Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cumming to you.

My dick so hard and hot, oh babe
climbing onto the bed as you lay below me,
I straddle your chest......
I stand on the bed above your face, standing there jacking my hard cock as you watch my balls swinging from below,
you reach for my ass touching it with your fingertips but cant quite reach while I continue jacking off.... my head goes back as I get close to climax.
Ohh.. babe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, gonna shoot, you rub my legs firmly holding them tightly.
I increase my speed jacking off still..

ohh Baby!, wow!!

I step back one step straddling your hips now and shoot my load into the air it lands on your chest, then your face, wave after wave come over me as I shoot onto you my love, my hot cum spatters down onto your body, with the last few shots landing on your cock. and pubic hair.

You lay there covered in my sticky love, I lay down on top of you squeezing my cum between us, and kiss your cum covered face I take some into my mouth and give it to you in the next kiss.

I slide down, mm I love kissing your thighs, and working up to your balls running my tongue all over them lifting each ball with my tongue, playing with it pulling on your ballsac. Reaching for your cock to pull into my mouth.

Taking it deeper and deeper into my throat.

Your balls hitting my chin as you fuck my face, your dick so hard and hot.

I slide my finger into your tight ass, working it around, loosening it up enough to slide in a second finger.... you squirm and cry out,, "Oh , Baby!

I fuck your ass with my two fingers shoved in so tight as far as they will go, in and back as I suck your hot load if cum from your body.

You shudder and collapse into a pile on the bed, my fingers still in your ass working so hard to bring life back into your fat cock so we can go another round.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Thanks Robert~

Thanks for dropping a nice donation into my waistband Robert M. I appreciate it greatly, Hugs Robert, Seth

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New Look!

I have changed the look of my blog, everything is still here but I made the type a little larger so it is easier to read from your computer screen. I have been having trouble with Facebook, I have been shut off again for a new but unknown reason, they find reason after reason to close my Facebook page down and I have to create a new one and start over with yet another new name making it hard to get the messages out when I have written and posted a new story.
I hope you click the "Follow" button at the bottom of my page or at least bookmark it so you don't loose track! I really enjoy writing and if not for this blog and you guys reading and leaving me comments, I would have lost interest long ago. Hugs, Seth

Monday, May 8, 2017

Lifting the kilt

I am in my mid-thirties and newly single, I have done very well in business that has allowed me a very early retirement, I still needed something to set my sights on and invest some of my money into to give me something to do besides the travel I have planned.
 I started a marketing group with an ex-boyfriend that grew into a massive business, we ran it together for six years, eating and breathing that business until our relationship fell apart. I came home to our condo to find my boyfriend in our bed with a nineteen year old kid who Rick was fucking while the boy was begging for him to push it deeper, that was it, I moved out that day, going to a hotel for a couple of weeks until I bought my own place.
 I still had to face Rick at work every day and it was very uncomfortable, one part of me wanted to pull his cock out of his pants and twist it off and that was the nicer part of my thoughts. I told him that he could buy me out or I could buy him out. The company was worth near thirty eight million, half of which was mine.
If he wanted to own the company fully, he was going to have to pay and mostly for cheating on me. I sent Rick an email to meet me in my office at three that afternoon, I didn’t even want to look at the weasel, I thought we had something special going but I guess he had his eyes on young ass.
Three o’clock came, I was nervous and wanted this over, it had been weeks since I moved out and I needed to remove myself from his life completely.
“Rick, I want out and I want it now, I can’t stand looking at you anymore, either you buy me out or I can buy you out.”

