Sunday, March 11, 2012

Invisible dreams

I started waking from a deep sleep to a hand rubbing my stiff cock, I felt like I was about to shoot anytime, after a second I sat upright in bed and felt around the bed.. No one here, another sexy dream that I woke before cumming,, just my luck…
Maybe I can get back to sleep and finish it, I thought with a faint smile on my face.
I rolled over face down my semi hard cock pressed under my weight feeling the bliss of warm blankets and time to sleep before getting up for work.
Breathing softly almost asleep, I feel something between my legs like fingers moving on my ass cheeks.
I jump out of the bed and flip on the lights, looking through the blankets for a mouse or?? What the fuck could it be?
Not finding anything I replaced the sheet and then each of the two blankets back on the bed and climbed back hoping for slumber to make me forget the mouse in my bed or whatever it was.
Fidgeting with the pillow trying to get comfortable again I feel something at my ass cheeks, again flipping the light on checking the blankets, I think I’m going nuts or maybe I am still asleep.
I roll over and feel a hand on my shoulder gently pushing me back laying down, Wwwhooo’s there? I stammered. No response,, but the pressure was still there not quite holding me down but more like asking with pressure to lay still.
I felt the feeling of a hand on my chest along my nipples circling them with a fingertip, I gasped but it felt good.
Is this my imagination? The fingertips move toward my cock encircling it with a firm grip, jacking my dick into a full stiffie Ohhh fuckkkk I moaned. Feeling the second hand move from my shoulder down to my legs lifting them one at a time pushing my feet on the bed up towards my ass then pushing my knees apart.
This is starting to get freaky,, Who are you? I asked aloud.
I heard a faint whisper directly in my right ear, Brian…
A cold chill ran over me, What do you want, Brian? And who are you? I asked, still unsure of what the hell was going on.
Again a whisper in my ear, a bit louder this time, Like I said, my name is Brian and what I want is your yummy looking ass.
What do you mean? and when have you seen my ass? I asked.
I’ve been perving you for several days now, the whisper getting louder to a soft voice.
I saw you this morning in the shower jacking off,, the water flowing over your hard body drove me crazy.
I tried to touch you then but didn’t know how, it has taken me all night to figure it out Brian said.
But who are you? I mean where did you come from? And why me? I asked.
Remember that car crash that happened at the corner a couple weeks ago? That boy that died, he, I mean that was me. I’m 19 years old and I am kinda stuck in the area, I‘ve been able to come and go but not far from the crash site.
And the why you? Uhmmm lets see you look to be about 22 years old with a smoking hot ass, a trim waist and like I said, I am 19 and still horny in the afterlife, sex goes on here it seems. Brian explained.
Brian goes back to rubbing my balls slipping a finger to my asshole and moans softly. Ohh. Evan, your tight! Don’t you ever get fucked? Brian asked.
How did you know my name? and is that your finger pushing in my ass? I asked.
Mmm yes, Evan, it is my finger and will be followed by my 7 inch cock soon if I get my way.
Well it looks like I am up and awake so I’m game to give it a try I said.
Brian moved into position spreading my ass cheeks apart putting his mouth to my ass, eating from my balls to my pucker, Ohh Brian that feels so good, If I close my eyes, it feels just like you are here.
I am here Brian said. As he pushed my legs apart I felt his cock head pushing at my asshole, then deeper inside me.
Ohh...... Brian.... I moaned, baby, give me that hard dick…. Yesss…
Brian pumped my ass harder mmm fuck your tight, feels so damn good. I’ve wanted this ass since I first saw you.
I’m gonna shoot… ughhhhhhhhooomannnnn….fuckkkk..
I lifted my ass high and pushed back on Brian’s cock as he shot his load inside my ass.
Brian re positioned taking my cock into his mouth, it felt soft,,, and funny, great as a matter of fact, not wet, but nice!
Oh Brian your mouth is fucking hot,,, damn man, where was I when you were alive? I could have really fallen for you, your one hot fucker in bed that’s for sure.
Brian continued working his magic on my shaft, mmm baby Im about to shoot! Ohhhhhhh damn,, I mumbled as I shot my load across my belly.
Could you taste the cum Brian? I asked as my breathing slowed a bit.
Yeah just like before I .. er… well before, Tasted so good too. I think I’ll stay here with you for a while if it’s ok? Brian asked.
Just a sec. I’m calling in sick, maybe I will call in for the next few days, I said with a laugh, and then I want to see if I can fuck some ghost ass.

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