Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Waffle Hut

It was Saturday morning, I woke up a little earlier than usual and was pretty hungry. There was a new Waffle Hut that had just opened in town a couple of weeks and I decided that the rush of it being new in town should have calmed down.

My luck, a stool was available at the counter, I sat down and started looking at the menu, waffles, waffles everywhere. The waitress came by and took my order.

I had decided on the large breakfast, orange juice, a waffle, two eggs, two slices of bacon, raisin toast and hash browns, yeah three starches on one huge platter, they are not trying to be healthy here, but today, I am okay with that.

I sipped on my juice while watching the cook working like a madman at the grill, every once in a while he would turn and find me watching him. His apron was open in the back allowing me to check his fine plump ass as he moved to cook my order.

I smiled as he turned for the third time, this time he shot me a smile.

“You look like you have your hands full” I said.

“It is always like this, I’ve lost five pounds since I started here.” The cook said as he turned to me.

“I hope you don’t lose any more weight, you look great as you are.”

He shot a huge grin and continued working.

“Trying to butter up the cook for an extra waffle are you?” He asked.

“No, I have already ordered more food than I could possibly eat, just speaking the truth from what I can see back here.”

“You looking at my ass?” The cook leaned over toward me and whispered in my ear.

I could see his name tag “Waffle Hut Brad”.

“Well Brad, I am watching the whole show from a front row seat.”

I was not sure if he liked me watching his ass or not but I was not going to look away.

He passed my waffle to me with a scoop of melting butter in the middle.

“You can get started on that while I finish cooking the rest of your breakfast.” He said as he gave my arm a nudge from the backside of his gloved hand.

I looked up to see him smiling, his lips dark red and wet looking, and I wanted those lips for breakfast I wanted to suck on them so badly.

I poured syrup onto my waffle and cut a bite, sliding it into my mouth as I looked up to see Brad watching me.

“How is the waffle?” Brad asked as he was partially turned away from the grill.

“It’s great, lean over and I’ll give you a bite.”

“I’d love to, but my boss probably would not like me chewing behind the cook’s line.”

The flirting had begun in full force, Brad was starting to get distracted and dropped an egg on the floor he looked up at me and blushed a bit as he knew I was watching him.

Brad wore a Waffle Hut sleeve on one arm, it is a little silly, and we all know it is to hide tattoos yet the waitress has tattoos on her neck and were fully visible and they didn’t make her put a bag over her head.

Brad’s fine ass had my attention as I gobbled up my waffle, he looked back and caught me checking his mounds of man ass, and I just looked into his face and grinned.

The waitress picked up a platter as soon as Brad finished plating my eggs, setting it in front of me as my eyes scanned the food, it looked so good.

“Got everything you need hon?” the waitress asked.

“A side of Brad.” I could not believe I said that, it was on my mind and it fell out before I could stop from saying it.

“What baby?” she asked.

“My bacon, a side of bacon.” I stammered.

She turned as Brad handed her the small plate of bacon, she set the plate down and walked away to check on other customers.

I ate my breakfast, still watching Brad working magic on the grill making it look effortless.

I ate as much as I could, and was leaving a tip when Brad wrote something on an order pad sliding it to me, I looked at the note it read “In case you still want a side of Brad, I am off at 1:00 PM” with his phone number.

I shot him a sly look and tucked the note into my shirt pocket, paid my bill and left.

I got home about 10:00 and did a few things watching the time and remembered that Brad did not know my name but I fully intended on calling him but should wait till after 1:30 as not to appear needy, well it would be at least 1:02 I thought as I laughed to myself.

The time was dragging it was 12:45 and all I could think about was Brad’s sexy red lips and how I wanted them between my own lips and that ass, wow.

I leaned back in my recliner listening to music and drifting in and out of the lightest slumber, my breathing regular and slow but my mind kept returning to Brad, I was anxious to spend time with him.

A loud song came onto the radio and made me jump, I glanced at the clock, and it was 3:14 I had fallen into a deep sleep, Brad had been off for just over two hours, I jumped up and grabbed some iced tea to moisten my throat before calling him.

I picked up my cell phone and dialed Brad’s number, it rang several times before he answered.


“Hi Brad, its Cole, the guy from breakfast.”

“Hey Cole, I had forgotten to ask your name this morning.”

“Yeah, I was distracted and forgot to introduce myself.” I said.

“I don’t get that many guys checking my ass out at the Waffle Hut, you got me so flustered I was dropping eggs and over cooking the hash browns.”

“I’d like to get together and get to know you if that’s okay with you?”

“Sure, I am kinda hungry, would you like to meet me for pizza?”

“Sure, sounds great, where would you like to eat?” I asked.

“How about the Dale’s pizza on Mission Street, right by the mall, do you know it?”

“Yeah, I love that place, you want to meet now?”

Sure, I’m pretty hungry and I can be there in about fifteen minutes, if that’s okay with you?” Brad said.

“I’ll leave now and be there in about the same time.”

“Cool, see you there, meet you outside the entrance.”

“Okay, bubye.”


I was anxious during the drive, but minutes later I was waiting outside as Brad pulled his red Jeep into a nearby parking space.

Brad walked up sticking his hand out for me to shake while slapping my shoulder with his other hand.

“Good to see you again Cole.”

“Great to see you too, let’s get inside and grab a booth.”

“It always smells wonderful in here, want a pitcher of beer or do you want a cola?”

“Beer is fine.” I said.

I slid into the booth sitting across from Brad, I really wanted to sit next to him but at least this way I could look into his face and watch those sexy lips move as he spoke.

The waiter came by taking our order for a large sausage and pepperoni pizza and a pitcher of beer returning only moments with two frosty cold beer mugs and the pitcher of foamy beer.

Brad poured the beer and slid the mug of beer over to me.

“So, you want a side of Brad huh?” Brad said with a big grin on his face.

I laughed and blushed a little as I sipped my beer.

“Yeah, well you do have a great ass to say the least.”


“How long have you worked at the Waffle Hut?”

“A couple of years or so, I transferred over here when this one opened for better hours.”

“Wow, you really know your way around the kitchen.”

“It is just four steps wide, how can you not know your way around it? And it is only a few things, eggs, bacon and hash browns, the waffles and toast are in the next station.”

So I’m guessing that you are gay or you probably not have been happy with me flirting with you at breakfast and would not be here now.”

“Yeah, I have been out since I was thirteen years old.”’

“You started having sex at thirteen?”

“No, I said I came out at thirteen, I had my first encounter at fourteen, he was fifteen and very horny having just gone through puberty and all, I hadn’t, I was so embarrassed.”

“Why were you embarrassed?”

“Well, I had no pubic hair and my cock was not very big yet, but Jeff’s was. We were in his bedroom horsing around, which turned into a bit of a wrestling match on the bed, Jeff pinned me down with his butt on my chest and his knees pinning my arms to the bed and his crotch about five inches from my lips.”


“Well, he leaned up on his knees and pushed the crotch of his jeans into my face, I think it was intended to make me squirm and try to get away but I didn’t, I only smiled and went mmmmm…

We got naked, his boner jutted out from his dark pubic hair, I reached over and touched it gently, it was the first penis I had touched other than mine. I put my hand around it, jacking it slowly while Jeff arched his back.”

“Sounds like a nice, first time sexual experience.” I said.

“Well, it was all good until Jeff’s sixteen year old brother walked in unannounced.”

“Holy crap, what happened?”

“He came in and shut the door he stood there and looked at us and asked if we were fags. Jeff told him not to tell their parents, he said he won’t but we had to suck him off and by “we” he mostly meant me.

I was scared of getting in trouble not being to come to Jeff’s again. His brother stripped and walked over towards me, he had a slim build and a great tan, and he was shaking his large, mostly hard cock at me. I was uncomfortable as it was to be my first time and should have been with Jeff but it ended up being with his brother.

“Damn, you blew his brother?”

“He pumped it in and out of my mouth but not into my throat for a few minutes, until he shot his cum into my mouth. His cock seemed huge even though he was only two years older than me. Jeff sat on the bed and never lost his boner while he watched his brother blast his load into my mouth.”

“Did you ever have sex with Jeff?”

“Yeah, I did a few times, once his brother came in and this time he fucked me and watched while I fucked Jeff afterwards. The pain was intense but it was a pain that I enjoyed.”

“Do you think Jeff was telling his brother when to stumble in on you two?”

“Yeah, I confronted him once and he finally told me that his brother would make him tell him when I was coming over.”

“Wow, that’s crazy, it sounds like the brother liked you more than Jeff did.”

“Pretty much, but one thing he liked to do was to watch me blowing or fucking Jeff. I never saw them do anything with each other but have always thought that they did have a little brotherly fetish going on.”

Our pizza came and we changed the conversation while we ate, the pizza was great, but eating it with Brad was even better.

“Cole, telling you all that stuff really isn’t me, stories like that are something that can come out later in a relationship, I haven’t told that story to too many people.”

“I understand, I think we could go out dancing after we finish this pizza, what do you think?”

“Sounds like a plan, I have to work at five o’clock in the morning so I can’t stay out long, maybe till ten or eleven.”

“Then why don’t we skip going out and maybe we can go to my place and visit and get to know each other a little bit more?”

“Okay, we can go dancing in a few days when I don’t have to get up so early.”

We finished the pizza and Brad followed me over to my apartment just a few miles away.

“Have a seat and make yourself at home, I will get us some iced tea to sip on.” I said.

I sat in a side chair while Brad was on the couch, we told stories and laughed for the better part of an hour before Brad suggested that I come sit by him, as soon as I sat down Brad moved his hand to my leg.

“There, that’s much better, I could get used to this.” Brad said as he looked into my eyes.

I leaned over some bumping him in the shoulder with mine.

“I kinda like it too.” I said as I kissed him.

The first kiss was a little awkward but still nice.

We talked and laughed for another hour before Brad said it was time for him to go home and get some sleep. I stood and hugged Brad, he kissed me on the lips and I took it to the next level, I liked him very much and gave him some tongue while pulling him in tightly.

“Thanks for having me over Cole, I had a great time tonight and would like to see you again, very soon.”

I put my arm over his shoulder while I walked him out to his car.

“Yeah, I had a nice time too, is tomorrow too soon?” I said laughing.

“I think dinner would be good, but this time at my house, I’ll cook if that is okay?”

“Sounds wonderful, what can I bring?”

“Bring a dessert if you like, I’ll text you my address, plan on around six o’clock.”

Brian drove off down the street, I was missing him already, and just as I was getting into bed Brad sent me a short text wishing me a good night’s sleep.

The next day I was thinking of Brad most of the time at work, he really had my full attention.

I knew he had been off work for a couple of hours by the time I walked out to the parking garage, I stopped at a bakery on the way home and picked up a chocolate fudge cake with raspberry filling in between the layers.

I got home, took a shower and dressed for my dinner with Brad, he had texted me earlier saying that I could come over as soon as I liked, I was ready to go and sent him a quick text letting him know that I was on the way.

I walked up to Brad’s door and rang the bell, he opened the door and was all smiles.

I handed him the white box tied with red string, he took the cake and leaned in for a kiss.

“Mmmm, this is my dessert, your sexy lips.” He said.

I swatted his ass as he walked toward the kitchen to put the cake on the counter.

“Cole, there is a pitcher of iced tea in the refrigerator, would you please pour us some tea?” he asked as he put two tall glasses on the counter.

“Sure thing sexy, dinner smells wonderful.”

“Thanks, I am making a beef roast with roasted potatoes and carrots.”

Brad did a few more things before we relaxed in the living room while the dinner finished cooking.

My eyes were usually on Brad’s lips, they were dark against his white teeth, the corners of his lips would tighten just before he would start laughing, it was sexy. I put my hand on his knee giving it a squeeze now and then.

Dinner was ready and Brad would not let me help, and told me to sit at the table that he had already set for the two of us.

“This roast is wonderful, I don’t want to stop eating.” I said.

“Eat all you like but don’t get stuffed.”

“Yeah, we have to save room for cake.”

“Well, that too.” Brad said with a sweet grin as he put a forkful of beef into his mouth.

“Oh, I see… how it is.” I said with a huge grin.

