Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Tatt

I have wanted a tattoo for a long time but have been reluctant to mark my body pretty much for life. Finally I found the one I wanted, it looked like a flying eagle from a distance but when you saw it closer, it was just a design of lines. I went to a tattoo shop near the beach and started talking to this artist that if he proved not to be some insane freak would be the guy that will tattoo me. Is there somewhere private that you do the tattooing? I asked him. Well usually we do it here out in the front, we do have one room in back and I can do house calls for a slightly higher price but all the paperwork is done here in the shop. My name is Bruce he said. What kind of tattoo are you looking to get? Good to meet you Bruce my name is Kent, it is not so much what I am getting its more like where and I am a little shy. Kent, I have done tatt’s on abut every part of the body including a guy’s penis once, so there is nothing new that I will be doing or seeing. Bruce said. Oh, no it’s nothing like that, I just want a simple tattoo just above the underwear line on my backside, I just didn’t want everyone that walks in the door looking at my ass. I said. I see, on a girl it’s called a “trap stamp” but on a guy it’s called “hot”. He laughed. I don’t mind paying more if you would not mind doing it at my house. I said. No problem let me see you’re drawing and Ill work the design up and maybe we can set up an appointment for tomorrow or Friday. Bruce said. Friday around 5 o’clock would probably be best, and then I will be off work for the weekend so I can keep tighter clothing off of it till it heals up some. I replied. I watched Bruce drawing my sloppy design; he was very intent on his work. Bruce had several tattoos on his arms but they seemed to flow well together unlike some guys that get several unrelated tattoos that are a jumbled mess. Bruce filled out the paperwork and showed me his take on my design, I shook his hand and left. I had second, third and fourth thoughts about the tattoo. I could always chicken out at the last minute I guess, but I really wanted it and needed to stop dwelling on it. It was Thursday night, and I decided to go out to my favorite dance club for a drink and to get the anxiousness about the tattoo out of my head. Getting to the club I got a drink and went to a table near the dance floor, it was busy but not packed, yet. I watched the guys on the floor dance, some without shirts and was checking out the tattoos on a couple of them. One guy peeled off his tee shirt and tossed it onto a stool near me, he had some great tattoos, shit,, I thought, that’s Bruce, the tattoo guy, the fucker is way hot, especially with his shirt off. Bruce finished dancing and walked over and took his shirt tossing it over his shoulder as he headed for the bar for a fresh drink. As Bruce passed me I gave him a small wave, he gave me a sort of nod and kept going. Fuck am I that unforgettable? I’ve got a good looking body and all, fucker, maybe I will cancel the tattoo appointment after all. Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked to see Bruce smiling at me. Kent? Right? He asked. Yeah, you are doing my tattoo at my house tomorrow night. I said. Damn, I didn’t know you were family baby. He said as he checked me out a bit better. Can I sit? He asked. Sure, you aren’t with that guy you were dancing with? I asked. No, I have seen him here before and he asked me to dance is all. Bruce said. I was staring at his tattoos; I love this area on your upper arm. I said as I touched his warm skin where the tattoo was. Check this out, one sec. he said as he went to the bar and came back with a small flashlight. Turn that on and point it at my ass. He said as he unbuttoned the front of his jeans pulling them down in the back enough to see his ass cheek and a great view of the top of his ass crack. Very nice ass! I said laughing. Ok now turn off the light. He said. I turned off the flashlight and saw a tattoo on his ass cheek; it was invisible in the light but popped with the light from the black lights in the club. I reached over and touched it, so cool, I said. I like that. Maybe you can outline my tattoo in that so it pops when I am in a club like this. I said. Sure, he said. Hey come dance with me, I love to dance and you are coming with me. He said pulling my hand and walking to the dance floor. Kent, you are a good dancer he said leaning to my ear to be heard over the music. I put my hand on his bare shoulder as he spoke; Bruce put his hand around my waist and continued dancing pulling me close. We danced a bit longer before Bruce unbuttoned my shirt, slowly as he looked into my eyes smiling. He reached inside my open shirt, running his hands all over my torso. You have a great shape Kent, he said pulling my shirt tails out of my jeans and in one movement it was off my shoulders and tucked into Bruce’s back pocket. I walked around behind Bruce dancing close and putting in some ass fucking motions to the back of his jeans while I held his hips. Mmmm… Bruce said, harder baby! I laughed and did it again, this time I let my hands wander from his hips to the front of his jeans feeling his ample bulge. Kent, Lets take a break and have a drink. He said as he pulled me to the table. Bruce pulled his chair closer to me and put his arm over my shoulder. Hey, Kent, why don’t you call the shop in the morning and cancel your tattoo appointment and I will come by tomorrow night and do it for you without charging you? Bruce asked. No, you