“Look Wes, I’m sorry but we just sort of drifted apart and I needed more.” Rick said.
“Fuck you, you should have tried to work things out and let me know your feelings.”
“Do you want to try again? Come move back in baby.”
“I’d rather take a dull hatchet to your balls.”
“Don’t be so violent and mean, it was not all my fault.”
I just shot him a look and he shut his mouth and took a sip of water, Rick was a sexy looking guy, maybe too good looking, I have always thought that guys that are that hot are not worried about working on a relationship as they can get another guy in ten minutes at the nearest gay bar.
“Look, here’s the deal, I want eighty percent of the money the business has and you keep the business and twenty percent, if you continue running it like we did, you will make millions and millions over the next few years, if you spend your time fucking little slut boys instead of keeping the business running and growing, you’ll go broke.”
“That’s a low blow, and it is too much money you would get.”
“NO, I want that, we built this company, I worked hard to grow it to what it is, you will keep the company which is a cash cow as long as you run it right, I want your answer tomorrow by five, I will have our business lawyer write up the paperwork when you agree and then I am out of your life and the business.”
I got up and walked out leaving Rick sitting in my office. I stopped on the way home and picked up a carry out dinner, I just wanted some peace and quiet for the evening.
My new condo was in a high-rise building that just opened downtown and I was able to pick a prime unit out with a huge master suite and a walk out patio that was big enough for small parties, I hired a top designer to do everything but hang my clothes in the closet, he finished off my home with such taste and flair, I was very pleased with the way it came out.
I had asked the designer if he would be interested in me investing in his business to help it grow, but he was happy with it as it was, not wanting to give up part of his profits. He did tell me of a couple of his friends that started a new fashion company that I might be interested in but didn’t want to go into too much detail and said he could have them call me about setting up a meeting.
I relaxed the next day until I saw an email from Rick, asking me to reconsider the amount I wanted to step away from the company. I sent a reply to him telling him flatly, NO! Unless he wanted to take fifty percent and leave me the business.
“Don’t forget, you got out with the condo too, I didn’t want anything to do with it after seeing how little I meant to you and wonder how many boys you have fucked in our bed that I don’t know about. Fifty percent is mine and the other thirty percent buys me out.”
I was trying not to go onto a rant and vent, I really wanted to keep things business-like and close it all, ending anything to do with Rick. He finally agreed to sign the paperwork and give me eighty percent of the value of the business, our attorney did the paperwork and transferred the money into my account within a month and I was done with him and our business forever.
I got a call a few days later from Jason and Kenny setting up an appointment to sit down with them to discuss joining them in business, I needed something to occupy my time making investments and putting a bit of my money to work.
Jason said they have a new clothing business that is sure to be “the next big thing”. I was a little worried that it was a fad and would be a failing mess but I agreed to meet with them and let them show me what they have in mind.
I drove over to the address I was given, it was a warehouse with a large showroom in the front, nothing very elaborate, Jason invited me to sit while they gave a presentation in front of me, they were aware of the business that I had and the breakup with Rick.
“Wes, what we have created is called a Casual Kilt, it is for men who like to relax with a lightweight garment that does not pull or bind and like a kilt, and you wear what you like under it, but most just want to hang free and relax.” Jason said.
Kenny laid a few of the kilts on the conference table, some were plaid like a traditional kilt, and some looked like a lightweight denim or solid colors.
“The fabric is lighter and attaches with a hook and loop closure at the waist letting you decide how tight you want to wear it.” Kenny commented.
“So what is the difference between this and wrapping a towel around your waist to wear around the house?” I asked trying not to be offensive.
“This is not a towel, and it is not just to wear around the house, we think that guys will wear these casual kilts out in public. Hell people wear pajama bottoms out in public all the time.” Jason said.
“Well, we know how that looks.” I said with a laugh.
“Look, I don’t mean to make fun of your product but I think it is just another of those snugglie things made to sit wound the house in.”
“Those snugglie things have sold over thirty million dollars in product in five years.” Jason added.
“The Casual Kilt is made to wear with or without a shirt, to be worn at the pool, your living room or out at dinner, let us show you a few men we have to model the Casual Kilt for you.”
Jason opened a door and a parade of men walked in and lined up about ten feet in front of me, all were bare chested, there was a variety of men from heavy to slim and young to old, a couple of them were very fit and Jason pointed out how the men can wear the kilt higher on the hips or very low allowing a slight view of the V line that goes from their ab’s to their crotch, one turned showing a hint of ass crack.
“The Casual Kilt has that hook and loop closure that allows adjustment of snugness and also for ease of taking it off.” When Jason finished his words, each guy pulled the closure section at the waist and in one movement and  pulled off their kilts and flipped them up and over one shoulder, all of the men were naked and turned to the side and walked back through the doorway, I watched their asses move as they parted my view.
“As you see, the Casual Kilt is a comfortable garment to wear and easy to remove when you want to take it off too.”
“Very nice, too bad you can’t do that on TV, you would sell a million of them in a week.” I said with a smile.
Everyone laughed and the duo started showing me the details of the fabrics and brought out two of the models that had put the kilt back on, one was a young guy that reminded me of the boy that Rick had fucked and the other was about my age who must spend five hours a day in the gym, he had a very low fat ratio to muscle.
 Jason pointed out the waist line of the kilt un-fastening it moving the kilt higher and lower on his hips, my eyes caught a glimpse of his cock swinging inside the fabric, I wanted to touch it badly, hell, I was single now too. Jason ran his fingertips along inside the waistband of the kilt.
“Feel the snugness and how secure the kilt fits William’s body.” Jason said.
I reached up and put my fingertips between the fabric and the models hot tan skin. Jason brought the younger model over within a foot of where I was sitting.
“Now, Brett here has the kilt loose and low on his hips and it rides on his hip bones.” Kenny said as he pointed out the fit.
It looked like if the well-tanned boy moved or sneezed, the kilt would be at his ankles. They unhooked the waist again showing how easy it was to make adjustments to the waist while you wear it.
“The eye candy is enough to make me want to sign a contract with you alone.” I laughed.
Everyone laughed and the models vanished into the back room again while we went over what they were looking for financially. I took the proposal and a few samples telling them I would let them know after thinking about it for a few days and let them know soon.