We finished eating, hit the couch and in moments were in each other’s arms, Brad pulled me close, his lips on mine, and his tongue in my mouth. I ran my hand down his back and my fingertips into the waist of his pants, our breathing was becoming rough as we groped each other while kissing.

Brad slid his hand up inside my shirt feeling my chest, twisting my nipples making me lustfully horny.

I stood up pulling my shirt off as Brad pulled my hips close to his face, he kissed my treasure trail and unbuckled my belt and slid my pants to the floor, his right hand moved across my chest while his lips went to the front of my red briefs causing me to moan as he chewed at the cotton that held my fully stiff boner inside.

Brad moved one hand between my legs and cupped my ass cheeks as he explored some before pulling my briefs down in the rear first and the front soon after causing my cock to bounce out and within a moment they were at my ankles.

I stood nude in front of this handsome man while his hands played with my ass cheeks and explored my crack as he touched the tip of his tongue to the head of my cock causing it to jump upward. I ran my fingers through his hair wanting to pull his head forward and deep onto my cock but there was plenty of time.

Brad slowly pushed his dark lips farther onto my cock until he was against my pubic hair and had my whole cock into his throat and mouth, my hands were touching him anywhere I could reach, I wanted everything at once, and I so badly wanted this stud to bury his prick into my ass.

Brad stood and took me by the hand as we walked into his bedroom, he pulled back the comforter and top sheet to the foot of the bed, I laid on my back and waited for Brad to take his clothes off but he didn’t, he stood next to the bed and spread my legs apart while he ran his fingertips along the inner part of my thighs. Holy fuck this felt amazing I thought, my pre cum had started lightly flowing from the slit of my cock.

I could feel his fingertips and hands touching my skin ever so lightly I have never felt anything as sensual as this before, it was like pre foreplay. Brad climbed onto the bed and pushed my legs farther apart than before, I could feel his tongue running up the inside of my left leg from my ankle to my ball sac that was hanging low between my legs, his tongue darted over the loose skin as my nuts moves inside.

My heels pushed against the bed lifting my ass from the bed a few inches, Brad pushed my ass cheeks apart with his thumbs while his tongue assaulted my asshole and he chewed at my butt driving me wild.

“Fuck me.” I blurted out.

Brad looked up from between my legs with a huge grin.

“I’d love to.”

He stood up at the side of the bed pulling off his shirt, then his jeans, I could make out the outline of a colossal cock, it weighed down the fabric of his briefs. I did not get the full idea of how big it really was until he flopped it over the elastic waistband and it hung there looking immense, my mouth went dry as I stared at it wondering how this enormous tube steak would ever fit into my ass.

“Still want it?”

“Oh hell yeah.” I whispered still secretly unsure.

I reached out to his leg and pulled him closer, my hands explored the largest cock I have ever personally touched, the weight of it in my hand, and it was three quarter the size of my wrist and the length was two fist fulls and then some while his big nut bag swung behind it.

He leaned in and pushed his giant cockhead to my lips, I eagerly took it inside but choked on the girth as I tried to swallow his cock.

“Not many can take my cock down their throat or in the ass, it’s just too fucking big, I have always wished for a more moderate size.” Brad said as he looked at his cock.

“Hell, it is the 8th wonder of the world, let me explore this beauty.” I said as I went back down on his manhood.

“Some guys get scared off by its size, the rest want me to do porn but I am not into that.”

I swallowed the head and a couple of inches without choking before I flipped onto my stomach.

“Fuck me, baby.” I said.

Brad lubed my ass and his cock before using his fingers to stretch my tight hole, by the time he had three fingers inside and had worked it a while he re lubed again and put an extra-large condom on his prick.

I lifted my ass into the air bringing one knee up under me and leaning to one side, I felt Brad’s vast cockhead pushing at my puckered hole.

“Push it in.”

“Yeah?” Brad asked.


Brad pushed it hard and it passed into my taut hole, the pain was immense, I bit the pillow and held on tight to the sheets.

“You okay?” Brad asked.

“Yeah, keep going.”

Brad squirted more lube onto his cock as it stuck partially into my ass and gave a gentle but firm push and it was inside me most of the way but it felt like there were three cocks stretching my ass out.

“You okay?” Brad asked as he paused.

“Yeah, I am fine.”

He pushed until he was all the way in and his super-sized man meat impaled my ass before he started pumping my hole. It took some getting used to while he fucked me, it started out slow and picked up momentum, his balls would slap into me as he drove his cock deep inside me.

I was just starting to get comfortable as he pulled my hips into the air even farther, Brad’s breathing was much faster and I could hear his sex noises getting louder, he was more animalistic now as he fucked me wildly while I pushed back toward him.

My own cock and balls were swinging between my legs as they dangled in the air during my ass fucking, I did not want him to stop but could feel him getting closer and closer to climax.

“Fuck me harder Brad, give it all to me.” I panted.

“Yeah Cole, your hole is so tight, it feels so fucking good.”

Brad lifted me a little higher and his speed increased along with his body starting to jerk, I knew he was very close.

“Oh, fuck, I’m cumming Cole, ohhhhhhh,,, fuck…” Brad cried out while his cock spewed out its semen.

Brad pumped my ass until he fell forward onto my back while my knees slid down the bed and I was flat on my stomach and Brad slid off to one side of the bed.

We caught our breath, I started playing with Brad’s nipples just before Brad moved down, and taking my cock into his mouth, within a moment he was swallowing my entire cock to my pubes.

He throat fucked my cock like no one ever had, he had the knack to close his throat down on my shaft squeezing it on the down thrust before pulling it almost all the way out and going down again.

“That feels amazing baby, holy fuck you are a pro at this.” I said.

I blew my load into Brad’s throat and mouth while gripping the sheets on each side of me with a very intense orgasm as I moaned loud enough for the neighbors down the block to hear. Brad moved up and lay his head on the pillow laying there just looking into my eyes, he had such a calming look about him, relaxed, happy and at ease with me as much as I was with him.

He rolled onto his side, placing his tattooed arm across my chest as we fell asleep and I woke about an hour or so later. My ass still throbbed from the fucking that Brad gave me with that thick ass pole of his, I wanted more of that cock and would soon get used to its size.

Brad was still sleeping, he had turned over and was curled up some, his naked ass against my leg, I moved back some taking in the beauty of his body, my finger traced his backbone from his shoulder blades to his ass crack, I paused there before sliding my finger down parting his ass cheeks until I found his fuck hole.

My finger toyed with his elastic barrier before pushing past it, I pushed it gently until it was buried in his ass, I leaned over kissing his back while I fingered his warm hole.

Brad stirred form his slumber pulling his upper knee toward his chest allowing me to have better access to his ass.

“Mmmm…. Nice wake-up call.”

I smiled reaching for the lube, squirting some onto my cock as I moved closer to him, sliding my very stiff slender prick into his ass as I leaned over his side and began pumping this sexy man.

It felt so good I wanted to slide half my body into him, Brad arched his back some and wanted all I could give him.

“Fuck me hard baby, jam it in deep.”

I could feel how tight he was and wondered if he had been a bottom very often. I leaned forward and up putting lots of pressure not only on his hole but on my hard pecker so I could feel every inch of movement while my free hand roamed his tan skin.

Brad pulled his leg past my head so he was laying on his back, he started rubbing his hefty cock to the size of something you could play baseball with, I watched while I pumped his fuck hole.

It was so hot I could hold back no longer and started filling has ass with my hot jizz, my ass went wild until my cock was spent and dropped to the bed alongside of him.

Looking at his cock, and the length of it, I started wondering if Brad could suck himself off, I reached over playing with his shaft.

“Hey, Brad, You are pretty large, well I mean in inches, have you ever sucked your own cock?” I asked with a sheepish grin.

Brad looked at me and didn’t say a word but moved down and his legs went into the air and over his head while his cock pushed against his lips, he looked at me and smiled before sucking the whole head and a little more between his lips.

“Fuck me, that’s hot!” I exclaimed.

I moved around so I could get a better view, I looked at his asshole, bare and exposed to the ceiling, I reached over and touched it some tracing his seam from his ass to his balls. I grabbed his shaft stroking it a few times with a firm grip while his lips held the ample cockhead.

Brad pulled his legs down tighter allowing more to slip inside his mouth, I pushed gently on his ass in a bobbing fashion while I watched him fuck his own mouth until he started shooting, he lifted off enough so I could see it blasting into his mouth, I moved my face in and licked at his shaft and then the head of his cock tasting his salty jizz.

Brad unfolded his legs and rolled over next to me, I kissed his lips and toyed with his nipples some before we got up and showered together.

We have been dating and spending lots of time together for over six months, I have really met a truly wonderful man that is caring and has grown to love me, we are talking about moving in together, all because of the Waffle Hut breakfast.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bad Decision

I live with a semi long term boyfriend, I keep making him move out and always end up letting him move back in after his pleading to treat me better and get a job, yeah, 28 years old and sits up on the couch all day doing nothing and when I get off work, he wants to go out to eat and then to the clubs till late on a work night for me.

We have been together for nearly five years, I had hoped Brad would change and grow up, get a job and contribute to the relationship. He keeps asking for a joint checking and savings account but I put my foot down and told him there had to be joint income before that would happen, I would be at work while he drained my bank account to nothing if I were to do that.

When I kick him out he goes to his parents’ house and eats them out of house and home while refusing to get a job, in the past his dad tried to pay me to take him back, he called it “helping to pay Brad’s share” but it was really to get him out of the house.

Driving home from work I was about at my last straw with him, I loved him and he is a sweet guy, very good looking and all but I think that was his downfall. All he had to do is smile his charming smile at about anyone and they would give in or do what he wanted, it seems the “pretty” people really do get more out of life.

I walked in the door from the cold ice and blowing snow to fine brad sitting on the couch naked, as usual.

“Hi Joey, how was work today baby?” Brad asked.

“Well if you are that interested in it, maybe you could get a job and find out for yourself.”

“Joe, please don’t fight with me, it is always the same, always about me getting a job, there are no jobs out there, and I have tried so hard.”

“When was that? You have not gotten dressed at all in three days, you stay in the house naked all day long.”

“I try to give you some eye candy after you work so hard all day and all I get is attitude.” Brad said.

“Come here Brad, I want to show you something.” I said taking him by the hand and walking him to the front door.

Brad looked out the open door to the white frozen tundra.

“What is it baby, did you buy me a new car?”

I pushed Brad out onto the front porch naked and closed and locked the door.

“I am over this and over you, you need to go and NOW!” I yelled through the door.

I went upstairs and took his clothes pushing them into a suitcase, the whole time he was knocking on the door telling me that he was freezing out there, I scooped up his cell phone and the keys to his old Chevy after taking his house key off of the ring, I opened the front door and pushing them out to Brad.

He stood there in the 20 degree weather, his cock had shriveled to a couple of inches and his balls pulled up tight to his body.

“Baby, please, don’t do this to me.”

“I have given you all the chances and you do nothing but take advantage of me.”

“Joey, I’m freezing out here.”

“Sorry Brad, but you have done this to yourself, now it is time you go find your way in life and stop living off others, I am done being an enabler.”

I looked out the peep hole on the door to see this sexy looking man freezing on my porch, his nipples tightening from the coldness to the size of dimes with the tips sticking out hard, it was all I could do to stay strong.

Brad grabbed the suitcase and keys off of the porch and ran through the snow to his car before trying to get dressed, I bet that vinyl car seat was cold on his bare ass, he cranked the engine for a while and the old car barely started.

He called the house phone but I would not pick up, he left a message saying he was sorry for whatever I was mad at and could he please come back inside?

He still did not even get why he was out again, he just wanted to say he was sorry, smile and give me a blowjob and make things better.

I called his parents and let them know that he was probably on his way back to their house and that I would not be taking him back in. His Dad yelled for his wife to pack a bag quick, they were leaving town for a few days before Brad get there move back in and take root.

I can’t blame them, if fact an out of town trip sounded great, I had been avoiding a vacation for the last year or so because I could not give that to Brad, rewarding him with a great vacation when his life is already a holiday.

I called my boss knowing that he would still be at work.

“Hey Jim, I know you like more notice, but something just popped up and I would like to get out of town for a while and take some vacation time, you think that would be okay?”

