Monday, July 9, 2012

On The Street

I’ve lived on the streets since my parents disowned me at the age of 17. They found me looking at a gay web site online and after much yelling and questions from my mother I told her that I was gay, it has been six months since then and the money I had is long gone. I usually hang out near the men’s shelter, working when I can cutting lawns and odd jobs for cash to eat. I tell people who ask that I live nearby and am saving for a car. Most of the time I sleep in the overgrown portion of county park, way in the back. It was a weekday and I had to wait until after 3 pm to start asking to cut lawns so as not to raise any questions on why I was not in school. Knocking on about twenty doors before someone let me use their mower to cut their lawn. I do it for such a low price hoping that I will get more work and people will ask less questions. After a few minutes of work I took off my tee shirt hanging it on the fence when a kid named Josh, about my age came out and offered me a bottle of cold water, I drank it greedily cooling my throat from the heat, thanks my name is Kyle. I went beck to work and finished the cutting before going to the door for payment. Josh opened the door wearing a towel with hair dripping, Sorry I just got out of the shower. Josh said. Oh, that’s ok. It is fifteen dollars for the grass cutting. I said looking at his wet chest. Actually my parents are not home and I was supposed to cut the yard but I would rather pay you to do it for me. I looked up at him, ok, that’s cool, I need the money is all, I am saving for a car. I said. I have seen you before several times, down by Market Street Mission. Josh said looking into my eyes. You are homeless aren’t you? No, I said, I live near here, a few blocks from here. I am not buying that, you need money right? Josh asked. Well, yeah, that’s why I do lawns. I replied. I think you need more money than just what you pick up on the odd lawn job and I have money to pay you for … certain jobs. Josh said. Like what? I asked. Like this, Josh said as he dropped the towel to the floor, touching his cock. No, I don’t whore myself out, I said. You will do it and take the money Kyle, I know your secret and will be willing to keep it, if you play my game. Josh said with s smirk on his face. Josh grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to him as he kissed my lips. I pulled back from him and he laughed, I was only kidding about the sex stuff. Oh bastard, you had me scared , I said, and started to relax again looking at his cock. I see you like looking at my dick Kyle? I do at that, I replied with a grin, I am not a whore so paying me is not part of the deal. I walked back to him and took his balls in my hand looking into his eyes, but I DO want some of this. I said. Lets go to your room in case your parents come home. I said. They wont be here for a while. Josh said as he reached for my jeans to unbutton them. Maybe I can take a shower first if it is ok, I am pretty sweaty and all form cutting the lawn. Sure thing Josh said. Follow me. We walked into his room and he looked at me and said, you can strip here and the shower is across the hall, towels are in the bathroom closet. Josh took delight watching me strip in front of him. Nice body Kyle, that ass is plump and hot. Josh said. I took a shower and walked back to Josh’s room as I dried off, Josh was laying on the bed wearing a jock strap and was fully hard from what I could see. Eat my jock, Josh said in a commanding tone. Evidently he is into being a dominating guy, I don’t mind I guess, I’ve not had that much sex anyway and him taking control worked for me as long as he does not turn into an ass. I dropped to the bed and started chewing and sucking his bulge through his jock. Mmm.. Chew it… Josh moaned. As he slapped the side of my head. I reached under the fabric to his balls pulling them out letting them free. I rolled him onto his stomach and I had access to his pale ass, the white elastic straps clutching each cheek. I gave a strap a pull letting it snap hard onto his ass, that made him moan as he arched his ass into the air as he got onto his knees. I pushed my finger into his tight pucker hole while licking along side it. Reaching under I grabbed his pouch holding his stiff boner, I gave it a good squeeze and jacked it a few times through the material. I wanna fuck you. Josh stated. Ohh no, I don’t think so, I’ve not been fucked before and am not ready for that. I said. Kyle, fuck me then, he said in a loud whisper. I slapped his ass hard making him jump. There’s lube in the nightstand drawer, grabbing the bottle of Axel Grease Lube I squirted some onto my cock, it was cold and ran down to my balls as I rubbed it onto my rigid prick. I put a small amount onto his ass crack and plunged some into his hole with my fingers, not too much, I thought with a smile, I want him to feel this! I pushed my dick in hard and fast making him buck and yell a little just for fun. Not so hard bitch. Josh threw me off and rolled on top of me forcing me down and sticking his cock up my ass, it hurt like fire and I told him to stop and tried to move when he grabbed my hair on the back of my head and pulled it hard towards my back. Ok, ok I said, let go of my hair. Shut the fuck up whiner boy and take what I give you. Josh said with a bit of meanness in his voice. He fucked me harder than before, My ass is on fire Josh. I said. Shut up bitch or I’ll tell everyone you are homeless and they will make you go to a foster home. You are going to come back and please me whenever I want. he said between thrusts. About then we heard a female voice “Josh honey, I’m home” Oh shit it’s my mom,, get dressed and out the window fast. Josh said in a panic as he grabbed his clothes. I had an evil thought and decided to pay Josh back for his mean spirit. I walked naked to the bedroom door, opening it as Josh’s mom walked near it, she looked at me as I walked past her naked and then Josh trying to get his legs into his pants, his bare ass bouncing and a scared frantic look on his face. your son is a great fuck. I said as I walked past her into the hall and toward the front door. I could hear her yelling at him as I got to the front door, I stopped to slip on my pants, Josh was trying to convince her that he was not gay about the time I was closing the door. Damn I didn’t get paid for the lawn.  

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