Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Neighbor

My neighbor
I have lived in my house for seven years now; it is ten acres of lightly wooded land out in the country.
I enjoy being naked most of the time when inside my house and also work outside on my property naked quite often when the weather is nice.
I was puttering around outside and was a bit warm with little breeze so I peeled off my shirt and pants tossing them onto a stump.
Pulling vines away from the magnolia tree that grows near the gravel driveway.
I stopped for some water I brought out in a jar, hearing a noise I paused with the bottle at my lips listening, maybe an armadillo or a squirrel I thought.
I drank three quarters of the water and poured the remaining water down my neck and chest, it felt good letting the cool water trickle off my chest and down to my balls before falling to the ground.
I am 36 years old, six foot two inches with a lean strong body, a dusting of dark hair on my chest and being outside like this I have no tan lines.

Hearing the noise in the brush again I paused and walked over to the stump and picked up my pistol and walked towards where the sound came from, it was no squirrel but there are plenty of wild animals and snakes out here and always kept a gun handy.

I didn’t see anything, so I stood still for a few seconds before firing off a shot into the ground a few feet in front of me just to make some noise and scare off whatever animal it was.
As the shot rang out I heard a voice cry out, “Wait! Don’t shoot, I am your neighbor.“ “I am coming out.” A male voice said.

I kept the pistol lowered toward the ground as I saw a figure stepping out from behind a tree the man was a blonde wearing only pants and boots.
“What are you doing on my land?” I asked. “And furthermore why are you spying on me from behind the tree?”
“My name is Keith, I am so sorry about watching you like that.” He said.
“Sorry you did it or sorry you got caught?” I asked.
“I enjoy my privacy as you can see and don’t like people peeping at me of trespassing onto my land.”
“I am very sorry to intrude, I am your new neighbor, I just bought the 33 acres next to you. I was out walking the property to see where the boundaries are and to find the pond I was told about when I bought the property.” Keith said.

“So why where you hiding behind the tree then?’

“I had not realized that I was off my land and onto yours stumbling right out into the open and there you were naked, I jumped back behind the tree and had to wait for a good moment to quietly get back to my land.”

“My name is Jack, sorry about scaring the hell out of you. I am pretty much a nudist over here and love feeling the sun against my skin.” I said catching Keith’s eyes wandering down to my dick and balls.

“Like what you see?” I asked with a smile.

“Well, uhmm well yeah I do, you look great out here with your body sweaty glistening in the sun.”

“The pond is back that way; it is part on my property and part on yours, come on Ill show you.” I said and stared walking to the west.

“I built a dock out here to sun on and swim from, you are welcome to use it anytime you like.”

“Wait” I said as I pulled Keith close, bringing my pistol up and firing off two shots killing a rattle snake that was on the trail.
“Damn! I would have walked right into him.” Keith said.
“You are best to carry a pistol with you when you are out here; I always do when I get very far from the house.”
“Right up here is the pond, lake really, it’s pretty large.” I said as I stepped over the snake.

Keith looked a bit reluctant to step over it.
“It won’t hurt you Keith.”

We walked up the ramp onto the dock, setting my pistol down; I kicked off my shoes and dove into the cool water.
“Whooooo… come on in Keith.” I yelled.

Keith unlaced his boots and unbuttoned his pants sliding them to the wooden dock, stepping out of them. Keith was pretty pale but had a good build and about my age. Keith jumped into the water, surfacing near me.
“WOW.. This water feels so good.”

“Nice to let your balls hang free huh?” I asked.

“Oh, hell yeah! Feels great.”

“You just have to watch out for water moccasins out here.” I warned.

“IN THE WATER?” He yelled.

“Yes in the water, I said. Mostly they will go away form you and you won’t see but a few each summer out here.”

“Shit, I hate snakes!” He said.

“Well you better learn how to shoot then. Helps keep the numbers down some.”

I climbed out of the water onto the dock and reached a hand out to pull Keith out of the water.

“I may need to stay in here.” Keith said with a funny grin.
“Have to pee?” I asked laughing.

“No, worse, I’ve got a boner.” Keith said in an embarrassed tone.

“Not to worry, holding my hand out to pull him form the water.”
I pulled Keith up by the hand and sure enough he had a good 7 inch stiffie poking right out at me.
“Looks like you need some help with that.”
I dropped to my knees and pulled his stiff rod into my throat, my hands went to Keith’s ass cheeks, exploring the muscled mounds.

Keith moaned. “Damn that feels good…. But I am not that way… I don‘t like men.”

