Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bear Camp

.................................................................... I was invited to go to a special weekend at Bear Camp. Bear Camp was a 72 acre parcel of land that is privately owned and once a year the property owner throws a camping party for about 400 men to come enjoy fellow bears, bear lovers, nudists and a mess of crazy ass men. You bring your own tent and camping chairs, sleeping bags etc. pay the price of $250.00 which covers all the food, beer, port-o-lets and entertainment. I drove out alone, showed my pass and inside the gate I drove parking in the open field on the North side. Right off the bat I was amazed when they had a staging area to put your gear in and are told to stand and wait for transportation to your camp space. Down the trail come four big burly and almost naked men pulling a decent sized cart. They stopped the cart in front of me while I loaded my gear into the rear as did another guy, I thought we would be walking along next to the cart but one of the men told us to get into the cart seat. These four big men leaned into the leather straps that were tied to the cart and off we went. I looked at the guy next to me. What service. I said. He smiled, Wait till you see the entertainment. He said. Looking over the backs of four big men wearing black leather hoods and the leather straps, sweat was rolling off their backs and down running into their ass cracks as they pulled us to our sites. After unloading our gear the four mules pulled the cart away to bring in the next guests. The guy that rode in with me, set up his tent about 15 feet away, I found out his name was Tim. I set up my camp pausing to rest under the huge oak tree by the river watching men splashing around in the water naked. When I got back to my gear I saw that Tim had shed his clothes and was making short work of setting his camp. Men continued coming in throughout the morning and they even brought in a second team of men to pull a another cart transporting guests to the camp sites. We were given an agenda hand out upon arrival that explained things and had a map of where things were located. I was a bit reluctant to strip off all of my clothes so I peeled off down to a jock; I have an average build and blond hair. I am not really into bears but I thought it would be a fun weekend and a couple of friends told stories for years about the year they came. I read in the handout that they serve meals 4 times a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight meal; the cooks clang an old school bell to announce meals. I walked around and could quickly tell the guys that had been here before and the first timers like me. A few guys had their men or “boy’s” on leashes taking them for a walk, there was lots of skin, Levi’s and leather. Some of the men were slim and had bare chest’s but the bulk were full blown bears with big arms, big bellies and lots of hair. Several businesses had set up large tents and canopies to show the products that are made with gay men and or bears in mind. I heard the old school bell ringing and headed to the picnic site that will be filling many bear bellies with a good lunch. I got in the slow moving line, the guy behind me was getting a bit friendly with my jock strap covered ass, he bumped into me a couple of times and the third time his hand cupped one of my ass cheeks with his finger tips slipping into the upper part of my ass crack. I turned to see Ted; he gave me a big laugh and said he was kidding with me to see my reaction. I laughed and talked to him as we made it through the line getting hearty burgers, salad, French fries and a soda. Sitting at one of the many picnic tables talking to Ted when a big guy named Brick and his guy Joseph sat down, Joseph was about 190 pounds and slim and pretty good looking, while his man was pretty round and at least 270. Joseph waited on Brick and got him everything he needed before Brick knew he wanted it. You guys been here before? I asked. Yeah I have. Brick said. But not my boy, he is here for my pleasure and whoever I let use him. I looked at Joseph, who wore a chest harness and was naked besides that. I had the feeling that I would be seeing him again and gave him a wink while Brick was busy eating his lunch. Joseph looked like your average college graduate; clean cut and I could not see what he saw in Brick. I finished eating and excused myself and walked over to the merchant tents looking at all kinds of leather goods, jocks, latex wear, sex toys of every size and shape. One tent had baskets of condoms out so I took a few, I had brought some with me but better to be prepared than without. I bought a bottle of lube and a meaty looking silicone dildo about 10 inches long and headed to the next tent. There was a small stage set up in this one with some anal abuse going on, I was never into fisting and watched for only a few minutes out of curiosity more than anything. The next tent had a mega bed made of about 10 king sized mattresses pushed together, with about fifteen guys on it some paired off and some in groups groping sucking and fucking anything that moves. Several guys were watching from the sidelines jacking off. I rubbed the crotch of my jock some until I had full blown wood; I pulled my cock out and started jacking to the show. I felt a hand on my ass and turned to see Ted standing there with a smile; I reached over and gave one of his nipples a twist. Ted moved to his knees and took my prick into his mouth blowing me while I watched the action. Ted was stroking his own cock as he sucked the juice from my cock I had not cum in over two weeks and it took no time at all to fill his throat with my cum. Later that night there was mud wrestling that some were making bets on, it was open to anyone that wanted to get in the mud naked. They matched guys