“Sure Joey, you always do a great job and I don’t mind the short notice at all, enjoy yourself.”

“Two weeks would be great, that would put me coming back at the end of the month.”

“No problem.”

“Thanks Jim, I really appreciate it, more than you could know.”

I about ran to the computer and started looking up places to vacation. Vegas, Mexico, Canada, hell, it’s probably colder in Canada than here. I needed some place warm, the Bahamas, yes, I booked a ticket for the next day, it was not cheap without notice but I didn’t care at this point, I booked a hotel that had a little gay rainbow flag on the web site and said “gay resort” and had tons of beautiful pictures of white sand, tan men and turquoise water.

The next day I drove to the airport long term parking garage, it was freezing out but I took off my coat and gloves, leaving them in the car, I didn’t want to carry them to the tropics.

I got on the plane and had a grin ear to ear, settling into the seat when the flight attendant walked by and smiled at me.

“I’m going to the Bahamas.” I said.

“Yes sir, we all are, it is a non-stop flight.” She said with a wry grin.

“Oh, well now I feel silly, I just haven’t had a vacation in a long time, bad relationship just ended and I am free.”

“I understand all too well.” She said as she walked on down the aisle.

The plane was about to taxi out onto the runway and was far from full, the Captain was making announcements about the flight time and weather in the Bahamas when the flight attendant tapped me on the shoulder.

“Come with me sir.” She said.

I gave her a quizzical look I stood up and followed her, beyond the forbidden curtain into first class.

“We have a vacant seat up here and I thought you might enjoy this better.”

I about kissed her, this never happens to me and getting bumped to first class on this long of a flight, well it was wonderful.

I saw the flight attendant talking with the one that serves first class, I am not sure what she said but I was pampered the whole flight with snacks, drinks and the wider seat was wonderful.

She came to check on me towards the end of the flight, I could not thank her enough, and I explained a generic version of breaking up and needing this vacation so very badly. She smiled and patted my shoulder before returning to the rear section of the plane.

Stepping off of the plane into the tropical warm humid weather was insane, it felt so good. I claimed my bags and grabbed a taxi to my hotel, the drive was nice, and I was looking out the window at palm trees, beaches, watching the tourists and locals going about their day.

I stepped up to the hotel registration, a very tan staff member got me checked in and called for a bellhop over to assist me, taking my bags and showing me to my bungalow near the beach.

“As you know this is an all-male gay resort, we offer a clothing optional pool and the beach between the markers, you will see it when you head down that way, but if you have any questions, please call the concierge desk.” The bell hop said as I tipped him.

“Wow, I didn’t know about that, sounds intriguing.”

I closed the door and put my clothes away, it was time to put some board shorts and a tee shirt on, I stripped and rinsed off in the shower before looking into a full length mirror. Not bad, I thought as I looked at my naked reflection, nothing like Brad but decent looking at least.

Why was I thinking of Brad, fuck, I needed to get him out of my head. I had not turned on my cell phone back on after the flight, and tossed it onto the bed, I’m on vacation from the phone too.

I walked out bare foot to the gift shop in the lobby and bought some flip flops, sunscreen and sunglasses.

“No bag needed, just cut the tags off please.”

I dropped the flip flops onto the cool tiled floor and stepped into them, tucked the tube of sunscreen into my pocket and walked out into the sun as I put on the sunglasses.

Wow, I thought, I never want to leave here, it is truly paradise. And to think just 24 hours ago I was fighting the snow and icy roads to get to work.

I walked over to the beach bar, it was typically tropical looking with thatched palm roof and plenty of bamboo of course, just what I needed.

“What would you like to drink?” the shirtless bartender asked.

“Surprise me, whatever you think would be refreshing.” I said with a smile.

Within moments the bartender gave me a traditional red fruity drink with lots of rum, a pineapple wedge and umbrella stuck on the side. After the first sip, I knew I would drink several more of these.

Walking down to the beach I came to the marker that said “clothing optional beach” to the left, “clothing required” to the right with a tiki-tropical arrow pointing each way.

I walked to the right, for now anyway, walking down to the water realizing that there was really no boundary between the two beaches after the markers. Looking to the left I could see several naked men, some playing Frisbee while men splashed in the water or sunned on towels.

I walked in the ankle deep water and ventured into the clothing optional side while sipping my tropical drink. A guy or two gave me a nod as I passed, it was refreshing seeing naked men out having fun in the sun.

“Drop your boardies and enjoy.” A blond haired guy with an Australian accent called out.

“My what?” I asked.

“Your Boardies, board shorts, get naked man! Looks like you’ve got allot inside them.”

I looked at my crotch and smiled before pulling out the tube of sunscreen. We both laughed, he saw the thick tube and thought it was my cock.

His accent melted me, he as a good looking guy in a general way but it was his outgoing personality that caught my attention.

“I didn’t bring a towel or anything with me, was not planning anything but a quick walk on the beach.” I said.

“What’s your name mate?” I’m Jeff.”

“My name is Joey.”

“Like a little roo?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Well you gonna give it a burl?”

I looked at him as I had no idea what he meant, it was English but still.

“Get naked man, come drop your things at my towel.”

We walked over to his towel, he had rented a large umbrella to give respite from the sun. I handed him my drink to hold while I pulled my tee over my head tossing it onto the sand before unbuttoning my shorts and letting them drop alongside my shirt as I stepped out of them.

“Damn, you are pale, but sexy, I might crack a fat.”

“What? Your gonna crack a fart?”

“No, crack a fat, you know, woody, hard on…” He said laughing.

“Let’s get into the water, I’ve done nothing but get my feet wet so far.”

We walked into the water about waist deep before Jeff started playing and splashing me, I dove onto him dragging him under the water, and it was thrilling to feel his naked body against mine as we played in the water.

I jumped onto Jeff’s back and rode him like a seahorse through the water while we both laughed.

Jeff dumped me off into the water and ran for the shade of the umbrella with me right behind him, the air was hot so there was no real need to dry off but Jeff took a towel and dried the water off of my face before leaning over kissing my lips.

I have never gotten into casual kissing or sex but I felt like I need to be healed of Brad, I kissed Jeff as I held the back of his head, pulling him in tightly.

“I am gonna burn to a crisp out here, would you put lotion on me please?” I asked as I handed Jeff the suntan lotion tube.

I turned over backside up, Jeff squirted some lotion onto his hands before rubbing it into my back and shoulders. He was massaging me more than just adding sun protection, I let him go at it, giving a moan now and then.

He worked his way down my back until he got to my ass cheeks, he rubbed lotion onto them after he moved down sitting on my lower legs. His fingers roamed into my ass crack as he pushed the mounds apart, I knew he was getting a good look at my asshole as I could feel his thumbs pulling the skin open and in a moment his fingers caressed my sphincter and I was surprised to feel a finger slide inside my puckered hole. He moved some and parted my legs a bit as he played inside me.

“Roll over mate, time for the other side.”

I hesitated for a second when he gave my side a tap, I rolled over showing that my cock was hard as ever.

“I’ve cracked a fat.” I said with a giggle.

“I see.”

Jeff looked around and found that no one could see us except for a couple of guys that were well out in the water playing together. Jeff dropped down and took my boner into his mouth, it took my breath away, I almost shot a load right there, it felt so good, so right, out here in the heat of the Bahamas listening to the waves crash.

Jeff sucked me for a couple of minutes before he took his hand to my stiff member, jacking it as he watched from only a few inches away. I arched my hips some as the feelings of a climax got closer, Jeff returned his finger of his left hand into my ass, finger fucking me while he jacked me off.

My body was tense, and starting to move around as the cum got closer to flying free, Jeff fingered my hole faster and faster as I let my ejaculate go, I moaned loudly as my cum flew onto my chest and lips.

I laid back, breathing hard, Jeff slid his finger out of my ass, leaned in and kissed my lips as he tasted the salty cum that had splattered onto them.

“Fuck me, that felt good.” I said in a low whisper.

“Oh, you want me to fuck you too?” Jeff said with a smile.

“Out here?” I asked with hesitation.

“Well, no, I had thought it better in my bungalow but I could give it a go out here.”

Jeff spread some lotion onto his uncut prick, adjusted the umbrella so no one up beach could see us and slid his cock into my ass in one push. It felt as if he had the umbrella pole in my ass, his cock was bigger than I was used to but felt great.

Jeff lifted my legs tucking my knees back toward my chest while plowing my hole, he talked dirty the whole time and his accent was so hot, I didn’t always understand what he said, but got the drift that he was enjoying himself.

I looked into his face, the beads of sweat on his forehead grew as he fucked me out on the sand, his nipples had hardened and his chest was reddening and I knew he would cum soon. My fuck hole was on fire, as he sped to full bore while he shot his load. He was more of a vocal than I had expected, and I think half of the resort heard him as he shot his jizz into my ass.

He fell forward on top of me, out sweat mixing between our chests, Jeff took my hand helping me up and ran for the cool water to clean off the sweat and cum, his cock was still mostly hard and bobbed as he ran into the water.

“Damn, that felt good, I really needed that.” I said.

“Yeah mate, it was good, I feel like a nap in the coolness of my room I reckon, want to join?

“Yeah sounds good.” I said as I walked out of the water.

“I love your accent mate.” He said.

“Mine? I don’t have one.” I replied.

“You do to me, say the oddest things too but I catch allot of it.” Jeff said as we collected our belongings and put our shorts back on.

We got into Jeff’s room, pretty much the same as mine, we stripped off our shorts, rinsed off the salt water in the shower and cuddled in bed and Jeff fell asleep in moments. It felt good to be with Jeff, he is fun and carefree, I bet he had a job back home too, I ran my hands over his chest while I spooned him, and I let my hand rest on his cock and fell asleep too.

I woke up to Jeff’s movement, I looked into his handsome face, drinking in his good looks and the excitement of being with someone new.

“Are you here alone?” I asked.

“Nah, my boyfriend will be back anytime, he was off at the gym, a bodybuilder.”

I started to jump up from the bed when Jeff, laughed.

“Just pulling your chain mate, I am on holiday alone and I am single.”

I punched his shoulder.


“What are your plans while in the Bahamas?” Jeff asked.

“I have no idea, I just knew that I needed to go someplace warm and get away from home for a while mostly.”

“There is a gay cruise tomorrow evening, a sunset dinner cruise, would you like to come?”

“Sure, where do I get a ticket or boarding pass?” I asked.

“I will take care of everything.”

That evening we went to dinner together having a seafood feast loaded with lobster, scallops and huge fried prawns, I drank four of the red tropical drinks and was pretty well on my lips before the walk back to my room, Jeff helped steady me and get me inside and to my bed.

I thanked him for the help, he gently pushed me back onto the bed, took off my flip flops, slid my shorts off and sat me up to peel off my tee shirt. I kissed him while his lips were close to mine, I was now naked on the bed while Jeff looked me over.

“What a pretty sight.” He said with a laugh.

I was not used to drinking that much rum and was talking all silly and slurring a bit, I wanted him to stay with me, to feel the heat of his body against mine.

“Get naked Jeffie, stay with me tonight.”

“I think you’ve had too much punch, I will stay but I don’t thing sex is a good idea.”

Jeff stripped and stood alongside of the bed, I reached out and took hold of his foreskin that hung past the tip of his cock, running my finger inside between the foreskin and his cockhead.

“You like my foreskin Joey?”

“Yeah I love it.”

I pulled at his foreskin and could see the big head of his cock inside the skin.

Jeff straddled my thighs and put his cock tip to mine and pulled his foreskin over my cockhead slowly jacking them together.

Both cocks were hard in no time, it felt great having his skin over my cockhead and his pre cum getting everything inside the skin wet and slick.

Jeff jacked both cocks until he shot his load, the foreskin could not hold all of the hot jizz and it leaked out all over my cock but he kept jacking and within moments I could not hold back any longer, my cum blasted against his cockhead with our cum mixing inside his double cock filled hood.

I fell asleep and woke up in the morning to Jeff spooning against my backside with his arm over my chest, I felt safe and good in his arms. Jeff must have cleaned us up last night as there was no dried cum on me.

We went to breakfast together before Jeff excused himself, he said he had things to get ready for the cruise and would meet me back at my bungalow at seven PM.

