”
“So I can do about anything with you or to you that I want?”
“Yes Sir, nearly anything, I still have my will and can say no but it would be something extreme.” Josh said softly.
“So like, what things might I do?”
“You can restrain me with ropes or cuffs, cock restraints like cages and things, you can use a belt or lash on me if I need direction, I can be used for whatever sex you may like, you may love me and treat me with tenderness or roughness, I can wear whatever makes you happy or wear nothing at all. I will take care of most all of your needs.”
“Fuck… and you are coming home with me tonight?”
“Yes Sir, if that’s what you like, I will need to stop at my house and pick up a few things and some suits and things to wear to work along with some needed equipment.”
“Sure, equipment?”
“Things that I will need to use on myself or you for your pleasure.”
I still felt like I was in some kind of demented dream where all of my sexual needs will be fulfilled but then I started thinking, this is so much more than a sexual thing, it is about dominating another man, but it must be something that gives him pleasure to be a sub so I am filling his needs almost as a byproduct.
“Do you have a car here Josh?”
“Yes my Dom.”
I kind of squinted when he used the term “my Dom” but it is the submissive respect thing. Looking at him just about gave me a boner, his strong and smooth body looked amazing, his hair was short on the sides and a little longer on top but had no other body hair that I had seen so far.
“Okay, Josh, I would rather you did not call me Dom or Sir out in public, it is fine here tonight and in private but I do not want to draw allot of attention to this,,, ummm,, relationship at least until I get fully used to it.
“Yes Sir, what would you like me to call you when we are in public?”
“Well, my name would be good, just call me Cole.”
“Yes Sir, I will, but it will be with the most respect to my Dom.”
“Okay, let’s get dressed and go to your place and see what you will need to bring to my house.”
We said out good byes, dressed and went to the parking lot, I followed Jason to his place and we went inside.
“Nice place, it looks normal.”
“Of course Sir, I live like most everyone with a few exceptions.”
“I was thinking there would be cages and bondage crosses all over.”
“I keep them in the closet Sir.” Josh said with a grin and I could tell immediately he was kidding.
“May I get you anything to drink Sir?”
“No, I’m fine.”
I sat on the couch and Josh went about his business packing some things in some bags and took a suit and some underwear things adding them to the bag he had packed in the other room. Josh finished and came near me, he sat on his knees near my seat but not right against me, it made me feel a bit odd at first but I did not say anything about it, I was sure there would be more that would make me question this relationship in the up-coming days.
Josh followed me to my house and I showed him where to put his things and left him to it, I went to the kitchen to get a beer and looked up moments later to see Josh walking into the kitchen wearing nothing at all, he almost took my breath away.
“Did you get your things put away?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, I left some things in my bag and will put them away later, I took care of the hanging things that would wrinkle for now.”
“I will get into something more comfortable.” I said as I walked into the hallway.
“May I help or get something out for you?”
“Well, you can come in and see where things are but I am capable of pulling out my lounge pants on my own.”
I walked into my room, and took off my shoes and socks and then my shirt and pants last of all I dropped and stepped out of my underwear. Josh picked my underwear and socks from the floor, he took my jeans and emptied my wallet, coins and keys from the pockets laying them on the dresser.
“Sir, where is the laundry hamper?”
“It is in the laundry room.”
I slipped my lounge pants on and walked to the hall and to the laundry room, the basket is here, but you don’t have to pick up after me.”
Josh smiled and followed me back to the living room, again I sat on the couch and he sat on the floor next to my feet. I reached over running my fingers absently through his hair, as I thought about this nude stud that was literally at my feet.
“You are not my slave, I don’t need you to clean up after me, I am quite capable.” I said softly.
“I am not a slave, I am a sub, but I will do things for my Dom, and cleaning up after my Dom, you is what makes me happy, to do things for you, I can cook very well and will make things that you will love, but it is not a chore for me, it is a pleasure. The longer that I am here with you the more I can anticipate what you like, you’re moods, and the pleasure that makes you hard.”
“Well, this will take some getting used to I’m sure, I am not a Dom, maybe it can work but I know so little about it.”
“I will call a friend, with your permission, a sub friend of mine, and see if you can visit with him and his Dom, to sort of see how they manage things, this was all Dean’s idea, and he thought you have it in you to be a Dom for me, I will make the call in the morning.”
“Will you go with me?” I asked.
“I will go wherever you like, but this should be something you experience for yourself and ask questions about anything, they will be open and share with you.”
The next morning Josh called his friend and arranged for me to come visit later today, they actually invited me to dinner.
I arrived and felt a lot out of my element, and quite uncomfortable. The a very cute and young guy that is about 25 years old opened the door wearing only a jock strap. He invited me in and took me out to the pool and introduced me to Alex.
“Hi, I’m Alex, welcome to my home.” He said as he stood to shake my hand.
“Good to meet you Alex, I am a little out of place here and I thank you for meeting with me and inviting me to dinner.”
“Nonsense, make yourself at home, so I understand you have a few questions about my lifestyle?”
I explained how I met Josh and what has happened since then including the barn sex, I left nothing out. He asked a few questions but already knew Josh so he already knew his personality and what he looks like. Alex gave Terry more control with a heavier hand than I would have thought. When Terry was done serving us drinks, he would go to Alex’s feet and sit on his knees and was very quiet unless I asked him something.
Terry made dinner and we all three ate at the table but Terry ate one chair away from us, things like this bothered me a bit, I asked if it were for respect or what the reason, Terry said it was his place, Alex said nothing.
“So do you always dress like this?” I asked.
“I always wear a jock strap at home unless my Dom instructs differently.” Terry said.
“Strip naked for our guest.” Alex said softly.
“No, don’t do it on my account.”
Terry stood and slipped his jock to the floor and stood there like he was on display, and I guess he was.
“Go let my friend inspect you.”
And in an instant Terry walked over to me, his uncut cock swung and his balls bounced as he walked. I felt a bit embarrassed at first but looked him over and smiled to him.
“I can have him take care of your needs if you like, I will often allow him to give blowjobs to guests that regularly come here.”
“You allow him?”
“Yes, not only does he like being my sub, he also loves to be used by anyone that I allow him, he has things that fulfill his needs and desires, he is starting to get a hard on just thinking about being with you.”
I looked down and sure enough, he had more than a chub going on, it was starting to lift. He looked at my chest but did not say a word.
“As much as that sounds like fun, I will pass for now.” I said.
We chatted for a while longer about subs and treatment, likes and needs as we finished our meal and I excused myself and headed home. Josh heard me pull in and was waiting at the door wearing nothing and on his knees, he did not ask anything about the visit, I figured that he would probably ask his friend Terry how it went.
“Are you going to be naked when you are in the house?” I asked.
“If you want me to wear something special, that you like, I would wear it always, if you don’t care either way, I will wear different things like underwear, jocks, thongs, cock rings, harnesses and other things for your enjoyment.”
“I like that, keeps things interesting, so, about the sex, it will just be with me, no one else.”
“Yes my Dom.”
“Sir will do.”
“Yes Sir.”
“I can do whatever you want as far as sex, I can do a show for you while you watch or you can use me as you like.”
“Sex show?”
“Have a seat and relax, I will get you a drink and bring in a few things before I start, you can tell me what you want to see or want me to do at any time along the way.”
Josh did as he said and lay in front of me on the floor, he started rubbing his cock until it was fully erect, he took a dildo out of his bag that he had brought in with him, and pushed the tip of it into his mouth, sucking on it giving it with plenty of spit before he lifted his ass and pushed the rubber cock into his hole, I had a great view and it was making my cock hard.
I unbuttoned my jeans and stroked my cock slowly while watching him fuck his own ass with the dildo while he jacked his stiff cock. I watched for a moment more and decided that I needed to take my clothes off, I stood and started kicking my shoes off when Josh moved to my feet, he pulled each of my shoes and socks off, then pulled my jeans to my ankles while I stepped out of them.
Josh looked up as he knelt in front of me, reached up and took my stiff cock into his hand and then moved his lips to my balls, kissing and licking them, I arched my back and let him do his thing. He started sucking my cock going balls deep into his throat, his eyes watered and he choked a couple of times, I took him by the back of his head and pressed him to swallow as deep as he could and then I pushed a little more just for good measure.
I was getting close to jizzing and pulled out of his throat and started jacking my cock as fast and hard as I could, Josh jammed a finger into my ass taking me over the edge, I pulled his face closer to my cock and sent my fuck juice all over my sub’s face covering his lips and cheeks and got plenty into his hair.
Josh did not move, I wiped the last bit that slid out of my cock onto his lips and popped my cock onto his face a couple of times before I turned around and kneeled in my chair. I parted my ass cheeks making it apparent that I was in the need of being rimmed, Josh went right in with his cum-covered face pushing his lips right to my ass crack, the slickness of his face felt great as me worked to please my asshole.
He ate my ass while he jacked off into his hand, I could hear him moaning never stopping his ass chewing until I moved to stand up. Josh, still on his knees holding a palm full of his own cum.
“What are you gonna do with that?” I asked.
Josh looked into my eyes and moved his hand to his lips and licked every bit of his own syrup from his palm, never breaking eye contact with me while he did it, which was so fucking hot.
“I think I might get used to this sub and Dom thing.” I said.
I still had no idea what I was doing but Josh was so sexy hot and seemed to be very happy being a sub and I would have a great time exploring sex with this guy.
When we went out, to everyone else, we seemed just like any other gay couple as per my request to Josh, I did not want to turn into the couple that everyone stares at with a few exceptions of some gay get-togethers like the “Boy’s in the Woods” camping event, then I had Josh dress in a jock and told him to be in sub mode all weekend. This has been very eye-opening to me, learning all about new sexual desires and kinks making me want to be even more open to new experiences.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Going out a Virgin (my true story)