The next morning I walked out of the building to walk a half a block to a café for breakfast when I see the muscular model from the day before, walking down the street wearing only a Casual Kilt and sandals, I called him over.
“Cute, so either you are stalking me or they sent you by for an obvious product demonstration on the streets, how long have you been waiting?”
“My name is William, I’ve only been here about half an hour.” He said shaking my hand.
“My name is Wes.” I said.
“Yeah, I know.” He said with a smile.
“So do you have a shirt with you? You can come to breakfast with me since you have devoted so much time this morning.”
“Sure, it is in my car.” Hs said as he jogged over to his car slipping a pullover shirt on and tucking it into his kilt.
Over breakfast I asked him about the comfort of the kilt, he said it was like wearing nothing at all, and maybe one would like to wear underwear under it during a breezy winter day but he liked going without. He explained that he was a model hired by the Kilt guys for the demonstration but today he said he was not being paid, he said he wanted to meet me and thought it was the best way to get my attention, wearing the kilt he was given by Jason.
“So you were out there waiting to meet me and not paid by Jason?”
“Yeah, I truly was sort of stalking you.” William said with a smile.
“So you don’t feel self-conscious wearing that in public? I asked.
“No, I really don’t, I have no doubt that I get stares but I take it as a compliment.”
I looked at his muscular thighs vanishing up into the kilt as he sat there, I wanted to see beyond the kilt and I think I was staring a little, he reached down and gave his crotch an adjustment through the fabric.
My heart pounded a little, Rick and I had been together for years and this was my first time with a guy that was even remotely romantic. We ate and talked about daily life stuff, he was easy to laugh and very easy on the eyes.
“You look like you would be a natural wearing a Casual Kilt, you should give it a try, you know, out in public.” William said flashing me his sexiest smile.
“I’m not sure I am cut out for it myself.”
“Well, they gave you samples, let’s go back to your place and get you into one, what do you say?”
“Alright.” I said as I stood up from the table.
We walked into my condo and I went into my bedroom returning with two kilts to show William.
“Blue or brown?”
“I think blue, it goes well with your eyes.”
I walked back to my room to change, but did not close the door, I stripped everything off and wrapped the kilt around my waist fastening it snugly.
“Wes, it looks hot on you, but..”
“But what?”
“Well did you go naked under it or you wearing undies?” William asked with a giggle.
I momentarily lifted the front of my kilt exposing my shaved hairless crotch hanging loose in front of my house guest.
“I feel like I am wearing a skirt, like something is wrong and I should not go outside wearing this.”
“Nonsense, you look great.”
I grabbed a polo shirt and slipped on some tennis shoes before grabbing my keys, signaling the fact that I was ready to go out into the world wearing this man skirt.
We walked down the streets, and William peeled off his shirt and was again bare chested. I was beginning to feel more comfortable with my attire and the feeling of being naked under the kilt was refreshing, sort of like I was walking around naked with the breezes blowing over everything.
A few people looked at us like we were crazy and a couple of guys stopped us and asked about them and did we like wearing them, it was good research and was helping me make a decision about joining the business.
William and I walked back to my condo, I grabbed a couple of beers and sat next to William on the couch, looking at William’s jawline I traced down his shoulders  with my eyes, I wanted to nuzzle his neck and smell his scent so badly.
We sipped the cold brew and talked for quite some time and the topic came back to the kilts, William played with the hem of his while he talked, exposing more and more of his hairy thighs.
“Well, the kilts are sexy if nothing else, they make us want to see more of what is under them.” I said.
William eased the material up higher towards his waist.
“How much do you want to see?” He asked.
I smiled as I reached over and lifted his kilt up, folding it back, his soft cock lay on his balls that were mostly between his thighs. I reached over and ran my fingers over his cockhead making it swell under my touch.  I leaned in and kissed one of his nipples gently, while his hands roamed across my shoulders and back.  I licked my finger tips and rubbed them across his shaft to the head, his cock stiffened more and more until it was standing almost straight up.
I pulled at the fastener of the kilt loose and flipped it to the side, William was now sitting here naked beside me. I took his thick and shaft in my fist and gripped it tightly, he leaned back resting his head on the back of my couch, his legs spread wide with his nuts that begged to be touched.
Looking at William anyone could see that he was a model, he had the looks for it and kept his body toned to be used in advertising anytime he could. I lifted his balls with my fingers, feeling the weight of them, they were soft and William was groomed but still pretty hairy.
His body seemed near perfect, far from the normal guy I would pursue but he seemed more than the superficial arrogant type I might suspect a hot guy that looks like him to be.
My heart raced as I stood and leaned over him, touching his lips with my fingertips at first then kissing him so lightly our lips hardly touched. I kept kissing but each time our lips would touch the urgency would grow causing me to gasp for breathes between kisses. I straddled his lap, my kilt pushed back and I felt his hard cock pushing at my ass as I lowered myself onto it. William spat onto his hand smearing it onto the knob of his dick before he guided it into my hole, I took my time but within a moment or so I was butt cheeks deep on his cock and kissing his lips frantically.
I had no idea how this all happened so fast, I don’t usually throw caution to the wind and have sex within a few hours of meeting a guy but this one was different, maybe it was my newly found freedom or maybe it was something more but I wanted to keep him deep inside me in a bad way.
I rode his rock hard shaft with my hands on his shoulders while his held my hips, I could feel his warm breath against my neck. He reached between us and grasped my hard cock, squeezing it tightly, I almost shot my wad right then.
“I’m cumming Wes” William moaned as he tilted his head back and closed his eyes.
I shifted my weight on his shaft pushing it off to one side just a bit making him go wild, his breathing hastened to the point that he was panting and yelled out as he shot his man juice into my ass. I continued riding him until he rolled me off, his cock was very sensitive by then.
 William got to his knees in front of me and pulled my very stiff shaft into his mouth, bobbing on it he took it deeper and deeper into his throat, it did not take me long before I held his head and pumped my hips forward riding his lips until I shot until I filled his mouth with my salty cream.
Later that week I signed a deal with Jason and Kenny on the Casual Kilt business but my mind would always come back to William, I wanted to see his smile and taste his lips. I was not used to dating and the lust was stirring inside me, I needed him, he was all I could focus on, maybe this was more than lust, more than a fleeting sexual encounter, I had to shake these feelings and concentrate on the business profits and loss statements, I needed to help bring in more profit while increasing sales, this is what they needed me for, my marketing sense.
