Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I was out at a club looking for a “date”, I was horny as hell and needed some attention. Guys are usually quick to pick me up as I am always told that I’m gorgeous, I do try to keep up my appearance and dress well but I do have obsessive compulsive disorder.
I have a few issues that most people are willing to work around but some get a bit freaked out and run, fast.
I was sipping on a mixed drink when this lil cutie came over and started small talk at my table.
“Well, have a seat” I said.
“Oh, thanks, my name is Josh.
“Nice to meet you Josh, my name is Rick.” I said.
Josh put out his hand to shake mine and I gave him a knuckle bump. “Want to dance?” he asked.
“Here? Out there?” I asked, anxiety was already building.
“Yeah, that’s usually where guys dance, on the dance floor.” He said with a grin.
“Alright, I’ll give it a try.” I said getting up and heading for the dance floor.
“Not a big dancer?”
The music pumping out of the enormous speakers, men dancing without shirts, grinding and rubbing to the sound of the beat.
Josh danced closer to me and I moved back some, he reached to my hip to pull me closer and my “problem” with being too close or being touched started putting me on edge.
Josh put his fingertip through my belt loop on the front of my jeans as he danced, I smiled but inside was starting to twitch.
I decided to turn in a circle as I danced forcing his finger out of my belt loop.
Josh leaned in to kiss me, shit, I thought. I am not into this hugging and kissing all that much, it tends to get my anxiety perking, I let him give me a peck on the lips.
The song ended and the next started, I headed for the table with Josh in tow.
“Wow, you really aren’t that much of a dancer, are you? “No, not so much, like a fresh drink?” I asked, changing the subject. Sometimes if I drink allot the problems with touching seem to relax some.
“Sure, but let me get them.” Josh said as he got up and walked to the bar.
We finished those drinks and the moment that I dreaded and lusted for at the same time happened.
“Hey Rick, you are pretty hot and seem like a fun guy, want to split and head to my place where we can relax and have some fun?”
“Err, well, how about we go to my place?” I asked.
I could not even think about getting naked on someone else’s sheets, I have no idea when they might have changed them last.
“Sure, let’s go, I’ll follow you.” Josh said.
We walked out to the parking lot, Josh tried to kiss me catching me off guard and I almost freaked but turned my head quickly and his lips met my cheek and I gave him a pat on the shoulder, crisis averted, Jesus, it’s almost impossible to have sex without touching and I was the king of quirks.
Inside the door at my apartment, I asked Josh to remove his shoes when I really wanted him to do was put plastic bags over his socks after taking the shoes off, his feet didn’t smell but it was bad enough to put up with my own feet, they are gross.
I asked him to join me in the bathroom and handed him a new wrapped toothbrush and a new travel sized toothpaste.
“Let’s brush, nothing like minty breath.”
We brushed, Josh started to kiss me but I had a different agenda, I took out the spray disinfectant from below the sink and a roll of paper towels and had to clean the sink, the paper towels and toothbrushes had to go inside a plastic zip lock bag before going into the bathroom trashcan.
Josh looked at me like I had grown a horn on my forehead.
“A little OCD.” I said with a smile.
“I see, no problem.”
Josh peeled off his clothes and dropped them onto the floor, I had to look away and he jumped onto the bed and lay on his back watching me undress putting my clothes in a neat stack on the chair after folding the clothes “just so”.
Josh giggled a bit.
“Oh, you think this is funny?” I asked with a smile.
Josh kissed my lips but I broke it off when the tongue tried to get passed my lips.
I folded the bedspread down and had Josh lift his ass so that I could fold that side down too. I laid next to him, wanting the warmth of his touch, my penis was already stiff in anticipation.
Josh reached over touching my left nipple, my head stiffened back on the pillow at his touch, not that it made me hot, well I sort of did but because he was touching me, and too close to me invading my space.
I bravely touched his arm, his hand went to my balls.
My cock dripped pre cum onto my pubes. I reached for a wet wipe and cleaned the pre cum quickly.
“Are you OK?”
“Yeah, I’m fine, no problems, I’m good.”
Josh moved down on the bed putting his lips to my cockhead. This was the part where the good feeling outweighed the OCD “don’t touch me” part.
“Wait, one minute.” I rolled out from under Josh.
I got out of bed and picked up Josh’s clothes, folding them and laying them on the dresser, moving back to the bed grabbing a wet wipe for my hands after touching his clothes.
“Really?” Josh asked, looking a little less horny than he was before.
