Monday, December 15, 2014

Secret Santa

Walking to work the few blocks I have to travel since I live and work in town, I took delight in seeing the Christmas decorations being put in the store windows and from the light poles.

Seeing the first bell ringing Santa of the year I walked over and dropped a few dollars into the pot, The Santa looked into my eyes. “Thank you sir, Merry Christmas” he said as he patted my arm.

I walked on humming the song White Christmas quietly, hell it was only November 15th but the Santa got me into a good mood, a Christmas kind of mood.
I walked into the coffee shop that I usually pass by and ordered a White Mint Mocha hot coffee to sip on.

I got through my day without injury but work sure took away the Christmas spirit that I had earlier this morning.

I walked home the same route as I came, I passed the coffee shop and could hear the bell ringer from a half block away, I dug into my pocket again hoping to regain the feeling that I had gotten this morning.

There was a new bell ringer, a woman Mrs. Claus I dropped the cash into the pot, she looked at me and nodded a thank you but didn’t say a word, walking on I realized that the feeling was not there.

I got home, stripped off my suit and put on some lounge clothes, thin jersey shorts, commando and a tee shirt before sitting down to relax after flicking the TV remote.

I was mindlessly watching TV until my stomach started growling and realized that it was after 6:00 and I needed dinner, grabbing my wallet and door key I stepped into my tennis shoes and headed out onto the city street in search of food.

Walking into a nearby deli that I have been in a multitude of times, I ordered a sub sandwich with a bowl of soup, my waiter brought my iced tea followed by my sandwich and soup a few minutes later.
“Thanks” I said quietly.
“Thank YOU sir.” He replied as he walked away.
I looked up and tried to place that voice, it seemed like I knew him, hmmm.

I ate my sandwich and paid my bill leaving the waiter a five dollar tip and walked to toward the door, I passed my waiter and saw him checking the swing of my meat in my thin shorts, I had pretty much forgotten how thin the material was with no underwear before I left home.

The next morning I could hear the bell ringing Santa as I got closer to the shop he stood in front of, I took a few bucks from my pocket and dropped it into the red bucket.

“Good to see you again so soon.” Santa said.

“Likewise Santa, Merry Christmas.”

“Thank you sir.”

I whistled a tune as I walked into my office, Santa’s voice was so familiar, I kept dwelling on the voice most of the day and about the time I was leaving work, I realized that the voice of Santa was also my waiter from last night.

Again I walked past the afternoon Santa and this time it was a black Santa, again this was not my Santa.
After I got home I had decided to go back to the deli and get another sandwich to see if my Santa was there.

I walked in and sat in the same section looking around, I didn’t see him, damn.
I looked in the menu ordered and sipped on my drink feeling a little bummed when the Santa waiter walked over setting my plate in front of me.

“My name is Kenny, I was on break when you came in, if you need anything just let me know.”
The waiter said as he turned to walk away.

“Kenny.” I called out, he turned and came back to the table.

“Yes sir?”

“This is going to sound silly, but are you Santa?” I asked in a quiet voice.

Kenny looked at me and smiled.
“Well no, I am not really Santa but I do help out the church by bell ringing down the street.”

“I thought so, your voice drove me nuts when I was here last night when I ate dinner.”

“My voice was offensive?”

“No, it was sexy, I mean… it was nice.” I stammered.

“Sexy huh?” he said smiling and enjoying the fact that I had embarrassed myself.

“Well, yeah, I heard your voice as Santa and then here and took me until today at work to put it together, it made me want to get to know you.”

“Let me get you another glass of iced tea, I’ll be right back.”

I started eating my dinner when Kenny came back with my drink, he placed a paper coaster down and set my tea on it, I thanked him as he walked away.

I needed to find a way to get his attention, he is a sexy looking guy and didn’t run away when I said his voice was sexy at least.

I took a drink and was setting the glass down again when I noticed that he had written Kenny and his phone number on my coaster, I folded it tucking it into my pocket.

I finished my meal when Kenny came back and asked if I needed anything else. I put a very large tip on the table and tucked a note with the money with my name on it with my phone number and the words “call me”.

I was home relaxing about two hours later when the phone rang.


“Hi, Ethan, it’s Santa.” Kenny said with a laugh.

“Hey Kenny, I’m glad you called, I was hoping to hear from you tonight.”

“Well, how could I resist calling a cute guy like you that thinks my voice is sexy?”

We talked for three hours until I had to get to sleep, and I agreed to see him the next day after work.

I walked with a lift in my step hearing the bell ringing, rounding the corner I looked up seeing a woman ringing the bell. Shit, I thought, no Kenny today.
I took a buck or two from my pocket and dropped it into the bucket and smiled at the bell ringer, a figure stepped out from the doorway, it was Kenny.

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind me hanging out here to walk you to work, it’s kind of stalkerish.”

“No, it’s great, I was disappointed not to see you ringing the bell but this is better.” I said as I put my arm over his shoulder giving him a hug.

We stopped by the coffee shop and grabbed a bagels and coffee.

“Let’s sit.” I said.

“Won’t you be late for work?”

“Nope.” I said as I lifted my phone from my pocket, dialed my boss, and told him I was taking a personal day off and that I would see him tomorrow.

“There, I am off for the day and more than willing to spend it with you, If you like that is?”

“I’d love that, I do have to work tonight at 6:00 but I am all yours until then.”

“Mmm, I like the sound of that, lets walk back to my place so I can change out of my suit.”

Back at my apartment I made Kenny a cup of coffee and went to change into casual clothes talking to him from my bedroom as I changed.

“What would you like to do today?” I asked.

“Well I have three kids to shop for Christmas gifts, all boys.”

My mouth almost hit the floor when he said he had kids, I would never have thought it but many gay men get married and go through that before they can face the gayness fact and come out of the closet.