need to get paid for your work and I don’t want you getting into trouble at the shop. I replied. Nonsense, I will be fine, maybe you can take me out to dinner for my efforts then. He said laughing. Okay, sounds good. I said. I’ll call them first thing tomorrow. Here is my phone number Bruce said as he wrote it on a slip of paper. I have to run, I’ve got work in the morning and it’s almost 1 AM. I said standing to leave. Bruce pulled my shirt out of his back pocket and put it over my shoulders and buttoned it back up. There, he said. Sorry about the wrinkles, I was sitting on it. No problems, I’ll see you tomorrow night then. I said. Bruce pulled me close and kissed my lips firmly and much longer than a good night peck. I smiled and patted his ass and turned heading out of the club. The following night I was anticipating getting my tattoo but also seeing Bruce again. I answered the door wearing my sweat pants and no shirt, Bruce had his hands full with his tattoo gear, he paused to kiss me before setting his things down. He went back out and came in with a folding massage table and set it up in my living room. Oh, I get a massage too? I asked. I use this as a better place for you to lay than your couch, but if you play your cards right, you just may get a massage too as a bonus but I am not a professional masseuse Bruce said as he spread a white sheet over the table. Okay, hop up on the table and I will get to work. I dropped my sweat pants to the floor now wearing only some low rise sage green briefs. Nice! Bruce said. He sprayed my lower back with water and placed the transfer on my skin peeling off the paper it left the outlines he needed to stay on track with the tattoo. This will sting some, but please don’t move around; I will tattoo part and give you a break so it does not get so tedious laying still. Talk to me and let me know if you need anything. He said If you don’t mind I will pull your briefs down some, I don’t want to get ink or anything on them. Bruce pulled my briefs down where they felt half off my ass. He started working on it and I found it hard to hold still it stung pretty bad. I moved my thoughts to his arm moving against my bare ass cheeks. This is looking good. He said. Oh cool, burns like hell. I said. You have one fantastic ass, if I may; I have one hell of a view. Bruce said. Feel free to distract me from the pain if you like. I said. Bruce pulled my briefs down farther, now they were pretty much only on my legs, he leaned in running his tongue along the crack of my ass making me shiver and move. Bruce laughed and went back to his work. I am abut one third done already, maybe it is a good spot to stop and let you get up and stretching a bit. He said. I sat up on the table sliding to a sitting position. How do you feel? Bruce asked. Pretty good a bit tense, it is hard to relax. I said. I may be able to help you relax some. Bruce said as he pulled back the top of my underwear. You may as well just take these off. He said as he helped me slide them off. My cock stood out being mostly hard already. Bruce touched it with his tongue running it all around my shaft and down to my balls. Still wearing his black rubber gloves he twisted my nipples making me moan, he could tell how sensitive my nipples were and gave them some attention with his mouth too. I pulled his tee shirt over his head, running my hands over his shoulders while he sucked my cock. Bruce was intent on getting my load; he pulled me to my feet and went to his knees. His fingers roamed my ass cheeks while he sucked; I felt his hands pushing my legs apart some giving him more access to my ass. Sticking his finger to his mouth for some spit to lube my ass up, he jammed in a finger causing me to shoot my cum into his mouth. Holy, FUCK! I said. Your turn, I said. No, mine will be later, let’s get this tattoo finished. Bruce said as he stood up. I lay on the table again; Bruce lifted my ass a bit, reaching under pulling my cock and balls down and between my legs. That will give me something to play with when I pause for a minute. Bruce finished the tattoo, he took a few pictures on his cell phone to show me how it looked, I noticed two of the pictures did not have the tattoo in it at all but were of my ass and my cock that was on the table between my legs. Oh souvenirs? I asked. He laughed. I was still on my stomach when Bruce spread my legs out a little farther shoving his face into my ass, chewing and biting at my hole. Bruce slid my legs off the side of the table and pulled his pants down before pushing his stiff prick into my ass. Careful not to rub on my fresh tattoo he fucked me while running his hands along my hips. His cock felt large and very thick, it felt as if it was stretching my ass to the max. I arched my back some pushing back against his cock that was impaling my fuck hole. His movement sped up as did his breathing, Bruce had an extreme orgasm, I have never felt anyone buck and move that intensely during sex before. Bruce cleaned up and packed his things, taking them to the car, I will have to come back in a week or two to do the black light ink, I could only do the black ink tonight. I hope I can see you again before then. He said. Oh, no, I said. You are staying with me tonight. I’m not finished with sex yet tonight. I will take you to dinner and then we can come back for dessert here. Sounds nice, I do like my meat, so steak next and then cock later. Bruce said. Let’s go now and get back here before I get hard again. I said.

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