Monday, September 3, 2012

Skype Connection

My friend Josh asked me to meet him at a local restaurant called the fire station; it was made from a closed fire station. I had not been there in a long time and I was a little early, the hostess seated me in a booth toward the back. My waiter came by with menus; I understand that you are waiting for someone else? My name is Jes; may I bring you a drink and an appetizer? Hi, Jes, My name is Daniel and I will be your customer. I said with a stupid grin. Jes stopped and looked at me without saying too much. Sorry. I said, I’m always a smart ass. Ill have an iced tea please, no lemon. I will have it right out for you Daniel. Jes said as he walked toward the kitchen. I glanced at my smartphone checking e-mails and saw a friend had sent me a picture, it finally loaded as Jes brought my drink, and he glanced at the picture as it flashed onto the screen. My friend sent me a picture of himself naked. I saw the picture and quickly put my hand over the screen but it was too late, Jess had seen it. I’m sorry, It was a friend that… I stammered. Its fine, in fact it was very fine. Jes said with a smile. I will check back on you in a few minutes and see if your friend is here, just wave at me in the meantime if you need anything. He said. I had noticed that Jes was pretty attractive with dark hair cut closely on the sides and back and a tiny bit longer on top, it made me want to touch it. Jes was about 5’8 or so and I really like guys that are shorter than I am. I went back to checking e-mail and lost track of time, I had been sitting here for 45 minutes. Jes came over with a small plate of tortilla chips and queso setting them in front of me. I came by a couple of times but you were busy and your friend is not here yet and I thought you might be getting hungry. Jes said. That is so sweet of you Jes, I got lost in reading my e-mail. Yeah he is late, I’ll text him and see what’s going on. I said. Thanks for the chips too. You are welcome; I’ll stop and refill your iced tea as soon as I get my food out for another table. Jes said walking away. I watched his ass as he left, I texted my friend without an answer. The queso and chips were great; I devoured them before Jes came back with the tea pitcher. Any word from your date? Jes asked. No, I texted him and got no answer. And he is just a friend; I’m not dating anyone right now. Ill go ahead and order, I would like the Santa fe chicken with rice and a small salad with ranch dressing. I said looking into his face as he wrote my order onto the ticket. Glancing down at his bulge he finished writing, it was very full looking, I wanted to reach over and feel the weight of his balls through the fabric. I looked up and he was just looking at my face smiling, not being shy I looked right at him and said, very nice. He chuckled, smiled and walked toward the kitchen to turn in my order. My friend finally texted me back, he had fallen asleep and missed dinner with me, said he was sorry and we would have to try again soon. Jes brought my salad and some fresh rolls to my table. My friend texted me, he had fallen asleep, the bastard! I said with a laugh. I am glad you decided to stay and eat here after he didn’t show up. Jes said. Me too. I said as I ate my salad. Jes went back to the kitchen and about 10 minutes later he returned with my dinner. Wow that chicken looks great I said, cutting into it and taking a bite. Jes stood for a second while I tasted the first bite. Anything else I can do for you Daniel, just ask and I will do my best for you. I bet you would too! I said with a grin. I finished my meal when Jes came by to clear my plates. Would you like dessert Daniel? He asked. No, Thanks Jes, I’m stuffed. I said. Jes returned in a couple of minutes with a small container. What’s that? I asked. Cheesecake to die for, and it’s on me. Jes said. I gave him my credit card and thanked him for the cheesecake. I was almost at the door when I turned back; walking back to the table Jes saw me and walked over to the table. Did you forget something? He asked. Yes, I forgot to get your phone number, that is if you would like to go out with me. I said. Jes pulled out his order pad and wrote his number on it handing me the slip of paper. I am off at 10:00 and will be home at 10:30 if you want to call and chat for a while. I only winked and turned to walk out. I was lying in bed holding the phone, 10:33, it’s too soon, and I would look desperate if I called now but he was pretty nice and I really wanted to talk to him. 10:34,, fucking clock.. I went to the kitchen and got something to drink and back to bed 10:36,, shit… Hell, I dialed the phone number, Jes answered. Hello? Hi Jes, it’s me Daniel. Hey, I’m glad you called, did you eat your cheesecake yet? He asked. Yes, it was great. I said. I liked the sauce on it, what was it? My special sauce he said with a giggle. Ok, ok, it’s a caramel cream sauce. Mmm I like the idea of your special sauce. I said as I lay back in the bed. Do you Skype? I asked. Yes, he said. We exchanged numbers and got on computers. As his cam lit my screen I saw that he was sitting at a computer desk, still in his work shirt without the tie. Are you in bed? Jes asked. I see a bare chest, and I like it. I moved my cam towards my left nipple. Lick it! I said, yes I am in bed, I know it is early but I just wanted to get into bed