Sunday, April 29, 2012

That Song

That Song My Sweet Eric, Baby, I hear that song that you used to sing all the time and it reminds me of you and makes me smile.
This morning it came on when my alarm went off to get up for work. I can’t face work today, I miss you so much. It’s almost like I can feel you lying next to me in our bed,
I can smell your scent on the pillow. I cry into wishing you were in my arms, my heart aches to hold you and make love to you again.

I was thinking of when we were on vacation in the Smokey Mountains and that cabin we rented in the wilderness. You were out on the front porch naked when I woke, it started raining really hard, and you took my hand and pulled me out into the rain. We ran out onto the wet grass, you pulled me to the ground and fucked me in the pouring rain.

Our bodies wet and slick as my hands ran down your back to your ass cheeks, our laughing echoed through the woods.
We just about lived in the hot tub on the porch fucking each other and enjoying the secluded location of the cabin. I would so very much love to go back there with you and enjoy those moments again and again.

I picked up your jacket and clothes form the dry cleaner today as I fought back the urge to run from the counter and never go back. I need you back with me to kiss and hold forever, to grow old with and watch you get wrinkles near your eyes that show as you laugh. I thought writing you this letter would help me with closure but I don’t think anything will. I lay in bed crying for you because I miss you so much it’s just not fair that you’re gone.

The four years we were together were the best in my life and I only want one thing, YOU. A simple traffic accident took you from me, I said good bye kissing you as you left for work, not knowing that I would never hold you again. Tomorrow is your funeral and I will put this letter in your hands so you will always know my love for you. I have learned in the last few days to cherish each moment with those you love and not take those special moments for granted. Forever in love with you. Thomas


  1. Beautiful love story, true love for as long as it lasted....,xxx E

  2. Moving story. Cursed death it does not even respect the love nothing !!!!

  3. Seth, You have no Idea how close to home this hits for me.I actually wept like a little baby.I lost My love of my life in an auto accident 4 years ago.We were together 27 years.