I walked around in town a bit and bought a few things including a couple of rum cakes and a subdued, semi-tasteful tropical button down shirt for tonight.

I went to a small aquarium checking out the fish and displays before heading back to my room to change for the beach, this time I went right to the clothing optional side, slipped out of my shorts and splashed around in the water some, there were not too many men were out on the beach yet today, it was very hot so I decided to walk back to my room and take a shower and a short nap.

In the shower I let my hands roam across my soap covered chest, one went to my cock giving it a good squeeze and the other to my ass, running my fingertips into my crack, I lifted one leg to the soap tray and fingered my ass, it felt so good.

My cock jutted straight up next to my body, I jacked off in the cool running water as I fingered my hole, I wanted Jeff’s hard cock in my ass so bad, my eyes closed as I blew my jizz into the air and onto the wet shower floor.

I woke from my nap about an hour later, the room was dark and cool compared to the hot outside temperature. I had little information about the cruise so I figured that wearing the tropical shirt I had bought in town earlier along with some loose fitting slacks would be good for casual or semi dress wear.

I walked up to the tiki bar and ordered a red punch drink and a small cheese and bread plate appetizer to hold me over until dinner. A few guys that I had seen on the nude beach were sitting nearby were drinking the same drink as I was, they spoke loudly and seemed to be having a good time, one came over and sat next to me.

“Hello, my name is Philip.”

“Hey Philip, my name is Joey.”

“I saw you out one the beach earlier, I think you are very sexy.” Philip said.

“I think you are very drunk because I am not all that sexy.”

“What are your plans for tonight?” He asked in a slight slur.

“I am going on a gay sunset cruise with a friend.”

“There are no gay sunset cruises here, I have been coming here for years and I would have known about it.”

“Whatever, that is what I have been told.”

“You must have misunderstood, you should come with me back to my room, we can have some fun and play around, what do you think about this?”

“You should go to your room and have a cool shower and start without me, I “will” be going on a cruise in a few minutes.” I said with a wink.

“I will and when you find that there is no cruise, you may join me at 107, it is just down the path.” Philip said as he slid off the bar stool and reached around from behind hugging my chest with his arm.

‘Okay Philip, sounds like a plan.” Knowing that I would never go to his room.

I went to my room and waited only a couple of minutes when I heard a knock at the door, it was Jeff, and he was dressed similarly to what I had chosen for the evening. I leaned in giving him a hug and a slight kiss.

“Let’s head to the dock, the boat must be there already, I am anxious to get out on the water before the sun sets.” Jeff said with a smile that warmed my heart.

We walked along the paths through the hotel property to the sparkling water and down to the dock, there was a yacht tied up to the cleats, but no one in sight on the boat.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

“The captain must be inside, it is pretty warm out here.”

Just as we stepped onto the dock, a crew member came out, welcoming us aboard.

“We will be underway momentarily gentlemen.”

I looked at Jeff with puzzlement.

“Where is everyone?”

“What do you mean? this is a sunset cruise, we are gay and well.”

“Did you arrange the cruise just for the two of us?” I asked.

“Yeah, I kind of did, I wanted to spend some quiet time with you.”

“Wow, well let’s get this night started then.” I said pulling Jeff close, kissing him deeply.

The boat motored away from the dock as we sat on the deck chairs watching the shoreline grow farther away.

A male crew member came by with drinks and appetizers while we watched the sunset grow pink and to a final dark orange reflecting up into the clouds before it passed beyond sight, the sea breeze was wonderful. After dark we moved inside the cabin where the crew served us a feast of lobsters, steaks, shrimp and roasted potatoes, we were so full I waved off the platter full of sweets they brought to our table.

We talked and laughed so much my sides hurt, Jeff smiled and touched my thigh while I told him about Brad and all the heartache he had caused by not wanting to grow up and accept responsibilities, he especially laughed when I told him how I locked him out on the porch naked.

At dockside we thanked the crew and walked back up the walkway to the hotel.

“Please come stay with me tonight” Jeff said quietly.

“I would love to, you have been a charming and wonderful man, and I would like to spend as much time with you as I can until I go home.”

Inside Jeff’s room we stripped naked and slid into his bed dimming the lights and turning on the ceiling fan for a cool circulation.

“About holiday ending, mine ends soon, tomorrow is my last day here, I have to get back to Australia.”

My heart stopped cold, I guess I had to know that this would not last forever but I hoped it would be closer to when I have to leave.

“I have been here only a few days, is there any way you can extend your trip?” I asked.

“I have a better idea, why don’t you fly to Australia with me and stay with me?”

“That sounds wonderful but I don’t think I could afford a ticket that far without booking with plenty of notice, even then it is expensive.”

“Leave it to me.”

“No, I can’t let you pay for my flight, it is out of the question, Thanks, I really appreciate the offer but I could not take it.”

“I am going to book the flight for you and if you choose not to take it, well, it will go unused and a loss. Just do it, it would mean a lot to me to see you and show you around my home town.”

His sexy accent melted my heart and the thought of not seeing him again did not sit well with me.

“Whatever you say.” I said as I snuggled my head into his shoulder.

The next day we hit the clothing optional beach, played naked in the surf and lay out on the beach towels getting plenty of sun. I went to the hotel desk and told them I was cutting my trip short and would be checking out in the morning.

The flight to Australia was long, but it seems that Jeff was accustom to flying first class and for my second time in my life, I was enjoying the perks of the wider seats and being spoiled with special attention from the flight attendants. I reached over taking Jeff’s hand into mine and looked into his beautiful eyes.

“Hi.” I said with a smile.

Jeff smiled and winked at me.

“Do you have kangaroos running around your yard?”

“No, the dingoes ate them all.” He said with a belly laugh.

I blushed and poked Jeff in the ribs.

“I live in the city, if you want to see dingoes, we can go bush bashing if you like.”

“Bush bashing, is that anything to do with lesbians?”

“No, four wheeling out in the bush, looking for wildlife.” Jeff said with a chuckle.

“Sounds cool.”

We landed at Tullamarine airport in Melbourne, it is a huge airport, and we hustled to baggage claim where we came across a driver holding a sign that had Jeff’s name on it, we collected our bags while the driver used a trolley to get them to the car.

We piled into the backseat and letting the air conditioning cool us from the heat, was a bit odd having opposite seasons here. I watched out the window taking the bustling city in, it seemed familiar as any big city, yet it has that Aussie flavor.

We got to Jeff’s apartment dropping the bags in the living room, we were exhausted from the near 20 hour flight.

“Let’s grab a shower and hit the bed for a few hours.”

Looking around, this is no normal apartment, everything seemed pretty expensive and upscale, I followed Jeff to the bathroom and stripped my clothes off. We both stood in the large walk in shower letting the cool water splash over our bodies. I pulled Jeff tight against my body and kissed him, his hands roamed to my ass cheeks pulling them apart letting his fingers play inside my ass crack.

We dried off and slipped between the white sheets of Jeff’s bed, he scooted over against me and kissed me.

“See you in a few hours, if you wake up before me, help yourself to anything in the kitchen, there are cold drinks in the refrigerator, but I would rather you wake me when you get up.”

We cuddled as we fell asleep, Jeff woke up first and was busy on his computer catching up on things, I walked behind him slipping my arms around to his chest hugging him and kissing his neck.

“Hi baby, how was your sleep?” Jeff asked.

“I slept great, what are you up to?”

“Just doing a little work, I can do a little here and there and not have to go into my office for a few days, just call my staff each day.”

“Ohhh,, your staff, how nice, how many staff do you have in your empire?”

“A little over 1800 give or take.” Jeff said with a smile.

“Oh my God, what do you do for a living? Run a drug running business?” I asked in a joking manner.

“I own the largest chain of steakhouses in the country.”

“Don’t tell me you own the Outback Steakhouse chain.”

“No mate, that is not a real Aussie steakhouse, I’ll take you out to one tonight for dinner if you like?”

“Hell yeah, I would love to, it sounds great.”

That night Jeff had a car pick us up and drive us to dinner, the manager met us at the door whisking us past the tables full of people to a nice booth in the back.

“Great to see you Mr. Williams, please have a seat, Michael will be right with you, but first, may I get you each a drink?”

Jeff looked at me. “I’d like a Coke with lots of ice please.” I said.

“A Coke for Joey and a beer for me.”

“Very good.” The Manager said as he turned to have the waiter bring our drinks.

The waiter, Michael brought set our drinks down, Jeff ordered for us after asking me how I liked my steak.

“I am kind of feeling nervous, I didn’t know you were a tycoon, this is impressive.”

“Nah, not a tycoon, I have worked very hard and have taken many chances to build what I have.”

“I didn’t mean to imply anything inappropriate.”

Jeff smiled and gave my hand a pat. “It’s all good.”

“I can’t believe that all these people have such sexy accents.” I said with a laugh.

“Well, we are in Australia, but to us we don’t notice it, it’s normal, and you have the sexy accent mate.”

Our steaks and skewers of grilled shrimp were served and were perfectly cooked and so very tender, I would expect they were all fussing over the food in the kitchen knowing it was coming out to the owners table.

I ate until I felt I would pop but still managed to follow up dinner with a drink from the bar, I was truly impressed with Jeff and his accomplishments. I knew nothing of this before coming to his country, what a difference between what he has done and how Brad has wasted his life thus far.

Jeff was very professional with the staff but did not hide the fact that we were together as a date, we thanked the staff and walked back out to the car, and the driver took us to a club on Wellington St. Called The Peel, it is a darkly painted building with black trim with a large tower on the corner, kind of foreboding.

Inside the place was full of young men, many with their shirts off and were dancing to the loud blast of music, we made our way to one of the three bars and ordered drinks, Jeff managed to find a small table where we could park our drinks while we danced several songs before returning to the table.

“Grab your drink and let’s head to the patio for some fresh air.”

I followed Jeff out the door where the deafening music seemed to die off as the door closed.

“Great place.” I said as I sat next to Jeff putting my arm around his waist.

“Yeah, I come by now and then, they have a drag show that is a riot.”

We had a few more drinks before heading back to Jeff’s house, stripped and fell right into the bed naked and exhausted. The next morning I woke to Jeff sucking my rock hard morning wood.

“Wow, good morning, what a wakeup call.”

Jeff fingered my ass some before rubbing lube between my legs and onto his prick, he slid his thick cock inside me in one slow movement. I lifted my ass giving him as much room to play as possible, his cock felt so good inside me his speed increased and his breathing went ragged as he pumped me harder and harder calling my name as he blasted his jizz inside me before laying on my stomach, I could feel his cock growing limp and slipping out of my ass slowly, he moved up a bit resting his head on my chest.

Jeff started sucking my cock, he would take me close to cumming then slow up a bit, my heart was pounding and I wanted to cum badly. I could hardly hold still, my hips were bucking as I held his head in place, where it belonged, on my cock.

I was getting so close I could not keep quiet, groaning and moaning, begging to cum. Jeff started jacking my cock fast while keeping his mouth close by, when I started shooting, Jeff stopped jacking and sucked my shaft into his mouth, bobbing up and down while I blasted my salty cum into his throat.

He did not stop when my cum was spent, my cock was so sensitive and I was I moving all over trying to pull away but he kept sucking, my shaft stayed hard and in a few moments I was shooting again with Jeff gulping at my jizz while he twisted on my left nipple.

The days blew past and was time for me to leave and head back to the frozen tundra of home, I didn’t want to go, and Jeff made me feel like this is where I belong. My bags were packed and we were headed to the airport, Jeff drew me close as we walked to the security gate giving me a huge long hug.

I had tears in my eyes as I have always been emotional, I did not want to let this man go.

“It has been so nice having you come to my house and spend your vacation with me, I will miss you greatly, have a safe flight baby.”

“What a nice vacation it was, meeting you was the best part of all, I hate going back and leaving you here, but it’s time to get back to my house and work.” I said.

I gave Jeff a final parting kiss and walked through the gate, I looked over my shoulder to see that Jeff had not walked away, he stood there smiling and waving goodbye to me.

The plane ride home was cramped and hectic, I was not lucky enough to get bumped into first class again and had a guy that kept falling asleep and leaning over into my airspace, the plane was full and there was no vacant seats to move into.

