Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Tower

In a mythical land, some have mystical powers and a very few have beauty beyond belief.
Brian was like a God on the all male university; his body was perfection with smooth rippling muscles and golden bushy hair.
Most of the guys on campus knew Brian and wanted to either be with him or be just like him, he had an aura around him that attracted people from all around.
Brian had a girlfriend but they had been apart for months as she was in another region at school, everyone was essentially bi-sexual until mating.
Many of the guys on campus complemented Brian on his incredible looks everyday, some trying to get him into bed.

In this day and time, going to bed with someone meant you were bound to them as mate for life so most are virgins and the rest have thought long and hard before having sexual relations with anyone.
There is one exception, having sex with a mystic, you were not bound as mates but you were scorned and treated as an outcast if anyone found out.
Having someone like Brian as your mate for life meant near star status.

Gregory was a close friend to Brian; he tried to spend as much quiet time with Brian as he could, hope to win him over.
Brian met up with Gregory in the halls on the way to an athletic skills class where they would throw javelins, run track, and play other games, most of which were done as the original Olympics were done, in the nude.

Brian and Gregory dressed down in the shower room walking outside with the brilliant sunlight beating down on their tanned bare skin.
They walked to the field, lining up to toss the discus.
Chatting while they waited their turns. Gregory touched Brian on the arm. I really like you Brian, I would do anything to mate with you, and I think we belong together. He said.
We are very good friends Gregory, and I am very attracted to you too but I am not ready to mate and have a girlfriend, you know that. Brian said.
Yeah, I know, but you mean so much to me and I love you. Gregory said running his hand down Brian’s naked side.
Brian noticed that Gregory was starting to get an erection which happened allot on campus but most tried to not let it happen while naked in athletic skills class.
Gregory, you are getting stiff, the others will see. Brian whispered.
I don’t care. I want to be with you. Gregory said.

Brian stepped into place and threw the discus with excellent form as always.
The men ran track, bare asses and flexing muscles, talking and laughing as they ran.

After they finished, they all headed to the common showers rinsing off the sweat. There was always grab ass games, talk of penis sizes and how handsome another was.
Several had mated with another at campus and shared living quarters together, they would openly touch and kiss in public and sometimes things got out of hand in the showers. Kyle and his mate William started fondling and playing in the shower, William knelt and sucked on Kyle’s cock getting him fully stiff, some of the other guys moved in close and were jacking off while they watched, as virgins they longed for the warmth and closeness that mating brought.

In the past some had slipped up and let the moment of touching another guy turn into sex and ended up mating with someone they were less than suited for regretting the whole thing.
Kyle moaned and his legs buckled as he filled his mates mouth with his salty jizz, William sucked and swallowed while his hands roamed over his man’s ass.
One by one the others shot loads of cum onto the shower floor or onto each other careful not to touch.

Brian dressed and went to his next class, daydreaming of the day he mates he was lost in thought when the professor asked him to remain while he dismissed the others.
The professor, Justin is a mystic and not very attractive to Brian, but Justin had hit on Brian many times.
I want to show you something Brian, follow me please. Justin said.

Brian walked across campus in silence wondering what Justin could want this time.
Like most mystics, Justin had a bit of a troll look, and smelled like ripe dog shit when you got real close.
They walked up the circular stairs of the bell tower, at the top Justin turned to Brian.

Let me mate with you Brian, as a mystic I can do things for you that no one else can do. He said.
No, I do not want the shame of having sex with a mystic even though we will not be bound as mates. Brian said.
I can make it so you never grow old, I have that power. Justin said reaching for Brian.
Brian pulled back, what do you mean?
If you have sex with me up here, no one will ever know and I will cast a spell on you, you will never grow old. Justin said.
No, mystics are not honorable and will say anything for sex. Brian said.

Justin pulled out a vial, from his pocket. Drink this and I will say the words, and you will never grow older than you are today. He said.
Brian drank the rose colored liquid while Justin chanted things that Brian did not understand.

Brian took off his clothes while Justin watched, Justin ran his hands all over Brian’s gorgeous body marveling at his good luck, mystics do not get allot of sex.
Justin stripped his clothes off and pulled Brian down onto his thick cock, suck me good Brian, I am gonna enjoy this.

Sucking his cock Brian was thinking of Gregory, wishing this was his cock instead of Justin’s but it would all be over soon and no one would ever know……..he hoped.
Justin bent Brian over a rail pushing one of his thick fingers into the virgin ass causing Brian to cry out.

Oh, you will love my fuck pole in your ass Brian, my finger is nothing compared to this he said as he wiggled his cock at him.
Shoving his hard dick into Brian’s ass without regard to the pain and discomfort he was causing.
Brian cried out and begged for him to stop.

Shut up, you made a deal with me and I can do as I like, besides by the last chime of the bell on the eleven o’clock hour you won’t have to worry about anything anymore. Justin said with a cruel voice.
What do you mean? Brian asked.

Justin continued fucking the God like man enjoying every moment, ramming it deep and hard into the tight asshole.
Justin’s body convulsed as he spent his juice into Brian’s ass.
I love that I was you your first, and will be your last too, he said with a wicked laugh.
What are you talking about? You smelly fuck. Brian asked.

Right then the bell started chiming out the eleven gongs that could be heard all over campus.
When the bell rings the eleventh chime, you will turn into a naked cement statue forever.
Once a month you will come to life at ten thirty for only one half hour giving me time to fuck that fantastic ass, you will be mine forever. Justin laughed.
You promised that I would ever grow old! Brian yelled.

You will never grow old, you will be a statue. Justin said with a grin that cut through Brian’s soul.
The tower clock had already chimed eight times and there were only three more to go before he would turn into a statue.
Brian had little time to think, he looked at Justin, No, and I don’t think I will play your game letting you have my ass once a month shaming me forever. Brian said as he turned and hurled himself over the side of the tower.

The eleventh chime rang before he hit the ground shattering cement all over the ground below breaking the statue into thousands of pieces.
Noooo….. Justin yelled as he watched over the side of the tower, I just wanted you to be mine forever. He cried.


  1. LOVED IT, Seth!!...great story, great surprise!!..;) thanks!!..:)

  2. omg that was real good. I thought something else was going to happen, didn't expect that haha. Great story!

  3. One reaps what one sows. The price of deception