Monday, September 22, 2014

Photo Shoot

I was doing a photo shoot in South America, the photographer was taking advantage of the beautiful turquoise water and white sand beaches.
I am a model for print ad’s that sometimes leaned into the erotic end and pushed toward the gay world, today is shoot was for a well-known underwear company.

They had set up a two sided canvas blind for us to change clothes behind shielding our naked bodies from the nearby village.
I wore shorts and a tee out to the site and waited for them to tell me what they wanted me to wear and where to pose, my body is lean and tan with ab’s that make men drool and cause me to two hours a day in workouts.

“Eric, put these on.” The assistant said as he handed me some sexy white briefs that had no ass to them, little more than a jock strap.

I put them on behind the changing area and noticed a man that was watching me take off my clothes and put the underwear on, usually they keep the locals away during the shoots so this guy must be “someone”.

The photographer had me go through several poses as he snapped pictures before having me lay in the shallow surf with clear water washing over my tanned ass cheeks and into my crack.

The guy that was watching me earlier was paying close attention to my near see-through wet undies as I stood up, my cock was clearly visible through the material.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and asked the assistant who this mystery man was. That guy is a Latin movie star named William something and has the locals all abuzz because he is on their local beach.

William was incredibly handsome, his eyes sparkles as he watched me walk over to the changing tent, I pulled off the towel and put on the next pair of underwear, they were bright orange micro briefs with a thick waistband.

William walked over and introduces himself to me, his eyes roamed my chest and came to rest on my right nipple and he reached over and ran his finger lightly across the tip of my nipple.

“You are very good looking Eric, I would like to take you to dinner after the shoot.” He said in a heavy accent.

“Well, I am flattered, I may take you up on that.” I said as I walked back to the surf for the next shot.

The photographer had me pose looking back at the camera pulling the briefs down in the back showing my ass crack about half way down.
This seemed to get William worked up a little, I saw him tugging and re positioning his crotch.

Next I was told to take off the briefs and lay face down in the sand with the surf washing the briefs up in the water next to me.
Later I saw the picture and looked as if I had taken off the underwear and to skinny dip leaving them cast off in the surf. My body was naked and blurred in the background with the briefs in focus in the crystal water, a very dramatic effect.

I finished the shoot and William became more and more interested in me, he would talk to me with his hand on my waist or shoulder while his eyes sparkled as he spoke.

I changed to the next style that of briefs and tucked the pair of undies that I just took off into Williams pocket, this made him grin exposing his perfectly white teeth.

The shoot finished and as he had promised, William took me to my hotel to change into proper dinner attire.
Then he took me out to a posh restaurant that featured fantastic aged steaks, William ordered two meals for us and a pitcher of sangria.

We ate and laughed at the miscommunications between the languages and the stories told.
We heard whispers and saw finger pointing as the other patrons noticed the Latin star and wondered who I was, and were convinced that I must be well known to be with William.

We ate heartily on our steaks and drank wine as we became more familiar with each other.
I Googled Williams films when he went to the restroom and saw that he had starred in many movies where his sexuality erupted off of the screen according to the few pictures.

William waved at the waiter for the check, the manager came over and explained that he was honored to have us as his guests, William left a very large tip for the waiter as we thanked the manager and left the restaurant.

“Would you like to see my home?” William asked.

“I would love to.”

William drove about twenty five miles to his house on the beach, he showed me his “modest” twelve bedroom mansion while his hired house help scurried about asking if he needed anything.

“This is a beautiful home William, you must really enjoy living this close to the ocean,”

“Yes, I am usually nude and like to walk in the surf in the evenings.”

“Sounds fun.” I replied.

“Well, let’s get to it.” William said as he started undressing.

I followed his lead stripping off my clothes and walking out the glass doors in the rear that lead to the beach behind him.

We ran into the surf laughing at the freedom of our nudity and being slightly drunk from the sangria.