This is my true story

When I was 21 years old I had not had been with a man yet, other than playing with my cousin Tony since we were kids but never really “did” anything.

I had just gotten my military honorable discharge from the Army, my last post was at Fort Ord California near Monterey along the California coast and moved back home to central California.

My cousin and his lover Rick had been after me to go to Fresno to the gay bars with them after I came out of the closet to them.

I had never been to a gay bar before, never been with or even kissed a man before that night.
I was pretty nervous about going, as I stopped and picked them up at 7pm for the 45 minute drive to Fresno.

I drove my brand new Nissan and was always worried when my cousin was in my car as the last time I picked him up drunk he threw up in my back seat and on my new jacket ruining it.

We talked all the way to the bar with the radio belting out the tunes of the day, we felt young gay and free.

We got inside and ordered a few beers, my cousin Tony and Rick danced while I watched. The bartender Mark, knew Tony who I think informed him that I was a virgin; needless to say I had free beer and 100% of Mark’s attention for the night.

Mark would mix a drink and pour a beer and he was right at my side like glue.
Mark was about 29 years old and a man not a twink, he had beautiful blue eyes and lips that called my name; he was slim with dark hair, the kind of guy everyone wants to talk to and flirt with.

I danced with Tony and Rick together for a couple dances and came back to my spot at the bar, as soon as I sat down, Mark had poured me a cold beer and took away the warmer partial beer, blowing me a kiss.

I chatted with Mark about the military and life in general, he wanted to talk about sex and I did not have much to go on so mostly listened to him and interjected now and then.

Mark came around the bar and asked me to dance, I said “Sure, but your working, will it be ok?”

“Sure he said, I get breaks come on, let’s dance.”

We danced a fast dance and he chatted with the DJ and a slow song came on, this gave him the opportunity to put his arms around me and let them roam some.
Before I knew it, he had his lips on mine, kissing me my knees felt weak, my first “man kiss” then he did it, slipping his tongue into my mouth, it felt so good and wonderful I pushed my tongue into his hungry mouth.
Marks hands went to my ass cupping and rubbing my ass cheeks through my Levis. I think I was trembling and had little idea what was in store for me later that night.

Tony and Rick came back to the bar as I finished dancing with Mark.
‘What do you think of Mark?’ Tony asked.
“He is hot!” I replied taking a sip of beer trying to play it cool.
Mark was clearing the bar and getting things ready to close; he stopped by kissed me then leaned in close to my ear. “Come home with me tonight?” He asked.
“I can’t Mark, I drove and have Tony and Rick here, it would take me 90 minutes or more to get them home and then back here.”

“Let them take your car and come pick you up tomorrow afternoon.” Mark suggested.

My mind raced, Mark wanted me, he was so hot, Tony and Rick were mostly drunk and my car was new.
Weighing out the options, my cock won over the other choices. “Tony, you and Rick take my car home and come get me tomorrow, I am going to Mark’s house with him.” I said.
Tony loved the idea that after tonight I would no longer be a virgin and snatched the keys out of my hands. “See ya! Have fun.” He said.

I had worried about Tony driving after drinking and hoped that my car would make it through the night.

I got into Marks Jeep Wrangler at 2:30 am and off to his house we went, I started hoping that he was not an axe murderer or…. Worse was, and Tony did not even know his address until I call him the next day for a ride home.

Arriving at Mark’s house he got us a beer and we talked, kissed and he took my hand and led me to his bedroom.
We undressed and I was in for a shock when I saw the size of his cock, it was the largest one I have seen before, even in the open bay showers in the Army.
His cock had to be in excess of 11 inches soft and was very thick.
I stood and stared at it feeling very “inadequate” with my soft cock much less than half that size.

