Sunday, January 11, 2015

Straight boy gets a facial

I was invited to a mostly gay guy’s party. It started out at a park, with a mostly all gay softball game. The rain came and no one wanted to go back to the regular grind.

One guy proposed that we all grab beer, wine, liquor and pizzas and go to a vacant warehouse he owned. His partner was a DJ and would take care of the music.

We all met at the warehouse an hour later. There must have been between 35 to 45 guys there, and a few women too. The music was blasting as we set up tables, ice, drinks and food, it was in an industrial zone so there was no worries of anyone complaining about the noise.

DJ Dan had set up his equipment, which included lights and fog as part of his equipment.

Being summer, it was about 85 degrees inside the building and in no time guys started peeling off shirts, then pants and even undies.

A few of the guys were straight and two had girlfriends. They were dancing right up against the naked or half naked guys.

The pizza was running very low and I called in an order for ten more pizzas giving the address to the warehouse. I told them they would hear the party before they saw it.

A few guys climbed up on a cement area that was about six feet off the floor and started acting as naked gogo boys. The scent of men was in the air, baseball uniforms, jocks, jeans and tee shirts scattered around the floor.

I noticed the door open and one of two pizza guy’s stepped in carrying half of the pizzas followed by the second, I think they heard it was a huge party and wanted to check it out themselves. One guy stood there with his mouth agape in disbelief seeing the naked men dancing all over. The second one pretty much tried to act nonchalant about the whole thing.

I had them set the pizzas on the table and paid them, including a nice tip. “You guys are welcome to stay if you won’t be missed at work.” I said in a loud voice over the music.

One guy shook his head no, the other, Greg, said “Hell yeah, I’ll stay.” The one headed for the door leaving his friend behind.

“Help yourself.” I told him.

Most were dancing but a few had coupled off kissing and some even sucking the others cocks off to the side of the large room.

While I danced, I noticed that some of the straight guys were now naked and one of the girlfriends too. There was no one that was not out to have as much fun as they could tonight.

Greg, the pizza guy, was dancing with one of the girls and had already lost his shirt to the floor.

There was lots of flat sheets of cardboard leftover from the last tenant of the warehouse. Two guys started laying it out on the floor into a big mat about ten by ten feet.

I knew where this was headed and that before long I saw guys migrating over to the mat, some started sucking off others and a few went right for fucking.

One straight couple was getting into it and the crowd gathered to watch and join in leaving only a few on the dance floor.

The pizza guy was checking out the girl that was getting fucked by her boyfriend, his cock was big and he took pride in making sure it was seen while he drilled her pussy in front of the mostly gay group of onlookers.

One guy reached over and put his hand on the pizza guy’s lower back and started rubbing it.

“Oh, I’m not gay.” He said looking at the naked ball player next to him.

“Never said you were.” He replied and continued rubbing Greg’s back slipping his fingertips into the waistband of his jeans.

“Well, I don’t have sex with guys.”

“Never said you did. I know this is turning you on watching him fuck her. Go with what feels good, no one here is judging you. My name is Les.”

Greg didn’t move, letting Les continue caressing his back. Les reached over and gently twisted one of Greg’s nipples, causing Greg to gasp slightly.

I think Les was bringing out the curiosity in Greg that he had never thought of exploring.

My friend William walked up and kissed me on the lips before kissing his way down my chest and nibbling on my nipples, my hands ran over his back and through his hair, William unbuttoned my jeans and slipped them to the floor leaving me like most, naked.

The mat area increased in size as more took sheets of cardboard and laid them out on the floor. I stepped forward onto the mats William moved, with me never taking my hard pole out of his mouth.

I am not interested in sex with women but it was pretty hot seeing a few of the straight guys openly hard and rubbing themselves while they watched the growing orgy. I had no idea if they were looking at the girls or the guys or all of the above.

One guy, Ray, I had seen before and had considered him to be straight. He was jacking off his massive tool, as he watched. He probably had the largest cock in the room. My guess it was near eleven inches and was pretty thick around.

Danny, a dark haired guy, moved in close. He was hypnotized by the man’s cock and could not take his eyes off of it.

He moved in a little closer and dropped to his knees in front of the monster cock. He waited like a cockwhore, as he looked up at the man’s face and said nothing. But his face said he was there to be used any way that Ray wanted to use him.

I think Danny was only hoping he would spray him with cum, since he was straight and didn’t expect anything more.

In a blink of an eye, he pulled the guy onto his cock by his hair, pushing his meat into the guy’s mouth.

Ray pushed his thick shaft into the waiting throat and jammed it in deep, causing the dark haired cockwhore to choke, which gained him a firm slap across the face.

His eyes watered, but he took it farther into his throat and wanted more.

Seeing the guy a few feet away feeding his horse cock to the dark haired man, the pizza guy, Greg, was hungry to taste his first cock. He dropped his pants to the floor and kicked them aside.

Les was amazed when the slim guy went to his knees and licked at his cock.

It was clear that Greg had never touched another man’s cock before. A second guy moved in close and dangled his junk in Greg’s face too. Before long, there were three guys at Greg’s mouth. He sucked on Les’s cock some, but only the tip, while he played explored hisballs.

I pushed my hips forward getting as much cock into my friend’s mouth as he sucked me off, it felt so good.

I usually was not into communal open sex, but shit like this just doesn’t happen many times. It was my first time to see this many bare asses getting fucked at one time.

Greg squatted on his knees as the three guys were all jacking off into his face. The first blew his jizz across Greg’s lips and nose before stepping back letting another guy step in. The second guy shot his cum into Greg’s hair and on his forehead.

More guys stepped forward to dump their loads onto the pizza guy’s face and body.

Not until the fourth guy, did Greg have his mouth open, but he now had it wide open letting the horny men fill his mouth with hot spunk.

One guy got onto the floor and sucked on Greg’s knob, taking only a few moments before Greg’s body convulsed as his own jizz filled the guy’s mouth.

I lost track of how many guys jizzed on Greg’s face and all over his body but he was covered in cum slime and a couple of men bent over and licked some off of his face or chest.

Men were fucking men, who were fucking women. There were such a small number of women, that some of the straight guys were fucking another guy’s ass. Ray blasted his load deep into Danny’s throat. It was unclear how long it was to be able to gasp a bit of air into his lungs, before Ray shoved that huge cock in again.

Danny fell over onto the cardboard, his eyes watering as he coughed from the pounding his throat took. Danny’s cock stood almost straight up as he lay on the floor.

Ray squatted over the shaft and rode his cock while his spent slab of meat bounced around. Danny could hold back no longer and creamed in Ray’s ass. I guess Ray was less straight than I originally thought.

The orgy lasted another two hours and the party died off shortly after that. Some of the men paired off and left together. I went home alone, showered and went to bed letting the events of the night replay in my head.

My cock stiffened as I slowly jacked off as I wondered how much of Ray’s cock I could have taken in my ass

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  1. Once again it won't let me use my handle. I'd have blown you, Greg, Les, William and the other guys. The thought of a straight guy sucking my dick and eating my load is heavenly.