I finally pulled into my driveway and got to the door, I found seven notes from Brad begging to come back and a small box from a local florist, I got the box and my bags inside, turned up the heat and took the package to the kitchen, probably a lame gesture from Brad.

I opened the box to find a small stuffed kangaroo and a note card, it said, “To my little roo Joey, I miss you already and hope to see you soon, Love Jeff.”

I took a shower and dropped into the bed with my laptop, checking email, there was one from Jeff.

“Baby, I hope you like the little roo, I am going to book a ticket for you to come back in three months, If your boss won’t let you take off work, tell him you have a new job working along my side and I would love it if you would consider moving to Australia and being my mister. I feel like we have what it takes to make a good life together, I didn’t fully realize how much I love you until you were gone, now I want you back so badly.

Don’t write me back yet, sleep on it, and think about what would make you happy, let me know if I should book a round trip visit or a one way ticket to be with me forever. My hopes are that you will use the three months to pack and give notice at work, come live with me and never look back.

Sweet Jeff, I tried to sleep but could not even come close until I wrote you back. A one way ticket is what I want, I have missed you every minute since I left your side. We will have to look into a green card or visa for me to stay there, I would love to be with you and work alongside of you, I think now that I have given you an answer, I can get to sleep, I look forward to your response and will Skype with you later when I get up, I love you, Joey.

When I woke up about four hours later, I reached for my laptop anxious to see if Jeff had written back.

Joey, I love you, I can’t wait until you are with me again, after you are here awhile and we are sure of things, we can marry to give you citizen status in Australia forever.

I checked the house phone answering machine, nineteen messages from Brad, I picked up the phone and made the call I dreaded.

“Hi Brad, I hope you found a place to live and are not on the streets.”

“Joey, oh my God, I have missed you and have so much to tell you. I have found a place to live, I met a guy named Kyle, he loves me and everything, I moved in with him three days ago.”

“I am so happy for you, where were you staying up till then?”

“I had a hide a key at mom and dads and stayed there, I have no idea where they went, they had not said anything about going on a vacation but I got there and they were gone, I think they are getting forgetful, they had left the TV on in the living room and a half eaten sandwich on a plate in the kitchen, looked like they just up and left in a hurry.”

“Brad, I went on vacation and met a guy in Australia and, well, I am moving there to be with him in a few months.”

“Wow, you went to Australia without me?” Brad asked.

“Brad, we are not together anymore, and besides, I went to the Bahamas, met Jeff and he flew me to Australia.”

“You went to the Bahamas without me?”

I shook my head, he just does not get it, and am sure that his parents will be seeing allot of him in the future unless this new boyfriend wants to have a boy toy to sit up in his house that relies on him for everything.

“Well, Brad, I am happy for you, I need to go, I have to get unpacked, do laundry and hit the grocery store for a few things before going back to work tomorrow.

I went to the store, put the laundry on and texted Jeff to Skype me when he gets time and left my laptop open on the kitchen counter and made a sandwich and poured a cup of coffee when I heard the Skype chime, answering it the screen opened to show Jeff naked and smiling.

“Hey mate, how is the weather there?”

“Hi baby, it’s frozen and lots of snow, Mom is here, wants to say hi”

Jeff jumped out of sight of the video camera only peeking back when he heard me laughing.

“You bastard, your mother is not there is she?”

I could not stop laughing.

“No, she is not here, I am sorry my crazy sense of humor kicked in and I could not resist.”

“Well maybe I won’t let you see my bits then.” Jeff said laughing.

“No, baby, I want to see your bits.” I said taking a bite of my sandwich.

“You more interested in your sandwich?” Jeff said with a big smile on his face.

I grabbed a sandwich sized zipper bag and put my lunch away until I finished our Skype call, with a flick of the buttons on my jeans and my pants were at my ankles, I stroked my cock to a full stiff mast in seconds while looking at Jeff half a world away as he lay naked on his bed.

Jeff moved his laptop to an upward side view as he jacked his rod and rubbed his balls, I knew that he was watching me do the same. Jeff flipped over and went to his knees while he fingered his ass, I could hear his moaning, it was almost like being with him.

“Mmm baby, I want that ass, I wish I could shove my thick cock right into that hole.”

“I wish you were here with me too love, it won’t be long.”

“I’m getting close baby, it feels so good.”

“Shoot it love.”

I jacked rapidly and shot my jizz into my hand filling my palm with sweet man juice.

“Lick it up baby.” Jeff said while he pumped his cock.

I leaned into the camera and licked the cum from my hand swallowing it while my lover watched.

Jeff had flipped onto his back again and started moaning loudly as he shot ropes of cum into his face and across his chest and belly.

He lay there spent, breathing hard but had a hell of a smile on his face, I could still taste the jizz in my mouth. I moved the camera down and showed my plump mostly soft cock to Jeff.

“I want that in my mouth and can’t wait to see you again. Jeff said softly.

We chatted for another twenty minutes before saying our good byes, I finished my lunch and went back to packing and setting boxes of things that I would not take to Australia that would be given to charity.

I had to be ready to sell my house for well under market in order to sell it fast, the last few days I would stay in an extended stay hotel, my boxes had been picked up and would be going over on a ship in a small cargo container, I would only be taking the few things that I really needed on the plane with me.

Finally, the day had come, I was flying to my baby, to my new home, and to my new life. I got little sleep the night before, I was so excited all I could do is think of Jeff and Australia.

I stepped off of the plane and headed up the ramp weary from the long flight but still very excited to see my man, I came around the corner to the waiting area near baggage claim and there he was, Jeff stood with a huge grin and a large bouquet of roses, He was not shy being in public with me, he grabbed me kissing my lips and handed me the roses.

“Aww thanks baby, they are beautiful, I am so happy to be here with you.”

“And I am happy that you are here, I am yours and you are mine.”

We got back to Jeff’s house, err, our house and dropped the bags, before stripping and getting between the sheets.

“I stayed up all night so I would match how tired you are, we can both sleep a while and get up and eat something, after sex that is.” Jeff said with a huge smile.

We snuggled under the sheets and fell asleep in moments forever in each other’s arms.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


I was on a drive several states from home, headed to my brother’s wedding and had been driving for hours down a freeway before taking an old country highway, a bit of a shortcut, it could take near an hour off of my drive.

I was wearing only jean shorts, it was hot and I had AC in the car but liked the windows down on a trip like this. I was passing through a small town, well a spot in the road that had one traffic light, the town looked like it had dried up and died in the hot sun.

My car was cutting out and feeling like it was about to quit, I saw a café but it looked closed, a gas station, closed too, in fact everything looked closed and decayed. As the engine quit I was able to coast to the side of the road near a huge old oak tree.

Fuck, stranded in rusty town, one that humanity abandoned, I reached for my cell phone, of course, no signal. I slammed the car door shut and looked around, I reached in and blew the car horn.

“Hello…. Hello!” I called out.

The only response I heard was the squeaky sound coming from the hot wind blowing an old sign and a few birds.

I sat on the fender of my car and waited, after about fifteen minutes, I slid my feet to the ground and took a walk to the scattered buildings nearby, wiping the dust off of the windows peering into the café, the tables equipment were all there, it looked as if they just did not come back one day.

I walked to the gas station, again dust and not much else, I could see a payphone inside on the wall but the door was locked. I looked around and could not even find a rock or brick to break the window with to gain entry.

I looked around, it seemed like I was the only one for miles, and I slid my jean shorts to my ankles and stepped out of them. Standing there stark naked, I wrapped the shorts around my fist and smashed a small pane of glass near the door knob before reaching in and opening the door.

I walked over to the phone to dial 911 but it was like everything else here, dead. I poked around inside for a moment and walked out onto the dusty parking lot, looking up in time to see a pickup coming my way. I waved my jean shorts over my head and realized that I was still naked, quickly I covered my crotch as the truck stopped a few feet from me.

“My guess is that something is wrong with your car, but I have no clue on how that has you naked out here in the parking lot.” The young man said.

“Well, yeah, my car broke down and I saw the payphone inside the old gas station and thought I would at least give it a try.”

“Breaking and entering…. Naked? Yeah, that would have been what I would do too.”

“I had to break a window and put my shorts on my fist so I would not get cut.”

“I see.” He said with a smile.

“Can you give me a ride someplace to get my car fixed?” “You will have to turn around?” He said.

I did as he instructed, letting him see my bare ass is worth a ride I guess. He started laughing.

“No, I meant you’ll have to go back the way you came a few miles, hell about fifty miles before the real repair garage. He said.

“Well, I would appreciate any help you could give me, I am kind of stuck out here and it sure is hot.”

“Jump in and I will drive ya back to your car, I have a tow strap, we can tow it to my place and see what we can do there.”

I ran around to the passenger side and jumped into the cab and donned on me that I had not put my shorts back on yet about the time my ass hit the cold seat.

“My name is Pax, short for Paxton.” he said as he stuck his hand in my direction.

“Wesley.” I said shaking his hand.

He backed the pickup up to the front of my car, I got out and slipped on my jean shorts.

“You need to get out in the sun more, that ass is pure white.”

“Yeah, I usually don’t walk around naked in the middle of a dust bowl very often.”

“Well there are other ways to be naked outside.” He replied.

I watched Pax hook his tow strap to the truck and the other end to my car.

“You will have to steer your car and use brakes, it will be harder than usual without power brakes or steering, so I will take it slow.”

“Great.” I said as I got in my car and put it in neutral.

The tow line stretched a bit as we pulled a big loop heading back in the direction that I had just come from. We made a few turns onto smaller roads and then a long dirt driveway before getting to an old farm, Pax pulled his truck right up to the barn before stopping, and it was all I could do to get my car stopped so I would not hit him.

“Pop the strap off of your car will you Wesley?”

I moved under my car on my back while I reached up and unhooked the tow strap, I glanced up to see that Pax was looking right into the leg of my shorts and my junk.

“Well, I guess that is what I get for wearing shorts cutoffs without underwear.”

Pax smiled, and pulled me up by my hand.

“I could un hook the other end from your truck so you can get another look if you like.” I said in a slightly sarcastic voice.

“Hell, you can peel them off if you want, I am usually naked out here, I am a nudist at heart and only wear clothes when I leave the farm, that is what I meant about being other ways to get your ass cheeks tanned.”

I was not sure how serious he was but thought he was pulling my leg.

“Come on inside Wes, we can get something to drink and cool off for a few before we figure out what is wrong with your car and get you back on the road.”

I followed Pax inside to an air conditioned kitchen, he pulled open the refrigerator door.

“What would you like? Beer, water, cola?”

“Water would be great, I really appreciate you helping me out like this.”

“This is nothing, I work on things all the time and you are a good distraction from the things I would normally be doing, looking at porn and whacking off, I mean working on the tractor.” Pax said with a huge grin. “Were you serious about being naked out here all the time? I would fry and burn in no time in that sun.”

“Yeah, I’ve got no problems being naked and have zero tan lines to prove it.”


That was all it took Pax to peel off his shirt and jeans, and in less than thirty seconds he stood before me naked. He must have been in his early thirties and was pretty handsome, without his clothes he was an amazing, he looked as if he worked out every day but I am sure that he has never done a sit up or anything other than hard work to get his physique.

“Your turn, peel it and let’s get back out to your car to see what we can do.”

I was not ashamed of my body whatsoever, I have worked hard at the gym to get this look but casually walking around naked, I just had never done it before. I dropped my shorts to the floor and walked back outside right behind Pax, admiring his ass the whole way.

Seeing Pax outside naked was hot, his tan was dark and he looked very confident as he walked to his truck bumper, bending at the waist as he squatted down to unhook the tow strap from his bumper hitch.

I about passed out, the lines of his body as he moved was incredible, I wanted to touch the back of his waist and trace his ass crack underneath him feeling his low hanging balls, I did squat down to get a better view of them swaying as he pulled the strap loose.

“Let’s push your car into the barn out of the hot sun, I would hate to see that fine ass all burned and red.” Pax said as he pushed the rear of the car fender.

Fine ass, I thought, well now I know for sure which way he swings at least. I turned the wheel as I helped push it into the huge old wooden barn.

“Pop the hood and let’s see what the problem is.”