We lay on the bed, Mark rubbed my chest and admired my 28 inch waist.
“What is your fantasy?” Mark asked me.
“This is.” I said.
“What?” He asked.
“Being with a man is all I could dream of, not anything in particular.” I said.

Mark kissed my lips pushing his tongue deep into my mouth as our lips mashed hard together, my hands went to his back and the top of his ass cheeks.

I could not believe that I was not only in bed about to have sex with a man, he was a cross between the guy on the cover of Men’s Health and a porn star.

I was so scared looking at his now hard cock; it did not get much longer but did get thicker and angrier looking.
The following words fell out of my mouth without me even thinking. “That IS NOT going inside me whatsoever.”
He laughed. “Its fine, just relax, we will go slowly tonight.” Mark said.

He bent over and took my cock into his mouth and sucked my now 7ish inches all the way into his throat.
I rubbed his hard nipples and actually touched his raging monster cock.
How anyone could take this into his throat or ass, I was wondering.

Still scared and almost shaking Mark sensed that he needed to slow down some and moved to my small nipples licking and sucking them.

I pulled him close feeling his firm and well built body pushing against my naked skin.

“How wonderful this feels, I have never felt anything this good.” I whispered.

I moved down to his cock and touched it with my tongue.

“I have never put a cock into my mouth before.”

I traced his huge and swollen head with my tongue and slowly let part of it go into my mouth.

“Take it slow.” He said.

I did as I was told, moving down onto his cock.
I took only about three inches into my mouth and at that time I had no idea how to swallow a cock and thought this was it, only putting the head in.

I tasted pre cum, it was a night of firsts, first kiss, first cock in my mouth, first pre cum, my mind was racing and my heart was pounding.

I was so excited and slightly drunk, I sucked the head of Mark’s cock until he warned me that he was about to cum, and I pulled off quickly and jacked his cock with both hands watching his cum shoot all over his flat tan stomach and chest while he moaned.

Mark jacked my cock a few strokes before swallowing my entire length in one gulp, it felt incredible, I did not want him to stop, ever.
Being in bed with this handsome man had me so horny, it took no time before I shot my jizz into a guys throat.
He sucked it down and pulled my cock deep into his throat causing me to squirm some from the sensitivity of just cumming.

Mark pulled me close and I slept naked in his arms, I felt so warm and safe, more than anytime in my life to that point.
Mark woke me up the next morning kissing me and talking softly, all I could do was smile.

“Good morning.” He said.

He reached to my cock finding that I had a special “I’m in bed with a man” morning wood.

He pulled back the sheets and took my cock into his mouth in the 69 position, his cock was soft but very large as always.
I took it into my hands and jacked his cock some getting it very stiff, feeling his balls and looking at his sexy ass cheeks.

I was seeing things that I had not seen the night before due to the beer and nervousness. Looking at his body really turned me on.
I rubbed his ass cheeks and played with his swinging balls.

Mark may beside me and jacked my cock letting my cum fly free, It shot past my stomach, my face and hit the wall at the top of his bed. He laughed.

“I’ve always been a real strong shooter.“ I said with a smile as Mark licked cum from my upper chest.

Next, Mark sat on my chest and jacked his huge cock off while I watched, it splashed out hitting my face and hair, soaking my face in man juice.

Mark showed me to the shower to clean up while he cooked us breakfast.

We talked while we ate the sausages, eggs and toast. Mark asked me what my life plans were, and allot of questions about me.

I told him I was still a little nervous, being so new to gay sex and being with a man and I was going to let things happen and see where they went from there.

I called Tony and asked them to come get me and helped Mark clean up the dishes, we were still both naked and I was semi-hard most of the time watching his ass and his big cock bouncing all around as he walked.
This guy was so sexy and seemed sweet; I kept wondering that as hot as he was, how many guys have shared his bed?

Tony and Rick pulled up in front of Marks house, and we dressed quickly.
Mark leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips.

“Seth, would you like to move in with me?” He asked.

I was stunned by the question.
I looked at him, this is all so new to me, and I don’t think I can make that kind of decision this fast.

I took Marks phone number, kissed him again and jumped into the back seat of my car letting my cousin drive us home.

I thought about Mark’s big dick, his hot body and his ass all the way home.
Tony and Rick asked me a million and a half questions and giggled some when I told him about him squirting his juice all over my face and hair.

Being inexperienced and very shy at that time in my life I never called Mark back.
I kept thinking that he was only wanting me as he had had my virginity and would like to have me until the next cute guy or virgin came along.

It was probably not fair to judge him like that but maybe was a true thought.

That was my only “one night stand” in my life and have been with four other guys since then and all turned into relationships.
I moved to Seattle and slowly “came out.”
The first guy I dated there was Jeff, a hot guy with dark hair, olive skin and those red lips you never want to stop kissing.
He was soft spoken and a very sweet guy, he would open doors for me and never raised his voice or spoke poorly about anyone. He seemed to good to be true and I dated him for a few months until he asked me to move in with him, I was still very shy and scared to move in with him, I saw little value in myself back then and could not see what he liked about me so I stopped seeing him. I often wonder what would have happened if I had moved in with him.

The second boyfriend Jim, lasted 2 years until I came home and caught a man in our bed with my boyfriend, I threw them both out of the house as they made up excuses why they were in my bed naked together.

The third guy “Parker” was a blonde with a quick smile and had a knack of getting into trouble.
Beyond the car crashes, drunkenness and a DUI, one day we rode on my motorcycle down the freeway, I felt him moving around behind me and he pushed my butt up a little, he had taken his cock out and tucked his hard boner between my ass and the motorcycle seat, the vibration, as I sat on his cock caused him to squirt his cum all over the seat and the ass of my jeans.
That relationship lasted almost four years, I won‘t go into the very bad things that happened to close that relationship.

I met Dennis through a friend while out dancing and felt at ease with him more than anyone else. We dated for a few months and he asked me to move in with him, I said YES!
I have been with Dennis since and he is the love of my life, he cares for me and me for him, I will be with him until one of us dies.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

making repairs to stories

I have been fixing some of my older stories and sometimes the editing part wont take and I have to move the story up to the most recent posted spot, some of you may have read them once and will enjoy them a second or third time. Some had no pictures and they will be added as I re work them. Thank you for your continuing support on my blog, your tips are appreciated, even a couple of bucks.
I read every comment so please let me know how you like them.

The Waiter

I worked in a small café at a place called The Ranch, it was located on a large spread of property of about 30 acres with a stage, a campground, pool, a huge bar with a very large dance floor and of course the Ranch Café.
Oh, the ranch was a gay resort that was listed in the Internet and travelers came from across the globe, especially in the summertime. My name is Trav Naxos, I have waited tables in several restaurants prior to coming here. Being on 30 acres of a gay resort things run a bit different, all staff including waiters are naked at all times with few exceptions.

