Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Waffle Hut

It was Saturday morning, I woke up a little earlier than usual and was pretty hungry. There was a new Waffle Hut that had just opened in town a couple of weeks and I decided that the rush of it being new in town should have calmed down.

My luck, a stool was available at the counter, I sat down and started looking at the menu, waffles, waffles everywhere. The waitress came by and took my order.

I had decided on the large breakfast, orange juice, a waffle, two eggs, two slices of bacon, raisin toast and hash browns, yeah three starches on one huge platter, they are not trying to be healthy here, but today, I am okay with that.

I sipped on my juice while watching the cook working like a madman at the grill, every once in a while he would turn and find me watching him. His apron was open in the back allowing me to check his fine plump ass as he moved to cook my order.

I smiled as he turned for the third time, this time he shot me a smile.

“You look like you have your hands full” I said.

“It is always like this, I’ve lost five pounds since I started here.” The cook said as he turned to me.

“I hope you don’t lose any more weight, you look great as you are.”

He shot a huge grin and continued working.

“Trying to butter up the cook for an extra waffle are you?” He asked.

“No, I have already ordered more food than I could possibly eat, just speaking the truth from what I can see back here.”

“You looking at my ass?” The cook leaned over toward me and whispered in my ear.

I could see his name tag “Waffle Hut Brad”.

“Well Brad, I am watching the whole show from a front row seat.”

I was not sure if he liked me watching his ass or not but I was not going to look away.

He passed my waffle to me with a scoop of melting butter in the middle.

“You can get started on that while I finish cooking the rest of your breakfast.” He said as he gave my arm a nudge from the backside of his gloved hand.

I looked up to see him smiling, his lips dark red and wet looking, and I wanted those lips for breakfast I wanted to suck on them so badly.

I poured syrup onto my waffle and cut a bite, sliding it into my mouth as I looked up to see Brad watching me.

“How is the waffle?” Brad asked as he was partially turned away from the grill.

“It’s great, lean over and I’ll give you a bite.”

“I’d love to, but my boss probably would not like me chewing behind the cook’s line.”

The flirting had begun in full force, Brad was starting to get distracted and dropped an egg on the floor he looked up at me and blushed a bit as he knew I was watching him.

Brad wore a Waffle Hut sleeve on one arm, it is a little silly, and we all know it is to hide tattoos yet the waitress has tattoos on her neck and were fully visible and they didn’t make her put a bag over her head.

Brad’s fine ass had my attention as I gobbled up my waffle, he looked back and caught me checking his mounds of man ass, and I just looked into his face and grinned.

The waitress picked up a platter as soon as Brad finished plating my eggs, setting it in front of me as my eyes scanned the food, it looked so good.

“Got everything you need hon?” the waitress asked.

“A side of Brad.” I could not believe I said that, it was on my mind and it fell out before I could stop from saying it.

“What baby?” she asked.

“My bacon, a side of bacon.” I stammered.

She turned as Brad handed her the small plate of bacon, she set the plate down and walked away to check on other customers.

I ate my breakfast, still watching Brad working magic on the grill making it look effortless.

I ate as much as I could, and was leaving a tip when Brad wrote something on an order pad sliding it to me, I looked at the note it read “In case you still want a side of Brad, I am off at 1:00 PM” with his phone number.

I shot him a sly look and tucked the note into my shirt pocket, paid my bill and left.

I got home about 10:00 and did a few things watching the time and remembered that Brad did not know my name but I fully intended on calling him but should wait till after 1:30 as not to appear needy, well it would be at least 1:02 I thought as I laughed to myself.

The time was dragging it was 12:45 and all I could think about was Brad’s sexy red lips and how I wanted them between my own lips and that ass, wow.

I leaned back in my recliner listening to music and drifting in and out of the lightest slumber, my breathing regular and slow but my mind kept returning to Brad, I was anxious to spend time with him.

A loud song came onto the radio and made me jump, I glanced at the clock, and it was 3:14 I had fallen into a deep sleep, Brad had been off for just over two hours, I jumped up and grabbed some iced tea to moisten my throat before calling him.

I picked up my cell phone and dialed Brad’s number, it rang several times before he answered.


“Hi Brad, its Cole, the guy from breakfast.”

“Hey Cole, I had forgotten to ask your name this morning.”

“Yeah, I was distracted and forgot to introduce myself.” I said.