I called William and set up a dinner date for this evening, I worked on media advertising for the Casual Kilt for a few hours before showering and getting ready for dinner with William, I almost wore the kilt just for fun but figured that I would wear jeans and a sport shirt instead.
I drove over and picked him up, he leaned in and kissed my cheek as he belted in to his seat, we chatted on the way to the steak house, I wanted red meat, and then sex, I seemed to crave both today. Inside we sat on opposite sides of the booth and grinned at each other between conversations, William had kicked his shoe off and was running his foot up my leg toward but not quite reaching my crotch, but still got me hard.
After dinner I drove back to William’s home and could not wait to get inside to get my hands on him, he got drinks for us and we cuddled on the couch and it only took moments before my hands were all over him, I unbuttoned his shirt while he unbuttoned mine, we peeled them off tossing them aside, our chests bare, my lips went for his nipples sucking and chewing them making them hard causing him to squirm some.
We stood up and peeled off our shoes, socks and pants while hopping around still trying to touch each other while doing it. I smacked him on the ass, and what an ass, his butt cheeks were well rounded and tight, they made me want to bite his firm mounds of flesh. William pulled me over the couch, he sat and I straddled his legs while he glided his thick prick into my ass after he lubed me up, I rode up and down on his rod while it stretched my butthole out and made it burn like it was on fire.
With my hands on William’s shoulders, I was looking into his face while I bounced on his cock, his hands roamed my sides and my hips. I leaned in and kissed his lips just before I went wild on his prick, I moved left, then right and wiggled my ass around as he shot his load into my stretched hole.
William pushed me back gently off of his cock and onto my back, he leaned in and put his face to my crotch inhaling deeply taking in my crotch scent. William surrounded my cock base with his thumb and middle finger squeezing it tightly causing the veins to stand out on my rod before taking most of my shaft in the first gulp.
I leaned back and let this man do what he wanted, it all felt insanely wonderful, he would stop long enough to lick and suck at my balls before going back to cock sucking. I blew my cock shake down his throat and across his tongue while he gulped it up. William put his head on my navel and rested, my wet cock at his chin.
“I have a great idea, I want you to be the model for the Casual Kilt advertising, and you believe in them and look hot and sexy in our kilts.” I said.
“Yeah? I would love to, I mean, if you are serious that is.”
“Sure, I don’t know why not, no sense in going out to do a search for a model elsewhere when you are right here.”
“You are just saying that because I suck your cock so well.” William said as he burst out laughing.
“No, but that is a great side benefit.”
“I will arrange a photo shoot within the next few weeks then.”
“We need to seal the deal then.” William said.
He moved back down and lifted my cock with one hand and sucked it back to life again he worked it into a throbbing wet pulsating unit that was going to the hilt down his throat and after a few minutes I was about to cum again and just as it started he jammed a finger into my ass making me shoot a very intense second load of jizz into his mouth.
We snuggled some before getting into the shower together, I washed his backside and he washed me all over, front and back. I treated William to dinner even though he wanted to cook dinner for us, we went to a popular steakhouse where they treat you like royalty, and everything was perfect.
I had a steak with huge coconut shrimp that came with this sweet and spicy pineapple dipping sauce while William had a T-bone steak, I was really enjoying William’s company so much. I watched his lips as he ate his dinner, they were thick and dark red and seemed to suggest to me that I kiss them.
William looked up and noticed that I was staring at him, he simply smiled and bumped my foot with his and he seemed very relaxed with me and smiled before holding his fork un and dropping it to the floor under the table.
“Whoop’s, I dropped my fork.” William said.
“Well, just ask the waiter for a new one.”
William grinned and lifted the tablecloth and disappeared under the table, the next thing I know, William is at my crotch unzipping my fly, I looked under the table at him as he pulled my cock free from my pants.
“Dude, you are gonna get us thrown out of here.” I exclaimed.
I leaned back into the booth and let the man do his thing, William worked my cock into a stiff shaft of meat that he was swallowing as much as he could due to his position under the table.
“Is everything okay?” the waiter asked as he walked by.
“Yes, it is better than you could believe, please bring us a couple more drinks.”
The tablecloth did not come completely to the floor and I could see that at least one guy a few tables away was watching with interest, I smiled at him but he did not look away.
The waiter brought the drinks to the table about the time I was shooting my load, he must have thought I was having a seizure, I pushed my back into the booth and thanked him while my legs jerked around from me trying to hold back from crying out as I shot my jizz into William’s mouth.
William popped back out from under the table and slid up into the booth seat looking around like nothing had just happened.
“You are a very bad man!” I said softly.
“I am very good, and I think you loved every minute of it.”
“The guy in the light blue shirt over there was getting an eye full, he would not look away no matter what.”
We sipped our drinks and talked for a few minutes before I paid the check and we went back to my place. We stripped and lounged on the bed snuggling and watching TV, William’s body was so perfect and crazy hot but it was his personality I was loving, I wanted to be with him always.
I reached into the nightstand and took out a not too large dildo with “balls”, I turned on the vibration and William grinned in anticipation. I lubed it and his ass moving him to a doggy position before slowly pushing it into his ass I loosened him up before I moved into place and slid my cock into his ass alongside of the vibrating dildo. I could feel the vibration against my prick while I fucked him in the ass, it felt amazing and I didn’t hear any complaining, just a lot of moaning and groaning.
I reached under gripping his cock, it was hard as a rock and dripping pre cum, he was definitely getting off being double stuffed. William began convulsing and crying out, he was cumming and no one was even touching his cock, he was shooting all over the sheets, I started blowing my third load of the evening and this dildo was sending me over the edge.
William fell off to the side and pulled me close to him, he started laughing and kissed me on the lips.
“What is so funny?” I asked.
“Nothing really, I’m just feeling so good and at ease with you I could not hold back.”
“Never hold back with me, always be yourself, that’s who I want to be with.”
We jumped into the shower and changed the bed sheets before laying down again, I pulled William close and kissed the side of his face as he lay his head on my shoulder we drifted off to sleep.
William became the main model for the Casual Kilt and the first six months after I signed on we had a fifty percent increase in sales but me being semi-retired it allowed me plenty of time to spend with William.  We went on a vacation to Europe for three weeks and am thinking about asking William to move into my condo with me, I never get tired of seeing him shirtless wearing only a kilt.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Shirtless Sex God