I walked out of the bedroom just starting to button my shirt as I was in sight of Kenny.

“Mmmmm,, I like what I see.” Kenny said pointing at my treasure trail.

I walked over and paused buttoning my shirt giving him time to reach up inside my shirt, pull me close and kiss my dark trail at the point that it vanished into my jeans.

I leaned down and kissed Kenny on top of his head, he put one hand between my legs and cupped my ass while he sat on the couch.

He pulled me next to him and kissed me deeply, his tongue probing my mouth his mouth tasted of fresh peppermint.

“Wow, you must really be Santa, you even taste like peppermint.”

“I just had a peppermint while you were changing, I was hoping to kiss you and did not want our first kiss to be with me having stale breath.”

We walked out and caught a taxi to the huge toy store across town, I could not believe the cool toys that they have.

“What ages are the boys?” I asked.

“Jeffery is 11, Nick is 9 and Will is 6 years old.”

“Really? You don’t look that old to have an 11 year old, you must have been a boy yourself.”

Kenny busted out laughing, placing his hand on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry to laugh, they are not my kids, I took names off of the giving tree at the grocery store.”

“It’s OK, I assumed when you said Christmas shopping for three kids, that they were yours.”

We picked out a few toys and played with several talking and laughing about what kind of games we had as kids.
After checkout we took the bags and walked down the street to the restaurant where Kenny works for a nice lunch before walking back to my place.

I pulled Kenny close to me on the couch, his hands roamed over my shoulders and sides, he made my mind swim when he kissed me.

I unbuttoned Kenny’s shirt and slid my hand inside feeling his chest, pausing on one of his nipples twisting it gently with my fingertips, he smiled and not only unbuttoned my shirt but slid it off.

Kenny leaned in licking my nipples, blowing on them as they stiffened into small bullet tips. I stood up unbuttoning my jeans dropping them to the floor, having again gone commando, I stood naked in front of him.
Kenny looked at me for a moment reaching out lightly touching my cock head tracing his finger along my shaft, it jumped under his touch stiffening into a rigid pole pointing almost straight upward begging for attention.

“Ethan, turn around and let me at that ass.”

I turned as Kenny’s hands bent me over and spread my ass cheeks, his thumbs pulled my crack open revealing my ass wrinkle that twitched as he touched it.

Kenny sucked a finger into his mouth covering it with plenty of spit before pushing it into my ass.
It went deep inside me as he twisted and moved it making me moan and push back against his finger wanting something larger pressed inside.

Kenny leaned in and bit my ass cheek gently but hard enough to tell me that he was going to be an active lover.
He fingered my hole in a fast motion for a few more seconds and slid a second finger in, stretching me out for things to come.

He pushed my cheeks apart and buried his face in my crevice, his tongue pushed and probed everywhere it could reach, slurping and sucking at my ass and then I felt his teeth chewing and nipping at my hole.

Kenny lifted as he pulled his pants off, sliding them to the floor and frantically kicked his shoes off before kicking his pants off of his feet, hardly taking his face from my ass.
Kenny alternated his fingers in my ass with his face pushed in tightly stimulating my pucker feeding his lascivious desires.

I felt his hands guiding me towards his lap and onto his taut cock, between his pre-cum and the stretching, my ass slid onto his fuck stick with ease swallowing him to his thick dark pubic hair.

I could feel his thick meat as I squatted over him, bobbing on his shaft, it felt great inside me, stretching my ass further than before.

I rolled to my side pulling Kenny with me, he now was ass fucking me from on top, I could feel his weight drilling his fuck baton into my ass.

I wanted this to go on forever, Kenny leaned back so he could watch his cock sliding deep into my ass.
He spat onto his shaft rubbing it across his cock for extra lube, his finger toyed with my cock impaled hole and then slipped it in alongside of his thick meat, he felt the tightness of my ass ring and the stiffness of his cock as he stretched my ass to its limits.

Kenny slowly fucked my ass, his finger still alongside his cock as it reamed my hole until he shot his cum he groaned calling out in a lustful cry.

I have never been fucked like this guy just did, and having his cock and a finger in me at one time felt so good and got my juices flowing.

I turned over, Kenny moved over one of my legs and sucked my cock between his lips sucking my pre-cum from the tip of my cock.

With my back arched Kenny jacked my cock gripping it tightly pulling it from top to my pubic hair, my ass moved all around under his touch, he was driving me crazy and I needed to cum badly.

“I’m gonna cum.” I cried out.

“Not yet.” Kenny whispered.

He squeezed the underside of my cock and took his hand to my nipples, twisting and rubbing them before going back to my super stiff cock.

Kenny repeated this process, each time he would get me to the brink of shooting my load and he would shut it down.

“Oh fuck, I need to cum so bad.”

Again, Kenny replied simply. “Not yet.”

His lips went to my nipples nipping and chewing on each creating even more of a lustful frenzy.

Kenny took my throbbing tool in his hand again.

“Okay, it’s time.”

He jacked my cock so fast and hard, I was panting and muttering all sorts of sexual profanity.
Only this time he did not stop, I arched my back fully as the first jets of cum flew into the air well past my shoulders.

I spent more cum than I ever have, rope after rope of jizz as it splashed down on my chest covering me with sticky goodness that Kenny licked from my body.

My mind and body were exhausted and I fell back onto the couch, breathing hard as Kenny kissed me, I tasted my own cum on his lips, I could only smile.

“You look as you really enjoyed that.” He said.

“Oh, hell yeah! it was crazy good.”

“Next time we will kick it up a notch or two, I’ll bring some toys over.”

“What kind of toys?” I asked.

Kenny smiled. “You’ll see.”

“Kiss me Santa.”


  1. I love Santa in this story, he gave the early to that guy

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