Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flying the friendlier skies

I worked a red eye flight to Las Vegas from Atlanta Georgia, I am a flight attendant for a large passenger carrier.

This flight was strangely empty as it was close to the holiday but not too close that it was holiday traffic and the plane was only about one quarter full.

I made the departure announcement over the microphone and buckled into my jump seat in the rear of the plane until we were airborne.

I dimmed the main cabin lights in order to let the majority of the passengers sleep before walking down the aisle with mini peanuts and drinks for the few that wanted them.

I got to the back of the plane when I heard my name being called by a man alone in the back row.

“Collin, can I get a rum and Coke please?”

“Sure sir, would you like some nuts?” I asked holding up two small bags of peanuts.

“Boy would I, My name is Rick.”

I handed Rick the bags of peanuts, he dropped one on his lap, I noticed that he had an ample bulge behind his zipper and it seemed to snake off to one side.

I brought back the man’s drink as he unlocked his tray table.

“Anything else I can help you with, just ask, about everyone else is asleep already, make yourself comfortable and take as much space as you need, there is no one else for several rows.”

“Will do.” Rick said with a big grin.

I stood in the rear service area reading a magazine I bought prior to the flight and would glance over at Rick now and then, I saw him rubbing his cock bulge with his fingertips which made it swell.

Rick glanced back at me and caught me watching him, I quickly looked back at my magazine.

Rick repositioned himself a little and was fumbling around some, he looked up and saw me again watching him, he smiled and lifted his hand that was near his left jeans pocket, his cock was sticking out of his jeans pocket by a couple of inches.

He must have had a hole in his pocket and tucked it through and out for me to see.

I held my ground and pretended to go back to reading. My eyes would go back to his big cockhead, he licked two fingers and touched the tip while looking into my eyes.

I have had guys expose themselves to me in the past but this guy was blatantly after me, not just to flash for effect.

Rick’s cock was fat and hard, and with the few inches that I could see, it made my cock stir and thicken too.

Someone in the center of the plane pushed the call button, I took care of the blanket request and decided that I had better give Rick one too in case someone walked back to use the rear restrooms.

I walked to Rick’s seat and saw that he now had his pants open and pulled to his knees, his cock was jutting upward while he squeezed his crotch below his balls making everything more pronounced and making the veins stand out.

I set the blanket on the vacant aisle seat and moved back to the service area. Rick turned and looked back at me while he slowly piston jacked his cock, he was enjoying the fact that I was not only watching him but even more that I was turned on by what he was doing.

Rick motioned me over, I moved into the vacant seat as Rick took my hand to his cock keeping his hand over mine he jacked his stiff prick again, the heat from his rod was amazing in my hand.

“Suck it.” Rick whispered.

I looked around and saw no movement from the front of the plane. “Tell me if anyone heads this way.” I said before moving in closer to the man’s crotch.

I leaned over and touched the head of his cock with my tongue, his hand guided my head farther down on his prick, it was too long and too fat for me to take it very far into my mouth but Rick had other ideas.

“Swallow that cock,” he whispered pushing my head down with more force. I gagged a little and took it deeper as I opened my throat, he made a fucking action with his hips and pushed my head a little firmer, I took more into my throat.

My eyes watered a little and don’t remember ever having anything this far in my throat, I was worried that someone might walk back and see what we were doing. Rick is a bit of an exhibitionist and may let a passenger or another flight attendant come up on us just to get his rocks off, the thought of this made my heart pound even more.

Playing with his balls while I sucked his cock, I moved a finger into his tight ass crack and pushed and probed but could not get more than a fingertip into his hole.

He started making allot of noise, breathing hard and moaning, knowing he was getting ready to blow his wad into my mouth but he was making enough noise that I think the pilots could hear us.

I came off of his cock. “Shhh…. They will hear us.”

He pushed me down onto his cock again and only a few moments later turned loose with his cum eruption, I sucked at his salty spunk. His ass lifted off of the seat and his back arched while me moaned at each shot of jizz he pumped into my mouth.