I was at an outdoor market, the sun was out and it was hot, I sat under a large green umbrella at a table waiting for my lunch and sipping some iced tea, then I saw him.

He walked up from the street and leaned against the rail of the outdoor eatery, he had blue jeans on that were well worn and faded black tennis shoes and the best part was that he had no shirt on and this man was fucking built. I was looking at the muscles in his back as he leaned to one side as he talked to the hostess, she seemed to be explaining that since he had no shirt he could only dine in the outdoor area, not inside.

She walked toward me to seat him at a nearby table, my eyes went to his chest, my breathing slowed and I think my mouth was hanging open, his nipples were stiff and dark and I could not look away.

He sat across from me, and I could see past his menu he was reading, his arm muscles rippling as he moved and I could get a little glimpse of his arm pit hair sticking out, it made me hot for this guy’s dick.
The waiter took his order and brought him a drink, I tried not to look at him every second and maybe if he had a shirt on, I would not be so obsessed but his skin was golden and looked so smooth I don’t think he has pores at all.

He would look up now and then and see me looking at him, I would instinctively look away, but it was too late, he knew I was watching him so he flicked one of his nipples with his finger tip while he looked right into my eyes, I about jizzed my pants, his nipple went harder than it was before, I wanted to suck it into my mouth and bite that nipple hard.

He smiled at me and picked his drink up and moved over to my table sitting next to me, I sat there dumbfounded for a second, until he spoke.

“I figured you needed a closer look.” He said.

“Well, I’m happy that you joined me.” I said staring at his shoulders and arms.

I took a drink of my tea and tried to gain some self-respect back.

“I’m Kyle.” I said sticking my hand out to shake his.

“My name is Rob.”

He gave me a quick fist bump and took a sip of his drink.

“So, do you always stare uncontrollably at men everywhere you go?”

”Not everywhere.”

Well, that did not come out very good, I kind of sounded like a slut. I thought.

“You just sort of caught my eye standing out there waiting to be seated.”

The waiter brought my food out and looked at the empty table Rob was at and set my food down in front of me.

“Your food will be out in a couple of minutes.” The waiter said to Rob and disappeared into the restaurant.

“Please, eat, mine will be here shortly.” Rob said.

I started eating my club sandwich and fries when Rob reached over and took a fry from my plate and smiled as he pushed it between his lips as he smiled.

“So what are you out doing half naked today?”

“It is too nice of a day to have a shirt on and I was passing and wanted some lunch and thought I would come grab a bite.”

“Looking all hot and distracting to the customers.” I said with a smile.

“I think you were the only one that was distracted.”

The waiter brought Rob’s lunch and I busted out laughing, it was the same thing I had ordered, I reached over and took a fry from his plate and dipped it in my catsup.
We finished eating while making small talk, Rob reached to my thigh and gave it a squeeze before running his fingertips up to my crotch, I looked around quickly but no one seemed to be paying attention.

“Let’s go.” Rob said as he stood.


“Really? You are all hot and bothered and lusting after my chest" He said as he tossed some bills on the table.

“I got the bill and tip, we don’t have to wait on the waiter to bring the bill.”

"We don't?"

I followed him out the gate and across the street to the park, the fine light hair on his lower back glistened in the sun, Rob stopped and looked at me for a second.

“Take your shirt off Kyle, it’s a beautiful day, let the sun hit your chest.”

“I don’t have as sexy a chest as you do, no six pack or anything.” I said.

Rob reached the waist of my shirt and peeled it over my head and tucked it into my back pocket.

“There, and your chest is great looking, you don’t have to have a six pack to take your shirt off.” Rob said as he reached over and tweaked one of my nipples with his fingertips.

I jumped back a little as he took me off guard, we walked around the park some before Rob stopped and pulled me close, kissing me on the lips.

“Let’s go to my place and have a little workout.”

“Yeah? Workout huh?” I said with a smile.

“Yeah I am gonna give you one hell of a workout.” Rob said as he walked through the other side of the park and toward the street.

We walked a few blocks in the warm spring sun to an apartment building, Rob unlocked the door and I followed him to the elevator and up to the fourth floor. His apartment had huge windows like a loft apartment that was made out of an old open floor factory with a scattering of furniture, the walls were few, and it was mostly a huge open single room.

Rob walked over near some gym equipment and stripped his shoes and pants off, I did the same laying mine over a side chair. He pulled me over to a bench and asked me to push up on the bars to see what I could press for weight. It felt funny, I was laying back on the bench naked in front of this hot guy while he put small weights on the bar.

I looked up at his cock and balls dangling above and just back from my head as he spotted the weight bar so it would not choke me if it slipped. I pumped a few times up and down before resting it back on the bar. I lay there for a moment breathing a little hard when Rob walked around and lifted my legs and went down on my cock, sucking it to my balls, his finger went up my ass and fingered my hole roughly before pulling back and grabbing some lube. He flipped me over on the bench and lubed his stiff cock and pushed some into my ass before pushing his cock into my fuck hole.

“Oh, fuck Rob that feels huge, fuck me hard.”

“I fully intend on ripping that ass up!”

He moved forward, hunched over my back with  a bit his weight on me, Rob reached around my neck pulling my head back while he fucked me, it was purely a domination thing, I let it happen and liked it.  Rob fucked me while talking dirty in my ear telling me that I was his fuck boy and he would use my ass as he wanted.

“Take my ass, use it Rob.”

He reached up and pulled my hair holding my head back and to one side while he ripped my ass up with his rock hard cock using me like his property.
Rob fucked me hard while my stiff cock pressed hard into the weight bench, my balls ached under the pressure and my asshole was on fire.

I panted hard while getting my ass reamed by this sexy man, he wanted me and used my ass for his pleasure but it was also my pleasure too, my hands gripped the edge of the bench as I held on tightly, sweat was trapped between my chest and the bench seat, I wondered how many naked guys he had pinned down to this very bench before me.

Rob pulled my hair back even tighter than before as he groaned while he started shooting his spunk into my ass, I arched my back and pushed back as hard as I could, his body jerked and moved as his throbbing cock spewed the last of his jizz into me.

Rob pulled out and grabbed a nearby towel to clean off his crotch before he flipped me over and left me laying on my back on the same bench, my feet flat on the floor and my legs open, he took a bottle of lube and put on about twice the amount needed onto my cock and started jacking my cock.

I reached down to touch my balls but Rob’s hand pushed mine away, Rob got onto his knees near my feet while me gripped my cock firmly in his fist, my cock was so hard and the feelings stirring inside my balls left me begging to cum.

Rob pulled at my balls with his spare hand while jacking my cock at high speed, my legs moved around as did my shoulders, I could not hold still, I felt like I was already shooting and my cock was so sensitive I had to call out.