I am 24 years old, my dark hair shaved close on the sides and longer on the top, I have a large tattoo on my left arm that I got last year and a big topic when I wait tables is the Prince Albert piercing that I have on my cock.
Guests are greeted at the reception area, given maps and checked into their campsites, most use large RV’s or camping trailers but a few use tents that are supplied by the resort for those that fly in and have no realistic way to bring a camping trailer, Some guests are open and shed their clothing right away and others are a bit hesitant and shy.

My shift had just started and already the café was filling up with hungry guys of all ages and they all like to touch and play with the waiters as much as they think they can get away with.
I was at one of my tables serving a couple of imported beers when one of my customers fixated on my PA.

“Oh my God, didn’t that hurt?” he asked.

“Hell yeah, I thought I was gonna pass out, it went from painful to just sore after the first day but since then I’ve loved having it.” I replied.

He pointed and was asking about how it went through my piss slit to the bottom.

“You can touch it, it won’t hurt.” I said.

He took my cock on his hands touching the PA with his fingertips inspecting at first then he leaned in and took it into his mouth sucking my cock hard making it firm up quickly.

“Whoa tiger, behave a little, but not completely.” I said with a wink as I backed away to go get the next tables food orders.

My ass cheeks were starting to get the dark pink hue that was normal from the constant ass swats I would get as I walked past tables of horny men.
Bringing trays of primarily tex mex food served on yellow plates to hungry guys is fun, I like to make a show out of it by calling out what each guy is being served and how good the food and flirting with them.
Being more interactive sure brings in the tips and being naked with a friendly touch "as you like rule" I am bringing in three to four times the money I used to make at the last place I worked.

One guy was getting pretty drunk and started grabbing my balls a bit roughly calling me his little Travie baby. He pulled me close and sucked on one of my nipples some before I pulled back. He was pretty harmless and we don’t worry about over serving alcohol since they were staying on the property.
It was late into the dinner service when this young hottie came in, I beat feet to get him into my area before one of the other waiters saw him.
He was about 24 years old and had a bit of a goatee-ish beard, about the best that a guy his age could grow, light skin and dark pink lips that were plump and aching to be kissed and chewed on, he wore only a tee shirt and cut off shorts.

"How many sir?” I asked.

“I’m here alone, so just one.” He said with a smile.

He looked me over like he had won the lottery.

“My name is Trav, Follow me please.” I walked all the way to the back of my section where things were a bit more private and quiet.

“This is fucking great, nude waiters.”

“Yeah, it seems to get a rise out of the customers.” I said in pun.

He sat down laughing from my joke, I took his drink order and was off to get it and refills for the cheap bastards that ordered only iced tea as a drink.

I brought him his beer “See anything you like?”

His eyes started at my face and dropped rapidly to my chest and then to my crotch. I tightened my cock muscles a bit causing my cock to move a little making him jump. He ordered his dinner and sipped his beer as he watched the string of naked waiters and several customers pass by.

“You know this is a nudist property so you can feel free to go anywhere naked if you like too.”

He told me that he had planned to come here with his boyfriend but they broke up a few weeks ago and he decided to come alone rather than cancel the trip altogether. He got up and went to the restroom, I moved over to my only other table that I had left getting them refills and asking about dessert. I got the usual "I want you for dessert" answer, I smiled as always and flirted with them as I handed them the bill, this always helped the tips as they knew they would be back at breakfast time and the rest of the meals during their stay and hoped to get lucky.

Getting back to my cute guy table I saw that he now sat naked with his tee and shorts next to him on the booth seat.

“Well, I see that you’ve gotten more comfortable while I was away and what an improvement!” I said touching his nipple nearest me.

“I will have your meal out soon, you are my last table so if you need anything, just ask.” I said as I walked away.

I came back from the kitchen and took his food over setting his plate in front of him.

“Can I get you anything else?” I asked.

He looked around and moved his hand to my leg moving it from my thigh up to my balls slightly touching them.

“I would like to see you after you are off work if you want.” He asked.

“What is your name?” I asked.

“Tim.” He replied.

“Well Tim, you can finish your meal and I should be off about that time, so yes, I would enjoy that.”

Tim ran his fingers to the back of my balls and I could see his cock thickening and it looked like it could get pretty big.

“Alright Tim, get on that dinner before it gets cold and isn’t worth eating.”

Tim gave me a smile, picked up his fork and started eating his dinner while I went about my closing chores so I could be done about the same time as Tim was finishing his food.
I brought Tim a slice of our homemade chocolate pie, he looked at it like it was some amazing sight that fell from the skies.

“Whoa, that looks incredible, but I’m so full.”

“Give it a go and let’s see how much you can eat.” I said rubbing his shoulder.

I clocked out and got a bag for Tim’s clothes and we walked out into the cool evening air. We walked around a while past several campfires and large groups of men including the main common gathering area and stopped to watch as two muscle men tied a smaller guy up to one of the posts spread eagle.
A large group was watching as they lashed this guy across the back with a multi tailed whip. Tim moved close to me placing his hand on my ass feeling my ass crack, I turned and kissed him while running my hands across his chest and down his abdomen to his ample cock and loose hanging balls grabbing his cock and balls in one hand. Tim moaned and dropped to his knees in front of me sucking my soft cock between his beautiful lips. I watched the show in front of me while Tim sucked my shaft to a fully engorged thick stiffie.

“I need this in my ass.” Tim said as he came up for air.

Hhe gripped my cockhead squeezing it tightly while his other hand roamed my ass.

“Okay, let’s go to my cabin.” I said.

“No, do it here, in front of these guys, fuck me and use me.”

I was a bit shocked at this guy who looked quiet and sweet wanting to be used like a slut in front of others.

“Anyone got any lube?” I called out to the crowd of men.

I saw a tube flying my way from the group, many knew me as their waiter and wanted to see me in action. I took Tim to a nearby post and lashed him to it in a position that he was bent over with his back level with the ground. I squirted some lube into my hand and tossed it back to a guy that was nearby rubbing his own cock as he watched. I pushed my lubed fingers into Tim’s ass as he arched his hips. I slapped his ass hard and fingered his asshole good while Tim begged for more moaning loudly.

I stepped in with my erect cock sticking almost straight upwards, bending it forward and pushing it into Tim’s ass in one firm motion, he wanted to be used, I’d give him what he wanted and enjoy it. Men cheered from the crowd as Tim groaned when I buried my shaft to my pubic hair into his ass, my cheeks were tight as guys moved in rubbing me and coaxing me to fuck him hard. I looked into the group of men and saw another waiter, Chris who I liked allot and called out for him to fill Tim’s mouth with his cock.
Chris came up and pulled Tim’s head upward by his hair.