up by the build they had the best they could. I looked at the registration table and saw Joseph signing up, he said Brick wanted to see him mud wrestle. I’ll wrestle you. I said before I knew the words that came from my lips. Brick walked up, Okay, but if you loose I get your ass tonight and if you win you can have Joseph for the night. I looked at Joseph and was ready to back out but Joseph winked at me. Deal! I said. Later when it was time to wrestle I stripped off my jock and tossed it to Ted who jokingly put it to his nose and inhaled before laughing. Joseph met me in the mud; we leaned over and got ready when the whistle blew. I moved in and went for Joseph’s leg to try to take him to the mud and pin him down, Joseph dodged my move and took me down into the mud, his knee on my chest and hands on my shoulders. Joseph moved forward dangling his balls in my face; I opened my mouth pretending to go for them and pushed him off balance. Joseph landed in the mud and I on top of him, I struggled to hold him thinking that I had him when Joseph winked confirming that he was letting me win as the whistle blew. Brick waved at me telling me to have him back by morning. Joseph and I walked down to the river and washed the mud off each other. Touching Joseph’s body all over started getting me hard. This doesn’t seem like a group you would be interested in, and what about Brick? I asked. Well I like being submissive and get off on being used and humiliated some too and I guess Brick is part of both, letting him use me and let his friends use me too; I do whatever he wants whenever he wants. But you are a hot young guy; you could have most any of the guys here. I said. That has nothing to do with it; being used and sometimes even hurt is what I am used for. He said. So how do I come into this? I mean you threw the mud wrestling in order to be with me tonight. I asked. Well to tell the truth, after I get home from work I am usually tied or chained up, beaten and abused by Brick and his friends and tonight I want a night for tenderness and softness if it is alright for you, but you can’t tell Brick. I won’t. I said. I put my arms around him from the back and held him tightly. We went back to my tent and settled in, Joseph looked nervous. What’s wrong? I asked. This is new to me, I have never been with someone that will treat me nice, I have always been used and even sold by my stepfather when I turned seventeen years old. You have never loved anyone? Or been touched with a loving hand? I asked. No, I never knew how and fell into Bricks group right when I moved away from home. He said. I took his face into my hands, pulling him close and kissing his forehead and lips. I held him close and could hear his voice tremble when he spoke trying not to cry. I kissed his chest and worked across to his nipples caressing them and kissing them. Have you ever been a top? I asked. No, he said. Always the bottom submissive. I took some lube and put in my ass crack; I got on my knees and put my shoulders down onto my sleeping bag. Fuck me Joseph, nice and slow, there are condoms in that bag. I said. He took the dildo out and looked at it. New toy? He asked. Yeah, I laughed. Something to take home. Joseph mounted me from behind and eased his stiff manhood into my ass after putting on a condom. He fucked me slowly at first going very easy before picking up momentum and giving my hole a big workout. Joseph filled my ass with his cum. I turned and lay next to Joseph kissing his lips; I had not cum yet but was not in a big hurry. How was that? I asked. It was wonderful, I felt so strong and in charge. He said. Well, it felt pretty good to me too. I replied. I started stroking my cock while talking to Joseph. He reached down and took charge of my dick giving me an expert blowjob, my back arched as I shot my cum into his mouth. We snuggled on my open sleeping bag, talking and kissing. I really would love a life like this. Joseph said. What do you mean? I asked. Well, it is pretty much a face that I am Brick’s boy and have to do as he wants, please him like a slave usually, there is never any tenderness with him, I have never had any from anyone, they have always used me or beat me and I always just thought it was my lot in life to accept it and play my role. Joseph said with tears rolling down his face. Well you don’t have to go back there if you don’t want to. I told him. I although about getting out before but never had the nerve to do it, it is all I’ve ever known since I was seventeen. He said. If you want to I can help you, we can leave tonight and go pick up your things, leave him a note and never go back. You can stay with me until things settle down and figure out what you want to do. I said. His face lit up. Really? He asked. That was all I needed to hear, I started to pack. Help me get this stuff bundled and we will get out of here now. You never have to go back to him again; I will help you as much as I can. I said as I grabbed a pack and stood up, we will leave the tent here and no one will know we have left till morning. We drove to Brick’s house and picked up Joseph’s few personal belongings and drove the 90 miles to my house. It took Joseph several months of staying in my guest room before he really started relaxing and realized that Brick was not out looking for him. He started a new job and got his own place after a year but asked later if he could move back in with me, he missed living with me but only if he could move in as my boyfriend. I said yes. I would love that. We have been together for three years and not even thought about going to the Bear Camp again.


  1. Wow GreG writing. I've have the time to read everyone and just wants to know when are you going to write a book?? I love them. Each and everyone of them. Let me know when they are published as short stories so I can get my copy just to have