“I don’t get that many guys checking my ass out at the Waffle Hut, you got me so flustered I was dropping eggs and over cooking the hash browns.”

“I’d like to get together and get to know you if that’s okay with you?”

“Sure, I am kinda hungry, would you like to meet me for pizza?”

“Sure, sounds great, where would you like to eat?” I asked.

“How about the Dale’s pizza on Mission Street, right by the mall, do you know it?”

“Yeah, I love that place, you want to meet now?”

Sure, I’m pretty hungry and I can be there in about fifteen minutes, if that’s okay with you?” Brad said.

“I’ll leave now and be there in about the same time.”

“Cool, see you there, meet you outside the entrance.”

“Okay, bubye.”


I was anxious during the drive, but minutes later I was waiting outside as Brad pulled his red Jeep into a nearby parking space.

Brad walked up sticking his hand out for me to shake while slapping my shoulder with his other hand.

“Good to see you again Cole.”

“Great to see you too, let’s get inside and grab a booth.”

“It always smells wonderful in here, want a pitcher of beer or do you want a cola?”

“Beer is fine.” I said.

I slid into the booth sitting across from Brad, I really wanted to sit next to him but at least this way I could look into his face and watch those sexy lips move as he spoke.

The waiter came by taking our order for a large sausage and pepperoni pizza and a pitcher of beer returning only moments with two frosty cold beer mugs and the pitcher of foamy beer.

Brad poured the beer and slid the mug of beer over to me.

“So, you want a side of Brad huh?” Brad said with a big grin on his face.

I laughed and blushed a little as I sipped my beer.

“Yeah, well you do have a great ass to say the least.”


“How long have you worked at the Waffle Hut?”

“A couple of years or so, I transferred over here when this one opened for better hours.”

“Wow, you really know your way around the kitchen.”

“It is just four steps wide, how can you not know your way around it? And it is only a few things, eggs, bacon and hash browns, the waffles and toast are in the next station.”

So I’m guessing that you are gay or you probably not have been happy with me flirting with you at breakfast and would not be here now.”

“Yeah, I have been out since I was thirteen years old.”’

“You started having sex at thirteen?”

“No, I said I came out at thirteen, I had my first encounter at fourteen, he was fifteen and very horny having just gone through puberty and all, I hadn’t, I was so embarrassed.”

“Why were you embarrassed?”

“Well, I had no pubic hair and my cock was not very big yet, but Jeff’s was. We were in his bedroom horsing around, which turned into a bit of a wrestling match on the bed, Jeff pinned me down with his butt on my chest and his knees pinning my arms to the bed and his crotch about five inches from my lips.”


“Well, he leaned up on his knees and pushed the crotch of his jeans into my face, I think it was intended to make me squirm and try to get away but I didn’t, I only smiled and went mmmmm…

We got naked, his boner jutted out from his dark pubic hair, I reached over and touched it gently, it was the first penis I had touched other than mine. I put my hand around it, jacking it slowly while Jeff arched his back.”

“Sounds like a nice, first time sexual experience.” I said.

“Well, it was all good until Jeff’s sixteen year old brother walked in unannounced.”

“Holy crap, what happened?”

“He came in and shut the door he stood there and looked at us and asked if we were fags. Jeff told him not to tell their parents, he said he won’t but we had to suck him off and by “we” he mostly meant me.

I was scared of getting in trouble not being to come to Jeff’s again. His brother stripped and walked over towards me, he had a slim build and a great tan, and he was shaking his large, mostly hard cock at me. I was uncomfortable as it was to be my first time and should have been with Jeff but it ended up being with his brother.

“Damn, you blew his brother?”

“He pumped it in and out of my mouth but not into my throat for a few minutes, until he shot his cum into my mouth. His cock seemed huge even though he was only two years older than me. Jeff sat on the bed and never lost his boner while he watched his brother blast his load into my mouth.”

“Did you ever have sex with Jeff?”

“Yeah, I did a few times, once his brother came in and this time he fucked me and watched while I fucked Jeff afterwards. The pain was intense but it was a pain that I enjoyed.”

“Do you think Jeff was telling his brother when to stumble in on you two?”

“Yeah, I confronted him once and he finally told me that his brother would make him tell him when I was coming over.”

“Wow, that’s crazy, it sounds like the brother liked you more than Jeff did.”