“Suck my cock bitch boy.” Chris demanded.

Tim opened his mouth sucking Chris while I fucked him hard, I loved seeing Chris being pleasured, his chest was a sight, large pectorals and great ab’s his body was shaved which made his muscle tone stand out even more. I slapped Tim’s ass cheek hard.

“Suck him good, bitch.”

Other guys moved in and jacked off onto Tim’s back and squirted cum onto my cock as I fucked him. I felt fingers going into my ass while I continued fucking Tim.

“You like this Tim?” I asked hearing only muffled sounds coming from him as Chris’s cock choked the man.

One guy climbed under Tim taking his cum dripping cock into his mouth while jacking his own cock. I was getting close to cumming when Chris blew his cum into Tim’s throat, after pulling out another guy stepped into his place jamming his massive cock in and started throat fucking him.

I got worked up and started dumping my cum into Tim’s ass like never before, pulling out of his ass and stepping aside a big hairy guy impaled Tim with his long but slim shaft. I walked around by Tim’s face, he looked up at me.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

Tim gave his thumbs up signaling that he was fine. One guy walked over and started using the whip on Tim and the guy that was fucking him. Tim sucked the cum out of a few more guys before I went to my cabin. I saw Tim the next day before my shift at the café, he looked worn out.

Last night was beyond belief for me, I have always wanted to be used and dominated like that but never had the opportunity while I was single.”

“You seemed to be enjoying it still when I went to bed, how long were you tied to that post?”

“Someone cut me loose about three this morning, I think eight guys fucked me and more used my throat to satisfy them, it was the first time for me to do anything like that, my ass feels like a truck drove through it.”

Yeah, I bet, I did that one night after I was here about a month, I allowed a friend to tie me to that same post and let anyone use me as they liked, I had guys pissing on me and in me and I think I swallowed a quart of cum that night and never have really wanted to do it again myself.”

Yeah, I know the feeling.” Tim said rubbing at his ass.

Tim came back a few weeks later asking for a job on the property, he was hired for renting out the camping sites and enjoyed the nudist style developing a deep tan in no time. I still work as a waiter and enjoy my job and meeting hot and horny men from across the states and the world.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

My Borthers Best Friend, Jake

I shared a bedroom with my brother Dave since we were kids, our mom, a single parent worked allot in the evenings so it left me at Dave’s hands.
Usually Dave was decent to me but sometimes he was overbearing and a bit pissy that he was in charge of the house while they were gone to work and that included me.

Dave and his friend Jake were playing video games in the bedroom; we had bunks so we could have room for a couch in there making it more fun to hang out in there. I was in my boxer shorts lying on the top bunk watching them play, Jake was one year older than me and the same age as Dave.
Jake had more muscle on his lean frame and had rusty brown hair. I would lay and watch him while they played, his fast grin and loud laugh made me smile.

Jake would look up at me now and then, I never knew what he was thinking. Daniel, go get us some Coke’s Dave said. While he kept playing. I rolled my eyes and knew better than not to do it, he would pound me on the arm when he got hacked off with me and it hurt like hell.

I hopped down off the bed, "Jake, you want a Coke?" I asked.

"That would be great, thanks." Jake said giving me a smile.

I went to the kitchen bringing back three Coke’s and a bag of potato chips.

I gave Dave and Jake each a drink and pushed in next to Jake on the couch.

"Want some chips?" I asked Jake.

"Sure." he said as he reached into the bag between game moves.

Jake put his hand deep into the bag that was in my lap, I felt his fingers through the bag rubbing around near my crotch, at first I thought he was just digging deep for chips when he looked into my face and gave me a firm grope from inside the bag, he smiled and went back to playing.

Jake was a regular fixture at our house sometimes spending the night sleeping on the couch in our room.

"Daniel, I have a date at eight o’clock, I am leaving you here by yourself and you better not tell mom or I will beat your ass."

"Whatever…." I said. "I am near as old as you are, I’ll be fine."

They continued playing for a few more minutes before Dave stood and said he leaving now, Jake looked at Dave, pausing his game.
"I will stay here with Daniel if you want, and I can keep playing and maybe even beat Daniel’s score if he wants to play with me." Jake said.

"Sure, sounds great, I will be back by eleven, before mom gets home."
Dave left and I was playing a battle game with Jake, he was a better player than me and would push my arm or slap my thigh when he made a good hit or score.

I put the bag of chips between us and both were snacking on them, Jake moved the chips to my lap while he sat forward to take off his shoes.
I un paused the game and continued, playing Jake reached over and ran his hand to the bottom of the chip bag again and was feeling around, this time right against my cock.
He did that a few times, I pretended not to notice but I think he could hear my breathing change each time.
Jake reached over and took the bag from my lap, my cock had stiffened and was poking out of my fly.

I moved fast to cover it and looked at Jakes face. Jake pulled my hands away.

"What have we got here? Looks like you’ve thrown a boner, buddy." He said laughing.

I rolled to the side and tried to hide my stiff cock back in my boxers. Jake reached around and pushed my hands away, taking my dick in his hand; I thought I would shoot my load that very second. Jake was the first person to touch my stiff cock other than myself.

"Get off!" I said.

I stood and went to get up in my bunk when I pulled myself up Jake grabbed my boxers and pulled them off tossing them onto the floor.

"I’ve seen you looking at me allot Daniel, don’t pretend you haven’t" Jake said.

I was now lying on my side naked, on the top bunk facing Jake. Jake touched my leg, rubbing it, moving his hand to my balls that were loose and hanging onto my thigh. I just lay there looking at Jakes face; I have jacked off many times thinking of Jake and wishing for something like this to happen.
Jake moved to my stiff prick playing with my foreskin, I moved to the edge of the bed, Jake took it into his mouth and I shot my cum instantly. Jake gobbled my cum sucking me and keeping me hard.

"We are long form done." Jake said. "Don’t worry, I want at least a second load of your cum."

Jake took off his clothes and motioned for me to come down to the couch, I hopped down, my boner swaying out from my body. I stared at Jakes full cock, I had seen him without his shirt before and always wondered what he would look like naked.

"Touch it!" Jake said.

I got closer to where Jake was standing, reaching out touching his cock, moving my hands along his shaft as it jutted out.

"Get on your knees and suck me." Jake said in a soft voice.

I got to my knees and moved my mouth close to his cock, my lips touched his hot skin, Jake leaned forward putting pressure on my lips from his hard cock I opened my mouth and put the head inside, I started toying with his cock head with my tongue.

"Yeah Daniel,, that feels great, go deeper onto it, try t swallow it down your throat." Jake said.