“Make me cum, Rob, please make me cum.”

I was nearly frantic and needed to cum badly, this man was sending me over the sexual edge, my hips bucked off of the weight bench seat while I panted and moaned quite loudly.

“Okay, let’s get you shooting that load Kyle.”

Rob used more pressure on my cock and increased the speed even more, the lube was making crackling noises as he jacked me off, it took only seconds more of this intense palm fucking to get me to blow my load.

“Oh FUCK, ohhhh,, fuck, I’m cumming, ohhh,, jeez.." I yelled out as my cum flew through the air hitting my face, lips and all over my chest.

I blasted out more cum than ever, Rob took my cock into his mouth and sucked with all his might, I near passed out with the sensitive pain-pleasure with the last couple of jets Rob pushed two fingers into my ass making it that much more intense.

I lay there breathing quite hard while Rob stood and looked at me, he smiled and took my hand and walked me to the shower, we stepped under the cool water washing the sweat and cum off, I took Rob’s thick soft cock into my hand and brought it hard again with a few strokes.

I went to my knees in front of him while the water splashed over us both and took his cock into my mouth, Rob put his hands on the back of my head and pulled me tight onto his fat cock, I choked some as my chin was touching his balls, his whole cock was down my throat, my eyes watered while he throat fucked me allowing little time to gasp for breath.

He pulled my head back for a moment to watch as he pushed my head back onto his shaft, it vanished inside me inch by inch, and he seemed to like watching it go inside my throat. Water ran down his chest and his pubes before running across my lips and off of my chin.

Rob arched his back some and used fucking motions while he unloaded his second load of jizz into my body, on the last shot of cum he held my head tightly against his crotch as his body jerked and his knees buckled slightly.

I pulled off of his throbbing cock and pulled in a good lung full of air while I stood up, I put my arms around him and pulled him close, he kissed my lips and turned off the water.

Rob took a fresh towel from the closet and dried me off, head to toe while he dripped all over the floor, he took special attention to my balls while I just stood there and once I was dry, he took a towel and dried himself off, I watched as the white towel dried the water off of his sexy chest, I leaned in and kissed one of his nipples giving it a small bite.

We walked to his bed and cuddled for about 20 minutes talking about little things, I traced the lines of his chest and touched his soft cock as he asked me if I wanted to go to dinner later this evening, of course, I said yes.
I found that afternoon that I liked having a dominate man in the bed, when we were not having sex he was much more loving and had a softer presence with me.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Straight Boyfriend