“Pretty much, but one thing he liked to do was to watch me blowing or fucking Jeff. I never saw them do anything with each other but have always thought that they did have a little brotherly fetish going on.”

Our pizza came and we changed the conversation while we ate, the pizza was great, but eating it with Brad was even better.

“Cole, telling you all that stuff really isn’t me, stories like that are something that can come out later in a relationship, I haven’t told that story to too many people.”

“I understand, I think we could go out dancing after we finish this pizza, what do you think?”

“Sounds like a plan, I have to work at five o’clock in the morning so I can’t stay out long, maybe till ten or eleven.”

“Then why don’t we skip going out and maybe we can go to my place and visit and get to know each other a little bit more?”

“Okay, we can go dancing in a few days when I don’t have to get up so early.”

We finished the pizza and Brad followed me over to my apartment just a few miles away.

“Have a seat and make yourself at home, I will get us some iced tea to sip on.” I said.

I sat in a side chair while Brad was on the couch, we told stories and laughed for the better part of an hour before Brad suggested that I come sit by him, as soon as I sat down Brad moved his hand to my leg.

“There, that’s much better, I could get used to this.” Brad said as he looked into my eyes.

I leaned over some bumping him in the shoulder with mine.

“I kinda like it too.” I said as I kissed him.

The first kiss was a little awkward but still nice.

We talked and laughed for another hour before Brad said it was time for him to go home and get some sleep. I stood and hugged Brad, he kissed me on the lips and I took it to the next level, I liked him very much and gave him some tongue while pulling him in tightly.

“Thanks for having me over Cole, I had a great time tonight and would like to see you again, very soon.”

I put my arm over his shoulder while I walked him out to his car.

“Yeah, I had a nice time too, is tomorrow too soon?” I said laughing.

“I think dinner would be good, but this time at my house, I’ll cook if that is okay?”

“Sounds wonderful, what can I bring?”

“Bring a dessert if you like, I’ll text you my address, plan on around six o’clock.”

Brian drove off down the street, I was missing him already, and just as I was getting into bed Brad sent me a short text wishing me a good night’s sleep.

The next day I was thinking of Brad most of the time at work, he really had my full attention.

I knew he had been off work for a couple of hours by the time I walked out to the parking garage, I stopped at a bakery on the way home and picked up a chocolate fudge cake with raspberry filling in between the layers.

I got home, took a shower and dressed for my dinner with Brad, he had texted me earlier saying that I could come over as soon as I liked, I was ready to go and sent him a quick text letting him know that I was on the way.

I walked up to Brad’s door and rang the bell, he opened the door and was all smiles.

I handed him the white box tied with red string, he took the cake and leaned in for a kiss.

“Mmmm, this is my dessert, your sexy lips.” He said.

I swatted his ass as he walked toward the kitchen to put the cake on the counter.

“Cole, there is a pitcher of iced tea in the refrigerator, would you please pour us some tea?” he asked as he put two tall glasses on the counter.

“Sure thing sexy, dinner smells wonderful.”

“Thanks, I am making a beef roast with roasted potatoes and carrots.”

Brad did a few more things before we relaxed in the living room while the dinner finished cooking.

My eyes were usually on Brad’s lips, they were dark against his white teeth, the corners of his lips would tighten just before he would start laughing, it was sexy. I put my hand on his knee giving it a squeeze now and then.

Dinner was ready and Brad would not let me help, and told me to sit at the table that he had already set for the two of us.

“This roast is wonderful, I don’t want to stop eating.” I said.

“Eat all you like but don’t get stuffed.”

“Yeah, we have to save room for cake.”

“Well, that too.” Brad said with a sweet grin as he put a forkful of beef into his mouth.

“Oh, I see… how it is.” I said with a huge grin.

We finished eating, hit the couch and in moments were in each other’s arms, Brad pulled me close, his lips on mine, and his tongue in my mouth. I ran my hand down his back and my fingertips into the waist of his pants, our breathing was becoming rough as we groped each other while kissing.

Brad slid his hand up inside my shirt feeling my chest, twisting my nipples making me lustfully horny.

I stood up pulling my shirt off as Brad pulled my hips close to his face, he kissed my treasure trail and unbuckled my belt and slid my pants to the floor, his right hand moved across my chest while his lips went to the front of my red briefs causing me to moan as he chewed at the cotton that held my fully stiff boner inside.