I stopped sucking long enough to tell him that were true, he would not have been watching me form behind the tree and would not have a boner right now just from swimming naked.

I went back to sucking his cock, I pushed a finger near his asshole, he jumped, I did it again and this time he did not jump as much.
I pushed my finger into his ass, he moaned and pushed back on my finger, I rubbed his sphincter with my fingers and pushed one back in.

“Ohh fuck I’m gonna shoot.” He whispered as he started to pull out of my mouth, I held him tight and took his cum, it blasted to the back of my mouth and throat.
Keith’s knees buckled and I lowered him to the wooden deck where he collapsed.

“Fuck that was hot!” Keith said.
“Never had anything up your ass before?”

“No, never, well I have pushed a beer bottle neck part way in once.” Keith said.

“Gotta watch putting glass in your ass, less than a good idea. Now this will work just fine.” I said grabbing my stiff dick and shaking it at him. “Want to give it a try?”

“I don’t know, it is pretty big,, I think I would like to try, if you take it slow.”

“Ok but not here, this deck will give us more splinters than you could imagine, I have fucked out here one time which was enough.”
“Let’s go back to my place.” I said.

I led the way up the trail until we reached the bedroom of my house. I set my pistol down and took Keith by the shoulders pulling him tight, kissing him hard on the lips, at first he hesitated, and then he kissed me back pushing his tongue into my mouth his cock bounced back to full mast pushing against my balls.
I reached down between Keith’s legs feeling his balls and hard shaft.
I gently pushed him back onto the bed.

“I have never kissed a man before, it was fantastic.”

“Today will be full of first’s for you I have a feeling.”

I lifted Keith’s legs and put my mouth between them licking his balls, and running my tongue into his ass crack.

“You ready for my cock?? I asked? Looking into Keith’s eyes.

“I think so, let’s give it a try.”

I reached for some lube and slipped my wet finger into his ass, loosening him up; I pushed in a second finger and worked it around.
Keith cried out and pulled back a little as I continued massaging his manhole.
I lifted Keith’s legs higher to his chest, and placed the head of my pocket rocket against his pucker.
“You will feel some pressure and probably some pain, but it will ease, just don’t stiffen up, try to relax.”

I pushed it in slowly, just past the knob, moving it in and out gently to get Keith used to the feeling and stretch him out a bit more.

“How you doing Keith?”

“Feels like I have to..,”
“Yeah, I interrupted; well you don’t have to, that is my cock that make you feel like that.”

“It hurts a little but not too bad.”

“Ok, I’m going to push it all the way in, but not fast.” I said in a soft voice as I began pushing my stiff willy in all the way in one slow but even push.
I got all the way in and pushed in farther, Keith moaned loudly. “Oh, fuck.”
“How you doing Keith?”

“I’m ok; it feels like you are 20 inches long.”

“Naw, I’m only eight inches and am happy that I am slim too; a fat cock would tear you apart.”

I began fucking his ass with a regular motion. Pushing his legs tight against his chest, I looked at his cock; it was stiff and leaking pre cum.
“Not many guys stay hard while getting fucked.” I said. “That’s hot.”

I fucked in a harder motion now, reaming his hole with my prick.
“Ohh damn Keith, your ass is so tight and has me so horny. I’m going to shoot my cum inside your ass.”

“I’m cumming,, ohhhhhhhhh.. Fuckkkkkkk..” I said as I blew my wad.

Keith was moving under me and making noises, I looked down in time to see his cum blast form his dick all over his chest.
I fell forward onto Keith’s sticky chest kissing his lips.
“Fuck that was great.” Keith whispered.

“Come on, Follow me.”
I took Keith to my outdoor shower, turning on the water.
“Wow, you really have things nice over here.”

I washed Keith’s chest and back, Keith went to my cock and pulled it into his mouth.
“Another first for you Keith? Dick in your mouth?”

“Yeah” He said with a grin. “And I like it!”

“I will start dinner for us, if you will stay, that is?”

“I would love to stay for dinner.” Keith said with a huge grin.

That was in 1983, 29 years ago. Keith wore a path between our houses over the next few years.
In 1992 Keith moved in with me, we never wore clothes unless driving off the property.
Keith died 3 years ago at the age of 65, I still reach to his side of the bed most mornings aching to feel him next to me.
I miss him so much, he meant the world to me and gave me many years of happiness.
Each day is hard to go on without him but I know my time to see him in heaven will not be long.


  1. wonderful and sad story.

  2. Oh wow if I could be so lucky to find someone like that