Friday, November 8, 2013

Coffee Shop Flirt

To put myself through college I worked as many hours as I could at Starschmucks Coffee Shop, grinding beans into hot beverages for the masses of zombies that are addicted to caffeine and the logo on our cups. I smiled and pretended to love my job, greeted customers like they were my long lost friends and took the piles of money for the over priced concoctions. Some were reliable daily customers that never changed their beverage order at all and I could actually start making their coffee as soon as they walked into the doorway. Don’t get me wrong these people are responsible for my paycheck and I appreciate having a job that helps get me through college. I was on hour three of my shift when this guy came in and said he wanted a Grande Caramel Brule’ Latte 2% bla bla bla, I started making his coffee drink for him while he watched from the side. “Wait, I wanted 2% milk in that”. He said in a rough voice. “This is always made with 2% milk sir, unless you specify differently.” I replied with a smile. “No, it is always made with whole milk normally.” he grumbled. I held up the carton so he could see the 2% markings on the side. What an asshole I thought, he thinks he is being healthy by wanting 2% milk, as it is the 16 ounce drink is 430 calories and 35% saturated fat that you should have for the whole day. I finished with the drink adding whipping cream and crunchy sweet bits to the top. “More whipping cream, don’t be cheap.” the bastard called out. I gave it another shot of cream but secretly wanted to give him a sneezer drink but he was watching too closely. I handed him his coffee and looked at the next guy, “Sir, what can I make for you today?” I asked with a renewed smile. “What a fucking dick, I know he is a customer but he talked to you like an ass.” the guy said in a loud enough voice that the bitchy customer could hear him. I smiled at him “well some customers really need the caffeine to bring out the best in them.” “He is a fuckpole.” the guy said. Causing me to let out a snort of a laugh. “I’d like a Peppermint Mocha and one of your sweet buns.” smiling as he said it. This guy, Eric, comes in every day and always flirts with me; he is about my age with great olive skin and sparkling eyes and thick dark lips that always catch my eyes. I started working on his order while he chattered about how under appreciated service jobs are and how rude some people can be. I handed him his coffee, he put his hand over mine and smiled. “Will you go out with me Jason?” he asked. I rang up his coffee, taking his money and giving him his change. “Wait, I wanted one of your sweet buns too.” I went to the case stocked with picture perfect pastries, taking out a cranberry orange scone setting it on a plate with some butter for him. “We are out of sticky buns already, here is a scone, on me, just don’t tell anyone.” “When will I get your buns?” Eric asked in a low voice as he leaned in taking the scone. “YOU, are a naughty guy, go sit down and drink your coffee.” I said giving him a huge smile. “You make me hard” Eric said as he grabbed at his crotch and tugged it. My face went red causing Eric to laugh as he walked to a small table near the back of the shop. It was a slow morning and only one other employee was working with me and she was in back taking inventory. I went out to wipe off the tables, thinking about Eric, he was really a nice guy that was growing more and more on me, I looked forward to his daily coffee visits. I walked over to Eric, “How is the scone?” “It is really good but it is lacking something.” “Oh? Need some more butter for it?” “No, it is lacking you sitting next to me.” “Lame.” Eric Grinned and scooted his chair back from the table grabbing his cock through his jeans, it was hard or close to it with a thick shape going from his fly clear over to his left side of his leg. His jeans were worn with a big hole near his pocket. Eric adjusted his bulge and out popped his thick dark cockhead. “Oh my God, Eric, you perv, put that away.” I laughed, making sure that I stood between him and the only other customer in the shop, she was seated facing away but he was making me nervous someone would see him. “Touch it.” Eric whispered. “No, I’m not touching it.” although I wanted to drop to my knees right there and take that knob into my mouth. Eric moved some and tugged a bit on his jeans letting now about three inches of his thick straining meat stick out of the hole in his jeans. He took my hand and put it on his prick, it moved under my touch. “You are gonna get me into trouble mister.” “Put your mouth on it.” “No, someone will see.” I whispered. Eric stood up next to me and leaned over kissing my lips, his cock still poking out of his worn jeans. “I’m going to the men’s room, meet me in there in two minutes.” “No, I can’t.” Eric looked me in eyes and grabbed my junk through my apron. Without hiding his cock, Eric walked past the woman and to the men’s room, she did not eve look up from her ipad. I went to the back and asked Liz to watch the front, telling her that I had to use the bathroom. I walked into the men’s room and found Eric stark naked with one hell of a big cock pointing straight out from his body. “Damn, Eric, what if someone else came in?” I locked the door. “We could have had a threesome.” he said laughing. Eric’s hands were all over my chest, then back moving to my ass. “Fuck your ass is hot feeling, get your clothes off baby. I quickly peeled off my shirt as Eric opened the fly of my slacks reaching in feeling my now stiff cock before letting his hands roam to my loose balls. “Bend over the sink; I am gonna fuck that sweet ass.” Eric said. He pulled my pants to my ankles as I bent over feeling Eric’s mouth on my ass crack, starting at the top and sliding it down to the deep recesses of my ass. “Wait, we don’t have any lube, I can’t take it dry.” Eric reached to his shirt pulling out the two butter squares that I had placed on his scone plate. “You really thought this out, didn’t you? Eric smeared the two slices of fresh creamery butter into my ass, he bent over tasting it. “Mmmm, now that ass tastes better with butter.” He pushed his fuckpole into my ass slowly while I braced myself on the sink. Eric pushed that thick hunk of meat deep into my ass spreading my hole farther than it had been in a long time my last boyfriend, who I now call “needle dick” was long but thin and never stretched me out. Eric jammed his cock into me with a sexual fever that made me pant for more. “Fuck Eric, that hog is burning my ass up, it feels so good.” Eric put his hands on my hips as he plowed my ass until he blasted my ass with his steamy spunk. He pulled out using a couple of paper towels to clean off before he went to his knees in front of me sucking my prick, he went down on it like a starving man on a hot dog. When I got close I pulled him off and jacked off onto his handsome face. Eric had his mouth open and caught some cum onto his tongue, my jizz covered his unshaven face and some even splashed his chest. Eric stood up while I pulled my pants up, I took my cell phone out and snapped a picture of the cum on his face before kissing him. I got my shirt on while Eric just stood there naked watching me. “I want to pick you up after your shift is over today if it’s okay with you.” “Sounds nice, Ill be ready at 4:00.” I said slipping out the door and back to work, I washed my hands and went to the counter. Liz looked at me and winked, “You are a noisy fuck aren’t you?” My face went crimson. “You could hear?” I asked. “You are lucky that customer left and no one else came in because your moaning echoed through this place.” Just then Eric walked out of the men’s room pretending to be nonchalant, whistling as he walked to the counter. Liz laughed and walked to the back room to finish the inventory. “You owe me.” she called out from the storage room. I leaned over the counter and kissed Eric on those sexy lips. “See you at four sexy.” he said as he walked to the door. “Jason, check the cooler for me, do we need to order butter?” Sipping some coffee, I about choked, “Yeah we had better order some, I have a feeling we will be using more than ever before.”


  1. hehe....sitting here in a café waiting to go to the club, this great story fit right in!!.. loved it!!

  2. ahhhh, the illustration for the sink scene is sinking in....hawt...

  3. Now why can’t I get lucky at work like that