I quickly got to my feet in time to see Jason, the forward crewmember headed to the back of the pane, Rick covered up with the small blanket.

“Hey Collin, I came back to see how you were doing way back here, most of the passengers are sleeping and the rest are either reading or using computers.”

“I’m fine Jason, just chatting with Rick here.”

Jason took his finger to his lips and motioned that I had a little something on my mouth, I quickly ran my fingers to wipe away what was clearly fresh cum, my face went hot.

“Well, I’ll head back up front, it’s plenty quiet so if you want to close your curtain back here and relax your eyes for a while, I’ll keep watch out for you.”

I patted Jason on the shoulder and thanked him, I know he knew what had just happened back here and rather than rat me out he actually was being pretty cool.

I went back to the service area and pulled the curtain closed and sat in the jump seat for a couple of minutes when Jason parted the curtain.

“May I come in?” Jason asked quietly.

“Sure, why not.”

I stood up and busied myself putting a few things away when I felt his hand slide around my waist to the front of my pants.

I turned as Jason leaned in kissing me on the neck. I have worked a few flights with Jason before and knew that he was gay and pretty attractive but never really thought of hooking up with him.

Jason kissed my neck before moving to my lips, kissing me hard, his tongue pushed inside and it roamed my mouth as far as it could go. His right hand groped my crotch feeling my quickly stiffening shaft, he knew that I had just sucked a passenger’s cock and was still horny as I did not get to get off.

Jason slipped off my service apron tossing it onto the counter, he unbuttoned my pants and slid them along with my underwear to my knees, Jason rubbed my bare ass with both hands before getting to his knees pushing his lips between my ass cheeks.

With nothing for lube Jason spat onto his fingertips and rubbed it onto his prick, I turned to see his slightly oversized cock that would soon impale me, it looked hot and made me want to drop to my knees and suck him off then and there but I was not about to stop him from fucking me.

He bent me over the service cart and pushed his hard meat into my ass drilling it to the fullest he could. There was some noise caused by my breathing and the cart bumping repeatedly into the service counter causing Rick to peek behind the curtain.

Rick wanted in on this and took Jason’s ass into his hands fondling him while the man fucked me hard, Jason made no objection and the whole thing had gone too far to ask him to return to his seat.

Rick moved underneath me and took my bobbing cock into his mouth while he reached under feeling near my hole, his fingertips feeling Jason’s cock sliding in and out of my ass.

Jason reached under my shirt rolling one my nipples between his fingers making it hard and stand out. My body was being reamed, sucked and twisted and it felt damn good, I have never had two men tending my sexual needs at one time before.

Rick was tugging at my balls as I let my cum explode into his mouth, he gulped it down making my knees weak from the tenderness of my cock after shooting my load.

Jason was still pounding my ass when he started cumming, he was not quiet either, his moans were loud enough to almost wake the sleeping customers.

Rick stood up wiping his mouth before he leaned over kissing Jason as he pulled out of my ass.

I took hot towels that usually go to first class and cleaned up myself and Jason’s cock.

“That was so fucking hot, we need to walk out one at a time so no one figures out what was happening back here if they don’t already know.”

Rick ducked back outside the curtain and went back to his seat. Jason kissed me and pulled me tight rubbing my back as he held me.

“I’ve wanted to get to know you better since the first flight we worked together, this is not really what I envisioned but it was pretty hot.”

“Can I meet up with you in Las Vegas after the flight? I would really like to get to know you better too.” I replied.

“Sounds great, I had better get back to the front of the plane before one of the flight officers come looking for me.

Upon landing, as Rick passed me to leave and handed me a card with his phone number on it. I took it but have no intention of calling him, Jason is the one I want to be with and his cock really had my ass tingling.


  1. Damn hot! The Sex is always more exciting when sneaking around....and risk getting caught.

  2. Hell yea the sex is always more intense. And even better

  3. So hot I was a F A that never happened on any of my flights, tho I wish it did. But..... let me say had some very HOT SEXY LAY OVERS😎