Pax poked around some before asking me to try to start it so he could hear what it sounded like.

“I think you have a carburetor problem maybe the injectors are clogged, hand me a cross tip screwdriver from that toolbox.” He said with a general wave to a tool bench a few feet away.

He moved one work boot covered foot to my front bumper as he leaned in to take off the carburetor, my eyes went crazy trying to look at his ass, his legs and his cock and balls that hung between his legs but were getting pressed against my car but most of all was his asshole, it was just barely visible.

“How is it going?” I asked.

“Great, how is it going back there?”

“Um, good, very good.” I replied.

“There is a lube gun over on the work bench.”

“You want to lube my carburetor?

He said nothing, I got the lube gun and brought it back to him, I just stood there waiting on him to take it. Pax lifted his ass a little into the air, OH FUCK, he wanted me to do his ass with the lube gun.

I moved in closer and pumped the lube gun a few times before it spurted out a line of whitish clear lube onto his ass pucker, I touched the lube with my finger rubbing it around his asshole before pushing a finger into his ass. He kept working on my car while I worked on his tanned ass.

“There are some tools over on the work bench if you need anything.” Pax said without looking up.

I glanced over and saw a long handled screwdriver, it was so big it must be used on heavy machinery, I Pushed the handle into his asshole while he moaned and pushed back. I reached underneath and pulled his balls and cock down between his legs and dove in with my mouth, sucking and nibbling on them, he had a salty taste from the sweat on his balls.

I worked the screwdriver handle deep into his ass driving him wild, but still he did not stop working, his cock was hard and dripping pre cum down my car bumper. He pulled the carburetor loose and dropped his leg to the ground after I pulled the tool from his ass.

Pax walked me over to this sling that was hung from the barn rafters and lifted me into it, it was half cargo net and half hammock, Pax tied my hands and legs spread open to the ropes before he pulled a rope attached to a pulley taking me higher, he tied it off to a post.

Pax pushed his face into my ass, chewing on it before moving to my cock, he bobbed down on my cock deep into his throat for a bit before he took a smaller rope and tied it around my balls and cock and adding something to the other end with weight, enough to pull my stiff prick straight into his face.

The man sucked my prick fast and hard before stopping and pushing a finger into my ass,, I almost shot my load but he walked over to the tool bench walking back with a couple of small clips, he attached one to each of my nipples.

“Fuck, those hurt, Take them off.”

He took the lube gun and squirted a large amount on my boner and started jacking me off, he gripped my cock tightly and the lube crackled while he beat off my throbbing cock. Working it slowly with heavy pressure he had me shooting in no time, my body jerked and moved side to side in the swing. He did not stop jacking me after I blew my load across my chest and into my face, I am very sensitive after cumming but he would not stop, my cock stayed hard, I moaned and cried out begging him to stop and within moments a second load of cum spurted out and again he did not stop, he just worked my cock into a frenzy where it would not soften.

He chewed my asshole for a while I was starting to really worry that I had let myself get tied up in a barn of a stranger in the middle of nowhere. Pax walked around and leaned over the rope licking some cum from my chest before taking a moment to flick the clips that were on my nipples.

“Relax, I’ll have your carburetor cleaned and re installed in no time, you can either be on your way this evening or spend the night if you like.”

“Would you cut me loose from the ropes please?” I asked.

“Whatever you like, but I would rather you stay there, I have more enjoyment planned for you, but just say so and I will let you out of the ropes, it’s just more fun for the sex play.”

He went to the bench and worked on the carburetor for a few minutes before he came back and jacked me to full hardness again, he worked me hard, I felt like I had spent all the jizz I had in me. Pax had me twisting and groaning while he jacked my cock, I felt like I was having small orgasms where nothing came out and were less intense than a full one. Pax slid his cock into my ass fucking me hard and deep as the rope hammock swung, he would stop every few moments and jack my cock again, it was between being sore and a climax, I was panting hard begging to cum again.

He fucked my hole and just as he started to cum, he pulled his cock out and blasted me with his hot jizz, I had never seen anyone cum the amount of juice, this guy splashed all over me, the last few spurts went onto my cock mixing with the lube, Pax gripped my cock once again and started jacking me with a mission, my body twisted and wanted release as I called out his name, begging to let me cum once again.

Finally I shot a small load across my belly, it felt more intense than before but less jizz came out, I leaned back into the ropes, breathing hard and fell asleep in moments from sexual exhaustion.

When I woke I found the ropes were removed and I had been lowered to the ground, Pax was just finishing putting my car back together and walked around test start it, the car started right away and the motor purred like it usually did. I sat up and watched Pax walking around putting his tools away on the bench.

“Well?” Pax asked.

“Well what?” I asked.

“Your car is ready, so it is up to you, would you like to leave now or stay the night with me and get a fresh start tomorrow morning?”

“I am in no rush to leave, screw the wedding, he has been married two times before.” I said with a laugh.

Pax put his hand out to help me up, I took it and pulled him close after I got up and ran my hand down his muscled back to his slim waist and to his ass crack.

He took my hand as we walked around the barn to a grassy area, he had an outdoor shower that ran cool water only, and it felt refreshing to get cleaned up from the lube and sweat.

We washed each other’s bodies taking our time with our hands roaming over muscles, pubic hair, ass mounds and soft clean dangling cocks. After the shower we sat in the kitchen with cold iced tea talking, I called my brother and told him I would not be able to make it as my car broke down.

Pax and I drove miles to a fantastic rib joint that was run by locals and I am sure never saw a health inspector but the food was good, the beer cold and I had Pax by my side.

We drove back to his farm after dinner and immediately stripped naked again, it seemed natural to always be naked with him, we were about the same age but Pax seemed to be wiser than his years and surely had different ways when it came to sex.

I spent the rest of my vacation time with him, before going home. We enjoyed a nearby river, skinny dipping, and explored sex more than before along with conventional sex, romantic kissing and snuggling naked on the couch while watching TV.

I went back a few months later for a couple of weeks, it was a repeat of the good times we had when I broke down on that dusty highway.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Boot Camp

I joined the military as soon as I turned eighteen, I needed to get away from home.

My dad was overbearing and mom had passed away three years ago after a long and hard bout with cancer, I had no reason to stay there anymore.

I arrived at the training post and was instantly blown away with the drill sergeant that was yelling at us the second we stepped off of the bus.

It was after ten PM and everyone was tired as we stood in a line, since it was late in the evening, they showed us to a chow line that consisted of sandwiches, chips and bottles of water before escorting us to some very old wooden barracks.

“You will sleep here tonight, wake up is at five o’clock, after morning chow you will be losing those curly mops of hair and make you more presentable. There is bedding on the foot of each bunk and the latrines are at the far end of the building.” The sergeant said.

After he left the room there was a flurry of conversations around the room that ranged from laughter to nervous chatter.

I walked to a nearby bunk and sat my suitcase on the floor and made up my bed, the pillow looked like it had two feathers inside and I wondered how many hot eighteen and nineteen year olds had slept on this bed. Some of the guys were walking around in their underwear and couple were naked and headed for the showers.

I went into the “latrine” having to well, poop, I was shocked to see no doors or walls for that matter, just toilets lined in a row. There was several guys dropping their loads as they chatted like this was normal.

I could wait, I went to the long open urinal and popped my cock out and started peeing trying to ignore the three other guys alongside me doing the same.

The guy to my right looked over and down towards my pee stream.

“They are not much about privacy here are they?” He said.

“No, I needed to take a dump but I am not sitting there 24 inches from some dude stinking up the place, I’ll wait till everyone is in bed and come back.” I replied.

“My name is Ricky.” He said extending his hand.

I looked at his hand and he realized that I was not shaking it before he pulled it back.

“I’m Mark, this place is gonna take some getting used to.” I said as I glanced to the right and into the open bay shower full of naked wet young men.

I finished pissing and gave it a shake before tucking it back into my pants and walking over to wash my hands with Ricky right behind me.

He was from Georgia and seemed to talk nonstop, I headed to my bunk and was getting settled in while Ricky entertained me with funny stories about his brothers and friends.

This kid came up and started to get into the bunk next to mine, Ricky picked up his bag and took him by the arm over to his bunk and brought back his own bag, I gave him a quizzical look.

“He wanted to trade bunks, who am I to say no.”

I took off my pants and tee shirt and got into my bed while I watched Ricky chattering on about something that led him to join the military. He took off his pants and had no underwear on and saw me looking at his cock that was about eighteen inches from my face.

“Oh, I never have worn underwear since I was a kid, always like the free feeling letting the boy’s swing.” he said as he grabbed his nuts and gave them a shake.

He peeled his shirt over his head giving me a moment to look at his cock while his sight was blocked, his uncut cock swung around and it looked like he trimmed back his pubic bush some, I looked away casually while he slipped into the lower bunk across from me.

I slept for a short time and got up to go to the bathroom in hopes of a private dump, I sat on a toilet and was the only one in there luckily, well for a moment, I looked up to see Ricky walking in naked, his half hard dick swinging as he moved.

“Saw you come in and thought I would join you.” He said with a smile.

He knew that I was coming in during the night to have some privacy, I was gonna do my best to ignore him.

“I don’t have an issue with using the toilet with guys around as I had brothers that would always be in and out of the shower, peeing, or on the toilet with the others walking in and out.” Ricky said.

“Bet that made it tough to jack off alone in the bathroom then?” I asked being a little sarcastic.

“Oh, hell having five brothers, someone was always jacking off either in the bathroom or in our bedroom.”

“I’m a single child, no brothers to have experienced that with.”

I looked over after seeing some movement and saw that Ricky had lifted his cock up and was rubbing it to a full stiffie. I looked away, but really wanted to watch having never really watched another guy jack off, it really turned me on.

In a moment Ricky was really going at it, he looked at me and smiled.

“I’ve gotta jack off at least once a day or I’ll walk around with a boner all day.”

“I see, well I don’t see, err, I mean, I understand.”

Ricky laughed and stood up jacking his cock with a fury, his breathing sped up and I knew he was close to cumming, he reeled off some toilet paper with his spare hand, moaning a little he splashed his load onto the toilet paper.

“Fuck that felt good, you should rock one out before you go back to bed too.”

He sat back on the toilet and dumped his load, I only wanted to cum as I thought of what he had just done with little worry about me watching him as he jacked off.

I finished up and stood to pull my underwear back up and noticed Ricky looking at my ass as I bent over.

“Nice ass.” He said with a smile.

I was not sure if he was coming on to me or just stating a fact, but when someone shoots a load in front of you only hours after you have met, he is either gay or gets off doing it in front of people, probably gay.

I walked back into the large bay of bunks and was almost asleep when I heard Ricky walking up causing the old wooden floors to creak as he approached. I squinted my eyes open and got a good look at his bare ass as he slipped back into bed.

I awoke to someone banging on a trash can yelling for us to all “Un-ass those bunks” and to hit the showers. I got up and took a towel and my shaving kit walking past rows of guys that were getting up and trying to focus. Ricky was right behind me as we past this guy that was wearing white briefs with an evident boner threatening to pop through the fabric.

“Nice morning wood dude!” Ricky called out as he walked bare assed toward the showers.

I slipped off my underwear and walked into the shower, it was one large room with about twenty shower heads and was mostly full of wet young bodies soaping up.

Ricky was in there cutting up and making entirely too much noise, he squeezed his soap bar in his fist letting it fly across the showers.

“Let’s see who bends over to pick it up.” Ricky said laughing.

Most of the guys laughed at his joke, some guy kicked the soap back, Ricky bent over for his soap when one guy grabbed his hips and pushed his wet floppy cock to Ricky’s ass crack and rode him for a few seconds while everyone hooped and hollered, Ricky stayed bent over and mocked an orgasm before standing up when the sergeant walked in.

“If you girls are about done fucking each other in here, you need to get dressed and form a line in the street in ten minutes.”

We lined up at formation and walked, because we had not yet been taught to march, to the chow hall for breakfast, once inside everyone had grabbed a food tray with food being put on it as we walked the food line.

“You have ten minutes to eat and be in formation outside, you DO NOT WANT TO BE LATE.” Someone barked.