and relax. I should have done that too before signing on. Jes said. No way! I said, I want to watch you undress. Jes had a huge grin across his face, really? On the first time we have met? Really! I said. It’s the second time anyway, we met at the restaurant. Come on, it would be hot. Peel it Jes. Jes stood up and started un buttoning his shirt; my eyes were glued to the screen. He pulled back his shirt taking it off revealing nicely tanned chest. Turn around for me? I asked, Jes turned and pretended he was a model with his arms out in a majestic way. Oh baby! Ok drop the pants, whoo whoo whoo. I chanted. Jes turned his back to the cam and pulled his pants down to show the top of his ass crack, then pulling them back up again. Turned to the cam opening his fly reaching into his underwear feeling his bulge teasing me. Damn, this is hot. I said. He turned away from the cam again dropping his pants to the floor showing the back of his boxer briefs. Take them off too! I called out. Hey, I was only taking off my work clothes, Jes said laughing. You started the show, you can’t stop now. Peel them off! I begged. He pushed the boxers to his ankles in one movement and I got a quick glimpse deep into his ass crack as he bent over, he turned around with both hands over his crotch covering his privates. Sitting down at his computer. Oh My God I yelled in jest, you teaser, you got me half hard and stopped? You are hard? He asked. Half hard. I replied. Let’s see it? he asked. Again, not being shy at all I flipped the sheet back and pointed my laptop at my crotch. Damn! What a cock! You are hard. Jes said. Not fully. I said giving it a wiggle. Now stand up and show me yours Jes. I said turning my laptop back to my face. Jes stood and slowly took his hands away exposing probably the nicest, prettiest cock and balls I have ever seen. His dick was not huge, just a regular sized penis but it was perfect, the size, shape, his head looked so hot and his balls hung low and seemed full of man juice. Wow, very hot Jes. Give it a rub? I asked. He took it into his hand moving it as is sprang up under his touch. He pulled at his balls, making me squirm and want to see more. Jes turned to a side profile and his cock stood up towards his flat belly with a slight curve. He pulled it downward letting it go, his cock flipped back to his belly making a slapping noise. Like that? He asked. Hell yes, standing up I pointed the cam towards my cock showing him I was now fully hard and starting to drip pre cum. I took my finger and touched my cockhead wiping the sticky syrup onto my finger and up to my mouth, licking it on cam for Jes. Yes, eat that pre cum, damn that’s hot. Jes said as he jacked on his cock while watching me. I squeezed my cock hard making the veins bulge and my head enlarge. Damn, Daniel, you are getting me so hot. I wish that cock was in my ass. He said. Got a dildo Jes? I asked. I am gay, of course I have one. Jes said. Get it! I said. He pulled it out and a bottle of lube holding them up to the camera, are we really gonna get it on fully on cam? He asked. Oh, hell yeah. I’m so hot now, I don’t want to stop. I said Lube that dildo up and bend over, give me a close up as you push it in your ass. Jes raised one leg onto his bed, spreading his ass cheeks and pushing some lube into his hole, then slicking up his dildo with more lube. Really? He asked. Really! I replied. Jes checked his placement on the monitor and climbed onto his bed on all fours, his ass pointed to the camera. He squatted back a bit showing his tight puckered ass hole, reaching back he fingered it some as I cheered him on giving direction verbally. He took the dildo and pushed it into his ass, slow at first and finally all the way in. Fuck yourself with that cock baby, pretend its me back there. I said. Ohh Daniel, it’s like your big cock inside me. He said as he fucked the dildo in and out of his ass. I jacked my cock, making sure not to cum, but edging while watching him fuck his ass with the big rubber phallus. Jes pulled it out very fast and his hole gaped open making me wish I was there to slip my finger inside before it fully closed again, Fuck you are turning me on Jes. I said. Ok Daniel, show me what you can do. Jes said as he lay on his bed jacking his hard prick. Ok let me move the laptop to a place you’ll be able to see what I’m going to do. I said. Moving into camera frame, I rolled onto my shoulders with my legs over my head with a side view and leaning onto the wall. I was upside down jacking my cock and bent my hips forward farther taking my own cock into my mouth. FUCK ME! Jes said. Stroking his cock. Damn that’s so cool, I wish I could get mine into my mouth. I could only get about two inches past my lips but I could get real suction on my head. I sucked my cock while Jes told me how horny that got him. I sucked until I was about to cum. Ok I’m gonna cum now. I said sucking harder on my rod. Just as I started shooting, I pulled back and shot my load into and all over my mouth. Oh my God, that was so cool. Jes said. I’m sorry, I came while watching you, and it was more than I could hold back. We talked a while longer before closing the Skype call. The next night I went to eat at the Fire House Restaurant again, same booth and when Jes saw me sitting there, his face lit up knowing that we would have another sex adventure after he got off work.