Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rural gay

I live in the middle of nowhere and I mean nowhere. I have to drive four miles to get a burger and farther to go to a real mall, maybe 40 miles.
I could move but I was left the family homestead and run a small farm on it. I don’t think I could give this place away if I did try to move.

Being gay out here, well, a romantic Friday night for me means using the upscale lotion to jack off with rather than the cheap stuff.
I get so tired of being single and seeing cute couples fucking on the internet putting on a show for lonely and horny guys like me.

I am 29 years old and have only been with a guy twice. The first was my cousin, who was three years older than me. He was visiting while on vacation, traveling with his parents and sister.
I was 18, he was 21 years old. He brought beer on the way to the river where we both got pretty drunk. Before we knew it, we were skinny dipping in the hot afternoon sun.

Eddie handed me another beer. I took a sip as Eddie put his hand on my soft dick and started touching it.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked without stopping him.

“Just messing around Chris, chill out.” Eddie said.

I took another sip and let Eddie play with my cock. I spread my legs a little, letting him have access to my balls too.
My cock got hard very fast. Hell, no one, other than me had ever touched it in a sexual way. I was always horny and secretly thought of guys, while playing with myself instead of girls.

Gym class was always a trying time. I had to get my shower and get my clothes on fast before I would get boner from watching the wet bodies of my classmates playing grab ass in the showers.
Once, I was three quarter hard, and one guy pointed it out to the rest. They laughed and called me a fag, but the ribbing only lasted a few weeks, before they moved on to something else.

Eddie was jacking my stiff rod pretty good before he moved down between my legs. His face was only inches from my prick and I could not imagine that he was about to suck it into his mouth, but he did.

Eddie’s warm wet mouth on my dick about made me pass out. His fingers played with my balls some and then moved to my asshole.
He pushed a finger into his mouth and wet it. While looking me in the eyes, before he pushed it into my asshole. He did not go slowly or hesitate, it was one full thrust and it was in to the knuckle.
It was a shock to me, but the feeling was wonderful.

“Damn, that feels good.” I groaned.

“Yeah? You like it? I have more for you.”

Eddie slid a second finger in massaging it around, using my legs I lifted my hips, his fingers in my ass had me close to shooting my load.

“You good?” Eddie asked.

“Hell yeah, I’m close to cumming.”

Eddie pulled his fingers out to my disappointment. I gave him a look, but he moved into position and pushed his cock to my teen hole and pushed.

At first it hurt, and I thought he ripped my ass apart. But he moved around some and pushed it all the way inside me. The longer he had it in me, it felt better and better by the second. Eddie lifted my legs up to his shoulders and fucked me with a smooth rhythm, while I moaned for more.
I could feel the cum churning inside me and was about to shoot. So I arched my back and let my jizz fly. The first jet went across my chest and to my chin. After that, I shot into my hair, forehead, eyes and all over my face.

Eddie blasted his cum deep into me. My ass was on fire, but I didn’t want him to stop.
He pulled out and looked at my face. He was still breathing hard as he leaned over and licked my jizz off of my face and kissed me, with a wet cum covered tongue.

We swam and cleaned ourselves in the water before dressing and going back to my house.
Eddie left with his parents that night and I did not see him again for several years, as they lived two states away.
I e-mailed him a few times and got responses. I told him how hot it was being with him and him fucking my ass.
I wanted more, hell I wanted to move in with him and let him fuck me every day. I was shattered when he told me that it was a onetime thing and that he was not gay but liked to fuck guys when he could. I told him that that sorta made him gay or at least bi.
He sent me pictures of his junk a few times, that I would beat off to whenever I wanted to remember his thick dick in my ass.

The second time I was with a guy, I was 20 years old and was in a café eating. This guy that was maybe 40, was sitting in the booth across from me. He kept looking over at me and when I would look at him he did not break his gaze.
I looked back at him and he smiled at me. I looked down at the crotch of his shorts, as he moved his hand to it and gave it a squeeze. I quickly looked away.
Eating my lunch, I could not keep my eyes from looking back at the guy across from me. This time he had his cock out of his fly, not all the way, just enough to make me want to see more.
He was a decent looking guy, nothing special, but he was flirting with me. Well, he was flirting before he took his dick out. After that he was perving me.
He tucked his junk away and waved the waitress over for his bill. As he walked by my table he picked up my food bill too. He paid them both and walked outside.
I finished eating and walked out to my car. The perv walked over to me.

“Want to have some fun?” he asked.

“Like what?”

“Well, I would love to suck your cock to start with.”

“And after that?”

“I could only hope to fuck your ass. It looks tight and sexy. Follow me.”

I walked after the guy.We got to the rear of the café, and he pushed me gently against the brick wall. Running his hands all over my torso and down to my waist, where he unbuttoned my pants pulling them down to my knees.

“Wait, someone might see us out here.”

“That makes it more exciting.”

He dove onto my soft cock. Sucking it while it hardened in his mouth. His fingers parted my ass cheeks, poking a finger into my ass.
He turned me around and bent me over sucking my ass with his lips. The feeling was great, I had never been rimmed before and soon didn’t care if we drew a crowd.
He ate my ass like a starving man, with his five o’ clock shadow scratching at my ass cheeks, making everything tingle.
He took his pants down and pushed his short, but hard cock, into my ass and fucked me right there behind the café in broad daylight.

Some guy in an SUV was driving around the building and saw us as, he stopped to watch. I could see some motion and was sure he was jacking off.
The dude blew his syrup into my ass, pulled his pants up and walked away leaving me standing there with my pants at my knees and a burning asshole.

My cock was stiff as a board as I looked at the guy in the SUV. I walked close to his door, jacking off while I watched him doing the same inside his car.
Moments later I let my jizz fly not only onto the door of his SUV, but plenty went up onto the driver side window. He blasted his load all over his fist and the front of his jeans as my cum ran down his glass.

I pulled up my pants and went to my car. I didn’t know I would get off on outdoor sex and being watched by the guy in the SUV.

I got home and looked up public gay sex on the internet. Seeing many pictures of hot guys having public sex. One guy was getting fucked in a bar full of guys watching him, while a line formed to plow his ass.

I jacked off to the pictures, but edged for near an hour, not letting myself cum till I could not hold back any longer.
I have watched for that guy when I would eat in the café, but never saw him again. I’ve tried to catch a guy’s attention by looking at them and even tried to wink at a couple. I came close to being beat up over it and never found a random hook up.

Still not 21, I have looked up gay bars, but are way too far from my house to get there and home after bar closing time, unless I stayed overnight and that is if I could even get in.

People tell me that I am a nice guy, but I can’t understand why I can’t meet a guy to be with, hold, touch and kiss.
I get plenty of Facebook “boyfriends”. They say they love me, but most are out of the country or at least across the United States from me.
I fall onto my bed stretching my legs apart and push a vibrating rubber cock into my ass, wishing it was "you" fucking me.


  1. Sounds all too familiar, great story!!!

  2. I'd love to blow you and eat your entire load. I tried to publish this using my handle (imeverywhere1) but it does not take. Sounds like a super hot story.

  3. Great story Seth the way you write these makes me feel as if I'm there

  4. Guys in the middle of nowhere = some of the best sex you'll
    ever find

  5. I'd fuck you and fill you hole full of my hot cum. But first you would have to burry your cock deep in my throat and feed me your sweet hot cum!

  6. Guys in the middle of nowhere = some of the best sex you'll
    ever find