We walked over to a building nearby that turned out to be the barber shop of sorts, guys went in shaggy and came out the other door all but bald, and I almost didn’t recognize Ricky as he walked over wiping his hand over his head.

Next we walked a few buildings down and everyone stripped down to their underwear, Ricky was behind me.

“Dude, I’ve got no underwear on, I don’t want to walk this clothing line naked.”

“Strut your stuff, own it.” I whispered.

Ricky pushed his pants to the ground and stood there naked.

The sergeant walked down the line, barking out orders and didn’t seem to have a big sense of humor.

“Take all of your personal belongings and put them into that box, that means everything, clothes and all, you will be shipping them home to mama when you get to the next station.”

“Well, I guess that gets you off the hook, we are all gonna be naked.” I said slipping my briefs off and tossing them into the box with my jeans, shirt and shoes.

Ricky smacked my bare ass as I bent over, we addressed the boxes with our home addresses and taped them shut before sliding them through a window where they were stacked for shipping home, I wondered what my dad was gonna do when he opened the box to find my worn underwear and socks.

“Move the line tighter, make your buddy smile.” I heard form the back side of the room.

Ricky pushed right up my ass, I could feel his cock bouncing against my ass cheeks.

“Ricky, he didn’t mean to fuck me right here, just to tighten up the line some.”

“Yeah, but I got you to smile.”

We walked along the line getting issued boots, socks, boxers or briefs, tees, uniform shirts and pants along with raingear a ruck pack tent half and a few other things that at that point I had no idea what they were.

We lined up and now that we were in uniform we were taught to march and how to turn in place, lots of yelling was going on at one end, I wanted to stay invisible as much as possible.

We dropped our gear at the barracks before going back to the mess hall for lunch, Ricky was always right at my side when he was not pushing against my ass.

Later that day they moved us to our permanent barracks that we would stay in through basic training, it was a little newer than the ones before but still one large room full of bunks and the toilets had actual walls but no doors on them.

Life was pretty miserable over the next few days, there was lots of rain, marching in the rain, waiting in formation in the rain and lots of getting yelled at in the rain, and part of the training was to make you lose any thoughts of being an individual and working as a team.

About three in the morning I was in taking a dump when Ricky walked in, naked as always and turned to walk into the stall I was in, running into me, his cock nearly touching my face as I was leaning with my elbows on my knees, so tired form all the day’s activities.“

“Dude, what the fuck?” I exclaimed.

“Oh, sorry I am more than half asleep.”

“It’s okay, grab another stall.”

“I’m so fucking horny.” He said as he rubbed his cock and balls.

“Well go jack off in the next stall.” I suggested.

“Suck me off.” Ricky whispered.


“I’ve seen you looking at my junk, it’s no biggie, just blow me, I won’t tell anyone.”

I started to protest but really wanted his meat down my throat so bad, getting caught would be bad though, I’d be labeled the fag of the barracks and probably be humiliated daily.

I reached up and touched his soft balls pulling his cock and balls lightly through my hand as it stiffened.

“Mmmm, Mark, that feels great, put it in your mouth.”

“I’ve never done this, well I’ve never done anything before, with anyone.” “Damn, you are a virgin?”

“Shhh, you will wake everyone up.”

I pulled him closer and leaned over touching my tongue to his cockhead, it felt spongy, and it felt right. I wanted more, I reached between his legs and pulled him even closer, I took a few inches of his cock into my mouth. Ricky tried to push the back of my head and fully onto his boner, I pulled back.

After bobbing on the tip of his prick for a few minutes he seemed hot to shoot, Ricky pulled back and started jacking his cock and pushed his fingers into my mouth, I opened it just as he pointed his tip to my lips and shot his salty jizz into my mouth and across my lips.

Just then a guy named Josh walked in and saw everything, he was not in my squad but I knew him and now he knew I was a cocksucker. Josh excused himself and went to a far stall.

Ricky leaned over to the stall Josh was in and put his fingers to his lips telling him shhh, I cleaned up and got back to my bunk.

The next day I was so embarrassed when Josh sat with me at the table at breakfast, my face went red.

“Don’t worry dude, I won’t tell anyone.” Josh said.

“Thanks.” I said without looking up.

“It’s okay, I actually was in the bathroom to jack off and after you guys left, I shot one hell of a load, I think I hit the ceiling.” Josh whispered with a laugh.

“It just sort of happened.” I said softly.

“Well it was hot, I have been kind of gay curious and have only had sex with a girlfriend in high school, never anything with guys but the thought has always turned me on.”

‘Oh, that’s cool.” I was seeing Josh under different light now, he was pretty handsome and has a nice build.

Ricky sat down with his tray of food and started eating.

“Fucking Sergeant caught me with my shirt untucked and made me do 100 pushups, fucking bastard.”

From that day on, Josh stayed as close to me as Ricky, other guys in my squad called us the three musketeers.

One night about a week after he caught me blowing Ricky, Josh followed me into the latrine and walked right up to the stall I had gone into.

“Hey, Mark, uhmm, I’m kind of, well...” Josh stammered.

I reached up and pulled Josh’s underwear down and licked at his cock some only this time I wanted to try to take a whole cock into my mouth, I sucked it in and choked several times before opting to take it slower and just let him fuck my mouth. His cock was amazing inside my mouth, he was cut and had a large head on his cock.

“Make sure to let me know if anyone starts coming in.” I said after pulling off for a moment.

“No worries, Ricky is at the doorway, he won’t let anyone come in.”

“Oh my God, Ricky knows you are in here with your cock in my mouth?”

“Yeah, he is our guard, I will do the same for you two whenever you want.”

I went back to blowing Josh, my boner pushed against my briefs and wanted attention too, and I reached down and set it free, pulling my underwear down in the front.

Josh was getting a little wild and needing to cum so I really gave him all the action I could to help him along, he blasted a load into my mouth that must have been twice the jizz that I took from Ricky.

After he had shot his load, I stood up and fully expected him to go back to bed, but he got to his knees and took my briefs to my ankles and sucked my cock past his sexy red lips.

My cock was this dudes first and that made me extra hard but it was my first blowjob too, I wanted to hold back longer but it only took moments until my jizz busted loose from my cock and into his mouth, his first taste of a guy’s cum.

He stood up, looked me in the eye and kissed me, the steam from his lips made my knees weak, my heart pounded, I had no words and that was probably a good thing to keep me from saying something stupid like “I love you” or just babbling.

We hurried out of the latrine un-noticed, Ricky gave me a huge smile and a pat on the ass as I got into my bunk.

I could not sleep that night, I could only think of Josh, his lips on mine, the taste of his sweet man syrup in my mouth, I wanted more.

The next day it rained again, we were soaked and came in to change and shower around five that evening after marching and training all day. I needed a shower and walked into the shower bay in search of an empty shower head, all were full and there I stood in the middle of wet naked guys when Josh pulled me into his shower stream.

“I’ll share, jump on in here.” He said trying to sound casual about it.

At least once Josh bumped his cock into my ass, but I am sure he did it on purpose. Guys came and went as I finished up and followed Josh out into the barracks to get dried off.

Ricky walked past us, naked as usual on his way to the shower giving me a wink and a smile.

We all dressed and headed to the chow hall wearing our poncho’s trying to stay as dry as possible. It was burgers and dogs day for dinner, I was ravenous and loaded my tray with two burgers, a hot dog, fries and a salad. Ricky sat across from me and Josh to my side.

Ricky tried to stay clear of breads and had the patties and hot dog bun less, he picked up his dog smiling he rubbed it across his lips as he looked to see if anyone was looking, I bumped Josh with my elbow to look at Ricky.

Ricky pushed the hot dog down his throat swallowing it without gagging, some guy from the next table saw it and pointed it out to his friends, and they all started laughing.

“Bet you can’t do it.” Ricky said.

Two of the guys pulled their dogs out of the buns and tried to swallow them, one guy gagged right away but the other not only took it all the way into his throat, he pulled it in and out simulating him taking a cock deeply into his throat.

I was impressed with his abilities and wondered how he got to be so good at it but was not about to ask, But Ricky did later after we had all walked out of the chow hall.

“Hey Troy, just how did you get that good at swallowing hot dogs?”

“Oh, you know, just fooling around.”

“With hot dogs only? You looked like you’ve done that before but maybe on a guy?”

Troy smiled and patted Ricky on the shoulder before walking into the barracks.

A few days later Ricky asked Josh and me to meet him way back in the woods about seven pm, we walked down the trail and there he was but not alone, Troy was with him.

The two sat on a large flat tree stump chatting and laughing.

“What’s up Ricky?” I asked a bit puzzled why he would call us out here with Troy was standing next to him, Troy carried a large build, quite beefy and very handsome.

“Well guys, I figured that this was the safest place to talk as the barracks is always full.”

I looked at Josh and then back at Ricky wondering what was going on.

“Well, remember the hot dog swallowing game in the chow hall the other day? Well, it turns out that hot dogs are not the only thing Troy swallows.”

Troy blushed a bit and looked at the ground.

“And?” I asked.

Ricky unbuckled his pants and pushed them to his knees as his thick prick bobbed out, Troy got to his knees and sucked it into his mouth.

“Well, as you can see we are four cocksuckers, sort of a secret club, we have to keep this quiet but we can also have some fun together.” Ricky said while Troy bobbed on his knob.

Josh pulled his cock out and started rubbing it some as he watched, I followed his lead.

Before long we had both moved up to Ricky and had Troy taking turns sucking each of us, one after the other, his hands roamed around to the other two while he sucked one.

Troy was a beefy guy, solid shoulders and a big chest, I would have never taken him for the cock whore of the platoon but it works for me.

Troy was sucking Josh just after pulling off of my cock, I blasted a thick string of white cum across his tan face and moments later Ricky did the same from the other side while Troy took Josh’s load onto his tongue.

“Fuck that was hot!” I exclaimed.

Troy stood as he pulled his pants down letting his stiff ten inch cock spring out, I got to my knees and sucked as much of it as I could take, the other two did the same, now three of us were sucking on this hot studs cock and balls.

Troy stood up and took Ricky by the hips turning him around bending him over before spitting into his hand smearing it across Ricky’s ass bud.

Holy fuck, I thought, he was getting ready to ass fuck Ricky, my heart pounded, and I have never seen anything like this before except on the internet.

He pushed that hog of a cock into Ricky’s ass while we watched, Ricky moaned so loud I thought they could hear him back at the barracks.

My cock was stiff again, I jacked it while watching this big guy fuck Ricky in the ass. Josh was playing with his balls but stepped up and started touching Troy’s bare ass as it moved, rubbing it all the way down between his legs to his balls that were bouncing all around.

I moved in close to Troy’s ass and released another load, this one right into his ass crack. Josh fell to his knees and licked at my jizz running down Troy’s ass crack.

That must have pushed Troy over the edge, he started moaning and thrusting harder than ever as he soaked Ricky’s ass in cum.

I pulled off my tee shirt and wiped myself down before pulling my pants up, each guy used my shirt to clean off before tossing it into the bush nearby.

“That is more fun than I thought I would have in basic training, I used to fuck around with guys at home and figured I was in for a dry spell here.” “I have never taken a cock up my ass and don’t think I could take anyone your size Troy, but that was hot as hell to watch.” I said as I buttoned up my fatigue shirt.

We met up like that several times and the bush was pretty full of tee shirts before we left basic training.

The following week we had a week in the field, meaning two guys snapping their tent half to another guys tent half and sleeping a foot apart, I got in with Josh and Ricky and Troy were sharing a tent.

We worked hard setting up camp, doing a six mile march with full packs on in the heat of the summer was a killer. We got back to camp and stripped down taking showers in an outdoor shower that we made suing water from a water truck, it was very makeshift and we stood on pallets to stay out of the mud caused by the water.

The sergeant said that we could swim in the river that was a stone’s throw away, some guys swam in their briefs but most walked over there naked and swam naked too, it was refreshing, and probably could have done without the shower if we had known we could go to the river.

Josh swam over past me and grabbed my cock as he went by laughing.

“Let’s go back to the tent.” He whispered.”

“It is too hot to just lay in the tent.” I said.

“I was not planning on just lying there.” Josh said as he walked out of the water, his ass cheeks white against the tan of his legs and back.