I coughed a few times choking on his circumcised dick before I started getting used to it. Jake pulled at the back of my head as he thrust gently against my mouth.

"I’ve been waiting for this for quite awhile". Jake said.

I moved to the couch and pulled Jake over and continued sucking him. I let my fingers explore his balls. Jake moved my hand to his ass crack, this had not even been in my thoughts but Jakes ass was hot.
I touched his crack deep, Jake reached back and pulled his ass cheeks open and I had just touched his butt pucker when Jake pushed on my hand to get me to put my finger into his ass.
He moaned while I pushed my finger around in his ass.

"I am getting ready to cum, if you don’t want it in your mouth; you need to pull off now."

I had tasted my own cum before and liked it so I did not pull off. Jake shot his hot cum into my mouth; I gulped it down thinking he would never stop shooting, his cock still throbbing in my mouth when he pulled me to my feet.

"Kiss me." he said.

I leaned in kissing Jake,, Oh MY God,, I was kissing Jake, well I did just suck his cum into my throat, but I was kissing Jake. My cock was dripping pre cum, Jake looked down at it.

"Want to try something?" He asked.

Get some Vaseline or something to use as a lube. I walked to Dave’s dresser and found some lube I had seen him hide away one the morning after he jacked off below me in his bunk. Dave always tried to be discreet when he jacked off in bed, he must always think I was asleep but I never bothered him and he didn’t bother me if he ever knew I was jacking off in bed.

I handed the lube to Jake who squirted an ample amount into his hand; I was not sure where this was going but was ready to go for anything Jake wanted to do. Jake grabbed my cock rubbing lube all over it before putting some to his ass crack. Jake got to his knees on the edge of the couch and leaned over the back of it.

"Put your cock in my ass." He said.

"Are you sure?" I asked. "It won’t hurt?"

"Naw, it’ll be fine." he said.

I pushed my stiff bone to his ass and started pushing.

" Wait." Jake said as he reached under putting my cock to his asshole. "Ok now, you were too high."

I pushed past the sphincter and my whole cock went into his hot ass.

"Oh fuck!" I said.

Jake laughed.

"Fuck me Daniel."

I had never fucked anyone but my hand and this felt so incredible. Holding onto his hips I fucked his ass until I came, my knees went weak, it was the most intense orgasm that I think I had ever had.
I leaned over his back, breathing hard; my stiff prick was still in his ass.

"How was that?" Jake asked.

"Oh my God, it was crazy; I’ve never felt anything that good before. I want to do it again." I said.

Jake rolled over onto the couch and pulled me on top of him, our naked bodies on each other, hot cocks mashing together. Jake kissed me again, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth.

"You can’t tell Dave about this, I don’t want him getting mad at me and killing our friendship."Jake said.

"No, I don’t want this to stop. I want to do it everyday." I said laughing.

"Well I am not sure about everyday but I will try as often as we can be together." Jake said. "I want to get some of your ass too." He said pulling me to sit on his lips.

Jake tongue fucked my ass, chewing and sucking until I shot my third load of cum for the night, this one onto his chest. I stood next to Jake as he lay looking at my naked body, his eyes checking my dick and the small dark patch of brown pubic hair at the base of my cock. He reached over playing with my balls.

"I am a very happy guy and I had better get dressed in case your brother comes back early."

I made a move on him once but he had no interest and he did not respond so I stopped.

"Did you kiss him?" I asked.

" No, I ran my hand down his bare chest after swimming at the river, he just played it off as nothing, I guess he knows I’m gay." Jake said.

"How did you know I liked guys? I have never told anyone." I said.

"I didn’t for sure, but the way you always look at me when I am here I kind of thought you were gay." He said.

We sat on the couch kissing and groping each other through our clothes until we heard the front door opening, I slid to the end of the couch and grabbed the game controller and pretended we were playing video games the whole time Dave was gone. It was hard finding time without Dave around but we managed to fuck a few times a month at least.

One evening Dave walked in on us in the throws of fuckdom, he was startled and went out to the kitchen; we dressed and went out to talk to him. After telling him that we were basically boyfriends and had been having sex for several months. Dave was good about it all, stating that he was pretty sure that I was gay and he knew that Jake was.

He went on to say that it didn’t bother him at all as long as he did not walk in to find us having sex again, put a sock on the doorknob on the hall side of the bedroom door next time. We laughed and Jake reached over putting his arm over my shoulders. After about a year of this, I came out to my mother, she was less than pleased but said she wanted me happy most of all.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


I was out dancing at one of my favorite places, it has a very large dance floor and always has a live DJ and on certain nights has boy dancers and when I say boy dancers, they are not ‘boys’ at all.
These guys are fucking hot, they range from small young guys up to beefy men that dance up to you and press their junk filled jocks, tight underwear or g-strings against you while you dance. Tipping is encouraged and when you do tip, they lean in and say things into your ear that would make many guys blush and if you are considered a large tipper, a couple of them will take your hand and push it inside their undies and against their growing thick manhood giving you quite the feel of male dancer’s anatomy.

Tonight was a little slow, only about twenty five guys on the dance floor that could easily fit 100 or more, I was checking out others guys while I danced. As always trying to be a little less than obvious unless I wanted to grab the attention of a certain guy, then I would look them in the eye and smile, if that didn’t work, I would tug at the good sized bulge at the front of my jeans, that left no doubt that I was interested in dancing or being with him.

I was checking this one guy that stayed near the back of the room, he was pretty hot looking and was about 5 foot 6inches, so pretty short, but then I liked a short compact type guy. He looked at me with his dark eyes and smiled, I gave him a nod to come dance near me. He walked over near me and started dancing again.
“Nice shirt!” He said as he pointed to the phrase “Just fuck it” that went across the front simulating the Nike logo.
I smiled and kept dancing but moved in a little closer to him.

“My name is Alan.” I said loudly above the music.

“Will Starter, nice to meet you, you are fucking hot by the way.”

“Great to meet you Starter.” I said touching him on the shoulder as I spoke.

I sang along with the next song while we danced, Will seemed not to be able to take his eyes off of me, he seemed smitten by my looks, to me I was no hotter than most of the rest of the guys in here.

“You have great energy Alan, you can really move to the beat.” Will said.

“Aww, thanks, I really love this song.”

“It’s not the song, it is more of your persona, it’s like you own the place, and you are so alive and confident.”

I looked at Will and smiled, I am starting to like this guy more and more, I moved in behind him and put my hands on each of his hips and moved my crotch against his ass while we moved as one.

“Let’s go sit and grab a drink.” Will said.

I followed Will off of the dance floor and to the bar, he ordered a mixed drink and turned to me.

“What would you like to drink?”

“A beer is fine, thanks.”