William tackled me in a playful way pulling me down into the water, his hands roamed across my body.
I stood up with the water coming only to my knees, my stiffening cock jutting out in the moonlight.

“You are a very sexy guy.” William said.

“Thank you, you are also very sexy and famous too, you must have many men wanting to be with you.”

We walked along the beach a little farther before William cautioned that we must stay close to the house and not leave the private beach or we could be overrun with fans.
I had my doubts that anyone else was out on the beach and he was being over dramatic, but we headed back towards the house just the same.

William ran his hand across my ass as we walked, occasionally sliding into my ass crack.

“Let’s go inside and have a shower, this salt water makes us so sticky.”

“Okay, that sounds pretty refreshing.” I replied.

Inside Williams master suite, we walked behind a glass wall that had multiple shower heads on it.
The water felt cool against my skin as William soaped his hands with shampoo before rubbing them all over my body.

“Damn, that feels good.”

“Soon things will feel even better.” William said as he rubbed my thick cock with soap making it jut almost straight upward toward the ceiling.

I slipped down to my knees in front of this Latin movie star and sucked his dark uncut meat into my mouth while running my hands up his thighs and fingertips into his ass crack.

The water poured over our bodies as William fucked my lips, his hips moving slowly as his cock slid into my throat before pulling back out.

I pushed one finger into his ass and he jumped like I had shot him, I could only imagine that his machismo did not allow him to have anything go into his ass.

William continued burying his meat deep into my mouth and I could taste his pre cum as he pulled out.

“Follow me.” William said as he took my hand.

We dried off with towels before we walked to his bed, William pulled back the heavy dark comforter revealing crisp white sheets that I jumped onto and rolled over laughing with my ass up in the air.

William pushed his mouth into my ass cheeks, he moaned as his magic tongue roamed and pushed against my tight young pucker.

I could feel William squirting on some lube as he fingered my hole before he moved forward pushing his pecker into my ass, his size caught me off guard making me draw my breath in sharply.

“You okay my baby?”

“Yeah, I’m great, take it slow to start and I will be fine, your cock is huge and fills my tight ass.”

His movements were slow at the start but soon sped as his anxious lustful desires increased.

I arched my ass into the air to give him better access while he reamed my hole and talked dirty to me in a whisper.

William smacked my ass cheek sharply causing me to catch my breath.

“Fuck me Will, fuck me hard, I love your cock in me.” I said quietly.

“Yes, I will, your body is so fucking hot, I want every inch of it my sexy chico.”

William pounded my ass until he shot his cum inside me falling over to the bed next to me.

I climbed on top and moved to his chest where I jacked my cock in his face as his tongue reached to touch my cock head when he could.

I lifted some so my balls would drag across his lips, he pulled one of my balls in and sucked it while I continued jacking my overly stiff prick, it was begging for release and that came quickly enough.

I moved back some and blasted like a geyser with thick ropes of my white jizz across his lips and face. William groaned as he licked his lips taking in as much cum into his mouth as he could.

I slid off him, lying next to him on the large bed. William pushed a button near the bed.
One of his staff walked in bringing hot wet towels for us to clean up, I was not shy having been seen naked by others as it happens all too often in my modeling career.

I had to get back to my hotel as the photo shoot would be starting early in the morning again on a different property nearby. William slipped on some shorts and walked me to the car, he got into the rear seat with me while his driver took us to my hotel.

“I would love to see you again, you are a very sexy guy and have such a nice big cock.”

“It helps in underwear modeling to be able to fill the pouch.” I said with a laugh.

The next morning we had set up and just started shooting pictures again when I looked to one side and saw William standing near a tree smiling at me.
I just knew that he would be inviting me for dinner again and to his beach afterward.


  1. Hehehe, loved your story, Seth!!! Great, but I'm not in my undies (I'm in a coffee shop), but I did tent!!!! <3 U

  2. Ohhhhhhh...such a hot story...I love nice undies & can imagine me in that situation.

    Great - keep it up !!

    Kisses xxxx

    1. sounds like a perfect fuck