Monday, June 4, 2012

The Handyman

I had a few things that needed repair around my house and figured that I should call a handyman to get some of them done. I had bought a new dining room light that needed installing and have a small leak under my sink in the bathroom. I called a number I had gotten from the gay friendly listing that I had found online, making an appointment for 2:00 PM today.
They offered to drop the price by 20% if I would help out some. The door bell rang a few minutes before 2:00, opening the door I found a man introducing himself as Brandon. He appeared to be about my age 36 years old but this guy had looks that made me stammer as I invited Brandon inside my home. "I’m Todd, good to meet you, I have a few things I need done and hope you can manage them today." I said. "I can handle anything you need Todd." he said with a smile.
Damn…… that almost sounded like he was coming on to me I thought. I showed Brandon the dining room and the box containing the chandelier that I need put up.

"I will have to help you move the table some to make room for your ladder." I said.

After bringing in his ladder and putting his leather tool belt on the floor, he went to the garage and turned off the circuit breaker and up the ladder he went. Taking down the old light I helped him get it to the ground, and caught a wiff of his aftershave, mmm smells so sexy and spicy. I thought. Back on the ladder he was looking at the wires when he asked if I minded holding the flashlight. After taking it from his tool box shining it to the ceiling where he was working. When Brandon reached to the wiring, his shirt went up from his waist showing some of his lean stomach and the wide waistband from his American Eagle briefs. mmm… I thought looking at his treasure trail of dark curly hair disappearing into those sexy green briefs.

"Todd, can you point the light up here?" Brandon asked.

I looked up at his face to see that he was looking at me looking at his exposed skin. I felt my face go hot, I didn’t try to say anything, I just pointed the light back at the ceiling and smiled. Todd prepared a brace for the heavier light that would soon go up. I could not help let my eyes stray back to his sexy waist. Brandon looked down and caught me again. "Well I can see where your mind is today." He said with a chuckle.

"I can strip down and work naked for an extra $50.00." Brandon said.

"Really?" I asked?

"No," Brandon said laughing, "I was kidding."

"Well, it would be pretty hot to have a naked handyman doing repairs." I said with a chuckle.

"Would you hand me that red handled screwdriver Todd?" Brandon asked.

I turned and got the screwdriver, looking back to hand it to him, Brandon was pulling off his tee shirt..

" It is a bit hot up here." He remarked.

My mouth watered looking at his tight chest, there was a small dusting of fine hair over the upper part of his torso connecting to that hot trail of hair that went into his pants.
His jeans were a bit loose and gapped open when he reached up, exposing more of his briefs, I so wanted to slip my hand into the waist of his pants for a feel.
"I see that you are mentally undressing me again Todd." Brandon said as he took the flashlight with one hand and taking my hand to his jeans crotch rubbing it hard against the bulk inside.

He unbuttoned his jeans and went back to the support brace he was working on. I slid his jeans down almost to his knees, leaning in putting my mouth on his briefs biting his bulge, reaching up his leg opening running my hand all over his ass crack.
Brandon groaned from the action while he continued to work.
I pulled his briefs down letting his thick meat spring out, I wasted no time pulling it into my mouth sucking up deep with a slurp.

My hands wandering all over his butt and legs, his full pubic bush made me so hot, feeling his low and loose balls swinging between his legs.

Brandon squatted down on the ladder and turned some giving me full access to that hot ass, I dove in licking his ass crack from his balls to his tight puckered hole.

"Eat my ass." Brandon groaned.

I didn’t need a second request, I licked and chewed at his fuck hole, he bucked and moved his ass against my mouth before coming down from the ladder stepping out of his jeans while he unbuttoned my shirt, pulling it off me then moving to my pants pulling them to the floor.

Reaching into his tool box Brandon pulled out some nylon rope, looking me in the eyes.

"You’ll have to trust me on this." he said as he tied my hands together in front of me.

Tying my hands to the top of the ladder, he bound my feet to the bottom of each leg of the ladder. I hope he isn’t going to rob and kill me I thought, but I should have thought more about that as he was tying my hands together.

Brandon took his thick leather belt from his tool belt and smacked my ass hard with it making it sting.

"Hey!" I yelled out. "That hurt."