Will carried the drinks to an empty table nearby the bar, we sat and talked for a while, Will was quite handsome with his dark skin in contrast to my lightly colored skin, I could see slight tufts of dark hair visible from the v in his v neck tee shirt that he was wearing. Will would reach over and touch my hand with his while he spoke, his hands were warm and soft, I could tell that his intellect granted him a job that did not include callouses on his hands.

Will kept going on about how sexy I looked, but to me it is not the looks that make a man sexy, it is his attitude and personality, Will was holding onto my hand full time while he spoke now, I had trouble taking my eyes off of his mouth, his lips were dark and full and the bottom right of his lip curled a bit to the far right as he said certain words and gave him an adorably cute appearance.
We exchanged cell phone numbers before the night ended and we each went about our way, I went home and could only think of Will.

I was on my back on my bed, my hand went inside the waist band of my underwear and I rubbed my cock gently as I thought of Will, in a moment my dick was raging hard and I slipped my briefs off and spread my legs. My eyes were closed with my head back into the pillow thinking of Will as I jacked my cock, my left hand went under my balls and a finger slipped into my butthole massaging it until my cock spewed eight or nine large ropes of cum flooding my chest and some even went to my lips. I scooped some from my chest and licked it from my finger but in my mind, it was Will’s cum that I was tasting.

The next day he sent me a text.
“Hi sexy.”

Hey Starter, how are you?” I replied.

“Doing great, glad to be out of work.”

“Tough day?”

“Nah, it was great but I thought of you the whole day.”

“Aww that’s sweet, would you like to meet me back at the club later?” I asked.

“Sure, I’d love that.”


“Fuck yeah, see you there.” Will Starter replied.

“Hey, don’t forget it is underwear dance night, +Grins+.” I replied.

“Hmmm, I may need to go buy something hot then.”

“I’d like to help you shop if you want some company.” I typed into my phone.

“Sure, I’ll let you know when I get ready to go, it is that new shop called Noche, on Twelfth Street that caters to the gays that love hot undies and harnesses.”

“That would be me.”

A couple of hours passed before I heard the noise of an incoming text message, I picked up my phone and flicked to the message.

“Can you meet me in twenty minutes at the shop?”

“Sure, on the way.”

I could not wait to see Will again and it would be fun to shop for tonight’s underwear with him, I parked and saw him waiting outside the shop, Fuck he was sexy, it was the first time I had seen him outside under natural light, quite presentable for sure.
Will saw me and flashed a big grin my way, we walked inside and looked at the rows of sexy boy lingerie, we looked through the racks and picked up several hot ones, Will held a pair up in front of my crotch to see what they might look like, these were teal with a pouch of extra cloth in front to slip your junk into, that part lifted and pronounced your bulge.

“I will buy these for you if you wear them tonight.” I said.

“I’m not shy, I will wear them for sure.” Will replied as he bumped my hip with his.

I bought four pair including some that were full length skin tight tights style undies that would clearly show every part of my man parts, Will bought a few pair too.

“Let’s go to my place and try these on for tonight.” I said.

“Sure, sounds great, I would really like to get to know you better.” Will said.

Inside my living room we sat the bags on the couch while I got a couple of drinks, handing Will his I took my bag and emptied the contents onto the couch.

“We really gonna strip our clothes off and model our underwear for each other?”

“Yessir, that’s the fun of it.”

I peeled off my tee shirt and kicked my shoes off before sliding my jeans to my ankles and stepped out of them, Will just stood there looking at my near naked body.

“You are fucking gorgeous.” Will said.

“Awww, Starter, you are just being sweet.”

“No, you are so sexy.” Will said.

I put my fingertips into the waistband and pushed my underwear to the floor, now I was completely naked and Will still dressed, he walked around behind me and was really checking out my ass.

“Fuck, what a sweet ass you have and your tan line, damn, and I like that you’ve shaved your pubes smooth, I am too hairy to pull that off.”

Will took off his clothes and now we both were naked, he was every bit as hot as he thought I was and he clearly worked out, his chest was tight and full of dark hair, I reached into his bag and pulled out a very skimpy pair of briefs that had a nice pouch in front.

“Try these on first.” I said handing him the tiny bit of cloth.

Will stepped into them, his ass cheeks hung out of the back of the butt area and he lifted his ample cock and balls into the pouch and turned around to present himself to me.

“Damn, those are hot!” I said as I reached out and touched his over full pouch.

Will moved left then right quickly making the pronounced and lifted bulge sway back and forth, I cupped it, feeling the weight and resistance against the fabric.
I put on the long leggings type smoothing them across my ass, there was not a wrinkle in the cloth anywhere, and my cock was pressed along to the side of my crotch giving full details of my shaft with every vein and the rim of my cockhead exposed.

“I am wearing these tonight.” I said.

Will reached to my ass, his fingertips traced my butt curves and into the depression of my ass crack, I turned and he kept his hand in one spot, it was now directly on my bulge which was getting larger by the moment.
I slipped them off and tried on a pair of ass-less undies just like the ones that Will was wearing but the backside was missing out showing my bare ass crack from the waistband down to the bottom quite near my asshole.

Will stepped behind me and again ran his hand across my ass crack only this time his hand was on my bare flesh, he went to his knees behind me and put his face to my ass, he slipped his tongue into my crack, he reached up and gently pushed my lower back forward, I knew that he wanted me to bend forward giving him better access to the deeper recesses of my backside.

He chewed and licked at my ass like a starving man, I could not get enough of this and neither could he, his tongue was right at my hole while he pushed a finger inside my pucker, and he continued with his mouth right alongside his finger, my cock was starting to drip with pre cum inside the pouch of my undies.

My breathing was getting louder as the sexual heat grew, I arched my back sending the invitation to Will to fuck me good. He needed no formal invitation, Will pulled his finger out and pushed his prick into my ass.

“Oh, FUCK!” I cried out.

Will smacked me on the ass cheek and kept pumping my hole.

“You like my meat inside you Alan?”

“Oh, hell yeah, fuck me hard, give me all you’ve got.”

I was still wearing the ass-less underwear, he was fucking me from the back through the large opening, I could feel my junk pulsing with his movements and my cock was hard and straining against the fabric.
Will was working himself close to climax and all of a sudden his hand reached around my throat and he pulled me back tightly making it hard to breathe while he fucked me wildly as he made animalistic noises while he filled my fuck chute with his man syrup. As soon as he finished cumming, he released my neck and fell forward onto my back, his cock still inside me.

“Holy fuck, I thought I was gonna pass out when you were choking me, but I could feel your cock pulsing your cum inside me, that was wild.”

“Yeah, sorry, I get into the control thing, at that point I feel like I am fucking for me only and I want to dominate who I am fucking, once I did make a guy pass out.”

