Sunday, December 16, 2012


My boyfriend Jess and I had been living together for a little over three years. Jess is a gorgeous man of 30 years old with dark tightly curled hair that always looks a bit disheveled also has dark brown eyes. Being a weekend, we had decided to do one of the chores that we had put off for over a year now, painting the family room. It has very tall ceilings that reach 14 feet on the inner wall. We rented some scaffolding and had it set up with plastic drop cloths covering the carpeting. I removed the last of the pictures off the walls, was pulling nails and filling the holes while Jess went to pick up the paint. Hearing the front door open, you are just in time, I finished the filling and sanding the holes. I called out. As I turned toward the hallway I saw four men running toward me with masks on. On the floor! One yelled. Who the fuck are you and what do you want? I asked in an outraged but scared voice. Don’t say a word unless you are spoken to bitch! A muscular man said. Or I’ll fuck you up! Two of the other men pulled me across the floor over to the scaffolding legs, took some duct tape from a bag that one man bought with him. They taped my writs to the scaffolding stretched out as far as they would go. I opened my mouth to protest when the man that had warned me grabbed my face pushing in on my cheeks, not a word! He said quietly. The masks they wore covered their whole heads with openings for their mouths and eyes looked to be made of rubber or latex. Take my wallet, just go. I said. The taller guy smacked the back of my head, SHUT THE FUCK UP! He said. A guy was a bit shorter and stockier moved in close and unfastened my jeans and yanked them down and off my legs, leaving me naked from the waist down. You call that a cock? He asked in a loud demeaning voice as he flicked my balls hard with the back of his hand. Not more than a bit of dog meat, I should cut it off and feed it to my pit bull. I lay there silently, trembling a bit, my arms tied out tight from my body laying on the floor. The big guy reached in and took my tee shirt at the collar and ripped it open leaning over and licking my right nipple, he then took it in his fingers twisting it hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. Like that bitch boy? He asked. No! I replied. He did it again only harder. Like it NOW? He asked. Yes, I like it. I said. Yes you like it, SIR! He demanded. Yes, I like it sir. I replied. He bent over and took it back in his mouth and chewed on it roughly. The stocky guy sucked my cock into his mouth while grabbing my nut sac and pulling on it firmly. A slim guy took some rope tying it to each knee before pulling the rope past my head and to the scaffolding forcing my knees to my chest exposing my asshole to all four guys. Now the fun begins! The slim guy said as he took off his pants and shirt. He kneeled and spat on my hole and started toying with my ass with his thumb while getting himself fully hard with the other hand. Smacking his crack ripper against my pucker, he spat again and shoved it in, in one motion. I cried out. The big man put his foot on my neck and pushed hard. You like his meat stick in your boy cunt? He asked. I didn’t reply until he pushed his foot down harder. Yes sir. I replied. The stocky guy took off his clothes and started jacking off close to my mouth; he slapped his cock in my face a few times. I am gonna put my dick down your throat bitch, you bite it and you are dead meat. He said as he put his hands on the scaffolding and straddled my face with his hairy legs. He pushed his thick dick into my mouth and started mouth fucking my throat hardly giving me time to suck any air past his meat; I gagged a few times, that made him smile. The guy fucking my hole was going hard and his balls slapping my ass as he went. The big guy just stood jacking his cock while he told the guy to fuck my throat deeper. The fourth guy stood off from the others playing with his cock and watching what the others were doing to me. The one plowing my asshole started fucking erratically and his breathing changed to short jerky breaths. Fuckkkk I’m cumming he said, mmm yeah… I’m filling your ass with my cum you worthless whore. He shot his load and pulled out, then the bigger man took his turn at my ass, he was smaller around than the first guy but much longer. He jammed it in and it felt like his cock was way farther than it actually was. The man assaulting my throat was getting close to cumming too, I could feel his motions change; I coughed and gasped for air as his thick cock rammed my mouth. The guy that had already cum in my ass, stood over my face. Thirsty bitch? He asked as he started pissing onto my mouth where the others cock was plunging in and out of me, I could taste the salty piss that was getting on the mans cock. Just then the loner came over to shoot his jizz onto my face as the guy fucking my mouth blew his load and climbed off. The three watched the big man still fucking my ass and called out degrading comments until he shot his load in my aching hole. One man shoved a large butt plug into my ass roughly. Something to fill your ass and remember me. he said. They dressed, taking the bag and walking to the door. The slim man said, we may pay you another visit, next time we will stay longer. I heard the door close and a car drive out of the gravel driveway. I laid there with cum on my face and a pool of piss under my neck letting everything that had happened sink in when I heard the door open and saw my boyfriend Jess walk in. What the fuck happened? Jess asked. Are you alright? Jess peeled the duct tape from my wrists and pulled me close. Oh my God, baby. Tell me what happened. He said. I related what had happened to him; Jess took me to our room and helped get me into the shower. I pulled the butt plug out of my ass; Jess took it and tossed it into the sink. Jess joined me in the shower, washing me all over and telling me how he should have never left to get paint. Later we ate, Jess fell asleep on the couch after watching the news and I decided to paint some before bedtime. I took the paint cans from the door where Jess dropped them after he came home and opened the shopping bag for a paint stirring stick. There in the bag, was a black latex hood. Jess must have been the guy that stayed back and shot his cum onto my face. Jess and I had talked months earlier and I let him know that I always wanted to be involved in a home invasion rape scene; it was one of my fantasies that was always in the back of my mind. I painted half of the room before Jess woke, I kissed his lips and simply said thank you handing him the latex hood.

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