We got back to the tent after checking around us to ensure no one else was around and got into the tent and buttoned the flap.

Josh was on top of me in a moment, kissing my lips and running his hand down my side while his thickening cock pushed into mine.

“Flip over.” He said as he pulled some lotion from his pack.

I flipped over onto my sleeping bag, Josh lifted my hips up some before he smeared the lotion into my ass crack and plunging a finger in taking me by surprise. He worked his finger around in my ass for a while, it was part uncomfortable and part pleasurable, I was very nervous about him fucking me.

After a few minutes of getting my ass to relax I was really enjoying it and my cock was stiff as it bobbed around, Josh pulled out and leaned in pushing his cock to my hole, he played around some and leaned in kissing my back before pushing the head into my hole. I thought I was gonna pass out, I bit my pillow and held in the cries that I wanted to let out, it felt as I was being ripped open by a lightning bolt.

Josh eased his cock farther into me, going as easy as he could, moving slowly and carefully, the pain started to ease as I got accustomed to having him inside me.

Josh leaned back a bit and squirted more lotion on his shaft that and my ass without pulling out before starting to fuck me, gently and tenderly asking me quietly if I was okay, I could only moan softly.

I lifted my ass farther to meet his shaft and pushed against his cock with my anal ring, he started moving faster and harder than before, I was panting into my pillow but it was feeling much better than before.

I wanted Josh in me always, his face so handsome and his torso muscular in a natural way, I was picturing him from above us, seeing him fucking me, his ass cheeks clenching as he thrust forward into my virgin ass.

“I know what you two are doing in there.” A voice called out from outside the tent.

Oh fuck, I thought, someone has heard us, Josh froze mid fuck.

“It’s me Ricky, just fooling with ya, the coast is clear out here, fuck away.”

“Fuck you Ricky!” I called out.

“Not just now, I think you are busy.” He said laughing.

Josh went back to plowing my ass, my soft cock flopping all around below me.

“Fuck me Josh, I love your cock in my ass, fuck me hard.”

Josh did exactly that, he reamed my ass harder than before, he did not pull out when he climaxed, he pushed deep into me as his last few spurts of cum were released into my ass, he collapsed onto me, his cock still in my ass, it was about 90 degrees inside the tent but we seemed not to care, our sex was hotter.

Josh kissed my neck and shoulders, he whispered something, and I thought he said he loved me, but maybe I was imagining it.

“What baby?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing.” He said.

We rolled over and Josh sucked me off, I could hardly keep quiet, being sucked right after being fucked made me cum like never before and it was very hard to keep quiet.

After I shot my jizz into Josh’s mouth, he continued sucking my cock, it was so sensitive, he had me jumping all over the small tent but he brought me back to fully hard again and took about 20 minutes of jacking me off and stopping and starting again before I lost a load across my chest.

We cleaned up and ran giggling naked back to the river to cool off splashing and laughing when most of the platoon was out of the water sitting on the large rocks along the bank. There is nothing like looking around you and not only seeing naked men everywhere but sharing a special look with the guy that you secretly love.

Ricky asked me to stand guard while he and Troy fucked in their tent later that evening, I sat and listened to their soft moans imagining what was happening inside the tent, Josh joined me, I was getting a boner and pulled it out in the dark, Josh began stroking it.

Some guy walked up on us, seeing my cock in Josh’s hand.

“What are you two fucking fags?” He said in a loud voice.

I sat there dumbfounded and scared that we would out us to the rest of the platoon.

“Look, it’s nothing, be cool.” Josh said, trying to calm him down.

“Fuck you fag.” He said giving Josh a push backwards.

Troy came out of the tent, his cock still hard, Troy is about the size of a refrigerator, he grabbed the guy by his shirt collar lifting him off the ground and into his own face.

“Look fuckwad, you WILL NOT say a word about this to anyone, and IF YOU DO, I will beat you senseless and I might take you behind the barracks and fuck your ass myself, you probably need a good fucking anyway!” Troy said in a threatening voice.

“No problem, I won’t say anything.”

“Help Josh up and tell him you are sorry.” Troy demanded.

He extended his hand and pulled Josh to his feet saying he was sorry for the way he acted and all but ran back to wherever he came from.

Josh was laughing as Troy went back into the tent to finish with Ricky.

“What is so funny?” I asked.

“The hand I extended for him to help me up was the one I was jacking you off with.” I giggled, maybe he will go eat something without washing it and not know the difference.”

Troy and Ricky finished up and came out of the tent dressed and looking quite happy.

“Some guards you two are.” Ricky said as he poked me in the arm.

“If anyone gives you any trouble about this or anything while we are here, let me know, I’ll pound them for you.” Troy said.

The next day we went on a long march on the old dirt roads, my ass was so sore and I think I saw Ricky walking a bit funny too. We managed some more time together that evening while everyone was swimming, Josh fucked me again, this time it was allot more enjoyable than the day before.

“Josh, what did you say to me yesterday in the tent after we fucked? You said something in a whisper that I didn’t catch.”

Josh blushed a bit and looked around. “I’ll tell ya later.”

Just before we fell asleep that night, Josh reached over putting his hand on mine. “Last night I said I love you.”

The tent was dimly lit by a small battery operated lantern, I could see Josh’s face, and he was looking into my eyes waiting for my response. I leaned over and kissed him.

“I love you too.”

After we went back to our barracks I would steal away time to try to spend with Josh, we finally got a free day where we could leave the post and venture into town.

Josh booked a room for us and we pulled off our uniforms as soon as we walked into the room, his naked body against mine. Josh lifted me off of the ground hugging me and holding me closely.

We fell back onto the bed and kissed, we kissed like never before, being relaxed with no fear of being seen.

I ran my hands over Josh’s body as he lay back on the bed, I spread his legs apart touching his inner thighs running my fingertips up to his balls toying with them and watching each nut roll around inside the sack, it was my first time that I could ever be this intimate with a man or anyone for that matter and I was not about to rush it.

Josh rolled onto his chest letting me look at his bare ass, I could not get enough of it, and I wanted to bury my face in his ass cheeks and never come up for air. My fingers massaged his golden mounds as I leaned over kissing, then biting his ass cheek gently.

I lifted his hips a little and spread his ass cheeks looking closely at the door to his love tunnel, I pushed my finger into my mouth coating it with plenty of salvia before pushing it slowly into his ass, and I watched as it disappeared inside him and as I pulled it back out. I fingered him for a few minutes before I slid a second finger in and started finger fucking him.

My heart pounded as I moved into place to slide my very stiff cock into his ass, my pre cum lubed the head as I pushed it in a little, I took some lotion from the bathroom earlier and squirted some onto my shaft as it vanished into Josh.

My hands ran along his hips to his waist, I leaned forward as much as I could, kissing him on his shoulders. My hips fell into motion instinctively with a rhythm that my body knew, it was so natural to be with Josh and I never wanted to leave his side, or his tight little ass for that matter.

I fucked his ass and slowed to grind my pubes against his stretched pucker while he moaned coaxing me to fuck him harder, it did not take long for me to cum as I was so horny. I blasted his ass with my joy juice and pumped his ass until I was spent and had no more to give.

I rolled off of Josh, out of breath and feeling beyond wonderful, Josh pulled me close kissing me on the lips, then face, working his way to my nipples where he would lightly bite them driving me crazy.

Josh straddled my chest pushing his cock all the way into my throat, I could look up at his bare chest and into his face. His balls slapped at my chin as he drilled my throat with his prick and within a few moments he stood up on the bed, his feel on either side of my hips. Josh jacked his cock while I watched his balls swing in the breeze, he let his jizz fly through the air before it splashed down onto my face and chest, and I tried to catch some in my open mouth but only got a taste.

Josh leaned over kissing me before he slid into place right on top of my chest pressing his cum between us. We showered and jumped back onto the bed snuggling and laughing before we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I woke about an hour later and leaned over kissing Josh on his lips, his eyes opened and a huge smile came across his face as he looked into my eyes.

“I didn’t want to sleep away our private time, we don’t get enough of it and I don’t want to waste it.” I said.

“I agree baby, they will put the postings on the cork board tomorrow to see where we will all go for our duty post, and there is no guarantee that we will go to the same place even though we have been trained for the same job.” Josh said.

“I know, I’m so nervous, I hope we go to the same place.”

Josh rolled me over and pushed his face into my ass crack, he pulled me to the side of the bed and fucked me hard, I loved feeling my man inside me even though my ass was burning. We had little time to talk about sex and likes, hell, I didn’t even know what to do and never even spoke with anyone gay before. Josh sucked me off with only minutes before we had to leave to walk back onto base for formation.

Before walking out into the sunlight, I hugged Josh tightly.

“I never want to let you go.” I whispered.

“I know baby, I know, we will have to see where we are sent and deal with it and figure something out.”

We walked the fifteen minute trek back to the barracks talking and laughing all the way, I wondered what the rest of the guys did on their five hours off post.

We saw Troy shortly after we got back, he saw our smiles and walked over.

“I know what you tow did.” He said with a hard belly laugh.

“You and Ricky probably did the same thing, I’m sure.” I said.

Troy looked at me and broke into a big grin.

“I thought so.” I said.

We went out to formation and only three guys did not show up on time one came running up in as the Drill Sargent was calling out names, he was pulled off to the side and knew he was doomed to some form of punishment but the two that were still not back will be facing the full wrath.

After the yelling stopped we were dismissed to go to the chow hall and have dinner, I sat with Josh, Ricky and Troy, and we were down to two days left before leaving our friends for parts unknown across the world. We were very happy that that we were advancing but sad that most of us would not see each other again.

I hung out with Josh outside away from the rest of the guys talking about how we would stay in contact even if we were sent to posts half a world away. At night, it was all I could do to sleep, I wanted Josh in my life and could not imagine him stationed in Europe while I stayed stateside. The next day after breakfast and our four mile run, they gave us a little time off, Josh and I played some one on one basketball while we talked but it was mostly nervous banter.

Later that afternoon we lined up in formation as the travel orders were posted, I thought the Sargent would never stop telling us how good we were and how we have just started careers in the Army.

I thought I would throw up as we walked over to the bulletin board, I could feel Josh’s presence right against me, I found my name and ran my finger across the line to see that I was being stationed at Ft. Lewis Washington. Josh was on the next page, he looked at it and walked behind the crowd without saying a word. I moved to his side as he walked to a large tree nearby.

“Where are you being stationed? Tell me, I can’t stand it anymore.” I begged.

Looking at Josh as I waited on an answer, I saw a tear roll down his cheek, my heart sank.

“Fuck!” I said.

“I know, Fuck, I got orders to go to Ft. Lewis in Washington too, I can’t believe it.” Josh said in whisper.

I jumped onto his body, it was all he could do to keep from falling over onto the grass.

“Oh my God, I am so happy! That’s great.”

“After graduation tomorrow, we will be on our way to Ft. Lewis together.” Josh said with a huge grin on his face.

The nervous stress had vanished and was replaced with elation, I have a real chance with Josh in Washington. We hugged and headed back to see where our friends got stationed.

Ricky would be on his way to Germany and Troy to Korea. We had already exchanged e-mail addresses to be able to keep in contact and I have no doubt that Ricky will be hooking up with plenty of hot German guys within a couple of weeks after arriving.

The thought of Troy with his size walking around near Koreans should be humorous, his massive hulk of a body next to smaller size of the locals.

During the next few days we said our goodbye’s to everyone, it seemed that we knew them forever but it was only a short time. Josh and I packed and flew into Sea-Tac airport and rented a car for a few days to get situated and buy a used car.

At first we were not able to get into the same room in the barracks but after a little payoff to a guy that was bunking in the two man room with Josh, he agreed to change rooms with me. We have a door that locks and always sleep together pushing the beds together and moving them back apart before opening the door in the morning.

Weeks turned into months, during the day we appear as friends and once the door is locked we immediately strip naked and hold each other before making love together, our trim muscled bodies lying with each other, my hard cock in Josh’s ass while I pump his hole or his in mine.

We kind of grew on Company B the longer we were there, most pretty much knew we were a couple and a few even talked casually about it or invited us to outings as a couple. I love Josh and can’t imagine having not met him back at Basic, my life has morphed into a dream.