“Don’t apologize, it was fucking hot, I felt like it was like you said, all of a sudden it was about you using my ass for your pleasures, I kind of liked it.” I said.

Will looked at the pouch of my underwear, my cock was stiff and bent back somewhat inside and there was a huge wet spot at the head of my cock.

“Did you cum?” Will asked.

“No, I have allot of pre cum and this really got it flowing.”

He bent over and put his mouth on the pouch fabric and started sucking me off through the material, I could hardly hold still and kept squirming around Finally Will pulled my briefs down and my boner sprang out and flopped against my skin, he wasted no time in taking it down his throat, I think he must have stopped breathing for a while as he bobbed up and down on my rigid cock taking it all the way into his throat without gagging once, he was talented for sure.

He sucked me for a couple more minutes and I was panting and wanting to shoot, he was bouncing all around on my prick and then it exploded, into his mouth spewing my cum into his mouth while he gulped it all down.

“Damn, you blast a load don’t ya?”

“Yeah, I have always cum allot, when I jack off it seems to go everywhere so I usually do it in the shower.”

“I’ve never swallowed so much cum from a guy.” Will said with a smile.

We showered and put on the underwear we were going to wear to the club later tonight, we went to dinner before the club, they gave out large handled bags at the bar, for our clothes, we stripped off everything down to out underwear, there was a crowd that was watching, it seemed like the thing to do not only seeing guys in their underwear all night long but watching them strip. We put out names on the bags and dropped our clothes inside before giving them to the bartender for storage for the night. I had on the leggings that were basically tights that were ultra-thin and almost sheer with my cock going to the right, nothing was left to anyone’s imagination. Will wore some briefs with the pouch bulge making his prick stand way out front.

The men danced in all sorts of underwear, looking out on the dance floor, it looked like they were all about ready to break into mass sex right there, it was a hot sight, young to old and all sized guys even a few bears, hands roamed across us as we walked past the bystanders to the dance floor, it was like a gauntlet of sexy men groping us as we went by.

The night was so sexy and fun seeing all the guys in skimpy and see through underwear, some had pulled the front of their underwear down and were dancing with their cock flopped over the waistband.
Will could not keep his hands off my ass, he loved the smooth feel of the leggings against the shape of my ample ass cheeks. I was starting to get a wet spot on my underwear that was evident that I was quite turned on by his touching and the view of the sexy fucks dancing all around me. One hot guy was dancing and would occasionally pull the back of guy’s underwear down exposing their hot ass masses, most did not attempt to pull them back up and just continued dancing.

A couple of weeks went by, we had been hooking up near daily for dancing and sex, I felt compelled to be with Will and did not want to be apart from him.

I met Will at the theatre to see and early movie and we were almost the only ones here to watch the movie, we were in those big recliners and had our feet up, we pulled up the arm rest between us, it sort of made into a love seat.

“Reach into my pocket.” Will whispered”.


“Put your hand in my jeans pocket.”

His jeans fit loosely when I reached into his pocked I didn’t notice anything in there until I pushed my hand all the way in, I felt a good sized hole at the bottom pocket seam, my fingertips felt flesh of his leg and I could tell quickly that he was not wearing any underwear today at all. I moved things around until I was able to get his cock through the big hole, I rubbed it as it grew more and more until the head of his cock pushed out of the top of his pocket.

I spat into my hand and began twisting my hand in a circular motion around his large cock knob, I could tell that he was really liking it, he kept moving allot and his legs even jumped a few times. I wanted to put my mouth on it but it would be obvious what was going on to the very few people in the theatre if they turned to look our way.

Will was getting close and found it hard to hold still and also cum quietly, luckily about the time he blasted his jizz into my palm a loud part of the movie came on but I am sure some must have heard him as he climaxed, he kept pumping my hand fill of stickiness as I twisted the erupting head.

“Oh fuck, that was incredible.” Will exclaimed still in a pretty loud voice.

I smiled and pulled my hand from his cock and moved it to my mouth, I looked right at him while I stuck my tongue all the way out and licked his love juice from the palm of my hand in one movement, Will leaned over and kissed me pushing his tongue into my mouth, the salty treat moved between our mouths, his cock relaxed and went back into his pocket out of sight.

We watched the rest of the movie holding hands and sharing the popcorn, I did reach into the hole in his pocket just to play with his cock again before the movie ended.
Will is a very sweet guy and as we walked to my car, we stood there talking for a while, before I knew it, I had told him that I loved being with him, he pulled me close, hugging me tightly.

“I love you too.” Will said softly into my ear.

I was thinking that it was very early for him to say he loved me and I wondered at first if it was just something that he said. We had not even defined that we were boyfriends or talked about relationships but we fit each other so well, likes and dislikes so it worked.

We decided to go to and early dinner, neither was all that hungry but just did not want to leave each other’s company, we walked across the parking lot to a restaurant. Instead of full meals we ordered three or four appetizers and a couple of drinks. I told corny stories and silly things, I really loved hearing Will laugh so much. We had sat there for two hours and luckily the waiter kept telling us to stay as long as we liked, we were well before actual dinnertime and the place was pretty empty and the waiter kept coming back being chatty with us.

“I have been having suck a good time with you.” Will said.

I laughed while he looked at me funny.

“You said you’ve been having “suck” a good time, are you horny and have sucking on your mind?” I asked.

“Well, only when I am with you, and I meant “such” a good time.” Will said with a big smile.

“Aww, you are so sweet, finish your drink and let’s go to my place, if you want to that is?”

“Sure, sounds great.” Will said as he sipped the last of his drink and stood up.

I left the waiter a twenty as a tip, he was very accommodating and attentive, plus he was pretty hot looking. Will paid the bill and we walked back across the parking lot to our cars before heading to my place.
We settled in on the couch and kicked off our shoes, I leaned over against Will’s shoulder, and let out a big sigh, and Will kissed my head and put his arm around me.

“That was a big sigh, you okay?”

“I am more than okay that was a totally contented and happy sigh, I thought it early to say before, but I love you too.” I said softly.

Will pulled me closer than before, I put my hand on his chest rubbing and feeling his sexy shape.

“I have been thinking.” I said softly.

“Oh, no, this can’t be good.” Will said jokingly.

“Funny,,,, I was thinking, that maybe you should move in with me, what do you think? I mean my place is larger and I can’t bear it when you leave and go home.”

“I feel like I have known you for a long time not just the few weeks since we met, I would love to move in with you, it seems odd because we haven’t even talked much about our relationship yet, but this seems so natural.”
“As soon as you leave, I miss being with you already and I would love it when you leave, it is just to go to work and that I would be seeing you right after you get off work. I want to cook for you and want you as my boyfriend fulltime.” I said.

It looked like he was happier than I had ever seen him, he could only smile and say yes.

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