I have been watching this hot guy going to see his girlfriend who lives next door to me, he is older than me by about four years. His hair is dark and usually dresses in dark clothing I can’t stop looking through the blinds at his deep red lips, pale skin and dark eyebrows as he walks up the driveway.
I have waived at him a few times but not said more than hello to him a couple of times, once I was washing my car and he jokingly offered to help, my heart fluttered a bit as he walked past.
 I sometimes I get a boner and jack off as I watch from the side window into the side window of her house, it is always the same thing, they kiss then they sit and talk, sometimes she cooks for him, they hug and he goes home.
Today was different, they seemed to be arguing a little, he keeps grabbing at his crotch as he makes a point, he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out the biggest cock I have seen, he points at it and she pushed him away, he pulled her back toward him and she pointed toward the door.
I had my cock out and was hard as a rock looking at his big dong flopping around as he gestured to her, he must be saying how horny he was and she seemed to want no part of it.
He tucked his junk back in his jeans and walked out the door, he got into his Camaro and smoked his tires as he left.
I wasted no time and got to my car driving in the direction he left in, I drove past the mini mart and could see his red car at the next light, I followed him until he pulled into an apartment complex a couple of miles away.
Now what? I thought, I’ve followed him home, now what?
He was getting out of his car, I had to make my move and I got out and jogged up to within a few feet of him and slowed to match his pace.
“Hey Joey” I called out.
Joey turned to see me a few feet behind him and had a quizzical look on his face as if he was trying to figure out where he knew me from.
“Hey, uhmm.” He said unable to grasp my name.
“It’s David, I live next door to Donna.” I said quickly.
‘Oh, right, David, what’s up?”
“I saw you at the light and wanted to see if you wanted to hang out some.”
“What are you like 17 years old?” he asked.
“NO, I’m 20.”
“Oh, sorry, I guess I haven’t paid allot of attention, sure, come on in.”
We walked into his apartment, it had little furniture and it was dark with all of the blinds closed but at least the A/C was blasting cool air.
“Want a beer? Well I guess you are old enough, not quite legal but I’m sure you won’t say I gave it to you.”
“Sure, thanks.” I said as I took the cold beer letting my fingers glance across his.
I was checking Joey’s ass out as he sat on the couch, the only thing that there was to sit on.
“So what are you up to today?” I asked.
“Oh, nothing much, was over at Donna’s for a few.”
“Yeah? How did that go?” I asked.
“What do you mean? Oh, you must have seen me over there.”
“Well, yeah, our living room windows sort of are in alignment with each other and I can see right over.”
“Oh.” Then his eyes lit up and he looked right at me.
“Did you see me over there today, in the living room?”
I looked down at my feet and didn’t say anything.
“You did, you saw me with my prick hanging out? I was trying to get Donna to give me a blow job but she is frigid or some shit, won’t have sex at all, she never has.”
“Yeah, I kind of figured it out.”
“You were perving on me, why?”
“I, well, you are pretty hot and I think Donna should treat you better, you know, you have needs.”
“She will never understand a guy’s needs, are you gay?”
“Yeah, pretty much.”
“Pretty much? Have you, uhm, you know, jacked off watching me before?”
“Well, you are pretty hot, and I have needs of my own,”
“You followed me home? Why?”
“Well I saw you get rejected and I saw that big cock, figured you might like some attention on it.”
I saw Joey’s fingers move on the crotch of his jeans just a little, I decided to take action while I had the nerve, I got up and went to my knees in between his feet. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the fly wide open, my hand went to his cotton briefs and I could feel the heat from his crotch.
Joey moved his hand to mine and started to pull it away, I looked into his dark eyes and smiled.
“It’s okay.”
“I’m not gay, I mean, there is nothing wrong with being gay, I just am not into guys.” Joey said softly.
I pulled the elastic band of his briefs back getting a glimpse of the side of his cock log, in one more move I had his cock pulled out.
Joey leaned his head back into the back of the couch and lifted his hips sliding his pants past his knees, His pubic hair was dark brown, almost black, I brushed my lips against the tight curly hair and inhaled his scent.
I Pulled Joey’s shoes off followed by his pants and briefs, his bare legs went wide open, my hand ran up his legs to his low hanging ball sack, I took it in my hands feeling the weight of his balls moving inside.
I wanted to suck that big cock into my mouth but I needed to take it slow as not to miss the enjoyment, my nose went alongside of his cock as I buried my face deep into his crotch, his cock stiffened to its full majesty of over 9 inches. Joey pulled his black tee shirt over his head and tossed it onto the floor and was now fully naked, his light skin was hot and he seemed ready for action.
Moving my lips across his thick shaft and down to the swollen head of his cock, I licked it running my tongue under and back over the top, I could feel Joey lift his hips a little under my touch. For the first time I took his erection in my hand, it was so much larger than mine, I moved down on it with my lips while tugging at his balls.
In a movement I had half of his cock in my mouth and was working on swallowing the other half, it was all I could do to swallow it by trying to go directly down on it, I felt the outside of my neck and could feel that his cock was filling it and pushing on its constraints. My eyes watered but I did not pull off, I gagged and went farther until my lips were hitting his coarse dark pubic hair.
I bobbed on it getting more used to its size, my left hand went from his balls to his ass crack, as soon as he felt where my fingers were going, his hand went to pull mine away, I didn’t push it and went back to his balls.
“Holy fuck, that feels insane, I feel like I’m gonna blow my wad any second.”
I didn’t want that to happen I was worried that if he came, he would be done with me and escort me to the door. I squeezed the underside of his shaft at the base pushing a finger in tightly causing him to lose the feeling and give more time until he climaxed.
Joey moved around a bit and put one leg up on the couch and slid around some giving me more access between his legs, I moved his hip some trying to get him to flip over, he seemed reluctant, I lifted with more effort and rolled him over, he was now laying on his couch with his ass cheeks up, nice and plump too.
I moved down and pushed his ass cheeks apart, his hand went back immediately to push me away, I pushed past with my face and shoved my lips between his ass cheeks, I chewed and licked and chewed some more, he was going wild with the feelings of having me working on him. His ass arched up and I ate his ass with vigor while he moaned and moved around. After I got his ass so wet and wanting more, I slid a finger past his ass elastic into his hole, he didn’t have time to think or react before he found the delightful feeling of being fingered in the ass for the first time.
Joey pushed his ass against my finger, it was clear that he was enjoying it, so I slid in a second one, he gave a loud moan as I pushed both fingers as deep into his straight boy ass as I could.
I stood up and stripped off all of my clothes, my cock was not only stiff but had been seeping pre cum since about the time I came into his apartment. I slid one of his legs off of the couch so his knee was on the floor and climbed up behind him, I worked his ass for a while before I moved up and rubbed my hard cock along his ass crack, he must know where I was heading but he did not move to stop me. I rubbed the head harder and harder against his ass pucker before pushing it in, just the head at first until he pushed his ass back against my intruding prick.
I rubbed some spit on my cock and worked it into his hole, I slid it in slowly and pulled back before going for the full plunge, Joey moaned real loud as his virgin ass was fully impaled by my eager prick, I got a motion going and fucked this straight boy and had him panting for more when I shot a load of my hot cum into his ass.
I flipped him over and at this point had full control, he did not attempt to stop me as I moved my ass over his rock hard mammoth cock, I reached around with some spit on my hand rubbing it on the head of his cock before sliding down onto it. He gasped like a girl when I was able to sit fully on his cock and within moments I was riding him as I looked into his sexy face. My ass was stretched out more than ever before and felt as my ass was being torn apart.
I bounced up and down on his cock until he convulsed and shot his load, his eyes locked on my face while he shot his jizz into me, his cock became tender after shooting and he pulled me down onto his chest, my lips near his nipple, my tongue flicked it before I sucked it  while rubbing his other nipple, his chest was heaving from him breathing so hard.
His cock slid from my ass as I moved up higher, he kissed my neck before he thought about it and stopped abruptly. I moved some putting my weight on the couch arm and stood up, he stayed laying on the couch naked as I stood over him, my cock only a foot or so from his face, he reached up and touched it lightly.
“I’ve never touched another guys cock before.”
“I think today has been full of things that you’ve not done before.” I said with a smile.
“What about a shower?”
I followed him to the bathroom, he got out fresh towels and looked at me.
“You can shower first.” He said.
“Oh hell, I think we are past that, let’s both shower together I said as I opened the glass door to the shower and we stepped under the blast of fresh cool water. Joey squirted some shampoo into my hand, I soaped my hair before rubbing some suds onto his back and down into his ass crack, it was all becoming a little too real under the bright light of the bathroom, Joey turned thinking my fingers were about to go into his ass again.
My hands went to his chest, his slid down my wet body, he took my balls and cock into his hands encircling his fingers around them, he surprised me by going to his knees in the shower with his face inches from my cock, he pushed his tongue out and flicked at my dick before putting my cockhead into his mouth and sucking it a bit before standing and turning off the water.
We dried off and went back to the living room where our clothes were scattered over the floor, he looked uncomfortable and seemed unsure of what to do now.
“Well, I guess I should dress and go home, anytime you want to do this again, just let me know.” I said as I picked up my clothes.
“Fuck that, I want to grab a bite to eat and do this again tonight, if you want to, that is.” Joey said with a grin.
I walked over close to Joey and put my arm across his shoulder pulling him in for a hug, he kissed my neck again and I pulled back a little and kissed him softly on his lips.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Parking Lot Hookup