Brad moved one hand between my legs and cupped my ass cheeks as he explored some before pulling my briefs down in the rear first and the front soon after causing my cock to bounce out and within a moment they were at my ankles.

I stood nude in front of this handsome man while his hands played with my ass cheeks and explored my crack as he touched the tip of his tongue to the head of my cock causing it to jump upward. I ran my fingers through his hair wanting to pull his head forward and deep onto my cock but there was plenty of time.

Brad slowly pushed his dark lips farther onto my cock until he was against my pubic hair and had my whole cock into his throat and mouth, my hands were touching him anywhere I could reach, I wanted everything at once, and I so badly wanted this stud to bury his prick into my ass.

Brad stood and took me by the hand as we walked into his bedroom, he pulled back the comforter and top sheet to the foot of the bed, I laid on my back and waited for Brad to take his clothes off but he didn’t, he stood next to the bed and spread my legs apart while he ran his fingertips along the inner part of my thighs. Holy fuck this felt amazing I thought, my pre cum had started lightly flowing from the slit of my cock.

I could feel his fingertips and hands touching my skin ever so lightly I have never felt anything as sensual as this before, it was like pre foreplay. Brad climbed onto the bed and pushed my legs farther apart than before, I could feel his tongue running up the inside of my left leg from my ankle to my ball sac that was hanging low between my legs, his tongue darted over the loose skin as my nuts moves inside.

My heels pushed against the bed lifting my ass from the bed a few inches, Brad pushed my ass cheeks apart with his thumbs while his tongue assaulted my asshole and he chewed at my butt driving me wild.

“Fuck me.” I blurted out.

Brad looked up from between my legs with a huge grin.

“I’d love to.”

He stood up at the side of the bed pulling off his shirt, then his jeans, I could make out the outline of a colossal cock, it weighed down the fabric of his briefs. I did not get the full idea of how big it really was until he flopped it over the elastic waistband and it hung there looking immense, my mouth went dry as I stared at it wondering how this enormous tube steak would ever fit into my ass.

“Still want it?”

“Oh hell yeah.” I whispered still secretly unsure.

I reached out to his leg and pulled him closer, my hands explored the largest cock I have ever personally touched, the weight of it in my hand, and it was three quarter the size of my wrist and the length was two fist fulls and then some while his big nut bag swung behind it.

He leaned in and pushed his giant cockhead to my lips, I eagerly took it inside but choked on the girth as I tried to swallow his cock.

“Not many can take my cock down their throat or in the ass, it’s just too fucking big, I have always wished for a more moderate size.” Brad said as he looked at his cock.

“Hell, it is the 8th wonder of the world, let me explore this beauty.” I said as I went back down on his manhood.

“Some guys get scared off by its size, the rest want me to do porn but I am not into that.”

I swallowed the head and a couple of inches without choking before I flipped onto my stomach.

“Fuck me, baby.” I said.

Brad lubed my ass and his cock before using his fingers to stretch my tight hole, by the time he had three fingers inside and had worked it a while he re lubed again and put an extra-large condom on his prick.

I lifted my ass into the air bringing one knee up under me and leaning to one side, I felt Brad’s vast cockhead pushing at my puckered hole.

“Push it in.”

“Yeah?” Brad asked.


Brad pushed it hard and it passed into my taut hole, the pain was immense, I bit the pillow and held on tight to the sheets.

“You okay?” Brad asked.

“Yeah, keep going.”

Brad squirted more lube onto his cock as it stuck partially into my ass and gave a gentle but firm push and it was inside me most of the way but it felt like there were three cocks stretching my ass out.

“You okay?” Brad asked as he paused.

“Yeah, I am fine.”

He pushed until he was all the way in and his super-sized man meat impaled my ass before he started pumping my hole. It took some getting used to while he fucked me, it started out slow and picked up momentum, his balls would slap into me as he drove his cock deep inside me.

I was just starting to get comfortable as he pulled my hips into the air even farther, Brad’s breathing was much faster and I could hear his sex noises getting louder, he was more animalistic now as he fucked me wildly while I pushed back toward him.

My own cock and balls were swinging between my legs as they dangled in the air during my ass fucking, I did not want him to stop but could feel him getting closer and closer to climax.

“Fuck me harder Brad, give it all to me.” I panted.