"That didn’t hurt." Todd as he hit my ass harder this time." Did you like that Todd? Brandon asked.

"No." I said. He smacked his belt across my ass again.

"Did you like that Todd?" he asked again. "I can tell that you like it, your dick is as hard as it could be and starting to drip some." He said as he hit my ass again with the belt.

I moaned, "mmm yesss It feels good."

My ass stinging and hot while my cock was under the ladder rungs straining for attention.

"This is your one and only chance, if you want to be cut free I will stop and let you free now, if not…. I am in charge. Tell me what you want Todd."

I had ever experienced anything like this before and god it was hot, partially from the excitement of having sex with Brandon and part from this new bondage treatment.

"You must submit if you want to continue." Brandon said.

"I want to go on." I stammered.

"No, say I will submit” Brandon said. "or I cut you free now."

"I will submit." I said quickly, "I am yours to do as you like, anything."

"Good." Brandon said as he took some smaller rope tying my waist to the ladder making it hard to move at all now.

Brandon took out a knife, Oh shit! I thought. but he cut the rope end before tying some around my cock and balls letting that rope dangle.

"Do you want another smack with the belt Todd?" he asked.

"Yes" I said.

"Yes SIR” he said. Oh fuck. I thought.


Right then I felt a strong smack of the belt across my ass. I felt almost like I was going to cum from this treatment. I had never thought about being tied or whipped especially to get turned on about. Brandon reached between my legs and pulled the cord that dangled from my privates, brining it up and into the crack of my ass he pulled it tight pulling my stiff and wet cock downward.

I felt some pain from my balls being pulled on so tight but in a way I enjoyed it, more than I could have imagined. Brandon tied that to the rope that was around my waist.

"I’m gonna cum."

"NO! its not time yet, you wont cum until I say you can."

He reached around and gave my balls a squeeze, the pain made the urge to cum go away. Brandon slid his cock into my ass without lube except his pre cum, pushing it in deep as he reached around pinching and twisting my nipples making me moan and cry out.

"Fuck, this is so hot." I said.

Brandon continued fucking me hard, my pre cum dripping out from my bound cock. Straining against the ropes I wanted to cum so bad and tried to control it so as not to suffer the wrath of my handyman. My hole was burning from the anal assault Brandon was giving me.

"You like this Todd?"

"Yes, I mean YES SIR." I said. "Fuck me hard Brandon."

He grabbed the rope from my back that was tied to my balls and pulled on it some.

"Mmmmmm yessss." I moaned.

He fucked my hole until he shot his load leaving his cum dribbling from my ass. Brandon walked around the ladder looking me in the face.

"Want to cum now?" he asked.

"Yes sir, please." I replied.

"Not quite yet". he said as he flicked my stiff cock with his hand.

Walking to the garage he came out with my ladder and continued installing my new light, naked while I watched, bound and wanting to cum badly. I watched his tight muscled body work until he finished the light. leaning over on his ladder he pushed his cock into my face. I gobbled at it trying to pull it into my mouth while unable to move, his prick stiffened at the touch of my tongue.

"Give it to me sir?

He pushed it into my mouth and pumped my face until he got ready to cum, pulling out and shooting his jizz all over my face. Brandon climbed down from his ladder going under mine, he lightly touched my cock with his fingertips, running them up and down the shaft.

"Ok, he said, cum now."

As soon as those words came from his lips I shot my load from my aching cock, splashing all over his chest below me. Brandon disappeared for a few minutes before coming back stating that he had repaired my sink leak. I had never felt so venerable and at anyone’s mercy before in my life, I had never before cum as strongly as I did tied to that ladder.

Brandon cut my ropes as I braced against the ladder to stabilize myself, his cum still in my face. Brandon leaned over licking his own cum from my face then kissing my lips sliding his tongue into my mouth.

"Damn, Brandon, that was so fucking hot." I said still somewhat out of breath.

"Like I said, I can handle anything." Brandon said with a smile.

He dressed while I got my wallet from my pants taking $300.00 for his work, hell I would have paid him $5000.00 for what he did to me, opening a new part of my life, new feelings and new sensations, he gave me his card,

"Call me when you need service again Todd."

I watched him tuck his tool box into his truck, then his ladder wondering how much of other men’s cum was on that same ladder. I will be needing his assistance again soon!