I was in the grocery store getting a few things when I noticed this guy near me sort of checking me out, I looked over to see a good sized hole in his Levi’s to the right side of his fly. I could see that he was commando and could also see a thick patch of his dark pubic hair and a bit of his white skin through the hole.
I looked up to see that he was watching me looking at his crotch, I looked away instantly but he had seen me looking just the same. He reached down and gave it a rub with his fingers flirting with me, I picked up the can of green beans from the shelf and dropped it into my shopping cart and headed off down the aisle.
I got a stirring in my crotch thinking about what had just happened, it was really nothing but a guy wanting a quick pick up and he probably does this all the time, who does this anyway? I thought to myself.

He was rather handsome in a rugged construction worker type way, I picked up the few things that I came for and pointed my cart toward the front of the store and just wanted to pay and get home, it had been a trying day at work and I needed to get changed and relax before making dinner.
Oh God, there he was again in the only checkout lane that was express and did not have a huge line, I moved up and he turned, my eyes went right to the hole in his jeans again, searching for a glimpse of his skin and pubic hair again.

“Oh, Hi again.” He said.

“Hi.” I replied as I forced myself to stop looking at his pubes.

“You only have a few things, would you like to get in front of me?”

“No, I am fine, thanks just the same.”

“Really?” he asked as he toyed near the hole with his finger.

“Yeah, it won’t be long.”

“How do you know how long it is?” He asked with a wicked smile.

“You know very well what I mean.”

“And YOU know very well what I mean.”

About that time the cashier started scanning his purchases, he looked up to the man and caught sight of the frayed hole in this guy’s jeans and got very flustered and his face turned red but he kept looking every chance he got.
The guy paid with his card and left the store without looking back, the cashier looked at me and asked how my day was going, I made small talk as he finished and gave me my change and I walked out into the parking lot with my two grocery bags.

“So, where are you headed?”

I turned to see that he was waiting outside the doors of the store and off to one side, he was walking along side of me like we were old friends.

“I am going home to make dinner.”

I put the two bags into the back seat and opened the driver’s door of my car and slid behind the wheel, he moved in between me and the door and just stood there, his crotch hole was at eye level now and only two feet away.

“Does this really work for you?” I asked.

“Does what work?”

“The hole in your jeans and no underwear, does it get you laid allot?” I asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Seems to.”


“Yeah, guys can’t take their eyes off of it, kind of like you, right now.”

My eyes darted up to his face, I reached for the door to attempt to pull it shut when he took my hand and put it to his crotch, and he pushed one of my fingers through the hole. I felt his course hair under my touch, he pushed my finger in a bit harder until I felt the side of his cock, and it made my heart race.
Some woman was walking past carrying a bag from the store headed to her car, she looked over with disgust.

“That is indecent.” She said.

“Oh I am sure you have bobbed on a good share of knobs in your day.” The jeans guy called out behind her.

I pulled my finger out of his jeans and started my car.

“What? You didn’t like it?” he asked.

“No, yeah, it was fine, but I have to go.”

He reached into the car and touched the side of my face and smiled.

“I bet you are a good cocksucker too.”

“I am not into sucking a stranger’s dick in the grocery store parking lot.”

“Really? Where are you into sucking a stranger’s dick?”


“Never? You have never had strange cock in your mouth before?”

“No, not in public.”

“So you have had some random guy’s cock in your mouth before.”

He looked around and unbuttoned his jeans completely, even that last button that no one unbuttons and flashed his dark bush by opening it.

“Touch it.” He said.

“No, I am not touching it.”

He pulled his fly open farther and farther until I could see most of his very thick shaft, I lost words at that point. He reached in and flopped his cock out and pushed his hips toward me while he leaned onto my car putting his arms on the roof while he looked around for anyone coming up.

“Suck it, I’ll watch for trouble.”

I looked at his fat prick and without thinking again, it was in my mouth and going into my throat as I gulped on his fat rod. It thickened and stiffened even more as I gasped for air, he smelled like a man, part his smell and a little bit of sweat. I reached in and set his balls free, they like his cock, heavy and large, they swung low and felt good in my hand.
He pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my throat, my eyes watered with each thrust, one or two people came out of the store but were not coming close enough to see anything or tell what was going on.

“Damn, suck it deep, take it all, I am about to blow my jizz, suck it all down.”

I sucked and sucked and within a moment he started filling me with his hot and salty jizz, I gulped and sucked, until there was no more to swallow, about that time I shot my own load in my briefs without taking it out or even touching it.

“I knew you were a good cocksucker,” he said as he packed his meat back into his jeans.

He leaned in and touched my lips. “Mighty good cocksucker to take my load without spilling any.”

I looked up as he turned and walked away without another word, I pulled my door shut and drove home in a bit of a daze. I got inside and put the groceries on the counter and took off my clothes, I had cum all over my crotch and everything was a sticky mess.

I turned the shower on and looked into the mirror, I rubbed some lotion onto my cock and jacked off as I replayed in my head what had just happened and I could still taste his cum, I let my own cum fly onto the bathroom counter and my head went back as I dreamed that he was between my legs sucking my cock as I came.

I took a shower and put on clean clothes, ate dinner and went to bed early, I was still thinking about the guy from the store, in my minds eye, I could see that fat prick bobbing before me and my cock hardened again as I jacked a big load of jizz onto my chest.

I went back to the grocery store several times that week but never saw him again, some days I would actually stake out the parking lot watching for him. Maybe one day he will come back and let me service his oversized cock in the parking lot again.