“Yeah Cole, your hole is so tight, it feels so fucking good.”

Brad lifted me a little higher and his speed increased along with his body starting to jerk, I knew he was very close.

“Oh, fuck, I’m cumming Cole, ohhhhhhh,,, fuck…” Brad cried out while his cock spewed out its semen.

Brad pumped my ass until he fell forward onto my back while my knees slid down the bed and I was flat on my stomach and Brad slid off to one side of the bed.

We caught our breath, I started playing with Brad’s nipples just before Brad moved down, and taking my cock into his mouth, within a moment he was swallowing my entire cock to my pubes.

He throat fucked my cock like no one ever had, he had the knack to close his throat down on my shaft squeezing it on the down thrust before pulling it almost all the way out and going down again.

“That feels amazing baby, holy fuck you are a pro at this.” I said.

I blew my load into Brad’s throat and mouth while gripping the sheets on each side of me with a very intense orgasm as I moaned loud enough for the neighbors down the block to hear. Brad moved up and lay his head on the pillow laying there just looking into my eyes, he had such a calming look about him, relaxed, happy and at ease with me as much as I was with him.

He rolled onto his side, placing his tattooed arm across my chest as we fell asleep and I woke about an hour or so later. My ass still throbbed from the fucking that Brad gave me with that thick ass pole of his, I wanted more of that cock and would soon get used to its size.

Brad was still sleeping, he had turned over and was curled up some, his naked ass against my leg, I moved back some taking in the beauty of his body, my finger traced his backbone from his shoulder blades to his ass crack, I paused there before sliding my finger down parting his ass cheeks until I found his fuck hole.

My finger toyed with his elastic barrier before pushing past it, I pushed it gently until it was buried in his ass, I leaned over kissing his back while I fingered his warm hole.

Brad stirred form his slumber pulling his upper knee toward his chest allowing me to have better access to his ass.

“Mmmm…. Nice wake-up call.”

I smiled reaching for the lube, squirting some onto my cock as I moved closer to him, sliding my very stiff slender prick into his ass as I leaned over his side and began pumping this sexy man.

It felt so good I wanted to slide half my body into him, Brad arched his back some and wanted all I could give him.

“Fuck me hard baby, jam it in deep.”

I could feel how tight he was and wondered if he had been a bottom very often. I leaned forward and up putting lots of pressure not only on his hole but on my hard pecker so I could feel every inch of movement while my free hand roamed his tan skin.

Brad pulled his leg past my head so he was laying on his back, he started rubbing his hefty cock to the size of something you could play baseball with, I watched while I pumped his fuck hole.

It was so hot I could hold back no longer and started filling has ass with my hot jizz, my ass went wild until my cock was spent and dropped to the bed alongside of him.

Looking at his cock, and the length of it, I started wondering if Brad could suck himself off, I reached over playing with his shaft.

“Hey, Brad, You are pretty large, well I mean in inches, have you ever sucked your own cock?” I asked with a sheepish grin.

Brad looked at me and didn’t say a word but moved down and his legs went into the air and over his head while his cock pushed against his lips, he looked at me and smiled before sucking the whole head and a little more between his lips.

“Fuck me, that’s hot!” I exclaimed.

I moved around so I could get a better view, I looked at his asshole, bare and exposed to the ceiling, I reached over and touched it some tracing his seam from his ass to his balls. I grabbed his shaft stroking it a few times with a firm grip while his lips held the ample cockhead.

Brad pulled his legs down tighter allowing more to slip inside his mouth, I pushed gently on his ass in a bobbing fashion while I watched him fuck his own mouth until he started shooting, he lifted off enough so I could see it blasting into his mouth, I moved my face in and licked at his shaft and then the head of his cock tasting his salty jizz.

Brad unfolded his legs and rolled over next to me, I kissed his lips and toyed with his nipples some before we got up and showered together.

We have been dating and spending lots of time together for over six months, I have really met a truly wonderful man that is caring and has grown to love me, we are talking about moving in together, all because of the Waffle Hut breakfast.


  1. That was a grate story . wish I had a man . dam I'm so loney.

  2. I loved this story. It was awesome. Please keep writing u had me hard the whole story.

  3. The part about his thick cock in,his,ass made me wet. I first was with a guy that had a huge dick and,he plowed me for an hour. The next day I was really sore but it was the best I have ever had .