‘I’m a little OCD and have a small problem with germs too.”
“Okay, well it’s kind of cute in a quirky way.” Josh said smiling a crooked grin.
He went back to my cock, sucking the head before going farther down onto my shaft, his hand roamed up my stomach to my chest, I fought the urge to grab a sanitizing wipe.
Josh lifted my legs and pushed his mouth to my ass, as great as this feels I could not imagine the germs that were moving to his lips and tongue.
I handed Josh a condom. “Fuck me please.”
Josh put the condom on and grabbed the lube squirting some onto his hand rubbing it to his condom covered dick.
“That was not lube, it was hand sanitizer. The lube is in the drawer of the nightstand.”
Josh started laughing before leaning over and getting the lube.
I lifted my legs and pulled my ass cheeks open guiding his thick cock to my hole, I felt the push past the sphincter and beyond. Josh plowed my ass giving me little time to think about what parts of his were touching me.
I put my leg over Josh’s shoulder and lifted my ass even more. “Ride my ass Josh, fuck me hard, it feels wonderful.”
His shaft filled my ass, grinding to each side on his thrusts making it more intense for me reaming my fuck hole.
Josh ran his hand up my ass cheek to my thigh and to my side making me concentrate on his cock inside me.
He gave my nipple a squeeze making it hard and me cry out with desire, I was at the top of the wave where most of my twitches were not kicking in.
Josh moaned deeply like an animal in the jungle as he blasted his cum in my ass.
His motion ceased and he started to pull out. “Wait, don’t pull put yet.” I said.
Josh smiled thinking that I wanted him inside me as long as I could but I reached inside the open nightstand drawer, taking out some disposable gloves, I put them on reaching between my legs.
“Okay, pull out.” I instructed.
Josh did as I said, I pulled the condom off of his thick flaccid cock and wiped his prick clean with a wet wipe before pulling the gloves off of my hands turning them inside out with the condom and wet cloth inside them before putting them into a plastic zip lock baggie.
Josh just froze, he had watched what I just did and seemed to be in shock.
“I’m sorry, things JUST have to be this way, let’s move on.” I said.
Josh leaned over and sucked my cock into his throat after giving me a quizzical look to ensure that this was going to be ok.
He was very talented on cock sucking, and was driving me wild, he got me close to cumming and pressed on the underside of my shaft to delay the climax.
Josh sucked my cock for over fifteen minutes using this edging process, I felt as if I could not hold still with my legs moving and my ass coming off of the bed in sweet anticipation of shooting my load.
Josh was a master, I cried out feeling him letting me cum, he gulped my sweet jizz with intensity.
“Holy fuck!, that was amazing, I don’t think I have ever cum that hard before, you are a cock sucking genius.”
Josh started to fall next to me on the bed when I put up my hand.
“Wait, let’s get you into the shower in the guest bathroom. I walked him in and set out a fresh towel. “Jump in and scrub yourself clean and I will join you in a minute.”
While he started showering I stripped the bed putting on new fresh sheets and pulling the bed spread to the bottom folding it “just so”.
I stepped into the shower with Josh, this is one of the few places that I felt semi at ease letting someone touch me but only after they have showered off.
I used a shower brush to scrub Josh’s back.
“Oh my God, that feels so good, can you do that all the way down my ass cheeks and legs too?”
“That was always part of the plan.” I said with a smile.
Josh loved the feeling of the brush, well until I used it on his balls and cock but he loved the feeling most everywhere else. Josh wanted to kiss me again. “you have to brush again, you’ve had cum in your mouth.” I said opening yet another brand new toothbrush for Josh.
After we dried off we went back to the bed and cuddled, well we laid next to each other pretty close.
Josh kissed me and smiled. “I know that you have “issues” and there are things that you just cannot do or at least without special preparation, but I have really enjoyed being here with you.”
“Thanks Josh, you are a good sport for putting up with my quirks and all and I would love to do this again.”
“Maybe we could catch dinner together tomorrow?” He asked.
“Well, I don’t think you are ready to eat at a restaurant with me, so yes, but I will cook for you here.”
We talked and laughed about quirks and silliness before Josh fell asleep when I took a new clean sheet and put it rolled up between us and turned away as not be breathing his exhaled breath.
I fell asleep with my ass tingling and a happy guy, Josh seemed like he might be a guy that can work past my problems and could be a long term boyfriend.


  1. Another great 'tail', buddy!!.... love your stories, Seth!!...:)

  2. This has to be your funniest story yet, but sweet, too.