Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunset Beach

My name is Steve; I have a deep tan from going to the beach most days when I can get away. I have wanted to go to a gay nude beach but there are no nude beaches where I live which leave me with one hell of a tan line with a very pale ass. While on vacation in California I asked around at a club I went to shortly after arriving, the bartender told me about a nearby nude beach that had a “sort of” gay section at the North end. I rented a car put on some skimpy swim shorts and board shorts over them and headed off to the beach. It seemed near deserted and I was worried about stripping off my clothes until I saw a few others down the beach lying out naked. I walked down the surf line still dressed, headed to the North end, I passed a few families that seemed to enjoy the nudist lifestyle, this is a bit creepy to me brothers and sisters in their teens playing Frisbee naked together. I looked away only to see a large woman walking my way. I don’t like seeing naked women at all but specially this one as big as she was. I got down to the far end and laid out my yellow beach towel and looked around, I dropped my board shorts and hesitated on taking off my swim briefs. What the hell, I dropped them to my ankles around and stepped out of them. I folded my shorts and tucked them into my back pack. Lying back with my wrap around sunglasses on to give me the chance to check out any hot guys that come by without them seeing that I am looking. I have dark hair and a thick small pubic bush, reaching down giving my low hanging balls a rub; I am 27 years old and take good care of my shape. A few guys were here already, laughing and playing in the surf, it was very casual, not quite as sexually charged as I thought it would be. Over the next hour or so the beach filled up pretty well, tons of men, all shapes and sizes, some queens, screeching and giggling and some bears too. A couple of Athletic guys set a blanket near me after asking if I minded, hell I was so excited that I about got up to help them set up. One of the two was a blonde with a dusting of golden body hair; the other guy had dark hair like mine. After they finished setting up they unceremoniously stripped naked, wow, this was great, and I felt a bit like a peeper watching these two. The blonde had a thin bush tucked around his cut cock and had the sexiest set of balls that swung as he moved, the dark haired guy was shaved smooth and had a larger uncut cock with tight balls. They talked and laughed, the dark haired guy popped open a beer, handing it to the other guy, they must have saw me checking them out, the dark haired guy offered me a beer, I see you didn’t bring a cooler. He said. Naw, I didn’t bring one, I am here on vacation and did not even think to bring anything with me. I said, smiling at him. I’m Steve. I said sticking my hand out to each of them. Good to meet you, I’m Doug the dark haired man said. And this is Tate. Tate reached over shaking my hand, hi, he said. You guys must come here allot, you seem to be pretty organized. I said. Cheers, Doug said tapping his bottle on mine, as he pulled his bottle back he rubbed the bottle against my nipple and smiled. I love your nipples, they are nice and small. He said as he watched my nipple get even smaller and stiffen from the coldness of the beer bottle. Oh, thanks. I said. I glanced over at Tate. Tate and I are just friends, we fool around now and then, but are just friends. Doug said. Oh, cool. I said. Let’s go play in the surf. Tate said as he stood up. Tate put out his hand to help pull me up. I had a great look at his cock as I stood up, it was only a foot from my lips, cock stir and worried that I would get hard so I ran for the water giggling as I hit the water, it was my first time in public naked, it was wonderful. Tate ran to the water splashing in next me, it was instinct to reach my hands out as he got to me, my and went to his muscular arms and fingertips felt the warmth and hair under his arm, I wanted to leave it there longer but the interaction only lasted a few seconds. Doug was in the water too and splashing water at us, I took my hands and cupped them in them in the water splashing him back. The water came just to our balls, what a sight seeing wet cocks bouncing in the water spray attached to a couple of pretty hot guys. Tate jumped onto Doug’s back, piggy back style wrapping his legs around the mans waist, Tate reached over Doug’s shoulders twisting his nipples making them stick out stiff. I got behind them and pushed Doug over taking Tate with him into the water, I jumped on my hands running all over the two wet bodies. We laughed and played in the water a bit longer before walking out to the blanket, I started to sit on my towel and Tate asked me to sit on the blanket by them. The sun was going down and some guys built a big bon fire with wood they brought with them and some drift wood they found nearby. We talked and ate some snacks the guys brought when Tate leaned across my waist to reach for a box of crackers brushing his hand across my cock. His hand lingered and I pushed in down onto my cock, he looked into my face over the flicker from the nearby fire. Tate grabbed my balls and squeezed gently at first adding pressure until it was just starting to get uncomfortable. I reached for his hand and he pushed my hand away with his other hand, leaning in Tate took my dick into his mouth and sucked on my knob some before taking my entire shaft down his throat. I leaned back and let him do his magic on my pipe; Tate jammed a finger into my ass while he sucked me. Doug slid into place pushing his prick down my throat straddling my face, Tate lifted my legs and inserted his cock into my ass, pushing slowly while he leaned in and pushed his tongue into Doug’s ass while he fucked me. Two other guys came over from the campfire and stood watching while they jacked their cocks. Tate fucked my ass hard making it burn while Doug hardly let me breathe as he shoved his ram rod deep in my mouth. Tate shot his fuck juice into my hole and pulled out, Doug still fucking my face when I felt hands lifting my legs, I could not see who it was and it turned out it was one of the dudes that was jacking off while watching, he saw an opening and filled it, his fat hog of a cock stretched my ass out to the max. The other guy that was watching moved in closer and shot his cum onto my side and Doug’s back. I sucked on Doug’s cock clamping down on his prick with my throat as he climaxed, he bruised my lips from pounding my face with his crotch as hard as he did when he came, I swallowed his thick jizz, and my ass was on fire with the hog wrecking my hole. The guy that had been fucking me shot his load and bailed off when another bystander wanted to hop in my ass; I sat up and waved him off. Tate got on his knees doggy stance and let the guy pummel his ass. About fifteen guys had gathered around the blanket that turned into an orgy of sorts. I fucked Doug and let one other guy fuck my ass before the night was over. Doug and Tate became good friends and I e-mail them often talking about sex and sending pictures, I want to make another trip out to see them and maybe visit the beach too!

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